The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 25, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1892
Page 1
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•*"3j ! If"* >f ; .» '* VOL XlV-Nff'87 MARSHALL MICH., ^BtOAY NOVEMBER 25,1892 McQofralck(capt.>(jnartcr fliss .,. llt ,i Left* POWDER Absolutely Pure. "A cream-of tartar baking powde 'Hij^hestof all in leavc'ovng strenet - Latojat U. S* Gomffimd'tt Ftiqti ff& go/*. \ 'ROYAL BAKING POWDER 100 WalfStreeCN? Thanfc&iving Battles in the Foot, - * ; Ball^ield. , ,' VAT -P flftT fffid nftflTINTJE IN FBONT. TALE OOiiOUB bUU ii« un IH x avw i. arms' pi " We will pay »U« above reward for any cane o Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia. Sink Heads-cue, I u dlgertioa, Constipation or Costtveness we can - »ot cWj*lth West's \Wotable Liver P Us when theofrections nro strictly complied witn. - :'rii«y are purely Vegetable and never Iftilto give satisfaction. Sugar- coated^ Large boxes con- cent*. of coanter- feiteaud liiStaftoM.^Trie'g.^ • w -• — —c-ari* /«ri\«r> 111. For sale ans. IN 0.' WESTCCWPANY, i by A,-O>Uydc,.Marshall, le Guaranteed Uur#ifof I*lle» oV wl»*t. kind or Kxtarnal, Internal, Blind or Bleeding, Obronlc. Beoen^ or lleredtwry. • This remedy'^Hg positivtaly neVe.r been known to fall. *!.«) a box, 6 boxeg for $5.00; sent by mail pro- paid on receipt^ prioa. A writtep Gil-'-'""' positively given toil each vutcuaaer of 0 wb4n purchasBd ai'epe tlure. to retnnd tlie ualdli not cured. Uunranteu w*ued by A» O-. Avd& JlaruhaJVMJcb- Ctt11 Ior B ft ro P ltl «•«. -V-. ^-f— -^ -r . . . ~S- -S, Dm. K. 0.- WBBT'B NBBVS ANP BEAIN TBEAT ' VBHT, &KUftr«iteed epeciac lor QyKteri%, Dlzzi nee*,'Convulsions, Fits, Nervous Nenrsiigia, "Heiache, Nearpus Prostfatlon cans* d by tbejiae *«l«obot or tptoaeco, Wakefulnfisa, llcutal slJe- •reasipn. Softening of the Bjain rusultlug in .In- •anitr ftnd leading to Misery, decay, and ueaib, PremanweOld AKe.Bartene^, Loa? of power IB aitBarae*, Involuntary tosae* and Sp«ruitttor- rhcea caused by over-exertipu ot nbe. brala, —" abuse over.iadulgence ^«^>i box contaius • ',v treatment. Jl^UO a box, or »is h tnonm'ivsr«in*iu»ub-i ^p*jv" » wv^i *&»»•** j'^^F"^ f»r $5 W, sent by m^ii prppald on receipt or s price W' aUARANTEfe SIX BOXES •£ocar* a venae. W'#1 each or«i£r received by a§ f w »ii. boxes, apopuhted with S6 00. we ml ' send Vhc p ireTiaser on* Written B uaraniee to re fund the Ji< aey if the treatment does not effec aci»re. Umiranteeaissued ogly by A. O. prugKlst aud »0le Agent MarShaJl, Mich 1'r.incetori Pttts Up » Stubborn right, but Can't Beoflrd Blore niag » Onoso <2gg— A StnijiBle Witnessed by 30,000 t'coplo- —Chicago Ones DotWn IJofbre an Elcv«n of, Etwtbji IIUstWB—Too Much „ foV ttro,, Windy" City— Soine ncflcctlort [^^ ( ' About the' Gnmb—UecordS, Made - Uy ft-| £ an ig 'Score of Toatns. • , CnncAGo, Nov. '•- 25. —'If ^nuy student in tho country w6re nh'ked what is the. chief use of -Thankhglxing ^y^" 0 would probably nnfl i>romptly rep)y: "To play,big games of football." Nj/doubthe would'recognize the pr»priet& ot 6UCU |tWngs aa giving tho unfotfunKtes a'"squaro ! jnealj" goihjj to divine serrit-. Ing the niahy, hn'd various forms of atousa- ment provided for that holiday. Btit --—4 chief event andjrarposo -of* the ,d.ay with him' is 'th<j j football aud in this Intter end of the* Nineteenth • century. Each year this is getting to be more and more • the case. • ••, ; Undoubtedly .''EjhglisU -You Know." . The game is "English you there are those who ascribe to that fact its popularity atnoug collegiates in the United States Hut so is bgso ball—only a scientific modification of rounders; so it.teunts, which has taken the country', by storm in tho past ten years; so are pretty yearly all the games that arw calculated to call,upon