Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 10, 1935 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 7
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THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 10. 1935 ALTHO REILLY TANGLES HIM UP ON SYMBOLS AND NOTES BY WILLIAM A. KINNEY. (Copyright, 1.13B. by The Associated Press ) FLEMINGTON, N. J., Jan. 10 UP)— Counsel for Bruno Richard Hauptmann turned with a vengeance on "Jnfsic" today in an effort to destroy his four-tiered identification of Hauptmann as the "John" who collected the 550,000 Lindbergh ransom. The bluff, old-fashioned Bronx schoolmaster returned to the Hunterdon county court house for more hammering cross-examination with his complacence unruffled. He ate last night what he called an "athlete's dinner' 1 of beef steak and fried eggs to celebrate completion of the direct testimony which the state hopes will help send Hauptmann to the electric chair. Dr. Condon was eager to defend his identification of the Bronx car'- pentcv as John—the man the state says kidnaped and killed the Lindbergh baby, then collected the ransom—while the defense wns equally determined to riddle the picturesque 74-year-old educator's testimony. "All day," was the curt answer of Edward J. Reiiiy, chief of defense counsel, when asked how long he planned to continue his cross-examination. The prosecution expressed doubt Uie interrogation would last that long. Rcilly Delays Naming. Reilly said he does not intend to disclose today the names of the four persons whom the defense contends did the kidnaping, "When I said we would name them Thursday," he explained, "I didn't mean this Thursday. I meant any Thursday." To corroborate Dr. Condon's testimony of his dramatic role in the kidnaping case, the state announced it would call several supporting witnesses. Col. Henry Breckenridge. personal friend and legal advisor of Lindbergh, stood ready to tell what he knows of Jafsie's activities and to identify the single ransom letter which the kidnaper sent to the lawyer's New York office for delivery to the aviator. Another was Mrs. Myra Hacker, Dr. Condon's daughter, who followed her father to the door when he received a ransom note delivered by John Pen-one, the taxi driver who has identified Hauptmann as the man who gave him $1 to take it to Condon's Bronx home. A third witness called in this supporting group was Gregory Coleman, editor of the Bronx Home News, the newspaper which carried the Condon letter appealing to the kidnaper to contact him as an Intermediary. Jafsie received the first ransom note after this letter was published. Then the state will proceed with its murder case against Hauptmann MI any one of three lines of evidence. Testimony Outlined. Which one will be taken up first has not been definitely decided, but everything is ready for the introduction of testimony on the following points: 1. Handwriting standards. (Samples of Hauptmann's handwriting, letters, etc.) 2. Preparation of the $50,000 ransom at the banking house of J. p. Morgan. (Noting of the currency serial numbers.) 3. Discovery of the body of the murdered Lindbergh baby. (Coroner's and county physician's reports.) After Jafsie's appearance yesterday, a colorful highlight of the week-old trial, the prosecution expressed warm satisfaction at the way he comported himself. The defense said it found loopholes in his story. Jafsie's testimony during his first day on the stand gave the state the strongest direct evidence it has mar- shalled to date, prosecutors said, implicating the inscrutable Hauptmann with the kidnaping of the Lindbergh child—the crime during which the death of the baby occurred. Dr. Condon not only identified Hauptmann as the mysterious "John" who collected the $50,000 ransom, he reiterated it vehemently three more times. He named Hauptmann as the man with whom he held an hour- and-a-quarter conference at the Woodlawn cemetery rendezvous in the Bronx during which the preliminary ransom payments were discussed. Twice he named the Bronx alien as the man who crouched behind a •hedge in St. Raymond's cemetery and accepted the $50,000 "blood money" for the promised safe return of a child that was already buried in a hastily scooped-out grave near the Lindbergh estate. Re-Elected THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texas Carl Chaudoin, above, who has been in the Mobeetie schools for the last three years, the last two as superintendent, has been unanimously rcclccted to head the schools another yenr. Much advancement has been clone in the Mobeetie system during the last three years and the school is well under way in making one of the outstanding schools in the Panhandle, 'me school now has the high school students from nine ad- joininR rural schools swelling the enrolment to 211. Pour new buses have been purchased and an adequate transportation system is being maintained. Many new subjects have beon added this year, such as public school music, art, agriculture, home economics, junior business training, typewriting, and biology. Practically all teachers have degrees and are teaching in their major