The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 31, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1962
Page 2
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Editorial.* LEADERS PUSH PLAN FOR STORING Very soon, there will likely lie mi inicuslve campaign lo seek voter spproval lor Constitutional Amendment No. 4 on the ,jem>ral flection ballot Nov. H. The campaign would he headed hy Go\-. Price Daniel and water conservation leaders of ihe state. This amendment would allow the Texas Water Development Board to use part ot its $100 million water loan fund to pay lor the added height needed to fully utilize dam sites in Texas. Two weeks ago, the Water Study Commission for Texas released its full report on the waiei- conservation work that should he done in Texas by the year ffllO. It listed S3 reservoirs that would be huill in the state's eight major river basins at a cost o[ about S3 billion. Among these are 12 projects on the Bra/os, Including une of particular interest to Brazoria County — The Allen's Creek reservoir proposal on a site near Richmond, lo cost an estimated SBO million. At the same time the list was issued, a statement was made by Harry Bui-leigh. chief resident engineer for the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, to the effect that Texas had as much surface water as it could use in the foreseeable future. The trouble was, the water isn't distributed at the times and places it is needed. That is, there is plenty of water if it can all be used. But at times vast amounts waste into the Gulf. At other times, there is a shortage. Also, some regions have more than they can use, and some parts of the state are dry and banen. The study report is looking far into the future, and the proposed amendment is intended to do something about the needs that are seen in this future. Much of the work of building dams will be initialed by the federal government, and carried out by the U.S. Corps o! Engineers. But the federal government's interest in reservoirs is primarily from the standpoint of flood control. That is the reason lor the Stale government's interest in the conservation amendment. When the Corps of Engineers builds a dam, it plans only for the amount of storage space needed to catch waters from a potential flood. This storage space must remain empty in order to fulfill this function. But at the same time, the Corps will enter into a joint venture with a state agency that might be interested in water conservation storage space or hydroelectric power facilities. The state would pay the added cost. The problem that exists now is that state and municipal agencies have limited funds to pay for conseivation storage. They would be inclined to pay only for short-term needs, which would mean that the dams would be built to less than their full height. Water studies have indicated that in 20 to 50 years, the full yield of all presently proposed reservoirs will be needed to supply the 21 million Texans expected by the year L'010. But if the dams and reservoirs are built at this time only to meet present or near-future needs, there will be greatly increased costs later on. since recreational and other developments will have been built around it. The cost would run to three times as much, then, to buy the developed land and raise the dam. In the long run, sponsors argue, the amendment would save Texans many millions. If it passes, the Development Board could pay for the added cost now and hold the water storage space until cities or industries in the area need ihe water and are willing to pay for it. Then the revenue can be used to pay off the long-term bonds the Board issues. There are two cases in point today. Lavon Reservoir near Dallas was built mainly for flood control by the Corps of Engineers. Now more space is needed for water supply purposes. Today, however, North Texas Municipal Water District, which supplies water to 10 cities in the area, will have to pay about 60 to 70 per cent more than it would have cost them in the first place. Cooper Reservoir on the Sulphur River is being delayed right THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1962 THROWN TO THE WOLVES Paul Harvey News ly PAUL HARVEY There's Almost All You'd Need I know of an island in the sun vhere a man can get away from t all. An island where the trade winds are soft and warm most of the year. Shelters, already