The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 17, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1893
Page 3
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THE DAILY Visitors to the World's fair will find \ the CHBONiCLE.on sale at Geo. F. War ren'8 news and^iftar stand in the Michigan building. ' ' * : BREVITIES. 1aif|s Carrie Rowley has returned froffi "a visit in Homer. MissWCatfie andAda Bennet left to day for the Worid>iaif. Miss Olive Behfiett returned from a visit to Cbictfjjo today. Mrs* if* E. Foley and Mrs. a, M, Mose/wont to Chicago tuday. ,••<}, H r . Weld will take part m the 25 mile bicycle race at Detroit Saturday. W. 11. Kutp made.a line iisfcension and drop «t Juyon lake Sunday after Dr. I. W. Houston and wife' and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Houston have gone to the world'* fair. Misses Mamie and Daisy "Buchanan, of Oconomowoo, Wis., are the guests of Miss Mazie Wheeler Misses Martha Gardanier and 'Mary ierguson returned Saturday from a visit to the world's fair. Frank Wherry is hero from Detroit. °Mr. Wherry will enter the 25 mile bicycle race at Detroit Saturday. Got. Diokey was fourth in the 2:28 race at fittsbttrghV 'Friday. Silver Star won m three straight heats. : Best time * " ' The report of the First National bank is tainted elsewhere. Dudley Campbell has resumed his position as clerk at C. H, Hillabrant's. Andrew Chryistftlfeiies. Iqs, Detroit to morrow to take in the blue ribbon meeting. ' Hucklebwries havo commenced to ap \pear in the market. The crop is said to be large. At Detroit this afternoon Chris Laing won the two year old race, and the\four year old.' • . A\ the last Friday's meeting of the Junifor Temple, a Hiammottufruit and ice cream festival in the near future was decided upon by the HtUo folks. The Wptist church has extended a call to Rpv C. W. Brinstad, of Chicago. Mr. Brinstad has occupied the pulpit several tiuies and is well liked by the congregation. . Mrs. F. C\ Stuart will assist at the in stiluto for superintendents of Temples to bo held at IHLackley park, Muskegon, iu August. Rlrs. Stuart organized the first Temple in\Miehigan. The amount \>f money deposited in the banks in thisV»ty as ahowu by the An Extraordinary Bargain—*5l,60O. A splendid two stofy dwelling and one 1M story dwelling, with one acre of fid,'including excellent fruit gardefl centrally located. For terms apply to Hon. W. V.''Lucas, ex^State Auditor of Ipwa, says: "t have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family and have no hesitation ip saying it is an excellent remedy I belioye nil that ia claimed fo^it. Personi afflicted 6y a cough or cold will find it a friend."; Therein no danger from whooping, cough when-this remedy is.freely given. 2, and 60 c'ent bottles for sale nt 0reene's drug store. published reports\iridicate that the peo pie in tbis vicinity at least have conti/ dence in the banks |md are not drawing out their money, inact If you want a house built in short or der call on Wm. Shipley as he is pre pared to put you «p a house ready for plastering in ted days time. Shop on Engle street over Lynn's. Residence, 151, Hanover street. Attention I N. A.. Sherman, trie old reliable* ufcK N tretB&l auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of all kinds. He Sells anything and everything, household goods farm's, city property? stocks of go'ods. 6f all lands, and makes a specialty of farm sales. If yon have anything to Sell call and see him. Removed, < I have removed my office to Eagle . block in the rooms formerly occupied bv Dr. Houston. EtlAS HEWITT,,/ The .new- Lavette safety mailing en . velopes at Smith's studio. v 5,000 spring and summer Samples have airived. Call and select yom snuimer suit or pants. Better cho.ce than piece goods. Call and exum'ne before, buying. Quality and price to suit at TED'S, the tailor, o Over Fletcher's store. _ Don't you want some of thdse Jtiue currants. Leave your ordor at I. S. Peters' hardware store before all gone. . .. E. L. Minjj;n3,,;of Detroit, made a short call iii this city Sunday; He went to Homer this morning and' will return to Detroit from there. Miss Kittio Alcox, daughter