Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 7, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1961
Page 3
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'AUSTIN {AP>_Texas won I berth,in the College"World Series at Omaha, Xeb., with a 5-4 win Tuesday o\er Arizona's Wildcats. The game uas the second in a best two out of three series, Texas wdl make its sixth trip to Hie National Collegiate Athletic Association baseball finals. The Longborns will play tlie University- of Southern California Saturday night m Omaha. Pitcher Tom Belcher and second baseman Phil Hipps sparH- plugged the I.anghbrn victory Helcher wrnl the distance for Texas. Hipps drove in all five Texas scores with two home runs Fight Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Detroit — Sonny Banks. 194-A, Detroit, knocked out .!oe Sheiton 186. Cleveland, 2. San Jose. Calif.—Lou Molina. 118: San Jose, outpointed Cisco Ahdrade, 13S. Compton, Calif, JO. Omaha. Xeb. — Lou Capeltano, 13 , Omaha, outpointed Chino Diafr. 135, San Juan, 10. Sacramento, 'Calif.—Paul Ariti- steaci, I33H% Los Angeles, out- pointed Joey Lopes, 136',-i, West Sacramento. 10. Honoiiilu — Teddy Rand 126, Los Angeles, outpointed Dann\ Brown. 126, Mindanao, '"Philip 7 ' s, 10. . •f -f s, f ft * i* over/uW 1 kft field fence >t Clark Field .here. " ' The Omaha NCAA ; finals wiU mark Coach Bibb FalTs bid for an, unprecedented third national college championship, Texas was national champion in 1949. Hipps 1 first blast scored Lew Braielton and tied up the game in the sbrthr The senior second sacker from Dallas repeated with a homer in the seventh, scoring Brazclton and Skinner, giving "John Vincent made H 5-4 in the eight,with 3 a homer for (he Wild, cats, that scored one teammate. Belcher retired the side in order in the ninth, preserving the Texas victory. Marv JDutt, unbeaten Arizona pik-hing star, went all the way for the Wildcats. He gave up six hits, Arizona scored once in the fourth and fifth. BASEBALL STANDINGS f V. i -f - Of the screams of anguish which are currently re-; verberating' through the track and field world sound something like Tarzan swinging to the rescue of a maiden about to be devoured by the croecdJles, it isn't surprising. Pr«M$ Sp*rts Writer OK, so the Cincinnati Reds still an? on top in'tb* National league Don (Tarzan) Bragg, former holder of the world's an <l the Los Angeles Dodgers still altitude record in pol« vaulting, is just a mite upset. A I are J" st a hrtf-*»m« behind. But youngster by the name of George Davies who vaults for ) w . hat s * a i > j*, ned to (he San FraR * . CiSe0 Oklahoma State made himself a hot candidate for a, Th Jub |h . , . Cape Canaveral launching pad when he went 15 feet,' nas done nothing 1 /Aft/. *•>* rt"l-» 4-*v I*.**j4.*felv ^3 wrv r#rr?f+ *•_**«•» v» *~rt J _ _. _ May 10 : f, inch to break Bragg's record. June> !ostng f>ve of six gaines in By THE ASSOCIATiO PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet GB Cleveland 32 n .653 — Detroit 33 18 .6« — New -York': . 28 19 .596 Baltimore 27 24 .529 Kansas 'City ".. 22 23 .4£9 Washington 24 27 .471 Boston 22 25 .468 Chicago 19 29 .396 Minnesota 19 31 380 Los Angeles — 18 31 .367 14 Results Los "Angeles 7-0, Baltimore 3-2. Tuesday's Results St Louis 6-3, Chicago 2-3, Iwi- > Now Davies made his leap with a fiber glass pole, i a skid to third. The Giants have Bragg says it ain't fair cause he set the recoid with an won but two oi their last 10 aluminum pole and it doesn't have as much spring as i droppr-d their in a row to used and somebody's liable to have to ' Philadelphia Tuesday night as the Los Angeles 8, Pittsburgh 7, night Philadelphia 13, San Francisco, 9, night. Today's Games Philadelphia CMahaffey 6-4) at San Francisco (Sanford 3-3). nLtiih. , 'homer, and brcfce a "i-1 'fa' with Gene a sacrifice fJv in the thiril fniiin?. ' night, 2nd game, 10 innings tie lne one ^^^^ us « a ana SOmeooav 5 naoie 1C nave IO; > '"•-ui.