fiald. The school this week is holding a big invitation basketball tournament. John, commissioning him to act as intermediary, contained a note to that effect in the kidnaper's odd caligraphy and also a sealed note addressed to the aviator. Jafsie's note did not bear the symbolic signature. Jafsie Tangled Up. Under Reilly's insistent questioning, Condon said lie did not break the seal of the Lindbergh envelope, but a few minutes later he was de- lating how he was describing the strange symbol to Lindbergh from a Bronx restaurant telephone booth. That, defense sources declared, wculd be impossible unless Jafsie either broke the seal, or else had previous knowledge of the symbol. As far as the spectators were concerned, the day was an artistic triumph for Jafsie, with today's session equally attractive. Yesterday's crowd jammed the court room to the verge of suffocation, even sitting on the edge of Justice Trenchard's dias and climbing the real- wall of the room in a tier that gravity seemingly must topple. Son,, Daughter Court Believed To Be Divided On Gold Issue WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. WP)— Moving toward a judgment on a paramount new deal policy, the su- premo court received more conflicting views today on the legality of th P abrogation of gold payments. While the tribunal prepared to hear final arguments in five cases challenging ffthe act, observers gained the impression there was a sharp division of opinion among the nine justices. Opponents of the legislation are disputing the right of congress to nullify the "gold clause" on bonds find other securities. This clause provided for payment in "gold or its equivalent" and the five complaints demand to be re-imbursed on that basis. Attorney General Cummings, having in mind the existence of some 300 billion dollars worth of such securities, told ths court yesterday that "chaos" would result if it invalidated the gold payment suspension act. He asked the court not to handicap the government in future mcvcs for international currency stabilization, (declaring "the timf; will come when the United States will be in conference with the other nations of the earth with a view to stabilizing the currency and fixing standards." At the white house, however, the president indicated later that this country was planning no immediate st:p in that direction. .— «*. . Italian Troops Concentrated on Austrian Border VIENNA, Jan. 10. f/p) — Italian troops are being concentrated along the Austrian frontier, ready to act immediately should German Nazis attempt a putsch in this country following the Saar plebiscite, it was reported reliably today. Both the Aiuftriaai and Italian ffovcrmnenks are taking extreme precautions, fearful of what may follow an expected German victory in the plebiscite. Hundreds of known Nazis and their sympathizers were arrested in Tyrol province, adjoining the German frontier. Police and auxiliary forces of the province, where Nazism is still strong, were ordered under a state of alarm from Saturday until Tuesday of next week in anticipation of demonstrations. PAGE SEVEN BOLONEY POPLAR BLUFF,, Mo., (ff) — Walter King was thirty minutes lat s to trial. The judge lectured him severely and threatened • $30 fine and $30 days in jail for the beiatedness. The rest, of the morning was taken up with testimony. Then a jury acquitted him—of stealing a $1 link of bologna from a general store. PORT WORTH, Jan. 10. (Sp.)— Two venerable Texans, whose early memories almost date back to the foundation of the Texas Republic the Centennial of whose independence is to be commemorated by celebrations throughout the state in 1936, still reside in Fort Worth They are Dr. I. L. Van Zandt and Mrs. Ida Van Zandt Jarvis, respectively the son and daughter of Isaac Van Zandt, who was a Minister to the United States from the Republic of Texas, one of the framers of the Texas Constitution of 1845, when the state entered the Union, and also has served as a member of the Texas congress. Dr. Van Zandt will be 95 years old in January, while Mrs. Jarvis who is the mother of Mayor Van Zandt Jarvis of Fort Worth is 90 years old and was born in Washington, D. C., May 20, 1844, while her father was representing hiy country at the American capital. Their father died in 1847, two weeks before the date of the election in which he was a candidate for governor of the new State of TGX3.S, In the Hagerman valley of Idaho skulls of about 65 ancient horses called Plesippus Shoshonensis, have been found to date and fossil remnants of numerous prehistoric animals ranging from mastodons to birds and frogs MISERABLE, AILING? JF your day begins with frayed nerves, backache, headache or periodic pains, you need a _ tonic like Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Mrs. S. B. Taylor of 214 E. 1st Ave., Corsicana, Texas:—"I liaq a sharp pain In my right side, and was so weak at tunes that I just had to drae myself about the house. I used to have frequent headaches and dizzy spells, too. A(ter 1 had used Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription I had no further trouble. The pain in my side