The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 18, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1893
Page 3
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> •"*% rt^s, •> ^ ; I Visitors to the world's fair will find W. J. Dibble went to Chicago today, the CflfiomcLE oil sale at Geo. F. War I j u8 ts c c Henry, of Battle Creete, >wa« ten's news and dlar stand in the Mich- j j n t n j s c jty today. igan building. BREVITIES." T, D. Ganse and E W. Butler went to Detroit this morning. Dr. Smiley, Mrs. Hitchcock, and son went to Gull lake today. Don't forget thp bicycle races at the fair ground-Wednesday t n ISxtrftordlriary splendid two story dwelling atory dj^eHTng, with one'acre of ."Markhani, of Battle Creek, was U*d, lauding excellent fruit garden today. • {centrally located ^Mana and GeOrgo Perrett hav<* re turtjied from Chicago, i K. Prontice^of Battle Creek, in this city this afU?rnoori, was Martin Haven and M. D, Weeks, of Albion, wore in this city today. Col. Dickey was in the 2:3T trot at Detroit, yesterday, bat did not gel n Hon. W.-V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor of Iowa, says: "I have used Chamberlain's Mrs. A, C.Gill is visiting in this city.jplace. She is on her way to Madison, Wis, Marriage licences issued July 18: Roy Joynes and s.on, v of Newport, W. Day u nd Nelt'ie t,. Beebe, both of Va., are visiting at the residence of A. I Battle Crpek". H. Watts. • I" The railroad men at Jackson are Miss Olive Bennett has been engaged J wor king to have H. D.Donmalappoint? to teach music in the public schools the! fel i division superintendent of the Mich I • jrt _ j « • _. _.„_»«,. .-v^l 4l« n Inf-rt I: • R Cough Reme4y m ,my family and have no hesitation in Raying i« is an excellent remedy. I believe all that is claimed for it. Persons afflicted by a cough or cold, will find it a f rijsna." There is nodanger from whooping, cough when this remedy, is freely TS.. A. ti herman, the old reliable uui-, /ers&l at tctioneer, is prepared to«attend sales of all kinds. He sells anything and f yerylhing, household goods ., city property, stocks of goods of., inds, and makes & specialty of fai-ifa sales. If ,you have anything to, sell call and see him. fteinoted, •• • I have removed my office to Eagle the rooms formerly 1 occupied bv Dr. Houston. ^ i ELIAS HEWITT. stores coming year. Marriage KoelSBeS James L faHoed-«hity 17' Mack, of Chicago, and Fran igan Central to succeed the late C. B. Bush. Mr. Donmall was for many years Chief train dispatcher of the middle division,. T|ie building committee of the board of supervisors had a meeting at the ccs L. Sklpworth, Of Battle Creek. One of the belts at the electric light works broke Sunday night, causing,^ ~.. r . tht, incandescent lights to go out quite court house today and Accepted the jab of painting done by Hamilton Wbue, No -He painted the ousido of the court house two coats and furnished the material for $201.80. He was also allowed $55.11 for work done on the jail. All members of Marshall Hive, 22, are requested to be present at a special meeting, Wednesday evening, cougnwnen HUB rumen*..= —,» - -, The -new Lavette safety mailing en and GO cent bottles for sole at Greene's drug | volopes at Smith's studio. 5,000 spring and summer samples 1 haveL arrived^ ..Call ..and select ybui summer suit or pants. Better choice than piece- goods. Call and examine before, bnymg. Quality and price to suit at TED'S, the tailor, . Over Fletcher's store. If you".want a house built in short or dercallon Wm. Shipley as he is pro pared to put jou up a house ready for plastering in ten days time-. Shop on Eagie-fitreet over Lynn's. Residence, 151, Hanover street. I 4 Btfrglars bttVe been getting in their work at Battle Creek. Three houses were ,ent«red Saturday night, but not much was taken. H. G. Brooks leaves tonight for the east in the>turusts of bis patent water gaga and gaskets and will be absent for . several dais. Miss Jennie MoArdil, of Battle Creek, Carrie, McArdil, of Homer, and Mr, David Stone, of PitUford. New York, were the guests of the Misses Bordine Monday. As will be seen by a notice' published elsewhere, the remaining assets of the National City bank will be sold at auc lion at the court bouse in this city Thursday, August 31st. The