The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 1, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1962
Page 3
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TMI BRAZOSPORT FACTS ftTAILISHED 1912 Fibl'iltml d:!ly and Sunday tieepr Saturday by Rtvlew Publishers, In*., 307 I. fork Ave., Freeport, Tsxai. Jamei S. Naborf, president. JAMM S. NABORS .. OlEKN HEATH OEORCE L BEACOM ERNIE E. ZIESCHANO Advertising Mexaqtr MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent t. t. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager PUBLISHER EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR ROBERTA DANSBY Manaqina Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor GEORGE FERGUSON Sparts Editor NANELLE K. MALLORY Office Manaqer World wld« newt coverage by Th« Associated Press. Membar el Inn Dally Newspaper Assacietlan, Texas Press Associatian. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier, daily and Sunday, $1.50 per month. Mall ratti upon n- quest. All mail subscriptions payable In advance. Entered as second class maff«r March 21, 1952, ef fhf Freepait. FUJI, Pasf Offlea. und»r tin Act of Congrats at March 8, 1870. Spotlight^ Kassem On Tightrope Of Inside, Outer Foes By GEORGE MC ARTHUR BAGHDAD (API — In swelten Ing Iraq, diplomats mop theii brows and wonder how long square section was tightly cordoned to insure his safety. With afternoon temperatures soaring to 125. the population dis- THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 4 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUUNTY, TEXAS, WED., AUGUST 1. 19*2 HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Jim Bishop, Reporter By JIM BISHOP Just A Quiet Af Beach strongman Ahdel Karim Kassem i appears to sleep fitfully through y political gravity and j the afternoon. At dusk people he- i^ control of Mils historic j E j n to gather along the Tigris to can defy maintain land that sweeps up from the!eat roasted fish in one-man res- Persian Gulf. taurants. With guns or words, Kassem is Kassem himself used to come in fighting a Kurdish revolt, imper- , ne day , when ne was a soldjer lalism, ^ Arab League, the I Now he sticks to a special apart- western-owned Iraq Petroleum ment in the m j n i strv ^ defense. Nasser and f Sra ;f P ' "^-e,™ largely through four Nasser and Israel. tn , s(ed cronies-the heads Four years ago Kassem over- of milit intem?ence , mim Kmg Feisal and turned. ^H,,,, imernal S( , cm . ih ; and ^ | mh I , ' ' U.N. FINAtVCfAL CRISIS 4:00 e driv,h ro ugh the street, in a bullet-proof sand vellow Cadil-i lac. Increasingly he" depends on ; re K™e ™kes the populatmn res- police state measures at home I "vc, econormc problems are hke- and Moscow abroad. He caters to'^ '? prove T"" lroublesome m his army with housing schemes i lhe ! on ? " !n ' In concentrating on and Moscow weapons. . , . Although the p o 1 1 c e state i ; survival. Kassem has allowed the The World 7arfav THORNIEST WORRIES OUTSIDE U.S. By JAMES MARI.OW in the way it was carrier! out. Hisimilitary conflict in Brazil led to He has tried to woo the peas- ™™™y.t° stagnate, despite a snts with land reform—but jh e ; masslve income from oil. Associated Press Xews Analyst i biggest success was holding Jirmjthe departure scheme is only beginning to fceb-i In " at '°n is creeping in and the! WASHINGTON (AP)-If Presi- on Berlin until Premier Khrush- dent there. : -~"' -' '""— ' : —'" 'dent Kennedy's