j prepared, are adequate for corn- jfort during the rainy season. The Spanish who first dropped anchor on the windward side called it "Isle of the Pelicans." Americans may now go there, lake up residence. If you apply properly, and if you Intend to make the island your permanent home, our Government will pro- There arp Ranion plots on which you can Rro'.v vpgrlRblps, flowers. There is n library filled with 15.000 volumes, more thnn you could rrad in a lifetime. Those, to, are available to you free. The mail boat arrives and departs on a reasonably regular schedule so lhat you can sharp your Island adventure with friends and relatives back In the turbulence and traffic and fer- "' 4:00 •1:115 4:30 4:45 5:25 5:30 S-40 5-45 (0 American Bandstand fli MshnllnJnoksnn £} nkkTmry (Colnr) 01 Early Slmw: "John Ixivcs Mary." Ronald Rrn- Kim, Wayne Morris £} M-fl-M T h P i t r «: "Caught." .Tamps Mason "CD Rockyjind His Friend* (0 Kltirlk's Clubhouse _ CD "Quick UrawJKcGraw_ ID Whiriybirrts ~ O Air Force Story ___ B Aimanae Ncwarcel _ _ O"A'ncrlcans at Work 2) Huntley-Brlnkley Report Nev ment of the Stales. The boat also S:55 periodically brings such fruits and vegetables as sre not na- I vide transportation free. | ttve to the islami . i It used to be that a man The view in all directions Is I dreamed o* faraway islands be- enough to inspire Ihe least artistic cause the seas seemed to sepa-|( o try. rate him from whatever it was j Sundrenched days and star-stud- he wanted to leave behind. jded nights and the fellowship of In an err of jet travel, Samoa | persons of similar tastes make and the FiJIs are no more re-1 this island an Ideal retreat for mote than the Caribbean. So it the hurried, harried ulcer cam!!makes no sense to RO to the other [dale. side of the world if there Is ai There are none of the cuslo- similar environment available In j ma ry tropical diseases on the is- a handier hemisphere. i fond, no poisonous snakes, few In- Actually, this island of which I sects. I speak is close enough to afford The 12-ncr« island Is small a view of the mainland of the enough to be "cozy," yet large United States; majestic by day.jenough so that you can stretch jewelled by night. | your ] PRR f or „ vigorous hike. The island has 336 permanent guest rooms with running water, i toilet facilities, comfortable beds — rent free! On this island in the sun you may work if you like. You may do absolutely nothing if you prefer. There is enough food. Not fancy, but wholesome and nourishing and adequate. Drinking water is a problem on some islands; not on this one. jThe water is pure. The guest 'rooms are wired for electricity, and this utility is also free to all islanders. i There is space provided for community athletic events, if you are so inclined 1 . There is free medical care if you get ill, free nursing care when you get old. All the tilings Americans have been voting for are available on this island. . .free. It will cost you no money to live there forever. It will cost you only your freedom. Nothing more. You need give up only your freedom. Everything else is free. . . On Alcatraz. The World Today FEW PURELY PAR TY ISSUES EXIST Bv JAMES MARLOW This political scientist, writing now because cities in the area just can't raise the money to build it I Associated Press \e\v* Analyst some years ago asked: "What to full siza. exciting campaign without national agitation, crisis, or emotional Business Mirror labor Day Production Upturn Seen By Steel By SAM DAWSON AI' Business News Analyst the chance of a strike or price rise. Also, the January-March THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS WAILISHED If 12 •ubliinM dolly and Sunday «cepr Saturday by Review Publiinwi, Isc., 307 I. Park Avt., Freeport, T«ia«. Jaimi S. Nabon, <T««!dtnf. JAMES S. NABOBS OLINN HIATH ftlORGI L BEACOM NEW YORK CAP! — Steelmenitniarter figures were compared 6:00 6:15 6:2.') 6:30 WASHINGTON (APi — James motivates the voter making a (Issues, except perhaps for older ', are hoping that their days of tak-Uith the quarter In 1961 when the Bryce was puzzled^ by^the Demo-decisumr^He said, by and large, people who saw the medical care!ing it on the chin are coming to'last recession was at its deepest. -r^-..j .,.. j .