The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 31, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1962
Page 1
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FREEPORT CUBS MEET VICTORIA IN RACE FOR DISTRICT TEENAGE BASEBALL TITLE-PAGE 6 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGL6TON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBIW and DAMON faai Classified: BE 3-2411— All Other Offleei: 1C 3-351! ""TUESDAY, JULY 31. mz " —~ Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freepert Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freepert VOL. 50 NO. 130 Thalidomide Blamed In N.Y. Infant's AMoeloetf Press Member By Till-; ASSOCIATED I'KKSS An Ari/onn housewife who took I the drug Ihalldomide, suspected crippler of milxirn children, has : ! lost n court hnltle for n legal nlmr- Almost slmultiineously. New' York City authorities disclosed j that an armless, legless baby hud j been horn to n Queens housewife j \vlrn look the ding. 'Hie child lived j less than nn hour. It w-as the city's j first reported death Involving Hud-' idomide. j 'Hie American Medical Association liogan Intensive research Into Ihe drug and its effects. 4 A congressional henring was scheduled for Wednesday lo inquire into what one senator called serious communication weaknesses concerning the drug's suspected ! crippling power. The Food and Drug Administration said lhalidomide pills had l>een distributed by doctors in 30 states and the Dislrict of Columbia, although none had been sold commercially. * In one of the stales. Ihe N. w York City Health Department said a 37-year-old Queens woman, who reportedly look !)0 lhalidomide pills befc-re and during pregnancy, gave birth July 'Jl to n deformed haby which lived only about -10 minutes. In Phoenix, Arl/. Superior Court Judge Ynle McFnle dismissed n suit hy television personality Sher- lkii Kinkbine who sought to legalize the abortion she had planned. "Miss She.rrl," star of a Phoc- nix kiddie show, took thalidomide, which has been blamed for malformation of thousands of now- horn infants, mostly in Ktirope. Mrs. Finkbine and her husband said (hey didn't want to risk such a birth. The. i»uplo Raid today they would go elsewhere—tp "a more ,b * v " '"'-tWe legal •< i Uir.iilc"'?to-"sh-K ™nn abortion. All SO .stales prohibit abortions.; Arizona, and some others, allow; exceptions only If the life of the; mother is endangered. The judge noted that Arizona i law concerning abortion WHS not; challenged in Mrs. Finkbine's suit, j He said the plaintiff sought only' to have the court determine that i a "miscarriajt" was necessary to ; ^ save Mrs. 'flnkbine's life. McFate added that the suit Freepert, Texas No Evidence Nden, Esfes Weekdays 5 Cents Sunday 15 Centi NEW PARK EQUIPMENT SEES HEAVY USE A col.irful array nl •'rnnily-otriix-" playgrniiiid i-qiilpnient N nearly iisvnihled in tin- Klglilh Sticet I'ark in I-'reepiirt. M«At (if the <M|iiipnicnt lias Ix'en Invtnllcd, and ii sc-eliig heavy live. With the rnmiiletlnn of the iiierry-ijip-niinid IhN \\eek, the present plans \\lll )»• fulfilled. City KnslnciT .1. ('. Jny s:ilil ttml tliK iK|iilpinrnt hai a plaKt)|.