The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 18, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1897
Page 4
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-,v r rf 0KROtfrey!jNMJ6t!ST is, mi. ———• • A • Whnt A Man ('an »* With • Afr cnn h«y 1W *er*B of good l*»d for fl,t)00. Pity 8*00 down; balance In three lnU'iw>nt«(luoiri a, 4, ivna 5><-ftra n», 7 per emit, He cati utao buy 100 choice ewe* for $&W BMfl 10 tftwd wwft for $300. The milk and h.iKv« from thp cows will pfty all farift woui wiU pay off the mortgage befwrft U l«"five y<*ar» ho will have a farm *H p^ f.<HS.«t(l well stwfcttl. tira lists uttfc !*!«* ft^dtcas H. F- JfMntgr^Wfttt A«»trt for Sj!a«th Dearborn utreot, ChiCRSti, Ilk /, •If Fx»r r -- The Kermlorv hotel, *»<! lot with s BKFCDTOKS, , i*a4*»it; ft 100 cigar for 3c; notte gpimjftft tirtlfcs!* shaped Pro l*«ttia. A owl, »W5t ami litstteg sflaoke, , A Co.. mftnnfaetttrele, Detroit. To the Bankers Assembled in National Convention at Michigan's Metropolis. GOVEBKGR BAS TWO HBW IDEAS IsoritnlnatWI nffalnst hy tmy mpthofl of taxation. v An amenrtmrnt t«i the ifttlonal b&ftkJng Ja;w porfnitttfig na- tonal batik* ^o ter«l as statt» tmnks.ijo tflfcttn rpal estate could not but tend tf> benefit both bnnkprs'and those who from thprnu" , jHillfBDiBJPAIS, ' ? you want ajjranlte dish pnn W!tl bo tKo Same price Jus ft titi -one'. Bt»T,1f5«'S. Att*n««»n; Detroit, "Auf! iR.-^The !i*»klitp •esfta of the Country ^?fere *feH e«l yestwa«,y'' m-orttiijg when Insured. I son fkr*pai»<rt<» insure firm property' attine ppr f'fnf, for lliree y*»tfra in A gdod first clnsi? toRipany &oin§f buRirieas n^r tier lifotv^ f ro?n the Btatelneorandft cbm^ TOis is Wetter* Mu- 1ANKUIH o Cor. Bates and I^t from A vpg. Very < eatt»l. No»r AH Vsyr Linos. *i.»o. u U IIUFQ n. IT. oflBito, 600 th the Detroit opera Honfte t« attend- the ope.ntnK' sfwfthm jaf thp .tw-iSjiiy-tHttd; fcnnteil csofeventiott of that bwiy. Tfte Welcome speech of Qov- tstoor JPlngre*', whJle cdfa^dprDfl some" what radical by sftine of thi* members, Was on the whole well received, and h6 Wftsi gfcncrowsly apiil^udert at Its »\on, 0^0-rge Kb of the l>etrolt t^rcd a.ntUd. febuke to the,gqygFfaf)r to AGENTS WANTED Tor the most .-valuable contribution to the Ht- eruuiro of tfie world since the jiroduclKmof the Itiblo The Oreat : Work of tho. .Great Think* 4 !'!*, "a mous Or.itor«, Kenowned S< hol.irs. Wise \VritiTS and IK VISHFEf* •WATOR*»W."tHe lUtU'.Century 1 . In nil.