The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 20, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 20, 1897
Page 2
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,1« -*' I Mrty c»R0m4& w; V " jk' J—~|., . | I ALU1 V." SftTOfitDArY ' f 5 ,v *' \ Auiv- -" , undesirable tfttd otirof date; WtT)tight» attractive anct of , v >y e tral.tta a purchase are itotl shelf - pttrctniae, ftftd when compared witft the v^rj- .tovjf prices thcflTarfe of ^ffeat^r value tto erer befdf tf fcboqrtt iti Cal&otttt Qotttil^ " " '' offer for yte itfspoctUHi atui have . DRESS GOODS Henriettas and Serges, Black and Blacl and Colored Fancies. AH $b\'el'ty WALKH H»»t fry John Van 5intit» jityfg»«rnan, bus *»baitft and tnblflS ift rant for parties. s is pregarM to toft building eetoent walks, is also egoni for the eenient, whicli Miss fcostey will take tmfrfls itt voi<* eallittfc during tha Suntfner itaonths. Michigan e t state feeehtiH^ -««•-• » ; •- » c , » Wanted at Onco. A limited amount; of Cobble stotie delivered near Electric tiiffM plant. Pritee 4f> cento p< \ Chairman t*arni Preperty fe* it»«i«'e fatnii property ttef cent for thtree ^esfs ifc * good flwi class coifttpftfly • doing ^isincee <Je* liceoee ftom the elate insurance cotn mtssioaer, -^Jhrs tt tetter jlnas the timl com panics, L. 0ay A'Solt aca? d brand of Qtermatt ttortl^od ce,tt»eni la pfopftrcd to pat do^n TO^ beat walks i ili^-flrti ol Perrfn, A Bi«bee fioni"ftot, Alt «r th«m tor p«jm«tit tfflt* dne u«. M p*id before ' any other X We haw all the latest tt£»gB,.in the job type! with. western tnanagere of 'Itfta'njr t>t l«f<JW k : the time to gfet a piano, 'Sea Patterns. ~Bfcerything in Press Goods io v gq. nothing^ t€servc&- DRESS TRjhMlNaS:~J«ts, Braids and Silks: COTTONS Lonsdale Bleached, 16 ^rhe.bestSc grade unbleached, 84 The best 6c grade unblteached,, 81 yards, $1.00 Is y&u Afraot tho beet floaf, entire wheat flout, crack, corn, corn luesal a ppocialty, 'or mill (feed go to ICSTTf Cordette, tnilL 8. if. GHOSH*. Granite Dish Pans. Any time you wont a granite dish .pan hey will Iw the eatne price as a tin- oti«, o ,poitt!(k. earn it in I days r It tjostsv Inquire at this offiee. A. JB» cftn ^, - Youi 1 b« at tt>e the Serndon during business haul's ufltil further notiuo» fop tha y^rgose of receining tfys al«a British cotttpaniee, fdf a&ioti o( '{ire and cyclone inautancti broader- ptinciplea and more" twmB than hitherto gt0Qted: 'any; dent agent in this locality. With 25 oxpe'rieace in this line of business, w&ich are noV due. Save, the. « tra collection fee by paying now/ • . / City treasurer. Cordette has come to stay, * The best 7c grade unbleached, 19 yards, $100 All our White Bed Spreads, $1.25 grade. 89c 250 doz. Barbour's Best LinenThread (Wffie), 6c spool 3cyd £** ". •*" THE lie THE BALANCE OF OUR BEAMTIFUL L1TME Shirt Waists at One Half Price. a " •. Muslin J. ^.^,-B I Underwear . Talk about style, talk about it I But have you seen the stylish, wedding invitations, party cards, individual cards wo are putting out? They're pure style Dpn't you need a trifle of printing in the above lines just about now. We have the newest and latest script type, Call at the home of R. S. McNamcs 22 West State street and he will repair your shoes at -once. All work left at Watson's grocery store will receive at- daily. x Ste^r Kettles. JO ijt.-granite or iron 8te.