disappeared, also the headaches and I liavc felt fine ever since." New size, tablets 50 cts., liquid $1.00 Large size, tabs, or liquid, $1.35. All druggists. Write Dr. Pierce's Clinic, Buffalo, N Y for (ree medical advice. AGT0 LOANS See Us For Beady C*ih To • Refinance • Buy a new car • Reduce payments • Raise money to meet bills. Prompt anfl Courteous Attention Given AH Applications, PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Combs-Worley Bldg. Ph. 511 Finally the pedagogue told of seeing John last August. The mysterious ransom collector wa's walking when Dr. Condon, who was riding in a bus, picked him out. He recognized him, he said, and he was Hauptmann. Subsequently, Condon related, he learned that Hauptmann made his home nearby. State Changes Tactics. The state had let it be known that Condon also identified Hauptmann when he talked to the German in the jail here. That occasion was after the stolid carpenter had been extradited to New Jersey after his arrest and indictment for extortion In the Bronx. Orginally the state had planned to develop testimony on that jail Interview during which Hauptmann broke down and wept, but a change of plans resulted in the abandonment—at least temporarily—of such tactics. Hauptmann's lawyers attached considerable significance to the fact that Jafsie testified how he described the kidnaper's cryptic symbol to Colonel Lindbergh on enter- Ing the case when, according to his own testimony, he had no means of knowing -it, Jafsje's first communication from OVING WE MOVE OR STORE ANYTHING STATE BONDED WAREHOUSE We Are Dealers in New and Used FURNITURE PAMPA TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY Phone 103S 3Q7 w< --Enough Panhandle Natural Gas To Replace Texas' State Capitol! ARLY THIS MONTH, our new State Legislature convenes in our great state I capitol building, pictured above. Justly, this granite structure is the pride of Texans! It was built in 1885 at a cost of $3,500,000, and is the largest state capitol building in the nation. A large part of the Panhandle . . . nearly ten counties . . . was given in payment for it. It ranks among the splendid public buildings' of the world, being eclipsed in our country only by the National Capitol. Yet so colossal is the volume of Panhandle natural gas being thrown to the winds constantly by "stripping plants," that ... if sold at the average prevailing price of domestic gas in Texas ... it would amount to a sum sufficient to duplicate our state capitol building EVERY SEVEN DAYS! These "stripping plants," connected to less than 2% of the gas leases of the Panhandle, are rapidly destroying the whole Panhandle oil and gas field. They throw away 97% of the heating value of the gas to get the other 3% in the form of natural gasoline. Each day they waste into the air a volume of natural gas equal to the domestic and commercial consumption of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES. This waste grows' more shocking, and at a faster pace, from month to month. Thes'c "'stripping plants," requiring little investment, few employees, and slight expense, have been springing up throughout the Panhandle field. They were legalized by art ill-advised statute enacted in 1933 by the Texas Legislature, undoubtedly through failure of the legislators to foresee the appalling consequences. Already, approximately 30% of the estimated gas reserves of the Panhandle are gone. Competent engineers calculate that in eight years ... and probably sooner .. . there will be no Panhandle natural gas field if the waste is allowed to continue. Furthermore, they estimate that at least 400 million barrels of crude oil, that could otherwise be recovered, will be left in the ground permanently if the gas pressure to bring it to the wells is' destroyed. This pressure is down now from 430 to 200 pounds' in a long strip from Lefors to Stinnett. But there is yet time to save much of our great heritage ... the world's largest natural gas field and second largest oil field. Quick action is essential though . . . and it is up to YOU, and up to every other forward-vibioned citizen of the Panhandle, to take active, aggressive steps to get this waste stopped, and stopped quickly! May we count on YOUR help ? STOP THIS Your governor, and your representatives in the new State Legislature at the session now convening, would like to know your views. So communicate immediately with Hon. Jas. V. Allred, Austin, Texas; wth yout State Senator, Hon. C. C. Small, Amarillo, Texas; and with youi State Representative. (The names names and addresses ol State Representatives in the Panhandle are: Hon. H. K. Staiifield, Amarillo, Texas; Hon. B. L. Rogers, Farnsworth, Texas; Hon. A. B. Tarwater, Flainview, Texas; Hon. Eugene Worley, Shamrock, Texas.) Ask that immediate legislative steps be taken to stop the colossal destruction! Also write to us today for additional facts. PANHANDLE NATURAL GAS equal to domestic consumption oF entire UNITED STATES! PANHANDLE CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION 804 Amarillo Bldg,, Amarillo, Te*a»

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