first 18 months chev cooled off. ' " The smibomns bounce off the sea hot and silent. On the beach, the breakers barely make it, collapsing in thunder on the sand. tomnlically watches olher liltle ones /rolicklng around the swimming pool. liebind the sun glasses, her eyes miss very little. The umbrellas look like hundreds! Carl Fleming comes over in a of wild petunias. Women sit under j flaming red shirt to ask her if them, streaking unguents otijhe en watch the four while she their shoulders: their men do/e; lakes n swim. She says no, thanks. and hake their bellies In the sand. Solemn children build sand castles; some skip along the edge of The most work she plans for today is to walk around the pool to the soda stand. Olher than that, the waves; some sit a round; she will sit and look and count mother. herself lucky. I live across the Four are sitting around one j street from Ship Ahoy so I finish molher. She his n round, pretty j some work and hurry over to sit face. She wears a black bathing' beside my one-time girl friend, wit, a (loppy straw hat with j The babies crowd around. They blue ribbons for tieing and she j call me "Pop-Pop" and their love for me is built around mv boat. Americnn Unmlslnnd -._ Mahal 1 * Jackson Q Dick Trnry (Color) Tits" TO Knrly Show: "Jllf-h- wny West." William I.uml- Ifffl'n, Arthur Kennedy (BM-O-MThcntrp:"Yrl- Imv .lark." Tiobert Monl- (jninrry, Lewis Stone 1(1:110 (B'NlRbt Kditlon Tiny Cnnawny. Tom Kvnns. Sports: Guy Snvngp flj News Nick Grmhart. Wcnther: Sid I.n.'hcr g Play C'hrss 10 O'clock Roundup Now*, \Vofithrr, Mann About Sports .. i . 4:45 ft) Kitirlk's Chibhousf _ 5:25 O ('aspor, thii Friendly JhoM "Whirlybirds: nif FnrMl." John Pnyne, Siiffin Morrow* __ -.-—. _^"* -; •_TJL"~».... "t Tl__ __i "An 10:20 Apple for the Teacher" sTioJQ Almanac Newsroel 5.45 O Himtlcy-Brinklc.v "5:55" JB Five Fifty-Five Now«: Hay Conawny. Weather: Tom Kv«ns. Sports: Giiy ncport_ ''Tn*> Wichita Arrow. Hrfln Turner, temporary captain of the Entfirrln*, find* Out bodlM of two brothers n TnnlKht Show: (Color) laughs at what Kevin is saying in Kevin is two. a wrinkled — 'TtlFflrTNoFfor Hire: "Tht Nick Gear- "' 30 JR, !>„,««d MilBffr." They fall over each other trying | 6:10 Q Today In SporU 6:00 (D News: Nick Gear- '"- -fTm f o r m e d hart; WeaUier: Sid Lasher D( , kkpr Inv e 5 tlgat« the O What's New: "Morn- mysterious miiRRlngn of £? ,V? ,j ; T wealthy tourists In Hon- O World at Lnrge „,„,,, ly right itself alter two years J cost of liv !"S is Eoing up. Actual farm income has dropped' The Soviet bloc has K> ven himjwith Congress looked like an ob- ..„,. „ „ _, and Iraq buys wheat abroad. ; about S23 ° m 111 ' 0 " m credits foristacle race, it was foreign affairs niggest frustration it was in the | Americans for his Alliance forj molher al n ' It is accepted in Baghdad—de- ' his five-year industrial plan, end- which truly kept him hopping. failure to get agreement on dis-iProgress, although his hesitancy' final bow lo ll(e ':._ .