The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 17, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1893
Page 2
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Tfiffi Jt)AILY OHtfeoNtCLE, JULY 17,1893 0Wlf, Ott« V«arl|iroucUP.<» ..§4 76 Daily, delivered. iQ-c£ntii per weefc " Babsctiptlonii re*eW*d**at the offlre '*f ptib atlon IfclState street. „ J. M. JSO8B8, Pnbt1*63r, '" jltU.Ll-L.---.i...--' "-'.-'_ -'jil'-'-'' '-' : "" J - : iR John rW. Vick and His Walter Drowned; Son TEE BODIES FINALLY BEOOVEBED. von werrcnten'sferife'a-- east witli "tbeir prisoner* M.-yer" was taken from hie i cell and placed in a ha'ck and then driven »to the, Michigan^Cjentrfcl depot. The detectives left with-Vtheir famous prisoner on the -2:80 train for Toledo as they could not take him through Canada; ; ' The detectives will return after Mrs. Meyer ns soon as she is pronounced able by the physicians at Harper hospital to travel, She is now in charge of 'two Pinkerton men and a wcitch is kept over her day, arid, night. Meyer, when toM get to ready to start for New^ York, did eo without ft mu*> muf! He Was ag non-committal its ever and merely smiled when one of the officers remarked that it .would soon be established whether he 5#as Dr. Meyer Stephen Riegcr on 'Trial at Alpena for the 1 Mtirder of Molltor — ReKNomer's City Treasurer Short In HI* Accounts—Tfatnl ' Aeold«nt at D«xt«r. •' DETROIT, July 17. — There wa as double drowning la the river at the head of Belle Isle yesterday morning. John W. Vick of 182 Thirteenth street and his son Walter were both' drowned while in bathing. The father was drowned in an effort to save his sen and they went down in each other's arms. Frank Vick, brother of Walter, and John Adams, who was one of the bathing rty, al»o had. narrow escapes from rowning. •' Early yesterday morning John W. Vick, with his -two sons, Walter, aged DO, and Frank, aged 17, started for Btllelsleon bicycles to bathe. They •were accompanied by John Adams', a friend, who lives at 185 Thirteenth; •treet, opposite the home of Vick. ,.-.'« They reached the head of the island at about 7 o'clock and all went in bath- Ing. The water ia shallow for some distance, but at places there are deep holes. Walter, in wading around, got Into one of these and called for help. 'Adams rushed to his rescue and came near losing bis life in his effort to (gave his companion. Frank Vick came to his assistance and dragged him exhausted into shallow water. In the meantime Mr. Vick, father of the drowning boy, who was some distance away, came up and plnnged in to save his son. Just as the father got out into the deep water where Walter was last •een. Walter came to the surface close ,to where his father was. * With the despair of a drowning man he clasped his father about the body, pinioning his anna to his sides, and rendering him unable to move. They both went down and did not again come to the surface. The bodies of the drowned men were found shortly after 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon some little distance from where th«jy were drowned. The body Of Walter Vick, the boy, was first found and brought to the surface and a jftw minutes later the body of the father was found about six feet from There the first body was discovered. The remains were taken .to the shore and Coroner Brown was called. He had them removed to F. G. Marshall's undertaking establishment. The funeral will be held under the auspices of the Western lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 1 ' RIEGER'S TRIAU. Evidently a Stubborn Fight Will Be Made by the Defense. AUPENA, July 16.