Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 11, 1935 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1935
Page 8
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,1-HB PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pamfca, Te*as EVENING, JANUARY. 11, FRIDAY EVOKING, JANUARY 11, THfi PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texas MGE mm DISPUTE EXPENSE BILL BILLS TO ACCELERATE CRIMINAL CASES INTRODUCED AUSTIN, Jan. 11 (/P)—The Texas • legislature dispatched joint committees today to plan the inauguration of the Incoming governor and lieut- eant governor, while Ihe two houses made ready for a, dispute over the first bill passed—one to appropriate money to defray the session expenses. Speaker Coke R. Stevenson named Rep. B. W. Calvert of Hillsboro, the administration candidate in the speakership race; J. Franklin Spears of San Antonio, George B. Butler of Bryan, H. L. McKce of Port Arthur and Morris Robberts of Pettus to work with a senate committee In planning the inauguration. Their task included a formal canvas of general election results In the two races, as well us the inaugural program. A dispute between the houses over an appropriation for session expense was viewed lightly by some but by others as indicative of spirited conflicts throughout the four months of law-making. Perfunctorily the senate voted $500,000 for expenses—more than at any other time, but less than actual costs of previous 120 day sessions. The house balked and sliced the amount in half and also called for a periodical publication of expense itemizations. The senate In turn stuck to its original plan and called for a conference committee to adjust differences. It was the first lime in the memory of legislative veterans that houses were at odds over the expense appropriation bill. Normally its passage is mere routine. Meanwhile, the state board of control counseled tho legislature to retain current low levels of appropriations and predicted a general revenue fund deficit of $10,341,177 on August 31, 1937, unless additional taxes are levied to produce new revenue. A budget of $35,619.054 was suggested for judicial, educational, departmental and eleemosynary di, visions administration in the biennium starting September 1. It was exclusive of departments whose appropriations are derived from special taxes and fee, and of temporary agencies, such as the relief administration and proposed Centennial cel- ebratiqn aid. Continuation of low salary levels was recommended despite the board'; finding that living costs increased approximately 25 per cent since thi • legislature trimmed wages of stati employes by one-fourth. Readjust ment was recommended, however of monthly wages below $85. The budget was one and one fourth per cent in excess of curren appropriations but 35 per cent under requests. : Balancing of the budget would be ; possible, the board stated, only by reducing specific appropriations approximately 34 per cent, in view o anticipated income and a curren large deficit. The budget proposed $3,000,OOC annually for state aid to rura schools and $3,856,046 for the judici ary, a reduction of 6.8 per cent fron current appropriations. Judiciary expense reductions were attributed to economies effected by the legislative fee investigating committee's requirement for strict audits on al claims. A series of "ullls were proposed in ' the senate to simplify and accelerate criminal procedure which would effect still further savings in the judiciary. Senators W. B. Collie of Eastland Ben G. Oneal of Wichita Falls, anc J. W. S. H. Beck of DeKalb collaborated in their preparation. Revision of criminal procedure has been the aim of the trio for severa years, during which they conductec , extensive research. Senators Beck and Collie were members of crime investigating committees between sessions. , •. "Antiquated code of procedure has been the bane of law enforcing citi- • zenship," said Collie. "By these bills we are attempting to correct • many so-called