The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 19, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1897
Page 4
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fan »» With Ae «tn W «» acr*fl of good In»fl »* J'rfy 1400 atom; bftlattf-e in . He cfttt $800 «nd 10 «o«d CW* for *300. The jmilfe amfTiafFel'fr6!itt1ra~c«W*TfrtH ***? M-- «nd <Amrtraxt>etateB. The Wcreaw o and »d01 win j»«# orf the mortgage W>f»*e <t f« due. th 8*6 yenrs he will have n fnffri «mt well sacked. Man 6f teWa * 19 A BtreiSESS ON& ininiigrntitm Aac«rt for newborn fstreer, Cluengo* lu. For Sate , 396 Tmtii»t«p-ht »f Sp***li«» anrt Only *>«»tir<»nti of CoirtptettSg' It* Wot" « n<l Atl Any thne yoi* wants tftftnittt tHfth 'pan they will be the entnc price AS ft tin oho tending in a fire alarm «re r^ jata^JH&tlta £!»«» Box', until the department Drives BO as to KIVR »fi- fortiitrtion as to tho-exact location of the lit, MARTIN, Chirt. For Sate (ih<-np. - the^oarth i*»it«* p«t* <iu> 'JPhe Herndofc hotel, two stores, ahou* i ( .^ fof . ^^ M((ailt the M<l|ul 0 , thw lot wilk bajfitt rc > d eifi . P rc T , Mich.,, trm I»rofrf*tJ ' 'if am pn«pnft>d to insure farm property {JOT t^ont, for tbfPe years in ft fltiss eutopitiiy doing business im- <t«'r liccri-w* from the stdte insrf tSn * This is hotter than t Afffnatthe f, la., Aug. For ?hc most valuable ermiive of. tire wor! the Hlblfe.-jriic Grg Worl? of Tlii 1 ' Clfci f», Kamtius-tM-ators, Renfrw^fcu s. Wise WrltWs and ISIVJBSTI- «S4 of tlid 19th Ceiitury, Jn nil the rantre 0f rltcmturc lher.6 Ip io' 'inotiH-r booh Hke THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY ' in this l-otfk nlon*-eft»4>^ ro«n4ttocln|< million steiueht tor every Bible readc.. ttheiuer old or yo<m>r, scholarly or un- i lottf ml. It K indeed, » (treat work. 8 brought . N ever i?ttn?e Saturday WBen the first candidates arrived on the fleM tod" established Quarters wai'fvraQMcaiiy ended at 4:3b yesterday- etftej-ntton wh.^, the l,4fiO «at(^« whlefr cofnpo5ife i a 1 fne tlepu Stale convention fe^I«;ica>il foi* the of the tottilrtgr campaign ,fS*m. ghaw* of Crawfotd ^eounty. the contests!, whHe sptrltea', were SGott - and ttte report of the committee on rteso- lutlon? \\fta adopted \vithoufft dissent- 6..p Hre, moniAte fot Chat»b0rl*hi*s Cojtc* Cholera and Dlarrhooa remedy> and when "the ehdorsistttent is from ft tfhySfeian itlft t» ; So, "There is no BatisfactoTSr effee&v* meetly than Cofie, Choferft and tearrMea_saneay,- Dr» R. B. R**>ey, physician and ;, of QVney, Mo.: and as he has u ^ th«? Jremedy in his own family and sold It iji Ms drurg Star? for 8ixyenr«, ho 9 ltontd''feertaiftly Know/ FOT, gala at G«»fene'a (itxfcre. j SLOMAN'S DIAMOND WEDDI miyrfcj| I C^lfB? "V S.A.SLOMANtCO.soi ^^^^ " ^~ ventlon adjourned sine <il& tThe tttrti Wfta called to ;onl*»r promptly at H q. rif, by-Hon. John McMillan, ehftlrrnSui of the State central committee, who aft* er ff-artlng thfc call which brought th*- •ccmvenUort together Introduce^ • R'e-vj. John Barktty, Of Cedar Rapids, \yho Jn- IfiCftHE -& J8S.2*5fi«*» ,* "^^^ *•' -SPMSTm/r* 7o#& 4^ ,* «* -"•—«si* HS?