Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 6, 1961 · Page 7
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 7

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1961
Page 7
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DEL N EWS-H ERALD *y, ^v-i * A DEL RIO/TKXAS f TUESDAY AFTKHNfMlN, JUNK 6, 1961 SEC. B Ton/ or His First TV Talk By JAMES MAR LOW FASHIXGTOX CAP)—As Pres- Kennedy's White House lengthened, this question re- iiy was being asked around When )s he going to his first nationwide TV litUe ones, either. e already had used three of four idem to But he made a rmstake which NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO DROUGHT KILLS STOCK MEXICO CITY (AP) ^— , A drought and heat wave in south'" Kennedy isn't expected jo say, Kennedy, benefiting by his pred- j anything-new-tonight on foreign jecessor's experience, isn't likely Q^": al ^ policy. Since taking office his pol-1 to repeat. Eisenhower raised i f ^.,7„icy—standing stiff against the ' hope-; that things might be better 1 d«v«t in % Russians—has been essentially | as a result of the meeting. j the same, as that of Presidents \ He said there was a realization j ,,? », slate area ' Eisenhower and Truman. f that negotiations could now he . , - TO PROMOTE URANIUM So, ^n talking to a nation which i conducted without "propaganda I MEXICO CITY (AP) The Na- main ways open to ajknows the broad outline of Amer-^and threat and invective." Within | tional Commission of N'uclear Ea- I\T getting Ins ideas > can policy and supports it. Ken ' a few months American Russian [ ergy ^j^ today a development people- televised .nedy wilt be asking for contmu -relations went down hill fast. -plant will be buiH in Chihuahua the conferences, messages to anee °£ the same support for the* Eisenhower must have regret- ' ( 0 promote Mexico's uranium pro- ngress and television speeches same policy given his predeces- 1 tea hk optimism five years later j duction Scientists behove urant- spccial events. j sors when Khrushchev, who had been I um can he found in several areas. i! via* 3><;umt-d <ha« Kennedy,} Kennedy actually is repeating ( rattling his rockets for some time, ', tely aware of a president's 'what Eisenhower did after his broke up the second summit with' for broad public support, I Jll 'i 1955, He came right back '.propaganda and invective be«Jd maVe a TV broadcast ] ancl made a TV report to the na-icau^o of tJie U. S sp>pianr shot T'l -,»"- - ' ''££•?< Xhis been charged with'vi - r - - _ pended - sentences on < bf'each of ' peace 'charges. , The maximum "ger ' •y THf. AMOCIATiD PKISS Sdffer punishment ~ was threatened today for ^'Freedom Rider«"~ planning attacks by land and air to test Mississippi's segregation laws. f A bus carrying Freedom Rid-* crs among its interstate, pastes gers was reported due in son before noon. The first fly-in to check on segregation at the Jackson" airport was expected to ^arrive from St Louis, Mo., Wednesday, Plans were announced for ""stu-jsince dents from a half-dozen cities to-come leave Louisville, Ky., early next'"It appears. »hat a"/ conspiracy, -from the Bible" Witness Mission week for Freedom-Rides to sever-f plan or plot exists to completely fin Chicago. Hi announced he had" al southern cities [break down the Jaws of .the >broken connections with the Free- Thirteen more riders were con-i state." * ^. , ' v ' 4 [dom Riders because'they Inchid.-- victed in Jackson Monday raisings Most riders have elected to stay <yl ptheMs, persons with poHefj the total to 65 since the first wave in jail to work out their'fines at records and spine* wlfcT talked of 3T*riVI*H ^faf 24 * <T^ a /5m.* -^^inma fi-nir/k i*t*ivtnrt tutri^ e ni« *\* tt»*£^^ "^ _ * charge is a $200 awl City\Aifyr»eyl tie \iouUl future riders "ami" ftckfed that other ti, Tex/; had fastc'y* jrincl? May"3l;'~--f^^1 ^h*M**»«*.' mioltf " Iwt ftlnst *»Uftirtet r THiait* »lrt^»?i-«r\^-'**. V*P.\.*»A «,*hi>**M-~' > "~ «.' ey e*n u» upnoKi ine laws, una 01 me i-s convicted'-iwon-— J.-, I,-* these so I'alM riders-have j day was the Rei>. Richard "GfcasJ T^^ to Mississippi, 1 ' Travis said, j son, 24, a "white Baptist minister', " i * arrived May i$3 a day.^Sojne nave starttuKhun- comniunism. ner o*- later also was assumed that, he- ' use Kennedy is an extremely | evd political tactician, he . tld make the broadcast when; was in the best position for !