The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 20, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 20, 1897
Page 1
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The ily Chronicle ^B^^ V *!+ * , WO CENTS. , /*. solutely Pure. ,ior ( its grp^t Wvening strpngth" and hcalthlulhess, ^eanfeB the food against,alum and" all forms of adulteration .common to the cheap brands. ^ " EpYAt JRAKJSfS PpWDKR CO., N6W York. / titl \ IB thfr title of a acnerously tllu8lrati$d pljl-fet of SJiteen pages in. refcrouco to South yOrikotBrthe-renrtrng mutter 11,1 which was / written by «n onih<isia«tt<! South Dakota tftdy— Mrs. StstlAuItoHiUL'f Arnold — wlio hoc been a rcsldont of the Sunshine State for " over 10 years. A com will bo mailed to thendiJresa of any f« ruior or'farirtpr'o wif<*. if sent a!, once to Tlarry Men-er, Michigan PftssenRcr Ageru, Chicago. Miiwftukoe & St, Pau' railway. 7 Fort stvcot, W,, Detroit 'Mich. ' Feter,JLiockwood, at tb,o IJturd mill IB prepared to excfaa\w»P flour for wheat. He handles thi? Yorkvillo luilline; company's flour, one of the best brands made. ' It only takes ton days by using Gif- ford'a Tobacco cure t*> entirely, rid a por- a;>n of the dwuro to use tobacco in any form." ^Li is (guarantee d to do so or the money is wfunek'tl. Ciill nnd twiq'Uiro about it ii'tHyde' store. H. A. Snyder hasjiut in' a (ino lot of fruit of all kin'ds and started a wafion which will inakp tri))H over the city daily. As he will nfit bojible. to go over 'every 'fitrect .dally he will go east and west one day. and north and south ; the ijiaxt. Nothiot; but the be st the market Ulfords will bfo luindled aiid prices will ' be in keeping with 'the, times. You can .have him call regularly by leaving orders. at the store. Days • ; . • In t|ie Jalto retfionH of Wisconsin, Northem Michigan, MimuoBoia, Town dud South Dakota, alout! 'the lines of ttiu Chienno, Mil waukee & St. 1'iiul Uatlway, art hundreds of charming local, tien "[ireemlneiiUy fitted for Bummer hoinec, nearly all -of which' lire located on or ,near )nk«r> whiofe Imve .not been iishod out. Thuxo rfsoris rautje m variety from the "full drt'Hti for ^dinner" tr> th« flaunol shift oostumc fur every uiiml. 'litit aro iiaintH titimhar to many of our readers a« the perfection tif northern Kijuuer retsartH. Nearly nil uf the , poiutH of interest arc vrithin a tilioH dia- tanve t rom Chicago or Milwaukee, anit done uf them are no far n»a> -frum tbo "bus; mart* of civjli^Htioti" Itiiit thejr oaunot be reftcfjed in a few hburo of fre<ment traias.over th'e tiucst road ml lu> ttortitw«Kt— the ChicaKQ, &IUw«uk»o«V St.PBul ttailway. °^eud a two eeut Hiyrnp for a copy of "Va- eation U-yts>> tfmnt: «- deidfiption of the prinoipal rasort*. aad &\w 0f ^uiiiSiipr hotel* "Bud liotfrdiriiit bou80^,"notr rattfe" Tor board to Q«o. H. B<»u41u»r<l Agent, Chicago, 111, • V" ZINC POISONING Never' «m wsmt where tima^e VoKvl kettles are used for'etewilig. Cull arid get the genuine for 45c at 3808, WITCH HAZEL OIL Pitea OJP Hembrrhoida Fiia8ui»e8 &" Fistulas. . , Pvii:ns & Scalds. „ V/ounds A Bf uisea. Cwts & Sores. Salt Rheum & Tetters. Chapped Honda. fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrils. & Bites of Insects. Siives, 250, Joe. and $1.00. .*: GKANITE DISH PANS. wiil iw, the mae jprk» ftp a tin ' ptu Fi Seem To Be Reached irrtttc Situation In the G^at Strike ^ J 8ft&&l big A«i« : Confer fbm«***>w, Prnbnhly, — J»tJtiei»' «rntud. Unions fle-«?plrM»e to Kx«cttllv» SftM to All lh* i Is Not JS0t«e«I/—Opi. Sf Art? Non-Unlon if SeillMKwnt *'»1U. CftTumbus, O., AUgv 20.