The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 21, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1893
Page 1
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VOL 280 . MARSHALL, MICH., FKIDAY 21, 1893 PRICE TWO CENTS J&soloteJy Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Lqtdst U. S 1 Government Food fie* port ROYAL BAKING POWDERI.G . :• IOC Wall Stree HUMPHREYS' 'VETERIHARYSPECIFICS For Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs,. Hogs, AND POTCTS*. : 500 Page Book tfn, Treatment of Animals »nd Chart Sent Free. ^ < FeTerB,Cona;e«ton»,Itjflainnintion A. A. i Spinal AleptugttlM, Milk Fever. 1 B.B.— Htrainii, 1-aiiicnenn. Rheumatism,, C.C.— lUstewpcr, Masai UUehargea. D.D.—BotB or <Jrufc«, Worms. i E.E.— Conahii, Hcavea, Pneumonia, F.K.~CoUo .or Urlpcn, Bellyache. O.G.—MUcarrlaKe, Homorrhnffcs. H.II.~Urlnary an«i Kidney Dftteaeei. J.I.~KruptlTe Diseases, Mange. — — J.K.— Dt«ea«e« ot Digestion, Paralysis. Single Bottle (ovel SO doses). - « .60 Stable Case, with Specifics. Manual, . vSertnary Cure Oil an<l Medlcato^ $T.OO Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, - '- l.OO Bold tyVraithUi or i»t prepaid uprhenaad Uuf qnutltj •• receipt of price. IHMPHBKTS'IKP. CO., Ill * lUITllUiBi St., gowTorfc. IBTJMPHRE.YS' HOMEOPATHIC ft ft ISPECIHC No fitt In OM 30 yo«r«. Tho only successful remedy fo< Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, •nd PrortnrtJon. from* over-vork or other causes. •i DM till. or 5 vials »nd large viaj powder, for $5. Sold bj Druggiiu, or leal poalptlii on receipt ol prlco, HDariuutis' HKD. ca, 111 * i is wimam at,, KW fork. JARTER'S CURE !9Mk Headache and relieve ill the troubles Incf- fo a biliou* ateteof the njatem •uoh. «e . Ntusea, Drowsineaa, Distreaa alto* in In the fiide. ic. While theirmoaft le succeas boa been shown lu onculft . yet qarter«8 IdttlaUTor -M» a«* tqaally Aluablein Cocstiptttion; curing and preventing thia annoying complaint, whllp they BJaa correclaUdliordorBoItheBtoinav-li^Umulatatha liver »narflgulfilo the bowols. Evoni^theyomy «n»a — — Colored Men Talk of Lynching the Soldier. WILLIAM BMLET ASKS PEOTEOT10H Acha they troald be almost prlccloaa to thoaawti- •uf/er from thiadibtrua^iJjg complaint; butforta- JUitely their goodu-ja/i <!<..UH uuteadhere.and thoso irhaonceUy tl,.-m wi\l-ilnd theaolittlopUlavalOr »Ueln«q u,ut..' v. ,v»m.i; they will uo.t be wU- -m But after ollaickl"»«4 An Army Ofllcer Drowned In Whitmore Lake — two Prisoner* K«<!ape From the Kent County Jail— Kx-l'ogttnagter'Parks "Short In His Accounts. GJIAND HOXEL, MACKINAO ISLAND, July 21.— A* the':;preliminary hearing given William Bagloy, the young soldier from Fort Jlackinac, charged with rafe, and under the • coroner's jury charge held as being implicated in the death of. Lillian Saulter, -wiio suicided here Monday, Justice of the Peace Gallagher after hearing the. witnesses bound the prisoner over to ; the circuit court, upon three counts i rape, attejhpt- ed criminal assault and assault^ If the first charge- fails : then Bagley wjjll .beheld on the oJher two. Bonds were placed at $1,500.' r v; The court convenes in August and Prosecuting Attorney Brown will try to get a special jury for thia -case before 'the regular fall term in order to secure all the witnesses who are now here for the summer,, As it will be impossible Co reach them in October. From testi- O. F. Jordan'* Mew 1'osltlon. "JACKSON, July 2L—O. IT. Jordan, has been appointed superintendent of the middle air line, Grand; "Rapids, South Haven, South Bend and Battle Creek divisions 6f the Michigan Central, with headquarters in this city. Ho succeeds C. B. Brush, deceased. Mr. Jordan has been superintendent of thd> Canada anrd Michigan Midland divisions at St. Thomas-, Ont. His place there is taken byj. B. Morford. During the summer Mias Evely a \\ at s6n is prepared to «ive inBtractioo !» ho ifiMKuagea and ^mathematics, or in any of the common branches. , mony crime was' committed upon the lonely shore road about "midnight last Satur- at Eaton Rapid*. EATON RAPIDS, July 21.