(. i lie's In a \ery poe-d position I it tonishi. perhaps better than any ujce I.IPCP he became tion. down over Russia ^ He'll be fresh back from his j teetings •sith President Char'es | p Gau?!!-., Preinier Khrushchev j nd Prime Minister Harold Mac- ilUsru Th<? country is still inter- ' Jackie Kennedy Stays in London I SUGAR CROP 'SOLD' j .1AIAPA, Mex ( \P)— Xo t can sugar will be offered at the' ! world markets dur-r" 1951, to en- i able Mexican producers to- fulfill i a 600,00» tons order from the [United States, the owner of the ! biggest sugar mill in Mexico said . Monday. • ! Roberto Mora, owner of the Saa! jcustobal sugar mil!, said dial to 1 _ . 'insure a promnt deh\ery of the • IfOflC i Mexican sugar to the United | i * CM * TOT'S TERROR—Little Doris Sanchez, 18 months, wedged herself between two buildings In San Francisco while trying to retrieve a toy. Police, lire- men and an ambulance answered her mother's distress call. Half an hour later, fireman Harold Hawkins rescued the baby by reaching through i a hole that'was sawed through ' the wall of one building. stajed behmd toda> K enn«h *« the ffi first US PETITION BAN OF REDS eno-jgh to want to know ' whllc her hl 's'>and new home to President «o dine at the palace, MEXICO CITY (AP)~ A good, if an;., came from the i f?I»°E| to lhe American people on Slrice Woodrow Wilson in 1*18. J tlon s " lgne{l b> one min , on to Knock [Out Pentagon inferences. attempting to answer his European -tour •Jackie stole the show," said. asking that communism be j Mrs. Kennedy remained in Lon- ORC member of the palace staff. I banned c. K^r.n«ij aiso can g,t ins j don to visit her sister, Princess, Sc%erat thousand Britons let go i worked up for presentation n fon>i27i pohc> ideas across Lee Radziwill, and will fly to | wuh crit . g of -. fat . kie - as ^ Ken . j President -\dolfo Lopez Mateos. the bsg ijsties. j Greece Wednesdaj for some rest I ned ^ Jeft £hc pa]acc and sightseeing and a short cruise " ' Ffe t-an do this now without be- 15 on the defensue—as he would to- islands in thf Aegean Sea:> ha%e !KX?P.. for example, if he! America's beautiful young First .iru-ik tn TV So explain his advance I Lady has captivated London just apprtn al of the disastrous CiibsRjat she dici Paris and Vienna. in\a=ion—or without irritating' In her last ofikul appearance an\ particular nan of the Amer-1 at Buckingham Palace Monday iean society I nisht she displayed still another Forn«er Prtsidenl Dwight D. I new hairdo that drew a chorus of Ei?enho r .ver. in his first term. J 'oohs" and ''ahhhs" from spec- KWik to TV earlier than Kennedy, i tators outside. Her black hair was He made- a. nationwide TV-radio; lifted high in front, nestled in broadest (it May 19, 19">3, to ex-j slight *avi-s across her ears and plsia \\n> ncopl« couldn't expect ' tupkcd into a swept up bun en an ir.cufl:e «nv cut right away j hanced with diamond clips and i Throughout Monday crowds watched outside the four-story Is. where the President and Two Fliers Start Make-Believe Trip By C. YATES MCDANIEL VYASH1XGTO.V (AP)—An Armv ... okesman sa-vt the Soviet Union has the trained operatives, gadgets and the germs to sicken the Pentagon's 30,000 employees in a secret attack. S\V ANTONIO, Te\ s of 'we want Jack , — - Tu ° lrmen lla%c started ou lo h.- wave. • Mrs. Kenned} puts This must have carried ', some element of disappointment for ~ a loi of people at \he time. So Eisenhower's lalfc. in a sense, was an effort to persuade the public to grin and bear si. Tfaere can hardly be much dis- • spp&mim'cnt in'. Kennedy's talk zoaight^abeut his conferences ebroad. particularly with De Gaulle and Khrushchev^-since no sparkle -j 5 head- 1 ; News ' Standard called her "dazzling Jackie. diamond drop earrings Queen Elizabeth II gave what ( was described a~s a "good old En- ^THUMBS TOO GREEN The Army also wanted that the So-.lets are so far ahead in both uffenshe and defensive chemical land biological warfare that it f AP >— i would take the U S at least five hrnuohi nn< tiio ' " "" »"•"«-••• "»«^ an.i^u out to t years to catch up. brought out the, spcnd ab )nuch Umc ]fj a simu and ner s^ler i ]alcd space cal)]n ag it WOuld In recent lestimoox before the io pose anci,, ake )|iem to fly (Q Uje moon and , House Appropriations Committee. back ! censored before release today, Lewis C. Cans. 38. and | Chem j ca j. 9j r Pf intelligence offi- L Westfall. 