-i;t:m). nmling whl'-li vlmuM grealtj re- lard di-lerioralicin. If et|u'rleiice pixnei Ihls out, similar equipment ui.uld to lulu oilier paiks In th« rily, Ini-liiclltiir scsi-riil ni ycl undeveloped pnrk im-ns. l-titiirc plans for city park* inilil-Je lltndscap!ii£ \\illi slirulw nnd tlind" trei 1 *;. .Some piirki In llm rily. such :is the one .ihmi-. | m \p Icv-n de<iisiintp(l ns children's pl.ivgruiiiMl*. Others Hill In- de\rl»|Mil as family-type p:enle nre;is, or in rrerenllnnnl ariiis fur older ehll- dren. i WASHINGTON (/ \f't _ 11m !chairmni) of a House siihcommil- |lee invrstiralimr Ihe Hillie Sol Ks- les case has denied that If re- .crived—and is silting on—Evidence Ithat several Congress members ihnrt dealings with the Tr\-as pro- 1 moter. ' The chairman. Rep. I,. || KOIIII- Main, D-N.C. stated Mondav that ' reports Hint a number r,f C"on. (irecs members were involved in i dealings ..vith Ksles w-rre completely Inaccurate, ! Tlie Washington Po«| and the .New York Herald Tribune report- led Stindav that 'ormer Azrinilfiire i Department nffir-fal William E. Mortis' testimony before the group established that Ihe Congress j member? had been involved with i Kstes. The newspapers also said the [Congress members had brought j pressure on Ihe «ulx-omMiiltce to I keep Ihe information under its hail, i Morris, filed lyi-aus* of his r<--la- •tionship vith F.strs. trstified at a 'closed session of the suhcommil- tee. "Die allegation that the suh- |committee has been 'sitting on' ilhe Morris testimony is comtilcirly •unwarranted." Fountain said. ; "It was stated publicly shortly ; ,'ifter the testimony was taken and has been repealed on many o.-ca- sions since that time that all significant Information obtained through the intet rogation of William K. Morris will lx> made n .matte;- if public record h H. E. Payne Is OiH-'df te far Harbor Post Colombia Quake Takes 20 Lives By -JAMES (, IIMVEY .diileras. The shocks wore frit SS; 11le shocks shook Bogota's tall. Ii(X.:OTA, Colombia (APi-Offi- ' ar away as Venezuelan border lest buildings hut no ma|or rtam- Hals fear the toll will rise from nrt!!t * tr > the north and Quito, the ! age was reported earthquakes that rocked wide 'capital '< Kcuador, to the south. Officials said the dead in Perei- areas of contra! and western Co- 'lardest hit wore Mani/alos and ra were womrn employes of a lomhia Monday. Perei ra. I owns of SO.rmo and 3(1.000 garment factory which raved in people about 2.1 miles apart on the At least 100 of the factory's 200 western slopes of the central cor- womrn workers were reported in- dillera. They are about HO miles jured. west of Bogota Pnd iir-ar (he earth- Tim collapse of part of a church quakes epicenter. in C ali killed four worshipers and (-an, Colombia s vc<-ond i-ity, injured a dozen more. Colombian also was battered. Cali is a broil-poet f;uil|ermo Goiv.alos was re- 110 miles southwest of Bogota, ported killed in Manizaie* i,,, r i nrsc . '"" Ben Bella Troops Hold Vice Premier Captive It tion al this t ' has ' n»" h J8Ki; y.'J -iSiutfoinr Fen Jly OTICHAKI. (.OMWMITll ( doonjW t(X faihm ALGIF.RS <AP> — Molmmmed : Boudinf was held. .Um.di.if dissident vice premier: p,,,,,,,.,, ., V|( . e . k , ] , nvn Ahmed Hen Bellas bitterest l^ovmtment rf Premier Ben Yo^- v -crs lilical enemy, was helfl under nr- , r f rest by pro-Hen Bella forces \,j 0 somewhere in eastern Algciia lo- ;.„,.,„,,. M - si| ,, .,,„„„ „„ „„,„,. moves to rrcon- s ,, U 'heast of Algiers Tlie village luarrehng noliti- nn „„, s ,, n . rfriw | II(x i, w n ,,,, ;iu l ' lnns ' between the Aurcs niKl Kabvlie Boudiaf's arrest 1>> guerrillas of mountains lies a mile outside the Wilaya I Zonei No. 1 raised the anti-Ben Rella Wilaya No. 1 threat of violent retaliation from an estimated 10,000 fierce Berber Boudiaf's sighl. 