The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 20, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1893
Page 1
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« f VOL XI^-NO 279 MARSHALL, MICH., iHUIlSDAY,' JiM 20,'1893 PRICE TWO Pure 4 cream ot tartar baking .powder HiRhestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S 1 Government Food Report. , ROYAL BAKINQ POPPER CO 106 Wall Streefr N.Y^ HUMPHREYS' _ ForSornes, Cattle, Steep, Dogs, Hogs, AND FOOT-THY. . 500 Page Book on Treatment of Animals and Chart tient free. OTKE8 5 Fever»,Conncstton»,InaainniatIon A.A.iHplnal Ulcnlnaltln, Milk Fever. - B.B—HtTuIng, Lameness, Uhoninatiam. Q.C^-DtBtcnipori Nasal IHicharges. D.D.— BotR or Grubs. Worm*. B.E.--CanBba, Heave*, Pneumonia. F.F.— Colic or Gripe*, Bellyache. B.O.-9IUcarrlag:c, Hcinorfhniies. H.H.—Urlnnry nnd KiUui-y Dlseiutca. i.I..«Brnptlve DUonttcs, Mange. J.K.— l»lsea«e« of WigenUon, Paralysis. Single Bottle (over 50 doses), »• • «60i Stable Ca«o, with Speclflcs, Manual, _„ Veterinary Cure Oil ami ModlcatopPS»i«0 Jar Veterinary Care Oil, . - 1.00 Managers -of the Penal and Re- fprmatofy Institutions ,.. .*• . - •• \ ... ' ; DISCUSS W7IOT LABOR, Leon Smith, thfc Foi-gcr, Olven Eight Years In the State Itbqfte of Correction—Ste- or wiarquette ciosetl "toe attaira "-of. the clothing firm of .Tjicubson/& Levitan on an attachment of $(500, owed the firm of Colm Brothers & Company of-Milwaukee. Jacobson p & LevitaivJuly 14; filed a chattel mortgage ift the, city recorder's office in favor of 13 different creditors for the eiiin of 54,089, leaving the Milwaukee firm out in the cold, hence.its action. • • '" ^ P plion Relgcr Acquitted of til'* Chargip of ; Murder. LAHSixa, July 20.^-A most important meeting" of the managers of the several penal ajid reformatorjrinstitu- tions of the state, will. be held\here next mon$h in accordance with the new prison law passed at $W recent session of the legislature. It*" remem^ bered that a vigorous warfare against the employment of convicts in the manufacture of products, which enter largely intp competition with free lab'orj waa urged last winter, especially by the Michigan manufacturers of furniture. .'-'••" One of the results 1 of this, agitation the incorporation in the general Break* Jail. SAGINAW, Jtily 20.r-"Whilev" Hok- heiser, charged with larceny from the lice station. cell and , person, escaped from the , e polic ,ti prying up the., top bars of the "I letting himself out at the back window. Nine other prisoners in the jail might also have escaped had they known what he was doing. llcflecti on Hadgley. HACKINAC -ISLAND, July 30.—The verdict of the coroner's jury in; the Lillian Saulter case-was -'suicide by poison, indirectly caused by one William Badgley, who, as the evidence seemed to disclose, had committed'a crirninai assault upon her, the disgrace of which caused the. said Lillian Saulter to take her own During the summer Miss Evelyn \V at oil is prepared to give instruction in he languages and mathematics, or in ny of the common brunches. Miss Graham, teacher of guit.-ir, man- oliu and banjo, will give Jnatrirctlons luring vacation on the '^ifierent frieti'u tnents. Those wno are interested please otisiilt with Mr. Louis Tbompaou'. : . tiring Your.C'arifet*. The carpet cleaning works shunge street will be open c "Monday, March 27th. Go to Boughton'a for/wall paper, Sew stbck and new styles. Iloburi oa rwelpt of UUVPUnETS'KKD.CO., Ill * lUWIUUnSt., HOMEOPATHIC . _ ISPECIFIC «o._ T In uu 30 'yean. The only successful romody for Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, and Probation. from* over-work or other cauuoi •1 per vial, or (.vialBandUrgovial powder. for*6. Spld-bT Dro«l»u, or Mot po»tp»idun receipt o< prim HEU'HBJtYS' MKD. CO., Ill A 1 18 WUltam St., Hewjorh. OAHTER'S . . Bating, fain in the Side, 4o. ^emlrkable auocesa has been wn in curing e^r'a little Liver FfflJ «« BtipaUon. curing «idp» y olad Acli»they would V^ s4moBtprlcnless to thoae vita. BU/ier frQmthisrt!titri'-3::Ju rtu nately tl>c(XK 4 .i^ih»: <!oc-i * * J 1 who once try lU "" ' i'««". •> .ii.,vMi • ...v* will npfc — -r- iiut nf wr ullaick h»»d "\Vilfi tiit*.