-- HUM T. ;_.i..j.. ,„„,„:„ Events abroad piled up. hut ! annament or a ban on nuclearlin ' ' " - ""—" "•"" r -' nn nose laugher with n figure like a;to ask if wn nre going on the Mirrrl of boor. What he is saying Away We Go. Yes, I say. Yes, s "Happy do do. . .Happy do do." Yes. Kevin points nt me, falls Mother translates for (he nth-j over my legs, nnd says? "Bo. . . ers. "He is trying to sing happy i Bo. . ." Dirlhday to me." The identical! Qur new little girls Karen, 9, alonde twins, -1 years of age, think \ !m ,\ Kathleen, 7, both beautiful ihat Kevin is funny because he: blondes, help get the babies ac- can't say "Happy Birthday." r0 ss the street nnd all hands, The mother is Virginia Lee. including Mrs. Knlherine Roc4i, Frechette, my daughter. She is onl . housekeeper, get aboard the 25 today. She is rich because, in ho-,). There is a big while life Charlie, she has the right man; ra f t on , n p r m -ede<-k and all the and Pamela and Robin, a n d children sit in it. The boat turns Jim, 3, and Kevin, 2, plus Uiej ncr h,, ws downstream on the baby due within a month, she has, Shrewsbury nnd sails sedately to- the right family. ^ iwnrd Sandy Hook. The refrain of all fathers is "It; j' m on t n( , flying bridge and it seems as though it were only yes-, j s pa< . y (o WBt( , n n n n, P children terday." That isn't true. It seems < jn , h p rat| A i so ny turning onger ago than that. I had a i arolln( i, I ran see Ginny and Kntie Packaixl 120. Elinor and I were; Rook nnr ] |< P || y | n the animated ;oing on a tour of the Blue RidgCj ( , na ,, pr 0 ( wom eu. Rocky, our Mountains. The baby was six| Hack f0 Y tl . c dog, sils forlornly weeks away. We drank gin in jon , lie dwk watching the boat Washington and started southwest | an( j orv ing through his nose. He n the morning with heads like wants to go, but it is impossible. >,odyear blimps. The dog hns hern on the Ixiat We got h.-> far as a town called;( nr ,^, times, and each time he Leesburg. That was all. Kinita la Ket ,. sen s ick before the craft noosica. Last stop. All out. There | cavps the dock, vas a big driveway curving off to! jj^ children begin to sing "I'm :he right and Elinor got into the jp0 pp ye the sailor man." When .lospital and Virginia Lee — thej incv rpat . n the l»op-lxxip, I make name is an inversion ot the town:,| 1(1 m j s take of hitting the twin and state — was born in Sl.j lorn!i] 71,0 yrts almost jump out minutes. The doctor said it was: 0 [ | nc ,j r skin laughing. Now, they strange delivery. "All ihat' sinK t .| lonls after chorus and. at ivoman kept saving was 'Oh, my' thp ' pr ,, pcr time, I'm expected to head." tap the horns. As I RO under p! P ,.| r j p...; : Now it is 25 vears later. Some HiR hlands Bridge, the bridge ten'"[of the old faces are gone; some. dp| . ^,,,,05 ou t and glares down at In between times, Kennedy goti" ew ollos are llcrc ' FlVe years '""-- 12:00 m Wanted by the FBI, 8:15 (0 ABC Evening Report sign Off News: Walter Cron- klte O Channel 2 NewsreeJ_ 6:25 O Wenther: Wisscngcr 6:30 (J) IMpcord: An FBI agent suspects that his lather, a U. S. space scientist, plans to jnln the Communists § Alvin Show: The Written Word: "Paper From China." O Wagon Train: (Color) "The Daniel Clay Story." Repeat. A judge's reputation for excessive sentences brings ths threat of tragic retribution when his son is accused of a crime m News Final, Dally Word B Consult Dr. Brother^ 12:10 p Pebble Drake 15:2S ft Sign Off 5:59 (0 Sign On, Anthtm, _B:00 (0 Operation Lift ~6:30 (J)" Cadet 'Don "~~ Morning Devotional 7:00 j|| MornlnB~PepoFt~ O Today 7:00 ._ "' :3 ° ffl Morning Edition _ News fi:0n Udway Best of Groucho The Arts around us: Role of the Artist in Society." Cadet Don Captnin Kangaroo 8:30 (F> People Are Funriy Calendar Say When fl:30 (0 M o r n fa g~Mo"vi^; "Saint Meets the Tiger." Hugh Sinclair, Jean Glllli § 1 Ixive Lucy Play