The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 26, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1959
Page 1
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Tide Schedule Today: tto high, Low BRAZOSPORT FAGTS Weather Cast Cloudy with tain today and Thursday with little change !»' temperature, fre«i • easterly winds occasionally strong with scattered squalls. Low tonight- 7«, high Thursday 78. • • ..9JL%' ke Changed City Economy Facts;NewiwrilM abunton^J^Lf £m<!!- 2i?# 8 ' 026 barrels ' records few - who were wiiiim, »„•* ..,, _.. . ' * Facts • One hundred years ago tomorrow — Aug.-27 — gome- thing happened in Titusvillp, Pa., which was ultimately to affect the economy of the Sweeny sector of Brazorla County, That historic event tyick on Aug. 27, 1859, was the, bringing in of the Drake oil well, which proved to the .world that At Angleton ^••^ Raised 50 Cents Ml & DTI? <Dr«n*v *A. •—*. _. * . , • .^^^ oil could be found in jffeat abundance and that drilling was the be« means of extfftc- >lng It ." , Although Brazorla County'did ,aL cn ^ r lnto thfe oil «« «n«« i»uz, it now has an annual .irude production of 23,421.342 oarrels, with 64,168 barrels of •.•rudts oil per day, v according to the 1957 figures. The county's total crude^ oil production to Jan. 1, 1958, was fiesta We&k Adds Event For Afon "firus h" Grower 316,648,026 barrels, records show* As the industry comes to the «nd of its first century, much has been recorded about the Mniggle of those pioneering Hie development of oil at the onset. j . The crude machinery, the hardships and the working conditions of the men engaged and the faith and mination of these gallant By MARIE BETH JOUES Facts Ncwiwrllor A blanket raise of 50 cents per .month for City of Angleton, sewer customers will be n force during the fiscal year * which begins Sept. 1. This raise will add an estimated $10,800 1 lo the city funds. 91 and disbursements of $245.332.56. Mayor Arrington Farrer explained that the sewer rate raise will help make bondn voted by payments on local citizens s for sewer improvements, Including the new Angleton sewage plant. .— , _„ ..uii.v; aw u»c all* nual city.budget hearing Tues- Jay night. The general public posed no questions and made 10 protests with regard to the At the time these bonds were voted, it WM contemplated that sewer and water rates would be raised to take care of the bond service. This 50 cent in- Volunteer Fire Department were on hand to explain a portion of their requests tor the coming year. Among their requests was in item of $2,450 for, overhead T?w a , nd /or fl xing 'ih«s ramp •* the local fire station.-They nlblnnff . 4l-u-l-^.l__u» • ' 5' ' ' • . . * ..- . , ^. a «*u «,vf uic isuuu bci vice, i nut so cc but members of the)crease wlU take care of „„„„, n Vnlnnf..,, «., two mrdB Qf ^ cost °^ mayor said, with the difference to be made up from the city's operating expense. The budget's main changes are the cuts in salaries because -measures/and that the doors would relieve congestion. These Joors would be .'placed at the •'Ew °?^ e station so about .half of the firemen could enter through them, parking on lide streets instead of on the main highway. -, city bud « et showed estimated receipts of $245,944.- Special Meeting Lacks A Quorem The special Clute City Cuun- til meeting Tuesday night failed to come off because there jvas not a quorum of council- last year. An ordinance setting up the office of tax assessor collector WES approved, with Mrs. Na- dme Scruggs to assume that post., A similiar ordinance describing the duties which Whitley Will assume and designating his title was discussed at length, but was returned to Acting City Attorney Dave jivans for rewriting before council approval is given. Some of the changes in this ordinance are to include setting a maximum amount Whitley can spend without council approval, and a clarification of just what his duties will be. I 'The mayor-declared that an La Fiesta's mustache-'grow ng contest has now become: two contests. ..'