7"iat was arrest liecajne ic pos One : the up for Ilittee." the T>'! hasn't l<een matle puhiic vet. -^uugs said Fountain, tiecause the sul>- arp tvi committre is tn'ing to grt more information conceming part of Pavnc Morris' testimony. reside-' Fountain denied that he had llmr - '''^ been umler pressure to withhold ''' r ^ any of tlie Morris testimony. He 'he.-e said he had rereivrd no request to busin. 'snppit*s5 n^fir-nny part rtpif. ' In .1 letter to Founinin, P.ep. John I>>\ui>, D-Te\ . urged the vub< (inimiliee to ii-veal the n-mic--; of all congress-men known to have H F p., n , , .\ ' man nnf ' f ' lvir |r; " lrr ' """"•""•"I Montla-.- he wouiri s-ek Ihe Pre'™' i 1 :n t)i,lricl nost '" '. . Vi "" <nt Ilv "' r *"*" } " f J - S • "'' ll: ' s filn<1 h ' f application for '' an ' l " lrl< >'• Payne is the second to announce inlentiors '-' running. Tl>- earlier candidate ua<; R. s. M.-Kejthan of '-' '^ !;0 .'aek«oti. Thev ,-i-e seeking '"' n-at-Iarge. Fir.-it official reports said at least 'JO persons died and 200 were i injured. Scores of houses were destroyed or damaged. Hundreds wore reported homeless. 'Reports reaching Panama said at least 27 persons died in Colombia. 20 of (hem in the collapse of a far-ton,' in Pereira.l Tlie extent of the destruction i was not determined immediately. : because the earthquakes knocked out communications with a number r< areas. At least 10 e-ommunilics were reported without electric or telephone service. Authorities ordered emergency aid rushed to stricken arras and armxl forces were called out to help move the injured to hospitals. Prece-dcd by a series of lighter tremors minutes apart, and strongest of the shocks registered f* on an intensity scale of Senators Hurl Charges As Space Battle Rages WASHINGTON (APi - Sen. doesn't get along with its busl- Wayne Morse, D-Ore., questioned npss Ihe veracity of Democratic Lead- Morse insisted Humphrey "look <r Mike Mansfield ft Montana to- ""> crack" at opponent- of the day in a stormy Senate session satellite communications bill and the last " vir " IP Kennedy administration's suggested they would be in trou- Iwggod-down communications sal- blc at Ihe polls in No\ ember. ellile hill ti '.rt p.i- lr-.-ij-.n ir.n n'- 0. •andidal'-- . T . T. There « pr,si- t Ihe Andes Geophysical Insti- Morse, on. of the leaders of a in Bogota. filibuster against the measure, I; was described as the most said. '1 do not believe the major- scvore since an earthquake la«t ity leader." Df .-r.ibcr killed ' 21 persons in At another point Morse ,-hal- crntral Colombia. A large numtx-r lenged the accuracy of a slate- >f buildings damaged hy las! De- mont by Sen. Huliert H. Hum- collapseil under phrcj-. whip. if'"v' been a During that and operaied tained no controversy and there- in the matter. In New York, the city's acting; °" UT leaders <V health commissioner said ihe'™'"Ps converged on woman whose deformed bain- died j il llpw l '" ( "'t l» end mained uixlcr contnil Kbeflda. was picked up of the guerrillas of central Al- r>n a visit to his native gcrian Wi!a\a No,. 