-the rivm?c aj literature there li pot another booh like THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY In tlilB t-ook alone c:in l>c found ttwHnfor- ' motion «on«ht By ,e\cry Blbje reader, wlmtlior oi|i or jotmi;. scholarly or un- Ieit(>ret5. -It i«. indeed, iv'great work. It*ti't?tJt (H*t"Ov<*riw4 it> ArpnffiOlOKir nACRbri.u0h% l!n> worl-l of toitBj- fiu-o to fnce with th» IBBD who i Html. n'ml mtwl, and- wrote durum the e&T l*rioil» oH't.Tf'ir by 'HililirnV Ili»tOTinn«. The ilu iiHMiof th» W< l»iJ volume from lti« olmrann iMtnuht a.zdtnsL. it by a\#i\ tmm and nretenned <ru>iul<i f.iutj "!nl»lli|!"ntppr«on will fcnler Ihe taluk. n« UHvtantlvr <( iu it i» of Tltttl ijnpi-jrtrtnw' ttl *'l <-'untiot. tm found in any other hook on tmtlh. * . . » \Vrii-e for descriptive (inil beautUully*T illustrateil puuii»hiet clr'(£ Address THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe St. u»*—CHICAGO. saying that he Bad only -fe?«ri Jrr the hanking- business eight jMr^pinq and would,not fcher^fpf^ati^wiiJ .live^-a rjomib*" Qti^Wfe sliver rjue the fvtls of cor^rwatlonsii t -ftt& applausw which greetew this fatly Bhewvecf that a hit at ^Wchigin^ a'nt3>-corparatlon giiv- efnty-^'as understood and aprlrOjCiated. At Jjr^ ccm«ul«(itiri <vf, th0 seaalon thf state delegate mt»t to appoint their members of the nominating, committeej,, T^ere is srar^ply a cloxjht 'that .Toesph C. drlx, presldeJ-rit of the National Union b&nft,, of-Neve York city, first vice dfnt of the association, will be ohoastt president. * - 1 - Plniswc'i Talk Waft th* Vf&ture, Oovt-rnor Plngree'si sipeech was thf feature-of^the o^ninp day -by long ndda v\fter >a few words of corrJial greeting {be sot-erne* sft-id: <l l do not p/fetcnd to funx understand tho- theory of .money, S an every-day mnnufaoturpr ehoesj bijit I hd,vp a thought whivh wish to st^rt rolling fur discussion. 'Whatever rrt^an's ideas'may life upon, the suhjeot as to whrtt rnon^y metal of ultimate rcdemption\|s best tn the world's cnrnntfrce and m<wjtary systfrrns, I lievfl it: is concedeo^tMat when sliver •grndua'Uy e<f&ne.d to l>e part, of the stock us*.d for such purposes irrthe lialancf of trftdr and otherwise th«\ available amount of prlrnajfy money .about ono-h'alf.- To rfenwdy thHg state of affair.i it Is sought ,(o effect an riicnt iilno-nR, nations whereby, the ^ini' of rtioasure may ag-aln be In eltfier goh or sIHfr at a certain^ ratify called bt- I>CT8ohB seftditi^ $» tt-flffr ftrarmTirto re- eSted tb «jta|r Dear ifed alarm bb'x pistil the depwrtiSfent ajtiw* so »a to |f1f« tft- to the exact iopatioft ol 16* - 1^. MAtttiJf, feceivc teSti- Oholerat npd .DJftrrhoeft Ks»ie«SJr, attd when the is fircnn * physiciarv it i«> OB- so. "^here ift no satifif»«tory ojr effective ren4dy tharv Colic, Chotorj* luid^ IJiarrlioea E. Ifc vRQbfcft phyeicinn, and OJney, Mo,; and as 1» hrta ^ retnedy in hta own Tfttafly' aihft it'Sn h(« draff att»to tot six yeartf, he Greeue'B sto're, DR, LOUISA. JOY Witl cive in »<Hit«>n to general . Special *itteotH»n to ^Iseftsefr of ^ ^ar. Fitling o)T glands a specialty. (Special tHplonui on «y*», ear, nose and throat "from Chicago Polyclralo.J. Four Qt Arctic F«rs, $1.39 Don't pay $1.