—The trial of Stephen Sieger, charged with complicity in the murder of Molitor, began in earnest jBaturday. Two witnesses, the brothers John and [Ferdinand Bruder, were examined. They gave no evidence that had not been adduced in the former (trials. The evidence of medical experts, as given in the trials of Grossman and others, and the testimony of 'Hit. Kate Molitor, sister-in-law of ther , murdered man, was submitted by the prosecution and read to the jury. "It ia evident that a very strong fight prill be made by the defense in this case, the attorneys contesting every possible point as to. the admission of testimony. Attorney General Ellis is absent from the city at present', but it is understood that he wil be on hand to take charge 1 1 the state's interests tomorrow morn- 1 ng. The defense sh,ow--a great desire o proceed rapidly 'with' the case, so t it may be advanced as far as pbssi- belore the return of Mr. Ellis. Bieger, the defendant, man- m ^ considerable ffear pf 'the conse- quinces of the work to be done by the Attorney general. Altho«|h it has been alleged that* Bieger was more remotely connected -»M& &£ murder t than the 1 ^^^ charged, &a ; f <mde»ce thus far is quite or Carl Schaffer as he claimed. City Trctwnrer Slirirt. R BESSEMER, Jtuly 17.— Paul B. Ru to- man Has been removed from the office pfcity treasurer by the city council and William U Prince appointed to fill tho vacancy. It is alleged that bis accounts are about $10,000 abort. As treasurer ho has the custody" of the school funds and his exposure was brought out when $1,000 was ordered loaned to the city. He is said f to have spent very large sums to secure re-election, in order, E fobably, to conceal his shortages. He as turned his largo stock of hardware over to the city and it is now being gold b^ the city trustees to apply on the shortage.' I wish to say to the-people of this city 4ud vicinity, 1 have moved my businesa to Marshall and am now prepared to supply all who use steam the Brook's patent water gage nntl patent gaskets. Thean gaskets nre not gbti (lured to niy patent water goge alo n b^, but are used on all the old styte/ gages. I .also handle glass tubes and glass tube, cut ter's ; I am selling these goods all over the baited Stales by thousands to railroads, and in fact wttereyer_ steam is used. There is nothing'iu the vjrbrld'to compete with this g*a]2e abil gasket foi' convenience and safety. I wofold top pleased to have any and all who kre using steam boilers to call and examine my goads. Office, East State street, opposite of J. Court & Son. HENRY O BUQOKS. *' 27w Niagara Fait* Routo." f IMfe TA^LE, 18, JB63. STATIONS, Day Bx'f a.m. Chicago, LT..... * 00 Kalftmazoo...... ,8 08 Battle Creek.... £ 48 Mn.r«hall,Dp... 8 Aliiiori.. . S 38 Jocttaon ., t 30 Detroit ,. 845 Buffalo.. 855 Kal Exf At'c B*."* 8 17 838 1201 p.m. ~ N.Y. El. p.m 30 11 38 13 10 1833 1968 225 580 •rf-UO p.m. 3 10 706 740 800 8 15 847 1045 8 35 a.m. Mall a.m. 705 1285 ISO 1 45 *07 8 10 600 p.m Hsft •9 60 207 845 8 19 881 i 10 7 IS sm. TRAINS' WB8T. Kilbufn's restaurant will be open day and .night. The best of meals and lunch served. Detroit, Lr 8 15 Jkokeon...!! 40 Albion ....12 21) UarebAll..l348 Battle Cr'k 1 20 ialamftKfX) U 08 Cf>iCftfro,Ar 7 85 p.m. Day Ix-t 1 am. ISIOO T 15 928 10 OS 1023 10 45 11 S6| 4 10 p.m Ottlc B*," i.m, Kal. I Ohio " jSp'l* 630 p.jn 1 15 8'10 S 38 355 4 15 447 9 10 p.m. p.m. 60Q 7.3t 8 15 888 803 9 50 pVm. a.m. 3 15 5 10 5 47 605 6S5 7 00 11 15 a.m. P»c 910 iaoo 1836 108 1 4C 886 7M a.m BX.t 741 104* 1181 11 49 19 M 1 10 860 a.m. ' Anxious to Return to Work. | JifEOACNEE, July 10.—Miners at the Swanzey mine, some 50 in number, etmok Wednesday becaflseof wages being behind. Owing to the death of heavy stockholders and the failure of estates to pay promptly, the. Escanaba Ri^erTSs-Liand Iron Company, o toe mine has been short of funds. rectors of the company squared the last pay roll out of their own pockets. The men can obtain all suppliefrneedea from the company's store at Swanzey and wish to return to work, but "the directors are not certain whether they will allow them to. There is no question of the solvency of the company. , Took Rongh on RaU. DETROIT, July 17.