technicalities which have resulted in untold reversals anci ; dismissals of cases. '- "All these loopholes have been invoked to the exploitation of the 0 criminal to defeat justice. Gener- 1 ally the practice of criminal law in ' Texas has resolved itself into'a game ,' of wits between opposing attorneys ; In which the facts in the case have '; become less important than the ': rules of procedure, the manner pre- fferred to the objective of the trial— ; i. e.. guilt or innocence of the ac- icused." I PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVI I Thedford's Black Draught is one fpf the most popular laxatives sold today because it is made of the leaves and roots of medicinal plants and because it brings refreshing re- Jief from constipation troubles. "Black>r>raught helped me when J was bilious, constipated, feeling 8 Sluggish, dizssy* or had a bad taste in imy mpuWiWrites.Mrs. w - M - Bul hock, Wayjjesburg,' Ky. "I haven' (found arjy medicine I like bette jtban Blapk-firaught." I It's the favorite laxative of thousands of-others, Ha,ye you frjed it? ' -DRAUGHT Oft, <5. C. BRUCE SPEQIAHST Practice of Diseases, Formerly of Hot Springs Arkans^s and AxujftHUo, (t? years experience) No. 9 Hw SOAPS CARROTS RED BEANS HOMINY TOMATOES PORK & BEANS TOMATO JUICE PALMOLlVfc OR CAMAY TOILET SCOTT CO. PICNIC SIJZE SCOTT CO. PICNIC SIZE ABOVALL'S PICNIC SIZE NO. 1 STANDARD PACKED NO. 1 TALL STOKLEY'S PICNIC BORAX ARMOUR'S COCOA HARDWATER TOILET ARMOUR'S BUFFET SIZE WASHING COMPOUND BAR CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN BOX CHOICE EACH ' FANCY LARGE SIZE OLD : FASHIONED WINESAPS LARGE JUMBO-WA8HEB AND WELL BLEACHED ' STALK BANANAS STANDARD'S QUALITY GOLDEN RIPE SATURDAY ONLY LB.3c ON EVERY ITEM THAT COUNTS GRAPEFRUIT FANCY TEXAS SEEDLK3S EACH LARGE FIRM CtlISP AND GREEN HEAD LARGE JUlCf NEW CROP POTATOES Idaho White Russet*^ Saturday Only 101* JUHEPEJS NO. 2 SifWd Early Julie earthed Garden Fresh—These are not Dry Soaked peas SYRUP BRER RABBIT BROWN LABEL IGAL OUR MOTHERS'S COCOA THE COCOA WITH THE CREAMY TEXTURE CANDY Carried in Stock at No. 1 Store Only Airway Chocolates, Fresh Slock NOilSIZE VEGETABLES SPINACH, MUSTARD" OR TURNIP GREENS HIGH TEST LYE SLEDGE HAMMER BRAND GREEN BEANS No. 2 Standard Cut Green CHOICE MARCO BRAND PANCAKE FLOUR FINE FOR MAKING WAFFLES FOLGERS 9 CANS im FOR I Chocolate Fcanut Ousters, LB.Wc [ CANS FOR Golden Gate Plain or Drip Grind PEERLESS HARDWATER OR WHITE KING TOILETl ABOVALli PICNIC ABOVALL'S PICNIC ABOVALL'S PICNIC ABOVALL'S oft VAN CAMP'S BUFFET SIZE MACARONI OR DAY SPAGHETTI, 6 OZ. 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FLUFFY LOAF OVEN FRESH SATURDAY ONLY No. 1 Tall Selected Alaskan Pink AD MRS. TUCKER'S IN 8 LB. OAB.TONS FRESH CAR JUSX ARRIVED Fancy Black Or White In the Bulk Fancy Bulk Full Head CHILI BLEND Vinuedges 1 Bulk —-, Powder 2 I Macaroni or Spaghetti elbows and rings MACARONI Or Spaghetti elbows hi the bulk CLEAN UP BARS' FOR Swifts White Or Quick Naptha Giant Size Swift Arrow Borax 43 Qz. Pride Washing Powder Quick Arrow SMALL"f ft LARGE' Soap Chips BOX I (f BOX •illBARS'l'f- ItSroR |fC 17c 25c 2 LARGE BOXES BABY BEEF UNIFORM CUT FAMILY STYLE CENTER CUT CHUCK or SEVEN CHOICE CUT LOIN STEAK CHOICE CUT $HORT CUTS . CHOICE CUT SIRLOIN CHOICE CUT ROUND Center | cut pork End cut pork LISfe .Ill meat ,, ajid v fresh, ground LBS. Standard's 100% Pure Pork, seasoned right : LBS. 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Ware in Every BOX19c OATS Quick Cooking Quaker Large BOX21c MATCHES These Will strike 1 BOX CARTONi Wilson's Sugar Cured Ptanle Hams, not salty LB. 15fc No.'l; store only;." 