Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 6, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1961
Page 2
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c ,^,.* <-.. s ~.- T * j^-AU?*, 2A-WI IIO (Ttxoi) NIWS-HERAID, Tu**day, June 6, 1961 Dear Abby . . . THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT! By Abigail Van Buren ftACKWAXD CLANCI 25 Years Agtit DKATl AHBV: I m«-t :; wonderful guy' twn v.'t>t*lts ago Mr is ;» jnolONSieinwl ball filstvrr, Hf Is -OH kindest niu! most genUe- 'iniiiily m:m (' h»ivt» ovor knmvn, Wo hnve hmf several doles usin 1 know .we'nro niennt fur »>»ch other. W<? nlw:iys enjoy'lv« v s IHI (minor whet-' we RO .ir \vh:ri we do. I have never h.-ui this foolinji. • .ilmul :mytw elst* ami neither bus In-. Well, litre's f.ur problem. \\V an- both mjirrieti, HLs home lift k is a mess utirl s<> is. mine; Abby, I :m\ not t!so kind of u\rl who K°<'S n round l>r»>ifkiiu; V 'P »ttarrijnj?<*s, Ijt'i 1 love 'his g«y so much I xvmild iio nhything: to hnvt- him. Is it jx»ssible to bo r.iarried in onr stftto b:n"or«- yotsv ciivmfe is final in another? SO IN UOVK I)K,4R SO: ti U not ii<is<ihlc- , . . and tar a tood reaswn. It a^Kiircs ;i <-tiol!ns oft IJITIOI! and is a s;if<-tjiiur«l homo, ('atcb? • 'nRA'K AB»U': Tlsis •iH'd. 1 ciuight my hfci !>aliig< - ci to '.ho rrttipni ti vSiijht brain comussion. :i Uitdly l>rtiiKt«f< cllw.w. .iid it. - - . , ~' ' I3u! I #li!! \vil! not ices mul skin'i'.y !'.( H fi jnorv c.irc/ul ou tln v # m:«VSy. women who love is my eighth day in cr; the stairs iiiui intiiru; 1 suffert-d :i si»r;iir.«><! ni v .k!e :u>d Yt".<, lh<> now shoes DEAR ABBY: While I w;is working ;»t the polls, pur National Anthem wus plnyed oiv^ the rrtdio. Everyone w;is very' busy writing, and'so Wiis 1. But I stood up anti pkiceii niy hnnd -above my-. heiiri \iiitil t!se sons was over. No oi;o olse in t'le room boib(»ri?'J to acknowledge it. In fuel, I he:n:i ;> few of tlu-ns huigliinj- behind *ny back. When I wtitch a jmrndy nn u-ievisifn-, ;u:d our f)i»il rsjijX'ars, I <il\vnys siiinci up rind *.nlute it wliether I'm r-Uiue or with others. 1 wont-'to know if I inn as fjsieer as some' people thirk'l nm.'or. .ire tht!y tne ones who are oiu of. order? PATRIOTIC 11KAR hATIllOTIC: Most people do not sland for the National Anthem or fla>! cx- cej>t at. puhlio uatlivrings. This doesn't mean they are. less jiutriotlc. only more, conformist. Oo as yim please, liut dun't be Miri>ri*v«-il if you surprise untl :imnse others. CONFIDENTIAL TO Till; TtlKSDAY ATTKKNOON C'l.UH: Jtnn|)insr at conclusions is not nearly us goml_ exercise as; diffsring for facts, give 1 pointed will be . ! ;t.".i svsi t- the btsuitifi;! pointed shoes are not v.'riiirig to .ou. Juss the cotn- pluiftprs. Yours ":i;5v, I.