—Thc l^thdi-JJnlted M'nc Worked awafeened to a full realization of the fact that a crisis is M hand in the great strike, and #re preparing for final effort. The prdceedlngs of PnHttrB of Co*l ;sJin#x W, Va.,. Aug. 20,» manufaelarinB plant of the ^•ortoi Ifl the-lower paft sj fhe was shut dtfwn last night #$ Account of fo _s*ftirc roali NatlfW were th«t tbe men WotM bit Inforrnefl ft f ttkl ban b& had front West Virginia." 'Oiftcf jflknuffrttifinR: estab- ffehiJrntij are 1W straps for coal. ~ • ^ Tj>-M™~,.-^W f • ,. KHKt j.Lffi4v iW V •ftftf I A*f*- j»*Yto i ii fc i«*ir"Sf • »*»*»w«*^sw i 5 * *>> v I^BJ *ui ^, %,*••* x iw^i« Ma.ifor of ilio T«jvn Vnitcrr ttortds to Tit Guptorvit. the meeting of the national executive Hoard have been guarded Witb the greatest Secrecy, taut enough has been learned to • hidlwte that plan?' are betns Vaid- tor a, grand coup. It is learned from an official,. source that a resolution was adopted by the national board provld* tor the- Calling of a conference 'of all federated unions at St. T/ouls on, Aup. 30. The purpose la to secure the s'o-operatlon of all x these- organizations. They will be asked- not mort-ly for sympathy, but to Join in the great' strike. The plan la to tie up traffic on^the •railroads and in other chaiihelrt of business, > so tbat the supply oT : cOi>l may be effectually .cut off and thus fort.-e; the operators to. negotiate* for a general > set- tiement of the wage question.. Failing In, this the miner?' officials do not intimate what Bourse will be taken. ' Wlmt tliFOpeftttor* ArtTBoIiin, Pittsburg, Aug. 2l).--TrH> meeting of the coal operators ye&Uv"day and last Will bring about one of two results: either arbitration wijl settle the Strike, or" the' will bo started with Imported men. Today wilLdfelde which course shall be pursued. Th<- operators ar« evidently in favor. of arbitration la to a forcible 1 i»i>f niHR "f their mines. This was evidenced yesterday when Messrs. Murray anil OaEiorrji^riep- yentiiig the meetit>K, \\irwl National President .Uatebford at Columbus asking If .tomorrow would -Ix? suita-bl a "conference at .Plttsburg of both The Ilend and Kobfolim ' intvrestH AVtdufsday night tflfgraphod Hatch-' ford asking him to 'cotne to Pittsburg to try ami 'nettle the strike. District President l)olan followed tho' telegram to Colurhtaua, and has iK'ftri endeavoring by personal persuasion to .bring about such. .a meeting. Dolan yc-.sterday tele- that' Ratchford wu« willing to confer, but 'preferred not 'to. meet the Pittsburg operators only, but an intar- stAte "representation.. CoufercuoK Will J'nihBbiy U«v Held. The telt'gram sent by the meeting yesterday Insisted that Indiana , aru) 1)1.1- note would not .consent; t<> a.<»nce. awl It now renwlnq wH)» 'president Katchford to say w hfther or not ho will meet with thu Pitt»burg ctperi|.U>ft4 add trust 'to .the '-others. 'to follow thrxde-, there made.' It in bfii.'vt-fl thq> a conference will be h«ld Inert- jxunofrow beoause just after thf 3f»s$io'n of A\\t> <tp- arators had adjourned Coltmol fund received a tetegVa,m from, hta son TJtw who t? in Columbus, sayiii|j. says Saturday will. In.' s«tt>U(,ii for con- Executive buaid will be In ses- eofi&act. w^rrafetfl far whirh . lasfiteA several day* «go, but could *fnt bfe Served Deca^re'lJ& Atrtrft was un- 6et t}»« prttt ctie^ of-Hie^beriri aefctf- The suit* arfe thought by form** ibelr, ' .,. ^ ^ fife Atinit ,wa» taken in trt The linui$, Aug. 2D.