2 ^®'4|4Jn' FXJJRpIp A FRESH BARREL JUST ARRIVED BLISS VACUUM SEALEE ALL PURPOSE GRIND ALWAYS STANDARD'S QUALITY AND PLENTY TO CHOOSE\FROM PRICES ARE FOR SATURDAY ONtV FRYERS H Sizes ancy Colored Tiypes DUCKS fiMPEJAM MA BROWN FANCY FIRST GRAE 1$ GLASS No. 1 Tall Cooked in Tomato Sauce CAN9c HOOKER LYE if &, CAN 9c SUPER SUDS Beads Of r BOX9c Arm # Hammer Brand LB. BOX 9c BUTTER FEATURE ALWAYS FRESH AT STANDARDS LB. 27c LB. 30c LB. 31c FRESH COUNTRY CLOVERBLOOM SOLIDS CLOVERBLOOM QUARTERS SALTED CRACKERS SPECIAL BRAND FRESH SALTED JUST fUGBf iipBpy 1 UP? SOAP CHIPS RICH SUDS THAT LAST NO. 2 CORN STANDARD PACK SWEET Alton Gentleman MARY AND FAIRBANKS WWWVORCED 3uddy Rogers 'Linked in Romance With 'Sweetheart'? LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11 (/P)— 'ouglas Fairbanks and Mary Plck- ord were a world afcart today, their marrlafge of 14 years dissolved. The swashbuckling screen hero, hose desire to travel was one of he reasons his actress-wife gave in ' sklrig tlie divorce which" she ob- alned here yesterday, Was in Saint torltz, Switzerland, He Was tHefe wheh Miss Pickford led suit In December a year ago. Iso there on both occasions was ady Ashley of the English stage, Hose husband recently divorced er, naming the actor as corespond- nt. Each has declined to say nether they would marry again. From London, Where Buddy Rogrs, former orchestra leader, is mak- hg a motion picture, came reports ; a possible romance between him hd Miss ttckford. They had ap- eared together in Hollywood In (he icture "My Best Girl," and the '.Ira colony knew them as good •lends. Fairbanks did not contest his Ife's suit, which Was called for earing without prior court an- oUncemeht. Superior Judge Ben . Llndsey, former juvenile and do* mestlc relations Jurist of Denver, ho had Just taken office here, dis- osed of the case In three minutes. Appearing In a gray dress, gray ur coat, black pumps and a small ray hat with a red feather perched auntily on the crown, "America's weetheart," kept her emotions un- er control Until Judge Lindsey. ooking up over his spectacles, said learly: "Gentlemen, I ha^e read the com- laint and a decree will be granted." Mary gave a little start, and then, s she left the court room flanked y her attorney, Loyd Wright, and er public relations director, her yes filled and she choked as she ttempted to answer questions of ewspapermeh. On the witness stand, three "yes's" ufflced after she had answered the cutine questions as to her true ame and length of residence here, llzabeth Lewis, the actress' secre- ary, corroborated her testimony. "Has a fair, Just and equitable roperty settlement been made?" sked Wright. "Yes," Miss Pickford's voice was ow. 'Have you read the complaint?" t charged mental cruelty, indif- irence and neglect. "Yes." "Are the charges true?" "Yes." Her eyes wero lowered as if to void the curious glances of the few jresent in the court room. The marriage, which Hollywood or a long time had regarded as deal, began with a secret ceremony ere on March 28, 1020. Miss Pick- ord had just obtained a Nevada di- orce from Owen Moore, of the creen. Brighten up with ALL-BRAN! You've had Jays when you've felt discouraged and low. Nothing seemed to go right. Frequently these dreary days can be traced to common constipation, due to lack of "bulk" in your meals. This ailment may cause headaches and loss of energy. Correct it by eating a delicious cereal. Laboratory research shows Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides "bulk" to aid elimination. ALL-BRAN also furnishes vitamin B and food-iron. The "bulk" in ALL-BBAN resists digestion better than the fiber in fruits and vegetables. It is gentle— and often more effective. Isn't this natural food better than taking patent medicines—often harmful? Two tablespoonfuls of ALL-BRAN daily are usually sufficient. With each menli in chronic cases. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. Brighten days with ALL.BRAN! Get the rea-ahfl-greeh package at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg In Battle Creek. ' Keep on the Sunny Side of Life To See 'Comfortably —$» Owens The Optometrjst We specialize in fittlhs: comfortable Glasses eg well as tha ueweat styles. Owens Optical Clinic DR. PAUL OWENS. QptomrtrUt, Pint N.tlonal Bank ; Bld». fhone 26B PHONE 36 treatment. RADIO ^^* ^j^pr

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