•••'. The second is open to riah- rowers. All you have to do is recognize famlliai faces behind he muslnth-js from photos in The Facls. . The original contest is' for mustache growers. This ends with a judging on the eVen;n« c/f Wednesday, Sept. 9. Prizes will be given for the' shapeliest .nd most unusual mustaches. There arc about 22 known ontestanls in thj,i /musUcne- rowlng contert, Thtte 'iiay be more, since thr : y don't have to register. But from/ among the 22, The Facls Has selected several at random' .and taken photos o/ them.•» •••'•'.' This week arid next,. these photos will bd'run. The pnotos will have numbers, but not names. The.object is for the readers to Identify all of the photos printed in the newspap- Ralph Ehrlich, general cha)r- manfor La'Fiesta, said that the wirfner will receive a valuable wrist watch. It is being contributed by Gordon's Jewelers of Tarpon Inn Village Shopping Center in Freeport, This prize, will be either a man's or worn- • an's watch. The identification must be sent In on a post card. The card; should, have the number from each photo, with the name of the man in the photo, opposite the number. » The last photo' will run in- The Facts Tuesday, SepC I, and? the post cards must-be post-' marked no later than Thurs-r day, Sept. 3. Those-postmarked' later will not qualify. )' In case of a.'tie,-the earliest 1 card, received will-be the winner. Otherwise, the judges will choose the winner, < - •'•} Two of these'photos appear with this story on Page 1 today In succeeding days, the photos may appear anywhere In me paper. / ... •-. • / : When all the photos are run, he post cards are to oe sent to Ralph Ehrlich W~ Dow Freeport. few — who were willing to gamble every cent they could obtain to prove that underneath the earth there lay a vast ocean of oil — just waiting to be brought forth. The Lucas gusher at Spindle- lop in Beaumont was brought in In 1901, opening up In Texa? the modern era of petroleum. It set the state up as! a major oil producer, and showed the world that the oil indus-i try could produce petroleum in quantities undreamed of by even the most staunch backers. ,„"' wa s not until the early 1930s that the Old Ocean oil field was discovered. The first well and the many, many that followed were drilled and produced by Jim Abercrombie and his associates. Although by this time, machinery and equipment had been improved, and the work- HUMBER 1 FP, Clute Report Accidents Ur a Sfiecial meetme .MnnriWvJi.lSx !,?#?*. ""SP™ c For that meeUnoday reason, the', street , ', and bridge fund expenditure is nbout $5000 less thanJthe originally estimated figure being approved at $19,680,Ohe police department 1 budget 'dropped from $18,300 to $12,600 because of the salary drop. In contrast, tiie water and sewer fund went up $8UO. The ne, way traffic on;Cv*o,ctty stifeels/i -This artioh'«Bi'.Wkea';Ott'l FHEEPORT One auto accident was on the Freeport police report "Wednesday morning. It occurred in the West Second --- ->>"' A. Whltlcy, over as head of the streets, , water, and sewer departments will make $550 per month as compared with the $500 monlh- y salary figure drawn by A. V. Andrews, who served, only as water superintendent. The new budget allows quest of the County Fair Association. Mayor Farrer said traffic on Anderson Street is to travel south, and traffic on Kiber Street will "flow to the east. The hours designated for the two streets to serve one way traffic wiU be 1 p.m. to i The council voted to refund $4,082 to the developers of Northridge Place subdivision on request by Leland B. Kee, one of the developers. This is In keeping with the city's policy of making refunds on sewer installations. »1 of Councilman Omer Fletch- tr from 7 to 8 p.m. but FlPtcli- sr was detained ' by business. 