first reception of the Marshall boat club will take place Weduesday eve nine. July 19. There will, be a boat parade on the river at\>ight o'clock, to be followed by a ball at the boat house. The electrical atorm Thursday struck the C. J. & M. station at Yorkville three limes in succession and the* oper ators, Mrs. H. A. Jacobs and Frank Doebburg had a very narrow escape from death. Frank was just going to ground the wira when a flash of lig'ht nmg struck the depot. In an instant the depot «vas one mass of flames. Both operators lay flat on the floor, stunned, Mr, Fox, a store keeper across theroad, saw it strike the depot and saw it in a blaze. The depot was full of electricity. All the; instruments fwere burned out. Don't forget the editor when you have a news Hem. If youi wife whips you, lets us know and we will set you right bef6re the public. If you have com \ pany, tell us, if you are not ashamed o: \\our visitors. If a youngster should 'arrive and requires food and raiment buy\a quarter's worth of cigars and come around, and if you are a cash sub scriber we will furnish a name for him or her, as\mjurnstances may warrant If you hove asocial gatue/lug of a friends, bring abound]!,*: big. .cake, si •pies and a ham—oot to eat, but as guarantee of good faith. We meutioB these things because we, want the uews. The Free Press corresOodBut in this city is responsible for tbe\folio wiry?: In ope of our churches Sunday morn ing the matter of ^Binistena,! vacation and closing the during the beat Attention! Don't you want jsome of those ifiue currants. Leave your ordor at I. S Peters' hardware store before all gone. IE.J.PENDELLI Physician an9 "Surgeon. It is recommendedi when setting out now strawberry beds, to use fertilisers, in order to avoia the .seeds of weeds. Manure that is not thoroughly:" decora posed, often contains weed seeds. As weeds are often the cause of Strawberry beds dying out or becoming useless the eecond year, all possible precaution should be taken to guard against weeds i Receiver's Sale. Unless previously disposed-of at pri vale sale, I will on Thursday, the Slst day of of August, 1803, sell at public sale at the front door of the court house in Marshall, Mich., all remaining .as sets of the National City hank, consist' ing of a 7-12 interest in the property known as the Eagle block, also the Bui- laid Manufacturing works, both pieces of property being looted in the city of of Marshall. Also one largo bank safe, (double door, steel box and time lock,) office fjrmturu, also all notes belonging to bank remaining unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining assets of saul bank may be remaining in my hands at that date. Terms of sale cash. For further particulars enquire of TIIEHON F. GIDDISGS, Receiver, Kalamazoo, Mich, or John Houston, Esq., Marshall. U»rg»tii Sa!» of i,*dlK8 «>t8ta till* Week 75c waists for 50c; $1 waists for 7oo il,50 waists for $1. IJjfflceiiYerSiiiaott's Shoe Store * . dml' J 18| MissM.LBromberg.M.P. Diseases of woWn and children a specialty. Offico' over Jotofr ton tier's-corner State -and Jefferson btreeta. BaBldence at Mris. O. B. Rowley's cm Green Street near Eagle. Dr. LOU IS S.JOY, Physician ana Surgeon. Special facilities for treatment ot diseases of the Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat, and the applic atiou of Electricity. . . . . Offloe over Cook's Store formerly occupied by Or. " * * — ' New stock ioughton's. of wall paper at Geo. i Flour. This important necessary, of life has never been as low in price as A. Wat son now sfclis it. Enquire at his gtore before you purchase. A. WATaON. Homes for visitors to the Works's Fair in the title of a neat little booK. contain mg the address of about 9,000 families, wiio will accommodate visitors, also a list of botch, illustrated with large ,cale map, sold at M. C ticket offipe Price 50 sente. New potatoes at Cunningham's. Children Cry for Ditcher's Castorla. Are you troubled with Piles? Use Blake's Suppositories Per box, $1. For sale at Elstbn's drug store Address all mail order ,tO G.D,, y, Blak.e, Marshall, Mich. B0r Over I'Uty Ye»n. ' MKB! WIHBWW'S SOOTHWQ ^YBDP ha§ been used for children teething. It lootbei the cbl! J, allays all paln t cure* wind colic, »nd U th« heel temidy for diarrhoea, 