\ STYLK IX OHIO DIC A It IN: You hnd hi-iti-r SOP your iloc* tot- ue^tint I'm afraid ilmt lirain concii^sicin is more serious (ban you think it is. Kveryhorty tins a orobionK Whni's yours? Write to 'Ahby, Box a.f(!5, Beverly Hiils," C;.',if. For n persoitnl reply enclose a stamped, ?eli- ndciressed envelope. Who pnys for what, ant' how do yi>u go about planning ;» lovely, inexpensive woii- ilins? Senti 50r for Abby'.s wending ;-.;iinphse-:, in c-are of this pnper. lOisiribiittHi »y Mc.N'nught Syndicate 5nc.' Critically Speaking I Youth Center Dues -rl r I (r / K" i JDOWH to $1 For The Edge of Sadness New [Remainder of _Year Book by Edwin O'Connor Jurw \l t WilHan) Mexandor Varga, 68 was killed i\fonday afternoon a- Ixmt 5 o'clock at his Carln Vat j ley home when two mules with , \\inth he had hei-n plowing bolt] ed and ranged him :tOrt yauls. } His feet were cnufiht in a rope j on the mules. j • * • • j Time for ftluiH for ttUtrict ! offices expired Mondi U mld- ! nipiil with no opposition regis- j tcret! for District Attorney Jul; ian l.aCrosse, Judge- Urian Mon- I tiigue or Representative Stan! fcnl I'svne. - Dr. John R. Hrinkloy,.':. with Mrs. Bri'nkley and Johnny, wired Del Rio friends-Tuesday that the party is off to a good start on tlu-ir yaelu, Poetnr-" Rrinkley H The message was radioed from the yacht by \yny of Port Arthur ;md read: "Off to a good Fturt. Finest of weather. Rio Sar.tander, Tamaulipas, fishing Wednesday "and then on to Tarn- pico Thursday. ' > 0 3 - i ' . . • .Mrs. Eppie'.C. Chalk, Miss .Vayi>e1!e Cooper and .Bobby Winsten^are delegates of the lo<•.-:] church to the 12th. annual Kpiscopal Sundny School convention being held on the .Ciallagher ranch. ; Hamilton White, left Saturday for Dnilp.s. where he has gone to "aJterid the Dallas Aviation 'School'and Air College at Love Field. - : : •» o * •> Mr, ami Mrs. B. E. Wilson and their daughter. Miss Anale. leJl Monday for tlietr ranch iu the. -funo country. i J CONTRACT/Bkl B,v B. £lfey: B EaaU dialer. f ' Both std^» vulnerable. NORTH 4Q987 \VEST 40542 V 10 2 4. J 105 Jft JO 7 0 5 AAQ92 EAST ^ A J 9 S 7 5 4 A A K 3 SOUTH <^K Q 6 > KOti-i 32 4.JS4 .The bidilinp: East South- West 1 V Pass Pass 2 JW Pnss North i ^k P.VS3 Opening lead —ten of hearts. The battle for the part swore 13 more pronounce*! m tournn ment plaj* thnn il is in lubber bridge, JTouh's spa<U> bill in this h;\ntl, for example, with such a w*ak s«j.i,_Js typical of thc lengThy-to vvhich the duplicate player will go to contest, a pait score. The hand was played in a recent tournament, anil North \vas-reluctant to sell out at one ht^art when that bitl came n round to him. He might have doubled; it is true, butlfolt that his values were too skimpv foi that bid. Over one spade. East Md two hearts, and then it \\-ns Soutl (Mrs, Betty Peruly) who was a decision. She de- Her bold bid mirht have-«nd- *'d \n disaster if Mr», Pearly had slipped duringr the play, but she played the hand., well to bring home the contract. West led the ten of heart* and Rast won with the ace and returned the jack. Declarer took the king- and avoided' the •rror of* attacking: diamond* inunedf^ »tely,"Instead, Mr*. Pearly, led a club to the ace, by-pawing the opportunity Co finesse, and returned a low diamond from dummy. Rust was forced to win with the ace, ar.d though he returned a hoatt to establish tile suit, Mis. Pearly \vas able to' run eight tricks consisting: ot> two heaits, five diamonds and a club. The two pitfalls which declarer avoided -arc both : noteworthy v Mrs. -Pearly' realized curly th'at East, for his bidding-," had to 'have every high card that was missing-. The ace of diamonds and king- of clubs wete clearly marked to be with East. Had Mrs. Pearly led a diamond to the queen at trick three, she would have been badly beaten. But by leading a club and rejecting the finesse, and tetuniing- a low diamond from dummy, Mrs. -Pearly covered the possibility that East's ace' of diamonds .; WHS a singleton. Thiif thoughtful play gave- her five diamond tricks and the contract. Red Cross Classes In Life Saving Completed Here Ir c T-S -4*q sf TX-. T After 17, bourt ,ofV imtruclioni, the v Red ? Crocs' junior, and senior; life saving classes' have been! completed under the direction of! Mrs. Michael Schillicfcii ' ,'> <* Seniors \vho completed the course successfully were Edward Eller, Louis McDonald, Ernest .McFarland, Wayne Russell 'and Penny Shively, Ricky Thontas, Richard., Schwafbe and ~'Tommy Williams, Mrs, Sjchillick said. Juniors completing^ (he course successfully included ^Jan Evans, Grace Trent, Tommy Simmons, Brad Bradley, Jimmy McFarland, ' Elizabeth Dennis, Cmdy Moon and Roger Hayes. Bruce Bradley, a Scoutmaster, look a refresher course and Michael Deaton took a water safety aid course. " - Incl) FAST STRAW — Lapping up hisrlunch'is not to?the bking of this London cat, "Tiddles. n He prefers the neat, r mod«rn. way—a straw. MISSING: ONE JAIL. i MePHERSON, Kan. Oft — Some-' one stole the jj'il here. | It -i. r n't the real pokey but is one of those jails mounted on wheels to stir up Interest;. in -various civic evei'ls. In this. case' U<e Junior Cha;nber of Commerce used it for those who failed !o grow beards or buy shaving per:nits in connection with the Kan- centennial celebration. TMK EDGE OK SADNKSS by U is oW Charlie Carmody. Kd\viri O'Connor. To he published resilient ami seifcnbsurfMHi. wlio Brmvn (vMlanitr) July serves as catalyst and thus brings ' Membership dues for the Del Rio i ! Ymitlr Center are now onlv si.- i i Director Tom DeVanev Vaid to- j iday that only a few months ro-i in ,, ie eemor'5 year and the! friend hy Little. f>, UJfil-, • his si'ii John and John's Onc<v again Kdxvtn O'Connor am? colleague- to such an returns to his fuvorito theme — !n>: moment of doubt and dospinr ^"mp^rjJrv schedule "fiv- iri.viiAmericnn life in a larse Now —the edge of sadness. Old Charlie " Tlic Center is open temporarily on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday., nights, opening at 7:30 o'- : clock: Tlse director ssi-d This is n : the con- ter. located on Las Vai-asv the siU; city strikingly simitar u> himself, however, is• indesinictible. i ftf ' tlie f Ormcr H 0tne Huston, This city is the stMtirig for Miiny years before. Father "Ken-j "Memberc are invited i-tue to the. old rxiptie's- character : "Charlie has irick that's worth ;nr»rv jhan a mountain of gold: !