^.i ,_ __ .,._., .......... one . t woS Tl, e sec ond quarter of 1962 saw crate and Republicans. They'd^ the decision-is reached by non- still have this Englishman guess- logical processes: plan defeated. PUBLISHER _ .. EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR will have the this year's congre: IRNII E. ZIESCHANG Advwtlilng Monoqtr MORRIS FREEMAN Mtchonlcol Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor GEORGE FERGUSON Sports Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager Even there, although President punch in the second quarter. 'steel's customers assured there ing if he were alive now. , If there is one determining Kennedy will stump to get more First, in April they were hit'would be no strike and no price In his book, "Hie American factor it is probably the climate |Democrats elected, his own Dem-hard when thfy tried to raiseihiUe. So they used up the-Mocks Commonwealth," he asked 74 of opinion in which the voter hasiocrats deflated the issue for himlprices and President Kennedy they'd bought earlier and held off, | years ago: What's the difference' lived and this was originally pro-1 since they must share responsibil-i forced thorn to back away Then' ordering between the two parties: He con-jrided for h'm by his family." jjty with Republicans for killing their business fell off sharply, as| This period may be coming to fessed he courtmt sec much. i H,. ^ngm T, aV c acJed mis could'medical care. ' their earning reports of recent 1 an end. ' j A lot of inqu.vitive voters'change in moments of great na- 1 Just because enough of them,-days make painfully clear. Thp U.S. Department of Com-! same trouble in tional agitation, of crisis, or in;mostly Southerners, joined Repub-j Some hope that August will be merce says: | ressional election,; an election campaign with deep'licans in killing that hill and other the turning point. Most expect no* -i n contrast with the sharp cut-l while some of the others verify; emotional issues. j Kennedy programs, the President i ma iked pickup in orders and pro-j back in steel production con- the conclusion of Wilfred E. Bink- Unless there's an explosion be-1 is in an embarrassing position in iductinn until after Labor Day. sump , ion o( finished -tee'l has ley. I lore November this will be an un-j asking for more Democrata. ; And a few , smarting from their ^ increis jn K steadily in recent __-^_ . . What hell really be pleading hurts, fear a general recession is monlns . In „* past two months I for is more Democrats to make in the makins that might keep, ronsumption has substantially ex- i up for the votes of the Democrats. the customers away from their j cec(icd production as using Indus- ij^° S ',!, T Rep " jbl '™ ns ' ' ts 'mills for several months more. tries have drawn on stocks piled ;this \ery Democratic desertion But weak as the second quarter! | which makes it difficult, and often earnings O f most of the compan- junconvincing, for other Demo-, ies look _ t he industry still can ]crats to insist upon any real dll-ib,,^ a gain over j^ for ,1,6 World wide news coverage by The Auoclated Press. Member of Tens Dally Newspaper Association, Teias Press Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON Can't Stand To See Bottum High r | ipr ln th* vpar as a strike > The. department report* a drop °' ahout one million tons in the .stocks of finished steel during WASHINGTON — I don't care and sub-headings in this daily; There was also a great differ- iference between the parties as i parties There w»,.^rpdBtinrtion in the depression days of the 1930. jf ,a™ his a^r wi » sh ° W an ° ther blK between the Democrats who want- io{ ]9 stcel , jrms show al , ^t , ive ! Along with cautious customers, ed action and the stand-pat con-| doi ^^^ jn . , he firat six ithe steel industry has been servative Republicans. ! mon(hs o( 1962 ^ in , he ^ plagued by increasing competition period of 1961. whether he proves to be a good journal of Congressional utter-jence on foreign policy between' rnmhinm , ,' h , q „„„„) !~ n i..1'-t n .. ., r*ns*f r.r- In in^if. flnr'OC hni'a 1-LAAn Jici J nmllaUul f n .'«U« l-t ...-., »:_« n ll.. ^.1 I—1 lA,,—. _ ' l-UillUIIH.-U, Ultr U CrtlllCU legislator, a poor, or an indif- ances have been distinguished for the internationally minded Demo- from other materials, such as . i aluminum, copper and plastics. ly carrier, dally end Sunday, $1.50 per month. Mall rates upon re-;ferent one: I want the new Sen- — shall we say ? — sedateness.;crats and the isolationist Republi- «wst. All mall subscriptions payable in advance. ator from South Dakota defeated The absence of 980,624 in the half year just ended, a gain of 47.4 per cent over Entered at second doss matter March 21. 