The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 2, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1962
Page 1
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5 ANGLETON, JOKES CBEBJT GIBLS USE WINNERS IN COUNT! 4-H DRESS REVUE-PAGE 4 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3.3511 Frt.port VOL. io~No. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS StRYIN* fiRAZOSPORT. ANOLETOM, WEST COLUMI.A. BRA2ORIA. SWEENY. OLD OCEAN, DAN BURY ** DAMON Fact* Clatilfledi K 3-ZMI—All Otner Office.! K Mill Per Single Copy To Subscribe Cad BE 3-3511 Freeport Associated Pr*M Member ^mm m * m ^^^ ~~ "' —- ™»««gqy» n w»nw Sunday IS C« Highway 288 Extension Approved •—•— ———— • —_ • • NEWS CONFERENCE JFK Hits Drug Racial Issues By WHITNRV SIIOKMAKKB nuclear explosions and enforcing a tesl ban Irraty. 'Ilie findings do not eliminale WASHINGTON (API - President Kennedy promises stiffcr aovemmenl controls lo avert drug'Ihe necessity v< Inspei-tions, Ken "agrdies and urges every woman: nedy said, Ixit requirements mny In the country to guard fl^nln.Ht lw> fewer. He once more rhnl- Inking thnli.loinide. ; lenged the Soviet Union to m-cent He asks nil women to look; 1 '" 1 principle of Inspection as a Hirough their mrdlcine cabinets IP"' 1 ' 1 ''' '" negotinling the lerms. and him In any thalidomide they! Kennedy's meeting with news-j find to health atilhorities. 'Hie mp n dwelled mostly on nuclivir drug is hlnmed for thousands of I''""'" 1 '* ""<! hpallh. malformed births In Kurope. i '^ lp President used an opening Kennedy issued the warning, 'statemenl to sound his alarm • long with an appeal for Congress'"g"'"*' harmful or worthless drug iji establish new safeguards: ["'"duels. He said the need for Wt/ainsl potentially harmful riniRf, i protection WHS underscored by I »t his news conference Wrdnes-, Ihnlidomide. i day. , Kennedy praised the Food and | from the same platform. Ken-.'-'rug Adminislratlon, especially! neriy castigated city officials In f'°- Frances Kelsey. for alertness j Albany, Ga., <or not sitting down ; in preventing commercial dis-l with Necrocs and trying to rescue tribution ot the dnig in this rnun-i their constitutional rights. The:"'}'. Rut he said "we ought to bei President was asked about racial 'tougher" in regulating distribution strife in the Georgia community, j °f drugs to doctors for exneri- where protests have led lo a i mental use and suggested this upultitude o< arrests and rising could IK- don* without further Tension. legislation. "Th« United States government' Stronger legislation than a hill Is involved in silling down at ' approved by Ihe Senate Judiciary Geneva, with the Soviet Union," j committee, however, is essential lir said. "I can't understand why;' 0 '' the government to yank new the government of Albany, Cityjdnigs off the market "where there Council oi Albany, cannot do the [is »n immediate hazard to public: »am* for American citizens." {health," Kennedy said. As for Ihe talks HI Geneva,; On other subjects, the President Kennedy said U.S. noKotialorihfld this to say: Arthur H. Dean will present! Peru—Steps taken by Ihe mili- 5"»w totormntion gathered by th»;U<ry junta that took over the' United Slates on a simpler, luoreIPenivlan gowrnnivnt hay« been: economical and more effective!encouraging buf the United Staled; *.vst«m for detecting underground i hopes for additional evidence of a return to free, constitutional i government. He implied