4. who look hern linked to the indicted finnn- over the socalled autonomous cicr. imlitiiiy ?nnr of Algiers in a ••ir.dirati.c.s ar? that prcssuie hloiidless c,iup Fnday. putting an wj|| )„ brocght on the i-ommittee ml to several weeks of un- lo withhold names of some offi- •hr-cOTl vmlencp and arbitrary- ( . ia i, uh o might N- in'.olved." said .... „ ,. , arr.--.Ls. Dowdy, "but 1 ha\e When Boudiaf, e,,r,rte<i l,.v four T),,. .,„„!,-, comniandmg Wilava der-.ce \ t ,, -, u |l res- his Berber .soldiers, arrived at N,,. .] dcscribod itself his home for the first time y lnn - ,„ , t)I , p,,i,.j v .,,| s ,,-,... *" '>•'"• the end of the Alg.-nan win. the „ O nl> wante.1 to make Ihe capital He sn;,l -hat until a complete il safe place for the nation's lead- report is made public suspicion crs to meet ami settle their riif- will fall on all congrcssi-ien. par- fcrcnccs. ticuiarly on the Texas deleeation. every this r.f (lu:e. has owned f >n .III!-.' 11 he sold ll'.at s and l;is home, retiring tium active bii^iiM^K r.pcratiorvs. He s;tid N'.r.nday he wouid hcgir. 'nis acti\-e ca:v,p:ii-jn (.n I -ih'.n Da>when he returns from a lengthy \isit with h's ir.'t'ner. wl;-> i; ill at her lionie in Al.ibama. On re'.uniini;. he ir.tor.'is huiid bis- permrir.cnt re.-id,--rc. Cl'i:e. he said. Pa>ne has Utm chairman •li" Clute Citi/ens Advisor, Com- crmfi- mit'ee sin.-c its formation several effort years ago. He hns also :.oon a (ember's shocks the ir.ipact of the Utest jolts, authorities sviid. Offi'ials said the earthquake's epi. enter was l.Vi miles west of Bogola, in the valley of Ihe Cam a Ri\-<-r. which runs between the western and central Andean Cor- Dow Roof Fire Lioht D-Minn.. tbe Democratic "and or assistant leader. field i .-•-u.? was an assertion hv 0> -P- a - n • In measured tones. Morse said Mansfield and Humphrey are no longer his majority leader and parly whip and "i slnll never acain look to them for any protection of my rights in the Senate." He said that Mansfield knew I charge" that he (Mans- "doniod my right" to to the Moise that he was denied the Trlo ' JS ™nsent request, right tii state why he objected to Mansfield jumped up to say a unanimous eonsent request that "tlie senwt 1 r from Greg in can Mansfirld made during last charge me wi'h air.thing he wail's week':; debate and Mansfield's to" and read from last week's account of what took place. record, and outlined what he said When Morse said he didn't be-' wa - tno position he took at the lieve Mansfield, Sen. Everett M. time. Dirkscn of Illinois, the Republican It uas at this point Morse de- leader, asserted that Moise had dared "I don't Mieve the major- put "the veracity of the majority ity leader." ieader at issue" and invoked a Things quieted down after that Bou- had taken thalidomide on the ad vice of a Park Avenue psycliia trist who had ordered the from a phamiary in Germany. j) In Cnicago, the American Medical Association said it a>signc<l its council on drugs to do the research on thalidomide. The drug has been under clinical evaluation since 19"*, the AMA said, hut it hopes the council's study will provide tivfonnation oil congenital malformations and Hi,-:I "appropriate measures will be developed to safeguard our population." Sen. Hulx'rt If. Humphrey, 1>- guerrillas of Wilaya N'o. diaf's stronghold in the Mountains east of Algiers. holls(1 Wils pn ,,,, p , iy .,,„.„,,„„,,„, the rival by a well-armed detachment r.f Algiers for • Wilaya No. 1 men. the dispute ,^,.,1 M(is ,,, m ilffk . i;l|s ^. (j(i , , . , , , Rlni ' c Boudiaf nnd his escort put up r.o t'-'tich mle ended four weeks ago ,- csi!! , alu ,.. .,-,„.,. ,.