—Joseph Asam, an electric light trimmer, took a dosex?f rough on rats Saturday night and died a few minutes after 8 o'clock yesterday morning. He was a-married man and had one child. Asam was until a week ago Friday employed by the Detroit Electric Light and Power company. Since that time he has been unable to get work and became ' despondent. He had but little over §1 left in the world when he took the fatal dose. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, Ingnppe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles ca.ll on Dr. Sbarpsteen for bis vegetable cure. For the accommodation of people liv ing in the west end A. Watson will sell Keachle's bread and cakes fres,h, at 10 o'clock every morning, •-- Drimkenne«A and the Liquor Hublt, Positively Cured by Administering Dr. Haluea' Golden Specific. It Is manufactured aa ft powder^whloh can l>q glveu in a glass of beer, a OOP ol coffee or tea, or In food, without the knowledge »f the'patt«nt. It Is absolutely harmless, and will etfoct a permanent and speedy cure, whether the j atlont U moderate drinker or an aloohollc wreck. It aasbeen given In thoutanda of CBBOB, and In every Instance a perfect oare has followed. It never fails. The system once Impregnated with the Specific, it becomes an utter Impose!- blllty for the liquor appetite to exist. Cures guaranteed. 49 page book of particulars free. Address, GULDEN 8PKOIFIC CO., 185 Itace 8t.< <:lnolnn»tl, O [Saturdays exoepted • Daily tSundays except**! O. W. HUOOLKS, Gen. Pass. A Ticket Aft. UKO. A JeBWOON. Freight Agent, C. a. OSBORH. Tirlcst AKont Marshall Cincinnati, Jackson & Time tabl« taking effect June; Trains p»"B Uarahall as follows;' TRAWB OOIM8 »A»T. So. 23, Toledo fispresa ....^'............700 a • V 8, Cincinnati Eipresa^. .8«am «• ^1, Nail and Bxpre»«;. 501pm •v 87. Lo<»l Freight^ ...;» 50 p n Tautra eoiNtt win. So. 9S,HaU and Expreas,;' ..10£1 ai« " 2, Cincinnati A B. 0. Kxpreas......,6 81 p u> " 24, Kipreaa ,„,. „. ...........1888 a *) « 88, Lwsal Freight. ....B *>:.».*' AD trains dally except Bunday. Direct connections are mada at Toledo and Clnclnati with all roada diverging. . , Trains 31 and 22 wake go od oonnoatlon at lion lelth with tho Q R. A I., and at Allagan with Uio C, &AV. M for Grand Rapids, Hnakeeon and all point* north. ' V. B. 0UAK.K, Oeu, M'g'r. T. CVM,bCUlNl)l.KR. GOD. fags. A K t C. B. MIZE, Agt., Marshall. WANTS, FOUND, ETC. . Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceedlng five lines. No charge less than twenty cents. Married Woman Struck Dead. ADRIAN, July 17.—During an electrical Btorm lightning struck and instantly killed Mrs. Nettie Powell, aged 29 years, at her home several miles north of the city. She was busy preparing dinner and fell without uttering a sound. Her hair was burned, otherwise there was no sign to show bow- she. came to her death. Her husband and her little son in an adjoining room were both stunned by the bolt. The hpuse caught fire, but was extinguished before any great damage was done, Fatal Accident. DEXTER, July 17.—John A. Murdook, a jewelry merchant of this village, was crushed to death. He was assisting in the moving of a heavy safe in front of his store. It broke through the sidewalk into a cellarway. He fell between it and the wall and was crushed through the abdomen. He lived about half an hour, but never regained consciousness. He was about -45 years old, single^ for many years a prominent business man, and was widely known. STATE ITEMS. A Baptist church' edifice la one of the possibilities for Shaw Town, Eaton Rapids now Las 10 bridgs, three ~iron and seven wooden structures. .The Michigan Central Railroad company ate to erect & new depot at