** HSL* ft, v*~ nr " ft <*» ;/f,\W »A V .« ! 1V •""W 1 * <!«*»««»: «&< !•» "** vilkcd the dlvlnf Charles M. fomen lir. «orl.f « IU.,,1. anil In ii(-ch<eolo» b y fi«-B to J»ce wfib wr« y ott i«. ilHmmrM haw Wnulted in tl«*trioint>hAnt»I . ilicutloo of th« sacrKd TOlnme ftatrr th«c ^UBIV I )>rrmjht difniint (I liy open foe» »*«.«"*t»»«? frlondK. Kwry Inhiinnwit wmon "Jl 1 . 0 ^,* I bnott. a» thft m««Br contn{n*d In it 1» of *it ' importance mid «W»n6t b» found in apt «»" book on * \Vrit* 1 tor descriptive and beautifully tllustravcd paropWet circular.^Address THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. I 212-214 Ufamroe St. o»-~CHICAGO. Hart; of C6uncU Blutfg, Was temr>orary ehalrniiih-aml made, an ad(lresa r -ftt-th« close olwhJchAhe'-conventlon adjourned until Z.D. m. Not n«ruln(f I>ayl! B ht. *? ,.,.,.. roconvenlftff the convention proceeded to business- without dt-lfl>. The organization, naming MajSr Samutrt ,AIahon ( at Wapello county, permanent 'chairman/ and W. 8. Knowlty. of -Mahaska county, secretary.* was adopted. The committee also announced that all nominations would be made by call of districts and that no nominating ^pet'chw •- -would be pefmltt<Hl. Major Mahon thankod the convention for the honor and attempted to make a speech. After talking about' four minutes* the convontion compelled him to desist, all being anxious for the fray to commence. Th<» convention at one<? proceeded to the nomination of governor. SeVen candidates were plax-etf in the Held—J&tnea Harlan, of Henry county; Matt I*arrott, of ftlack Hawk; \y. B., Fuller, of Fayette; Thomas ti. 'Harsh, of Union; A, T. Flickinger, of Pottawaltamle; L. M. Rnnw, of Craft-ford: A, B. Kunk, of Dickinsiin. Bycrs 'withdrew 'from the UPS O«ntiemnii. No trouble i&twore common or more^fa- undeTBtoixt-thlRtt ner*ouc dyspep^ittv Feo pie ha+ingifc think that their nerVware to r. *. .._ —^.^^i_^j »k»* they are iiot we WK\ ;<«»«» J jiiOft »;{,.ACE MACKINAW - PETOSKEV © CHICAGO.. " conttf t Tuesday TitRht. and John •«le r of .'Iowa'.county, yesterday morning, \fENTTO SHAW W|TH A KV9H. Tliat I* the Way A Candidate Wik» S«lo«tc«1 OlHUltJ nilU ^>*C5 CT1*» m*t«wwwji — -• cured by nerve medicine and Bprmr? ~. —j^ i{ the 'real aoai- of the misohwt m IOBS ... B .iH>f; the stomach is the tirgan to be looked after. .„ . Nervous dyspeptics often do notUBve iwjr pain whatever in the atomflch, nor |*>rhap» any of the usual symptoms of stomach weakness. Herwwa djupepaift shows itgelf not in the stomach BO triuch aH in tieariy every other organ; in some cases the heart palpitates and ift irregular; IT* others the kidneys are affected; in others tb« Jioweli are constipated, with headaches; still others are troubled with loss of flesh and appetite, with accumulation of gae.