the mental and muscuUvr strantgn, the will; skill, pluck and ^durance of the players. It's tne way o£ the Anglo-Saxoni and there's a good deal of Anglo-Saxon in the Ameficrfn. • Ab»u\ its Oood H'B u rigHt. The game comes as near being a fight ns anything that goes by the mime of play. Tho players urn encased uichnyas jackets and breeches tha}. an;. almost impossible to tear; the Jackets'.lUid breeches are padded where it will do most good. Head covering is dispensed with, it being tin USD and then* are no hnir cuts allowed in a. team in training for foot ball. In hi)ite of padding nr.-i stringent rules against slugging no gaiue passes .without someb«idy getting hiut enough to put him out-of the game. For the benefit of thpse who doft't knmy, it. \\-ill be well to aay that the object of the pbifi-rs [la to kick the ball between two posts I'tui under a bar joining thestj two posts tin feet from the ground. There ia one of these frames at each, end "of the field—one of which belongs ,to o»e team aud thept«er. sfo its opponent Each team defends its> frame. > * \^ The Big Gume of tUe Day. $o mucti for preliminary, and now to the play. Yesterday was a re<r letter day for foot ball cranks, as j-enioiked in ^h« forji- going. But .there wns one yarti6Uli|r fepot 4nihese United States, to \vhichall lo\e« of the^ame had Jhtir eyes turuwl yestti- day—and that \v** Manhattan field, Ntew York city, where Y«lb and Princeton con tested for the honors A* thjt Oxford uud Amherst race is to the Euglibh college $tudeuti»o ajethe tnter-ctjllege foot ball games to the Ameilcau One of these w a» played la^i wepk between Yale and Har^ vard» "5§tle winning Yes-tepday Yale nret , Butterwofth. ;....I TUo t-rei 'f he referee was /William A. Brdokst of ilarvard, and thtf umpire. S. V. Coffin, of Weslfyan. P/mceton von the to>s nud gave Yale tlxHull. As Map ball was put in nnd/tho spectator* were <*tlll talking tlfe ftpiK-irnnco of the L U-a,fn 4 suddenly r gh(mt £ rorn ^p thou<vmds on and around* t j lt , fi^ wns heanl. Something had Imp- p0 n<sd Only one minute and fifty-sevut seconds hruf olap-wd and 1 .ilc» had sccflfed a Y. DUSKY thirteen yards hitoPrmco- territory.*, .McCottiutk niotio««l to and in another instant started" at a break'-necl: Six rotntt'for Hie Yale. M«-«. for jiu ran. around lAie, ri^ht end, wmlbvfcJre thePi'lucelKHi players- could, rccoyer^from thoir Rurprise-Bliss was, burying thd'bull h wns setting ready to Imd guarded 'thti end well W1U . ^ i, Butterworth andHlnckey had a*sisted ( tp. goOd\ effect, Bu^tenvqrtl • ' ' I'the^goal ami while sis points were posted ttK Yale's credit on the score the air wris darkened "with Yalo blueT Dming 'the rest of' this half Ynl acted on the defensive, but kept the; ba| well into Princeton's territory. .The hnl ended With no further scoring, the bull ing Oil Princeton's t&frty-yard. lino, 1 haying lust Cfittglit:' a. hlevt-T punt of But Healthful, .Agreeable, Cleansing. ' Oures , Wounds, Bums, Bto. Eompvea and Prevents Dandruff. AHERIUN nilLY SOSP. Best fw-Qeneral Household ,Us,e» 'Scored AnotherToiu-htlmvii. Durin'U the toil' lumujtes rest between th Imlfc* H.efftetinger, llhodes, Harvey", Corbn y^McClung and (Jill, iamou's fo their work for Yale- in the loot ball JieU took occasion to tell all tlic-ir -friends th Yule WUB going to put up n lag surprise tho st^oud half. Whafr-ttis surpwau w nobody ever knew, as Priucctou WHS on her jne,ttle and forced the play from the start. After ten minutes'play' Yale got the bull -inti) Prhiiwtou'.t territory and ten minutes liiter HtUlnuin woivd a .touchdown for the blue, not, through ajijt brillinut piny, but simply because lit; lu'.ppi-m-d 'to be within Jen yaiils of i?o!il in lime to follow up a putrHtl4*i.U. Aftvrthf sf«*iml u»LK'hiVov\ u I'diu'i-tou kept tlie ball in Vwlu u-rrilory-for half an iiour, but couldn't s'euiv. Thc-ii ^ al* 1 the ball into Priii'iettm ground and the light grew -hotter. Over uud over again Yale tried to gi-t 'another touchdown, bufe Princeton's superb iuterlVn-nttf prevented, and when time was cullpl thi ball was. ou Punccton s fifteen jaict, line, but no score fOr Yale, , The >>et immuges in the l.kst half \\ t re ten iflc 'ilie victory was «, goad. >uw (or- YaJ%be«sus0.