-ifmm iuc?ud> nism as i called curfew. ' - ' 'start using a parachute If the;/ Keep using those hopped I * 5 '" p .' ac . e . Pmls T3n off with Cincinnati 7. Milwaukee 3, night' up poles. " , * , c * sio . n ' , 1 thinking back we can't remember Cornelius Warmer-,^,-; ^/^^-^ dam hauling out the crying towel v/hen his recora, which and the blgges t sp i urge anyone was set with a pole hewed out of sassafr&s or bamboo,h as made against the Giants,'MIho or something equally exotic, was sroasned. Now that' now are two Barnes behind. iir rrancisco laamoru *-&} record was broken with an aluminum pole Which people < Cincinnati clung to first place Colemara lh*a brought in the de-1 In the nis-hteap, the Cob*-man-" Chicaeo (Anderson 2-4) at St ! that knew about those things say was much better than b > r rapping Milwaukee 7-3, but tnejeidm" rvn «iih a sacrifice fly lasted w<;t t*re*> hits off «0uUinaw. >ws {Jackson 3-5) m"ht 'i Warmerdam ever had. 'Dodgers kept the pressure on with [in the fifth. Bob Purkey (S ?) was Ray Sadecki, but came iro-n be? (NottebarT 2-3) *»! ._.... an 8 7 comeback victory over IheJU 1 *" wruuier. b«t gave up all 13 hind for the tie with three City on Chuck Estrada's I m% the tySns Boston beat Kansas | pinch triple by"? getting tt»e~ Don DemeUrr and Clay Dalrympie each hit a borne run and drove is Sve runs for the Phillies. The Giants died hard, scor- f prs off barters ble by of the Hues *wt the Dodgers" belted thr«^ruB ho«- : CT»f« ing five in the ninth. Billy O'Dell a Joe Gibbon. Southpaw «I-3> was the loser, giving up ajPodres (6-1), o»it since/'May three-run doable by Demeter in {with arm trouble, was th*/the first inning. The Giants got'ner with a save by Lam^SJ* three in tfee first against FranfcJ The Cardinals, replaced /Mil- Sulstvan feut reliever Dallas ! waukee in fifth place .behind Green then heid them in -check |six-hit pitching of Ernie.Br for his second victory, before he j (6-5). Bin White drove"" in 1 needed Ken Lehman's help in the I runs for the" Cards, *rwV— '" «vf*-ruB ijomer by brtke a 1-1 lie for the ' Lrr-,er ttlen Fobbie in the fourth inning against home the Cubs* runs in the scc- Csri Witte* (23), Gorrfje ' ond. ' .-,-,,- Colemara th*a brought in the de- 1 Loms at Cincinnati (Hunt 5-2), night. twi-mght ' j Pittsburgh (Friend 5-7 or Fran- N r ev York 7, Minnesota 2, mghtjcis 0-0) at Los Angeles Boston 5, Kansas City 3. mghl!7.2j. night. Cleveland 14. Washington 3, " ' TEXAS LEAGUE Tuesday's Results Ardmore Q, Austin 6 Rj o Grande Vallev 7, Tulsa 5 San\ Antonio'5.- Amarillo'4 Try If Himself If Braggs thinks the new type pole KUP-ELEC, INC. ;JNDU£TaiAL • COMMERCIAL ' 'RESIOENTIAt COHTRACT1NG PR 5-44S7 -^ 2O7 W. Dignowity Chicago I, Detroit 1, night' Today's Games Minnesota' (Ramos 3-6) at New- York (Terry 2-0).Kansas City (Daley 4-6) at Boston (Schwall -3-0>. -•'•'•'- "'. Los Angeles {Bowsfield 1-1) atJAmarillo ._ 30 24 .556 Baltimore (Hoeft l : 2), night. [ RJ O Grande „ 27 2G 509 Cleveland (Grant 6-0) at Wash- Austin - 27 29 482 ; third place Pirates St. Lours de- t hita by the Brakes and needed earned runs in the seventh on an ,'feateei the Chicago Cubs 6-2 in a one-ifinlag map up'b> reliever error, a u-alk and a homer by_ SO good, he thc flrstt game of a twi night dou J»m Brosnan. ' ( George Altman. Sadecki had twa Should just hie himself Off to the 'nearest sportin^ goods b 'eheader The second same.'