The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 26, 1959 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1959
Page 10
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*s-t*4* mvi> - ~y - t»* •'/ v -.. '»v t Page 10 E FAOfi and Bratorto ••• , Regional Tourney Sffffs LJ Gators Draw Opanmg Game •."•:-• • • •••'•••••.-,.. • •"'••••."» '•.;..:"•••< '"*-. • •:, -J +U * 'I ^ < jt*-*. ^^. , Regional Softball tournament Next in line vrfll be a game time igairi. matching OST of Houston Wi'lng trie 1659 Texas Soft- against Brownwood, runner-up Vail Championship flag, the to state title. OST is serving as IMit .'»-Xion Gators have been (the hosts. pl«ke<J'-io open< me .legiona); Game number four *rill send 1 1 finals. "— loser) 'hisr ewning at 8 »jn. • A setback anywher* along the line would drop a team into the loser's bracket and make it double hard to reach the r'gbt ;n Houston in a 8 pjn. duel Friday; the defending champion Selpb I Plumbing of Houston against Wit t?«torf will clash with j Fort Worth. Starting time here However,-that was just what happened to Lake Jackson at the recent State Tournament ;in Brownwood. ;vy, welcome Inn entry in the [will be 10:30 p.m. .„ „.„„„„»„„. mltfal same on: rrldajr 1 * four-i A victory for Lake Jackson Lea Tolblrt'* Gators lo«t their etmt program and the Mckoff over Welcome Inn. who are the Me0 nd game, a 16-lnning duel ..... -'~ "" ---- '"" ' u --- ...... or the aree-day double-ellm- (nation •Imirney. Th4 Regional affair will be . isgfi si Memorial Park In Xouston-and will Include eight .•ami. following Lake Jackson's 6 p.m. <*M«Ht with Welcome Inn, ths Datta* dty champions clash wri* flat; Antoniq, this due to start t« 7:10. Houston Metropolitan champions, would send the Gators Into the winner's bracket and a shot at 'the Dallas-San Antonio winner. That game would be staged at a -p.m. Saturday afternoon in Houston. A lots would drop the Gator Into the. loser's bracket,.ani therefore play the Daltas-S/ Community Calendar WEDKC8DAX, AUGUST U 13:1* pjn.-Freeport Kiwanis. Dow Hotel T.tO p.m.—Frteport Planning Commlttlon, Freeport City Hall 8:00 P4B.— 70B, Burfilde Road ,5 8:00 pjn.—Jajcw-ett«, Lak« Jaekion Olubhoutt THTTBSDAT,, ADQC8T 27 7:00 p. m. — Toastmaater's Club, Fort Cafe 7:30 pjn.— K of F Lodge No, «5, K of P Hall, Freeport 7:30 p.m.—Ray Raney Post Aux. 410, Clute 7:30 pjn.—Knights of Columbus, Council Hall," Freeport 7:30 pjn.—Freeport American Legion, Legion Hall 3:00 pj».—Freeport Rebekalv Lodge No «7. IOOF P" 1 ' ing FRIDAY r.l.OUST 'I* •I 13:15 pjn.—Mrazotport Rotary Club, Port Cafe MONDAY, IATJOOSI si 1 p.m. -f Jaycees, Lak* Clubhouse : •• ' p,m.— Freeport Oddfel- lovt Lodge No. 081, IOOF Building TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 7:30 p.m.—Velasco Masonic Lodge, Velaaco 7:30 pjn. — Velaseo • Lions Club, Whltten'a ... 7:30 pjn.—Velaaoo B A PW Club, Velateo Community HOUR 7:30 pjn.— BrazOsport Boat dob, clumber of Commerce, Bldg. 7:30 TJ.m.—American Legion Port 306, Legion Hall, Lake Jackson ,• ' WEDNESDAY, flCPT. S 12:15 pjn.—Freeport Klwanii, Dow Hotel 7:30 pjn.—Angleton Chapter, De Molay's, Masonlo Tample 8:00 p.m.- FOB, Burflld Road -:v'>' THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER ' 7:30 pjn.—Knights of Colum bus, Council Hall, Preepor 7:30 p.m.—K of P Lodge No. «5, K of P Hall, Freeport 8:00 p.m.