The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 20, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1893
Page 2
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l ? J1JLY 20,1893 ; . tM4Ul\Y CHRONICLE Dally* oity» irear through P. A ..*4 75 ttittiy, iH-Hvercd. 1O cent* per wectt <*8Dl)»crlptl<W received at ito* offl<« *t irtb' ,151 8t«t« rtrtet;—'^-- :. 4 1 • ». , -'j.lft. Crimes and Casualties In the of Greasers. AH tiEAtN WBEOKED. One Person Fatally Injured and Several Other* Seriously/Hurt—Two Men Killed •tnd Ylva Other* Wounded In a Barroom Brawl. Crnr OP MEXICO* July 20.—-Servano Lopex, a laborer, while crazed with liquor, killed, his aged parents, his wife and little child with an ax. When the police officers went to arrest Lopez they found'him eating the, raw flesh of the child. The dead body of a wealthy ranchman, named Ruiz Manchera, was found partly 1 devoured by wolves in the Sierra Madre mountains, a few days ago. It was supposed that Manchera had bo- come lost in the-mountains and died from exposure. " A band of brigands made an attack on a ranch of Lorenzo Eichana, at Aldama, killing Eichana and Berioualy wounding his son. The brigands then sacked the residence and carried off a large amount of money and valuables. They also drove off several hundred head of cattle. They have taken refuge in the mountains. > There Is much alarm felt among the people' of Otulba over recent severe earthquakes in that section, and it is feared that Curro Colorado mountain is about to become an active volcano. There is a constant subterranean noise heard at the base of the mountain and the vibrations have been so heavy at times as to destroy a number of houses. BARROOM BRAWL. Two Men Killed and Five Wounded Near Itoby, Ind. EOBY, Ind., July 20.—A long series of sperate crimes culminated in an attack on the saloon of William Timms by an organized band of seven desperadoes. The place is half a mile from the pugilists resort. The gang entered the barroom in a body and called for liquor. Timms, the proprietor, turned to wait on them and was struck in the mouth by a revolver. This was the signal for the shooting. The room was darkened and this fact eaved Timms 1 life. A man called Butch, one of the intruders, fell dead, shot by his own comrades.' George Dorsch, nephew of the proprietor/ received a bullet in his abdomen while entering the door. Terrified by the death of Butch the thugs fled, but their leader, a ' young desperado named Gallagher, re- lumed to the attack and wounded a bystander, when he was shot by Timms and died, shortly after. Three of the desperadoes are badly wounded. Gallagher and his companion were identified as belonging to a gang of burglars. EXCURSION TRAIN WRECKED. ror tne uenent or ing ttunitie& of those who lost their lives ift' the Victoria dis- 4 aster. This money in the Balance of th6 train for a wedding ci£t collected by the lords lieutenant of the eeyejra! counties. , Michigan Femiona. WASHINGTON, July 20.—Original— Lievi DenniSi. Newton Gregg, Nathaniel Sollingsheail, John H. Cbnaway. Original, widows, etc.—Sarah M. Banna (sister), Rebecca A. Lovett, Vic- 1 toria Bishop, Malvina Wcather"by. Minerva Stevens. Christitia McKayV (mother), minors of Philip " ' '* ' On* Person Fatally Injured and Several Others Seriously Hurt. BoyPALO, July 25.—The excursion train carrying the Sundayschools. of Bethany and Benham churches of Buffalo, on the Western New York and Pennsylvania railroad, was wrecked at Aurora. One man was fatally in- and 14 to 20 others, old and young, more or less seriously hurt. Twbuengines were crushed intc-masses of twistedsteel and, lying in the bottom ol the wntable, were covered with timbers, broken glass and. iron of first two coaches. These coaches were filled with eicnxsionists. The scene in the wrecked coaches was almost indescribable, the w.omaXand children being thrown under and over the seats and through the windows, «ut with flyin splinters, brQfeenKmbjxh and b; ' The oars took fire from tHi addj^onal horror was. av While a Circus. FORT-WAYNE, July SO.