additional Suggs Seeks Re-Election To Harbor Post FP CUBS WIN TITLE, TRIP TO WACO The «enlnr teenage baseball Cubs of Krevpnrt defeated Kl Cainpn H-K at Freepnrf« I inn. Field Tiieiday night for the nittrirt i Te»»« Teenage. Ranehall AwociiiHon crm\n. The ivin put* Ihe Cnl« in Ihe Stale Tournament at Burn on Aug. X-9.IO-JI. In the jiholo, left to right, r*e- Onllle Kv*m, president of Ihe Freepnrt Teen- age Baseball AmoeUtlnn. Laurence R.ifnrd. Tub team manager, and 4apk Lnxvlls, awlslant manager, discus* and rend Instruction" from •lute tournament nfflejal.. following the Cnb-EI- Campn game Tuesday night, gee complete tournament coverage on Page K today. — Photo By Bill William. John T. Suggs of I^ake Jackson announced today that he will seek re-election in the Nov. f general election to the Navigation Precinct ] position he now holds. This position is one of the two that represents the Brazosport area on the Navigation District Board of Commissioners. Suggs' application for candidacy, filed with Board Chairman E/L. Boston, in the only on* filed for this position. Suggs' position (open only to 8razo*port residents! and the pc-si- tion-at-Iarge (open to anyone, in the Navigation District I will be! filled Nov. 6. Thus far, R fShsp) McKeithan Jr. and H. E. j | Payne have announced for the position at large. j Suggs was appointed nearly five CtffcltlAM D«kt»VM years ago to serve out the unex- tJUulCfl IXGTUrfl pired term of the late Frank W. Arlington, who died less than a-' B% • • • . .4, year after beginning the six-year! KUT Alt' JA M\ A native of Brazona County,! * JOHN T. SUGGS Bld» f°r Re-Election ENGINEERS TO PUSH PORT ROAD PROJECT An extenifon of Highway 288 in Freeport to aid traf. f" *! owTto Brazos Harbor w« authorized lat. WadnMeUy by the Texas Highway D«partm«nt. now, I LJ.'i ~ '"' "" •~aiiin\*iia«si, he Highway Department's Houjton Dis- this morn- ... with Mayor C.M. Helpinstill. i For tho d(y rf flighway Commission authorized the estimated J497,(XW cost of the extension. Carmichael pledged every ef- 'ort toward speeding the project, le said that as soon as the City of Freeport and Commissioners Court accepted the right-of-way easement! and com pleted the fie. Carmichael told Mayor Helpinstill today that the plans and surveys would be made as soon as the preliminary work was completed. Eventually the highway is to be England Rules necessary legal instruments, the HSH^"-i'"" 535 2US "."..TS^y^di^i!-™"' •""""» "•" -» at Highway 36 (Second Street) at jthe Brazcsport Senior High cam- j pus will now be extended south' ward. build two lanes, with the other two to be constructed when the traffic warrants them. In the city, from Highway 36 to own^by Dallas Rupe and Sons of Dallas, swing westward along the New River levee, and south of town will turn east toward' me port area. It will join Farm Road 1491 (Bryan Beach Roadl near the Suggs was born in West Columbia, i LONDON (AP) — The British Kreeport townsite levee. Strike Ended By Aluminum 'Plant Unions ST. TXXJIS, Mo. (API—The na- Hon'i two largest aluminum producers hava agreed to similar two year contracts with the AFI.-CIO Aluminum Workers International Union, providing belter Job secur-i on lhe w'sd'X" °' an immediate Ity through longer vacations andl lax .'