Midland. The CrosweU Agricultural society will hold its annual fair Sept, 30, 31 and 23. Vicksburg amateurs played "Lady Aud- iey's Secret" at Schooleraft Saturday eveu- Ing. « The apple crop in the vicinity o{ Eaton Rapids promises to beconsiderably larger ihi$^yearthan iaai^~^\ "' A careful and systematic census of the village of Rochester recently taken shows the population to be 1,033. Miss Jeou>" JDoughty of Jackson, who was. recently inJiired by being thrown from a buggy, is slowly recovering. The village ol Rogerb CJty was incorporated to 1875 and" lias'now , ofaboutflOOaiidiarajpid- & Spoflord's bojpu id Union tpwasMp waBBtrnckby ^irtolag four times during Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyeb Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic Sores, Pqver Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been .cured by it after all other treatment bad fij'le** %5 cents per box. KENT—About July 10th, a new houae on X 1 West Hanover sti eel. For particular* enquire of Charles M. Noneman. F OU SALE—A new Singer Hewing machine. Will bo eold at a bargain. Enquire of O. A. iioeltzel at eUine barn. H OCSE TO KENT—On West Mansion itwet. tor particulars enquire ol F. U. tteaman. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorlo. When aha was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When ahe became Miss, she clung to Castorio, When abe had Children, she gave them Castoria, GOOD SUMMER WOOD, $05 flat d MIXED H. J.COLE&1AN. W ANTED—Situation wanted by a competent lady as vegetable cook or dish washer in a hotel or restaurant. Please enquire at No. £00 State street. ' po RENT—A very fine and first class hall on JL State or Main street for society or lodge purpuHee, cbeap. For reference please call at thu eouUiKest corner ol btate and Madison sta. CHK. FHED VOGKi,, General Agent. L ADIES wishing to make $25 weekly by doing writing at their homes, address, enclosing stamp, Mies Louiue Falrneld, South BenU, lad. \\T ANTED—Two ladies to rewresent Chicago YY Novelty Co in Marshall. »10 a week. Call at Mrs. 0. B. Howloy'a, Green street, from 8 to 1U a, m. and 6 to H p. in. LIZZIE BBISK. I^OK SALE-All my real estate situated on the t? best part of btaic or Main street*, and known aa very fine 'and valuable property, by Chris. Fred Yogol, southwest corner tttate and Madison sis., So. 120- SALE CHEAP-MOW top buggy. IsiiilWlTT. £ charge):. — A lady's gold watch. Owner can ob- saine by groving ptoperty atid paying Call at CathcwO» jewelry store. When Baby was sick, we gare her Castor!*. When she was a Child, s*-" cried forCastoiia. Wbm ahe became Miaa, W.J clung to Caatcrlt. yhtn rfH j"" 1 CMHrfp, i*"* g** 8 them Ctitorit L OST—Friday at tho swimming hole, a gold band ring. The findtr will be suitably rewarded by returning the came to C. P. Brener at Brewer's etore. 1JM3R tjALK CHEAP—Two daiBlrable building _L 1 lots, West Uanovor eueeu For terms ap- wlr to Gea. H. White. 1IKS. A.-J. TALMAD13E. A YOUNG MAN wants work. Writing or any light work. Salary no object. Address, dju P. O.bux lU&0,J4ari8hall,Aiich. |j> OK SALE- House aini two luu uu eatl Ur«ew J? street. Jmnuiru til Mrs. IJtiiujej. L OST— Sin Battle ;le bridle, 9 between cvt&. Howard t>l 00 ploase Jeuvu at blliiurd hall old. wive reward.' djiSi Kau> u»d f «- WlNEQAfi. Itl$ BU agx^eabto L wnha.wadetatoa'- iMiTO tor toe Bqi— „ ie lig, one minute. W ANTED TOKElST-^twoorfflow furnished rooms or houe.u near cycle lauory for light housekeeping. Addrvse loog box l«i fc * W AIiTEu-A good,^wan hoy, i« or IT yjajs of aae. Apply to U«o. H v Whii*. '\ ^ W ASTED—A giii for general homework Aj?pJy -4. A, £ iioliue« cwrns*M»«. gan.«fco<tfJBBa4S baad brict. itf* MHf w»e»ie>.b<»«t <i «ntw4 viill be it»io lor l« U mc B . •- % - f " ylokiBt storm t^ursday, bat was,,ooj. '

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