The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 21, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1892
Page 3
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t I '* "A, . , •& A c irS.V'* 1 , '> "u, E_ i-r«. », i •v-v^'V'r- i •<, ' f '« ft .n -i' j V' McTtOROLOGICAL Looal taetettrologtoal Deport taken by ti *i*».,i»tj*' *n<4<>T at f»rt»Aiwt*K" utntf . 3.B. drug tat*. SO 88 Highest, 33, lowest, «7, last 24 hours. the - Notice^ the change in S. V\ B. Lep liar's adv«lrtisement in anbthec.coiuain. '<•"" A meeting of the" Calhonn te'achefaas^ socijution will' be held in tfeis city Saturday, Dec. a, A drunken man and a Urge of small boys raadfc considerable spot - pn'Stato street this afternoo^. » Miss "Lois Rowley and -Miss Patrick, of Saratoga Springs, K. Y.,^at< Visiting at Ar*. Rowley'a. Marriage lioauses istqed Mov, : '&t Lsbons- J- Knapp. of Missoula, Mon 'tana, and Sarah CK Allen, of Albion. Standard Silver Plating works have located in this city at 405 Eaaf.State St. ^rhey will do gaW', silver and' nickel * plating. ; • '"• . Thanksgiving $ervices will be held in the, Baptist church ttjfcrweofc Thursday "and Rev. J. W. Rawlinson O wi 11 preach the sermon- ; ^ • • ' • .. .£ ""''"A female justice of the peace in *>>> oming tent her husband to jail for ten days for contempt, of court. Being a , wise man he did not appeal tbo case, Bjirglara 'entered the hardware stores of Strong Bros, and Getfrgfe Sanford & Company's meat • market. Homer, Thursday nighlt,' securing goods \f> tie amount of I'TS. . No clue. "The; Ladies 1 Library pssoalatloni will have.* dai)co at the Forbes*, noose. Friday evening, liev, 35 Music will bo r fftrn!shediby the Battle Oret-k orchestra. Tickets can be ••.obtained at Uuo. . Perrctt'si'the Commercial Savings hank and John Butler's. '. -,; New York Herald : Put the of opening the World's Fair Sundays to vote and even tboush the vo'.inj: ware confined to cshurch membord Sunday opening would carry the day with such men as Cardinal Gibbons, Bishop Potler, Prof. Swing and. the Kev.^Uoberb Collyer in.Its favor. • "How are they cobiing?" aaked a city visitor of a ciljzen. "Oh, in pairs, sometimes three of a kind," answered the citizen, "drawing" out hia iuiagina- lion for a "straight" answer while ;i "flush" mantled the brow of his querist, •-wljio said that tte answer was "pat," aad that he was £ rake in ; chips of ibfonuation in their regular sequence. GoyJ Winans has* upxm..recommeuda« Pettfc V. uohfisori, of Kalamazoo, in this city today. " " * Wnlteif -jqmtb t formerly operator ftp; the B. & (> telegraph 'coibJ:>ii-&y H ln this - J |y v spent Sunday wftn ,W. Ti Drake. Don't disngure your lasvn with" a coat of coarse barn manure. Instead, make an application of dry hard wood ashes, that will at the firfit rainfall? however slight, fall down in and amofegf the spires of grass, forever out of sight, The application Witt ba-easigr, the ^cost lo^s, while the effect wijl be equally pfo< ductive of a thick green turf and with out Ibb unsightly eovfii%g'pn«fl stably manure /' " , Wades MetrdpolitftTri Stars will be in Ih.B cijty Wednesday evening, Nov. 23, tinder the auspices of Peninsula Lodge, •No. I O« O. F, The company consists of MUs Pearl May Vanderfioef, who performs on the cornet, violin, ocarina, Orchestra bell?, bAnjo, bbUleonifton, chime', bells and piano^ Miss Ida M. Godboli!, (Spntralto soloist and"pianist; Mr, Edward Bush, Jtl humorist afld buflb basso,"and JMr,'Howard S. Starrett, polyhon 1st, caHcatunst. and shird- owgraphiit. Seats. now on salo at (rfeene's drug store- Thbsu' holding tickets for Lecture Course ba?>. observed the dir-octions, "coupon not good if detached." The meaning does not s«em"l&.oe clear,to all, but is this: Coupons' not good 'if detached from' ticket, but the ticket including coupon >rafty be detached from cdvtir and the book leftVt home, 'amV'if you l 'Wisb no delay whatever you,will detateh your own tickets-. 