The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 25, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1892
Page 2
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" ° * THE JDAJtt ^ TffiE JUIIT t» . revolves' at tk» ' ejiaa Ut Male street ' j.M. »••»*. *«»• tko foUowiki, is the-pretpaa fbr.the _aieatiag of tba pulkova Coaaty teachers* association te'ba kali ia;tkia eity Saturday, Morming session—Detotieaal exercises, •or, J- M. Getqholl, MarekaU; address, A. •. Randall; diea*sei*a, "Hew much et tha ' ustal Hit book - iy arithaaetie «hould be taught (a grades fife to eight,3ncru*iTe, r ' Uesert. Oily MoCone, Burlington; Jed fi "Dwri«g,T»k»»*k*j»t«*rtM*cIibbiB, Mar •hialrpajaer, "Inflmitives a,*d;Participles,» «. H. take, Tekomeka. ' , Afternoon session—DtscriasioB, "HeW aauok techaieal grammar] aboutd be taugh >• gr«i«k MTO (« tight, inclMaire," Messrs ^esVah PheJps* Cereseo; W. J. Hoyt, Ellis 'F. W. Arkury,. Battle Creak; paperj "Ele •entafy soieaoe ia District schools, Y. J »Okeaa*ier, Marshall; .disawssien, "flow oan the Bounty institute be h»pro¥ed?"—Mewr4 E. A. Culter, Tekeasba; 1. L. Mc.Pberson XarliagUu; Mies Lilliaa Taffee, Eckferd e.*eeti«a kex, ooadMoted by E. K. "Atkeis," 0. K. CleTelaud, Uuioa City. Uia bondffoumbeted twenty- iSpl> to forty (40) undent** reeolutlon adopted iptlh, 1MB beherihy directed to be Iwmd and tod, ttt R«t W»tlwi»l bank <it baarer ttalr adapted ptopoaltiofi of May IB, 1892. Adopted. •-/•<" * <*; ByAld,Ba»l«: •- . JtMolMd, That marahal oanao to ba ramo»»d tka poplar i-traaa la park; alto tha oak tr»a In frival pit, auch work to ba dona at no a^panaa to Sity. Adopts. *^ By thk XaooT^»r: " •. RMt>l*d, ThatChaa. BtiAhardt ba allowed 13 Mr tt» aaro of fbuntafa la aaat and park. Adopted. t ' . , By Aid. Pafrin: v ,• That a haw aet of laathar tuga bo ' » V .- ' Met and on 'motion: tk* rfjbrt ^urobaaad for .o*a 61 ateamar and' ireneral pur- »o*a* undar tha auparriaiok of Cbiaf of Fira Uapt. Adopted. ByAld.Parrin: JtMAlvacf, That tha Btaotrio Light OominlMi6n* roqueated to plac* ona are lamp at the in- teraactlonof State and Ezchanga at. Adopted. ' "'"'' R9»*l*«l, that theBleOtrio Light OommUtlon- aw bo roquaated to puca ona arc lamp at the In- toraootloa of Kalamaaoe ato. and Hughaa at. Adopted. By Aid, Oolaman! XMahwa, That tha Blactrlo Light Commiation- ora bo ronuaated to place ona arc lamp on West Bute *t. fa front of property ownad by Mr. Anna. Adopted. . - ,: . Tka mayor appointod Earnaat Bawdy aa a maaikar of tha Wolrarina Hoaa Go, In place of Ckaa. F.BiaJtatte raalgnad and on motion tha appoiatmont waa.aonflrmod. ' • The rulaa wara inapeadad and following billa allowed: . , Marahall Light Co., gaanaad inatraat lamp* and slty hall In October*. fM9,02i Qtu. A. Biiegel " ---- dnnday OF MILLINERY COOOr FOR THE NtJ(T 30 OAU. I Will 8M1 *t Cost for Caah all Trimmed Hats and Bonnets,' All tfntrimmed So'ods, . , .Feathers, Fancy Feathers, ' Ribbons, Flowers, tapes, , * In fact EVERYTHING : rpR THE NEXT THIRTY PAYS,, MISSJHANNA. is in Charge of my Work Room She U;lately from the.wlio'esale houae of Pollock, PettiJbpne 4 (JhnfulaU-aa* baring had 4 large experience cau give you satisfaction and on abott notiw. Now is the time anct . aalary healttr Ina ' Bdn t i»it, ' , ECKFORD. la)ra. M. Williaaaa, of DowagUo, ia iaf rolatiTaa ia lokford aad Uoaiar. " Tko Cook'a l«rairiV»a,ptiit ukarok toaiar a raoopkioa to EOT. IV 1. Eaadalt'aad bride at, tko raaiaoaaa of lart Rofart aext Friday aroaiiag. Mr. aad Maa. P. M. Taioa weal last »at- «|BJUaj to Barry oouaty for a weak'* ruit to ' M«. T'a airtor. Mce. Waakiagtaa Halaar. Kiaa Lara Kola gooa to, Moaiar Maaflay to an*a4aoko*l. .• ^v-; ... '. • • ------^- 9?