1»52. ot :he Preeport.iin November. F.ver since Joseph produced such conse Teiat, Post Office, under the Act of Congress of Marck B, 1B70. ,. - . . . a uiiin UL -11.4 urr CCIH uver sensationalismirans before and even after World S]2 ^ 528J30 o[ the Hsame 19 in the |ucf. iservative sub-War II. ,,,...' '.. ... . . Steelmen are lighting back now, seeking new uses for their prod- DAILY CROSSWORD 'H. Bottum was appointed to fill hrnris as "The Journal." "Limi-: But the Republicans thereafter ithc vacancy caused by the death iiation of Debate," "Executive teamed up with Democrats to of Francis Case my life has been Messages Referred." support President .Eisenhower's' made miserable by an unending The oiher day, however, I pick- foreign policy, which was>»Presi plague of Botnim jokes. ed up an issue. Its first AOB08S X. Paddle-Ute 4. Muffler 0. Caliber 10.KnnoMeB a2.Below.naut. J3. Right ot ehooslnjf M. Metal JC.Back— •» Boston 17. Hikers' shelter ja Former calms: let. 91. Scotch name S&Doetrln* S3.Cup-lika spoon at.» — off» dooft toucb 3. "Old " (nickname of "Constitution") 3. Fresh t. Shallow water 5. Imitate 6. Pan try invader T.Maori fem roots toclc a Iced, as a cake 0. English epa 18. Rental contract 20. Location ot U.3. Naval academy 22. Dull sounds, as Mows 23. Citrus fruits aaa Baa rt of rt qSLr einon wereimn tha Eleven of the'first five months, against a mil; ( . om ic ^, ell ^ind their earn- 'lion a year ago. Lower produc- few ; dent Harry Iranian,, and " MO.ition cosU have helped the foreign No matter how often the nadr- pases earned trad.Uonal head-, team up now to support the same i. K ssg^S.KM j mills to c-ompete. But another 10 Five Fifiy-Flve News: Ray Conaway. Weather: Tom Kvi— "-lorls: Guy Suvage m'News: Nick Gearhnrt. Weather: Sid Ijuher O What's 'New: "Encounter at Trinity" O World at Large_ ABC Evening Report News: Walter Crone f} Channel 2 Newsrcel £) Wr.tthcr (J) BMKS Runny: "A Star Is Bored." (0 w I ndo w on Main Street: Canieinn Garrell Bronks derides to irpay Wally and Peggy Evan? for their hospitality Q Of Snenre »nd Sc'ienli.sls: "The Si?e of the Unlvprsp" B Lara in i r (Color) "The Hunt." Hcpe.' 1 -Fugitive slephrolhiMs of Sandy Callin invade hlf ranch and Ihrrslen hi.' w i fe 7:00 CD Bach el or Father: "Kelly the Yes Man." Repeal. Uncle Benllry shows Kelly she's wrong by using promises to gel class numinatinn (D Password Q Meet the Ori-an: "Musical Tone" 7:30 C0 Tl"" Nrvv Breed: "Wave Goodbye to Grandpa." Repeat. Mysterious death fall ot maid »t rest home triggers investigation by Met squad CO Dobie Cillis: Repeat. Dobie is elated when the second most henutiful girl in the woi Id accepts his offer for a dal* O The Way B Alfred Hitchcock: "The Faith of Aaron Menefec." Repeat. A young man's faith in a phony faith healer prompts him to make a daring move 8:110 CQ Carncgio Hall SaliUos Jack Benny: Repeal. Isaac Stern, Van Cliburn. Benny Goodman and his sextet, Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra and Robert Peters O Crisis B Dick Powell: "View from the Eiffel Tower." Repeat. An American girl meets a United States Army deserter while visiting Paris 8:30 C0 Yours for a Song O C o in p a s s: "F r o in France with Love" 9:00 CD Alcoa Premiere: "A Place lo Hide." Repeat. Dean Stockwell, Joan Hackett. "Cry Out in Silence." Repeat. Celeste Holm, David Mcl*an tn Talent Scouts Q Ideas in Focus B Cain's Hundred: "The New Order." Repeat. Cain investigates the operations of two competing loan sharks 0:30 O Television Intrina* tional: "Hip Fourth n" 10:00 0) Night Edition'Nrwsl n^iy ('nn a way. Sports: f!uy Ravage. Wpathflr: in Kvans News: Nlrk Goal-hart. Voalhor: Sid lusher '" i Off 10 O'Olnrk Roundup sws, Weather, Msnn About Sports 10:15 fl) l-nto Slmw: "At tbe Stroke nf Nine " Patricia. Dalnton, Stephen Murray* A girl reporter I* klrt- _ mippd IO: ?!LilLA5?-L*'i nal Report"" 76:30 {0 Wire So"rvlo?:""n«T hoarsal for Stibntnjjv" Q Tonight Slmw (Color) 11:30 (D The CalVf orn Jans: '•Salted Gold Mine." Marshal Matt Wayne jus. peels fraud, when a businessman tries lo sell iilork In a once-abandoned .