—Freeport Rcbekahe Lodge No. 257, IOOF Build- Ing •;, : Presport BS 3-4411 Extension 3-2506 for LUtlnj Pretentao m- /i puoilc lerriea lh 30W CHEMICAL COMPANY to Hutto, 1-0, and therefore had to come from : far back in the 33-team pack to cop the covet- title. In a span of 50 hours the Gator* played nine games and posted an 8-1 record. Lake Jackson had to sweep a pair of dates from hotting Brownwood, 5-2 'and 1-0, In -order to grab the team trophy. • • For the Regional classic, Gat or manage Tolblrt -has adde<l only one player to his squid that sweep to the 'IB title.Thai !< catcher-outfielder Ken tint- berg from Corpus Chrlitl. '(<:•;. the Lake Jaekion moune staff will consist of Paul Brown, Ross Vlck and Gene Silver. Brown, a lefthander, has an 8-0 mark for the Oaton this year and went 4*0 In the state tourney. HU bases loaded homer against Brownwood in the first game of their.twinbtll got LJ a 5-2 victory. Vlck, the regular season mound member of the Gators,, will take a 14-7 rating inU the Houston evont. Vick waa,3« 0 at Brownwood. •'"':Silver, the "Valley ViattOr**. that sports the sudden drop, Is an ace relief pitcher and alta an able starter, plnchhltter or outfielder, He has been * flat- up used by LJ in aeVeral-*t«« and regional tourneys. The threesome of Brown, Vick and Silver give,Tolbirt a solid pitching department. The Gators take an overall mark of 27-9 Into- the- Houston gamei. Jim Scherdin, the regular Qatar catcher for the past years will be behind tht plate and will have JaenBerf W «pare Sim „. from time to tha*.,, 2 *, Lynn MonicM/.wh^jHllSCi £ switch from a catcher to takr «, Jackson'* regular lit baseman, will be at that txultlon thll weekend. At his regular 2nd base stand will be Rusty Koenig, a veteran of many playoffs while playing for the Lake Jackson Gators. Koenig, a swift moving fielder and a timely hitter, is •etlfemenlito aid tt»<OatorS at ** • THE' BRAt0st ORT down the IrtT bas« iob will b< dependable Ed Brannan. who made numerous key ^fMdin? nlaya knd Berfec! throws at the BrowhWood meed Such performer* as 'BlU'Col- lier, Sam Boon*, Jim Miller, Silly iHoore, Jot Truasell, Rogei 1 Drake, Tolblrf and" Isenbera will share th* dutfield work. • Moore, wno> WM t Gator perfome> for Wjy^eitJ,,by- passed the summer feafon because of'injuriea but has now joined the Gators and will set service in Houiton. Ram Or Shine.... Shippers Open Grid . • . • :' - •-•.'•,.•. .' . . , ' Workouts On Friday --' '••"••.. >'".', '.:'•&• "•;" -' ••'••.• •?".•.•.-•,-::•'-• .?••-•;••: >•;:••.» i Rain or shine, and more than likely it will be rain,.the 12- AAAA Brazosport Exporters open -1959 fall football work: outs on Friday, August 28. Hardln Cooper, starting his first season as ringmaster of the "Big Red" grldden, expects around 60 hopefuls out for the varsity squad. , Only the Juniors and Seniors will report for the opening drills as the Sophomores will wait until Sept. 1st to draw their gridiron equipment • Tor three days, Cooper and his 'high school coaching staff will send the Exporters through two-a-day workout*, but will drop back to the'regular afternoon drill on Tuesday, Sept. 1st the' day school" start*. ; The Ships: will be Issued their gear at 8 a.m. on Friday report to the practice field at 9 a.mi and work until 11 a.m. Afternoon workouts will start at 4:30 p.m. and last until 6:30 pjn. according to Cooper. Following tht;. Friday, Saturday and^Monday double slat« the back to 3:30 to r ;Br«rosport athletic sys- "" include three football 1859' according to Athletic Director i 1 . ,: .