*'! wi " °* roilde lmtl1 «'°- Motion In $73 M Suit Overruled By Ju Ma>or Helpinstill said he had kept in close touch with Carmich- a <=l tor the past two months, and nto the area that was soon to be- lhack to tne United States. I in a conversation earlier this week that a recom- , but has lived in the Brazosport j (rwernment today denied political area since 1940. At that time hisj asv ' urn *° Dr - Robert Soblen, the. family was one of the first to move j , and ordered him sent corns Lake Jackson. Ho-,- SeoreiAiy Henry Bn3okej bad been He surveyed the boundary lines told the House of Commons that ! mendation would made favor- for the land purchased to create directions were being given for |ab!e to the extension. _ vj ^^ the city. Later, M the town tookjSoB'M to be flown to New York,! Ttle highway extension has la special meeting this week. underground storm sewers for drainage. South of town, open ditches will provide drainage. LJ City Budget Work Underway A new salary schedule for city employees was given $ ^proval by the Lake Jackson City Council at shape, he helped organize the Jay- i where he faces life imprisonment cee* and served as the club's first Us a convicted spy for the Soviet president. i Union. He added that he did not *ee,and grossly inadequate in *oc several, y«Rr». he* workai I ExpJrjnffg ttie Denial: at ^o- for Dow, Hrst v M,«ie Engineering|blen's plea for political'asylum. Department, then in .Construction{Brooke said Soblen "is not in dan- I where he became assistant con-|ger of persecution in his superintendenf. 'country for his political opinions A motion by defendants lo in issurances would bring aboutHuHp a number- nf nthn.- A^rHA^'n. ,i .• .' ""— " J ••.••.*^^«"\w ui uu: -• - «^v^**n.ij »v>i ma jyviumr U.S. recognirion of Ihe new re-' m TJ7* mnC 1^^^ "" radal e^nds-" Sime. ;v^^T"'T,Jr""^ h n,^ P i:^^°L^.^'' d . 1 T ds .. of ^ rips ; »«* *e time of the »le. ^l f - 9' «*•)_ Ah« to offer engi-i NATO—Rumors thut reshuffling , of the U.S. military command and appointment of a new NATO com mander portended a change inisujt _ the largest'ev'T filed in lem." strategy are 'wholly unfounded. Economy—He is economy during his administration —growth is insu/ficient—but he is ready to compare his record been on« of th« principal objec-l Once this is done, City Man- ttves of both the city and the.ager A. A. MacLean can proceed Navigation District for a num- with the remaining portions of ber oi -years,. the budget. " ' .'Park during this time. : democratic institutions and consti-1 turional guarantees. 61-year-old pension improvements. The pact 4'ided a one-day strike of 16,000 worker* a4 '22 pjanl«. Reynolds Aluminum Co., and union negotiators reached ngree- pornoas s&le of rights sold by Mrs served as the firm s general from Israel, to which he fled! manager since then. sen in the Charles Breen League.! n ; aboard an Israeli airliner. He was a residential de- and of Christina hospitalized for a time in London, 'hat of Ihe Kisenhower adminis- 1 1 :ration. He again said no decision nomic indicators are studied later his month. Tests—The United States will! tests .... , .. . . , _, Tlw> f'lainlitf alleges that this, ^n^this^plea they had asked tlwt property included an undivided! in and to 1,9«' „„„. ------- 1.. ,, . ,. j, j , , „ member of Ihe First Baptist would undoubtedly and properly ', • Blle f!O»»'* of Lake Jackson. We been refused leave to land " " *"" ™ l ™ ^ ten .