*r kettles' for 45o. Warranted^ BKos. Watson still sells the famous Ozanm coffee or Motinjain Java, it is the fittest flavored coffee known. tadies calfing at J03 N. Madison street will find something to benefit as well as interest them. elegant lirife of belta, latest styles and lowest prices, at Hnlett & Son's. Groceries, ' Always fresh a»id Hew; strictly high grade at lowest prhsesl prondipt "delivery. Give us a call and be^convinced at the Perrinville store. A. WORTHY PA ER, Prop. Granite Fruit Kettle We sell you the beet granite ing kettle 4Qc. -, -Our, entire line of Muslin Underwear was purchased new this summer, hence -we-havQ only the latest styles to show you-and at greatly. reducecT prices from our former, sale. 100 DOZ. LADIES JER- VESTS 3 VESTS FOR 10C/ BE SURE AND SEE THEM. Have you tried Moobs'. Pro Patia cigars? Worth lOe, sold for 5c. Stamped Pro Piitria. • A cool, swept, satisfying smoke. Geo. Moobs <|fc Co., manufacturer, Detroit. .Sold by W. A. Barnes. Atteutloh Ladies 5 Madame Gerard, the Oriental complexion specialist, will give free treatment at her rooms, 103 Madison St. one door north (ft Stole street ,f^»V -one -week. She will be, pleased to meet nil that are interested 1 in the treatment of the skin. Skin blemishes of ail kinds removed. Remember "The Boya!" has the agency for' Her Majesty cigar,' ^Box trade a specialty. < Tap. Your Own Shoes. _Full line of half soles, leather, cement, tacks, etc. for mending yojur own shoes. Half solos, lOe por pair. and fiow aided By nearly 132,000,000 o£ for the protectfbn ot policy hold' ere wgarsprepared U? on Ifttger BCftle'6 than -/cvor v LosBes promptly settled. and paid by resident. ftgettt, at D; CUnnlH«hatu*B Inauranc* Bttrlrtvu, 84 State stteefc, • ' Flow. 'At Watsoh's yott can get the Albion and Homer flout by the 100 lb., in your own bags, no lightweight of J)G or 98 Ibs.; ajso Albion patent; the best flour made try it. B. C. Joiner, Allan P. O M HiHsdnle Co. Mieh , say«ir "Nothidg 'gave my rheumatism such quick relief aa Dr. Thuinas' Ee- Oil." , ' Get your job work done at the Chronicle office. * Nice, large, home gcown potatoes re- ,81408, Notice. Call at-Barnes' for Diana's Obaetv- Porcelain Kettles. .You must have a kettle of some kind for^canhing fruit. This is- the OBO; any size. ceifed daily at WATSON'S. . C. Deuel & Co's. Call on them before fou buys a rocker, they have all- kind*, and prices to suit the tune at tho •. new Hatch block. Come in. Is your time worth 50c a day? Then "that disabling headaphe is expensive. Blue Streak— will cure it for a quarter. Mre. Delia Bnrpess is prepared to do luanicuringXnd shampcH>fnK for -the ladies at their homes, i'rice for manicuring:?,) cents, ~for\feui»pp'0iOK 50 cents. Orders may be k'ft iiKMiss K. E3. B51- linirs' or 'at residence, with Mra. Mary Dickey, opposite PresbyteruWehurch. I am prepared to do ladjoB' and shttrnpoojing at their homes^ orders at 'Clark's barber shop, or at 35 oftat Green, street, x Mm, W. W, CLABK. xato, 'cpt JP«*-3r»»Ol*» a.t will place "aft Pay Yott t»L Inspect Them* in this s.a;te. at greatly reduced it f Special Low Price on Carpets. We to^ve re*iiv«4 tbr*e tots ol Winter Cape& and e now can buy $t a less prke than Those .wishing to, y , Riib-I Hhlne. „ A fine shoo dressing for tan aftd blaok shows. For sale by Miss K. E. Billings. Sole agent, Delia Burgoae. . ' ^ S^eed 'fljie ami, Hftrr*st. I « a good opportunity to enquire ft farming lands tn South JJakota. only one daya ride^lroia Chicago. Bountiful crop* of wheat, coro, barley and flax reward U»«, tiit»r of the .soil. " A8 a «took and dairy country South Dakota lea^e alt tbp wortd, Firs , cuvw farm l»nd$ *ith nearb eao now be bought Ipr from $10, »nd ujiwarda, pfiV acre, and thia in the For lurthar paifcioulara .write to George H. Heafford, Oen#ral . Paul Btil- Granite fruit Kettles, We »ell you the teat granite P«*wv ing kettle f<»r|49e. , '» (Jifford's Tobacco cure in a scientific specific for the • tobaocjp .habit. J|i ja guaranteed to curein ten daye. No cure, no pay. "A- O'. WANTS FOON1) ETC. Twenty cents a wcet fvr e»cb notice not ex oomliuft five lines. No chuage less than twenty ccnu,—-^— >. AD1KS, I make big wages at borne, and want ' all to tho *anie ooporcuuity. The work' IH rery ulcfimot and wi.I <>antly pay $18 w^kly TltiK if n deception. I want ni< ntop«y nod Will Kindly send pttrtlcoiurs to all Soniliug M18SH. A,STE^m«. b0 RKNT-Mv coitttftu &t Lyon lake r.'ndK ' .aftBrN^ furutatied, will tie foj ruut on and \\ig, 81. for lertuc, enquire or *tfdrc»«. W A v TRD-Lady wllh child nf neven ye»r» . <lm«lr««<ip»«iilnii »» hnusekwpor. Obj.-o • ; tioine. Knaalrp at this office. \JTANTKD-1QOglrtB to wnr4 on (.diet)' muslin V» uniJiTwtttr. b(B»dy work. BTAMI ,.: H A bit—81* iwfwlns maohlnefl, two Whe«!- ^at * Wilfoti, one linger, one DoirtuAtlc .one Howe.i ' V. UA.NUNG, 43 WschloKtou »treet, Manhall. | AWT AOKNT9 WANTSD-For MarsbsH »nfl L vicinity.' t-nlUl afetttae/X vicinity, (.'ill at corner of (irnc'ii HtVeet »u<l ^ MH8. L.jM. BUMWN. Not t«^i. ' Chairs und tablai to root'for parties ' • J. W,* Ln»Tser.\ JORCEtAW KEimS. You must have a fettle at some kind for winning fruit^^he ^ne; any size. Chiiaiberlttin'8 Cplic, aiid I REMEMBER SAtE IS -STILL OH. t-" CASH t--x Satai-ilay, Aug. 21, 18D7. .\ S^^HW^W^^ ^^H^^ ^^^^R"^l^^ '^^r^^ ^^r^P ^^P ^^^^^W^^^R ^^^ W^^^^P^ J^^^JI^P ^^j^f ^^^^W^ ^^^^W '^Jl^^ ,j 'I * ,,„_„,-. i _ .' , P. A,. IC^ipi^CMEUt HNHiA^K5t<:"'Il, _ -- •' • remedy, al.«wy» affords prompt relief. Porealoat Qrecne'e^drug store, O.'.SHEPHERD Keeps acme but ^ BEST MEATS L O^T—Betw«;rt Pij>dri'» unit) SBC! Clt> 3te»o> Laundry, n'l-niall laAjxicket boon q6nt«iu (hctworih'ei dollur*. KftMjur plewu» leave at Oily hteiin tAuodry, X^ I OST—A pink f*u with lace edyoNJietwMaa lh« j ci)iirtfauu»e »u<t MBiUurilitabUruk^Ufufn 8t. morutnK before ciUureb Chronicle offlca, A reward |7OB HALE -K»»tftiwiint dolDg«oal bu«la«ST JC Kot p»riicul»r» euuulr* of Jobu t,au»iag. v. to Dr. Uabu. City tftwun Muudty, U»tch BJock W A ?»^1^1^ lc ^WS the old. Ktroflg , „ „. __,.. . vtelariy to* ,triad Kotna Ufo icnurance to «41 ps,rta of t c&n always getaoleajj cut SHEPHERDS'. HOUSE PAINTING, PAPER HANGING, SO, jfiBAlHIHe, , . made lucrative and sriJ t M made permanent A moo wbo tntc oe«a county o«c«r or higU eltn* tender prvleived. No *ip»rWBe« na«t»»ury »• •we win Send • «up*Hnte»a«it U> jrfTe cottptei«? lotttuotlon both in Ut« tteeet? w rt iMid ffc*C9i*$ot %«««»« of #oW«it. , h»v« brought Mcqaw W at. A4«lrM* with ^»WjMi, aud ftwr efted i* r. iwp*. J The , oelvu eaati. For Of 31HN SHOW CARDS PICTURE FRAMING or plil to Oppr* jj OU.DEJO. 40, »* cbtttntoy j»rtto». * ii <5«B«*jW,J Ad- BWWHMMJ,

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