Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 7, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
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Wednesday, June 7, 1961
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YEAR DEL WO, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY-AFTERNOON, JUNE 7, 1961 '"' " rs. E. K awcett. 76 Irs. Frances Eliza Fawcott, l-ycar old widow of E. K. Fa\v- U, died in n local hospital Tucs- al C p.m. after a brief ill- ss. riles will be held in St. sons, Elmer, Walter and Horace 1 and Lee, with grandsons John Kcjcs Fincgan and Will F. Whitehead, were in the Fawcell Group that received a $300 award as the outstanding conservation group in fames' Episcopal Church Thurs-|the state a few years ago. iy at 5 pin. with Rev. O. W.« She was frequently called the |icklc officiating. Burial will ber'Mother of Scouting," since she tade in Westlawn Cemetery un j\.-orked ardently with her husband cr the f'irrctiim of the Doran for the Boy Scouts. The camp north jncral Home. sof Barksdale utilized by Boy Mrs. Fawcett was born August I Scouts and Girl Scouts is named 18S4, on the Nuoces River in Camp Fawcett. Jvalde County She was a daugh-1 Following his death in 1341, she JHHier of David S, and Mehitable»maintained her interest in the aker, who moved to Val Verde. movement, working with her son, 3 ounty and settled on Devil's Rfv-' Elmer. T at a site known from then on' She was a \ery active worker s Baker's Crossing iin St. James' Episcopal Church She was married to E K. Faw-[and in various ranching projects Jeetl;November 26, 1902 at the Bak-|and organizations for ranching Sijjjjer Ranch at the crossing and made j families. home thereafter in the Loma 1 This interest stemmed from her -~ "* f •* Reds Bust Truce ^ — s Parley May End Reds Take Town In All-Out Attack Backed by Cannon By RENE-GEORGES INAGAKI VIENTIANE, Laos CAP)—Pa-1 dong fell today under an all out j assault bj pro-Communist rebels} _ . supported by heavy artillery. The< Stales lodaj " acc »sed Communist liny mountain village had been a ; forces of "blatant \iolation of the Geneva Angry GENEVA (AP) — The United US Move Awaited, Geneva Walkout ! Is Under Study j WASHINGTON (AP) —' The. t United States is seriously consid- !enng lea\ing the, Geneva confer- Georgi Pushkin, the two cociiair- ence oa La °s, in view of the con men. agreed that there should be f tlnucd vi °l%»°ns of the cease-fire, no meeting today. \V. Averell Har-{ Stale Department experts were symbol" o7"governm"ent""resreYance I cease - fire in Laos" The state- j nman. US. ambassador, nude it ! consulting on the latest develop|—and of rebel violation of the' mcnl fol!<wed tne Communist; plain to MacDonald m a nrivate, menls - particularly the rebel sej- cease-fire proclaimed five weeks capture o£ Padon g ago. ' W. -\\ erell Harriman, chief j U S. delegate at the Laos confer-1 An American military adv iser, ence, endorsed postponement of talk earlier that the United States , zure of Pad ° n S. » tiny mountain did not wanl one. i ViiJa Se w hich had been consid- ,ered a symbol of government re- The news of the defeat ai Pa-Distance. [Alia country. A family home was ! rearing and from her marriage. RITES FOR Mrs. E. K. Fawcett matriarch of a prom- i messaged from the fron * ^^ the | meetings until he consults with I don S* thou Sh expected b> some ^ -\v e are aware of recent seri- ;l)uilt in Del Rio in 1919 but the J Her husband drove the first herd i nen t ranch family Will be heui Thursday at- 5 n_m ' Pathet Lao rebels laid down an ! Washington [experts. snocl>ea \\e3tern cele- ous developments, including the - IFawcetts spent much of their umejof - to be stocked here into 1 extremely heavy barrage and A benign matriarch of the ranch- [in