Your Hunch -^, i\rnncav goi ,u If anything could be called his hearty approval from the "Latin ' a K°' Ellno , r> , '"n ", ma e spite Kassem'i frequent contrary ,' m S in l claims-that rebelling Kurds con-; tliat " I* includes factories heI P tne economy mar- , . wimm <ia>s. ..... T He Ulinks ' "] 'II "v.V" .1 or twice, one c/ the little ones fli- 10:00 ^T O Price Is Right (Color) iO:30^g) The Brighter bay O_Concentratlon ^0:55 fl> Harry Reasoner Ne\v» 11:00 0 Tennessee Ernte~Fofd" Ixive of Life Your First Impression Yours for a Song Search for Tomorrow Truth or Consequencei most falls out of the raft and the| cause they were scattered over a 1 testing. Presidents Truman and'shov trol much of the countryside in : B' nnl I. v " mlp committing Kassem [year and a half and none yet has Eisenhower could understand'comes the north. No travel permits are' 10 Moscow for spare parts, tech-jled to an explosion for the United-this: they went through it, too. '. ...^ „.,„ „„„„„., ,» , ulyl issued for that area. .nicians and further financing. jStates, many of them may havej Latin America was one of the'and assassinations by the secret 1 11lis is an °" His claims against Kuwait in He must also pay back to Mos-j looked like minor episodes, the south have alienated other , cow about S400 million in military! In one way or another. Arab states and caused him to Credits—for which he has received ask the recall of U.S. Ambassa- a vast stock of tanks, trucks and ibusy places, the' Besides the .....I«lltMl.T ly UIC al.-l.lel' , A . ,.,-tiinrY army, won its independence from|I" s ' rad o[ ^'"^ a ," u l?"^he shakes her head bodevi,.;France only to be throw, into^ the clu dren a ^hom^^.he ^ .^ & ^ ^ ... ., ^, u . i,,,v,,, ,^i , ui\, . iji_.7iv.i ,1 nit > ai i'ju.1 i_mjuv ll- l irtJltJtr uill > IU Uc LTIrUnJI I RIO ' "•""" — _, l United States had a stake in all ments of Cuba's Castro, assas-j chaos by the rivalry of its own' is doinR il al S p Atloy Bracn at the of them and for that reason they Isination ended the 31-year dicta-Moslem factions. dor John Jernegan after Washing-!artillery plus a jet air force that|were all problems for Kennedy, 'torship of Rafael Trujillo in the; Those old enemies and next- ton recognized Kuwait's indepen-.lacks the MIG21 Nasser has. ! His most visible mistake was in'Dominican Republic, armies in door neighbors, Israel and Egypt, dence. Similar moves threaten toj Kassem leans heavily on JSOj permitting the disastrous L".S.-|Peni and Argentina threw out the, developed rockets. Syria broke worsen Iraq's world standing, j million he receives annually in oil j backed Cuban invasion, at least 1 elected governments, and civilian-! loose from its union with Egypt. This sum also ,Club. Like most mothers, she au-lbeach.'\ Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON Witnesses Seek CopfiVe Hearer Egypt India and Pakistan were still in i their quarrel over part of Kashmir. Despite its moralizing about j peace, India invaded and seized : Portuguese Goa. At home in Portugal, dictator jSalazar began to have some trouble. So did dictator Franco in Spain next door. The United i States has bases on Spanish and | Portuguese territory. Hal Boyle's People Bf BAJL BOYLK Humanity Limps One More Mile NEW YORK (API-One of the j the man mutters feebly. The'Omgo got explosive, quiet- 'dally miracles of our times is I "You had all those things last Kassem shows no sign of caring, j