><• knows Iww to hoop .people talking atniiit him. He (ioesn'l care much \vhav they say, so King as they mention the- -name, It's the kimi of linns: he works at night a.'Ki day. He-has it all tlgiiriL'd out, (ion'j yon see. ihut if ..he keeps a! it k>ng encash, people will oo it osn of habit, and ihert»'II come a day when if they don't mention Charlie's'name they'll all start to his newest novel. The Edge of nedy's father had known him Sadness. thc Uook-of-the-.Monlh a"ti has discerned ' the significant Chih Selection for July. Mr. O'Connor's first ijre;>! s'n'- c* v ss. The I.asi Hurrah. w.i> the story o( a rascally ol<i Irish American politician in the city. Frank Sfcel'fington, who tur jminy yt-ar* had held the local elfc'sorate m the palm of his hand. Jn The Edge of Sadness she . n.irraior is a local Catholic pries!. Father jlugh Kennedy. huJ a lead; HIJ; character is another winning old rascal, (en years Skeffi]v.s.'U;n> senior — a wealthy luisinessn;sn named- Charlie Carmody. Carmody. like Skcffmsion. has kissed the Blarney Stone. Though rn>i a politician, he-has matte a lortune in real estate by being equally shrewd and unscrupulous. One oi iits ¥*wis, a lifelong friend of KaTh : er Kennedy, is also a priest—KalU er - John Carmoilv; Wlien early one nuirmns old Charlie, who hasn't seen or talkiv; lo Father Kenmniy for years,, unexpectedly telephones him. it 15 clear thai Chariie nuiit liavi- an ulterior motive; Charfte—"as fine a man as ever rohhed ihc helpless'"—always has an ulterior motive. Father Ke:i- ni\!y knows. Bu! hefnn 1 he h'art?3 what this motive is. Father Kennedy aqd '^KathcT John Carsr.ody learn a ^ood deal about iheni- it he records (hey e to ?he Con;ter," DeVaney said. "Our ninsic ; is recorded and members may their own records." That better times have ar- rive'i for ranchmen 'is reflected in !h* incrense<i sales of Stetson hjits at local stores. In: spite of the fact 'that' the proverbial headgear" a! the cowboy, is SI higher than last year, quito a iv.i;«'r>er of new lids are going nut of here daily. One outfitter received orders for T4 hats 'Monday. - Jas. C. Xetts t the Chamber of Commerce manager, is wear- ins nothing but wool ties these dpys and urging others to do iho same. Miss Johnny e Lea Nation to J. B. McNaughton the brid.- of .1. R. suesi ami think maybe they're 1 lUeXniishton. s«n of Mrs. A. n. IKU even talking at all. Oh yes, LMc.Vnughton of WinnfieKi. La., in it's a great iriek. and there's none ; a double evening in the Nation b.pnu'. 215 West Thin! Street. Dr. >hl!nn -Miss -lohnnye Lea .Vat:oo. dausrh- •' V.iHev was in charge of the bride s ter of Mr. and .Mrs. J»:hn \V. Na lion, became Miss Doris Nation of .Temple, (iir-J of the bride, served the_ white ouhJe rin? wedding cake and; ring ceromoaj- Sai-jnlay Mrs. C. . L. Green of Duba<jh. , Louisiana, sister of the bride-, snxxm. presided at (he .punch' SOCIAL CALENDAR TUESDAY The Del Rio Duplicate Bridge League will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Roswell Hotel. Members said this is an open game and anyone interested is' welcome. FRIDAY Miss