« „, ^ A Mrri " ! *"' Tommy Su ^ s ' * sli11 twi ' ks ad - America agreed to a h-airt. RmpIoyaK started retun work at midnight in Alcoa and lens than two hours Imer .... Vi'ynolds plant*. Ali-oii signed ilsi l "' <i - v * aitl ronlract Wednesday night, R,, y ."nlnistrnlion bill lo establish a pri- ; nolds uill do so May. | VHle ""Poration lo operate lhe The two contracts are muchi LIS - '""""n of » globiil (xxiimuni-j alike. Both provide lor cnlargedi"" 1 ' 1 ' 1 '' "W't' system. Senalej vacaiioiw. improved pensions Hmil'wwiderntuin o( Ihe measure had heller work rules. Neither i-un-l 1 "' 1 "" (l <-l».vd by « filibuster, hart includes • wage ' Cris«i-lf pi-HRi-pss toward set- Simkesmeii for Ixilh firms ^liii 11 ''""'"^ in IJIOK «nd Western New and required n . , - j. .."-..»v, 112 ui • ,. n ":work at the American Institute 10 " " lp Johnston Island In the! **'*""* wer<f "" ""'"'• B ™ ona - County. This property,,'' .. . , .. of Koreign Affairs in Phoenix ' arrived." Johnston Island jn ihy Mr y p.,,,,^ ,„ , hp suj , .^ ^^ ^^ ad ^^ > | According to the pehuon. Mrs.. Ariz A ^^ Mrs g^ron H'J 'Lsrsen died -'seized of property" L-^,,, :. _,,^ .. ™ T ' "' afler Ihe Aluminum Compan.; i H«, iB c w,l, b, mane after thel ln -^^.h; u.tion. .,ud g e m. "iZ ma eTU. pla,, Ampri<-« »t>reoH in u „„,„ ,„,. ;laumhing pad Ihcie is repaired. u,,~i.. ...._« .>... :. ........ .... ' ""on niaae o> me plain- pad W ..h™^-!L3til^.rr« toli '»' hou » »<-'»' """« '"«• -he M ,e was •s-sarv parties, lhe of ih handled at that: petition slates lhat ."without sufficient - !'" * 8 * mt>i I time. property' Kjt(s is „,„,[!„) a( -ff^j , Suggs points out that during i IT™, !lhe five - vears h » llas serv «'. » n 'f h ,1 g 'i 8reat deal of the Progress at the ; r -.°,V, hae , P ' ai ' V! P 0 '-t has CK-curred. "and I am na\eaes-. mf-11 ^ 0 « - j ;., .™;— ,L:_ progress _-- .., r ,_, , ... , * • . . ^ MIC . tn-iugtri. It abo tai'ri«r>lhe lop priority-". 'At the spseial meeting, the for both the Brazosport Area Plan-1 Council also viewed a second nmg Commission and the Brazos- ] sketch of a proposed "welcome" port Chamber of Commerce. 'sign for erection at entrances , For the Navigation District, the;to the city once the new route •highway extension will provide a jot State Highway 332 is put into ' >e. No definite action hag been taken concerning the signs. JFK Says Economy Has Gained Since GOP Rule By JACK BELL (and a youth employment measure WASHINGTON (AF>—President I on which neither house has acted, -dy isn't happy with the] "I think we have suggested of the economy. But he is' some areas where action would to match statistics with the I hel P us meet *« problem that I icans on this issue in the! 3 " 1 verv conscious of, which is congressional campaign. , :t!lat M a country, since 1957, w« Kennedy contended at Wednes-i 11 ^., 1 "* **?" ^Uns our capa- day's news conference his admin- cl ^' * sa ., .... ... Kennedy said that since he took lull production Ht »>me pl;.nis ' '•"""'" aiMl creation <>< »n imle- ; won't lie restored for as lon K as I" 1 '" 1 ™' tV-deration of Malaysia on lhe tvix-:'"'*' '""owed by a Congo US To Propose New Bomb Ban istrarion's record on production, incomes, business profits — and even stock prices—is better than levels attained under former President Dwigtit D. Eisenhower. And he discounted a national 72 offlce * no time during Ihe pendency of 1 ^,^ He said he is particularlv! he guardianship proceedings ,n ml( , res(pd jn ^- * N ^.j the County Court of Brazonn ,,,,„ ,-,, rri ^ •>'"'*.» !c«"niv ,.,. „,.