revenues. This sum also must He points to a glass case hold- serve his domestic economy and ing the uniform he was wearing help pay the $100 million defense when he survived an assassin in ! budget at home. 1959. ! This is one reason Kassem is "You see," he explains. "I was trying to pressure the Iraq Petrol- spared by Allah to complete my eum Co. into raising payments, task." iand why he also wants the oil The ancient streets of Baghdad i rich kingdom of Kuwait, hold few reminders of the fabled The Russians are not above us- days of All Baba and the 40 ing these ambitions to lighten Thieves. i their grip on Kassem. The Bagh- Despite the efforts of a minis-:dad press is under ironclad inter of guidance and a controlled structions to say nothing that press, the citizens show a notable might possibly offend Moscow. lack of enthusiasm ior Kassem. ] —— WASHINGTON - Freedom of, mom and sanitary packaging He is apparently aware that the George McArthur. a Georgian, ^^ js nr) , ]hp ^ jssue 1,.^ Cnm( , „„ upy , 0Ptne Hill and 1 seven million people are not whol- has served as an Associated Pl ' ess ' more ]f s freedom to have some 'he-ir me " 'tanga ly on his side. When he staged a correspondent in the Far^ East; one Iisten to >m ' . I had an experience of this sort The' United States got rnorc i because they «re full of zest and. The wife loaves and comes] massive parade on the fourth an- and France as well BS the Middle ^ js ^ mam(eM j t thp othprp „ A ,, pr Vlf{en \ dceply lnvolvrd in ^ vietihone. Old people get up early be- b,,ck holding up his trouse.s. niversary of nil revolution, a mile East. | day on Capi(ol Hjl , A , hearings jin,' to how to enrich and sani-iNam to savt- it from a Commu-!cause' they can't sleep late any- 11 you don t ^t up llus v.-iy, of all but the sin-chasing commit-jtary wrap rice 1 sought out Sen-1 n ' 5t takeover, sending in troops!way—and perhaps because they mm e, . ic sa.vs tees it isn't a matter of the Sen-'ator Eugene J. McCarthy of Min- :an(1 weapons to sharpen the Viet-i realize they don't have too many >ouii s ar\o, 100. ators wanting to ask questions, ^nesota to ask him if he were namese in guerrilla fighting. i sunrises left to enjoy. >ou\e g( i.i >cai., six niontns, jit's witnesses wanting Senators often similarly beset. There has been no Uo ask them question.;. "All the time," he replied feel- ' n 'his country for Whenever a witness is called, ingly. "A fundamental of the Con-!volved in 7:30 {0 Top Cat: "The Case of the Missing Anteater.' CD Checkmate: "The Renaissance of Gussie Hill." Checkmate investigates the mysterious disappearance of an employee of a health farm. Repeat g Discovery: "Turtles." The Rebel: "In Memory of a Son." Chnrlie Burton wills his property to four of his son's wartime buddies 8:00 O Hawaiian Eye: "Concert in Hawaii." Greg MncKenzic discovers a w ! rb of murder being" woven firound teen - age piano prodigy. Repeat O Focus en Physics: "Radiation." O Mystery Theatre: "The Sound of Murder." Oliver Finrhham is competing Inr a traveling research Riant 8:30 fl) Dick Van Dyke: A children's talent contest I2:55~Q)~ABC""Midday Repoif lias been aminuneed by ",~ nn ~—.