. The Dcdgerb came from behind of the Cards' 12 hits off JacSc store and purchase one. The sad facts are thai with all ta! . ied ^ curfew - ended in a 3 - 3 - ^^ t{£ses 3S?s5B ** "^ Pirates, Curtts and Joe Schaffernoi& and the improving equipment and techniques his record was V.!"!'/ 12 tle A:ep - t{£ses 3ffs5B ^ !3nd beal relteier Eiroy Face dro ^ e «" { . W L Pet GB {San ; An?onio .„ 32 24 .571 — 1 FURNITURE REPAIRS Refinishfng — Upholstery PR 5-4000 After 5 p.m. t ington (Burnside 1-3, night. Only - game scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet GB Cincinnati ; 23 19 1604 — .588 '/j .563 2 .533 31 .478- 6 | Milwaukee 21 24 .467 6' I Chicago 1 19 29 .39G 10 i Philadelphia 16 23 .356 Los-"Angeles __ San Francisco Pittsburgh St. Louis 30 21 27 21 24 21 22 24 the books he'd better heed the advice that when you c!!robed""into 7im"piace 'by ooe- want to be a record holder j'ou must do as the record ; percentage points over Detroit, > holders do. There's no sense in crying over "broken rec-jw-Mh a 11-3 romp at Washington! ords, unless you happen to be a disc jockey- j while the Chicago white Sox de-i •You might say that even Warmerdam cheated a little ' ieated the Tigers 7-j. N'eir York; become the first of the great modern cav vaulters. , cracked Minnesota 7-2, Baltimore: s i He had the runways lengthened so he c-culd' fret up a r = - ! ^JLi^:^f. a ^^ t ^J^: s L n : 5 ^f greater head of steam. We often wonder if the story I 91/ -jwe learned at our mother's knee about how Warmerdam ; MaiOr LedQUG LCfldefS j was discovered is apocryphyl; The way we got it is that 1 y Rto Graiide"vaHey"at Ardmore I ne was seen one da 5 r by a couple of coOege coaches vault-! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Babe Ruth League i to An- • Tulss 2S 23 .481 Ardmore 22 33 .400 Wednesday's Games Austin at San Antonio «-£!! be' a meeting of a!! j managers ef Babe Ruth League« teams Frwlay at 7:30 p.m. at the | old Police Starion. '' Tulsa at Amarillo H -y league' com S 22—Bats vs. Jets Lions vs. Nats 2S—Jets vs. Nats Bats vs. Creamers 29—Lions vs. Bats Creamers vs. Jets Major League Stars By THE -ASSOCIATED PRESS Pitching — Turk ,Lo%vn, White worked out of bases-loaded YEARS SERVICE To Del Rio & Vol Verde Co. V/TiCiever ycur ixarsVmg needi, you can count or* u» 'to serve ib-m „ . .quickly, efficiently. And jhc service you enjoy here 15 fri«nd!y as -wetf 01 complete. Information about ony of o-ur bonding faculties 9lod|y supplied. FAST, COURTEOUS,^CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE "EVERY SERVICE A GOOD BANK CAN OFFER" Ham when, he came on in the I No question he has the i ing about 14 feet over a bar on homemade standards in ' American League ^ „ ^^^^^ .^ &uc ^»,, ; a cabbage patch. ; Batting (based on 100 or more ' missi&ner. said ihe meeting is be-: iat bats) — Piersall, Cleveland, jjjg be!d to naaks up the official!'' 11 ^" 3—Nats vs. Creamers j .370; Brandt, Baltimore, .350. ,| rosters for each team. Jel s vs. Lions | Runs — Co!av-ito. Detroit, -!2; } staria^ this week " the Babe 6—Creamers vs. Lions Instead of playing Tarzan in the movies Bragg might j Wood. Detroit, 40... { Rul * h ^ s&is vlll ao back to a Nats vs. Bats 4-1-1 n. nV-.n..n *^. ™ «» f* ^* _ '. _ —. l_ - —. 1 —. f _ __ 1_ ^_ __A?__. J._»_._i -»-^ ' ??!!**€?• 1%O t f «*^f «•»". £~1 f\t-<t ill-. ' ~D r* tt~ ' . • . . .^ _ _ _ 3.0—BSl5 %*S Jfit ^ Lions vs. N'ats 13—Jets vs. Nats Bats vs. Creamers, 17—Lions vsi Bats 1 Creamers vs. Jets' 20—Xals vs. Creamers Jets vs. Lions For What It's Worth Jayirig Tarzan in the nun _ __„... . ,„_. ^.