1800 Block _. around-^:30 p m. i*l£ 1957 *ForU rtrtVen b „ WiU'am Saggelt; Haute I, ftee- oort had damages estimated at S5|1D, while the "~ ilriven by Onu King, 4002 Reid ., ton. had about |2S damage. Ba«-ett was Jssued a ticket for following too closely. An accident reported on Highway 288 near Dow Chemical Co. at 1:13 p-m. Tuesdav was turned over to the Sheriff's Department by Freeport police as it was putside the city. The county unit reported that there was no one>t the wreck location upon arrival. CLUTE F A minor auto accident in Clute about 9 pjn. Tuesday resulted in about $50. damage to a car belonging to D. L Hend- %riM-!K>n Twi parked car on the wrong side of street 'near bis home and a . driven by Hoy Frartk Canto, Ht. l, Freeport, backed out oi a <Wwway and into flia auto. Henderson was issued * ticket by Clute police for park, ^, wrong, side al thij O, c! reporte4 !f Wedne3day morning.- 1 ._ - 1., Sun Data" Seta'^torfay 6:fe pjn. Rises Thursday 5;5l aao. Sets Thursday (kSQ pjn. ing conditions and pay scales of the oil field "roughneck" were much better than .than of Col. Edwin L. Drake's crews, the process of bringing in a well was still a laborous ordeal for all concerned. Just as Henry Ford's-Model T revolutionized the automobile Industry — the discovery of oil In the Old Ocean field- revolutionized the economy of the Sweeny area. (Continued On Page W) icql Storm Lessens _,.iaiona Weather condition* over the tu-Sulent Gulf of Mexico are no longer favorable for the formation of a tropical storm, the New Orleans Weather Bureau announced today. . ; '. . _The announcement came >in the bureau's 10 a.m. c.s.t. bulie- Un, which said the center, of the squally area that blew up has now moved to- the coast to a'point near Corpus Christ!. Forecasters said, however, that the squalls will spread northward and bring heavy rains to East Texas and western Louisiana. Tides of one to two feet above normal were pre- dicted for coastal areas later today and tonight. The squalls still packed winds of up to 35 m.p.h. and were moving inland at about 15 m.p.h, , Coastal rains continued over Brazosport and Brazoria County today and no relief appeared in sight for the next few days .u He , avy douds drifted in from the Gulf of Mexico and brought light to heavy scattered • showers on Tuesday and again this morning. From 7 a.m. on Tuesday to 7 a.m today; the Lafe- Jackson cson station 'reported 1.49 inches of • Only .83 inches was reported in Freeport, but a heavy shower whipped around the city around 8:30 a.m. and that amount was not included. From 6 pjn. Monday to 8:30 a.m. today the Plant A station at Dow had recorded 1.13 inches of rainfall, while Plant B picked up 1.37 inches, over the same period., The rains this morning sav« Brazosport a steady rainfall for 17 straight days. ' According to the weatherman this unbroken string extended as rain is on th« the coming week- By BP Chamber One-Day Member Drive Set Stimulated by recent dramatic successes In industrial development,, the Brazospor Chamber of Commerce -wil conduct an all-out one-daj Tlembership ' Opportunity Drive" Wcdnesdaj', Sept. 2 With theradded membership and finances, the^'iope to*ob lounciunam W. W. McK-.nhey jvas absent due to iUne«s, Present were Miyor L. V., ; the salary Conover.-Clty Seci-eory F. M ' Sanders, City Auorney Tom Kenyon, and Councilmcn M. S lohnson and J. C. Brown. Since the regular •neeting is Thursday .at •„)« p.m. a special meeting was not let before that time; ' l " ——i —-•«* w*t^««* a, j,atac in. 410UUU -iom the present budget. Mayor' jfarrer said additional inoncy may be allocajed, for street work later if possible i He expressed the hope that „ Two ma J°r accidents injured -'- live persons, one of them seriously, on rain-slick county Pair Injured In Wt Accident will aid in — UV . H . V A4Quic» wui aio in increasing the streets allotment. The council approved an ordinance fixing the tax rate at $1.50 on the $1QO valuation . . aon council i with $1 of that amount slated r-t, he general fund highways Tuesday. At 10:50 p.m. two persons were injured in an accident on Highway 35 in. front of the „»»., ,unu, Twin Oaks Motel in West Col,-,. 