The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 21, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1892
Page 2
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'_'*"< '-.? if ', \ ""^t" /^'V^, v . *-^-; t ".' T * f* Sr " ? V. *!'*/',."*< ""/'•*>-* v> -'^' t/tt ^r ^" '/,?<^J^ /* , ^ r ^ ,*',*„/. HF !. "• -^ ,„ ,•'•*"• ; x v - ' '' / >t*f§rt* riAtTV rkttilfVKrw^T W "Wn^^iytim^tj'yj'""iMh^'^ * r ' *"• " ^ /; JL rlllj LJALLjl l^JiJtvVANlv^ljfJtM»'iN.UY. i Jrj/MI5lSll £i* lotJA, , * r * ./< -' '; : 1>A1LCHEONICLI ftntif ,«**« r«*u-U»ro«|rti t>. O.,.»4 IS <taltvere<1. 10 CtttwTpijr Week p»l**d at Yl»e rfljf •turn Kl> 8t*t» *tre*fc. * - j J. M . * OSES, PaBII.Xb it, — T- - "' tt ' • • Mac »!' on IN8ANESKMJ6HTER /»-..'.*»... > • Terrible-Sunday Crtine at the • * Wester^ Metropolis. 6 . , A MANIAC DOES THE BLOODt WORK, With II U Mother-Ih- SJioteun He Kill* and Her Etutband an<t \Voutuls fll» Wife and a Policeman—Close Call for a l.ynchlni*-Tery ."Cii«kllful Attempt to- Steal; 9100,000—Au totrmue OeU an Ex- pireM ftf e««eng6r Into a 'tight rises that ;> May Sentt Him to the PeblteUary. -•'.. CHICAGO, Nov. 2i,—The later anrittl* of -Chicago record no more horrible crime <w one accompanied by more sensational da- tails than that which brought death into"a • two-story frame cottage in the northwestern part of thts city Saturday afternoonr By the acts of a man who is said to be insane a double murder was committed and two people wounded, and the murderer, narrowly escaped violence at. the hands or 1,000 citizens who live near the scene >»/f the ^tragedy.* 4 Herman Siegler, a German, lived with his Wife 1 and three children at "the residence of his wife's parents, Henry and Caroline Siles, No. 723 North -Paulina street., Early yesterday morning "Siegler Jegan making preparations for a hunting trip: Nothing unusual was noticed about his actions until about 8 o'clock when, gur^ -in hand, he entered the parlor where his wife and children were. _t-w»' Murder of the niother-lD-I>Elw. „ One of the little ones saw him first and began to'scream, .Mrs. Siles, the mother- in-law, hurried Into the room and as^.sh^ entered Siegler attempted to elevate the • gun as though he intended to shoot her. She rushed up to him and throwing' her artaSi about his neck, tried to take the gun from him. "Keep away. God.-'is with . me," shouted Seigler, as he pushed 'the aged woman aside* violently, Then he raised the shotgun and, pointing the barrel almost directly against her lets breast, fired before she could offer any resistance. She sank to the'floor dead, xMra. Siegler, in the meantime, had earned 'the children to the house of a neighbor, and on return ing encountered her^husband, who fired At her/several of the shot taking effect in her . neck and breast. / The Mm-derer Shot by an Officer. ' The-no^nown stairs aroused Mr. Siles and he descended into the hallway. As he -stepped fro^n the lower step Siegler met him: Again raising the gun, which he had previously reloaded, ho fired, Mr. Silea receiving the fujl charge at close range. 'It isybelieved that Siegler then discharged the other barrel oMus.gun into His father-in- law's face, for portions of his. neck and right cheek were torn. away, By this time a crowd .bad./gathered outside.and. as Officer Simpnson.came up^ Siegler appeare^ , in the doorway. 