The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 17, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1893
Page 1
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, MICE, Mt>AY,VJfllt it, 1893 ; PRICE T i. {faking? Powder Two Changes Suggested by Banker Henry Clews. A LETTEK TO COtePTROLLEB fiCKLES^ Pure A cream of; tartar -bajcing powder HtRhestof all in ieavenuJ* strength Latest U. S l Government Food Report. _.. _ . , ',,_ " ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO . . : w .. 106 Wall Street, N.:V HUMPHREYS' This PRECIOUS OiNtMENt is the triumph of Scientific Medicine Nothing fias 6ver been prodttced tc equal or compare with it as a CWBATIVK and HEALING APPLICATION, Ithasbecn use and always gives satisfaction, Cures PttKspr HEMO^KHOIDS—External or Internal. Blind or Blcedlne^Itching and Burning; Cracks or Rssurus; Fistula in Ano^ Worms of the Rectum. The relief is imnv». -diate—the cure certain. Mr. Clew Say» With *wo Amendments to the National Bank Act There Would Be an Increase In the National Currency Amounting to About 9160,000. WASHINGTON, July 17.—Comptroller Eckels has received the following letter from Henry Clews, the well known banker: NEW YORK, July 14. Hon, James H. Eckels, Comptroller of the Currency, Washington. • . DEAR SIB—The national bank act - certainly shpuja be amended to provide for notes being- Issuop up to the par,value of "United States bonds, and another amend- m'ent would also be wise to provide for ah Issue of notes against the surplus capital of the national banks to the extent of 75 per cent thereof. These two changes in the law, would make an increase in the national currency amounting to, about 1150,000 and would provide the nation with enough money for its needs and it would be the best and most legitimate kind besides. The New York banks now have a sur- . Transferred the Property.,, jFAtt, RIVER, IVtass-, jtirily II.—It is learned that the daughters of the late Andrew JVBqrden have .transferred to Mrs. George Whiteheatl, of this city, and Mrs. Fish, of Hartford, some $4,000 worth of property which belonged •to ,the late-Mrs. Bbrden, Thfl beneficiaries under the transfer were half Bisters of the murdered ^iyomari. The trial determined the |act that Mrs. Borden died first, but it is understood that the transfer was voluntarily made. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulceration and Contraction from Burns. The relief istostant. Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald H«ad. It is infallible. . Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS aptf Sore Nipples. ItiaJnvahiabTe. Price, 50 Cen^s. Trial size,.25 Cents Very Romantic. CHICAGO, July 17. — Pretty Anna Wilkower was until last Saturday a chambermaid at the Palmer House. Now she is Baroness Sohlbcrg, wife of a millionaire Austrian nobleman.. The courtship began about a year ago while the baron was a guest at the Palmer House. It was renewed last Spring and when the "baron made his third visit Chicago the couple were married. The cotiple left immediately for the east and after a tour of'the watering places thev will return to Chicago to visit the exposition. .•'•'. ", •'..,.'• During the summer Miss Evelyn Wat son in prepared to give; inslru&!6n :ln ? the languages and mathematun^r in any of the cotniii on branches, Miss Graham, teacher of guij^r, man*, dolm and badjo, will give 'instrnct'lons during vacation oh the different jj|8trq mcnts. Those who are interested please consult with Mr. Louis Thonipaon. "J" llriug Tour Carpet*. Tho carpet cleaning Works on Ex, change street will be open on and after Monday, March 27th. Go to Boughton's for wall papet New stock and new styles. Hubert Schelly is prepared to ito kinds of tin wora, shop opposite E. L .Murphy's. '<•"-. If you. want the best refrigerator on earth for the least money go to Bosk*} ?s<; DoM