The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 23, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1892
Page 2
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V' THE Witt CHH0111CI& rec«iT(»a u tb« tltt* »« State itrfiet, •]} MusH, WHAT t rrefrs^ "> O FUN. i,^ of #-: U tilftrf''' didate The candidates on the state » u » vu « a .^. ftionnl tickets at tho reeonVelection Ipve un Ml tho mh inst. in jvhich to (lie with tbo fejtetaryo! statert^tntement of t|ioir Uoc* tton expenses, and! thus far but f«tw of them havo complied W^th the statuto iti this re' <ard. Among, tho stateinenra rcceited to- ceivod today wan one from IVilfiam Newton, fusion onndidnw for justice gf tho puprcnio coilrt. Judge Nowton says he contiibuted $300 to the treasury of the:d"eHiocratic atale ventral coinmlfteej |400 to the jpc.Qple's patty c.ommittc'elf paid; y^>- for printing and $14.60-; for postagi), raaViHg bis total ex- phases, $l ! ,02i.50.' '"". '-._- s TFhe cxpecses of JSincs"' A. Vannisr, demo oratio candidate for ifuditor general, were as follows;* Palddcmocrntic state c'ommilteV, $100; novr«paperci $50; printing, $10} traveling expenses. -$155; hotel bill?, $05,60 total A ICetr Certain Ctora for Mia*. „ J ..Wft ctdi Inten'd to endora's *ny exoopfc artV- 3s df genuine • meritf we thawfore, tak* eaaure in recommending to sutfatert ftpto Piled in any forrn^ a prompt and permanent ' ' i Mrs. *Mary C. Tyler, of Hepipmer, Ore* t writes, Ono pkg. of JPyfSmjffKlft Cure eE-* suffered for yelita, find IfiRpOv never bad the slightest return of them since. " Mr, B.' O'Brien, $ock 3lu«g, Neb?, sayst Tho $$g. of tVratnid Pile Cuf^entirely n re- movigd ef r ory'.«traco ot. itching, piles* X cannot thank you enQUgfi for it. r " The Pyramid 1'iloCufo ii a new; cerUin; "painless cure for^eyory f6rm of Pilfi'ftl It is uro and chacp, For sale by nil chug gists. x Any dfuggiat wilj; get it for you if ydu ask fai^a. ' * PennsylvaniVBuckvvheat flour Scents per pffi'uud, $2.75>cr 100 lb$. OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR THE KhXT 30 DAYS. I tfcill Sell at Coat for dusk all-" *'" -' ' '.' * v * ri y Triinmid Hats and Bonnets, i * ^— All tlntrimiiied Sopds, '•* feathers, Rmey Feates, ; Ribbons, Children Cry for pitcher's CastoH B. Butler Jteeps the laraost crockery and lamps inj,lvbcity. Will joii.part wltfi /your dar- 'Unfit babies in #iekpes«, .or caU on your druegiiit for Dr. SMrpsteon'a.' Laronder Oioimen! nnd Astliniatio Biilsam, medioiua- that save live* \Vhon doctors fail la A]em> i , - .... .... <fth « e at'$1,375''and Charles F. Mnrakey,' democratic' ca»clida$* for secretary of state, places his outlay at $560.47, while D. E. Hiskins, democratic candidate for member of the statt board of education, swears that his campaign cos 1 him $120.501 Charles F. Russell, chairman of the pro- hibiuotf'state central committee, places the expenses, oftho committee at a flat $1,000, '^Kinh hf» ftrtv'a wija nftifl'-'nnf fn aftontr«r«. Vlnf.- 'which he shy's was paid out to spcakora, umont-«, etc. • Judge Merac invested $1,231.12, while John Russell, hia prohibition opponont, • swears that he is out but $20. , Hallway Mlli:atrp In the .World. .WAifeniNOTo.v, 'Nov. ,22.