Ernestine Foster/bride- elect of Joe Ricks, will be complimented at a miscellaneous gift shower in Prosser JHall of St. James' Episcopal Church between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m. Hostesses are' Mesdames Marvin Charlton; Walter Fawcett, Sparks Gulick, Edward V. Jarrett, W. E. Oglesby^ John Rowland Jr., Ralph J. Sinclair, Gordon Smith and Herbert Walker. NOTICE! "Swimming Days Ahead" A lrcub!e-fr*e, s'hotl. Cold Wave with Hair Cut S. Stt tot' $3.50 (Sets on Rollers, Only) by LILLY ESTRADA ADELE'S BEAUTY SALON 405 E. Srocidway-Fh. P« 5-3474 DON'T WAIT! Lei Us Store Your Furs and Winter Garments the Most Modern Cold Storage Way in Del Rio and on Our. premises. Or Have Us Clean Your Woden5 to Take Home in Moth-Proof Bags. WALTON BROS. Cleaners, Hatters, Tailors For Pick-Up ... Dial PR 5-2535 Insured — Bonded KENS-TV Channel 6 CBS 6:00 P. M. Tuesday Might WOAI-TV KONO-TV Channel 2 ABC 9:00 P. M. MOTHER TO BULB . i ; TUISA. Okla \f — A hopej'ul' ' pujeon has a ne*=t on a ledge ef' 'the Tnlsa \Vorld Building, near jthe newspaper's photo' studios^ A; 'newsman reports the. bird is !' hatch two eggs and a »flash bulb. at it than Charlie." Edwin lireene "O'Connor. iwHle Isiamier hy-birth, jiradu- Bradford, pastor «-f the Firs; Rap- bowi. from Notre Dame in I EOS. i' isl Church.'performed the. c'ere- n huv pnu'e^sional career ', nmny hy candlelight. The bride w<>re a sown of white organza with '"soft unpn>.«sed ; n the home of'. Mrs. • York N r e\v a ted lie LK- as a radio announcer in Providence, Paliii Beach. Biiifaio and liartcortL Dursry World War 11 he served as an Information Officer :n the Coast Guani fi snd after the war v so v.-tirk as a \vritei^producer for she Yankee Network. In 1W6 he left radio trt becosne a Sree-lance writer. His first -no- >'.r. and Mrs. - McNanghton "will j make their home in Del Rio. j Recently the bride was honored ; with a miscellaneous gift shower [ ON THE BEACH—If stylists have their way, gals vw. be showing their shirt tails at the:-beach, come s u m m e r. Model in model "ocean" shows-off •denim shirt which is sleeveless, with tiny mandarin collar, tucked front and deep side slits. A waffle iron plus • an electric outlet on your r porch will give you a pleasant " Sunday brunch. Add drained, crushed pineapple to standard waffle batter and serve with crisp bacon. pleats~at the waistline snd ailk'uf- n -, an - p f Cana X'allev. of Tho " cle ' was lhc of are and- like a!l men they are ln La?t Hllrrah -Book -of -the- Month ior F story ! " nl >' Five published was the Club Selection at veisr. fant skirt. A miniature crown her'vei!. She carried a white Kibie lopped wish while carnssu.'