ty DraggUU, or not pott-paid on ncolpt of prlct. HDirnRBtS'MD. CO., Ill A11> mifiMB 6k,IIBir SOBS. THE PILE OINTMENT Trouble Between : Iirother(i.., v Ind., July• 17^-Moses, Swain, living five miles ohst :of here, shot his brother, Lafayette Swain, badly wounding him and instantly killed Gabriel Bryant, his brother s hired hand. There had been trouble between „„ the brothers of long standing. Both plus over capital of 870,000,000. The Na-. joined a field of wheat which Lafayette tational banks of other cities and else-jwas just starting to cut when the shoot- CARTERS ITTLC IVER PILLS. to ftbulpoi i»toteof the tjttam , Dliezinsn, Ktuaeft, DrowBlneM. DUtresa aft« J*Sng. Pita in tt£ Side. ic. WWU. tbelrnwel , jcmiiWble success has beoaohown In ourtog _ SICK Heftfeelxe. yet Carter-a LJttla UTBC Pffla aM equally v»lTul>le laConstlpatibn. cunngand wa» Teh tiaatbisannoylaKCon)plaiiit,»tilo they alaa r liver »»dregu}^tatiie bo wela. Even U they only cored Achatboywouldbofclmoutprioeleastotlioiewhs Buffer ftfOBQ tlxls diirtrt! cfttTiiZ comfl&iDits DQ( IOJF c& irho once try thsui V i'.! Ond tiesc little piilavnlu- not ba wil- &y liroa tllal here to whw« arc very smatt *n4 >.iuo «• two l4Us majtua'doaa. where have probably $100,000,000 4naddi tion. .This backing in cash, or its equivalent to the notes issued against the same, Would make them the strongest and most legitimate character of money in circulation. No stronger kiiid of money could be devised. Tho surplus against which the issus of these notes would be made would be under th« national bank examiners. The constant increase in the surplus, of the banks would also give an elastic character to such mouoy, wnich is a desirable feature. Yours very truly, HESBV CLEWS," HE ARRIVES AT SARNIA- Albert Edward Wilson, the Alleged Murderer of 3I1HS Marshall. SARMA, Out., July 17.—Albert Edwar<1 Wilson, alias Henry Bradley, ar- restoi- at Saginaw for the murder of Mary Jane Marshall in Warwick, this county, March 10, 1880, was Drought here by Provincial Detective Rogers and/ Saginaw's chief of police. The prisoner was plainly dressed and looked pale and haggard. He was taken to the office of Prosecuting Attorney Bucke, who issued a bench .warrant for-Ms,rfi: moval to the county jail. On being searched at the jail a small sum of money was found on him. ' Marshall, brother of the murdered girl is here, and positively identifies Wilson as the murderer of his sister, Wilson was placed in a cell at the jail and a special guard placed on to prevent any at'-»mpt of suieide or escape. He will stand trial at the full assizes. The §1,000 reward oft'er by Warwick township awd the Ontario government four years ago still holds good, and will go to Lawrack, who first identified Wilson. .'.•."" ' . The prisoner signed his name on the jail register as Albert Wilson, A Hear Admiral JUfeJMl. WASHINGTON, Julv 17.—Rear Admiral Arle English, retired, 'died at his residence in Washington. aged 68 years. He'was appointed to the naval academy from New Jersey in 1840 and served 49 years, retiring In, 1886. * He was at the capture of Mazatlan, Mes., in 1847, and remained there nntil the close of the Mexican war. He was made lieutenant commander in 1862', and served throughout tne civil war, being employed prm- citsally in the Gulf of Mexico ana the sounds of Jforfco Carolina, commanding t periods the Somerset, Saga- He was made was-just i ing was done. tho genuine Philadelphia; mower i't' Bos'loy'sU, ' .". C ' - : ' ' s '^'3 ..t,!f ;LM Sufferers froiivPiles should kfltew that th "* Pyramid Hie Cure vlll 'promptly ^ana 1 ef .'• feciuallyroinoye every trace of them".'' A>/ " $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ker vousness and SleeplessnesB the* Yegefabl* Cure will not cure. v ' Men Filed Against a Railroad. FINDLAY, 0., July 17.