'The people fell backanc as the officer drew hia revolver he ordered Seigler to surrend€ was ikshqt from bis , Simonson returned the fire and Siegler staggered .back with a buljet in hia side, Threatened with Vlole^oe. He' succeeded in firing another' 'shot wh\ch slightly wounded the e'flleep before shortage, ani^ just as soon put. it ley< because he Was missing and^shouldn't, bar* been. But be was flomtog 1 —fight into the jawsf of the Han of Selection. • > • . . , rtow ate eAfftc to H^ Caught. ' ft seems lliat JBagley Vd apftrticurar j^riend living here named Logan, and -for stime rfeastm thai he does not "explain he concluded to visit his friend. While ha was journeying to Chicago by a roundabout way the e*prgs» meh discovered thai, hehadltiisfriend, andthte pc4lce began tQi watcii the house. The Watohmun ivatched nOfe in vain. 0 Enter Baglej* K&tejt also big polWenirfn, \\hotoldhjm hew4sfan{}er arrest. ,He piot£ste$ tadfgnttntly, Jot* Klhally Weakened and admitted his guili. He did more. He went buck' to Dav^a. port and showed the police where the $!«9,000 was. He also unloaded the other.$1,000.' Why bid He I>b It? From what can be learned the theft was an impulse. There was no premeditation t no plans o£ procedure. He just got to thinkin'tt how easj- ft 'would foe for him^to .takfc that money. Then he opened the orte packagei When .this was done he knew what a^gulf he Bad fallen iiito and \yould ,bave given attj thin^' to get out. But, be couldn't think how to explain that mutilated package, and concluded on tbe spur of- th^ moment to take first |1.,000 and then 'alii «n<l |hi;n. he fowiid how. <jusy fa was—to get Juij. The wtnpjuiy will probably .prosecute h'; «ti«l his plospeot for a tnrrn fn' thfe^>ehiteiiUjtry- is-very uoo<). OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR.THE Ht XT 30 DAYS. I Will Soli at 6oat for Ca&h tttf *• X " ^ * , i t~ « Triinmed Hats and Bonnets, All Untrimmed Stoods, . • • • Feathers, Fanfcy Feathers, •. ':'• Ribbons, Flowers, Laces, ' • ; ,' A New tertrtt/i tiure fOJ^PIlca.^ t. ^Ve^dot'intcnd'bp;.endo.rj90 an^; exoopi arti- clas of genuine merit; --TVO th'ercforo, take pleasure in xeconitnendinn to sufferers from ^Plles in any form, ft prompt and permanent pure.* The following letters »peak,for themselves; ',,'-* ^ Mrs. 'Mary C. Tyler, of Heppncr, ,0r^f writes. One pkjy, of Pyramid ^ile Cute'en- iteiy cured m6 of Piles from whiclKl havo uffeted f^r ycnrsi and Ihaporne^efr had tho, " "' ' return of th^m since. ' Mr; E. O'Brien, Hock m*dls,'Neb.,'Bays: Che pkg. of'Pyramid'Pihj Cure entirely re- moVed every trace of/itching piles. lean- not thank you enougn for it. The 1'yrntnid.PUo Cure is a now, certain, painleas-cutt tor, every, form of Piles. It is safe, euro .aiid chaep. . For sale by a)I drug- giat& - ''mt druggist -will • get- it for you if ?OU*»K him. • ."'..' FORvtHEMtgXT THIRTY DAYS. MISS HAN N A, is in Charge of my Work Room She Is lahflp from- tlu' vvholtisuJe Jiouso of Politick, Poltibonc & Cbapmmj arid io(£jifi(l ti large oxperhucc C.HV give yoU'salisfhctioa and ot> jitiort noticed N.liw is the time and • ' •'•-•• C, COVER'S doors west of P. O, Is the plaice: N'rBD-Two Washlpglon ^Utnlna 1 rt>a!n glils , at tun. (Jood wa^fts and lease of store at reatmnablu rent. 