The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 19, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1893
Page 1
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MARSHALL, MJCH M WEDMSOAY, JULY 19, 1893 i>RICE TWO Max M. Jlotel, at His n y»,,i,i,,..... liuriog the suminer Misfc Evelyn Wat ;;.Tilly 1#. —A. E. Lomady J son j 8 prepared to give instruction u ..tar* liiolrirtn^or-hw the languages and mathematics.'of - any of the common branches.; BE IS OHABGED WITH Jffiso/afcfy Pure A creaim of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S« Government Food Re- the Molitor Murder Trial Almost Ended. A lattle Girl Struck by an Electric Car. Miss Augusta Grolis Has a Narrow Escape From Death. , DEtnoiT, July 19.—Max M. Caspar!, f a young man about town, was arrested PORT Of Sand "Beach is here niece, Lillie Woods, aged 16. ... tells the following stflry: The girl was .abducted or enticed from Sand Beach by a schooner captain last Thursday and put off nt Port Htu-on for the put- pose of preventing the girl from beijig a witness in an ; important law suit involving all the property her mother possesses. Lomady alleges that .the captain plotted with persons interested in the suit to take the girl away and hide her until after the next term of court; in Suing R ftallroad 'Company. PoRt Huttox, July 19.--The estate . - . ROYAL -BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, N. Y {£ Vwtll**5 4111AAA M)fc^v«w w ,1 • •*- 7 '• — last night at the Ste. 01air hotel-upon a capias, signed byJu'dge Gartner and upon an affidavit swOrn out by Colonel John Atkinson, charging Caspari with an assault with a revolver upon J. Josephine Gaspari. The arrest was a; surprise to young Mr. Caspari, but the story which is be-> hind the arrest has Wen the subject of gossip for weeks past;, ever since it .was repotted that young 'Paspari, .in a fit of desperation and jealousy, had fired a shot at Ma wife's head. ."...'. 1 That was at Mrs. Caspari's home*t 007 West Port Pti?eet, according to the ft:B:is?rain.r£a™Sne"L"HhenmatUw» I B tatementa made'in the affidavit ac- S C.'~Bi«em»cr f liawU discharges, companying the. capias. Mr. Atkinson .D.—ubts or Grubs, Worms. . 4 V *..,__»_ n, .._«.,.,.£, », •—"•Si* J5VTT «. _ .WW^—.—..^ 1»M«*a«MA««lw_ AND e, Stoe^Bog^ Hogs, OUiTRT. X / BOO Pane BftaU on Treatment of Anini«i» ouu JTHKO nn Johari Sent Brcto. \ ctmits < Fever»,Conac8tlonB,ItiflaininBtioii A. A. t Spinal Meningitis, Milk • JJ«lf»«p£H)KH Of v»mii»*a*f »»«*••»»" E.E.—Couffhfl, Heaves,: Pneumonia, P.P.—Colic or Gripes, Bellyache., H*. ii~-Urinnry nnd Kidney Disease*. Sin gle Bottle (over,60 doses), - • .60' fit able Case, with gpeclfles. Manual, ft Veterinary XJure Oil and,Medlcator, 87.00 Ju» Veterinary Cure OH. - - l.OO qoutltj an rec«l(* at price. KD. CO., Ill * mWlllUmSt., KewTork. HOMEOPATHIC [SPECIFIC No. An uie SO ye»r«: The only iracwireful remedy for ismffShMSgm '31 oer visl. or 5 vials and Urge vial powder, for »o. Sold by UrosgUli, or nut pu«tp«ldcin receipt or prlca. CARTERS IITTLE CURE relieve •!' sUteot the . Drowaineas. While art. kg and pis- yet Garter's Littto MuaUyVriuMle in€pris<|lp»tlon,oaruiB •"» iff uarea companyiuy tuo. tu.j->w*o. ,*"•*•, T was there, it appears, and both saw and was to some extent a part of the trans- Young Mr. Caspari had just returned drapper little man with short curly hair, rather kinky, and a long, straight part almost in Che middle of his head. He dresses well and supports a rather heavy red mustache. He is fond or horses, it ia said, owns a stock-farm ur Virginia, attends the races, and was a ridingmaster at the time that he first met and won pretty Josephine Moore, his