The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 3, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1962
Page 1
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UKtLBTON DROPS TOURNEY OPENER AT EDNA. OTHER COUNTY TEAMS PLAY TODAY-PAGE 6 5 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call •I 3-35)1 Fre.port THE B 5 SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANOLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRA2OR.A, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN. DANBURY on,. DAMON Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call K 3-3511 Fre«pert VOL. SO NOTTsT Mrs. Finkbine May Seek Aid In Sweden Associated Pr«t Member FatH Claitifled: 8E 3-2411—All Other OffltMj IE J-3S11 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1942 Freepert, TexwT Weekdays 5 Cenrs Beach Cleanup D Sunday 15 Cents Ry DO\ fJAHSON rilOKNIX, Ariz. fAPi — Sherrl Finkbinr slipped Into temporary 1 »ecltislon today amid hints thai she was headed for Sweden and her planned abortion. In Los Angeles, Scandinavian airlines reported that Ihe Phoenix television personality and her school teacher-husband, Robert, had reservation* for a flight to Stockholm with a slop at Copenhagen, Denmark. The Finkbmes could not be - found for comment but their law* yer confirmed they had derided on Ihe where and when to abort her precnnney of nearly ihree moulds. The Kink-bines say Shrrri could Rive birth to a malformed child. Ihe result of a drug she says she look to placate nausea during the farly slages of her presniancy. The dnis;. thalidomide, since has been blamed for deformities in thousand* of babies bom in ' Kurope, Australia and Canada. Attorney Howard I, elbow ad- milled Ihe decision had been made, but would reveal no more, i The only indication of their plan was the reseivalion out of Los- Angeles today. There had been 1 . rlle Shrimper January pulled Nelson and Manuel Hancock. I another reservation - also for" 1 a hif? nmcl in llpr nets Wednes-iea p tain of Ihe shrimper Gulfi Stockholm with departure from!" ay ah " ut •"' miles ol11 in 'he GulfjCrest, said that when they hang! New York- but that was canceled. 10 " the ro;isl al Freeport. But it; these accessories dumped by U.I Mrs. Finkbine, M, star of w<1sn '' shrimp. ;.?. Air Force planes in the Gulfi i "Romper R(X)in," a children's' 'Hie January captain. Bill Nel-'thal cost of repairs to the netsj television program and mother of;son, brought his catch into West-'usually run in ihe neighborhood of four healthy youngsters, original- ern Sea Foods at Frreport. It was 5100 and many limes a new net is ly had sought to have the abortion " -••••'• -"••-• -=—•-- - • • ----- Bv V S SECOND TAX RULING Court Ruling On Sales Tax Would Boost Debt CONTRACTORS JOIN COUNTY, CC EFFORT k' be , ai r h c "«™p operation, handled ly by volunteers and headed by equipment contrac- m. r n «* th *R * A" anLnouncecl b V B'll Sandlin, chairman of the Braiosport Chamber 1 ! Tourist Committee. SHKIMI'KR .1AM AKV HAIJI.R rN l,AK«ih HACK OKK AIKI'I.ANK Bill \eluni. Iffi, Manuel Hnnrnck. Rislil Display Rack SCRAP IN GULF Free'Summer I • ** i *+ rree aumm Junk Catches Cost special' For Shrimpers Money u customers Dist. Judge Herman Jones held! "H is very apparent that « ; off an airplane and weigh- necessary — cosi about «...,. Arizona law penults abortion, Shrimpers docked at freeport,jn^i'hetet's' 5^0™"^ "Tit" only