—The annual.' camp meeting is now in session and will continue 10 days. Workers from Boston, Detroit and Indianapolis are present. Accommodations are better than ever before and for the first time both/ Michigan Central and Lake Shore rail-* roads carry passengers at reduced rates. Everything points to a large and interesting meeting. Has Decided to Accept. SAOINAW, July 21.—Rev, Ludwig Fuerbringer has decided to "accept the call to a professorship in the Lutheran* Beminary at St. Louis, and has resigned the jpastorship of the Lutheran church at Frankenmnth and also abandoned his proposed trip to Europe, The college opens Sept. land on that date he will, assume -his new duties. In a Quandary. BENTON HARBOR, July 21.—An unknown body, probably that of William Williams, from Bremen, .Ind., WUH found in the canal here. It was so badly decomposed that recognition was """ipOBBbTe'excepTrby the clothing. The. L * *r Tills *ra %wy tmMi vaA L Ont* CJ t'..-o pilla ipttkea done, f v*.*10^Uj(3. ti(J Jl^t SyfJJW> QK day. Bagley is now in the custody of Sheriff Dolan of St. Ignace for safekeeping. He will be dishonorably discharged from the army. The remains of Lillian Saulter were taken to Pe- trolea, Ont. The colored help employed in the hotel and cottages here, to the number of 50, gathered at a window near the prisoner's room at tfap old village hall at a late hour and in loud, voices discussed a southern dose to colored men as the proper treatment of a white ravisher in the north.. Bagley was frightened and told the nightwateh noi te leave him for a minute. The crowc dispersed quietly af$er listening to some sensible reinarka*by one of their leaders. The case is one of the sensations of this quiet nqrth country and attracts great attention. t Army OiScor Drowned. HOWELL, July 51.—Lieutenant C. C. Ogden of Fort Supply, I. T., waa drowned in Whitmore Lake on exTGov- ernor Winans' farm in Hamburg. He went in bathing and went down while his wife and Mrs. E. B. Winans, Jr., were putting on their suits. He was probably taken with a cramp. Lieutenant Ogden was a Brother of Mrs. E. B. Winans, Jr., and was married July 5 and was on his wedding trip. The young widow is hysterical with grief, Ex-Governor Winans telegraphed to Captain Hill at Fort Wayne for a diver to search for the body, and James Quinn of Detroit started for the scene of the j mournful affair. Two Prisoner* Escape. RAFips, July 21.—-At 2:30 Thursday morning two prisoners took leave of the Kent county jail. They were James Brienson, burglar, and Arthur Forbes, in for larceny. They were cbnfiped in the third story ana from the heelspring of a shoe they sawed thSpugh two ..cell door staples and two -heavy 4ip>n %irs, going down from the window by the bedclothes route. Their escape was discovered an hour later by a patrolman "pri the,ouir side. Detectives and the sheriffs forc$ are making a good search, but no trace has as yet been disco v ered of them. Short In Si» Account*. CHYSI&I. FALLS, July" -'dl—Aloazo Park, w^iQj-esignedi $10 offipe of post- ^ - % ~ r ^ t"<? rp in ^i;m not want the field is full. Miss Graham, teacher of guitar, mandolin and banjo, *wm give instructions during vacation on the different iustru merits. Those who are interested please ousult with Mr. Louis fhompsbn. Hrlug Yuur Carpet*. .Thu carpet cleaning works on Ex change street will be open on and after Monday, Marcb 27th. Go to lioughton's for wall paper* New stock ttud new styles. '* Ktbert Schelly is prepared to rte kinily ot tin^wfrrtbep-e^jfjQeitB E. L u you w ant the best refrigerator on' earlh fo'r the least mouey to toBoflej's. Uiiy the inowur i-t gt'nutue PbilucleiphhJ lawn Sufferers from Pilj&s should know that u th Pyramid Pile Curio Wilt promptly and ef . fectually remove every trace of them. * Aii/ rugglst w' II get it for you. $100 tor a case of Catarrh, 'Dyspepsia, Ner vousneus and Sleeplessness the* Vegetable Cure will .not cure, •. • Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and taow* wh^V^i^ n4 ^ u eteriaGrip p6 and its after efrect* rtrr Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Eryeip- body and the Pottera' elaa and ConEtipatlon. 