-'".thev varsity, there Varsity and the Storm Squad. . will work -,; whHe th« Storm'jSqUad will be made,up PREMIUM QUALITY buy now safarty of Premium Quadtty tires NOW... at the lowest prices we have ever offered SAVE Fo(wfar 14- tim •s big savings Proved art Indianapolis for greatest turnpike safety ever offered In any tfr* « Mich as 95 roti , IIS Original Equipment The tire that comes on America's finest cars at sensationally reduced prices 10 For Lowest Prices on Other Firestone Tires ... See Us Now BLACKWALLS WHITEWALJ.S NYLONS 470-JJ Tuba Typ. AU. SIZES LOW PRICED 6.70-1J Tub* Type ALL. SIZCS LOW PRIG BO 6.70-15 Tuba Typ» Blotkwoll ALL SIZES LOW PRICED Hwaoar _ ... priced economy tire with S/f Safety Ten- •iooed body, full 7-rib Don-uid tread, cam- Ham you c»n aqoip yourcvwitiiFiieitaM whitewalls at regolu pric* tat LESS than tbeocxtafRiuiybbcfc- wtll tin* ol Our low, low price* offer you the cxtr* ttbty and durability the lon|«r weir ef Firestone Rubb»«-X. UOWest^uJ. inn FREEPORT Phone BE 3-2608 FRBE-PAEKING of entirely sophs and cWtn, b« under the coaching of Jamaa Cox and Johnny Redden. Flash Walker will be In charge of the Brazoaport Junior Vanity for,1958.;;, \' ; Cooper's varsity staff will in clud* jlurll'urncy, L. 2. Bryan, JunaiiDsMfc and .'Boyd - Tingle. BiUy:ftlckard';is iW trainer In the Briidlpon 1 camp. " "K The complete Exporter story, along with pictures and details, will be featured In the Sunday Facts of August 30. ; Braiotport will open their 1959 season with a road trip to Houston and a match again* Jesse. Jones:. Following thai game .the locals return, to Hopper: flgid to tangle with, Other home games, the rest in 12-"AAAA play, will find Galena Park, Texas City r Ba'yi town and Pasadena coming into the Shippers home dock. ' Galena Park, Baytown and Pasadena are the top picks in 12-AAAA play this season.,. Tickets for all five Braios- port home games are now on sale at the School Business Office. In order to be assured of good seats, area fans should place their order for ticket* as •oon aa possible. To have tickets reserved Exporters backers should call BE 3-3581 and ask for the football Ticket Department ' , Called M^ttiig ; . The Brazoria City Beautiful organization-will have a called meeting Friday at 7:30 pjn. at. the, city hall, according to Mrt. Dorothy M. Smith,' general chairanan. Mrs. Smith urges that all committee chairmen attend, -as several forthcoming projects will be introduced to the frmiD at this time. BETTER ROLES PARRIS ISLAND, t. C. (UPI)— Marina Capl. MUlon JeraieJt. \«t Sturgeon Bay, WU.. and •gtfRob.rt Walton, - ifc!-' T T ngbl tacit wbtra td— but in baiter roles. They wara ofliur of the day and cgmmtndtr of th* guard In ill* .first racnitt teainlng bat- talian toa. Tea y»n ago to the dar/ihay wara privates pulllBB 9va>4 duty In iha sam« spot ' ' ' . - • une 61 Ha«^"-jJAifanW*, Lail Jackwn'* *H«Ier ouy 1 *, will get the starting nod it Old spot —shorlstopv Whltehead, ready with *Jresh pack at JBeach-fTuU chewing.l^iieo^^aw^oid «t WihtefceKd was ja charge of the Braiojport American Le- 1on baseBWl tcatn and did not lay soflball .during the regular !i«ort/ Hd*evfe.h6 joined thi cltib tttMt^t, meet "" earnw *Wmsitr"an "~ POSltto)£'<' " 'VETERAN 2nd Baseman Rusty Kcintg, aboV*. will b* at hlf rajwhi tyai «* frfi: day when the Laic. Jackson ap'.i.-i tanjitf wilh lh» Welcome) iflM hv ft* ftnr fuM ei Hoiuion's 1951 H«glorul Softball Tountamw/. . IAPER5 PANTIES BLANKETS SPORT SHIRT$ SHEETS SKIftTS swflf 47, * fhertfc t$ s^^

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