1927 wa te r iumbia. aands, nine centi for 1849 street! Sidney J. Cole, 31, of Angle- Set as amended and set occu- j lon > w as treated and released bonds, U cents for 1849 sewer at Angleton Hospital for cuts bonds, two cents for. 1951 wa- about thf '?ce. Evelyn Franek, ter bonds, and 2(1 cents for! 18, of West Columbia, a pas- Ume warrants. v linger in the car Cole was driv- ihe council adoptee, Ui. bud-; ing, was admitted to Angleton paUon taxes the same as the. Hospital for treatment for cuts couniy rate, The city valuation land bruises. State Hi " hwa Patrolman trom ' roman an .increase of Robert- E. Grimmett said Cole's to.tSOOOOO from' car wnMnto the left ^ar rorn- Lake Jauksonites ED FORBES »nd C. M. STOVAL.L, both _. '. , •^szrrs: -tozwH 's'°"c» s Hospital for surgery ... MR. and MBS. H. J, UAVIS »nd FRANCES A1"N, bacl? from a week, at Mayan Dude Ranch 1 In Handera , . . •• ' JOHNNY HAZARD, t.tying tickets to the Fiesta ,,We>k grand ball r.s a birthday p.^se»H for his wife. They'll be *oi«8 to er of a truck parked on the north side of the Street. Griih- mett said the comer of the truck smashed through the right side of the windshield and was within two feet of the back of the front seat of that side of Cole's car. Grimmett said Miss Franek escaped serious injury because she had been sitting near the middle of the front seat. Cole's 1957 Ford was completed demolished and about $100 damage was estimated to the truck. No charges have been filed as yet, Grimmett said, and in-j vestigation is continuing. j A Pearland man, Sidel San-' duval, 55, was seriously injured in a three car crash on State, Highway 35 in Pearland at about 4:29 pan. Tuesdpy,'> Ennan Boscoe Payne, SJ; and tils wife Mary Jo, also of Pearland, were slightly injured. State Highway Patrolman M S. Paschall said Sandnval was taken to the Southern T?' ^ Hospital, la Houston with severe cuts on the head. Sanduval is listed in serious condition. PaschaU 'said the accident apparently happened this way: Sanduval was traveling south from Houston, and had stopped to make a left turn into the post office in Pearland. A Robertson Transport truck driven by gnlc Hubert Thompson, 44, -—-— —r.' •*."** «v/t.c w. uu- tain, thg.ChamBer will'furtbe» expand its-busiriess activities ao«rding .to, JDr.-:_Bill. Mayse who -will direct'tHS'clrive. A group of tha'more active members of the'Chamber wil alk to.prospective ,new.,mem- jers of the Chamber, Among aese wiU be'members of the Harpooners Club, The Harpooners are a grouo whose efforts, throughout the year are devoted' to Chamber membership. Dr. Mayse is Chief Harpooner. In a letter to the group who will carry out the drive Dr Mayse pointed out that "our our Chamber is making giant steps ng the Brazosport "You and we know that you 1° i"* witho "t support the business men or without funds." He pointed out particularly •he work of the industrial Team, which hag helped bring Mohawk Outing Brazosport Optimists and oi 4721} Walker Street, Houston, apoarentiy rammed »M rear of Sanduval's pick-ijn: knockuig it into the path of » car driven by Payne which Wai traveling north. The Payne and Sanduvaj meir fmnlues, along"w:th toe ' ^most head on, Angleton Optimist Club,"will go *.-i— «<ia Sanduval's pick* to Camp Mohawk Thursday for up was listed as a total loss, the an outing. Payne car had major damages/ Members of the Brazosport ana damage to the transport i dub will board the club bus al truck was estimated at about j the J&J Cafe at Clute at 5:45 D ' u n ]!tm ~ Person * attending are ask- PaschaU said charges arejed to bring a box lun-h and pending further mvestigatiori,j their bathing suits. Anyone The .accident is being invest!, i wishing to leave earlier can go ?atod by Paschall and his par,Uo Camp Mohawk from 3-30 tner. Patrolman C. G. Morrison ip m. on. two_ major industrial concerns to Brazosport. Several smaller manufacturing . .