— Accompajiylpg the census office railway repdrt "Dors charts ihowingTho len.gthof railway^, In «T«ry country. Out of a total railway .mileftge of the world of Iff 0,881 the United States has nearly K5?,r>97 nfiles. or 44.18 percent. Th* raU\vay niSleflge of ' the United States exceeds by SrOi'3 mya tie entire mileaga of the Old world. Europe's IJKf.SeS miles, Asia's 18,790 miles, and Africa's 3,993 milqs, making nn aggregate of only 159,695 Oriiecr nionia, p.Iso quickly relieves-nftrt qures Croup," Scarlet FoYer, Wloopioji Uougu, Sore Throat, Burns, S.nilds and similar nfllictionh, 85 and, 50 cents or by mail-? D« 11. SnAitPStBlEH, Prbprl- olor Marshall. Alichitian. An honest Swedo tell* his story in plain but uumistaliab|'e languaffo for the fcenafl of tho public. W 0no of my children taok. a gpvero cold and got tho croup.. I gare her A toaspoo'nful of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and in five minutes later I gave her one more. • By thia time she had U> cough up thi gathering in her throat. Then she went to sleep and slept good for fifteen minutes Then slid got up aud vomited; then eh« wen back to bed and .slept good for tha re main- dor, of tho night. She got the croup the aeo- ond night and I guvp-her the earno remedy with tho same good results, I write this be* cnuso I thought tliere might be^ someone in the same need and not. It now the true merits of this wonderful medicine.'' Charles 'A. Thompseen, D.<53 Moinea, Iowa. 25 and 60 cent bottle* iortalo at Greene's drugstor* "Oliildrchpryfor Pitcher's Castorla. H FOR THE MEXT THIRTY PAYS. MISSJHANNA, is in Charge of my Work Room She U lately from ttm wholesale bottso of Tollook, JPottlbona & UhapiDaa * having had & large experiences cab give you satisfaction knd qn abort ttotim. Now is the time arid place. o. 2 doors west of P.O. McComU.i Takes 'WASHINGTON, Nov. sa^iOlhe ex-secretary of the Republican campaign com- witte'o, Hon. Loisls E. ^IcComus, of Mary- -jad, recently appointed.,^ justlee of tjie «npreme court of tlie District of ColumlJia, qualified yestefcday ui^rniaa and •nt«rad upon his UCAV duties. Visited by Gwfrruor-Elcct Craonie. WASUIXUTOS, Nov. £3.— lion. Loren?« Grounse,* govcraor-fclect of Nebraska and formerly assistant secretary of the treasury • department, wasUn Washington yesterday «ind m^t a >varm reception from Ids friends In the treasury. ' " , , if H.L, '"'..I L A CAVE OF THE DEAD;' Wi»er«J a PreblatorSo* Tbr*w Its C»p- v ,' ' tlvus to Dl», ^ BAST FqAKcisco, Nov. 23,— An, explorer "' has discovered on. the crest on a mountain of marble inTuolorune county, high' above H>he Stanislaus river, a cavern. ii&0 feet deep, in which the bones of many series of human beings have besn found. Thonatura of the eave and* the condition the bofljies indicate Jtjhat the glaco vras in some remote age ' used rat a prison in \vhicU ravage* threw Weir captives t# die. t Tiie ?ave is near t» • the old mining town of ColumWa. __ • . . puJ)'.Uela ojT ltona» On-tl»o floor. formoS of J^J't .-.At.". UlV JiKNT-liouse aua lot Bouth- 1 west GoraurctMa i-l m uj) 1 Liudea atroetA. 'liinirc of A O<"> wiu or K K. i^'Wn >•'* dn9 offer for sale one of the largest and best selected stocks of • f -'??''''. "• \" .' - : ' . ' •':•"•• • • ' »' . :v • > ..'.. --. HOLIDAY QboBs and TOYS ey^fspld' in Marshall at prices so Ipw ihlt you can afford to buy them. Come .'early'and get y^put choice of the •\. .«,• * •.••-- ' • bargains. G. H. GRfeENE. W ANl'JiU-Twu Uluibg rou:d tula. »t ltd liouse Uood wages. . <3p89 j!.