^our riatngs.and heart burn. Mr. A. \V. Sharper of No 01 Prospect SJ., Indianapolis, Ind,, -writes «« follows, "A motive of pure gratitude" promps me to write thetw tew lines re«arflJDg the now and valuable medicine,Stuart's Dyspepmalirt** lets. I have been s-suffering from nervous dyspepsiafi four years; have used various patent medicines and other rtme- edies without any favorable result. They •sometimes gave temporary relief until the effects of the medicine wore off. I attributed this to my sedentary, habits, being « boodkeeper with little physical exercise, but I am glid 10 state that the tHblet<* ha*e overcome 'all these obstacles for 1 itamed m .flesh, aleep better, abd am bette*. in every way. The above is written not for wftorietiy, but ia based on actual fact. «l Frospect St.. Indianapoh-, lnd v H in safe to say that Stuart'? Dyspepsia Taotets will cumfau^toniac}! -w*iknc«« or _. i .i-^^^l- j^m Vk'^ T'lirtti 1**!.^^ SSaasdwK; §& *>>'<& &\ 'S $lVoO reward will be paid for the arrest a«cl 'conviction^! any\e detectetljrefillinfe our>ttles. o \ - ^For sale by W..T. IJUAKB ami A. O. HW)K. / ^\ . L. Blankenhorn i«tcu laoiem »it» «u»v_i»»«j(^""""»\jr r >ni ' discftfe except OftBcer of Aomac-h. They . ... . , .v,; fa cure sour Btomat)h,-.gaf>, losa of flesh and Informal'ballot • developed what (^p^jtp. ^eepleesnew, palpitation, heart- 1 THE Dtp RELIABLE PJUMtER, \ x Will sell strictly v pure Wright & Lawther/Oii, raw, 30c, boiled, 32c. per gal: * Lead at $5.50 per hundred Ibs. / Oil,/0alsom Boientlflo American Aoenoy for ! olcdo, Detroit PI 10SKLY. AMVlHJLUTH. CVENINQ BETWEE.N Detroit- and Cleveland *UhK.irIiestTrnni". Surjlay Trip* June, July, August and September Ofi .2 New Steel Passenger Stea^en IJ-ivV imt Vc» nuiu for our rrn*T t-ak' i intuit? *JTU,<«' >. ir^i- 1 hrntl fu had 1 vheen ' expecttd. Famitt led with 333 v<>t?k;* Funk \vaa second with 2l'S, appe, , burn, constipation and headaches. for valuable Uttu v hook on stomach A. A. 8CHWTZ, <n. t>. A . DCtlJOIT. MICK HOUSE ISH£D 1637. and a Larn&t Ste., Only a lilorV train WITM! ward ft 'r«^: Very Central, All and Sttnw third with 244. Harsh. Kul- l<?r, Harlan and Flickinger followed In the order n^nied, Tin-re was little change in the s tlrj<t and second formal ballots frorn,,the\{nfornn«l ballot.- al- thaujrh Shaw gained sliBhtly in 'wth, At 'the second ballot-Pillcklnger withdrew from the latu. This stVrtfd things go- tnff.- ntid Shaw gulnvd i-apidly lit th«third -ftwmal ballot. Many t-ountlos .passt-d when the loll was culled, but 1>«fore tiw end was tvacht'd It WB^'Vldtnt that 8haw would bt* nominated. X jusrt 4;30 when Wt-odbury cast her'' t ty-t\vo Vule« for Shaw. This was that was iipreswary. Tli«< scenV that lowed bcftgart- dt'scri|>tit>n. Thu Kroat > of 6,000 I>eiiplt> w«nt wild and tmd vheerwl for several minutes. AB fast ui 3 Tr<fo r <-otiifi* l»e_tkati irod court - tiea bt-gixn changing their vot» s. . Thf chuliinun gt Uie Bl'ach; Hawk dcl- eeatlon, tht* home ut Mali Parrot* vyh'' 'had !