The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 23, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1892
Page 3
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fi"" 1 " -% 28, $esV3«,_lQWes> r ia. J**tS4 * Wade* Mettop<JHtat»sWrs tonight'. «. .;H. L|MaCo«ff{e.i« noiae Irons An» Arbor. / f '',"',, •'•Misff J«8fo PoTtW U hoiae front Kal( • "School qfojSedihts, afternoon for Ike ^ "' -'— — - :thowe«kX"' MISB l&iejikPeryfn.-ofKalaroteoo, is visiting in this city. . Anna RockingeT has been sent to De troit from Kalamazoo. * Mr. and Mrs, W, JvG*egg will spend Tbanksgif Ing in iioimer. 3 Miss Mamie Wocjd is home from Arbor to spend Thanksgiving. Mrs. -EC. L. DayViind CUarles Day . ipent the day in Battle Creek. .-7— . Dr. '13romb«rg HAS l&oved her officer to rooms over John Butler*B store. ' Miss Lizzie Watson, ef tensing, will ' spend Thanksgiving 1 in this city. ' " The Robin B00Q\Opcra Co.. will bo'ia , ' Battle Cr«ekThutsa*ye7enfnS:,Jl>oc/l;- * Mw.'Dr. Spaulding, of Grand Rapids, is visiting her brother, Judge Infccrsoll. Mrs., T.'J. , Briggs and Mrs. %m. - fiadford ,will spend Thanksgiving in Ionia. .. ' ' George Ingersoll is b«re from the Un-1 versity. at Ann Arbor to spend Thanks• No papa): Tnanjugiting day, C.ndnotor Atsiin »f tk.O., J, 4 M.', 0 and iBla r red'*o badlf tliaVh* tftsd Taw resided |i f olt<ta, ; bu t ' was If "yon' want, a good dinner,tomorrow gojo » parlor* about boon;' t b h« ladies thftr* will bo glad t6 tarte ydu,with tirkey or dbickett pro and a variety of othsr fead things; Adults, |hirty five cwts; ^»ild- ten', tweaty-ftto,,^ 11111 * 1'he anbual cbnvwtioti'bf tfel..Cal- tioun County Sunday •ohpol Associa ttou will be hold In Tekdnaha on WE SOLD ALL Stock ol day and WedueS(lay».tne Wih> and Mth' instant. SuperintondeBUi, /pastors, teachers, and all ImUrestsd'in Sunday School work are invited to atUnd and participate on- this occasion. Th'e following 'circular has bsen •aed by the Dotroit postoffice authorities: Complaints have ba«n received by the postofficf department from the postal authorities if several countries of Europe tbatlettdrn from the t/nitod States 1 addressed lo those countries are reeeiv«d-ia-.vtry bad. ioonditioa, iwing to ths poor quality of the cheap envelopes usertX Persons stndinj; letters to foreign •oontrie* should therefore be careful to u»« t»o envelopes »r««pt those of goodcqnality\ made of strong, thick (japer-, which wiir^not btcoals worn or broken in .trattsit,\ptherW h is« / the con* t tnts may fall cut an«t\be lost. JLbout two wealcs ago to\a firm to m-roid taking them to othep towns to »ell ,to tho unwary and OUR At a Great Sacrifice. Come and see how •«• -^^ dan buy, Tbe PQstoflice, will,- be open Thanfe* glvin »froQi .Opera 9Iln«tre)»y at . , Tho Crawfc/rd Bros.' Minstrel Company. headed by s«ch well known talent a§ Bob Slavin; and Cool Bargesa, will give the first minstrel eatertainment ,<Bf the season here at the opera/bouse Friday qyaqing WQV..25. An exealUnt sap ALL THIS WEEK. daj, f rom eight to hino a, m. and* :30;to 5:30 p. n)» . JDirine services will .ba held in tb« German Lutheran church on Thanksgiving day at 10:80 a. in Pattle Creek Moon, &d:' Mrs, T.,J. Rolleher. took the inbrning; -train for Marshal!, where shp;w>ll ba fhojjupst of iriendt Keser? ed seats fur tho Madam Fr?y Concert company will be on sale at Greene's drug store Bslturday afternoon. Tickets 35 and 60 cents. ' x Union Thanksgiving services lomor- rjw morning at , ; 10:50 at the Baptist church. Rev. J. W. Bawlinson, -pastor »f Iho Methodiat obgrch. will preaeb the annual sermon. " T Thorcf wUl b« ThanicsgivioiE Service* in Trinilj church tomorrow at 10 JO at W'e are informed that the beautiful be appropriately decorated "firat wts".for the occasion. ^Senator Stockbridse" baa 'engaged quarters at the Hudson, Uansing, from -• whlcb-^place be will conduct his cam' nj. porliug coBopany of thirty well known artists, among them Edwin and Chas. T. Crawford, the kings at all grotesque and ac'robatio song and dance- artists; the great Ret?, creator of