-r-Homer eon. the son of a prominent capitalist in . . wfts.kJlted here. He stole a ride on a railroalT train out to "Fore- pattgh's circus gTouttd$ v attd in, leaving the train jtunptfft at S viaduct, falling a distance of 80 feet.. _, , Colored Cntliolta Cougreg*. ' NEW YORK, July 20. f- James A. SpenCjKr,,...cbj|innan of the executive; committee of the colored Catholic con-' gress of the United States, has Issued a' call from Charleston for the fourth na<- tional Catholic colored congress, to bo held in Chicago Sept 4 nozt. One Hundred Implicated. s .Roam, Jnly 20.~The Tribuna gives a semi-official confirmation of the report that 100 senators and members of the chamber of deputies and journalists are implicated in the Banca Romano scandals. " • , . Favor Frc6"C«ilndige"of Silver. SEDALIA, Mo., JulviJO,—Delegates from only nine counties, ..responded to the call for a farmers' state conference here. A resolutionwas unanimously adopted in favor of the free: coinage of silver. _ • •.-, -• ' • ; . -.''• .-•; ; Utloa Woman .Suicides, UTIOA, July 20.—Mrs, G. 0. Burgess, •wife of a prominent and wealthy citizen, was found hanging Wednesday moijning in an outhouse. She had been deranged for some time. Lost an JSye. LIKWQOD,-July -20,-—Whfle-'ida Meyers was standing by a pen of wild boars one of the animals thrust his paw into her face and tore her eye out. . r STATE ITEMS. An epidemic of brick buildings is expected at Marietta. AH because- a brickyard has been started there. August Brecker, living in West Olive, near Big Rapids, h«,s -lost the last of his four children by hlnck diphteria. Sturgis is going to have one of the best little hotels on the l^ike Shore. It is nearly completed and will cost $7,500. Sailors near Traverse City claim to-have seen the sea lion that escaped from Lincoln 'Park, Cbicngo, some time ago. Charles Tompkins, the Battle Creek man, was not burned iu the coldstorage fire at Chicago. It was a case of mistaken identity. Christian Endeavorers met at Pojpiac to e if they could not arrive at some arrangement for uniting with the Detroit union. Patrons of Husbandry in Calhoun coun- ;y are very much alive. They are prepar.- ng for an elaborate picnic at Goguac lake.. Tho infant son of Charles Dahl at North .Ju^kegou drank some hot grease that his Bother had left in a teacup and was horri- aly'burned. ° Imports and Imports. WASHINOTOK, July 20.—The chief of the bureau of statistics reports that the total values of the exports of merchandise from the United States during the i&x and 12 mouths ended June 30,1893, as compared with similar exports dur» ing the corresponding periods of the preceding year, were as follows: Six months ended June 30, leas', $388,155,440; 1892. §47U,152,953. Twelve months ended June 30, 1893, |847,423,147; 1802, $1,030,S?«, 148. The values of the iniport$ were as follows: Six months ended June 80, 1893, $496,605,701; 18«J'>, $431,727,541. Twelve months ended June 30, 1603, §941,076,128; 1892, |827,402,462. previously disposed of at pri vate sale, I will on Thursday, the Slet day of of August, 1893, sell ai public sale at the front door of the court house in Marshall, Mich., nil remaining <*s sots of-the National City Imtik, consisting of a 7-12 interest the property known as the Kagle block, also .the Bui- lard Manufacturing works, both pieces of property being located in the city of of Marshall. Also one large bauk safe, (double door, steel box and time lock,) office f iiruHure, also all notes .belonging to..fettB^jnetna]n_}dg^unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining assets of said bank may bt; remaining in my hands at that date. * Terms of sale cash. For further particulars enquire of TfrERON F. QlDDINGS, Receiver, Kalamazoo, Mich, or John Houston, Esq., Marshall. _ .. T TIME TA-NLfe, JtiNt 18, 1893» • To P»»T«»t A4 vano« In — VJENMA, July ^)»-^-The prevailed for so long % ^* in,. ,-^- „ eans<etd a great falling off in. the,yieid of oats.' %wj as a couseauencd the nnusd of ^''•S 1 ™*^ ^^"* "^^T y* t$-f^ *•**^i* *r?" v*f*r jj^-mff^f y STATIOOT. §J^ + a.m. Chicago, LT..... » 00 K&lamazoo...... 