of Mrs. C. Alcox, died Saturday night at her home on ^est State street. The funeral will be held Tuesday morning at nine o'clock ut St. Murj'a church. The Patrons^SJ HuBbandry, of Car houk county contemplate .t> picnic at lake lu the naar future to be ad money on deposit in the banksriow than there was When tho\ last Report was made. There seems to be a\ general kick among the merchants regarding tbo way State street is sprinkled. The collector is around regularly bt»t they say the epriukler is not out muchWre than half the time, and does a poqrjpb when it is OIK. There seems to be a general demand for better service. -— B. C. Talmadge'a.little daughters was quite seriously injured this afternoon. She was standing on a fence Vnd I E.J.PENDELLI Physician and Surgeon. • Office over SMiQon's Shoe Store,r . -. ; dmlSB. droesed by Mortimer Whitubead, the notional lecturer of that organization. The heavens were illuruinatad Sutur day evening in a most brilliant manner, caused by the northern lights, winch were plainly visible. 'The lights were of a soft greenish tint, and though pret ty, were not as beautiful and varied in color as was the display of a year ago. The world's fair gates will bo closed on Sunday hereafter. The reason for closing is a^imple one— 'it d'd not pay to keep them open— that is the long and short of it. Other questions came up^ but the financial one decided the matter. Albion Recorder: On Sunday night, July 9th, Wallace Taylor, who has Miss M. L.Bromberg,M.D. Diseases of women and children a spociftlty. Office over Jobn Butler's corner State and Jefferson btreeta. Residence *t Mm. O. B. Rowley's on Oreen Street near Eagle. Are yon troubled witn Piles? ; Use Blake's Suppositories": Per box, $1. For sale at Els ton's drug store Address all mail order to G.D 1 ; Blak.e, Marshall, Mich. For Over Fifty Tears. Mna. WINSLOW'S SOOTHIMO STBCP has been used for children teething. It soothei the child, allaya all palD, cures wind colic, and Is tbt best remedy for diBrrincea. 1 wenty-flte cents a bot- tU. Sold bj all druggists throuEhoot the world Tiiero will be an auction of furnlturu Saturday, July 15, at South Eagle street, No. 105, by B. C. Talmadge. dj!4 N. A. SHEttltAN, charge of the college observatory dur vacation, discovered the new cocuet, but one man at Salt Lake discovered it on the evening of Saturday, the eighth of July, so the eonaet is named after him. Having defeated every club with which they have played this season, the Battle Creeks will go against the Yale college team at Recreation park Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. The I ale team won the championship in the touinament at Chicago last week over all the eastern college teams. A certain east end grocery clerk toot a trip to Eckford on a wheel, weight, 53 Ibs., ostensibly for his healtb. On the way the bearings of the rear wheel tightened; he had no tools with him, consequently he carried the wheel back on his shoulders. , H^aays bicycle riding isn't good exercise. jumped to the ground, striking on stump of a shrub that had been cbt down, inflicting a very bad wound; Dr. Smiley, assisted by Dr. Bromberg, attended her. The doctors say she is iu a bad condition, but think she will come out utl right. Toe Michigan Central would greatly oblige the people'who arrive in this city on that road iu the night time, by hav ing lights on the outside of the depot They have gas burners ut conveuu-ni places on the ouUide of the building and it would tuke the night watchumu •but-a-TminrtB-ftJ-Htjfat two or three about the lime the trains arrive. It has beun suggested that in case the company will not light Up that the city put au electric light iu front of the building. Dr. LQU IS S.JOY, Physician ana Surgeon. Special facilities for treatment of diseases of (he tear. Eye, Nose and Throat- and the application of Electricity. , , OfficeoTerCooks Store formerly occupied by Dr. H. L. Joy. New stock lougbtou's. of wall paper at Geo. OP TUK TO EPOttT OP THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, at Marshall; in the Stat e of Michigan at the close of business, July 12th, 1S93. , . RESOURCES. oiius and discounts .......... .......... * 1 ™- 01 ? *5 Overdrafts secured ami unsecured ...... o.biiJ OS U. S. Boudsto secure circulation — . f>,OUO oo Stocks, securities, etc ................. l Ji'S7? st Due from ttypro»ed reserve agents ...... 