—i- T ^rr~; Rob's boss. Repeat 1:00 (0 Home Edition News O Visits with a Sculptor: "Sculpture in Wood." 9:00 QJ) Naked City: "PortraiT of a Painter." Struggling painter confesses to crime of which he has no recollection fl) Circle Theatre: "Battle of Hearts." George and Lela Davis are faced with the breakup of their marriage. Repeat O Songs out of the South: "Men's-Work Songs." O Bat Masterson: "Battle of the Pass." 9:30 O Of Poets and Poeiry O David Brinkley (Color) "Five-Hour Day." ___ 12:00 E JaneWymanPresentl News at Noon B Topper 12:15 (D ThelxJc Shepherd™"^ Show 12:30 (J) Camouflage CD As the World Turns O Highway Patrol Password Jan Murray (Color) Dragnet Hou?e Party _ Loretta Young 2:00~|0 Day in Court Millionaire Young Dr. Malone Seven Keys To Tell the Truth Our Five Daughters 2:55 (Q Douglas Ediwardl __ News •_ 3:00 03 Queen for a Day § Secret Storm Make Room for Daddy 3.30 (B"who Do~YoTi"fnistT Repeat S KHge of Night Captain' Bob Show ominously, f After all, DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS a. Facing- a 1. Sun-dried glacier brick DOWN «. Pertaining' 1. Pulpit to the nose 2. Deadly M. John , combat Eng. author 3. Heraldic 12. Swiftly bearing 13. To mis- 4. Bandits represent 6. To view M. French 6. Entitled river 7. Armadillo 16. Cassinl, 8. Famous dress puppeteer designer 9. Skin 16. Business disorder transaction 10. A sly look 17. Dry 16. Maladjust- 19, Handsome ed person man 18. In Spain, river 32. Merchant ship officer 36. Bride's attendant (3 wds.) 38. Carpenters' tools SB. Sea between Italy and Greece CO. An Aleutian Island 18. Wine receptacle 20. Kind of crow 21. Lubricant 22. A written memorial 23. Cuckoo 24. Samoan warrior 25. Sea bird 27. Torrid 30. Mosquito: carrier of yellow- fever SI. Cut short Jhting. I sunrises left to enjoy. -'""•- w - •>•""•-• »'* "••«"»••'i enthusiasm j But when the alarm clock wak-.and four days to go to a pension. getting in- ens a middle-aged man from a That isn t. so long is ,1?' landlocked! lad dream - it's usualy one in Grumbling, hacking, whec/ingi CONTRACT BRIDGE B. J war in landlocked i l»d dream lich he is being chased by a bil! : and groaning, he knuckles tnej nography probe he wants a pet'fication. Freedom of petition'is s P" n e °' 1<j61 ah™' stiff-arming collector astride a dragon -he'sum frorii his eyes and rra. lir Senator to come in and hear him.,no longer an issue: but freedomipro-Conununist pushes there melt- just lies there whimpering. He,oo«n niimnj wun m.s IC-H, M llien he wants the pet Senator to to have somebody hear you " i "d awa - v Hn(l h- - 'iualiy setlled for feels like a tired clog in the rlram-'in^ in anything but a racket or nor- slitution is undei-oin- Iri.asmo^ri-il-aos- Kennedy's toughness in the which ' m of petition' is' s P ri "8 of I'j61 about stiff-arming collect his slippers. One hour, one shouer, ' '* "'"' TMterdsy't AJIIWCT 32. Employ 33. Baking: chamber 84. Peel of a fruit 38. Within 37. Foot digit* 38. Blunders 40. Little girl ask him the questions he wants to : Senator McCarthy happened to !a so-called neutralist government i pipe of humanity. IK asked. have a few free minutes to discuss I whi( ' h ma - v dissolve into eommu.| After all. he has arisen 10,000. a pi(-(( 01 IO...M ,i,,<l t At all current senatorial hear- this with me because he had just nism an -™ay. ,times to face duty. What i ings, except the McClellan in- shown up at an "important" hear- Meanwhile he sent American | make this quivering heap vestigation of Jimmy Haifa and j n g of the Senate Finance Com- !tlo °P- s im <> neighboring Thailand,jellied sell-pity rise and do I Tony Ducks, (lie watchword is niittec. to discover thai Chair- '" bolster its de-lenses against any again' (li[ls it sliriing i of'five-minute lecture to his wife it I tlii- need of inun> stringent hou liuld ccomuiiv — the midillc ,IL Eait dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH 4 A63 VJ852 41002 WEST "Bring vour own Senator.' The'man Harry F. Byrd had adjourn- i invasion by the Communist guer- Here's what happens in the kind - - - - .