„.;„« j- ... ; " on Dl( -'n^ acquire more in-! i 8 newlay as the tint lest of the new "llft.» n d-laum-h" Ocean- >|iannlng mlwiile program. mv weeks. . „ &• pliint. All plains weir s'hui ;lm ' nl ' Kennwly said, "this winild down and furnace* n«ile<| m prt-p-;'"'.. an lln l>"rlsnt suiunier." aration for the sink showing said minor's inte: rests" in this properl>. according WASHINCSTON IAPi-Pi.sidcnt.i, should 'te~wtel<>'^$. t0 ^ *™^ -pa, B.v JOHN M. HIGHItnVKK en.-e this information l)isanm.menl - An miernnlion-, '"" >dy s '' IKis M " <*'s»i'niainentjamrunl of inspoi-tion— -!al agreement is impassible, Ken- ni ' K ,° lor twck lo i;f "«^'» to.lay]lhe operations of loreig, nedy de.-lared, until Ihe Soviet*•* "" "" cr °' m>w ''<" u '' > ssi"»s|sators inside the Soviet raiwent to mspertion of arma-j !"' a , mu ' lc »'' "••" ban treaty with land at Ihe same time have an ac-ij inputs they retain «• well ai those! *,.,j .""• ,, , replahle degree of sei-urityij '»".v -«tra>-. The plaintiff also claims that he and thus \\as not furnished with invenlor- n uuesti- ips revealing the ownership in let Union-,,.,,1,1,. xnt i lvesltx . k ownrd hv his other furnil 1 Kennedy said the results might have been different if those polled had been asked if they favored a tax cut as a means of combatting a recession which would further increase the debt. He reminded their pregnancy have been allow- Ihat jn 195g under Eisenhower, nne ed lo have legal abortions. Stock-1jj, ere was „} j^ reduction when : helm and Oslo Noway authorities the deficit hit a peacetime record. Pr ^ u eS ' eSS lw ""^id lhat foreign women seeking We neori holh One is as abol ., ions there mi ght be treated •velop-; STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Seven „ . , i Swedish women who used the drug Besides this he listed the prin-: thalidomide in the early stages o( ° ction of the national product was up 10 per cent and incomes an equal amount. He said profits had climbed from S40 billion to $50 billion a year and stock prices —despite the market's tlump— stand five points higher than when not sufficient,' State Welfare Office Adds <|,?!ute Police Chief t;. P. MTII.K'ION', due to hi- kick niij _ „....„ on U.^, tti'ftiPijv HjjHinst violations of th* trwtfv. \ iforadetennii^newbidtoche.Vba,, n,e .^viet Union maima^!"™" ™*^ t ,«,„ ^ | the nuclear arms race were made-that in.s|H^-tion.s on its soil would P elM ' nal " Ieils - >a> " bolwl ^ j.t a While House ™nferem-e pre. amount ,« spv i,, K ! se,-,,nt,e s . .hixs.-s m aolion and I.Ktai over b>- the President late 'n.e hear, of the prohlen, u tiialij, plX)pe '"" S; ^ Ihi " m> " hei 1 total prohibition on nuclear Baby Swallows Starter Fluid A 17-monlh-old Uke Jncksonj Shortly More 8<>»!K into lhat wrapons tests could 1* pohi'ed important as the other." — Continued efforts toward equalization of freight rales. if I h e examining it best. physicians : U'.ilnc.sday. nol . he ,. eslaU , made anv Hivounting to Ihe plain- Pact For Algeria Favors Ben Bella He called encouraging the report that unemployment fell by 450,000 in July to its lowest rate in two years. The President thus summed up Addition lo another full-time field worker for the Slate Welfare Department in Brazoria County has been made, effective July K). FRANKFORT. Germany - A|a, e Democratic position on what Emploved ' to m the p^ Js Mw member of a U.S. Army rocket|Republicans base begun to pointJ R p (Ncl i) Hodi;es f ormer ly of unit In Went Onrinany and »I to as possibly the outstanding is- German \\omaii employed S. Army