^ „„. ^ __ w „ use the above as a fine vehicle for his acting talent. It j llllns batt etl in—Gentile, Baiti- twfrganic-a-week schedule in place* seems it has been Bragg^s g's life ambition to pSay Tarzan. \ m "™- 4&: Cash;: Detreh. «. 5 of the preseni tiree games a; physique and athletic ability, but u"" 3 ~ P!0r l al -Cleveland; 70; we ek. This «iu-aik>v. sufficient i v,r,t ;? c ™ r,« w iH«* »,« ^^ !„„„„,. ' B '' • Kobmson, Baltimore and Ku- tj me to cossoleie the season be-: hemi g ht be' sparking the Yankees to life . . tim«r to cossplece the season before itme for journament play.: Romano. Under the new schedule games; i ! ! pinch-hiUers. driving tying • and Roseboro, Dodgers, delivered tri . pie and double." as consecutive - i j h . . . , b and John , f Mickey Mantle can just get back in Stride . .' . We i sail. Cleveland. 5. delivered tn- ' ' Wood, Detroit. 6: Pier' The rnns-JIaris. New York. JurJ i Pirates. I are still a little bit apprehensive about the Reds, but! would love to see them >tav right ao there at the- 1G; Coiavito, Detroit and Mamie, A World Series between these Iwe would split 1 New York - 15 ties, but we would~ probably have to-shje-^frith \ Cincinnati . . .The Major Little t^eague needs'one more iie follows: ; 12-Yetir-Oid Bookie Put Out of Business laities, but we would-probably have to>sk}e-vrfth j n ?J innati . ..;• The. Major Little league needs 'one m scorekeeper ... Just show, up at thl-'pre« box prior game time and they'll put you to work H . . Calming Ir i .N'ORTTFAM PTON. England &— i -. A boy of 12 was ordered by the \ j juvenile Court Tuesday to aban- ; don his career as a bookie for at ; least the next 6 years. The boy — son of a bookmaker—j i was found by police taking bets \ ioo the horses at a belting shop. Stolen bases— Chicago, 14. on 3 or . . _. , Cleveland - - - Calming Irate i Mossi Detroit s-o i ooo- Readers Dept: Last night we found out thai Cliff Perkins I strikeouts— nVlf; 'Cleveland and also outbowled Don Ellis at the opening of LaughJin's'^ord. New York. 54. bowling lanes Saturday. '•..-..* ° j NaHooal League ~ ~~^" —~ —— — i Batting (based on 100 or more fat bats) — Moon; Los Angeles. .362; Aaron. Milwaukee. .343. i Uuns '— Mays. San Francisco, : 37; Boiling, Milwaukee, 36. vs. Creamers 12—L5«ns vs, Eais Cresisers vs. Jets 15—-Nats'•>•». Creamers Jeis vs. LJons JS—Creainers vs. Lions Xal* vs.. Bats . Dr. C. L Boskett orroMETtisr 104 W. Losoya Pt 5-37*2 Bowling Center Is : Belling shops recent!/ became j ImG'OPGlllllQ I OOOV 'legal in-Britain, but the law for-' • ^^ . :f • Rirns bailed in — Aaron. Mil; waukee and Cepeda, San Fran: Cisco, 40. '..... ~ : Hits—T. Davis. Los Angeles. 62; _ . . : Wills. Los - Anseles. Aaron. Mil[bids anybody to frequent them; The eight-lane Del Rio Bowling sometime later fe ifce ' summer ' waukee and -'CJe'mente. . ' Pitts- i until tne age'oj IS. | Center is opening again for busi- Air conditioning Vill aL«s be added bllr sh. 60. In accordance with Juvenile' ness io^ av _jfor the c-ornfort of j Court practice, the young bookie's j .name was kept secret. }• ' The lanes, long the only one in > There is "also a possibility ! — :—-— I Del Rio, were closed earlier 'this j ' ' s year when the owner died. j that automatic pin setters may be added later in the year. There _are no plans for forming any leagues at the Bowltng Center. Ligcn says they plan to work mitt that Uter. -SOMEONE'S KIDDING ; NASHVILLE. Tenn. ^—Students'; The Bowling Center has been'' : at' Vanderbilt want more work — 1 purchased by Walter H. Ligon of | I or so their • leaders say. \ Llano and will be run by him. | : A committee of top students | His'•plans for the lanes are still j i named to study all phases