-..•-. . . . ( j |0rne II1Hn y ,,( us niiiy know: routine* taska K Plant insect •9.BIack-and- blue 40, Spanish title A. Daughter of Zeu* 48. Awaits* dedstoa s-t sluinhlcs nut the lii'iil i script then calls for the captive ed it for lack of witnesses. " i nllas of l ^ n!i - jot home many of us may know: ""' wif' 1 , yawning, creeps Senator to ask lhe witness "pi>r- "( the scheduled wit- Evcn Thailand and its neighl«r, | A speclral figure steps to Hie » !>'•""' oi victory tack to linent questions," which have nesses couldn't corral any pet Sen-,Cambodia, got into an intrrna- br-dside of the middle-aged man l '*' ( "'""'" for another |,,«ir been carefully rehearsed. ators," the Minnesota statesman li "" ;i1 Dispute over a temple. This, an<1 h ulds the noisy alarm dork S "'''P- A'" 1 '' «' . sll< - "'"• lt ""' Members of Congress are pla- observed. was settled without shooting. Redl s i|(. nt l y before his shuddering '"'" M IIKIII— Im.s <>:>«• a gued with phone rails from con- I wasn't too surprised that the Oiina massed trwjps on the main-|, a ,. e , niaiiag.-d to gel a middle aged stituents: Byrd hearings had lo be called : lan<1 op|».sile lhe offshore islands! " Ca n •,.,„ a t the of/ire, and tell hu.stand up In face Hie ..ideal of "I'm here to teslify before the „([ f o! - lack of inicri'st. The day^ of Qucmoy and Malsu but so far | . em ]' v( , Kn \ „ suriiiiicr c.ild, "'<• day. Whatsis Comniiltr-e. I want you to previously a character named O. nothing has i-ome of that. idropsy, neuritis, hursitis, iiill.nn- ""' I 1 "" 1 '"' """ '' ils I"'*-'"! .income hear me, nnd then I have JR. .Strackbein, chairman of a ' fne Dull ' h anri Indonesians took i m;( | i(m o( ,|, e esophagus, a p.iin other l.indii.fiik in its |.ing MII.J- <i hen •.i inj lime .some pertinent questions I want ! thing called the Committee on Kx-i'° *' .you to ask me." port - Import Policy, iiati accus- ^ pv " , ! If the witness doesn't suc<-eed ed the Administration of a vast: military under Gen. Ne Win look I ^in tracking down his pet Senator, propaganda campaign to bludgeon: OVPr - ... i '.some helpful obstructionist will \ Congress into acceptance of Presi- Khrushchev demanded that lhe ! !do it for him. The solon will dent Kennedy's trade expansion P° st <* V.*.. .secretary general r* | just IK- marshalling his thoughts i hill. replaced with a tro.ka-a three, [for a major foreign policy speech, Strackbein charged that the big , niar '. 1 . s ' ; '.'™l" lla . t; '__ " .*"?, "il'.." 'when a message will l>e ripliver.-d city press systematically blacked;'" 1 ' to him: iout protectionist sentiment and!"' "So-and-sola supporter, and pos-'mi-ekly served as a handmaiden '"*'' sibly a campaign contributor) is to free trade myths. This was' as ai ' tm K s «'"'' al >' B'-ni-ral. atait to testify befoie the Senate,generally translated as meaning! in Kuropc where the woist ex- Kinance Committee. He wants you the papers don't play up Strack-iP'" sl()n ™ 11 ,' liavl ' ''.ippencil ic- lo come over." bt-in as big as they play up Ken-' ^-f " ( Khrush, hev s dmiands These visiting witnesses will, a ,-,,ly. ,«• Bprlln . llie ' uture of »»""" '" cra\iiii? for a captive audience. I would like to reassure the gen-,"'« Kuropean Common Market are not above summoning mem- lleman. This isn't due lo a plot;'still is urelr-cidcd. hers of the Washington pivss corp.merely relative news values. j n addition lo all this: Kennedy either. 