„.,, u ' his . K ,, 1i „,, riruK'tixiay. The peace moves seemed lo an llnknuun de.tuution. prolv I which has paral.\/e<l Algeria US Grain Found Missing During Midwest Probe WASHINGTON (AI't J|Minn., whose Senate ('.oveinnicnt lure Department im Operations siihciunium.v u ill h:ive found shin laecs of alu open lioarini's on thalid'unide. milliim binlicls MI gn\iM-i made the comment on "serious owned jjniin—mostly com communication weakmsscs" in- soybeans-stored in tiiinm s in the Miil c,' ilie vanished Sl.l million. slioi-ia-os are Ihe ably the mountain headquarters of Wilaya No. 1. The first iciutinn in T;/i Ou/ou, Boudiaf's Kabshe headquarter*. l vi miles eiisl ,/ Algirrs. was cauttnn. Col. Mohand (X.ld Harlj. coic.- manili-r of the BcrU-r forces, said he uas sending officers to invcv tigillC. IVnuliiif and I'.cn !',.-!l,i l.ecair.e bitter pulitu-al and personal f.-cs duritiK lisc se.-u-s ihej s[y-c,t ;.i- Agriciil. gclher in Fieiuh capnviis ilunng tii:.-i lots the French .Algerian war. When (Unit ii Ben Bella's dri\ i- to take mei tin rninent- '-•o\enim.-n! puKe;! up st, ., :11 j.^t 11 and week, Boudiaf ,-uul Vice Premier 'rcial I'elK.'icem Kiim -set up 5 neutral a:vi in reporting lei the chips fall member of tbe Clute Piann:ng and s,iid where thes may." Beard. He is actis e in IVmocranc trials eMiausni party activities, scrs ing several time*, as Precinct 19 i-or.vention chairman. He is a member of the Church of Payne came to Cl.i'.e <rom Gal- scston. where lie had been in .he drug and jewelry businesses for IS >ears pre\ iously. to A O'iickK-extinguished fire at ^ in Do--'.' Prmrrhou?" 1 today caused ><?rlale nile a « ;lln - st reflection on an d Sen. Albert Gore. D-Tenn., damage estimate.! at less than <cllo ' >v - sen ' 1lor? - took over the chores for the fili- p f 5'-^. a Dow sptikesman said. Mansfield told Dirksen he ap- busterers with the resumption of When a damper closed on a pr"ciated IHU didn't need pro- a speech against the hill, b-nler. shutting off the normal lection. Bristling with anger, Scn (ieon-p A. Smathers. D- dr.ift. the safety lid tripped with Mansfield added that each senator j^., assistant Democratic floor an explosive sound. Burning ma- >'ou!d form his own judgment as | ca( ] cr fa tf a c ] 0 ture petition—to th rou gh this to Morses accusation. ,. u , pff debate—would he filed to- oprning catisrfl a roof fire. Earlier, Moi-se directly disputwi da\. The fire had burned a two-by- . )n ai:coum Humphrey gave of a This would force a showdown five foot section of the roof be- . Tr . . , .. ,.. TA . warning Humnh fore the Dow > ire Department .-'tied it 10 minutes after it uwk lliat sonle British Freighter, Barge Collide In Detroit River squ started. made ators might their scats if the Senate DKTP.OIT freighter l:iy the Iietreiit Ri\-er after [API — A British l> uiihiu :'i» \ards of the US. a crippled hulk in side of tr-e liver. There 'he vessel the ship hung and her left side settled .'in,l a K-irge (-.illidenl Monday ni'^nt. The i rash tore a gieat hc.le in il.e jniri ilfft i side if the 4.KYI- ton Monlroxe, and the freighter ro|! ( Hl ontu that side ii^ rescue ttoa's rcnio\eHl -Jl memlM-i-s of the crew without injury 'Hie -IVJ-fiv! MontniM-'s fonitc slowly until the det k wns almost :it a right angle to the water. 'Hie tvirce arei tj,p tug that was pushing -,t H-tj, cscapeil serious damage. 