«t "l« thy. time until now. an- nounred thf withdrawal t/f Parroit and nWvtfti that the nomhiatton of tfha\v b»' mu«*-t> >>y a.VLjamatl«n, Thife carnhnl unaninu'iisly, A e«BimUte6 was i»ppoint- «d to llnd RhaW, and notify him o* hif nomination and efe<n>rt him to the* convention,** Tft 1 ^ conv^uthm* vv^s v<^1ng on lieutenant governor ^h«fn tb* i-ommlU^ with Hhaw. Ue wft*gt«te'dw«h ^ aad prolon^d, cheering, Shaw 'a t.rief but nappy ?pe«'-n anil wa? en o diseases by fWjdreSiung StuartOo., Matshall, All' ocntx. i-tH 8<-l! full Bir.ed packages at 60 For Sale or Kont Cheap. Thti MontKomory h6iue«tc?ad on shnll n% r enue; also aifnu- choice lots M(vrshitll 'avonue" fpd Lilierty street, 's addition. Inquire of •> QKO. Black Board Slating, Paint Bemovingj etc. We abstain from/using inferior qualities ol mixed paints, being able to mix our own colors from pure lead and other substances. SHOP BJL3T STATB BVRBBT. It your dealer ta8n't it $1.35 to iu WB WILL ^•OU POSTPAHJ Fast Trains had svcuiWl thtf nominatlim by hon««« me«;i|S. "without making aqy C!.jmv^fl«»«> or promise s to any man' or set 'of nteir said that hc'/B-ould *dmlnl»t*r th* affars of state as w»jt he knew howf. The tli-ktft w*» <on.xple1.ti4 by the fej- lowing nomhiaUons: Supreme JuJ«&. Watcrrofri). of gwrtt t-ounty; flttperfnten- of publtf lh«tructlc«», H. H. Barrett, <if Mltch««H; ' C, U Davidson, of Sioux The »c«onet break ztth« Side or W»i»t Color: ORAB Of WHITE , $HORTand flEDIUn THE MICHIGAN COR^T CO^ . nrt* THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE.* BEN-HUR" CIGARS _AT«» I •• ---w--^«m ffHAnKVv DESIGN >ATEMTB, OOPYRIQHTS, «tO- vf'or Itiformnilnn nixl tt?c Httmlixmk wfUc to x vi i* a to., •>>'. Jfnn*ow*v 's»w 'H"*tX'ttrpnn fur wrurlng \mt> > \' rj v't Ht tuU ri n «ut liv UH N .......p.... -,. Hie i>uW>e s *)y » h<.tloo given r«* otchurge In &ctfutif if lArai>Rt plrr'ilflilrtn of « Arai>Rt plrr'ilflilrtn of « '- \%i>r..t. hpli-ir,1Jillv inundated. Nn iiiti'lllKc-itt timn Ktioulil iiuNtltlxiut It.x Wwkly. g.l.OOS \e -(l^Hlicmiinllit. Ailihr*»*. MUNM * OO< l\..^.i»Mtiw. »<»1 ii«v>ailvnwr.NW VorkCltf. IC RRIIU'3 J? OH EI i f- P"Un OThiH remed * ' "'j~«»«ort' dire fj^ seat of .the fl HH or the Gen Jft •• Orcanw, re Ob BTi fhnnge of •IM'•' ^HP K<iarant«ea 1 ; ' ' -• dayM. Mmnl! Etrnt medy b irectly — T _ belnff In^ fllr^cMr to the Meat of >thoM6 dlBeawcn or the Cfonito-Urinary requires no of diet. " ^^.«ed iw 1 i. MmnllplaJ • Hold ouly by . A. Q. HYDE. L A DIE S DO YOU DR. FELIX LEBRUM'S smoke that grateful rememberance: Sold by all dealers lOc atraight aud 3 for 25c. -Manufactured by • CEO. MOEBS &;CO., Detroit: "BECOME A REAL WOMEN " •To Cjottj <w W Almast Helplesa Fight . -At Last the Fight to Orer. INSTITUT , Mich. JOq Lake )»«. ' Air mwtuni VtllM' tor .lieutt*naflt ixtform.ta can dtctar§tlon. Vlt r«a|Brnis and every 'fiart tW«J dt^Vrtlon of ' Announced b X til* o£ ,J8?«, and .for Iowa that y»e r«?»H fn November next BhaVk be a «till of Jt G. R. & I, Fust day tniui M«l*e», I*-. 