« _ mine 13:00"flj) Wanted by ihiTFBf Sign Off Q) News Final, Daily Word O_Consutt Dr. Brothers IzTis^HriiiTniotp- 5:S9 (i:(10 6:30 6:55 7:00 l-lji 7:30 8:00 8:30~ »:0tf CD Sign On, Anthem, Prayer CD Operation Lift BD Carlo! Don On . g Devotional l(r:ll() 1(1:30 1(1:55 11:1)0 (D MmniiiK firpcirt O I'oday CO Mr. Caboose (0 Morning Edition Newi (Q Cadet Don ID Capt. Kansaroo _ (0 People are Funny * (0 Jack LiTl-annc " (0 Calendar O Say When _ __ O Morning Movie: "Brhind Locked Doors." Hie-hard Carlson, Lucille Hi ewer § 1 l.nve Lucy Play Your Hunch (Color) OJ TlKTVcrdictTls Yours O Price Is Right (ColnrJ^ O Tlio Brighter Day O Concentration CD Harry Rcasoni'r Nmv CD Tennessee Ernie Foni Show H) Love of Life Q YourKirst Impiesi-iM tCY.Ior) CD Yours for a Sonc CD Search for Tomoin> O Truth or C'mifeqtiem < " ' ll'.if) O New? Report IS.dU CD ''ane Wyinan I'rcv r • News at Neon Susie 12:15 (D The Lee Shcpheni Show un § 1Z:3( I Camouflage , As The World Tin i 2 j55JB_ABC: Midday Rcpor: l:t)0 (J) ilome Edition Ne«- i Q) Password ' ff Jan Murray (ColM i J: 2 5~O"NBC~News ~ ITflfof Dragnet House Party 2:00 § Millionaire Young Dr. Malonf 2:30 CD Seven Keys ~, To Tell the Truth Our Five Daughter! 2:55 CD Douglas Edwards News named arises on he inas DroiiRnl m New ^ork. "The,pohcy of Kennedy. . * CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Top t»corit-Hi>IJ«r In MaH»rt' Indlvlduol Championship May) 11. Pigs' noses 2*. Highest 16. Former Czech president, Eduard 18. Stories points 29. Flowers of rose family SO. Fine, silk net 31. Let it stand: print. S3. At the top 86. Girl: Dial. 37. Kingr of Judah Senate floor, at least half the Plight of the Lumber Industry in j port the same policy of Kennedy.: occupants of the Senate Press ihe Northwest," and "First An-; So, because there is no great Gallery try to beat each other nual Golden Rose Award to Sen-.foreign issue this year, inter- to saying, "Bottum's up!" as if ator Margaret Chase Smith." j national affairs can hardly be they had just thought of it for Rut then Ihe pixy must have ; much of a campaign dispute, the first time. This threatens to ten in his lick, because this head-i At home the economy has, ln ]L go on as long as Bottum is there ing followed- J slipped. This may have some ef-j to get off his. "Congressman John E. Fogarty j feet, but not to the degree of aj I can't stand it, I tell you! I and a Decade of Progress in Men-: depression, can't stand it! The only thing that tal Retardation." The two parties, without any I is enabling me to hang on at all wide emotional pressure at home is the hope lhat next year the It is a popular pastime here in!or abroad for change or innova- well of the Senate will be a Bol- Washington to belittle the Con-i lion, have reverted to what both itumless pit. gressional Record, especially thejof them truly are in any fairly I However, Bottum can't just;Appendix which carries speeches \ normal period: They're both con- drop out. He won nomination by of Senators and Representatives i servative. ihe South Dakota Central Repub- they have never delivered. Any; The fact that these congression- against reason for the increased flow i. ' , nrm , inll , „ , ha . in . num he r of steel nro- ™l prevlou f >ear ' B '^ '" * "^.7 , an a,.^, h « : 9 J^ rl ™ h «i worninov been b^ It up Enough "o fi™. '" nuh .^ ^v K* *2 hZ" i^ilS leaw lrom unus " al ^ : ,^,, . . "T v ", «»""»"«" "° med about I a surplus for export. Eutdtater. But-Wut vnlnerahla. NORTH •9854 Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- WEST 4J8B2 VA.1086 «B4 4AKQJ103 EAST 4 •QJIC /CRITIC Brooks Atkinson confesses that when he wants to i 38. Polynesian | jcan c,, mm j|i,, e on July 9, al- veteran niemlwr of Congress, |al politicians think they can af-i VJ add some very unusual words to his vocabulary, he con- atone heap SOUTH 4KQI07843 • , __ . 