'Ilie Montrosf is OWICT] by Montreal Shipping of Ixmdon ami ni.m- .u-rtl bv li'.irles Markes Ltd. of Tide Schedule Huh l-. I..v,\ !'-,.; p ,,, \\t-dtl. -aa\- H^li "' i'! a.m. and -: il p.m. Low 10:19 a.m. and U:37 p m. Ousted Union Man Denies Any Payoff WASHINGTON 'AP 1 — An ousted said the senators heard conflict- last on the motion lo bring the hill formally before the Senate. However, U's been 35 years since the Senate last agreed to limit debate and thus force a vote on a measure. Sen. Albert Gore, D-Tenn., one of tlie Democratic liberals trying to kill the satellite hill \\nich would create a private corporation to own and operate the space network, told reporters he was confident the cloture move would Her screw and rudder wore higli pie- lc|n)|le,| | n ,. u: |,| „( t||,. ases, the government lias asked fedcial murls to ap|>oiMt ri'<vi\eis for the warehouses and |.i issue re.straining ordeis against further 'nleniir MiiuMcr lmndlint! of grain by the waie- l'"bl«l. In Const. inline last housemen. Mil. and MIIS. D. U. l'/./Kl.I and triple! dauj',hlci:i, iccciil vis;- Mm,, ih.m lv\ ( i hilh. n huihcl- nf tors al Wonder at San e,,. emiueut-owni-d tuirplus grains M.iri-i-s. . . arc stoml In conimi'tciul w.irc- SA1.I.I1-: i;i.ASSC(H'K i;iHl-:il- IIOUMS and m government bins SON, noting that Ihe -story In Officials wu ,i Kriday's Facts should have i tided Auslinvilli- as li « i n u flHbliiihcd by MOSKS rather than being hi* birthplace MRS. PAUL KKKII'K, MILS. WIIJ-IAM I'KMI.HN nnd HOHIIY ,,,, BASS, all shuriiiK the S.UIH- liirlh- ,'„ dale -- Tudii> And for the JAMK.S T. JOHNSONS of I.), it's n 'JOlh wi'ddmg iinnivci.uiry. MliS. BKSS1K CI.KM, inn uig lo a new uddre.v. -- U)li Wc^t tci-s in Ti/i Ou/ou and called (or was all-nut resistance to Ken Delia s hid fur |hmer ^.-,1,, It w.i.s not known whether lU.u- dutf was ancsled on iit-n D.-il,! s orders or nn the initiative of ihe local guerrilla i-ummandiT,-. Men '^ \\il.t\ii No. 1 arrested .tii<.ihci lllcmiHT of Hen Khedd.i's caliiln'l. Hen ,.,-k but l«'lea-.c(l him tile nc\t tU\. Hen Khciliiu, \iiiu,til> !s<>l,ilc.l in the former summer p.t Kri'iicli uovcrnurs Kfiirial gh'l.s. issiiivl an rcioo i-ihiilKin to s.i\c tt.e ivition frcii) an;ircl-,>- and economic collap*,,-. He said the dispinc Ihe leaders had t (Used a new irnnu kv pulling much KI.UII , M<Uls „, ,.;,„.„,„,,„„ .„„, ,„., A j. l '"' 1 '' 1 gcn.i iii ihe bunk el nun. He Mid this Wils the| moment lor n-i- .inclll llloli, iili.l h,' i ul.-.i en Ihe I»illll'-..-ilis in m,-, I m Aluiei.-. li> i nd their iptiiiici.s wiihout dci.i>. K\cn lici.iic Hen Khcild.i'.s ap- [>.,il vvas published. Hen Bcit.t s thai addilioiud irlajje.s may U- f.nm.l u; the eks iihi'.id as declining er.-oii MKH. BKN liODDAKI: c! Il'«i •ilnn, wen viailm,; h;uk in I.I S.iiiinliiy and with n young man — her .soil Ixn'ii last December. . . Mil. find MRS. HASC'UM PILLEY, baek from their trip lo Ihe World's Fair. . . Ami Around 'I In- ('<niiit>: Coscli CIIAW.1K HRAND and JOK A. PHILLIPS c.l WC, 1;. celc brats bh'Uuluyi 'III of Mor,n;e f. IM'. The declining Mippln-.-. ic I CUtlklcli.S III plinlllclton .Hill liter, ,!scs ill UM-. iHilh ill h.illlc iind iibroiid. (Xliciiils cvpicsvil <iinlidciiii. Dial no financial IO.SM-S v^eitld ic- Silll fur Ilie govcill.mcilt. Many .sniiill los.scs occur (nun time to tune, reflccling shrinkage m Hie Wright ol the grain during slur- age as well its handling Kisses, Both of lire normal and do not leprcM'iit wrongdouig tin Ihi pail of the warehouse Water lapped hither and higlier up her purl side, finally .e.u-hing the hig "M" on b.