^. Mrs. John R. Faulkner \\'a; tho >n of honor snrf the nruie's attendant. i\ R. Kanikner ser%<. : d as host A reception followed chance uf vows. ^ S lxc - v! " -^«'»" The glii rooms were decorated -vvith spring flowers and ivy, the coier scheme - of lavender and \\-tiitc 'predominating.;' 5ioMes?es foe ahat.; occasion were Mesdames Yorsc Newman, N. E; .Vsrsa. Roser Hutto. Jack Varga. ?,5srvin Huito. C. A. Brotherton. Irene Vargn. C. R._.Wor,d. Carl JSisito. Ticl Bishop. i >I>ofi' Franklin. .Pai:l Tlaseiwvv. Bill Varga and T_ Huito. Dried apricot puree plus sugar make a delicious glaze for a half- iam or a smoked boneless pork shoulder, .took the apricots be- forji , : pufeeing. o£ cdurse. then measure the fruit and add an equal amount." of granulated sugar. - though- in very different ways. Father Kenciniy. a fornuv has successfully «n the cure, is siir.ost a re- ehtse_ He has been assiynev' by Mrs bisjiop to a nitstioxvn stum parish. Sam: . 1'sul's, and the members et Stis ron£re Cation, a pcS\ c!oi mixture of . Italians, Poles and Puerto Ricans. make few demand^ : him,, nor (Joes be seek jut ways-, to niinisTer to then;. ; Faiher CsrmocSy. oa the other haeti. is pastor of the so'.id aad'. .parish of Sam! Ray-.' 's," Yet - he has reaWitHi a ; where- he often finds hitr.- ] self: exasperated by has panshiao- ''• «*i- and' their petty- deman<5s <ia b«: spiritusl eners>-, ?h<m?h they; are, prunsrily as Irish -American . af -b& aivd ibottgh be has known n\afay oi them atl his life. As' . FAthcrC.4rir.ody tells his -friend ellowf priest; were talking a minu!e a-«o the differences t>eiaeen y>'Hagh, but I'll tell you what Vhe l- difference is, H's thai I may tiirned my back i^n my but - j'o'j've never e\¥n More Than. 300 Attending Bible-School'-at LAFB ^Sore than 3&j children attended" niony- t>n ;he i-'ws:ri.!i day. June thfi £>}>er.jng cissies ior the Vaca- 16. . tfon B5bl* Schtx>l at La«ghlin Air j classes are held for teen-s-ers rnrrs Bas«, Monday. , in Iho ch a pel Annex zi the base: Th> school wiH continue for {or the youngvr childrvn. in the two \veeks with an evening cere- Youth Censor. ~~ _— _ ; T>]f ho-jrs for iho >fhc-sJ are 9 Alba Club Welcomes Two Members Mohday At Al Fresco Supper • a.m. to 12 o'clock i through Friday. Mondav ' iufn«ii-yt«ir face on.:. yours. Y^KI dciiT even 'know it's there. And So vfhat does it ail boi! down 'to? Just this; that. ywi don't oa your job, *i(her. Only;. you d<>n'5 do yours in a sJJghtU' 1 difjenfnt way. That's ,-att." ' .'•- -''• v ; i : '- - .- : -The Alba- Club held its regular : meeting Monday evening at 7:30 ^ o'clock ia the home ol Misses-Oli. via Munoz anil Bcatrn Medina. •• Two aj«mb^ri i w«re ''yttsJcoTO&d i into Th* c56b. Misses A n SW Or'• tir ar.rf Rewario Sotomawr. i Menabers attending Use meeting t'were Ko5*rici Solom'ay«r., Angie ! Ortu, Elvira Arredocdo.. Dolores iZuzviga. YoJar.da PadiUa. Oris- |celda Carderias,. Olivia •Bfatiir MeditiiV and jtaaeida. '• ,• ... i •' -V- " - v ''-<:*.'>'• -, .CHURCH CALENDAR \ TUESDAY ! The Christian Woman's Fel: lowship will install officers; ; and dedicate projecfs at- . a • me*Jir»g »t 7:30 p.m. in th* ! parsonag*. 