the silver pedestal laddof act, introducing the most refined' and marvelous contortion act in exiateaceu Park and L'Amoureaux, zouave mat vein and lightning drum majors; Lawrence and Allyn, thft incomparable mouarcUa of 'musical comedy, and ".the only and original, tour aces. The first part is new and picturesque; it is said aathing. lik< it has been seen before la the minstrt 1 line. A i«xtett» of One voices, Including W. E. Munger, tenor, Edward Eos coa, baritone and Dayjdl Finenber^Hr, basso, wiU render the latofet BOU^ the vocal line and ail loveri'of "good music and fun should nptfail to attend this performance. Good 2^Piece Suit $3 & OVERCOATS DOWN AWAY DOWN, and SATtfBDAY ONLY piigu for raeiection to th'e IT.'BL« will take poaseesi'ojv about j UarnaSM ' licenseB^ tisaod Nov" 33: Charles A. Squire and Julia K. Hick «i ? n,btitfa of Ijattla Qreek; WiUiam An- dn and flattie E.- Tingay, both of MaY •ball; As» Oliver Littjefield .and- Chris- tln» :^ ;dley, both of BattW Crook; Wm. A. te« •nan and Mrs. Francis J. Alden, Oflftk - ... •„,,*,•.. . - -~_ Tba annual n>eetiag of tat Calkoop Ceunty Agricultural society far -the election of officers {and tb* transaction of such other business as shall com* »« fore the society, will be held in tke hall in Stuart's block Monday, Dee. I. 1993 at 11 a. m. . , ,_.; J. R. CoMMiNas, •••refcary. ' -Haxcl Cream for chapped ha.nas and lips or any roughness «f the skin. .M. B, • ^ The Bee Hive cloafc ; stocH of JaicksoQ which ha* for the past two days been displaying its beautiful line of LADIES' and CHJLDREN& 4 Gar- • enta at the Tontine Hotel sample room, will contih^J* its aale on Friday and Saturday in or- * '•' 1; d-ei* that cuatoroera who ha v», Jbe.erv' unable tp avail themselviea of the opportunity of buying a atyli ah cloak cheap tnay do°»o. . '. N - R«m«mb*r Friday , and Saturday only". ' RESPECTFULLY, Tn» *r- ual meeliug of th« was held Tuesday evening .-\The folio wiat offecers we re Elected: Presi- 4ent, C. Ei'Gorbam, vitw preai'dent, F. Bu.,§nydenJ secretary, JR. '8 Lockton; treasurer,, I^B. Aibsnghi, directors, Elijah Buek and Geo^WU^on ; chairman entertaiament c*i»aiitt»e, Bugene Jijfg Ifiow, ' ',{" ^ " . 4 c&otes^-for the "oewJSbep'ard'gold -i Daedal ' wUl , tako ^laeo \» MarsUall in f tfce oojarsfr v of* ft few week* aiid gjiuji^Iiie 8uperint§^deutr of the " has § ecu' red; Wllas! $Cmai$ Wf rw di*»oad medal last August Eagle Ooera House! •All kinds of frssb meat cut to Border at B ButUr's, djl A po*itiT# cure for coughs §ud oolds r^— ~ * -" U. B. POW»I The Pyramid File Cure is a a«w di»coT»ry f«r the trompt. pef m«n»nt cuw of Piles in •very term. "Etiry druggist has them. ' . The n'neat, line of ladies' purses »nd card cases in tho citr at .. , M, rooms, at the. Christian AssoeralioiM««« I am closing out jay^'.atoc* of less £ban coat, as I want |o run, tfoem off •for what £ can get get 'as-1 want to .go into other bueiJoesa (SO<>n. , 1 wish tbtt ladies of Maraball and vicinity would jplease gi^e me a call and cet " ' ',:. "- , *Jfg,L.I,J] t.^ : |B.1%e JNtftty gendaU.plaoi. - Capi, W. A, i^]bott» wh with lleesra. Percival and ate iftftd InBuranoo Brokais, ' |Oa« night oal^ Special «ng«gpmen.t of y of $> artists, including COOL BURC With aa osriTflJled suppottUur BOB 8LAVIN A * (R/ flP"* -.w ?^WP ^^ "^^ ^^^ff ^^^^ -„„._„ ipeii in thai ^testify to: the gwfll quaiitjea of '« Cu«8> ?«nefe.r: Hsvwg were occupied by .scores. ."Mtdfoje JVy'e Company exceeded aju- t'.Qipations, The ptsrtoraiapce -was » • pr|sfe4'itf dfl^bt^uanjea? we4^tuynia. The cluturc dwf>lij.yed iu tUo root], per* irmanciQS vfl&'enu&led i>v tho'h&is^os'S f ^rt«wp fV*«» *f JH <^gnfai|M!iKM£|lwV£^ •'^Jl J"CT*^"**aP^ H !(*ll* : ?"4C (||WiIHMmWB|Wifr v ' », -" . iaX»UE, lay it has no wual colcle or croup. 36 A. ocw rscaedy b* ^cr.e*te4 a among pbyaieiai^ by its w*&derf,ul eUsiotf iu speedily curing- every latm gt uee, tbe auiely- AJIT druggist wiU>t it f«y'<H4. 2 Stores. 2 Stores. SKI THE RED FUAC, ;^ ; ,x-: - "V .-"; : ' : -'-.':

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