-:- >ta--k Sin 1 was helil b\ her iv\,> an- i-h.irs diivctlj under the .\mlms- s.iiinr 1'i-idge. whiili tirl.s lvtr.>it i.lld Wllldsnr. l^tlt. Crew mcmU'is \\'-ic taken iisliure and hous^l in n downlown The capl.iui, Hiilph l-:>rc-\\alkcr .>/ Hirkinhcud, Knglaud, and the chief engineer, Richard Fimdon of ,,( Manchester. F.ngland, and the ,\1- (list mate, Nathaniel Hruwnlee uf ,,n BeH.iM. Ircliind, reuiained jilxi;iril a lime lo protect the owner's in'..-tests Shortly IxVorc !i ii in. F.Sl', Ihe liucc ofiuvrs wen- taken off. I'll.- ci't'w \\;ts niiislly Italian \\i'h liriiisb nnd Irish nfficcis. D.iMd Wlic.itley of Wadehridgc. ('oiinvall, l-'ngliiiui, the third mate said be was, en the bridge with the captain and Ihe pilot, (',. \>. IV.itl\. '.'.hell the Cflhsinii oc .must. He j-aui Ihe MHIIIIILV had she bad k London, l! hail left Portugal and saiUs.1 up the St. I«awrenei' Sea- w.-i>, l»H!ixl eventually for Fort Wilh.iiii. Out., where she was In luid grain for the Mediterranean, Sun Data union official denies ^->,!>!0 ;is the price to i'lurnce to end a strik wm-k mi 11 nuclear submarines. Arthur V.trs. depo of tiio Boilermakers ilrutuii. t'onn . submarine sh-.|>- at be beaten. Scis I!'-. S* ts teilay T s Wedm \\ -,1m s IS p.m. •M!I; i U .1 l:i\- 7'! 1 p.m. «*»»•. i1eni,iiy'.ii:g ing testini'Miv on the matter .», . , , . use his m- an informal n-.ceung Mondav. the votes of two. . thirds of the senators present, holding up M.Ollan said the question is: Thf , ,i lihuslel . sroup hnislied W'hetlier Vars demanded, or aside a warning Monday that they 1 president „.,, a (f cl - tK i. s.\tYiO and other ben-i may l>e endangering tile Novenr H-al at thc- efits as un cut-of-coun settlement sard, voiced the ,ien:a! Monday in of a 1:uvsuit: unsworn testimony !»'(• re a closed Or whetlier Vars demanded the nuctiiig of the Senate Investiga- money for his support of a pro- lions siilx-ommittcc. posed strike settlement at the The sulK-ommittcc-s chairman, • Electric- Boat Division o/ General Son. John I- MeClelian. D-Ark.. D . v » a mics Corp. may her election chances u( their Dem- wraiic i-olleagues and pressed on svith their speeches. Gore held the floor five hours up to recess time Monday night after a session running II hours ire.hl-h.ind man. Mi'h.iumml Khi- just leit .1 pier win ilcr. t .uiic lo Alglcis to cunliiiue ills. !i,tt>;eii ciiign. piualc (u'iicr talks he has been "1 II.IM- no n-.illy, \\hil lu'lding. h.ipi'cncd." Whciitlcy ,s.ud. "It all Khidcr .saiil hi- wi.iiid inc. I |-,M|i|vciu-d loo Middmly. Ilicre was . Krim and po.ssil>l\ other le.olin,; net much uf a jar, really." ; opponents of Ben Bella tn.l.iy. The ship lay in aU>ut li.'i feet u( Services For Mrs. Bright, Son Are Todav Weathercast Clear In |uiil\ cl.iud> and W, low Ionium 77. ulieralor.: Ben Kh«ddi disi-ussions warm I.Ki.iv take part m Ihe uatcr, lisiuig n.aily Ki derives to Ihe led. Ixiiid clatlciing ntui Ivini: Kinder, 11 former \ ice premier nig sounds occasionally could lulu lien Klie-litii's pi\einmenl. lol.l iie.u-,1 ,i. s e.irso .shii'le.l imd gear newsinefl Ix'loie leaving Or,in, hieke lini.