—C. Q, Patterr son, principal contractor for the construction of the Findlay, Fort Wayne and Western railroad, has filed a lien against the property of said company claiming a balance due him for work not called for by his contract amount ing to S342.296.9a. Michigan I'engloua. WASHINGTON. July 17. — Original- Sylvester D. Breaker. Reissue—John A.'Gushing. Original, widows, etc.— Minor of Joseph B. Slack, Mary E. Helmie, minor of Dwight M. Watson, Emma Retta Russell (mother), Rachel Fowler, Amanda Blazel, Sarah Huston (mother), Harrison C. Geer (father), Melissa Baker, Christina Sigler. l'i»stmrtster» Commissioned. WASHINGTON, July 17.—Postmasters commissioned Saturday: William A. Haak, Belleville; Simon P. Gates, Burn- Bide; Thomas W. Snelling, Ealsie; Charles B. Wilmot, Gladwin; Charles Cassidy, • Grand Lake; -Pliny A. Hubbard, Lawton; John J. Galloway, Palo; Stephen P. Murtha, Shepherd; Andrew J, Burnes, WaoQUsta». New Michigan Ptytmo»ter». . WASKINOTON, July 17.—•Postmasters appointed: Grossman, Tnscola connty, Alice S. Clark, vice R. E. Howell, removed; Pittsfield, Washtenaw connty, G. J. Van Home, vice B,.W. Brown, resigned* Tyre, Sanilao county, I. P. O'Sullivan, vica A. H. Jones, resigned. No Cholera at Alexandria. WASHINGTON, July n.-^Surgeon General Wymau of the marine hospital service has received a message from United States Consul Bwing at Alexandria saying that there is absolutely no cholera in or in the vicinity of Alexandria.- _ Vegetable Cure will break up Coldl and and Coughs, LnGrippe and its after effects Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, fiiy'sip- clas and Conrtipation. 12 oz. $1.00, ' SHARPSTEEN. Lawn ptuiod at ru- uel jour tin wur«aii-iitli'U at Schdly'o tin shop. Tin. nun. When unithiud y ou , VV aut to buy; Just -call m Cbesbor's mill aud try, H-is ciitb prict'.w will i-urdy suit you, Wbeu itny feefl jou «!o w:iui ground, Call ut Chesber's mill, he is always uruiintl, Aud bo will try to ploise you. We buy for cash and sell for cash, And Unit's what keeps us iu our bash. Get your Gco wall paper and 'ci uuw store. Boy BAY CITY, July 17.—Andrew Thojnp- eon, aged 8, a son of Mrs. Louise Thompson, while playing with several other boys on Dolsen & Chapin's dock fell into the river, His companions, were too small to give him assistance and by the time they could summon gome of the mill hands-the boy waa drowned. Tuisis the second drowning . a • ~ ' A.% j.j. ... _T— • - i « paints a STOCK! mm TO PASTBBE Seejor address, / • A. B. KING, Marbhiil), Mich ChatVs un babies, spre nipples and in ilamoaaUo.u of the breast instantly re- * lieved, with La vend ar Ointment Notice, The Eureka bakery's wagon makes daily trips to. all parts of the cuy,cairy- '\ ioff a full line of bread, cakts/ pies and cookies. AU orders will receive prompt; ..attention. JAJS, MoKEU4lu. ' Just assure as hot weather comes therje. will be more or less bowel complaint is. thjs s vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at hand for instant use in case it'is needed. A 25 or 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain'* Cohc, Cbolera aud Diarrhoea Remedy is jv^st, what you ought -to have aud all thai you would aeedV«veii lor the roost severe ajod (Jan^erous cases. It is the-best, the inoatre-J 'liable and most successful treatment known aad i^lcasant to take. Fox sale ^t Greene's drugstore. ' , •* The Pyramid P^le Cure is a new 4,y|wvery tot the prompt, peruimjent cute of Piles iii met with serious accident wh prijieipaj sireefr her«H»|d sw 'bujggy top hor» and \aiggy were Clarke recruiting yews ana a station, p* H**MI *lf *"^»" bureau of equipment which Tie had^ield Gopd ^UKUBxer wood »t f i . Joly 17,-^Whil.e li grftn.kBn.umtib, A*?® • s -Tm^wr^-w^-. r , ^_-^ff^^egstr^t ssr JA &" ^M?C^^i^^-,f'ii:^^^^7-^^ £*AK»J\ •• ;,-~-2ffr-=: *-.• *A ,_: » sHrK-eii-* ""trl i#_

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