48£- ulist etate cosvbntloft wtti ^ at venue, tbe rt^sldenct; of a. I, ftob h» au' jutervtew with htm brought '*nsperifiaoe iu u manner that tarries eouvleww wWv *Js Hawdu. ftt mj^r *" I aaa «arfy--j»y wi^is apt w fecuw tbis f, M., bui oo one knows bett^thai, UaastjJHfereil during p*st yeara y y<*ar& »he has oi*fl »ali£t*>i' the yplous forms «*f kidney' «»j[ii an ,ealalg*«M!nt of th* ttvcr f to J^r bed for iu.on, Binokes Diana's '. W, A. Barnes^: Jato iofl !iacWieiKi8S of Aierica. * -HwVi'i* "» »(**«,*». ». W»«UB«».' Tlu»rt) A'. w W!>ntha, ^» *H ajmlieaUaiw to TNON 'J -v ' Aaimc>*s, S^lWUu,^ f*. jathe Tri«inliV4iidoiiiy FRENCH. •Baft* and reliBblo'cnro ou the mar*' •ket. Prio<». *l.OO?7SM«t by uuuL Ueiinine sold ouly fa-' A. O.HYDE." RexfaWets are sold under a posiuw guarantee or refund tbe mone^, and we ^tapd by our guarantee, Cujtfe all NerVoiW Diseases, UU4K»tencexVari«o«ete, y«f VIUMilty in old or young, Nightly Emlwions aiid W*sHng Di»e«9e«, «ind all effects of self- sbuseor escesae/. ^topsidaBgerflw^i"^ A genuine nerve tonic. Show? immediate hnproveiae^t, J Tte«riH»<$est r«»»e^y imitations, No. r .o> per . wild e ay much W #&00, W, lief wuaunly such tlittt »l»e be aeo«w( for <i WJJ* »or tkeu l**r siO p. »., arri p View «:U3 |i. IB- and SpriBgH #3% p.m. TWs . sbe Mt tb«J sytnptoHW of another 4t " ' " for trow ytbtor liuett. tjerui to, C. L. LQCKWOCXQ, 0. F, 4 f . A., Rapids, A. W. C. W«*tiyr at W ». m. -'TRr. fttefciwr a* low* City, wHl "preside *s t*ia»wr«ury etuuruuui of the convention. AJTM* d^naer ^n«tov wU> a44re«i» tne c«wv«»uon.- A ' fcomsis- J 'hardly Know , V w* me to get a ^Q« v( iKtJw's 1 ( ius,tead'of aendiug lor the . , ,_ ^ | pj ^^g ft Vyjyifcf jiJiHiUjriirtin.f T«*yiiy "fffaZ* *V ' WttW *F 9 to us both ts>°8ee> their action; i foil *t»te ticks* wUl b« i»pjt&at«4. MJ wag »,», uvu . ,„», ^»^. ^«. -—,^. to expected teat between. t60 a^d 90U j th^w V^li* nwbed imprav^meut . , <Jeie_katfe8 w411 be preeeot. It seems tu I u| their use. tihe b Wtter omv tuan aiit coaeeded tteat Ho». Caa«. | Uaa beea iu years, the pwa to >yd. r for tht U, Aviate i J I «he Uat froiw his tiistrict te v«ry *0 Seven Pollars Buys a ineonard cieftnaW* fe»r a family of aix t«r IJI*. A^S- ti— Charte* of , tlje kUneya Uttve entirely gout; great e iher^. patent laedicinefti - •"»•> 7"^r •"' - J>oi»n'« Kidney «: The of ber to so CfuOF** v»i>wl!o«. He did to OMji n*r- -, _. , Ions. If would not have able to be uut thto PUk f<»r «0p l»y all deal ceut*. Mailed SyFoater >* r % " Nerfous Dability. your kidneys cured for in $i installments. « you ate. »tt«cnnp tow wy bluoa ptoduc iisy* "*• cd bj &4Ctwc pf s>» Ut«l«t«>, Brig ttow OuW. U»le . Boyc« ftMfc Chteage, K. C. WEST'S NERVE UNO BRAIN TREATMENT . THE ORlfiltUL. AU 3»H£8S TATiMS, t«.«ldwi>d<»r iwiiiti*» Written > poreon. At »to«> or "^L|^««< UW .lt»B*»ul To be -bad «T... M. i. POWfiU,

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