-c and (ilunce-l lu Ihe Hen Bella's headquailers. lhat |,m side o| the .siup. the cn»U was almost uu-r and a, Tu^ jnisliwi Ihe inpplni i-hip . PLANTS WITHOUT DIRT ll.iw I'r.Hliu-t lie-u-unli uurkcr I mis,- |li.ile> holiU plaiitM sroMU in Dnw'-* lieit ilt'vcl.ipiuenl, \iiln Kimiu, uul >>l Ihi-- net r he cleaii. llijlil sMiilieli,- s ,,mili iin-.liuni ci.nliilns all iiiitrii-uts in ei-»- >.ir> lur pi ml trou ill and ui.'l Mipinirl li\in t pi oils \\Hli nr willi- mil SUM'*.. Sts<- slor.v on l'uc«- 5. Yiemls-of theM. R. Bright if !.ake .Tackson have \ uned ih;it Mrs. Bright and her son H^bhv. \ i-, tims of a Sunday I'oining wr:-ck. will he buried tt> d l\ it ,1 pm. with seiAices con- dtictixl In- lli'.lleit Funeral Chapel it PuiAis. Miss. Fisarv will he said at 7::iO (viu lonighi ill Si Michael's Catholic Ciuiri !i in I;<ke Jackson where the Bn-^hts iiu'inbership. .M. H- Bn^iit is r.'[)iiriiHl to l>e pi-oeres s i n g satisfactorily from his injuries. He is in Forest tien- uul Hospital at H,uti.'slH!rg. Miss. His diiughier. Biinarii. who at first \\.is though; to ha\*e only superficial injuries, has developed .some indication: nal injuries The Bug Vars insists it was an offer to settle a lawsuit he had filed chal- jlenging his union expulsion. He | had been expelled both as presi- ident and as a union member on i charges of ii regularities. i Viirs said they were "trumped|up charges" anil that he is being offered rt'-instatemen'. McC'U'llan, without naming any names, told the Senate earlier' Monday lhat his subcommittee .should hold formal hearings into what he called allegations of a payoff demand in the settlement! Iwfore the subcomminee. lie hoptHl In "set the record straight atxKit rumors <-oiiccrninjj SS.iXW.'' Vars conic.idod "it's fantastic to ' avi)r .say lhat I had ain thing to do with the strike. They're lo*)king for il sc.ipi>"out . . . the men themselves soled for a strike." License Offices Close Estes Grain Sent From Gulf Ports DALLAS (API—An Agriculture Department official said today that ihe bulk of grain being moved from Texas elevators with which Billie Sol Kstrs was connected is going for export. T. J. Cunningham, deputy director in the Dalas regional office o! the Agricultural Stabil- isation and Conservation Service, said grain cargoes leaving elevators owned by tbe indicted West Texas promoter or in which he had an interest are "heavily in of shipment to Gulf Coast ports for ultimate transhipment abroad. Cunningham said about H J i million bushels of grain Iws-e Ivor, moved fnun the elevators since May under a planned program by the department to empty c«r them in Is nionilis. Tin 1 State Department uf Pub- The nflicial sanl the regional lie Safety has araiounci-,1 that all office does not have at driver licensing operations in exact ngurcs "U h"W mi if minor inter- Brazona County will be suspend- ihe grain was hough! for export is.1 for the week Aug. li through 11. or to which countries Regular driver testing shipped. il! Iv lesumci! the wtvk follow- Cunningii.c cveruumM near I'osin^lun, m.; at ihe various testing .sites in most of tlv killnii Mrs. Bright insiant- Ihe count.s. Rea.-on for the .siispcn- sohi for e\r The Ixix was on arrnal smn, Ihe Department said, was milo was : K were cnroi.ti' lo Mis- vacation when their band h of it was , xpl-lined that si.ned wheat was i hut much of ihe (i to -_-ia'.n firms 1st * hospital. .acjtiom for officers. which infill csc-n.

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