&f the strong game" pUtup by Princeton, and whwn. tf M."»o'.ei there was a Yale pandomomiittu The score >vas .... x II A.TILLOTSOT ' JUSTICE- OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER 1 . All •uiwittess attended to promptly aud caretnltv. Has a safe to keepiudfr mcnt docket and other valuable papers in ••' • < 2ARTERS llTftE » the Princeton*. "Tigers,," *+**+.-.-^-r-r- -,-^~~. •- it was a hot fight, probaliiy Vou by a. streak of goojl *iuck and sharp playing m the IxgiuuiUg of (the first halfv THE FIELD O'F BATTLe fall 9-ssof imeiit oi • ' j *-Ws--=t -. aod at reasonable Blue and Uuaugo 4Uil Jllack £,oug bt^ore the gales were opened there w$re thousauds of college o men outAide awaiting the opejiing ua«Lat-fehe biuu^tjnwJ makiiigAh'e day jiideous with, horns and other'inflramenja of torture 'to the" eftr t j-Mue fli>;4^i 1 *P 6t ' 0ii , ts . ora^ auii H^foie intliO I^torj^ of AnicliCH.n Jfoot btill Las such a ganffc Kon wituessed. For burhiincy of play, uulwolvuii for ma- uccuvres and lino indhniual work ^ tho gamepf "y'As ifl island pie-uiiiiicut NgtJfr ing more.btioic than the \\oikotLauriia_ Uliat., and of Captain lung (ot I'ljncctou) haf> been SLCU ou the foot bull liUd in 1 earn. Ii1 'ab' netk w^s wrenrhud thief times and lame ^nce injured ou fviir <lUter*a*t-oc- ^.loii's, but with gp^Han courage he cou- Hnuu.1 m tho game Had only K<^ t up m the JattfLlkUJt gf thy sxcond half %vjieu he had. to be b$erall> dragged from tue field. Urave* t<K>k hw pluct Plucky littit*Juna was mjuied a.\ tmiu,-?, but stuck, tu,hi* b woik throughout, amid thu 'applausfe and r adnuiation of fnends. * aud foes alike j ' poiut was. Hall, who j •vfc Headache and rolloyeall tnotfottttlM a *t" 'o obiUQUfl hile own In roaag . ing. 1 ain In the Si ouMk^Me 8UCC088 tw .Jetatche, yefc Cotter's jjttlo Ur« •saifttbs.tthey will not Pills Giro very email and ie or two Bflla maj»» dow. itablq and do not grip* r- ce4 yAiur^of BOMW «*«» ji v i!«.fl to < loatt moay^otktsr devices. It los& less Jmfl to fill JJP the. seats audstaiid- loom andVlie^ ^9. game opened" there , who wore tli* Colors of the one or liege, and Jwaved thg frosty air in 'Vra» dyficals io keep wans ,even """ ' Tlie college y«Us werea-go-- and tSo sefcue was "noisy '.ug* yjt-Ktciday 2i5— At u, motion not; to tti >pye- full of *-cala«uty" 'taft:— wa». ivjepted, 2 " animated, * Hie ClM«nv ioll » Arf iv«* About 2 p. in, the teams appeared in the .field and eueh yeUe as they weregieete4 wttlil A-t 2^2 v li,e game was called and the "lined up" as follows. , 0 „ the World'* -fair. _ .. :4 .was eu^alpsid by u volts .of 81-to U. "litioJiS ot ihanlw. to- ' Conlgrassman Hatch als0~ond asking congr^s3^o/x-*n**.^ »***%•».*•--.•« in thjj ajrieultural defiartmeiit/pirthe pu*» lormation on tae subject &{,&&$>•,' ajiothwr relating ta thv production ,of and market HAVE end...,..,... Left tat*to..:,.... Lea I.', Nov. fceukve factpi-y bvuldinfes of Pressed.Brick cpm^iuy.'wf . ajad Eieiseher Bros., tilematiuCiictuiei-s, at IJjdsclWjrviilfe S, I,', Wfrei5UUJ-ely4eatro^6d byfiw-Tuewlay aftemuou, together with the maeLjngry, lUltl a, quantity i^f fi bricks and tiles werjp daimi^ed. Lops, ,g(H); 'fully iuKUiM, Four h«nd«jd hands are lu^de idle. '-Fresh e K* , JJ t O To tlu«j€piiitB'-of praoflcal. '" .. - Jiave you call «t and talk ovar iUeiu4tter,'ofr tor

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