120f North Main 1 Street. . Mrs. John W. Reaves ].' end Mrs. W. E. Posey will b* i the hositises.' BE CAR SAfi! with these SAFETY SPECIALS ] - The' education committe* of I the First Presbyterian Church ] will rrveef at 7:30 p.m. in H*s ; church. ) Shock Absorber* I Tat! Pipe* ft Mufflers , . | Wheel Eolancing | Wheel Rotation AU. ON EASY BUDGET THtttt CUssified Ads Briny KesuJls RADIO REPAIR fif t. ** «t 5-4733 DIAMONDS TEXAS HtllA«4I 1«t W. UMOYA KUP-EIK, INC • COMMEXCUl KfSKXNTlAl CONTtACTIKC 5-44S7 — 3C7 W. 767 S. EXPERT UPHOLSTERY WORK of all kinds. __ * Guaranteed work done by Johnny. DuPree &E ALL'S' CONVENIENT PARKING LOT 6:15 3:25 6:30 7 :30 2 — Expedition 4— News 6— News -t^— Comment 5— Douglas Edwmrtr 4 — Almanac Newsreel 4r— Laramie <Ci 2 — Bugs Bunny. 5 — Search For Adventure 7:00 P. M. 6— Father Knows Best 2 — Rifleman 2— Wyatt Earp G— Dobie Glllis 4— Alfred Hitchcock •Presents' 8:00 P. M. — 6 — Tom Ewell 2-^-Stagecoacli West 6—Garry Moore 4^-Sumraer on Ice 2—Alcoa Presents 9:30 2—Minmi Undercover 10:00 P. »L Z— Twelve SJar , Final «—DeBdline C—Newsreel 10U5 4— Dawson &— Wet therman 6—Weather 10:20 6—Bviine 2—20th Centun- Theatre "Down To : T\ie Sea In Ships'" ..••.,• 10:25 4—Sports 10:30 i —^The Pioneers 10:30 6—Bold Journey — 11=00 P. M. ——— 8:30 6— Red~3kelton 12:00 6—Bensal Lancers 4—JackT Paar Show 4—Midnight New* (C) Denotes. Color Program Your Favorite Stars in your home on your TV screen - CAU TODAY - Ml 5-3443 Thru Tuesday JERRY'S BJGGEST, BROADEST, FUNNIEST EVER! •Jerry MTHUIS f«£ Man??? DRIVf IN 5-4541 rams pw-fe t KIM sis fEsicoa DONALD Thru Tuesd FOR COCOM RON FOSTER PAT BLAIR" FLAMINGO - Tues.-Wed. TON«CHT TS*»UCK NiGHT-A CARLOAD FO« SI .00 A MONROE "I/ ^ >T«* I I • ( MOMTAND \ i LETSHMCE I { BLOMWE OYKAMITE cotot»» =« uu*e iASfadr^^rsr * \_- Two Convenient Hook-up Plans < ^^ RENTAL Del Rio Television Cable Corp. 312 Pecan PR 5-35A8 Wednesday Doytim* 7:00 A. 5L ' 1:00 P; M. 2—Animal Kingdom "*—Today 7:10 6—News •7:15 2—Exercises 6—Burns & Allen 7:30 2—Esrly News 7:-?5 S —Little Rascals — 8:00 A. M. — 2—Trouble With Father 8:15- 6—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 2—Our Miss Brooks : r- 9:<H» A. -WL — • —- -2-^Earrj 'Show 6—1 Love Lucy •t-^Say Wh«» " 9:30 -4—Play Your Hunch 6—Video Village Right fC) •6-^Double . Exposure 10:30 •4^-OoncwitratIon 6-rSurprise Package 4— Truth or Conseq. 6 — Love of Lite 2^3ale Stsrm 11:30 6— Search -for Tomorrow 2 — I/ove That Bob 4-- It Could B« You 11:45 6 — Guiding Light 11:55 4 17:38 4 — The Jan Murray Sriow 2^About Paces . 6 — Pace the Facts 1:30 6— House Psirty 2— Man From Cochlse < — Ijoretta Young Theatre - t:M'F.-M. 2 — Day In, Court 4— Young Dr. Malorse 6— The MHllonaire 2:30 2-^sevw Keys •. .6— The Verdict I» Tour» '. 4-^Prom These •• ' : .... 3:80' P.; as. :•+— Make. Room For ' ' " 12:00 Noon 4— Morie Temptation" 2— Camouflage 6— Amos N Andy »— As the WorJa Tun» 2 — Number B)eue ... .. r -. V -2— Queeiv Ftor a 'nay : 6— Brighter D»y 3:15 6— Secret Storm , 3:30 2— Who Do You Trurt 6~Edgfr ol Nlghtf 4-:-Here's -- — 4:00 P. 2— American Bandstand 4— PamUy Mswietime Jungle Moon: Men 6— Dicfc Tracy Vfc ' Cartoons. - . 4:30 6— Popeye -the Sailor 2— Best of Hoilj-wood ; • r -Targan's 'Mystery. •"_ r :«MI >;.- M. •t— Highway Ar» •- S:3Q 4— Ur. Manoo Cartoon* c — 5:45 4— Huntlty BrinWey - Report

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