\j *»*vw«. ^*w* «.«•««- ——-. »-— ^ -.-- law for the* government of the pnsons of a provision that there shall be a joint meeting ofjthe boards of managers of these institutions at least once in six months for the purpose of determining what lines of productive labor 'shall be pursued in the prisons, and "in BO determining said boards shall select diversified lines of industry with reference to -interfering as little as possible with the same lines of industry carried on by ciiizens of the state." In accordance with the above provision Governor Rich has decided to call the first of such joint meetings for Wednesday Aug. 2, at the executive office. He has also determined tore- quest the boards of managers of several other state institutions, such as toe, school for the deaf, school for the hKnd, state public school for dependent children, etc., to meet with the prison managers for the purpose of conferring as to what articles they can bpst manufacture that can be utilizedyin such mat. tutions. / This action is taken for the reason that Section 35 of >ne law provides that "the boards are /required to employ s<> many prisoner^ in either prison as are necessary in/making all articles for the various state institutions, as far as practicable, and the state institutions shall pay to such prison making puch the market price of all snch .*it«5t> furnished." Because of the patters to be considered in this connec-. tion' the coming meeting will be one of the most important ever held in the state. • i RELEASED FROM JAIL. Ataxhuilikm Caspar! IJegins a Suit For #50,000 Damaged. DETROIT, July 20.^-Maximilian Caspari, who was arrested on a capias Tuesday night at the instance of his wife, who charges him with firing aje- volver at her, was released from jail yesterday morning'and promptly began suit against Colonel John Atkinson for §50,000 damages. Gaspari succeeded in getting bail early in the morning and was released. . '•••' Caspari was found at his room m the Ste. Clair hotel yesterday afternoon in no pleasant frame of mind. He declined to talk about his case except to 6av that the affidavit of Colonel Atkinson was wide of the facts. Asked tp specify isolated statements in the affidavit which were untrue, Caspan declined to talk at'all. He vowed he would get ej?en with his persecutors eventually. „»,.,, -^ , Mr, Yerkes., one of Mr. Gaspares lawyers, explained that bis. client's, suit was brought to recover damages- for tne alienation of his wife's affgetjtons. also was indwe^ J? bajretieent. ^ j was not lonel N Injured In Chicago. LANSINQ, July 20.—Among those SQ ously injured in' the {tradecrossing accident in Chicago Tuesday was Mrs. Henry Black of Davison, Genesee county. Railroad Commissioner Billings' daughter was on the saine car, b}« was' not hurt. Governor Rich sentr a telegram from Chicago to this effect. Stephen ttulgur'pfot Guilty, ALPENA, July ,20.—The celebrated Moliter cases are now at an end. Wednesday inprnmg the jury brough in a verd.ict of not guilty in the case of Stephen Reiser. The others im plicated/in the affair will not be ar rested/the people being satisfied tha the ieaders have been caught and ar now paying the penalty of their crime cases in all will have cost abou §8,00)1. This Alpena county will have -to stand until Presque Isle is able to pay it back, which may be ninny years, Loon S. Smith Sentenced. GRAND RAPIDS, July 20.—Leon 8. Smith, the young forger, was Wednesday morning brought before Judge Burlingame for sentence. The courtroom was orowded, and even the corridors of the courthouse were full of people, mainly society folk and young friends of the convicted young man. He was as cool as a cucumber and took his medicine with a nerve equal to that Of Irving Larimer. He V aa given eight years at Ionia prison. Schelly kinds, of tin wo Murphy's. is prepun d to do (bop opvoeite E. L If you \uimthc best refrigerator on earth for/the least money «o to Boslej's. 