— A from Coffeen.Il tey'g rrusadtrs 4of?t ground h«fp yesterday when the Miners v<-hn had gone out conditionally f-lurru'd to work. T.hSst at'tion was d4sronrn£ir1g Jo' th'e strike ra During <4he -morning they gathcted in groups about (he roads lending to th* mine and endeavored to appru&ch the men. This was against Hrad(cy'a i orders a$d he mundly s<orrd them for at- nMempted litterltrenip. IIP- still asserts that ho will get thf 1o<<nl miners to attend a mJu-'v-mu'tmB. bijj fm. u thus far failed. .1. M. Pafcg, Staunton,, wbo too'k lirad- ley's plate at the hcud of the sinkers after the "general" «(>•< wrested, had Jake Tiayjor, mayor of t Tut-n. arrested last evening for thr«at,n!ng to «thoot! him. Jfruylor was put under bonds to keep tne peace and telw-i'd. Hradjpy'i army"lhow numbers about 500, many of the orusaders huvlnsc dppartjpd. Ills fort-e? are still Iri poft«efsion of The town and determined i(s : '*ver to stay. They declare they will not resort to violence. St. Louis. Aug. 20,-^A special to Thq Ref»ubllc front Duquom. IDs., siy«: Agi- tatoris from Duquoin captured Illirntl.s Central through. f« eight No' 86 here at 7:30 last evening. They had been to Cart'erville and after a,n unRucce.ssful attempted to get the ,CartcrvllJe miners out came here. They .number about 250, The local police aie/unable to control the strikers. The ,fruin has been sidetracked and Is awaitiriK orders. The miners are desperate.. They waul lo go to Dufjubin atid'may take charge of the train, x ' / Springfield/ills.. AUff. 20.—At.'.Vltden «ome of th«' forelBTiers employe*! In the rnirje who have ptrucj< became irripaijt-nt at proprvVsNtnadp in the strike arid , "cittemnntl Rriliet fo» Sttlherti. " Oinciiinatl, Aug. 20.--Foor people attended ah we« air ih'eetin'g' Ja^t night of tn* Chaftlber of Commerce comtttiHee for the relief of (he striking ntlnefS. Rev. Iff T). H. Moore, of tfie Ifooft -'<3<»»ecrn, ,presfdeS. ir«i inade by .prominent eiti- **»* awd clergymen— Proteatalht ' a.nd Roman CJathollc. It was announced that ft depot for sunplles had been se- tti the Methodist Bopk Concern and that patSers > would be in th* ,hahdB of every membef of the 4S!har0beT of Comm^rcsfj tnday to sn- lldt subscriptions. A collection taken at *tfte meetlru? ,reatt«e3 a Jtespectabie sum. - ' -«,.'' CnAAr Srtyn H* Wan Mhqnntcd. . ' Cleveland, Aug. 5<f.^-3W3ftus CwJdy, of : the Cuddy-Wullen Coal company, who WAS quoted as saying that Galling t<x sUbdUe be 'UMd t<x sUbdUe the "gtrlklng mfrters, In the PittSbufg district, said la»t night tbat he had never made any such statement aa was attributed to hdn. • ' Bales OjMtw ' la,, Aug. 20.— Ejt-GoV- ernor Boles opened the state Democrat- tc 'campaign with An address here yesterday afternoon. The speaking did not begin till about 2:30. For some reason there was very little stir and no- demon*- stratlon over tHc event. Captain J, W- Muflly, of Des Molnca, apotee last night. Belnft Short lla Took Atufnlc. Stfetby, Mich., 'Aug. 20.— ?Th.oma» H, Baker, of this place, state agent 'of the Walter Wood' Harvesting conrpanr of- Mlnneapolle, committed suicide yesterday by taking arsenic. Bak<?r la alleged to-be. fSOO short In his accounts and, was arrested by th°e sheriff yesterday morn- Ing. •- -Mlnlntcj- Vntinrt Ocart In . Huntlngton, Pa,, Aug. -20.— Rev. H. J; Houghton, for two years*past rector 6f 8t.. : James':\EplscopaI cbfirch here and of the .episcopal church -of - Tyrone; ' p£k.. was found .deart in bed ypstCtday morn- teg--^t hia Vesidenee. ftpv. Houghton was a' native of Salt t,ako City, Utah, I was completely covered with aoren. Every muscle in my,6odxj»ehed. Had been sick . for five ybore. Doctoiffr- could do me no good. Most of r.jy time was f«ppnt m bed; was a complete wreck. iBu'dook ci'« have cempleto'y fared me in three i « (!