4K87868 foQa •T.llad* plant ». Experts tt. King of Bttk abbr. Bi. Absent B5.Deay 38. German river •a. Vo mit and DOWN .jMf at •task 41 (hough i( took VQ ballots to put however, him across. He will run against publication. defend the Record ford to be conservative seems to gulls the works of S. J. Perelman. It was from this prolific be a pretty good reflection of a source, for instance, that , George McGovern, recently-resign-! Actually, from their atandpoint, broad popular complacency at n e borrowed, "a firkin of ed Special Assistant lo President, it j s . it j s read by editors of'this time among the voteri. | Butter and a hectare of Kennedy, who won the- Democratic i small town newspapers, who often nomination unopposed. yet inspiration for their editorials Former Rep. McGovern has from it. It is also read by trade been around lirre a long time, groups, who want to keep track in both the Legislative and Exe- o f legislative culive branches it tlovernmcnt, .their industry. moves affecting gherkins" to describe the fare served at a picnic. Mr. P. shingled his country house, Atkinson To ensure proper emergency' discovered, with "second- and 1 look upon him as one of n j a a lso widely read by lob-,medical treatment at home or' hand wattles," and he us. Conversely, I regaid all in-ibyisls, soinu of whom, believe itjabroad, you can carry a medical "taps tha dottle from his terim appointees as comparative o r not, serve worthy purposes. All'passport listing essential informs— pipe" by "knocking it foreigners, carrying no weight in lobbyists are by no means sugar-i lion which a doctor or hospital 1 against the hob." He also our Ship of Stale. quota grabbers, or highbinders;f.hould 'know about your own frequently "muckles fib- My attitude is that of the U. S.; maneuvering against Ihe public i health. The pocket-si/cd document re towels" from airplanes There must be surcease be- wjlh ^ he American Medical Asso-i a heart tondiuon . Ihe votes are counted in November, otlum must not be on top. for that carry him hither and yon. a.s . West Pass North 4 NT The bidding-. East South Pas* 4 A Pan 6$ Opening- lead—ace of hearts. Here Is a dramatic hand played In tha European chant' plonshlps In 1936. It occurred In the match between France and Italy. When the French held tha Morth-Bouth cards, the bidding went as shown. Bourchtoff opened four spades and Szwaro responded four notrump (black- wood). Brwarc then Ud six •pades after BourcMon* indicated he had no aces. Of course, Bourchtoff was sorry he wasn't In seven when dummy appeared, but when East showed out on the ace ol A fond mother, on the eve of her daughter's marriage, Appendix provides an ac- we " as giving your blood type, her husband anxiously, "Do you really think our little girt U . . cumulation of the thoughts and allergies, and results of X-ray and ready for the battle of life?" "If uhe isn't," snapped the husband spades, he silently congratu- uttcrancts of just plain Americans, > laboratory studies. unfeelingly, "she never will be. Remember, we've seen hei '»V><1 j'V?** 1 ^ * or having 1 stayed 'Hie Congressional Record musti Congressmen usually in- 1 p u b]j. s he<l bv the Medical Pass through six engagements and heaven only knows how many have a new copyreader with a! elude in their offerings letters and ' . , „. ', close-range skirmlshesl" 'flair of composing catchy and j articles from constituents. .port ioundaiion, Inc.. New York, j . .. . quizzical titles. i This, I trust you will agree, j me pa»«pc"ts are provided toj i'or many years. th« headings j ihould be encouraged. ' physicians and hospitals at cost. out ot the aliuost-iure-to-make grand flam. There wen fireworks when • AMOUS HANDS the Italians held thn North* South cards. At their table tha bidding went: Eut South West North <4 Fas* 4 NT Pau 64 Turn 64 PUM 74 Eblo, TNT Dble. Jals, for France, started tha ball rolling with, a heart Md. Korquet bid four spades. Tresel •> paued. Slntscdloo bid four no- trump (not Blackwood). For> quet accepted tha Invitation to bid a slam by jumping to six diamonds and then boldly undertook a griuid alara when Sin Is- calco bid six spades. Treul now doubled, This was somewhat doubtful procedure »ince It might have provUlcdi Forquot with the. clue on which to justify a first-round >pad« ttnauc. % However, Treae! atrudc gold by doubling'. Apparently, Uta double convinced SLnlscaloo that Trezel hod a sure trump trick and that the grand slam could not be mad* in spades. Accordingly, ha Ud seven no* trump. lie hail no hoart stop* per, It Is true, but he calculated (incorrectly) that Forquot would not have bid seven spade*} unions he had the ace> of hearts. Slnlscaluo apparently thought 0 that seven notnunp might b» mad* without bringing horns the entire spada suit The outcome was disastrous. East led tho king of hearts and the defense pealed off ilx heart tricks to set the contract 1,100 points. Italy lost 2,060 points on thftdeal. 40 U9X Kit* rtMwes Bundle,

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