30. began ! ccr W - E Black said thal ll)t ' So- their 17-dav, make-believe .tour, ne> in nn SXJ2 sealed steel tank 1 Monday at 12 15 p m t He said that the So\ lets \vere Capts 5 Scientists al the school of aero- L a general war .'eapons and sus- jtssn it along a major front i ________ .._ _______ glish dinner" for the Presidents TOPEKA. Kan y* — Don Bech- ! space medicine expect the tests j equally -profit-sent in covert oper . and his \\ife under soft hgh*sng er uonders if he should s»t\c them a better idea of \ aliens, citing tpe possibihtv. of i ^ . in the palace's state dining room 4 ustns willow branches to stak" j how men \vill perform under con [erupting n small vessel of luchh t Mrs. Kennedy wore an Ameri- lU p his lomato plants " " ditions in space i infectious material into the ven- can-made sleeveless gown of pale \ He pushed the branches in the' Dr Billy Welch of the school [ tilatmg s>s;em of a building such blue silk with a V-neck at the' grounc for the plants to climb, i said the 17-day length was chosen j as the" Pentagon. back, bow at the waist and loose- 7hen the branches sprouted and t because it "is the duration of the! Lt. Gen. Arthur Trudeau, Army ly gathered bell skirt. or»f> expected any big solutions or I The queen wore a full-length new crop of wiiiov. trees. [now it looks like ne is In for admissions that will be applicable m the next five >ears." ',3 In early stages of preparation for flight to moon, Uaited States has been developing Saturn rocket, shown In Hunts- •Hlle, Ala., wx -shop of NASA. Size is indicated by Redstone rocket, partially assembled, lying next to it. Redstone booster for astronaut Shcpard's flight. Saturn may power manned orbiting laboratory or circumlunar shot. research chief, said (hat about one-sixth of the huge Soviet military stockpile consists of chemical warfare weapons. The Army's chemical chief. Maj. Gen. Marshall Stubbs. testified that all intelligence points i with ce«-«aint\ to the fact that the ' Soviets and their allies are,ahead j of the United States and its friend.s | in both the use and the defense ] against-chemicals 2nd germs. }. The censors pruned out most of ( what the general said w;as required to catch up with the Com mumsts. I Dominican Exiles Want; Trujillo Family Out 1 11EXICO CITY (AP)—Domini-' can exiles ".in Mexico issued a ! statement Sunday saying they wiii \ not recognize, in their country any ( government where members of the Tmjillo family or their close associates participate. - " .j >Iix cream cheese with a little; lemon juice: spread on thin slices ! of pumpernickel bread; top with i thin slices of smoked salmon, j Serve with a before-dinner drink.! y Launch Site Ready For Big New Saturn CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —Constniclion has been complct- r-d ots the launching site from which' f-arly Saturn space vehicles will l*e fire-d. The super rocket, which will generate I'i million pounds .'of thsnJit on lifloff. is America's best; hop<- of overtaking the Soviet lead in the space race. The National Aeronautics: and Space Administration dedicated' the Sll-million facility Monday, accepting It from the Army Corps of Engineers' in a brief ceremony. Engineers supervised the .two- year building program ' for the mnssive -SS-acre : complex, whose, centerpiece is a service tower Which is as tall as a 30-story i 'Saturn,'' he said, "will be the, second stage win be added later, building !\\orkhorse booster for many PX-)giving the rocket capability of Scientists and technicians now (citing space experiments planned placing 10 ton payloadt into earth will, prepare the ground support ! in lhe nest decade. -.'-••- j orbit, and launch control equipment for, ''The mam application of the the first experimental Saturn fur- Saturn launch \ehicle will be man Mexico To Pass Up 'Nevfrvb' Meeting -" MEXICO CITY (APr— Mexico will not attead the so called ''neutral countries" meeting now being held at Cairo under th«, sponsorship of the U.A.R. foverr-ment, the JHnisfrf <£ Foreign Relations said Monday.: ing, set for next fall. j into space. Not too many ye:;rs A. second Saturn launch complex will be built here to handle Dr. Kurt Debits, head of 'hence, three astronauts "will be, tne a(Ivan «'d C2 vehicle, which NASA's launch operations direc- j blazing toward an orbit about the' wi11 havc Considerably more now- toratc, called the complex "the 1 moon atop the mighty Saturn." Iff.. 811 " lu ' ICC thc P a - v!oad ca P a ' first launch point for the world's j The early Saturn Cl vehicle will i ty- greatest known rocket ibe fired from this launch pad. AJ This nation's present largest ; space booster is the Atlas, -which' has ' }GO - 000 Pounds of thrust. Es- umatcd thmst of the soviet space rockets ranges from 800,000 to one IM Dl«.