• one'poUce belt and baton, $S.40; Andraw Ruddock, blacksmithlng and police service, \KM: 3. B.^bangh; aJdewW repW fllBO; DaTto Bros., hay, |8.l»; 3. Hoffman,wagon reach |}f J ? hn Adama, placing election Booths, $6;. Henry Clnte, fiam^S :ht Co., gas used at polling ;JJq.. repairs, 80 eta.; ton A for o»ta,t*g; J< tioas»|l; Marshall placee. 7S eta.; Mar t. O^teTenaondprlntlnjr.H-'JB!. D.Brown.repalra on walka, as.fiO; Alotuo HoweU, police aervloe, $1; y^'-iS?** 1 •*i mw ' * L8 °5 °- *• Grant, wood for PerrinflUe engine, houae; fa; Chaa. Burkhardt, aerrice, |z.SO; W. H. Raymond, draylng • Hulett. salarr aa auperrlaor of city of 1st Ward, flBOj B. B. Slmmona, aalary 'cltar ofMa.nhall,3d Wart.,1106; — E " supervisor of city of Mar- 2 doors west of P. O. Is the place. About December First ahall..Bdward, ajju; JaaTR, Ferguson, 'salary aa aa aaperviaor of dty of Marahair, 4th ward, flGO; election ezpenaea, let ward, $43, election ex- yft^*&Wjay&m expenaa M ward, tkroo ' , MiM Mkif Oarvor aatertaiaoal abjat thirty oC kar f«4aaida laat iatarday avaaiiac at tko kaamo of kor f aikor, Hamry CarTor. Tko *c- o«aioa waa kar aofoatooaik birtkday aoiai- taraary. A ploaamat atoaing . wai a»aat ia. gaoiaa aad mu'aia after wkiok aippar'waa tarvai. Tko V*»y kaaatif «1 praaaataakow ko'w aigfaly tko yoa»g Mfia oftaoauM ky kar ataay (rieade. FREDONIA. , Tko ladiea of tko LaUoraa okuuk will kold a aoaial at tka reai<Uao* «f j. «. aiak DM. i. ' . " i. Hfht plant: £;^??J2''2«J?^«i» d i»«-7' tot electric ll Broa., 14 loadi atone, |14; 6. A ^£i.'_ A A». •« <n.' w> • • ^ * •lindj .•work on R.Robr,worl [ant, $18,76; ( J. Mlckle, work _..,--- >n, work on plant, F. O. Seaman, nee of telephone, $12; J. W. -.wT, draviagv «0c.; B. MoKinney, drirlng, 20o.; rifcMahri^oomatalkafbrdam.f^O. N! L^~ ', $0; JB. J. Moon - - attending maa- mpad, plaaterbg power houae, ~ „... , . B. D. MayoVat T. 0. dteveneon, printing, $•.», ^ flonRfd'ftH 1 two weeks tomeaY ai7 p.m. atoJiiard U»e, B. R. FISHBB. Bapocder. iftaa (Ja»ia Thayar ia *«ay aiak witk ty- . shall offer for sale one ot the largesrjaind best selected stocks of i _ • . . • i '. ' • HOLIDAY GOODS and TOYS ever sold . • ' i • • .. • • .•:';.• • ..J • . ' in Marshall at prices so. low that you ... ^*""->-^L '' — * ° . -• »"' can aftbrd ^fetijjy therri. Come early and get ydut^thoice jpf the Mifa Nellia a** Eitti* Batt aad Wi»o«, «f Albioa Col lag*, a»aat Tkwka- g*Tiag at L. M. Batt'a. • MJT, ajad lira, f .<i; Ailaa took tko a»»tn- i*g traTm o«at Wadaaadaf. . * : , » J. Cletalaad, of thoUajoa Wty ackoa'la, r waa is tko Tillage Batutday. ,- »»ttia Warroa, ^ko h« kaw in Buf- coatent ia a home with " The Ro; a lamp witk tha light of the morning, •••latopiai, write Rochaata/LampCo. .Wew.yoik. Capt. If. A. Abbott, who baa long been with Mesare. PerciTol and Hattou, Real Ea- ato aad Inauraiu%JBrokera, Dea Moines. owa, and ia one of the beat knoWn ana moat raepected buainess men ia that city., aaya: "I can testify to the good qualities or Chaoaberlain'a Cough Remedy, . Having uaod it ia mytfamily fur the past eight year* I can aafely .' baa no equal lor either Cold* or croup." 35 'and 60 cent bottles for aale at Greene's drug store. • ns. G. H. GREENE, falo for tko part »ktoa aaoatha, raturae* Tuaoday aTanimg. • % " Tka literary aacnl kaia at 1ft*. ttreea'a Tuoaday ovouag waa.a plaaaaat okaago if ailiBO. A. «. ftaadallam* daaghtar, L»ia, mitadUaioaCity •rwia ,.Taft aad R*Ut. «ydo witk Tokoaaha ralatifaa on Thursday . Tbo-J»miliaa W,*. P. Keo» andO. P taaitk droTO U Coldwatar Wadnaadayanar- idboa to attend tko Wadding of If r. Charlou Eaey and Uiaa Lola WUUama, of that place. , Jorp»a Pholpa, jUvak D. Eldred aad 1 M'aary P.kolpa raiucnad froai their m»rther» The annual nceeUig of the fCalhoun County Agricultural society ' for the election of officers land the transaction o;f-supTj other business as shall coma be fore |ho society, will be held in Ihe kail ia Stuart's block Mvnday, Dec. 5, 1S93 atiia. M. • s J. It. CUMMINUS. ^eeretary. 