^0 for ft frwszor when we vrill sell you.' a 4qt. Arctic for $1.30 '»ny day in thtv.Wtwk or any week in the /car, ^ ' , . " ' ' Kf«ttr,1?A"'rt. To Know SLOMAN'S DIAMOND LOMANt INCIHNATI.QHIO. \ \ $100.00 reward will be paid for the arrc-st atitl oon\ r ictW'of nny ono detprtod>efilling otir|botiles. v o ' For sale >.T W« T. 1>KAKK an«sA. O. HYDE, ' . "ShouWittm impossl.b,I« toeffc-ot such an agrvemt'iit.or pnould the people of th VrvUrtl States (Jpcide to hficafter if« r r money of ultimate.. re** a condftion of affairs may be ima^tSHcd whorl such a larpr*- proportion of thi>,.\vorlil'fi annual .Kol<l prctdu<-t i?hall be upe&'and consumed. -in the arts that arc Incrpnsinp KtrlnK«ncy in gc>ld coin •>VH1 occur.: As T iinderstarid It,' the. principal purpose of rr-inorictizinK either with or w'fthout forej'g-n to increase thp available pupply of ultimate redemption _ ...thoney.": As one way : bf Incpf-HslttK the stock of the worlij'ii cpfne/V "sold the governor then suR-g^ntw that rii.m* 1 waly be devised to prevent the increasing u"»e of Ruld In the .arts-: for Instance, a 1 'tax upon manufactured Rold in (he sihape of Jewt'lry, sold leaf, etc. OF TIIB LOW.. MAKINA !iedo, THH "S<)O," AND I>ULUTH. CVCNING BETWEEN Detroit and Clevelant O^untctlng urith.Kwrlicst Tfr.iri*«:.ClevHaoo. .lor nil imints hupi .vuuth ti.uU i l.!l __ _ », Augunf »»d SeptewtM' P«' 2, New Steel Passenger Stwaen , Huveju&t *. A. foroiirt'pj>erl«alte 8-pntt . Send ««T iU««»»'"at«*l Address,, c. P. » , DITBOIT. Ml£M Fast Trains Oovcrnnf Would Un\f All C< -KnlrA tit Tlint Knspprt Ltki- TItiikM. "I The jTovemor concluded with sorne re- IfUbiUty of thf stockholilers to the amount of thtfir, stock in addition to thtt. amount inv'fated, «nd th* «trin'Kent. holdiiiK. c *f diri-ctoi'M ,t'-> 'watcrhftiliu'j»s' Und duty, nftaht-a a naunpul hank pfT- tbat haa thiia far l>eifn worknl out. Oni- (jrnat'cauHt; of cdmplaint agitinst man'y of our private c«»rpi>ratlo'ns la that the "hl^h tMJipt the pi u;4u lo oryaiiizf them. ftJl^ th« very purpose pf escaping" j-j^/ fi>r th« debts* that' are u> |^e of those <flebta artf, in tn Gum FUmH, T«» what Ap|«etlt« anil GooO jnonn, make a trliv) at Stuart 1 ,. '•lit Tal>l«tH. lnter«*ting Kip'firieiice of ** UK O«fctioirt»»« No trouble i» moro common or more mSs- u&derstood than nervous dyspepsia. Pet> pie haTinjr it think that their nerves are ,to blame and arc wirpnaed thftt tliey are not cured by notvc tnediome and spring remedies; the real neat Of the mischief is loss (tight of: the stomach is the organ 4p bo looked sftrr. Nervous dyspeptics of ten-do.not hBToany pain whatever in tho stomach, nor perhaps any of the usual symptoms of stomach " JSP. ,Nprvou» dyKpepaia 6how» itoetf tliu etuutftoh sc* much art ui nearly everyV>ther orgau; i|i Home cases the heart palpitate* and ip iwcKularj In, otliers the affected; in others the bowels are eooHtiphtfed.'with headaches; ((till otfwra are troubled Vith loss of flesh At>«l AppatUe, ' of %&», sour ritmiga and hoftrt burn. Mr. A, W. SharpeXpf Np 01 Prospect St., JfidtftnaitoliP, Ind., wi^iea as follows "A motive of pure tfritutrtje pronips, mo to write ihoB»»*s<"»- li'ii** reK»r<ling the new and valuable une icirftv Stnm-t'iiijyspepaia Tftb- lettt. I have ' oen n«utf«nnK Kom nervous dyspepsiafi r the i»i*t four Vea variouu patend medMm s and ^tbtr.rtme- edies Without apy favorable result.;^ They Homettunefl gave tomporarj relwf yt effects of thetnodtctno worcolf, /I hoodkci'jffr with little physicaV exerciKp. hut"' t RIM i;t d 10 ntnte that thef unl^u. havw o%'*i<.ouit> all these obstacles for T l?»>ne<f iu lletih, uleep bfttytf and Bin bptter in « *ei> waj. Tho abovjuS t» written not'for notoriety, but i« bMeJ/n actual fact." HespsfcWnlly youwi» ^ i rf tirV 4JXJT A tt l-*I? B ul I'rospeotXt.. Indianapolis fnd, !• ia Hftfotii my that ytuart's Dyspepsia Taulets will cure any atoumch »esknei«f or diae,-i->- jes«< p^ canwr of atoinaeh. They cure i*>vr «totiiacb, »P«", IOHB of tlenh nod burn, constipation and hnwiachoc. fur vahmblo Irttl* book on i«tomach HdJrcH--'>ni: Stuart Co., Mughal I, . UwatW W. L. Blankonhorn THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, Will sell strictly pure Wright & Lawther Qii. raw, 30c, boiled, 32c. per gal. Lead at $5.50 per hundred Ibs. , Varnishes, Hard Oil, Calsom x \ Black Board Slating, Paint Removing^etc. Soientlflo American Agency , CAVtAT», TRADE MARKS, I DE81QM PATKMT8, Tf<'r tnfnnnttilhn nnl frs-O ,."NiV .t cO.v^Kl Pnoi / We abstain from using inferior qualities ol mixed paints, being able t® mix our own colors from pure lead and other substances. SHOP KAJST STATB HT11EET. . G£G THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCED -HUB" CIGARS tt> Ifr th«» i^amt; in law. A toi- u ia.<.>rn$«ui««.*d osU'MetUly BO lhai would ..otherwise tie lu iiartner- <xintii>pe the busliifSH wilbjuUt Its JWtinjj entangled with the estate i)t declassed iiartu«;r. \ "But if the fni»iru : s# tjc-conies a fall- art.-, except *s to c^taln di*bt« are not generally tlalile to creditors. Laws ftt 1h4a kind sap the individual eharitcU-r o|- our ajt«. Thiy Kfvv^r ths *^andard d^ hptie^ly until people are tcuftgiu U> think, that iti the Bay View Via : —I R. I, Suuitt»»r in it corporation they paay he tesa est than a*«lnd^Jiiuai% and arejr^U* individual na*p<>*igit>ility tt> tii.«st: wbum they deal. New. If of IiaUii«y' t>H thin iw.rt of «utoelitwliJ<TS extend to other ic their business inttrftsts wuaid b* in of mt-u wha lateiiilcd t4 pay. -'ito*} t)}.ey would ist- jniteaved from CinctatS feomp^titJpn ' of those who,. ' l>jr lateatk»R-< nr , meckie«TO^»," so into cor-, porattAbU»Jn«iM5 by wliiuh citdltore li<ty cluing ftutu other U«ee. for (ciiden.f.awi. fttrtber C. L. F. T. A.,/ Jiapids, liut the resliwjwtbUtty to b« rv-svina / 'up«ti cwparsutlojw* which ue oL <*B43Lc|i|JMfa f r*ntvd by is «^ "gr*»t as _th*t which rests w *HJin*tbin# in tbe sature of blUiy Imposed by the Baiiotsa) law upun banks would ^ applied to all jprtvate cojr^ofatk'iDt H beUeve tbat much uf Uu: -o4iuai wbi<^} nvv at to corpujratloaa fox ^oeraJ^ would be removed. •> "As regards tb* taxtojf of capital: A» loaf as we apply tas-t all property, ia It may be. «%0tbeF real «r per- in .the ahap« of money «bouM otrtaiwly bear U* J»«t proportion of the public All Jrusgwts m 11 full «;ized jeuts. . . For Halo or Kent Cheap. The Moatgotnery liomeetead on all^avenwe', aleo eorae <;Eo?eo \afa on Marshall »v<mw and Lihiftrtjs- strebt, *£ A cool sweet satisfying smoke thatyleaves a grateful r'emeBaber.ancej i $oltl by all doalotsiflc straiyht an«l3'for25c. Manufnctarutl by EO. MOEBS &-CO.. Detroit- "BECOiEAREALWOMAHf" feacliers- Apftcies Kev. «.. .n. t»»i> II Pti />(«««•' I ClllMtK.ll ^ of i»«>sitiu»s lu b« fillad witlim lUe BBXI t<* GEO. INOERBOLL. Km«?w4lu«l'»<:t Dollars Bays a Leonard c'lea»ablfe, refrigerator I'Atge enough for a famit}' of aix Diana's W. A. Barnes. , There In the old fa&lii«awi; till jitewmg ket- Time UWa U*itt^«a W l Julr<, lf« we WILL SBNO^ ' The |f yo«r (tenter TIME TABUEi JWi-V convinced id At Kupedatm v the cioe <if kaOae TJ4* iMgeirt wttiiciftil vabk was eittijicUtd ucuta tli^fif^u ctiwd* p ««t«r: LONG, SHORT ami flEOUJfl fm MICHIGAN CORSET CO M PORCELAIN KETTLES. for mast have a k*sttlo d! some fruit. Thia is tue uee; COME IK And see tile best two burner ga#o- liae atove\lathe market Vt'vx, v Ca.. Btiyc* BJd'g, Cbkag<t> U •fa be bad M. 8. POWELL, Dj-u 9 «wi«, MICH liii- jmlif tu- lij- a notice Klvtm.f r Ijirp!<?«t olrf Mis"™ of any (n'lrntlhn'r«»l world, fiiloiullijiy tlhistriktCil. N'> iu ptati. Hbmtltt i«" wlthiiilt IK. Wwfcly, <t3 ' In tlie ' \f > t'v. ^^i , Nov Vurk City. Tliiw remedy being tn- Joctcd directly to th**- ^ it of those of th« Oreann, requires no change of diet. Core eunranteed in 1 to 8 aayn. Miuall plain pack. iiecf. by mall, •! only by A- O. HYPE. LADIES DOYOUK&f D R. FELIX LEBRUN'S 'Steel | Pennyroyal Treatment iriRJniu *nd only FRENCH. noifo and roliabiu core on the mar- •>K-ltBt. 1'rioe, *».OQ; «>nt by anal. ^ Uoimiu«) «<>ld <unly b" 1 A. O. HYDE. RexTablets are sold under a positive guarantee to cure' or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee. CUM £S all Nervous Diseased mpotence, Varicocele, l^ost Vitality in old or young, rVlghtly Emissions and Wasting Di»e<ttes, and all effects ol selt- abiise or excesses; Stops dangerous drains. v k nuinc nerve todic^ Shows i^oiedi- imjiroTemeijit. T& grandest remedy &f moder»> times. ( Pon't bny imitotiojp^ Get by mail, ia pWn. package, oft receipt of free. . LY MOUTH Pi, «»Wtettfc= *• Nervous Debility, oil, •. 6. H£RVE »Hfl iMH TRUFIKEHT AU OTHERS WrttKw. Joac»>, ul Ecrwra, or •t liquor, w ;uHWit,y und

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