'This oxpla; nation,-which we hope !a plain, applies only to those holding reserved seats. Othera will^vhere ^tickev qan be toi n f^om coupon.' The cover is simply to bind your ' preserve them. , Crawford Bros! Minstrels is ti ti«t class company and those who attend the oper'a houHtt on Friday evening will havo n chance ojf seeing;the bast mm- *tr?l entertiUiiinent ever given jii this city. Au excellent company includijog WE SOLD ALL QUIT I About ttnro weeks ago to a firm east to avoid taking them to other tomrns to sell to the unwary and " And now offer OUR NEW STOCK . , At a Great Sacrifice. see s. ALL THIS WEEK. it Good 2-Piece Suit $3 &J4. OVERCOATS DOWN AWAY DOWN, some of ic'St comedians, «ingers-au4 inmstrd lm, 'notably t|it> world renowned Ciadl Burgess and Bob Slavin, the. kiug of all comedians. The nrst part is unique tiud novel 'in'its settings tnd is full of spicy and well ch'oseu jokes, nil being free from any odor. Refined dougs and dances are introduced and there is nothing loud <>r coarse iu tby whole enlurtaiucatut. The price of udouiaaiou is fifty cents and reserved seats are un dale at '(«re» »tore. •••-• - ~ ALL W13EK. when he committed the qriinc. ' He was i-Befc.t to the priadn Jan, 3, 1885. and will quit his celji new week;' • County Glerjc Gregg >s con tern plating a. trip to FioriiiA in January, fletyaa .been the pessessor of an orauge grove ii> that -state Jar ji number^of years» but V'*r'.h^d4bo privilege .'yl^ong : ^ Probate - ( ^ Estate Of John Caraerpn r deceased; report of sales of real estate tiled by ad : Th% Busy. Be® Hive cloak stock-, pf Jackson, * ' ' i * ' ' has been obliged .to change vis loca.t ton from^ M * the H-erndon to..the TtJn^ine hotel 'sample room, where they hay® for ipapdct ioii"a -full 1 ine of CTr novelties in, ladies' and children's garmems.. .v/ ' minibtrator and order sale to Libbie J'. SPragije fpr $9,800, • John, Spoon^c, Jr., for fl.QOQ, and . Snilth 'furs .$^,880. Order allowing claims aud closing hearing. " tionof the^patdon bo*ird, aentinceof Paul-Loerbcher; of gon, who ipurdered his wife liedause of h^r unfaithjfulnesfi. The conimniatio? of the sentence, was granted ou^ tre • E 8la te of JKsther W^trnmbull. 'd.c 'that the prieontik 1 - was naane eeftse j. K<} e p se granted" administrator tosell'.jreal issta^e JaU. 5 and bp'nd of $800 ordered filed- EstAt« of .Willimn V. HoagliiS, tie ; uduunUtrtuor'H animal Account filed-.' '--' ,. tiled. . • " ;, , ; BVOWU, deQoaaed; —_-,,jof contest »("wiU filed %nd hearing ccutmued to December IB,. Ebtate of Bell^ C. • S Lgoniii, do- ceased; decree asejigning real estate to • • -.-' Jveir. - '-., K^tatu of Hiruui Tuttle, dCiieaaetf; or- 4px; f6r settlement of estate Dee, 3. „., , bt'KiUt«. of William Anderson, de funeral duectpr'3 aVsptiatiou, c.easwl; pethioq filed for .probate of will which h§ld a meeting at La»4|»« JaetfOrder for Hearing Uec, ;«. , . week, are preparing a bill to jJFMeo* t* k K*tate of',€ehus H. Talmiid«£* v de ' . i._:,i^4..«« nr.ab.inn. /ho c..iirnnn rcAiiaed! uetition fur license to sell rtu . . upon I. -property; For a JLoi>g»Haie ii wa a Sn.iHse- .p'l expense, but it begtnuU: : to bring in ^^eveuue. Mr, . Gregg .L,^ 5 .rfeo>*ed several offers for h\i %w, bnt he has decided to before disposids? of it. -!-*. ' The iegisiart v» comnjajttee the next LegtehUuye, making of eaV>alniing ft profession recognized by taw, providiiig f«?r ,,tfee hcgnsjiig. «{ poetic*! ^in>al6ieri by t^ state *nd prohibiting iB^perienced. persbo* Ir6» .embalji^g l>odiet«f the $&$• The *»» uttalnieetiiig^tfae^ssQeiaUon will Jae held in Detroit in^Jwinajry, . The following «oi>oer»ing wbfeh appears in ; pjstitiotn fo^- license to sell "Order for bearing ftge. 13- Estate of Josiah Lepp,er, deceased; RISPE0TFULLY, . FIELD Eagle Ooera House! Friday JNTovern'r 25 ** .-•'..•. . " .* •?-.; . • \.. One-night oulp' fspeci J •' •" With, au mitisaUe4 boptwiting qouipany'of SO'artists, includi? BOB SLAVIN AND COOL BURG SS r^?»»^, p ^a^^^^^ a Bltbljr uniiomed orch!88tr^geandstreet parsa*-. " " Kfe»er%edf>eBt* aow m sale s.t™Greene'n drugstore, No cxtt* c^SV- • petition tiled for _, it) sell jp4 c5- Order forbearing this eitj Ki>?. 89 ii oago Tinje^i: Tfee eutartaiJinjent on Tbttia4»y «f*»la« In toe. Ygong Meit-f OhrirtlML AssodaUoa Cowrie, by Wadame Fry Concert Company, tilled every ieat in Farwell Hall. .Tbeladiea preaeotftd tb« several nnajbers of a well wrajByi^l.v^eal 1 « , progrom io Jilpaanipr, i$ »e»t the . plwiie o! the lirge audience. final accaont aliow^'d. of Mary A. Cooper; deceased! esecatiar's final accpunt Allowed ot estate caad» to The Pytamid ?ai Cfre ie . f«ir the prowptj j?etmaBe»t cure of Piles ie. every-Iocni. Byery fenasylvania 'Buck wheat flour 3 ceuU per^pound, 1^.75 per 100 Ibs. " Sufferers from Pi^es ahouid know that the Pyianiid Pile ^oie »itt ^sowptly a feotuay y :te wo vp e^ery ttacfr pi tbe«x. L " 2 Store!

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