when the expectant mother's have been com plaining for!'nicy always lose 'fishing lim. lift- is in peril. A Superior Court-several months now about similar Tooling with Ihe parte being lane judge refused lo give her any catches in Ihe Gulf waters close lpd in , h( ! nets" whrthe- ih guarantee against prosecution. in loth, coast line. : net, are damaged or m>t. '' •• ' | ff n " _. • • i Tl "' linvi losl '" production :S555! Food Stamp Plan Extended l^vr^"-"sr sinde • many rimes, much more, when it' necessary that the boat return Todav Tim eity forcc-i will then tpray »ll ranf.ilnpn for file* and other insert*. And there's no extra charge. Although Calvert refused com- where sales of less than 2n cents There are on the ruling because "it are common, such as newspap- : campaign- ialta B Innrv _!.> J..'» »,_ „—_ il L, » ' r r* • to ers through street sales, coffee' —On Mondav ermine nf v,,i,m r " l "-""- .le-'.t restaurants and nails at hard-1leer, wipVkungZ, and ,ch"" ™ mpalwi »PI»«nHy comes at le's'ware stores, the effect of the other debrh a, would hp rt J^' 3 " ^^^" e Hmp ' Kree P<^ area ruling is awesome. ! ou" to h£rv ' S . Mmen report that the - v «* V «X „,.,.«,*. ......„„„ UU1 ,™ ,,, ;ra; „ „ vrry a pp ar p nt that ^ But the ruling still must with- ,» j -r _, i now of thR floating seaweed In a far-reaching decision that | (the ruling) is going to reduce island decisions of higher courts ? a *, T uesd3y ' "'^"tain- which once covered miles of the venders must pay the slate only! Ihe state's revenues considera-j The state gave immediate no^ ^ u ^ y arM contractors Nearby Gulf, what taxes they collect-not on ; bly," he said. dee of appeal to temporarily >nr- n °" "P , CommissioTO '' ' Lebow-s biggest need now is for gross receipt, which m,y include The tax. passed by ihe legisia-i block return of ihe 52,000 ta taxes i S * ^™T I?" t*'' the bearil i lhe volunteer Mp ?e^ired to bee untanhlc sales. b,re last .summer and made law j plus six per cent interest. Plain- ° f T by burylnE " '" «P the first phase of the opm- . AS the tax now works, a store.without Gov. Price Daniel's sie. (tiffs seeking repayment are Neel- : :hfis ' ' tion - H e said that requests had nill b«i mus( Pay 'he state 2 cents ifjnature, has taken a drubbing ini'ey Vending Co. of Austin, Can-: ~ A 'ollow-up effort will be,teen made through Joe Tod. imerii next I !*_ mal<os M saJe* °f a dime candy: recent political campaigning. j teen cp. of Dallas. Gallavneaui made to enforce the litterbug'chairman of the Quintana Dis•k»on Sanl-' bar - rvcn though none of the 101 Calvert estimated then that it'Brothers of Amarillo nnd B&H ! !aw pertaining to public beaches trictl for tlle hcl P of Bo .v Scout : sales is taxed because the candy'would yield S19 million, and it; Vending Co. of Lubbock. , to help prevent the seaweed units from th e district. . ,„«„ !„„ ,h,. ,, ...... ad slow|y . nch the defjcit dmv7i _to netp prevent the seaweed blight Bu( 0(hc ,. voluntecrs pitta . that:from nearly S100 million to put; _fit _ ^ m • ••• . _ . ! area organizations or individuals. .are needed to swell the ranks of , volunteers. These will pick up bottles and other debris Monday :afternoon from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. i Groups will work frcn 1 (he jet- hies to a point about four or five i miles east on the beach. . Sandlin said that Scouts and Th» Clute Pitv r™inr-il h« „ .1, - u. ~ , i olher S r ™P s w ho volunteer to .voted to ask H^torSL^ ^t^e ^^A^<*£J£ ^^ ±^ offered to nil lt< customer* next!'