wife, some six years ago. The young man strolled into tne hotel about G o'clock last night with a cigar between his teeth, suspecting nothing so little as his arrest. Deputy Sheriff Trollop had been waiting for him and as be entered the hotel stepped nptohira and announced his erramt. Then they went over to the 3 ail together. Mr. Caspari was polite but savage when ho learned the purpose of his arrest. He sent at once for his attorney, Edward Haug. After a short consultation Mr. Haug secure bail. Judge Gartne^ the bail at §3,000, although the capias said that the damages amounted to Max'Caspari TC^S seen last night at the jail shdrtjyafter his- arrest. He had just beerfout to supper under the charge of >fie turnkey. He was feelmg very cheerful, although a little cha- grine#rto find as he said that Mr. At- kittSon had been too shrewd for him. M'do not care to say a word now, ne said, "but wait until tomorrow. Then I shall make my statement". Mr. Caspari shook his -head pmniously as if something terrible was in store for his enemies. . , ., At 0 o'clock Mr. Caspari and the turnkey went out, ostensibly to fand a iudge to get the bail bonds signed. They did not come back. The illeg«r Trial. ALPENA, July 19.-The trial of Stephen Bieger, charged as one of the murderers of.alolitor, was continued Tuesday and the jury is still out. Rpg ke » one of the convicted men,, and who first furnished the information which led to the arrests,'refused to appear as a wit- SsTsffig thai h* had talked enough, Rieger stated on the stand that he had iaarlv«^J» Rogers City but two days be* fore tns mntdep an-d that wnen, he went with, 'the .conspirafors he was under the .impression that he was going to a bear inintj and, that alter fearfuuK iheir jntetttionsihe s^r^dbafck -bsrwas festrained under tb^eais, of PORT HURON-, Juiy iw.— me «»u*w> w the lateTSlson Hnbbell, through the administrator. Fred P. Wilson, has commenced suit for S.10,000 damages against the Chicago and Grand Trunk Railroad company. The suit is brought on account of an accident which occurred to Hubbell, then an engineer on the Saginaw division. While crossing a bridge at Flint, he put.hia head out of the cab window, A projecting .board struck him in the head, causing his death. Dciith From Ulphtherla. LASSIUO, July lft>-Elbert, W;,, the 8-year-old son of William Spielman of Cedar street north, died of diphtheria. Another child of Spielman's died of the same disease some 10 days ago. The ejnct facts in connection with the outbreak are that there have Miss Graham, teacher of'guitar, joan- dolin and bupjo, will give" IhatrHctlons duriug vacation on the different histru ments. Those who are loteresteriplease consult wijh Mr. Louis Thojupaon. •' • Itrllig You i- Cnrp«tn. Tho .carpet cleaning works on Ex chunge street will be open on and alter Monday, March 27th.' .': O f Go to Bougbton's for wall paper. | New stock and new styles. Robert Schelly is prepared to rto kinds of tin work, stoop opposite B. L Murphy's. . > • • If you vi ant the beat, refrigerator on I earth for the least monej KO to Bosley'a, Buy the genuinei Philadelphia hiwn mowuf-U Bosley's. -.-.-----*_--. Sufferers from Piles should.-know that th Pyramid Pile ^ur,e vftl-:'promptly *ai>d ef • fectually remove every trace of tKem. • - - ruggiat.w*ll get it for yfau. , . , been a total of 24 cases and seVen deaths. Nine of those afflicted have recovered, ind the eight who are now sick are""'nil convalescent. No new case»niave''1)eeiJ i reported -during taie past five days. _'_____ Narrow Escape. LANSING. July 19.