July. 1SS3. He settled on Dolan ing countrj, Mrs. Fawcett and her |Creek and built his first ranch ; house of sycamore trees growing 1 in the area after living in a cave 'until it was completed. ' He was ver\ acti\e in the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers' Association, ha\ing ser\ed as its president, and was also active in the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Fawcett shared "these interests and was an honorary Tnembei of the Val Verde 4-H Club's com ) miltee for the annual lamb show' ' and sale. home was at 416 < fa11 of Ps "*ong, and our experts Around Town By IMA JO FLEETWOOD A OISTRJCT BOARD OF STE-,""^ wards \\ill bo organized by the'spring Street Methodist Church at a meeting, Suruvors in'clude four sons, two in San Angelo Thursday at 10 "daughters, 13 grandchildren, eight Castro Hedging On Tractor Deal have j The ro>al government forces '^hile "continuing' the session"in': Khrushchev announcement"in" Vi- 1 ^ artm ^ n . t ,P ress officer Joseph W. i estimated" at LOCO— mosth. tough i yicvv of cease-fire violations ) eniia on the need for an effective • p p d a new 5 C ?~f rence - . 1 Meo tribesmen—be°an fallm* [ Tne °P en *• »olation of the truce | cease-fire it seemed dibcouraging ( " eap " as as * e « a °°ut news dis- jback in the early hour* of the f angered Western delegates J to Western officials 'We^ern ^^Hnn*'' j morning to a new defense line. [ Harriman did not make any di-1 One of them spoke strongly of; (h ~ .r",,, „„ * ? .1 I reel threat of leading the meet-;- So\iet hxpocris-, " It raised some !},";, P ,hiArf fh»;r 6,000-foot mountain slope only 20, The US. statement said pro- miles southwest of the rebel head- • Western forces at Padong were quarters at Xieng Khouang. • under hea\y artillery fire most of Kennedv. cabled their instructions and to find out whether there Is any point in continuing the conference, j Reap would not' acknowledge . that such a cable had reached the ~i..«..n_ic- 01 ..ivn^ ivnuuaijg. • uuutii ueu\v aiimi:r\ lire IIIUM 01 r\r-i nivx \iir- A T-I ir-« • , Lt. Col. Vang Pao, the Meo J Tuesda> and withdrew "to preU-[ DEL. RIO WEATHER J department. Other officials said DETROIT (AP>—Leaders of a!described as verbose a*_feLs4 CQnimander of the Padong garri 'ouslv prepared positions" earlj r vir-ivrrv 'I t delegation is sending a tens-movement today studied , speeches-hedged on details. |«». had charged that North VI today. Some oMhe troops, it said. C =J£ ^^^Ldy S "Ij could ^confirm Ihat ^ny^i citizens' a eablp from Prime Minister Fi- j del Castro giving his latest condi-} Befor e r^ fetnamese troops were fighting ; were from Communist North to Castro. Wal-Hviih the Laotian rebels. Viet Nam. a.m. Rev Uoy Shilling, pastor of the First Methodist Church and Ben Bonnet, the district _ _ •™"?'.,rf l11 alteml the SaD Ang€jb Uhe daughters are Mrs. 6. D. Fine-[ Castro indicated he still stood. ™™t,r,.v jgsn.and Mrs. F. C. Whitehe--.d ibj an offer he first made ilay - . . tions for further negotiations on! ter P - Reuther . a cochairman of! The rebels earlier justified their j Britain's Malcolm MacDonald, ' UCKU =^,UKt-l ^, **• S^l dUUl_llUUL t^l, tlKIIV J .-—••.* -~- »... ...... ... O u ..»..».«. —.. j _,. . •> *-. . y pastor of 2,^^ grandchildren and two I swapping 1,200 Cuban imasion,, ract f7 ror ^eedom Inc con- r cease-fire bj urch here, Dro Ui C rs. The sons are Horace K j prisoners for 500 American u- ac . perred here with Joseph M. Dodge, -bandits." istrict ste-. W alter. Elmer and Lea Fawcett; !tors a Detroit banker who is treasurer ! The fall of ian Aneclb ! »K~ j,..„»,»«: _~ xr__ <-> r« T: — ( n~..i..