* mal( ''s 10 sales of a dime candy i recent ueek hv the Ijike Jar " " ' ' " "' ~ tatlon nepnrtment. The annual evenl will run fori 00515 Irss '"an 25 cents three dayi n n ly — Monday If Jonp s' ruling stands. _„.., „,.„ „„„,„„ „, Hul IhroiiRh \VedneMlay — accord-1 slore wi " "^ navp to pay the the state briefly in the black in ins I" l)enn .Morgan. «uperln-' 2 rl>nts "nless the 10 dime candy 1 Ma ., -• tenrtenl nl unnltntlon. «hn a«k» l)ars arp solfl to one . who. But one Democratic guberna- thnl reMdent* of the city leave pays lnn store 2 c 60 ' 8 lax - !tonal candidate. Don Yarborougb, their tprbiicp enntalnen a( the Tne effect of my ruling is that'ran strongly with repeal of the curb after pickup on those dnvn thc slatp ran collect a ta.x only \ sales tax as one of hi? main 'on sales above 2-1 cents." .Tones iplanke. ta " i - The winner in that June 2 ' Therefore, the vendors have election, John Connally, has lo remit to the comptroller only called for revision-of the tajt. Clute To Hike Voltage On Ball Park Lighting WASHINGTON (AP)-The food stamp program—a pilot plan designed to help needy persons in Hie President said Ihe stamp' ••—•"•••.•"•<•• •-»: uu«i •,Plan ha., helped families in the to *S?J° " b ?!" " ^ " et Tlie President said Ihe eight pilot areas ,eceive a better Met, enablinq them to obtain, depressed areas—has l>ocn ordered extended to an additional 25 areas in 18 states. i fruits lirected thej Under the program needy per- v Sald lhls lrollble o( pk ' k - UP the ( '- v>rss lu « aSP ^op-i ljnv 4:23 p.m. 10:41 p.m. those taxes collected on sale., of not Thursdays court setback have the planes drop the 75 or 100 miles offshore IT aT i well as lo continue the plan in the stores '*. rootis lorn me i^cls tnat the, orieinal einht nfloi arp-T, problem had been mentioned to! «u«u eigm puoi aieas. Kennedy laid retail food sales the Texas Shrimp Association and' Thrmisn the extension, said in the pilot areas increased X per the organization had been a<ked ; Kennedy, an additional 223.000; cent in dollar value with sav.ngs to make requests to Ihe federal' persons will be aided m Arkansas, ; in distribution costs and other government about this dumping. Oregon V.rgmm. Pennsylvania, : Ix-net.ts to ihe economies of the Farmer said he did not knoTv West Virginia, North Carolina, communities. «hal progress, if any. the Texas; _ r! ls loda> 7 - 13 P- m - Rlscs ^rdzy 5:42 a.m. S " s *>«»«!»>• 7:12 p.m. was;Power Co. to up the v ol ta ? e:Wednesday night while a nearb?;,he end~V' H fc"3^ wheVe H gobeits ruln- !; the nVv citv ha" "rk^ atichurch was holding services. Theiruns into the beach sands. ias and elec-jing assured "that this would be the | established"poiicy CC ' ntlnUln? lhe • m^nine^operation 10 Tuesd'aT "A ministers the ta^lh.- to Va cleaning^^taWiSs ^ ^^^^^^"^ ""^ «««"^NCE ' jtotal of 11 maintainers wiU be rross receipts tax. and not . subject to the ta.x. Court records ", a speeiaf m«Ung Thursdav : f * ^° 3Sked the status ! UScd ' Four o£ lhe£e blades wil! •ales tax, on sales of less than in the suit indicated the ruling night the CounSl^heard » w? r '°\,-\ P roposed do ? ordinance ; ™me from Dixie Brown's Pre- 123 .•enta. meant the loss to the state of from GeneraT HecWc suon e i^r "^ incor P° rale Matures,cmct 1 Road Department; the P-™-; Kor the plaintiffs in the suit, about Jl^.OOO in taxe*. 