'iwenty-flve cenu a bot- tU. aold b) aU druggists throughout the world There will be an auction of furniture Saturday, July 15, at South Eagle street, So. 105, by B. C. Talmadgo. ; * dji4 , N, A. SHERMAN, Ane\ ;, ": - _ - ' ~\ Farm' Wanted.. I have a customer with cash for a small farm, 40 to CO acres, and worth from $1,500 to $2,000. If you have one for sale come' and see me. Yours Truly, H. M. MERRILL. Some of the Grand Army boys may be in ' tereatod in the following from Alex. B. Pope, A; D. C,, Commander Dept. Tens. and Ga. He says: "We have had an epi- demio of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tean.,) and Chamhetlain'a Cpugh Bemedy has been the only medicine" that has done any good." There is no danger from whoop. ing cough when this remedy is freely given. It completely controls the disease. 60 cent bottles for sale al Greeiie's drug afreet. Smllli, the fbotugrapheJr. tome nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see Notice Helutlve to Cow*. The ordinance relative to pasturing Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in tne building formurly occupied as meat market, opposite E. L. Morphy 8 i store. Give him a calj when in Deed, of any tin work. , Chas. Kilbiirp has opened a restaur- | ant the first door west of the Tontine, the public is invited to call. ..•••• "RoyalEuby" Eye Whiskey is free froaa., all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened aud matured by eleven years storage World'* CplUDublwu Kxpoaltlon. , x.fw u ».-___ ,-.—. --. - The Michigan Central will sell tickets in wood, it ia a "Rye as is a Eye, and coats * M „ _ • i - 1 ™. * . ^Si_ ••_'__—. „«M H<.fiixn nt I __ . U. l.U n « J^^Awirxx V\i>anrla. 'iTV tt &DC1 cows in t^e btreet will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or not, and all cattle found at large iu the street, whetner tied or otherwise, will be taken care of. No ex t ception-will be made to this rule for anyone. PETER HOWE, City Marshal. I wish to say to the people of this city aad vicinity, 1 have moved my business to Marshall and am now prepared to .supply all who use sfeaui the Brook's patent water gage and patent gaskets These gaskets are not confined to my all the old st^te gages. 1 afaq> j, ms AiiiwA**fe**»-* ••**»•• »- -TT- --, — —••- • from Mftrsball to Chicago and return at rate of sevea dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nuv. 5tb. Children under 12 years of age, najlf fare. Tickets not goed on 1, 4, ID or 30. no mori than inferior brands. Try it w>d you will never be satisfied to use, any other. A pure old whisky "is always free from fusil oil, whioh ia a poison; and should not be taken into the system. • Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is, converted into fragrant ethers which give ths bouquet to whisky. Sold only by V, G. Seaman & Co., Druggist, ' *T Notice. We are now prepared to furuiah all kinds of doors, blind's,,, sash, screens, cu'ouldings, corner blocks, etc. All kinds of glass, plate, enameled, colored, jfyje stationery at the- t»a$ar store. A beveled and plain. Also bee" fixtures | complete assortment always on bang, and supplies at lowest living prices AH work and orders attended to prompt Jy. Give us a call. , Yours Respectfully. STUABT*" Smith w making the new' porcelain tml iihntns Thev lUSt fill tU Having secured the agency of the Detroit Evening News I am to furnish either the afternoon for delivery at 5 p. m, or the 6. edition for delivery in morning for 25 .cents pei "month, I am enliUed. to pay- uient for the paper from July deftcoue objected to the proposed tern) Of vacation to the minister 01? the ground that two weeks'- vacation bad been .enjoyed 'by tbe FeverendrittvJne on -~ % ^ic^ieus oceftsion this jear—to.wit, ' i vscas of "on |»8 weddijj|[ trip, i oujecuott w,as «ewouely objeo|64 to _^ ^.. ^ *. A w> it rk »^ «-id Irk 1* M fjf ,__._..j by tnousandetjQ rail- in fact whereyer-^steanj is i is nothing 5^lbV"world to to Show 'i- i reanyjMidall^ ler« to caU ai T* " ' i^. ^% HJ ^..«*.«. 1*1 *l»n VYtillVlT. ttT 1 - , , ***Mf»•)»•». >^ are and tiivw atoid elowufi the >'.- l *_^> • r '-*flf«Vi '* - W, •Us- •*$« ^ f, J"? •'$^'S~&. t ^i.^ L «^™ f':' V,', . «, 1^ ^ •"- '-fS " ,~5^ J ,?„?,»* "-' ^ ^lf

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