«; MM in Diazina * PORTAGEVTLLE, Mo. (AP)— jcuc work. The house was de- Six children perished- in a fire ' slroj ed. which destroyed their home Mon- ! ,,.. ~ million pounds. Aaron 10, Don 7. Ema Mae 6, The mother, Jesse Mae Forest, ' Kayseen 5, Robbis 1, and Jen- was, treated for shock. She rushed jnett 2. from' thc blazing house barefooted and, in her nightgown. A neighbor, Jimmy Davis, and another man, Van Adams, rescued one child, Michael Forest, 9, who was rushed to a hospital with burns The Forests are When >ou serve, a plate of sandwiches at a morning coffee or an sftemon lea, garnish the sandwiches with radish roses, sprigs over 6fr per cent of his body. of watercress inserted in carrot . Th^flames blocked further res- rings, olives or pickles.- How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly i* Ptoco Do row TftlM teeth manor »•<* M* by altpplar. dropping «r wtMn you Mkt, tauck er *•*? Bprlnkle » Itttto FASTSCTK •• four pUt*« TTiU •IkalhM fitua •<•«) powdvr holdi TalM teeth »oc« "»a* mar* eocnlortablr. »t» tut* or reetla BUSINESSMEN learn to fly... while you travel it's th« modern PIPER way I Milcc your time znd fnoacy do double dutj •_ irixn to fly while traveling to «nd from business xppoinimenis En routc^inc of our qualified instructor! »ill oictic you out »t (he controls of the euj-'.o-Bf Pipet Tri-Piccr. In thu comforlable, -4 pjace lirpUne. » ah coorifiiuted cooirob (hit rnzkc Kjint « liinplc as dinioj; i cu. -you'll be readr to solo in less timt thta jou'd think posjfble. "U«m WKM* VM ':> Trwv»4" br»<tivf*, OT vWf KM ftrftrt DCI no FIYIM6 SERVKE on MO 3. Letter 4. Cm le of light 5. Xorlh ^ Syrian deity 6. St. Mark'* sit* T.TProslef 8 Slalt beverage 9. Roman DAILY CROSSWORD ACn'OSS 2 Rank 39. For- l.Coliar edging ft. Tiny bottles II; Of an area 12. js'otonety 13 Back of foot 34. Given to jeering 1 IS.Egglike .17.. King-of Juilali 20. Business abbi^vi- aUon 21. To sweeten 22.*.r«t produe- tion 23. Sheer 25. llo> - ing tnick 2T.Lihe of 100,000 Attend Anti-Communist JRally at Puebla 40:Kskimo tool call Si. Tie, as !n golf 26. Buist forth, as -Vesuvius 28. Charles Lamb 29. S-shaped 10. Eye ir.rtam- matlon 31. Regiitered 32. Fiencn. river S5. Half etna" 16. Contend for 37. Beat's 3 7. In aih auce liidcout IS. Rttease 38. Dog's cry of bombs 29 Millpond •13 Spilt pulse 4^. Piece OUD , • 45. King- (Sp ) 47. Latvian. 30. Herb bennet 32 Conscious 33 Boy'a nickname 24. Flower garland 36. Knock 37. Clever 39. Austrian coins 42 German nver 4 6. In existence 47. Alert 4S Deadened, as sound •4.8. Karrow lane 3. School ch£er J3X , (APVAn un- t'precedented crowd estimated''at 100,«H> chanted "ChriEttanity yes; • Communism ^no * in front of the jPuehla CathedrsL \i-hiie Archbish- , op Octaviano llar'iuoz Tort? asked for lhe unity of al! the Mexicans , "v.ith absolute respect" for tn<» j government. ! From all over' Fucbla, Indians tanc! people from every rank in ' life gathered around the cathedral i to cheer the ecclesiastical author!- t tirs of the slate ami repudiate 1 i-ommtini c m [ During the last few weeks a l^rdup of communist students has ] occupied the buildings of the local jimiversitv, clect ; ng their own rec- i tor and Iryifl? to 'spread unrest j and violence amor" other siu- J dents, with sonic riots resulting, isOME BEAR FACTS | READING, Ohio UV-Ever won> der where thc teddv bear origin- \ated? I' Reading' claims they were first " j made herd by Baer Cap Factory | in Teddy, Roosevelt's time as an | advertising gimmick. CR"\TTOQCOTK — Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXK is L O X G F K L T. O W One letter simply stands /or acother. Injhis^ample A I* used for the tiree T/s. X for the two O's. cic7 Single" letters, apos- trophies. Die length and formation of. : the. words :-zure; all-hints. Each day the ctxle letters tie MfierenL A Cryptogram Quotation EG! 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