« ;\,,i:««t«^ k« "Vmi *.t***A'Q*- tne group, the conference wasi^d t n ha\t> c<m- f cease-fire }>j terming Pao's forces j w ho was to be chairman of the "" " i lllh session today, called it off. Padong was expect ! The British delegation issued a ™ A Caslro could of !Her brothers are Walter H and for such a deal. "But his cable— j 6 * translated front Spanish. REV. O. W. NICKLE AND HIS: Wt " T - Baker - h " ll> "' ^"*"'— v ' son, Dyson, were in Scwanee to attend the "graduation , of Lee Block of Del Rio from St. Luke's Seminary- at the University of the South. Lee accompanied^the Rev. Mr. N'icklc back to Del Rio on' a rush be at.:the bedside| of his grandmother, Mrs. E. K. \ Fawcetl in Val Verde 'Memorial | ed to ha\ e immediate repercussions at the £ast-\Y"est conference on Laos being held in Geneva. Don't Trust Fidel, Swap Group Warned [ Reutber and Dodge also )set up j -phone conferences with Eleanor! j Roosevelt, honorarv chairman of I the committee, and Dr. Milton S. | Eisenhower, president of Johns i Hopkins Unix ersity, who is co[ chairman along with Reuther who t is - president of the .United Auto i Workers Union. ' _ Hospital. Mrs. .Fawcett was ill By CHRS MACGILL only a short time. The travelers! MIAMI, F!a. (APV—ConHicling ' " arrived in time to be with family at (he hospital. « »•.»•''•• . : BETWEEN 50 AND M Scouts of Troop 75 in Laredo plan to be itt Del Uio July 16 for an led today to confusion !over prospects-- /or swapping 'American tractors -for" invasion i prisoners captured by. Fidel Cas- *OTUro"s' forces in Cuba. ! The committee's reply to Cas••• Among the U.S. citizens arriv- ] iro probably .will be made later ing here were 45 Roman Catholic today. A decision was deferred, nuns, all natives of Puerto Rico, pending committee talks, on Most of the Americans had lived in Cuba for^ many years. statement recalling it had "agreed clear «, ernoon, lonignt ana little change in temperature Max tmum temperature yesterday, 95; with' them advised leaving the Geneva conference table. .Nevertheless, high ranking jrffi- mmimum 7S. Maximum tempera-! cfa Is said, the State Department there v, ould ture a jear ago, 95: mimmum 71. \ considers the fall of Padong an Minimum temperature this morn-*unmistakable sign of Communist_ ing, 76. Time of sunrise, 5:44 a.m.] bad faith and a deliberate^ un- v of: concealed "f Dies At Age 101 be an effective cease-fire throughout the negotiations." ! No date for the next meeting ', [was set. | "The sessions began May 16. on] condition thai -a cease-fire be f firmly established in the Southeast [ i whether to release the text of 3 Castro's cable. Thev reported a feverish wave --.*•. • ' -»-•»*.••_..• f- A . ^ resident ;- Ccsa- Asian country HO Avila Cervantes, died Tuesday MacDonald of Britain and So- night in; his. residence, 7OT San - t De tv Foreign Felipe Street. He had made his i_- _ •....-•• . • • •- • •- * home in Del Rio since .1.901. sunrise tomorrow, a:44 a.m. 'fire agreement. Tornado Threat Hangs Over Texas Panhandle .. He was born August 27y 1859, in j San Jose de los Alamos, Chihuahua, ; Mexico. of anti-American feeling in Cuba Requiem-' High Mass will be s to continue held Thursday at S a.m .in Our Burglars Rip Open Cigarette Machine brcakin at the Hulto Service was announced on = Lady of L_Guadalupe Catholic i Station, 130 East Garficld St., One of 6 Unitetl States citizens overnight t stop. They will be en arriving Tuesday night on a reroute to>:CaIrsbad Caverns and jpalriation flight froni Cuba voiced plan to camp at Moore Park. the opinion that Castro will renege Jon his offer. - since the invasion.. Mathias Morales, 70, _ and I U|C Hav a«a radio 12 hours before Church. Burial will be made at | today's noon deadline given by committee. The committee RAY AND CALUI£ ROSS EX-1 The traveler asked that his wife, Lila, 66, said Cubans parad- j cabled Friday what kind of traced