1 lw\e been routed .-.til of; jf the President of the Unilexi my meditations many a tune by; Slates and a nonentity named Mime compulsive wilr.i.-ss I scarce- Strackliem held news conferences. ;l ' e an al " l<a "- ' t "' an " *«.'>, ly know, telephoning: ! simultaneously, which would >ou! llle n"* 1 uni«n1ant was with, "I am testifying on the uiindi- J cover? I lUirushchev in Vienna. ? over the ownerfchip ofi in n ,. hel> ,_ and a , ore And in Burma lhe U( . TI ^ U j ' YOU'RE TELLING ME! — By WIUIAM RUT . Central jPrej« Writtr H-l . SO-^' j'ist b"in .in 20 uimutn. Dcupile this, how- a Hrllian a Duchess (.1 Kent Is ever, we'd s.iy n,,. . or i,j•' , n ii automatically loth in l,n,. O f ,-st nk-ncrai. r 1 L ". '"" •iiccession to the British throiu- . .KTU,^,,„.,.,!.,,, " "" * "" Poor kid-he's going to 3|,, ; ri.i I , , , his life looking over a lot ihoulders! EAST 4Q10854 f Q7 If K 10H 3 4J54 4Q 4KQ986R 4.S2 HOIlTli 4K07 V A9 4 AK8763 + J10 Tha Uddlng-: Ea«t Boum We*t North J'»M INT Paw 3 NT Opening lead—king of club*. You don't littvu to ugri-.e with thu notrump bid or North'* raiM to three, but Ihal'n not Hie point of thU »t«ry. Tha pley'4 Uia thing In this hand, •u let's gut on with It, Went l«t tha of club*. TliK Kent btibtj'.i litln »/ HI. Andrea*. H'nh , like that ««, /9 ,..,f, 0 , lr eil, (he. kid's iuuiui to V It *j-/'"W \,IIHll.ll -KI l/i '* 5 ll'i iu, a a tintliiat ,1 iki:. Wh'lt ri-allhy nn r/i. y I 1 I me! a lot of people in 18 months, ° ' Jul < c »Hii""n-il. I Dedarur Uutked and West con- tiiiut-«i with tho qu<:(.-ii ( tluiumy I'luyln^ low HguliL Anoli,-r club lead forcud tha ace and Kant h ul to chcwac a diac&rtl. Now If you wei« &ut and »aw only duminy*ii hand and your own, what would you di»- curU at this point? Tha Uit play U to dUcurd the qiictn of (Jiamondji, and If declarer. He would go down two with normal play there»ftrr. Hut If you don't. South nrUie* thu hiuicl quita «a«liy. All ha doe* U lead a. diamond fn.ra dummy at trick faur. When you play tha queen, ha leta you h..M the trick. Aa a mult, lie win<Lt up with flvo diamond trli'ii*, tw« npiulei, B heart ar.-t n <:< i\ A. (food CUB (Mui tw irailo '><" dl.vartUn/f tho quwn "' ll1 *' mondj. If UeclonT him <n» A-K-J, tho queen in i v.Jj"l<« l » card to ke«j>. If ii«-li. r "' ! * inJH»ln|f ono of tii.-.-' ln.i-"", It meaju) Lhot Wnti ha-t inn '" "• kJn(f, or J«k mi a i«'"-'''" ""T for hi» clubn, ai..l i'' a '("•-«> once u^ain »crv.^ r... u.^ful pur* po»« in th« However, ' played, KM' nto Uia Ini till! I)"' KA!, ho 'll vmd wa» .jriuiuo of discard* •n ..f itumondi. In* , ml.xl tho UlTM Of h«artJi. Hill ttm ijji. DC.; to Urn I'ifi club i. .1 I .... wer8 **"" to ukuuf iwlther left, won. Ui« '" mld M * I" Urn king. Ho paid .. iiu uitriiiwn to the quwn East "ft«» to pUy. tli fonllnuod wtth ti» »c« the wouU T'lll. but it didn't- Dcdar- ,. r (uul.1 Uien do nn better than c up a. (iiiJiiond trtck to Wool 1 t,,r.t«ila down two, theiv'lJJ pi-oviii« that two wran»» »o"«» you Uo Ihit, nothing- caJi «uva tlmcn mako a rigbt. iouoi

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