of j a little vague since, he says.! j campus fife numbered among its i much depends on how much busi- f Ltgon. who' wi!! return to Pice Pitchin«'7bas'-d ! recommendations that <U stu-1 ness the lanes get. | ibis fall 2S the Carting right decisionsf-Yinter ; dents be required 10 write more i Ligon. a two-year varsity let- , guard, hopes the'lages ivriJl draw co 4 -0 1000- Du'ffalo San Frani papers and take more tests andherman at Rice University, says;considerable open br^ling during ci^co 3 0 1 000 ; f 2) some courses he made "more -. if ihings work out he plans to start \ the next couple o£ mentis. Then he Sirikeoiits^Koufax Lo; demanding." Sfrom scratch in - renovating the: will be able 10 mzfce more definite hos 72- rirv ' * 'lanes. Presently plans are to re-i plans. Doubles — Coleman. Cincinnati. 14; Zimmer. Chicago and F. AJou, San Francisco, 12. Triples—Wills, Los Angeles and Virdon. Pittsburgh. 5. .Home runs—Cepeda, San Francisco. 15; Robinson, Cincinnati. 14. _ : Stolen bases—^Pinson. Cincinnati. 10; Aaron, Milwaukee. S. on 3 or more right decisions)—-Milter. San Francis- Lo- Lx>» Classified Ads Brint Results : surface all eight of the TEMPEST A real beaut. Clean lines. Short, roof. Long rear deck. Four-cylinder engine. Independent suspension at all four wheels. Floor mounted stick shift, is standard. Custom model has full carpeting and sports-type bucket seats. Take your first opportunity. It's loaded with Pontiac performance. FRIENDLY MOTOR COMPANY • CADILLAC • PONTIAC • RAMBLER • G.M.C. • 600 AVE F FHONE >R 5-3595 lanes j He also poinJec fmi ihe snack : — .'bar will provide sofi drinks and j NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS (AND PLEASURE) The Del Rio Bowling Center 801 AVENUE F Under The New Management, of. WALTER LIGON Open Daily at 9:00 A.M. COME SEE US ! ! Minor League Organization Set For Tonight On« more effort will b« made to get rhe Miner Little League organized at 7 o'clock tonight. This has been set aside as Minor Little League Night at Overstreet Park when a most serious effort will be made to organize both rhe Minors arxl Pee Wees. Fathers are urged to come out to this organization meeting where an opportunity will be given .for every boy to register for baseball this summer. All boys who have not turned in .their registration cards shouid bring them to this m*et- f sandwiches for t-iKr ft CRABS AGE. TOO ; ELM IRA. X.V. :?. — People tend to act the- same after they retire as they did during their younger years, says S5iss Bernice Scott, a specialist in rural sociology at 'Cornell University. "If you're grucspy r*ov.-. Heaven help your family when you're ?5 ; You can't be an old trah. viihout heing a young crab fsrsl." .;he : said. .Ads Brine Result* WANTED !*M JUAMTOCS TO CUAME0 ANQ DEL RIO RADIATOR SEtVKE 11* W. Ojrfia B«l n 5-4415 RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY, INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE • TITLE iNSUHANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone PR 5-2003 Boss doing a "slow burn" every HOT summer day? TELL HiM ABOUT [riedrich and Russell Hardware Friedrich Air Conditioners make 'business MORE of a pleasure .. . keep tempers down while keeping TEMPERATURE down! Friedrichs are more powerful lhan ever — yet they run on lower wattage per BTCJ for lower cost! Tell your boss how to boss weathc'r — or give us a call and ue'H give him a FREE survey! AS LITTLE AS 10% DOWN H U 5 5 E HI! USE OUK HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS LAY-AWAY - FIAN * E. GIMS ASSUKAHC1 Of SATKMCTKMr * ^~^ife^ * *,*• ^ ^ ftf <.«.«_.-*=,iv JT._.

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