-nd distributing firms are..locating here or expanding, he Said. "But while these big ones are more dramatic, there are many other^behind^the-scenes pro- ects'^at ar?;w equal impor- ' uiscuss. membership with them. . Prospects . are to be: notified in advance of the conference: Each new member signed up with the Chamber will receive two free tickets: to the Chamber's annual barbecue Sept. 14 "' the Lake Jackson ___— ^-« rV . v-<£ufiii. uiip ---—V /to-' bUsine«a"<imen,-- un Mayse said. ; f v On-;the day; of* the drive; f, • membership group will mee\ : , 9 ajn. for coffee at the Cl: her offices,-Then they will go ^ wnal „ cxpl to pre-arranged prospects to I pl^sh next year. : at grounds. There-, •v membe i. ones, • : 8CCC amber it - as ^ell is ' -,;ar in; detail :< ?nts of the year, Tochers To Hear Pane! Discussions, Dr. Beutel I}r. A. P. Beutel will describe 'A Competitive World" for the 00 Brazosport school teachers who wiU attend the annua Business-Education Day program Thursday morning. This wiU be the keynote ad- ress for the half-day program, rhich is sponsored annually by le Brazosport Chamber of ommerce and begihi at 8 a.m. i the high school cafeteria. The speaker is vice president of the Dow Chemical Company and general manager of its Texas Division. The purpose of this event is to make the school faculty familiar with business operations and problems. This wiU be ex- olained prior to the talk by Jim Nabors, Facts publisher and B-E Day chairman. ,. Dr. Beutel will be introduced by T. C. Selman, Chamber president The talk wUl be followed by a . 20-mlnute motion picture, then a review of current legislation by Dr, " chairman of the. CharabM'i committee of legislation. . Following a coffee break thi faculty will hear two pane! discussions. Nabors will servi as moderator for the tort, which will be;made up" of retail business men. ' Panel members are Jack Dingle, Dihgle's Furniture; Jaj Brockman, Brockrnan's Dry Goods; J. T. Suggs, Southern Materials Co.; Francis Swarm, Western Auto Associate Store; Jack Reid, Jack Reid "Appliances; and J. A, Groves, Curry Motor Co. ' .... Ralph David, co-chairman •<& B-E Day, is moderator for tbs second panel, devoted to finance. - Panel members are D. L. Haralson Jr., Brpzosport Bank of Commerce; J. W. Waltrip, . . , Jackson State Bank; A, J. Verdine Jr., First State Bank of Clute: R. C. Flndlay, Brazos- port Savings and Loan Assn.; and David, Freeport National Bank. Revolt Begins i'.__.'.:' **** h ? me ' kn ? wi 2? her and a cousin, Edwin Col. M«U and 400 consUtution, ! the A P rU »i »W3.'' Convention of i . at Felipe de Austin SIMS, equalization Tuesday justment for what DEBHA iid to some of his property ... JAMES RVAN, visiting his aunt »nd iwcle in Caldwell this week ... .. ATELIA PRINCE, at the Baptist assembly in Glorieta, ' l- the assembly were appointed to axas aeVolutlon «lona u,»h othew connoted wifh^f a t^« , rT h P »*S uui AwsUn> Whoi carry the ^ ™ wd been at SaltiUo • as • mem- j als. and other of FP fa - ."W 5 D ' EVANS. .„.„„„,„ „„„ Ittrlea , of FP, scheduled to her aid of the clonlsts there. '5 S .l? Jelem ?! >t .'»y eduction at. They had twq ,o win independence. Whai-toi) and his friends very disturbed '•"' " . troops were set. N. of Texas. When at Fort Anahua_, .„„ , w , ,. tVM a company and starred To "the tin meraori- asked-for a friend. Thomas F. McKlnney of Quintans. In 1835 there was turmoil in Texas over the battle at Gonzales and the arrival of Mexican .General Cos and his army at GoUad. Austin ^arrived home Sept. 1 and was made commander in chief of; the Texas citizens army of volunteers, William H. Whsrton was made judge advocate. -, Qn^ Nosr. 3, 1885. Wharto% ustajj aM B. T. Archer were ^.S^tSWlgSWBlSJ tvarslri^L^^ £&££?£ c='^ s 'cSdVed tja a£WW5SJK a gala and Austin was thrown inio wimanx-mado » H trip horn, to EaJte Island to s«« his family %nd preptre for his journey, T*mnM<* ^MABH «L & &U **--^^ I* - . ae-or r*. . < le * ls . !all<re ' came| forms to Mexico, Stephen F. the Austin finalJy, went alone. M ^ ie ° ^ S havln « pollUcal i troubles and aU was confusion several months when Au«. < . 1° £ elp he mtttT ^ f'. .- A »W NQV, 3T. the-oW Pjwt for New Orleans on p» US) INSPECTS OLD CISTKB1I ^^

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