around their, home chanting' tors it would make available but "Yankee go home." The retired' said: '/Our committee cannot prp- j couple had moved to Havana ! ceed until \ve have received offi- 5 p.m. in the San Felipe reme- tery under the direction of tlie Doran Funeral Home. Survivors. include his widow, Mrs. Petra Cervantes: two sons, Hermenegilea and:: Antonio Cer- pcct to be 1iomc tomorrow from-name not be used because he! from Kcy West< F , a because icia' confirmation directly from {values, both of Arizona: a daugh- Galvcston, where they attended;fears reprisals against his mother thcjr in( r omc went farther in ;ycur government that your offer ter, Mrs. Maria del R. S. Adame the state postmasters' convention.' and a sister still in Cuba. • — Cuba. •' .'.''•»*'*-. ! ''Castro suffered a' big propa-, FIVE TABLES PLAYED HOW-' gahda blow With his offer," the j Morales said he probably would ell movement when the Del Rio "American said. "I think he wilt! go to Tampa, Fla.. where he Duplicate Bridge League met; back down on the deal.'" j hat! no immediate plans for the Tuesday evening in the Roswell !• Many of the 113 persons on the flltllrc - i Hotel. -First .place winners were.flight asked to remain anonymous still stands.' I of Del Rio. sometime last night netted about eight dollars worth of cigarettes and 20 cents in change. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS j surface winds, and the pbssibuity •-A threat of tornadoes and dam-1 of an isolated'"tornado or two-in aging - thunderstorms continued fan area 60 miles'either side o£ over areas of the Texas Panhan- 3 a line from Tucumcari, N*M., to die Wednesday after a stormy: Enid. Okla., from" 3 pjn/'to 9 night. [p.m." _ . Shortly before noon Wednesday; Cities in the Texas area include the Weather Bureau issued a se-; Daihart, Borger, Amafrillo; Here- vere weather forecast thai in-i ford, Canadian, Spearman,- Mc- cluded portions of northeast Xew ! Lean and Wheeler. According- to the police report Me f c °> "if/** 85 P"*^ and -'- Tuesday night scores 'of' toma- the thieves entered the ser%-ice i Astern Oklahoma. The forecast. does accompanied-' by blinding station by breaking a latch off' re3d: " [ rain and hail swirled dangerously rear doy, A screwdriver and f "Thunderstorms developing dur- j n p ar at 'east 11 Texas Panhandle iarp, pointed instrument were; ing the afternoon are expected to ', cities. the a sharp used to pry open _ the vending \ produce a few • severe thunder-! injuries occurred and - the machine. Mrs. IJ. C. Kindel and Mrs. Bon- to protect relatives sti!l in Cuba. Among the other arrivals was .N T clio Lugo. 30, who said he took ney Vineyard, second place win- One woman said Cuba was alive i part in tiic invasion and escaped ners were Mr. and Mrs. T. F. with rumors tha't Castro is offer-' capture by making his way into, Clingman. The group plans to play ing lands and jobs to the 1,200 the underground. Officials of an' bridge at the Roswelf each Tues- men captured in the April 1 in- . embassy in Havana secured aj- day evening. . , vasion and "visits them every safe-conduct permit that sot him See AROUNO TOWN P«B« * day." out of the country; he said. Canadians Miffed as US Throws Monkey Wrench in Deal With Reds OTTAWA .(AP)— Prime Minis- 1 ler John G. Diefcnbaker was ex- • pecteri ; ,to take grave issue with | the United Stales today for block- 1 ing shipment by tanker of some . Canadian grain sold to Red China, j One informant said Diefenbaker would liave ''quite a story" to tell f Parliament concerning charges" the U.S. Treasury has refused to allow an Illinois company to sup- • ply portable equipment heeded, to j unload' grain-laden tankers in Communist Chinese ports. 