>OR 8Ar,.S—Stock of grocerifee, flstnres and ,U pood wi 1, etock of crucker;, flilures and cood^?Hl. Willtoe «f>!4toget!ifr or Htugly with leaso Q£ srora at rcafonab(.e rent. SaLiufactory reasons for selUu^ AlWto.t'box 1110, Marshall, A '~" 'qOQD KJJS1JJ1SSS SITE'tof aale-oa »t*te' etrcct, UieMro.SU'el? property, rt -- 1 uud price apply ttt 0. Cunniuguiun. MARSHALL IMPROVED. ' ••-.. k' , ft* ifi<vor« Fulls Rw**, TfME TA6UE, NOV. DftJ 'VXtf V Vii V t\X-V;l ; ' (Rnstoy p*teat, .gwtalnS no j .^. * p and «aCo ciira (or And that is coated over vvitli lime formation, from which liang- ; actitesineVefy cpBce^Ttible shape. At the first landing the cavern was narrow, but it twistpd in varioua contortioos and opened jout into small euajgbwa qn every »Me and ' occupied by 1 stray remnants, of former' ' "TSiingi; '-HaU- a- bushes} of,beine8,^r;ereoa 'tbe flooir' tuddled UP-rj^a a I -manner t{p.t in" . EDITOR HOME e* ^Ji» Tin* " ' '' t$ Joseph -WedUl; ^fer M rte Chicago, Tribune,' with ita'wjjjto&ts, except a iltQe. fvirnitnj-e ontoo first floor, was totally de- Biroyfcd by fire yesterd,ay morning, Ths flte was .caustd" by the carelessness of % servant in throwing hot aahe^ into ; , a pinei box in the near of tko house. The low i» #bpu^ 180,000 and tbct Imsumnce ^0,OOP.- ' «Tbe wljiole Jftousehold fiscaplB injury -by t tafty ' " " ehould ^oow that the Cujce ,wAU promptly wad «f- trace.of them.; Any Drunkeiiess, Morphine, Opium, Battle Orc»k. /ockaon ..... „. 900 405 245 3» 945; 430 845 Kxt a.m. . K>i 7 10 7' 8 17 840 040 II 52 At'C Sit,' Buflftlo.. 1 45 4 & 648 603 645 9 85 6 00 p. a B'ff m. 4 55 857 tf 28 l 48 W3Q 8 85 .!». Mail' i re. 7.0t 1* 85 1 18 1 44 808 3 10 600 Ex.t r.m. 930 1 57 a 86 3 59 3 i» 4 Oft 710 a m. WItSI. Buffalo 13UO Oetrolt,LT «.ao J»okion.,.ll 85 AJblon,....!!) IS ii»rBhill ..12 « BattUCr'tllS g«go,Ar 7 36 p.m. CJfctC a.m. e so Pr™: 780, 9 35 3 I 1 100% 845 10£3V404 JO 43, 4 90 pi. 440 715 Tffi 820 847 11 SO, 505 v 895 *00 .... p.m Ip.taJp.m. C'bio Sp'l* ft. m, Z 16 410 4 40 500 5 20 5 59 I-tc ? . in J Oi 500 1201 12 a i so 983 rss A. IB Ext 10-47 11 aj 11 40 13 «& i-07 6 '50 PICKLED TRIPE I Und«rwo»d ft Coi! AT J, _. BENT-My «tor« OB 8Ut» itrsat, X' best location In MtrsbftlU'rormeri pied b» John Butler. It bM rewntly b»an 11; np and Is painted in a very fine combination colorp. ' CHRW. ?H]ffiO yQit^Kl tt» •4 0( Have a large stock of ' 0. W, ItUliJaLBS, Qen «ia. A, J»B*ii>H • For treatment aud explanation* of tha Cu/o con$uH Br» 3i. B« Gallup" 9fc W^i office, ife tus'Coflk bktek. .Patients treated Uit JAGK30H FAVORITE L 0,0,0. oicejtetl . & Tlukot Agt.' i< Bnoburn and T*o, nad ro- ttores lie skin to it» aftlj, o«MrlRs So»j>, -Mitau^ea telt tb« Jnaj^^lWftiiB'.j, TSlww. *«»"7j' SGPw»Srj*r» «a dksrteiy,o&ir - j^wL At OtutSKis. tV5 W 2S Cudjfe. jSftoto sfi»ft THO5. i, Sf AUop «ata,t-.- ^^MBaiaiiaiUiJ , DST- A Bur ?.t 9tura Coarna oonpoa ticfcet _A JTInder JeftTo f 19. E. Ctonln'f »!*r» «id *e *Jf«reward. AND FELT GOODS. ia the city carrying * line' «f Pringree '4 Smiths oelebti,^ show. Every pair warr»nt«J- Oax stock oojp«iBt8 of all aualittes) ao that v* . aw^feie to meet the demiiidi of mjif ^ b 'waated.- ^-, ? —rr * us , W« Staple & f afloy 6rpceri«3 Highest Prica Paid for Tro&ies. i, 4- E*dJ«jt .-" , - r-.j. ' ' '• < i. cit f^- , "^ ""'"^'j^l 4" " _ __t. r^r rf _^\ r .^^...' J^.^.i^.sr.ft.^, M . -

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