0 ™ he G ^ ^^L^"^..^ "dunces. Mayor Bruce jfes. will be contributed by »••'"•; who are vending machine com-. In the period between the filing'f (panics selling chewing gum. cof- ! of the recent suit in January and s fee an<i candv. Jones said the'*?pt. 1. the date the tax" took f"e7 tax was completely a gross re- effect, the four vending machine j on ..- .. . ... ^ ^ ong as the 400 voltage that he "ad done ^ contractors, including Leof Pf Wrk ° n ^ "^^ 9. &M Cor P ora <io"- for fh '? ^ B " <;e ^ " "" not yet ""^'H 'T Wi " a ' S ° fUmiSh " r the ; to be turned over to the attorney. dum P trucks and other equip- When applied to all situations CO| ' , " ! "' am to state and Association had made i : ___ TTie original eight pilot areas are f" ' hp .""f™" 1 ' 10 , lh ' whol<w I ^ Now Storm wauk area c^ Minnesota: Silver *"''"<* '"" l '™ P< T' an<1 '" lllr Bow County, Mont.; San Miguel ! P ','' SS : raril " alKi Ifli-mton outlets. TOKYO .AP. - Typhoon Nora County, N. M.; Kavettc Cmmty . , '° * ^T," , S ° Mplul '" **•'"** Downgraded to a tropical Pa.; McDowell County W V a P m " K "' P Rrollps have ' storm Tliursday after pouring ortions of tltf Pa.; McDowell County W Va'[ "• All these Rroups have storm Thursday aiU-i «nd Kloyd County. Ky. hot ' n nlas( ^'^rative," Kennedy drenchinc rains on porn —-•- ''.-.' _ js«id. ; Korean Peninsula. Meeting Saturday Mundt Says Estes Had US Government Helper In iations in some of the^evv hou£' c ! ean . and im P rove lhe beach uest- ;ulg j n tne city jsituation, as the county and priv- • • , ~ i t ~ •*"'" ma i Me wss 3\vsrc of vio* i ;mg system up to standard. •- - »>"-i. :this case the city will be requesi-^g j n tne c j ty .„ , ui , u , c t uu. UJ m , u ynv- j irg -kSO volts, which will cost no! -, ,. '' I ate citizens have done a wonder- 1 more than the present lower volt- 1 ,. L0 ™i-'il was agreeable to| fu i j ob wjtn the soav - eed and ! ago . he say. h,s suggestion that a retired elec-jcleaning." j Engineer Russell recommended' „" l; ^ U t ! andle this -> ob and But once the beach is clean, that the Council request the volt- , , ™ e ret ! uired mspec- there will be the need for public :age hike. When questioned as to ," „ '. at , "° ™ st lo the city.,cooperation in keeping that con- U, v,.. tin* .-««^.;/i,.^^— r,.. »u_ J - "• Jackson brought up the dition. The annual meeting of Ihe ; County Program Building Committee will be held in the Negro, Agents offic* Saturday beginning! Rt 11 a.m. I Specific subject matter area! rommilteeK will make their an-! mini report to the county commit-' tee. .<uhject matter area committees J '",' are: Livestock production, Jnhnj tt "" . 'Hie enl direct distribution of govern ment surplus foods to needy persons be discontinued in ttie areas ,,. ,,0 ,h ,' .rt^ ^^ "»> By (i. MILTON KKLI.V where. Instead, the WASHINGTON (AP'—Senate in- declared the deals vestigators have set the H3I to " 1P work on an A^ricul ment memo Sen. K; s;tvs shows Billie Set! Kstes "s Subrammittee Chairman John 1, ' why the specifications for the lighting had required 460 volts, , he " sd as ked HLi-p „,, . . : matter of requiring all residents "The beach area in Brazoria ,. .- e ™° lin ' Te.\ . going under the lood stamp plan. Ivvurd that island. Car, Scooter Collide; 2 Hurt Tv\ o ' jurnd M->ear-old l>o.\s W*MO in- lamv pit kod up iti«» Clnik Iwy, ' ''"t ajtaking hint lo the An«Ieion Clinu 1 . rtepcirtnifnt ouuvuuiiiiiui..