•*.'' Mrs. Annio AVhy ooutinua to imts your nights in •HirntuhiuK and your days iu miser?? Donn'» Ointment brings instant relief, and perumoe'tiU'v curen tho wbret cases of -itching piles, ' . It never faile. (Jnrinont School. that will protect "her Call at the schbol.located, in the Watson t)0ttdi»(j St^te Btriwt west. "X From f 10, to $50 per|year snvcit each family ( who will send a pupil to 1 the Dress Tailoring school in the Watson building. iii <>ft'ei-«-»l td*It la Inferred from this that ftateh- ford hgs now .corrc ludwi to .itu-nd tha Ctmf(*r<itit-f. Whefr Dc*an w«#nt tn Golumbus. Wednesday niyflit he waa given khsidlutte., -autimritj' by -K« and oThers to arrange 1 ' for ^ Arbitration, and he has l«H:n working to this end all day. *Should the arbitration * »rrft«««* ffr.1t Wa» ^ by <t«? tiperatprs at tUuir m«et- lB|f' last night thai immediate pj-cp^ra- -|qjf starting their urines non-union- to give time for Should be ad.vei*i few days. ' »* Arualt. UoOer An%»t- Au|[, 20.— At and Turtle Cresif, t>»« marched a£ainyasEtT<iaypei iu ctmples to& feet ^piut. .The 4eput»es fMnntd a lin* actwua tb» road $,nd wamad them l*kck aa fast an tach pair cajiie up, ' Each side wapmd lhV others to take tl»« agicresftlv*, hut both wer« wary aad netthW advanced t>«Jyoji4 % «ert«tiw point. Tfce strlHers theu^ re- tuwifcd ttt c«Mx\|k, but «, few of tfaeai later inawafed to «sc«pe tin; 4tputje« a^a jftk *«hon» aonua of thrf miners in the company bouses, dolag conHidttrft- blte mta^oBary «ror^. * It Was decided to fliarch again fo4«y, but U J» if they -»'Mi 'have any better than they bad yesterdny. The have JM#B gradually cl<j»ia« i vam^a, and will coptiim* ty 40 »»W, upatil tbe mm vQl not to lvav« Uie camp. TW» Jjr place thaw wodw *rr«ai^ Tbts *r« not >t >n H i» Jp as " up<tonii^rtttbl«. for know how. At the «ttem|tt ft> Is tfau •1 ,\ •t brother of ^'tJliino P. who faa* beefi v««f «ctiv« ta this l*it«r- of tfa a,t: thesNorth shaft t<i prevent the fewTttwj still'working from going- to work. A woman in\he crnwd struck om* of the miners golngV to \rork- over the head with a -club,. C&nsidWa hie -excitement ensued,-and the superintendent or- dertiJ the men who harinconie to work to go hafck to tbolr Jiomt>!«.\Shortly after mldnigrU t\ number of rri»m attneked the roHlflpnre qf Jason Harris, one of the$ miners who hfts.lK-en working, Vnd fired several abotn Into the housenndsjnagbed Jti the windows and doors with stones, ,, n oru' of which struck Harris In theTaee, -,r»rm I roperty fnftietlnjt-'an "K'y Bnah^" \ I am prepnred to insure farm propwty ' 'IN THE IVKSTEHM FIELD. V ftt t dn9;pcr ceftt for three years in agoo<I .„,' . _ „ " , _._. ., . ,.\ first cluss cotDuany doiri^,.business un- IIIIOolN Op«rului'» Orgunl/.e ami R<U^rt th« , , ,. \ *^ . , > ~ " ~ Miners- scitie— tin strtjke iu I»w«.' "J er I'wnew ft«m the etata mslirauco cciru- Peorm, JVte,. AUK 20—The rnln« opjer- , n^i88io»er! Thit; ift better than the Mu 1 - at^jnfJHhToKs^orirarTized a state atjUO- tual couipaniea. ' clfttljili Vcst'eTSayT'^frri pr3er t'hat they T' might be IPNS a.t the mercy of the east- I ,' ern uperatoiK in the aettlement of such . jfflBP ||t troutiU's a^-the-prfeiitint. Th^ following ', " 'Hf** offlcers _wert- eKlcd: "TrbsTdt-nt,- Le«rp' Dow'tf pay ttJ50 for a freewsr when vj Ktncaid, of. , Athi-tisj__ylce prudent, will «»H you atiqt,-Arctic for f "" laaac Wantllng, of Peoria; • stererary d»y in ttte weak or any week in ftn4 t»easurer, J. W. McKay Klchard- j son, of Kee^ City. i«3xe« uuVe'«*minU- 1 tee~C. Crafner, J., fJhoJl jinU A. Boys- , Tv Wluxui it Mtiy Conift?, ler 1 , ot Peoria; P, MeeChan, of JJreeda, .