2 08 Buttle Creek: ...248 MarghAll.Dp... 8 13 AjWon*. S 88 ».m. Buffalo.. .... 2 55 Kat Ext i iii ',•« ».m. Tto 7 48 817 8 88 9 40 lit 01 p.m. 745 AtSc B*,* p. to. 780 1188 13 10 1882 14 68 8 25 680 a. in. 600 p.m. tf:"YT BX. P m. 3 IQ 705 740 860 8 IS 8 47 10 4ft 885 a. m. Mall a. to. 705 1285 ISO 1 45 a 07 8 10 6 00 p. in .;... *V Ex. p.m 96 SO 84 ai 38 4--1 7 I am . P: ' , 81 TBAINfl WBRT. 8*ATO>HB. MflH Unff*lo . a.m.- Detroit, Lf 8 19 Jmokflon...ll 40 Aibion....ia 30 Marshall.. 18 43 Battle Ci'k 1 20 foUinhcoo 8 08 Chicago, Ar 7 36 p.m. uay Bx.t a m. MOO T 15 10 OS 10 28 1045 11 26 410 p.m umc B*.* a.m. 880 p.m. 1 15 8 10 888 865 415 447 fl 10 p.m 1UU. p.m. COO 7 '81 8 15 888 eos 950 p'.'a' unto Bp'l* s.m 815 510 547 605 6 25 700 U15 tt.m. fix.' p.m. 1250 910 WOO 1886 108 1 4fi 886 755 ».m If you wish to know yur future, send 10 cents with a lock of your hair, stating m your letter date of your birth and your sex. PROF. GEO. ROBERT, 108 Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 111. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, iagnppe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for .his vegetable cure, .'• . ,. • ' • v' tt Prnnkennet* and tb'e Liquor Habit, Positively Cared by Administering Dr. ' Halites' Golden Specific. It IB manufactured as a powder, which can be given (n a glass of beer, a cap of coffee or tea, or in food, without the knowledge ef the patient. It is absolutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patient is moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It a as been given in thousands of oases, and in every instance a perfect oure has followed. It ncverTnilH. The system once impregnated with the Specific, it becomes an utter Imposed bllltv for the liquor appetite to exist. Unres guaranteed. 43 page book of p%rticulars free. Address, ' COLUKN SPECIFIC CO., 185 Race St., .:luclnnatl, O p.m •741 1048 1121 11,40 131* 110 6 50 a.m. (Saturdays uoepted •Daily tSundays exempted O. W.-RUGQiiBS, Gen. Fass.-& Ticket Agt. HBO. A JeHNsok. Freight Agent, i , O. ft, OsaoRN. Tlcksjb Ajfont Maioball Cincinnati, Jackson & fflaelpi Time table taking effect June 86 1893; Trains pass Marshall as follows: : HULKS OOtMA BAST. No.S8,Toledo Express ....70tta» (• 8, CinclnnatiExpre8B.........i......8 44 am *• ^l.MallandBxpress.;.....i f< ...,;; 60iptt " W. LocalJ?relght......,,. M V.^t,..* 50 p m .'• . ,',. •' taAlKi «OIK«W«ST.''.. -' - - . •'.. Mo, »!,Mail and Express,.... ;;..v...... .10S8 a ra " 2, Cincinnati 4 B.C. ErpreBS.......681 pw " 84; Kxpreasii.^.....^.^^^^'...l»88a» .•» 88, JUical Freight........v..;.........oW a a. AH trains dally except Sunday. Direct connections are mad« at Toledo and Clnolnati with all roads diverging. Trains 81 ana 82 make go od oonneetion atMon teith with the G &.& 1., and at Allegan with the 0, & W. M for Grand Kttpids, Mnskegon and all points north. F.B.JDKAKB.tteu.JTg'r. «• T. U. M. SCUINDLER. Goo. Pass. A k t 0. B. UIZS, Agt., JManhall; i WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO. ••**•«• Calumet Avenue and 29th Street. II n T Fl e m Fireproof; 844 rooms! near Fair 11V I •••§ Grounds! bathi on every floor. American and European olans. * lto » 3a< l»r- Flrstrclass family WANTS, FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceeding five lines. No charge less than -twenty cents. 