-!: ^iicuimcui junn j,.. " "~ 'lines Citv -\tmrnpv Tnm Uan*if\n * s* '• • •*• legal fined McClcllan D-Ark Mundi and ;and ^d been told that 460 volts•„.„. ' Jv,:, ,", • lom ^enyon,Commissioner Dixie Brown; "rt -.».,,. „ jsLis iss-yKrsS.-"** '^ * •* ~ =s^x.r stL-jns is s lefused lo witlvlraw an additional tion before Jac-obs is called to the The leller ' r ° m Gencra! Elec- tney should be willing to keep it fine of nearly $50,000 on his 19ffi! witness stand. ' trk ' slated that "normal sausfac- C»«J»I*»«4*»L^,..—^ '';'ean. They can do this by put- i'";;r ,nrr:;,i ,^™.^^s £h rEirisEs:^ s.x,^r:"";:"",""""" ^i^?;*! !=t:r.~,xr'S: ";';;;;z:,™,, „.,« yj-*fflsi,rs:'ru*? ?.""? ^''Medical Care iifsr^:ABS i publican. ihe KB! to tiy lo identify hmh the Phonv land sale and lease-back la'mp^o^baUes™^!! ^ H 'Hmrslay i\|>ewnier on which tbe memo deals. p * a " 1D ' e ls Miranl: <-liairman. Clolhinsr Mrs f l^ola Williaini, Chnirinnn. Kixnls' • lid Nutrition, Mrs. Corme l-'rniik-. In, chairman, llorliculliire. C. j T. Williami, ehairmiin. 'H urdv ™ ' ! His alter Jaseph A. Moss, head of Ihe was t.vped and the author of a Moss said Ihe department's cottun division, told scribbled notation on the face of pared for memo was pie- Upon being assured that Saskatchewan Medical Care Law Amended . n h "n" - V0 " " i<S " t "' S " W "' ll »« li K a "» lls ""^'n-; <"e only kno*n remaining ^ps m Jaenke, asso,-iate '''' Kpd "P "*' • Bw^n. emer- mm.v alxxii Ihe memo 'n,e sub-'an effort to pin down primely the fann a,d progr fik^mu ii n , "I '" loni -:'™"n»» w ""»' <"»>» ">- ™« '»i" ho h » d '^ llrtl '^ memo "«»P««I '" > r e e porl ; flre i ,,ut who i^ti.,1 ,.. MOSS losiiluxi he helpe.1 Knierv never even have seen tering. "We need to enforce this Jaw by reporting violators ID the Sheriff's Department so that pro- iper action can be taken. ' all turn out Monday ttMile Kra/ona. hs , H Mass .viiil the mema ur^txi A . ., a , flhs , (iiildtnun's condition was as satisfactory Friday «n n ui-S;;;"e n M^Ie?' ( ,nhul! V ihe" , K °'" ^«"«'«"^ ™'-»- allotmcn, deals, now under ,nC._ . O. kM.I r." ™.±i 1 r lh r^ b ™ !1 !i: ls -.. S1 - 1 .'. H ^^ P»«'«H..Ran.™ by „« «ulK^,millee ofldraf, the mem llepul v adnlinls .laenke never signed it. Mossjase hike be requested. niiinent validation at Kstes' cottonitratur of tile Agricultural Subili- scribbled nMe on the memo ask- 'Hie Council also approved the asrec( ' "P 011 last week hy the ^"'"« "=""» ui cuuiuiimuju; me ' ' ' u es-i-'ation and Conseivation Service. i"s for return of me original copy purchase of new water pipe in- P rovuic '«'' s Socialist government IP 1 "^ 61 '' wil ^ L - K - D«Zavala, last JanuaiA. ! fr«n th«-offioe of Jolm C. Bagwell!volvcd in the paving of Main' 3 ™ 1 lhe medica l pi-ofession. Mrs. JiU Clark. Cant. A. A. Miller. car driven hv ,l,xhe 'lee 1 Thai „('""',' '!'^"",'u "' "V""' ""? " 1 "» h " 1 ' 1 Mul «« ls •»><• senior Rcpub-j J a cote reMKi\.xl in April atteri lne depanmenl's general counsel.! Street after Ihe engineer rer^rtnH' In . a 0 "«-day session, KouleOne. Bra/ona collide,! with "*" K *™ * he B ' rldl>11 '- K " tl - lican ,uoml»-r. bus name came up ma Texas ! lxx '' HUSO ^ d "" b "- 1 the rear ..