•* .„ . »,_i- ., ./ .and Jl, Srhaeffer, Of Auumptian, Thel WbCTeaa ruy wif»» Bjf^fty HugbJes, bas tbe scale' pre- left my b^d, boardsrnd residence, with- W (he rofhei's several weeks ago,'' ou t any just causeatad provocation. The Evening , : _~L J, "CSP- »Aiwr OP man tn What if Not Miracles? '- The great Four-t Remedy is doing work wherever introduced AS nearly miraculowi • aS it ever falls to the' lot of any human agency to-do < I will es sem it a favor for any one interested to write th&jtersons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) -lly aim Is to convince the public of ay tteeffly ami of the true merits of this remedy. BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. • Office Of "KltiGHFHBVB TlMK»," I Klngflsbcr, QkU. t Daiv 12, 'BS. f OBHTT-BIIKN:—1 belinvB it iltty duty to write yon » line in regard to the beneficial effect of Phelps' "Kour C Remedy," go far tin I urn personally con- xrrrted. A week ago last Thursday, I w*» taken *ltli a severe at tack of la grippe and in a short ilme Jbeoaroe SQ honrse 1 could dot speak above a ffhlaper. The nlffht previous I hod ooughod nearlyttbo entire niHht; just before retirlnR I took titcvfr IdW lit toy fife, not coughing ouo«. I was •htirely relieved before taking one bottle. Phelp*" Dough. Cold and Croup Cure nbould bo tn every lousehold lt> the land. I eAod you this wholly imolioited by anyonp, for you arebenefaotor* of the race in giving it the antidote tot tottfr of the worst afflictions to wbipb it Is b«ir. Very Truly Vonw, C.J, tJ«8Birr, Editor. / A MIRACLE. - / Kansas City, Kansas, Deo. 24,'91 IMA Friday, Deo. 19, my attendiDg physloUn ttated unless I was fatter by mornlne hnoould lo notblnc for my relief. That nlRnt I com- nenced taklns Ftwlp's <l KourC"*«mcdy, stopped ill other ro«dleinc». Thn Brat doso stopped my ulept and rested well; a few more doses timoved all soreness from my ; toe second. lay I was up; the third day I was out on tba :orcb and. to-day wms up town purcbssint; holiday' rood*. Miss JIKHIX BABBBT, . Washington AVe. and Summit St. CROUP CURED. Would you teach your, ilaughtor^a One dose of Phnips'Cough, Cola and Croup ..j.. ii__i .^_;ii i.._j. t .!.'..._._ i»», a. *2ure'. if&VR mv child instant relief when uttiuilrtul ', irave my child inatant relief when attacked »ilh the croup. W. E; Mooai, of Moore Bros., Grocers. Arkansas City UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. . i _ J. M. Hptiiro. Mahuqpr, I Office Cohimurciai PriottniZ Co., i> > 196 South dark St. f n *. .«. « « ' Chicago, Nov. Z4, 'M B. B. Phelpr, Esq., City, D»«B 8m;—I wish to boar te»trraony to ih« Rreat efficacy of yopr "Four C" remedy in thfoai and Inne ailment*. AS a rule I have been sleep, tlcal otthe merits of propriotary medicines- but baw to .centos'! that a test of yonr "Pour C" It convincing that at least one ready made remvdt is Worthy of me. Hy '..chiiawn all take It without the least objection, from oldest to younges* nnd It is particularly noticeable that beiieot U almost immediate. A gfnele does will checft most coagh* in their tegiliuiug; it «lve« An unbroken *8»t at night. , In my fAmHy- "Four C* in simply indispensable and I recommend it un rtoaliOedly, Youre, / *^ ACUTE LARYNGITIS. "' . L Chicago, Sept. 25,- "85 / Fo* yean back each winter I hav» Rurferoo wltb aoute Laryngitis. Last winter was so bad I could not leave my rnom for two wanks dr sprak above a whisper. I tried ov^ry known cough preparation from couph drops up and down wttli no relief, then in denperation I wan induced to to try Phelp's "Four C.".' The flrst dose relieved •my cough, giving.mei the flr«>t uiitbt'a rsst foi- ~~ ,U tbe be'" week* Hall bottin cured mo. I bave uevei been without this wonderful remedy cinco. It ia ^ from other like remedl from vinegar or sugar from «and. . MBS. JosKi'u E, GBFEB. 