'Buy the gtnuiue rhilatlviphlti luwn. njowcr ft Bosley's. Sufferers from Pilen, should know that th- Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly .and fcctuully remote every trace of then). ruggist w'H ge.t it for you. ' • $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner VOUSDCSB and Sleeplesenees the* Vegetable Cure wifl not euro. i - . i Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaGrippe ftud its af(er effects ' Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and Constipation. 12 oz. $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. Lawn mowers piund at and >'e- uet your tin warn mended at Scbdly'h tin shop, nun. Whou nnjtbiDi; you waul to bur, JuM call ut Clutbliei's mill and try, His cjihh prices- will mrely suit yau, When any Iced jou do wnni ground, Call at Chebbui'ei mill, he iw alw»yn around, And he will ple»se you. We buy for cash and sell fur cash, And ttmt's what keeps u? in our hash, Get your Quo wall paper and paints uuw etoto. Eloper* In South Dakota. BBOOXLYX, July 20.— Professor Stephenson, formerly principal of the pchools here, and Miss Culver, who eloped last week, haye been tribced to Madison, S. D. It is also learned \that they are living at different hotels that thy professor is seeking a . SfOCKWOTTO Terms'cheau. Jsee'Or a separation from . his marry Miss Culver. _ wife in order Crushed by a Train. -tfK.R, July 20. - Passenger tram No. 1, going west, struck Charles Clair near the depot, crushing his right foot and mangling his right arm, besides inflicting internal injuries. His recovery is very doubtful. A number of men stood near, but /had not the presence of mind to push him from the track Will Go to the Fair. BAY CITY, July 2Q.-The yacht Hector, which has just ^turned from the world's fair with a party of Bay City- ans, has been Chartered by the Saginaw Marine World's Fair club, who will leayefbrthe fair Tuesday. The club has a membership of 33 and they expect to be gone a month. "!ucy »liue Suspended. NEQACSEE, July SQ.-r-All work at the Lucy iroiTu>ine haa been suspended by order of'the local managers. The com- Termsicheap. A. B. KING, &l»r*M>, Mi«h Ciiaftti on babies, sorer nipftleb nod in flamojation of the Weasl instantly relit; vbd with LttVonda^OintUieut. Notice. I'hu Eureka, bakery's WUKOD makes dails trips to all parts of the,city,c»in line of bread, cakes, pies and cookieV- All orders will receive prompt attentior Just as suto as hot weather comes there will be niore or leps bowel complaint ia this vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to ha\~e some reliaole tuedicine at hand for instant use in case it is iieedfed. A 25. or 50 cept bottle of Chamberlain'B „ ,Cfa(?ler8,ftftd piarrhtsa Bepaeay i£iu^ .what, you. ought to have *nd aM tba ; t ywi would need, eveu fqr th^ : ipost'severe a&d dangerous eases. It is the laefit, the mo«t reliable aiid most successful treatroei?t known and. ispleagant to take. For sale at Qr^&e's drugstore. ' ' The Pyramid Pije Cure is a new diawt«ry f«r Jtw? prompt, permanent cure of Piles in *ve#Honn,, Erery druggist baa it. cord' pany has-been paying 4tt cents per »*. riij X^.AV^«. ^iwmA«*a rt _ , .by its wonderful effeoto of > '- '^*j^P^*«*»*^^«»**iW»^ r / S«lF|uw^-»M»«>^>y^^y. 4 SlOl in Ylitiam* •^hoA&tt£ifti < T - , nM^^^&WP« ft f MinWflBTH % i ': SAnK^m >i^Ti^jrt.So*tfti IBM Wlmlili s^^»M^f*>-- s _::' ^,- J • , s 1 if,yo£ WV&& W l^*3»ifc6ft.<W ?f" Uij^f r^ip»»fc 5 fil«t4<8»^rt^ ti&tiijigw. •• V '"."&*: *'* '- yjTww l«8««t to wilt*' ? mideratQfid thai''Mri .* ', 'j^- ^v^m'^'f^ •. " a '.ifj. •* .- > *_ 4 t t;/;^>'.^''^.^y1 •^ = - ^ ^ f . ^ ^ _ v * ^.-^ ^ ^ ->i?* , 4 r «j- _^ ?~-"' ^ ;*"" i" _< x '"^ \, i,./J- *- '^~''" '-^-f, ,, * -,"••* ^^f^jM \*\^:- r '^^/j" Tr'^^^-.K:^^ ^'fo*"^^E"-?TX.'^^^p

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