1/OR KENT—About July 10th, a new boose on J? West Hanover stieet. For particulars enquire of Charles kt. Noneman. F OR SALE—A ntJw Singer sewing machine. Will be eold at a bargain. Enquire of O. A. tioeltzcl at s\one bain. H OUSE TO RENT-On West Mansion street. For particulars enquire oi F. {i. aeaman. otel. Write for circular. Jt»r. Kriggs' itouk. July go.—Advance copies Of Professor Charles A. Brfggs' new book entitle4 "The D'efeuse of Professor Briggs Before the General Assembly 4" have j\jt.t been received in Cincinnati and are creating a sensation. Said Bev. F.:C\ Msoutfort of The Ht-rald and Prefbytoryj "This new book of ^riggs* {s a deliberate insult to the sembly and tjie Presbyterian churcfc r . Th& sqisrespeetful way io —'*-** spjeake of the 'alleged .yxo^c^'.jig cpw- npi^ee^ which, was ofifc&uy recognised by the assembly and thfi 'ehuf ch, is of elf kn insult of no em^ — -^— *SVr *-** "."^.^Tgy^ng *°f*^.f\.L „ :Tiie Chamberlain's Bye and Skin Ointment A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyob Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, ich, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Files. It is cooling and soothing, hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had *J cents per box. When Baby was sick, we gave her Oastorio. When die was ft Child, tho cried for CastoriA. When she became Miss, aba clung to Caitorla. When she had Children, she gave them Outorla. GOOD SUMMER WOOD, $1.75 W ANTB.D-Situation wanted by a competed itdy as vegetable cook or dish wueher ID a hotel or restaurant. Please enquire at Mo. ^UU State street. • pO UK NT—A vtry fluv and first class hall on X btatu tir ilalu street for vooiety or lodge purpOHou, cbenp. For telertuce plcune call ut the eoulliwest corner ol bute unu Madison BU. t'HK. FKbD YUUKi,, tiuueral Agent. L ADIES wishing to make $i& weekly by doing writing at their homes, addrens, e&cloiug utamp, JtiBa Louioe Falrflelrf, booth ifeutf, ind. W AhTEU-Two ladies to rewreseut Chicago Novelty Co in Marshall |10 a week. Oall at Mrs. O. fi. howley'a, y teen street, from 8 to 10 a. m, and 6 to 8 p. m. tlZ/lK BrUSli. |>UU SALE All my real estate situated, cm ihe r beet pan of mate or Main. *Ueet», aud known us very Hue ata valuable provariy, by Chrle. fred Yogel, southwest p'uruer siuio ninl Maditon sis., Ao. 1*0* ^64 SALJB uUBAP-New |j X 1 charges. — A lady's gold watch. Owner can ob- lian same by , rovmx piv^tny ai.d e Coll ai C'aUicttxOb jewelry biote. . I OST— Friday at the swlnimUig hole, a gold JLj. band riiug. The wul be euitably rewarded by returniiig the game to C. l>. at Brewer's store. . 1>OB SALE CHKAP-U wo desirable buildint; X 1 lota, West Jdanevor etreet. For terms ap- v iyto«eo. M. White. , MKS. A.IJ. TALMADGE. MIXED H. J.qOLEMAN. A YOUJSb MAN wants »ork. light work, bauiry no object. ujtt AOUICBU, P. U, l>ui IciO, JdnrsUull, A, icn. b'ALE — House ftudtwo U>Uj ou tutil Gieeii street. inqMlru oX Mra. liei»uiey.' dji* ^l»an Baby waa sfck, we .gare ber pasto»l«. When she wasa Child, tf-f cried tor OaBtori*, Ww^ became Miss, |fc^ clung to Castori^. .£ L OST— Siuglw bridits, beiwcau tluraiiali and IStttUo Utetk. ttuw. itl ol5Uti;IiU. please leave at billiard htuiotj. ucivo reward. W AKT£JP TO liE KT—T» o or mow fiuuwttea' rooms or jUouBe near cf pie luclory lot lignt housekeeping. Addrean uxsx bo* !SU,'"Atar8biUl. v W — A g<M>d, unffh. boy, 16 or 17 years ol age. Apply 10 oeo, H, Wfiiift, > • W ANTK.U-A elrl'Ioi *•• A> geuejcal . bOjlOO Enquire of Jbe*la<»MMm. *. i '...... r I, * a ^UV*' ' ) w Ja^Iry )MMpat^»w u> V?p ! i» »u4 s fljw ?««>»*• *«* pos^pasliv.' ^ —^ j» Sfto,i«i: Hfc^^au uj m-i into 197 «4»t ot tha city wt M

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