5313'Madisou Ave. IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Ecbnrd, the Railroad Correspondent of the Neodonhtt Kanfas Keu.istor, has this to «ay of "P6ur C." "Pbelps is having « wonderful fate of his Cough and Cold Remedy. Wo personally know it is just whin it is ed to oe. .Too much cau t tw said iu It U * miracle ~ \ NOTICE TO DRUQQISTS AND THE PL 1C. . OWTRACT.—Druggists are authorized in AtL CASES TO REFUNJD THE PTJR- CHASE PiUCE,- if the rour-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction'in Croup, Bronchitis,Asthrna,LaGrippe > Caughs and Colds, no matter how,long standing, or deep seated, in fact I guarantee in aH manneroi Bronchial or Luhg,trou.ble, not as a Cure-All,but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on tnxabove conditions.»• I take all chances. . R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL Proo, jby tSr. T. DRAKE. rNTlNGT thfrt wer« now ready to carry ogt" their con- tit th« olcj prices. . MOW therefore all' perabHei' are "hereby forbiddcu to harJ>or or trust her on toy l».. '/tug/ 20.—The'coal acconut as I win pay no debts o? ner rneeting that ftdjourafcd from » ' contracting Jo an afternoon session ijn ae- 1 DO of nln« pTe»««ii. in Two , -Illinois and throu«b hatioa a ciirnrnHtee of two mirier* waa Jewa fof the relief of Illinois sufferer*. A.j4/U.-to t>» sought from the miniog ,c^m&3 »«d a|l other seur<*s poasil>le- An avtninff .tesijon was neld, but" ad- joarijed witttout tokJnif any action. nat*>li-ii« i* regarded as 9 failuru." «*«., Aug, m-Tbe No. 97 of the Kansaa an Texa» 1 Beary company it fused to 'go to woi J(' ye»t«r- day morning. TTae Jfausaa and *F«xa« company failed to M^ti 'tb* contract r«- c*otly »grted to between th# rfllners itad The oie^n at jshaft No.. 37 da upo.ij Sui»rriD- , _ to s}«n if. kale of wag«s r in conJEormity with tbe contif^t munUojied,x^ tvln B him 'till this morning 10 fonipjiy tb«rewttb, ' ' tb^-fcouatry tbau nil pthar di»ea«e» put to- tb« liwt fwr yaars *a« «»p- For a great Itoiiar, Hold on merit. 4 Cireat 5 Ctsiil^r, Asfe tw tH«J» and show yonr dealer that you know when' you get a good stQoke. *Jt»ey »re made hj ' '" ' reioedwat, and by eon- •taoUy laiiinB to cm^ with local trwttiaeat, prwiouaetid it incurable. Seiaaop iuw proven »at#rrb to be « ooaatitHtiQBftl d«- k«t. n&Uy ia doses ^i>m 10 Itaot* directly 6n twu. Tb*y way <*»# it doii»rt for Send fwroircu I s ». j, CASTOR IA Ladies .««•:.*•«» ' '( we wtu. 0&u» YOU CORSET icle office. GAS Largo Reduction in Prices on Oooking Apparatus. Oas Rangea $10,00, $13.00 ; S15.0O and g Stovee $1. to $5. according THE WBLSBAOH Reduced in Price * x t ^ From $2.25 to $2,OO each. . This includes flutfed abode awl tbiuiney. $5 cents ^tm for dome and protecting shade. (See ctM& ) Th* cb«|>«*tArtiftoUi Uflht y*t Inywted, Ahioluttlj 8t«dy, Oo»tB les» than Jo per hoijr. 43ive« 00 {tower of li^it twice the light of » 6ft, open ^a» burner the L c ^ Umj of tke baft lighted ator^-i|i MArshall o»e these light*. Welsbach i4gfets Alwaya Qiv«s Sausfaetion, both «R to ligh> aod oor^ampticm o f gas, Newrly 300 sold lo Mawh»M during the put year. THE KAESHALL LIOHT CO, 3 rf -i

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