12 oz. fl.OO. ! DR. SHARPSTJEEN. Squares Part of Its Payroll IRON MOUNTAIN, July 21.— TKe Chapin Mining company, one of the Schlesainger properties, squared a portion of its payroll Thursday and expects to pay in full this, week. There are no new developments at the Buffalo mines, Ne-, but money to meet obligations "is expected this week by the local management. General Manager Thomas F. Cole of the Buffalo mines showed his faith in the company' by paying out several • thousand dollars of his own money to employes of the urine. Wants His Money Bark. * July 2JL— 'jKid" Lavigne is after thq prosecuting attorney of ~O£ ;awa county. His. He claims that he paid that official $250 for getting him mt of jail some time ago and he wants ;he money back, for,- he says, the prose- »tor was compounding a felony and las no right to keep the cash. Lavigne oas made a formal demand through the prosecuting a|tor^iey' of Saghiaw county. "Bid" waa arrested and jailed for being one of the prinoepals in a prizefight at Streator, Pis., some time ago. Copper Found. TRAIN, July 21.— Workmen at Btickney's lumber camp at the foot of Trout lake, south of this place, while breaking rock for a river dam, found a number of large piwes of native copper. It has been thought for some time that parts of this county were rich in mineral deposits, and the citizens are inu<;h elated over the find. Those interested will make a careful investigation. Shot In the Leg. PORT HURON,. July 20.— A warrant has been issued 'for the arrest of Chauii- cey.Steyena, a. Yale boy fihargejL with shooting George Edgerton. Last Friday Stevens traded ?i revolver with- Edgeitpn'K younger brother. The same night the boVs quarreled and Steven*, it is alleged, shot George Edgerton in theieg. Edgerton may die, as blood poisoning has set ip. " Lawn mowers paired at JJosley'e. sharpened and re- your tin warn meuUetl ttt Schelly's tiu shop. '. ''<, «s feat by mall. <>ystal Faps has rexse»y< _ frequent visits the past six months &om r Po^o%e^ ,. _ Jbo 4»ys '~M?in Albion, »-"j g -y»T" >-j ^^V^Vj^y ^ . teen,;.other .__ Pitcher'a Ca^torla- Th Whi-u any thing you Want to buv, JuNt call nt C'hetihur's mill and try, • lib f»:-h prices will curtly suit yau, When uuy feed you ilo woni ground, Cull at C'hebber's mill, he ia alwuyu aruuud, Ao<i he will try to please you. Wo buy for cash and sell for cash, AD<) 'lUui'H what keeps us in our hash. Gt-l your wall paper and Geo Boughtou's new store.. paiuts a STOCKIANIEDTO PASTBRB Terms*cheap. seejor address, A. B. KING, Marshall, Mich on babies, sore ui|)plet> and in dummutiou of tbu breast in&tautly re* :vuU with Lavendar Ointment. Notice. Hie Eureka bakery's wagon makes duU.y trips to all parts pi tbe city.cairy- full line oi bread, cakes, pies and cookies All orders will receive prompt aHeutiop. JAS, "" gai ' July 21.— Langell '$> Sons , to revive the ^hiponilding in whijph they bnee carried on liere «xtena5ve scale,: The land toy had IUM9 UlfJUi7», ^ * *** **«l'WW-* r •"• ** aaked %> n^^?^l^ streets Just assure aahot weather comes there will- be wore or lees bowel complaint in, this icin\ty. Every perbon, and especially f ain- iliee, ought to have some reliaole cnetdicue at baud for instant use in. case it is needed. A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's 'olip, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is^ust what you ought to have and all that you would n.eed, <?y£n for the most s^'ere and dangerous cases.' It ia the best, the moat reliable and most successful treatment known andjspleasant to take. For aale at Oreeoe's dtugetore. ' - .- ,_ ' ,,..-,^-'. parw ramid Pile Cure is * new discovery pvpry form., Every*dri4g^iat,hft8it. summer wopii'atf 1,75 per -••'jf'^C-S-"-^ .. fc--Tfcr^fa»'

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