'SnUsfftcioty raimtma for*o]|lng, Art(fr*-«*1iox 111V, Jlarshftll. Mich, V A OOQl? Bjt/StNESS SlfE for salo oA Stuto etreet, the Mr*, 8t<?f>U' property Port«rra» and price apply to O. Cunning&firo, Agent, * L OST— A Star : L«otur>< CoursR cttnpcm • Finder leave at 8. K. Cronin'a t«ioro and elte reward. F OR SAKE House :HL Mulberry street. Lot 8 roda square. Finest jjiirrfcu spot to Mar 1 •ball. Price very low. , < JOHN McHUUH, It • r.o^ 4H Murshal.!, Mict) PICKLED TRIPE! SCtsperlb. UmiotVood * Cof . , /' AT J, CUNNINiGHA»rs( 1MOH KKNT-My store on State street, the Jt? Dost location in Marshall, formerly oeou pied by. John Bdtler. It ha* reoently b'ena atteil up and la painted in a v?ry One combination' pf e»lorH. , CUKIS.FHEDVOOSL. MARSHALL IMPROVED Pitcher's Castorla. Xftiiliierr. • ! I um olOjjJQg out tyy sJ.ocR of jjoqda. lass than cost, as i want to run fuem off for what 1'ti'aii get get as 1 waut to go into other business soon. 1 wish the ladies of -Mur^bali itutl vicinity .would please give iuti a call and eel H bargain. MRS. L. dn2b luaho jUusty Kendall An honest Swede tells«hia story in plain but utimis'tkkable language for the benefit of the public, "Onii of my- children took a severe cold and got the croup, I gave her a, tnaapoonful'of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and in five minutes later I gave her one more. By thiji time she had to cougii up tbe gathering in her throat. I'heir she'went to HUMPHREYS' "" This PRKGIOUS OINTMENT is the triumph of Scientific Medicine. ' Nothing has ever been produced; to equal or coinpare with it as a cuRAtivE and HEALING APPLICATION. It has been used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives satisfaction, ' Cures PitES or HEMORRHOIDS-/External or Internal, Blind or Bleeding—Itching and Burning; Cracks or Fissures^istula in Ano; ^yor^ls of the Recturn, The relief is immediate— ths cure certain. ITCH HAZEL OIL M BURNS, Scalds and Uleeration and Contraction from Burns. The relief is instant. Cures ifriLS, Hot Tumors; Ulcers, Fis- tujas, Old »>res, Itcbtog Eruptjpns, Scurfy or. Scald He^d., It i* infauible. Cures INFLAMED or CARED BREASTS ; Sore Nipples. .,.|| Price, 59 Cents,' \- . Trial size, as Cmts Bold by Dru«Utt, or i t -.eut. cauulaa no AtropU) Sure arid *»fe cure lor . slept pi»utes ; Then she ggt up aud vomited; then ,she went back to bed and sleptigyod.for, tha remain- he was overpowered. As Siegler was being' taken, to the patrol wagon threats of vjp-. len.o« wtre .hgani . on every haid, and a immber of revolvers were drawn by citizens who wer£ anjdoua to get hold of the murderer^ ' Jl^peatedly Siegler was struck J>y •men.who^e Interference could not be' prer vented by the police. Siegler was at last placed in the wagoft and the horses'were whipped into a-gallop. At the station he 'jnade a statetnenti ft was shqrt, incoherent toid indicative' fit insanity. He wa» afterward taken to the hospital. The extant, of his wound^tr not kbo , ondnight and I gave herthegame remedy With the same good results. • I smto this be-, causq I thought tb'efe might by someone in the same need and not know the Uue. merits of tliia wonderful medicine." - Chftrlos .A. THE PILE OINTMENT Drunkeness^ ' Morphine, Opium, Cocaine andiTobaeco Habit. l'"6r- treatment jind explination of the UoW CUr^coiwuU Dr. J*. E. "Gallup at hia ce iii tho Cool block. Patients trcatoj > • *" ptivatoty it, so fhorapseen, Des Moiiies, Iowa. 25 