3< »9J SS Due fr«m other national Banks ...... ... y»*»« •£ Banking house, furniture and fixtures. . JJ.auu w Oiber real estate and mortgages owned ?3.ol« J» Current expenses and taxes paid. .. ..... J« J" Checks an'd other cash items ........... &S /« Bills of other bwits ....... , ........... •• •*" w FracUonalpaper currency, nickels ana. cents..., .................. « ....... •«•, Specie ............. , ................ •••• Legal K-uder uotcs.. . .................... Redemption land with U. S. Treasurer (5 per cent of circulation) ............ • M*» "" Floor. This important necessary of life has uevVr been as low in price as A. Wat son \iow sells it. Epquire at his store buforXvou purchase. A. WATSON. Honi\8 for visitors to the World's Fair ia the tme Of a neat little book, containing the aUdress of about 9,000 families, who will (tccomrnodttte visitois, also a list of hdteh, illuhtratfld with largo scale map.Wld at M. C ticket office I'rice 50- 3en y New potatoes at Cunningham's. Children Cry for ditcher's Qastorla. Wanted. 1 I have a customer with ca*h for a small farm, 40 to 60 acres, and worth from fl.500 to $2,000. If you haye one for sale come and see me. . Yours Truly, H. M. MERKIIJ6V Some of the Grand Army boys may be in terestod in the following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Dept. Tenn. and (ia. He Bays: "We hare had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that ha* dona any good," There is no danger from whooping cough when thia remedy is frfely given. It completely controls the disease. 60 "cent bottles for sale al Greene's drug att-eet. Smith, the Photographer. Has some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. Worltl's ColuuibJn" The Michigan Cen\] from Marshall to Chi< rate of sevea dollars for the round trip, Children uiider 13 exposition. will sell tickets and return at id thirty cents to Nov. 5th. of age, half VJHA14& «•<«-» *****«w» -T „, r -- • « •• fare. Tickets not good oh 1, 4, 18 or 20. foul $441.W328 LIABILITIES. Notice. " V *—* ' We are now prepared to furnish all kiuds of doors, blinds, sasbX screens, mouldings, corner blocks, etc. All kin'ds of glass, plate, enameled, < be\eled. and plain. Also bee and supplies at lowest living All work and orders attended to pro ly. Givtf us a call. Y&urs Respectfully. . : STUABT * PBXE Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in tae buildiug formerly occupied AS meat market, opposite IS. L. Marphy'a store. Give him a call when in, need of any tin work. Chas. Kilburn has opened a wstaur- / ant the first door west of tho To^tiue, /. the public is invited to cull, / "Rtoyal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all foreign ftavor and, adulterants, naturally ripened anil matured by eleven years^torago ia wood, it is a "Rye as ia a Rye,"«ud costs no more than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to us/ any other. A pure jold whisky is always free frpi» fusil oil, which is a poison; end should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant ethers whicagive bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. G.' Seaman & Co., Druggist. , t -, Fine stationery at t be bazar stow. A"* .ures I complete assonment always oia band. 'Having secured the agency of ihe Detroit Evening News I a« prepared to furnish either the afternoon edition delivery at 5 p. m. or theffi ip'olo^trSi n for delivery in morning fp^$jj pel month. I am entitled to B»y-r,- mentXor k the puper from July 3d. HEKBEKT Smith is making the. new porcelain enamel photos, They Just till the bill or a nice picture. B indc6rtacate«ofdeu98it- ... and Dr. Ellgeoe Miller^ Of Battle Creek this board was fojrnierly noa . County of Calaoan, 88 : „_, .r>i Want tO ShOW "T "^P(-^^-~VT 7**1SW^ 1* *** •TWJS' -WV _ " -* Mttthew*,^"4*«i;fcte^¥ BI»J^F f^ j£*> - - - iSffis2asl^ BwifSw--^ as -ss ^°S±§S^ISVffiisawrj.ia.iigt« 8tooo"S»uyi .11

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