1 ^ *• i The equipment is reported made only in ^the, United Slates. The U.S. action woulcl .not (affect shipment of -jie Canadian ,-grain. " Freighters "art ; used for, the" most part and, Chinese ports have adequate dockside facilities to unload them. ^ _ „ A U.S. Treasury official in Washmgtpn , confirmed that shipment of ^the , unloading equipment had been blocked because it was to be installed on ships chartered by the . lied Chinese government. The U.S. action, threatening to scuttle Canada's ragreement to sell nearly a half billion dollars worth _ of wheat to hungry Red China, puts a strain on U.S.- Canadian relations in the wake of President Kennedy's visit to Ottawa/;-' '.'•.._. : :\ ; '•'..'-..-••..':•. ••'•.• -.,,/: Canada has agreed to ship famine-threatened Red China 217 million bushels of wheat and 58 million bushels of barley worth an e-stimated S425.600.000 over the ncxt two years. Because Chinese ports have no facilities for unloading grain from tankers, those '-vessels must carry their own unloading -'devices — units which cost about $12,000 each. A Montreal shipping a Kent, Wil Ham H. Moore, reported that 'the unloading equipment is available only from the Dunbar-Kattle Co. of Bstavia, III., and that the U.S. had ordered .the company not to ship the equipment, io Canada. , ^ "A spokesman for the Illinois firm said the Treasury told it that "umter present U.S. law, supply- w [ - j ing the machinery- for use in China comes under the category of "aiding and assisting a potential enemy." Margaret-Selnvartz; acting rhead of the U.S. Treasury's foreign- assets control office, told a reporter control regulations ban sale of 'American goods to Chinese Communist interests. Mrs. Schwartz said (he situation WRS brought to the Treasury's nllention" last Friday, and it got in touch at once with the Illinois firm. She said the company agreed to keep the equipment from being used on the vessels in question and promised to cancel, any, future shipments.- r -, The United States in 1»58 temporarily prevented Canadian" subsidiaries of American firms from selling cars and trucks- to Red China. In 1959, Aluminium Ltd., which is largely, U.S.-bwned, held up a million-dollar order for Red China, for fear it might lost U.S. customers. , storms with large haiL and strong ' storms dissipated by dawn.-Dam'• — — — ; - ^— r - I age to crops and farm houses wa j expected to be heavy. 1 A severe weather warning con- jtinued in effect until 10 a.m. for a wide area of North Texas. i Two funnels at one time were s reported 20 miles from Amariilo i and heading toward that Panhan- ] die city. They dissolved before (reaching the metropolis. Amariilo | got no rain. I Alert sirens were blown at Bor- gpr at 4:15 a.m. . • \ Residents of some- towns took ) to their basements or to their cars I in readiness to outrun the- twist- i ers. Others slept, unaware of the 1 danger. S«« TORNADO THREAT Pa»e 2 {Methodists Set Ground Breaking For Parsonage f. %MUJJ^%LASHES S «fi LlpHTHINQ Crackled in c ' -"' t^wiriglf-orer/tfic cfry iSel Rio area. ^ ^ ^ the sky to the northwest and southeast last night but , , ,.',_,- . : V •;}£> (Photo by Bill Lamb) no ram fell from the scattered clouds that hung tan- w ' 1 * f Ground will be;'broken^for' a new Methodist parsonage in Meadowbrook Estates Thursday at S p.m./ t ~- f ,- *' ^Rev. Roy~ Shilling^pastor of — | First Methodist: Church, 'said .the t public is- welcome—to atteod % tfae I ground breaking ceremony on tin ' church lot on Meadow brook Drive. A number of members of' the church *i>l'~ participate ia the ceremony/ including Mrs. T. Hickman, Mrs A. Ma&aoa, Walton, Sam H. 1 Walk, Pictures will be made < ceremony, WiU» a of "the-?hurcfe, v (key wp te in the - Friends^ church- af« said this

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