1 hare all the season's ice bills mado •at and would $e pleaVwUo have'these The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery for, the prompt, peritaanent cure of .Piles in every form.. Every druggist has them. Will you part with your dar- ,, -„_ ling babies' ju aiclmesa, or call on your druggiet " B«am katf k*ea.irow k»^»f hout two waaka ay akot aoiwal door wbila away, b»| say ' wa# me oail and, MttU. J, F. Sufferers from Piles should'know that the Pyramid File Cure will promptly and ef- fectuajly remove every trace of them. Any dmggist will get it for yoa. - • , ' • Children Ory for Pltchcr'j Cagtorla. . Ptnn»>lvani» Bmckwheat flour 1 eeuU j»er pound, ,|2.?5 pet 100 lh- ' • " .",' ^s-' ' ' WOTHERS Sbarpsteen's Lavender Oiuiment and Asthruutio Balaam, mediciu* that save lives when doctors fait m- Membranous Croup, Inflamnjation rf the Lunes, Lunn Fever and Typhoi '. Poeu monia, also quickly relieves a- ft cUres CrQOp, Scarlet v Fever, W> oopioe Cough,. Bore Throat, Burns, S«ld3 axd almijar alHictionb. 25 and 50 cents pt by mail? DK> H. SHAKI-STEKN, Proprietor. Marahall. Michigan. A new remedy hag .created a"aenaatjon among physicians by its. wonderful-- effects ia speedily curiii'g esecy form' of Viles. It is called the.Pyrwnid Pile Cure., It is cheap a»d simple 1 *o ; use, but nothing removes the; disease so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. PICKLED TRIPE 1 5 Cts per Ib. • ^ * * -.» e^ AT J, _.. pa State street, tke _ _,Mt location in WarshaU, formerly «MM pied bV John.Bailor., It has reoaatly keea lived op and Ia painted la a very fine coaiblaatlaa of cal^jV. CHRia.JfHED-TOGgL. »ro»Jdi»«. .4aU ealled. Voll board tead and approve*. gA. pottttaaftom a nmaber of property ownow aaWag tornew of Aid* •ndarad bnljt AW waa , . iro|a Oaaetery ftla. «hftlrwuM», ^L. Bott«;lt?ftni the largest stock oi crockery atfd Itfuaps In the city. djl - • "A Itow Oortatn Cora f»r Pilta.. . ,• ^, clss ot genuina morili; w« thar»fore, pleMuu in reoondmendinf to wflorers f M» Pile* ia any f om, f prompt *ad permfttten* wiag lexers; srjewk for theu»- -~ lib Ibop to |tent. UeinX v about taengage lit other, busi ness I wuh to rent njy .bl.ickemith shop and tools (or-a tiaje otifa%e to three ears: To ttye right win' a bargaiu 1 will offw«d, , , ~: JBacehfange street. standard oysters at dm ' " fto4t of ^a*. , that Mn. Mary Q write*, CM pkg.ol Pyramid Pile Cuioea* kirely awed me of Piles frenj' which I h»Ve •ujo^ed f oj years, and I hap« f«r«r hadlhe W« carry-* full ;Hnf« / C: McGraw & Co.'* ilUfinartfii; Son'f tine topes, A' tfroa, carry a tail iiae or stapje grocerief All gootU new aud Iresh. Save money. by buyiBj; vour Uoots at Mr. E. O'Bmo, Bock Bluffa, Nab., .aay»: ^ -~ " —7 . f ,, , , -^^y ir^mr* r 1 " "* WT^ZTV™* ^ ~T *^r* f ^;~r* f *? m w f iE »*^ ««y furaiab ttiib»> ^tod e»ary traao of itcoing pl«a, J e»n- wiii ga*it lor you if Win* laky waa alok, we gaye her Caetoria. ; ^^^P^s%"H(P^ wfl^TP 'WWWjl &W BevA^B^AWsi .So, tR*ia» j^isii wail. « s«, Local Freight... ,... All train* dally except Sunday. Direct eonuectlona are made a Teledtt jpin,t» north. . DBAmc. ' M. . AII. A A street, wd price ap to p. -ft Cincinnati, Jata.&MatiM Time table taking efeat Kept. M,-lWa.| ' X&UNS «K>IMO aABT- 8B, Toledo Expreaa .............. ;-...« «r .» 8, Cincinnati Bzpfaaa..,.; ....... .'...Bit *» I 1 -OST^A ftar JU. yiaflf*l §l«f reward. i OOBPO$ tlokai •> al#,raaaaTa , _ r i^^" t JUi r ^

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