have been re- | the past -JO years, plus interest ""T' 11 A / m ' an " ation ' . . I The value of the land in the Alve P lan « of <"* """""n in their efforts to win control of the House and increase their Senate holdings. In response to a question, Ken- ledy specifically took on Sen. Bar- Goldwater of Arizona, chair- Geoi-getown, who has served as area secrelary in Georgetown since -941. Mrs. Hodges recently completed ano dentation course in Austin, designed to help her in her new position as field worker. nan of the Republican Senatorial Afli?r 2raduarion hcm hjgh . .'ampaign Committee and spokes-j and business s( . hool she atlend . man for party conservatives. Gold-j ed Templp Junial . College and ater has predicted any further the UniV8reity 0 , Texas and ide in lhe economy will damags then began work for the Stat« junior drama iiiajor. Three HI IS .s e u i o r», WVL1K, BtlTCII MUNNKH1.YN, and HI-.T) KOHYCINSKI. .m a f^h-ishe was ilis.weml. ' ,| lt . | ilU , s , o , a w ,.j,. s tthll . h | K .,.ui|lT,i.( U v »K H|i In While Hiver in the .-\.,-.«»li nt! lo Mis M.-Null. the last week, .-liinaxini: Ihe slmlv of llift'l ,,',, ' ; »"' U ' H ^ ll " ''""'i'^ ' ; "uu- li-.ii- neu scieiilil'ii- iiilniiiiuliiiii mi'Ih WK. iiinl Mlt.S. V. U'. DKKK |i,=i,iiuie riniis.l.i> nuinutiu, but .let .*.N, Hi, maik » vu-Wiiu; anm- «as ^MV. l«l I,, he releaWhuunun.l.-u.ouiul niicl.Mr e M .l,;*»m.-. i High an, and 4 *" ua >'' • I" 18 hixpit*! t'nday, ( Kennedy luld hit new* eoiUej. llifjli :!.:)! jj 111 i.m to iM u iii. eriiiHi ami iik-iiiifualioii of uu t'rui.u Owrles Breen League is listed at S'-H million. pltiK ft,:on for n-nl.s ailil icvt-niiey, plus inieicst cm Hie rniiiv sum. I'his anti-mil is uske.1 oi lhe Court b> lhe (ilnintiij fmin Mr. »(nl \lrs. Chenaiilt Luw 11:11 *iid p.m. U'<uitlu»c<d tin posed by B«n Bella and his followers was agreed upon at a meeting tk'Uu-eu Hen Bella's en-i \o\ Mnliainiiusl Kliuler, aiul Krinij tiiut BiHitlmt. rhe> \srie ji'iiu-d Ivy Col. Aloliamt Ui Kl lladj. niui % m.-iiiiler of I be Kabylie niilitary duiitct eppowng Ben Btll.-t. At Sl'IN — The attorney general's ofttea »«>s 48.1 pipeline toiineettunii ou deviuled ut-II* In Ihe Kusl 'l'f\u« ull fields httva IB Democrats. J i Department ct Public Welfare. Kennedy said he isn't satisfied; sh<> and hei . , lllsband ar . me present conditions because | pj^^ of five duldren nng(ns •there is still a gap beiueen «hat; jn age f ,. om [Qur , o ]g s ^^ ve are doing and what we could,, ai , )jly js presentl , ivu in 3, based on our manpower and | Kreepoj . t but js lookin _ , or a resj . on our plant capacity." He said his administration trying to do something about lifting the level of Ihe economy while |{e|»ibli..-aiis like (lulitwaler o[j- . dence in Angleton, she said. ls - They ai-e membej-s of the Baptist Church, and the children are active in Scouting she added. Ik-en se\i-rtsl ns H pioln- iif slum l.ule n-nllll nf a drilling In Ihe |jio{>>.-.•".Is lie has made. Weathercast i tU-it as i-\uinij!i's a Seiialc- 1 Ul11 giving b!iu siandln clear lo paitlv i-l-iudi- and hot oruvr I., drau «H Iron. »Uj.)lii.j a , lllmnI> ,„ mitlale pub | u . ttol . ks , lux)Ugh K , idi)) ,' Low lon!gnl ^ toj lt»«*. jpiojectt U it t*te*iioa Uueatans'iugh Friday 37. both this access objective, and me additional purpose of removing the cargo trucks from the city streets I which were built for lighter traf- j

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