and cent-bpttles for Aalo at Gtefene's drug store i HOT; A, SUCCESSFUL. An Expna* }&?t»imsei: WbV Fatted to. Cet , Aw»y With «100,009. CHICAQP, Nov. 2i—Because he did not ,,observe thp; commandrjQe&t "Thoit shalt »6tcovet^G««rge^ pa^s^^st of tte Cnit^StatesE?pres? f cpmpa.ny, ngw lanquiabealn tijie bastjle in this city, ley waJ9 upnlng this way with 'two pack- agw of money in bi^ safe, each containing A. new reuieily has cheated a impng vhysicians by -its yonjlerf tl effects a speedily^ curing every fyriu • bf Pi lea, It >s cklled the • PyrariiSa Pile .Cure. It- is cheap and &?tuplo to use, -but nothing re- jno.ves the diseasa so O-pickly, safely, and " Any druggist will get it for you. placed in his care a|i Omaha to be delivered in this city. Tils was Thmsday. night. At Iqwa,City/he bought of jpotatoes, and wfeen lie came oa duty jie got to jinking about the tlOO,000, his partner being asleep. He opened the "safe and package open and toc4, out |J,000< He^d "Co the Vltol* Hoc." rem^mbecBd tbe ^4 isaw ; %xe,iiaghtaswell b^ hanged for ia a» alaoil5,''and took botlji packages, Jing them Into ao empty sack he' SaloM. ?Ie livei at JJavenport, and th»w ofltie »pj«*o^ »n4 "enipty? wckwhea there, a-od thai Jei. the train go wfejle . ti* woftey, loft. Meantime wd th«.*?n|ie»| oJtetal *he thf ibis Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor^. Eeon fort, Form, beat r( JACKSON FAVORITE 0,0,0. WAI " to ~ y and wlssea -uaabl j "" ^* bfiUF £I*lCOrQU9 1'iir "B PNUQ EIXXXNO, folly liSile, %'i*iE' liuoal ti> any *t.S5 w,«M. COW)B8--\VU1V««, Drab, Qeld, Fast pluck. Gen- dealers; sell It. oet paid, Coronet Corset Co,, wichiean. Capt, >V, A. Abliott, Avho has' long beeo with Measra. Ferdval Jiftd-iJIatton, Real Es- ate. and loaurane* Brok'era,. Dea Mo lues, owa, ai|d {a odo of tba bvist fcuowa- .aod ost-respected buaiuesp mep'in that city, ye: /'I can testify io the good qualities of Chttuiborlatn',8, Cough Eemedy, ^ Having used it in- Wy fawily f«r tbe past c4gnt ^ea* I c&a, safely fay it has no.'equal for etthe^ swlds,pf tsroup." .'^,aw4 £ft P«iet boitlba for sale at Greened drug stpra- - - '":•*• •YiLITHERS aickaess,, or cali P/- 30111 Will .with babies in on yoor druji*t for L»\read*r lives wnen Criflip. doctors JEail in lb.njmatiOD and Ty pooi qaickly relieyes «'<^ Scwlet Fe?^, W tiow Thjroat, Burns. afflictiont, 35 aod 50 eenis'or Eeraovea y W r ; Mole. a Tin, txud a- jtoies .ilio jskin t6 its original <iet,bnuss. prtKjvicing a e^r ft-utf UmtJUy cwn- lejcion. Superior to all Jnca iwiTOless, At Send for Clreulai VIOLA «KIN'8OftP ; the bouste known &? ttie i»w«et. Sn quire JMRS, ALLEH'S PARISIAN , Wl^^ Sfc^l*^Mf T/^f J^P^^r ^HB^i^Wp^l'^ir^Wpi OOLAin i:.-£.l PACE M FRECKJ I' PASTT, CUCUMBJ'K U U«slowaif the I u.t. K rtm»^s 4u»f, lUnj! 'Rft AH «<ji H. ! ill. = . ' J^ Attamcys »Dd SpUcHa«,,{ cnt>, Uniltd StMeswiil (pr CorrevBondeoce toUcitcd. , Have a large^stock D£ AND FELT GOODS. house in the cit^ «a?ryin^ ti iult-' line ofTPriuj-jreo & Smiths'cele.brated Every pair war.r&njfced. '^ " .Our stock eontdstd of all qualities so that we '- ^^EO ablo tp^' meet' thb demands of oar ".' \-ustorners.' Kp matter, what i? ' A full fine of Gloves and Mittens carry . Highest Price ?aid for Produce, SAL«-¥wy Some co&litore. t». 0. S- A No. 68 fiinjulrt* of O. T.

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