( Ihe soxiler us lx)ih l)aniilBe lo «''" vehicle WHS - nil , n-commeiHialion to ieo^-|>«»'t of innuiry studying Ksles' sivn " rllhl ' r - - . vehides traveled south on High. <lsl ' r " a " 1 < 1 «' S*'- Orand s.tid m/e as lci;al Ksles' 1*1 cotton I i 1 P"''"i< i ns .'Hie M-year-old Jacobs V'- 11 -' 111 - Mix '" i . -Mumll susgesled: could !H> realized. (Q way :ih Hlxiiil S:lfl p in icharKes are pending further in- allotment transfers and allow i denied anv wnincciomc in his lei som ,''" n '' h] Z hfr " 1;in f1 " 1 "' 1 ' Mo *s Russell estimated lhal it would:..,,,. „._„„,-. . -. , Kreepor, ^nera, Hon, an^-'velation. ihein to .and for ,«,- S ot c, ,,s, K ,,,, lln . '' l^t ^'^^ !'« ^ ^. ™ «. ZL™& T^^ .hn t. Bagwell! volvcd in the paving of Main ; , " e m ™ lca i pi«esston. neral counsel, street after Ihe engineer reported' ,. a one - da - v session, the bill Rigwell had : that by using new pipe, an esti- < ^"'""l 8 lhe amendments was mated 10 cents savinss per foot ad ° pted wl ' hout a dissent mil suKeeslrtLmnlH i» m»ii./~i T1le amendments permit doctors MR. and MRS. W. B WARNKRi >.^%_ M ,... _._...._ .ml baby dau K hlei -of llunlnville. i ALGERIAN POWER STRUGGLE 1 here for * two weeks visit with 1 " —~ MRS. WARNKR'i parenlx, CAIT. and MRS. UHHK SIKHS. . . SUXANNK WYLIK. uoint; lo Foreman, Ark., lo vimt JO HI,UN. OKLL, fnrmeily of ljikt> Jacksnn. MARVIN I.KWIS of |J. due lo.' AUJIKRS (APl-A'toimer cell-lliona,v L-lorv lhat .ui,,,,,,! h,,,,me cHptain of Ihe US.S Wren ,,„„„ Hlll) „, „,„„ Ahnlod | ,„,„,, ^hJn, -,,,.. 1 „,,,"", "h. monv til"','/ 1 ' <)nl( ".'""; 1 , '.•""•! Ron Bella ,n French prison., .riMilion'. Mitical lemlership wher* 'liif H i.« i ^m.'i" i.^ n.""i SW( "" '" l> '" <k " lr <CM ll ' a(1l ' l '' s ""I 'hi'ir iiiiprisonmenl, I He Former Cell Mate Blocks Ben Bella e initiated theu-osl $2.Si per foot to use new |lary nToliifyJCslPs.jnipe while it would cost $1>.95 perigj^™ foot to tr>' to salvage and use the old pipe. The city will open bids on the reauirrd new pipe at |Doue| . s •nts permit doctors : to practice privately, allow volun- insurance < ' P ' the pJan and strip the 's medical insurance of many regulatory rreDori"d ihat w ^,-k ™ ,h. ^i vate doi ''°'' s « and woik on the sub- when , h , Mosl °' Saska "-*e»an's 6^5 pri- t on strike July 1 effective d^ sisting Lebow in coordinating the project wil be L. K. DeZavala, Mrs. JiU Clark, Capt. A. A. Miller, Bill Hammonds and Deputy Sheriff Robert Gladney. The chances for the cleanup to te permanent for the season seem good, according to the observations of the Freeport Lifeboat Station. Coast Guardsmen there said there have been few signs of the weed lately. "The seaweed has just about had it," they reserved. Marvin R. Bigss, in charge of reservations for Party Boats Inc., coorborates this. "It's rather nice , a iu.«ion,ue haired iUd will, Ben Hells. They joined Algerian 1 am!" camps™ nd' mucking ot dictator-;lo raid lhe Oran post office fur capitals. He nit *t , • . " "v ii viic ia>% uf t,:<uiie ClieonVP *-v"j* mjims-j mu. 11 a lauici iin e grade or the paving projec't werel-r^ ^.^ ended af( . ^^ e ; out in Ulc Gul( nou . „ nas ^ scheduled to beg,,, Monday on, ernnlcm and U]e Saskatchewan at least a week since we've seen tne sec-lion west of the railroad,College of Physicians and Sm-'any concentrations to amount W old water piDe, geo , K sjgncii a 29-point agreement|anything Ihp oitMirt*^ (i-i M|-»| ,).> -j. • »* MJUly jj provinin.2 for the jr«r. will remain on ,!„., iuiu,''^".: X?* , liu " ia ; | -» l1 "-". ** K 1 ™' 'i";'' '"'^"•"••'•"^•!« : M'-»««' , ln ,il ...u "" u l!