—Miss Augusta Grohs, an employe of the Michigan Knitting company, attempted to adjust a shaft under the operating table, when her hair, which was braided m a tingle strand, caught in tjie revolving $100 for a case of Catarrh,! . _ _ , , I vousness and Sleeplessness tha» Vegetable I Cure will hot cure. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaGrippe and its after effects Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and Constipation. 12 oz. $1.00. DR, SHARPSTEEK. , l.awu mowers sharpened »cd repaired at Koslnv's. jet your tin war« niriulwl at Schelly!fc I tin shop. shaft. Her head was drawn against the machinery in an instant. The presence of mind of another employe, who instantly threw the belt off the shaft, saved her from a horrible death. A Valuable 1'ateiit. POUT HURON, July 19.-r Peter Trelea- v *n of this city has patented a valuable Brticle. It is a gram measure that can be attached to a bin containing any kind of grain. It registers the exact amount takenTromThe lam in bushels and quarts. At each turn of the device it delivers into a suitable receptacle one quart of grain, registered similarly to a cash register. After 83 quarts are drawn the machine registers one bushel. • They Want Good Bonds. ALPENA, July 19.—The returns from the different wards show that the county road system was carried at the Special election by a majority of 241, Returns from the townships arei not ia, but indirect information justifies the belief, that the project was carried. The vote in the city was very light. Veterans Kxcited. WAYNE, July 19.-Several of the veterans here have received notice that their pensions would be suspended pena- ing an investigation. A short time ago a~life insurance man was in town, insuring only old soldiers, and it is thought that he was^ a government detective. The veterans are much excited. Mill. Wteu iibylhiug you want lo buv, Fust call »i Chuslitr's mill aud try, Jis cash prices will j-urely suil you, uuy fc-cd jou ilo wsaii ground, all »t Cliusber's mill, be is always urouix), And he will try to please jou. We buy for cash acwl sell for cash, Hmt's what us in our hash. your wull pap«r and paints a Geo Bouahiuu's uew. store. STOCK! ANTED TO PASTDSl Fatally Injured. .BAY CITY, July 19.-Dora Hiiie, agai . daughter of Gustay« Kine, was struck '.^vT °, ,_.• i.;i a5ad*very seriously.injured, draged; along under the car tor- ^f * in « 'entire left'bide of thetfaee was badly cut and bruised. J» a^k 0 ^;? , Terms cheap. »ee;or A. B. KING, Marshall, Miuh;, Chafes qn babies, soie nipples auid ia fiamuialiou of the breast instantly re- lievt-tl with Lavt-udar Ointment. Nutlet*. The Eureka bakery's wagon makes daily trips lo all paits of the city.eair?- log a full line of broad, cakes, pies and, cookies. r AH orders will receive promp.t attention. JAB. McKBj.i^B. • . Just as sure as hot weather comes there V»ill be mote or less bpwel qomjplaint in vicinity. Every person, and especii" Uiea, ought to have soine^reUaple at hand ,f or instant use in case it in Deeded. A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Cha»berlajn.'s, j., Cholera and Diarrhoea Bemedy i»aust what y»u ought to have and all that y«u even for the most severe ana, ,„,_, It is the beat, the moekie- ad most successful treatment known and ispleasaVt to taJte, *"* aalrt at Grcfiiie » drugstore. I for th« prompt, curtr o* Fil^s *» * Terrible V»*e «>£» ; ^YOIX/Julj £»-~J- jaan enipjEoyed at Good wiipd •* _*__.- 1 -ir -.__«*.. <vnA£9M&si *rt -4, * jV-ig. 4. -v^j ' ' . ---TV ----_;*J^, k ^a^.^~:\: * "/%''-' ' ' • < t=?'j T £;^~ ^ „-,' 3?*-^ ^' - s*"-"*-^; " ' '- t _: ->V - ^ Vii'J 3 6-A r ?2--> Y _-v^ * *' ,> - J ^ 4 : - -^--' --" '-" £ ^g^V -' *&?<£&?^ &£Z^X. "^Wi

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