> '" IUI ' lhl country teni- Hen Bella and not imlymii lapcn \UII1\M KVANS IR JO KA l 1 "''" 1 '"^--'" 11 ""," 5 ht - s ""» l"H>'r- l dis, tl ;,'e,Hi ,m ix.ho-lliey .level, those ol RKN iniiKK.nlT'nfiv KV> , l ''"'"' y ' '""• usir " 1 ' ^"".viopeii a mutm.1 hatml which may Born VMMtp u-» , ; '; ''"'"""'' Wohamniftl Boudia/. i remain Pfc.NNKR H' students enrolled H,, urt , a ( B nd Ben Bella were! »t \Miarlim County .liimnr roll.'KoiamoiiE live i.-ad..™ ,, f n,,. AI,.... Arab and k'dving it in Ihe groun was seen listen- help tn sp<»e<1 Hie paving pi lis rival's flam-(Russell said. thai it, •oiuert pianist. .Middle F.asl. he ga.. . .Cdis ano m M'Sila, . <ur Uie Nov. 19. ISvl, uprisuii; a key factor in Algeria'CM village Ikinteruig on tlie Sahuial^.ijm,, (| lc Al"enan \\ ir •al life fur years. Deseri. he became a clerk in Uiei ,, Hvalrv uTn, H i- -i .,„. lh . . ' „• ,-....,..„ .... .„,„-.» ,„ „„• n , B i-. ,„„ men hanlly could K- more »|(icc of Hie local la.\ collei-tor. '' '- u " "*'" bl '"' 1 lie n M Hn'i'!'i''r''' 1M '"! l> '' < ' 1 ''', : "' 1 " u ' volullon ''aplm-erf by lhe ctifferenl. Hen Helia likes spec, h- .Ural ted mUi Ihe b'rnich army, he inr nn.i, in.uiv.-i irtimly iif'Freni'h on a (li(;hi Iroin RaUu tn niaking and hero woi.slnn Boudiaf i,..v 1,1 the rank oi warnnl cJiuer ^•^^z^^rtrs;,;^'^^:,.:;'^;^;: „,„, ,/•««'•„, ,„ ,„, Wllh rr:;atrr ft k *"' * ' ccasL-lue, the Iivu Kinemnl 1mm IB nowd. Boiuiial picfeis private, He began his anli-Ficnch wib-'Airporl. i anli- nd the signal U i l '"' v ' ' ,' , ! > l ««'-''lLt Participation in the tax-support"•' ed government plan will still be compulsory for most ot Saskau he- And Ivan Gisclair, chaplain of ihe trawler Laguna -1 operating from the Old River Shrimp Co., has seen little seaweed out in the Gulf for over a week. There ap- he wans 5L'5.(XKI people. But doctors i P oars to b* 1 some small [latches can now accept or refuse patients, remaining in close to shore, ifiurned to AHcrs Coulk ' llman Uo > d Dow ling's in-: who are beneiiciaries'oi the" plan" 1 but past'Uie two or Uiree fatiioni UeOnesdav from his "4 hour" ar qW ?' ^^ ^ ? ^ /'''' ba " ^ D ° L ' lors ra " " ou " te P aid '» one (mark, there has been none at all sua.v nom ins .i-noui ai- park on \\odnosday and Sunday | of four ways-directly by the Wed-1 sighted, Capt. Gisclair said. had,''*-' ll >' Piw-hen Bella troops. nights resulted in the Council in-jical Insurance Commission indi luit >el come tn the surface when " ~ ....-..Iwu veals later tin-y laixlc.1 ml llic liaiuls ui wailui tu»ips at Aljjieis 1 MaiMin KUiii he , •• -• —- —^ : \ji njui t>a>o—UIICUIIV UV U , if reM by pixvhen Bella troc^s. nights resulted in the Council in-jical Insurance Commissio. •n Thursdav- he accepted Ben Bel- slructing the city secretary to dis- redly by the commission :o ia .- temporary leadership. But his l '"'"' s ' lu ' Inallri ' ""'' the Park patient, indirectly via aj h li. cn,l> ..av he iias not Min-end- B0i ?'' li ' . .... heallh agencies, or directly cu\l and the stni""le is vet h -. i lo ,,„„, "° L '" ue - t - . llnl , , uu "'' nlL " „ "" "'« onimi-ssion via thei ipprovedl y b> pa- ccalkxl ilu.t iiieiLMiema who leliniiuislj their right to Clear lu paru\' cli^idv ami I, \erbal agicenieni conipcii.xauon under the medical.through Saturday. I,™- mni-ht T would not be used | car* law. ^hi g h Saturday 96.

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