Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 5, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1961
Page 4
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Rj6 H'e*Cis) ;N!f\Y5 Break in TV A Dam Lock Blocks Saturn's Barge Route to Cape FIlIXTSVrU.F;, Ala. »A!M *— A "ireak in a lock in u TV A viair. poses a major prublen. u> Uie Aeiuiiauiic.s utui .^[tiiCCaiitm: Him 1 will liie Samni SJJHLI.- iiunsu-i' nt transported lo Cape Canaveral Fla.? The booster is scheduler! to be "jflimeheU m Florida later (Ins >rar. A barge was buil; especially 'o haul ii tu Cap*; Canaveral front rioastone Arsenal. Jilt- fjarye i.s m Kftisuiiif At • .-.enaf—alwve the cla.mageu link HI ihe TeniH'sset 1 Kiver Ufa 'iKiiiicu system. Muye cuiirrele section> in" (ho lock 21 \Vlicelor Dam sliitu-d Friday ntshi. Traffic cVirmoi go ihrouiih the lock uruil ivnairs are made. TVA said it may tr,ko T!u- National .Aoroiiauiii's anH -Sl'ace AnmiiiMraiion had pUinnc-rl !•• 5!up Uu- Saturn thr.-.:-, (he Ten J'st.-j-ioc?, Ohiu ;iiul ,M 1.-=!;-? ipp; rnt-r.-.. ' The .\;nr?!ir:!! Sp;icc Fliehl t-en- ier .-aid i! hopes U- 'prtr-fersi practical -solmio'i to NASA head- cuarter* in ^'nshiji£.'K;n by TIK-S- Js> . A . NA~A spokosnian sjiici. ''There arc only l.hree \vays u> transport tho Saturn—by iaiul. walt-r or nir. It's.''too bia to fly. -ar.'i v.e" can't nun'e it on the road? | all the way to Florida. And 'we j However, a number of possible ; certainly don"! intend to iaunch j barriers to this plan are • being ; it h«ri-e. 1r ; considered — such as overhead j The -source said !he Saturn. 22 f structures and bridges. I ceet in aiaii.eiei aita is tei-i lon«. j The damaged lock is approxi- j apparently wilt have to be moved | mately 50 nautical miles from ;on highways from Hunisville to' Huntsville. The distance to a 'a point bekviv t!>e damasett lock ' pra'Cticat loading point over roads • before it csn }>c- loaded. ! would be much, greater. Vo! Verde Servicemen Pvt, Morin Completes Army Finance Course Two USAF Pilots In Make-Believe Space Flight Test SAN AXTON r IO (AP)—Tw-o Air Force jet pilots put on Green suits snd began breathing pure oxygen today in preparation for a 17-day, make -" believe space fligln al tiie Schijol of Aerospace .Medieine. C'apts. Louis Gang and Psrnard We.stfall of Randolph Air Force Base enter an S-by 12-foot steel lank later in the day lo start the test o!' their abilities to live under space flight conditions. They will work, rest, eat and con<ii:ct medical 'examinations' of themselves" while breathing ai^ mo.-t pure axygtrn at a simulated nliitude of 33.500 fc-ft. 88t^X&?X^Xfff?K^ if §Oi NOtlll WEATHER INFORMATION U.S. Department of Commersc Weather Bureau, Del Rio, Texas. .Max. Slin.'Pre. Army Pvi. J*>e >5. \3orin. son • 'f Mr.> Anioim-Uf Castro. Brack - t-itvHk'. • has c-PfnpleJeti tJ^e f:\e- •.-. v-ek dUbi;r--ins? sjvcialtst ai The- . Finanve Sch^'L F;>rt Texas Ranks 49th -Fa;!i:ri- of «.!>e iit- i:;ienipkiynit'n! Texas ID -?'>th 2<i in com.-;. . jtitc- AKL-<:'IO Drown sai'i Fri- pre>u!cni ft. >. tta - -. Morin received irainint,' in (hr methods ami procedures used in accounting for receipts and payments by Army finance disbursing officers. He entered the Army lust IK'- vrmbi.'r ;uul completed has'ic training ai Fort Ilnod. The 21 -year-old soldier is a li'-")8 gradtfale of IJrackcttviiie Hiyh School ;ii!(! " a 1!)('>() j:r;uluote of Draut'hon-Y I'.n.sincss Collcte. Before .eiilcriny the Army he was cm ployed by Lee Way Jiotor Freight. Inc. His father, Chon Morin. i< _/it'»i \V. Dignciv. ily St.. Del Rio. Aitmo,uerque _"_! ____ i» Amardlo ____________ &i Bostuir _______ _ _____ 7S Hroivnsviile .,'. ___ ~- 50 ('hicaco- __________ S2 ]1fil!;,s .-..:' _______ :.. 52 DKL !Jio . ...... .._-(£ Oenxer. ........... 76 D.-iroii. . .. .. ....... Ty F,! !>;i^*, ' . :.. . -32 lUniston .......'..._ : J2 f..;ire<!<: _..•-.:„!'- . .' ;«<' V 60 77 .60 06 76 49 60 53 70 75 56. 78 54 0 0 0 0 0 ;03 0 0 F. M. RICH COSDEN STATION Hwv 90 West Pas Frant- lar \v '.Vest dom. tries order. spar! s t a.t.'i = ! c s indica*? ' » ; e is she eounir>-' most popit- : MUSICAL DEER ; ith American i«-urists, Italy.' MORR1SO.V, CV.o. f.-:*—A youn r 4 Gc-rrr,sny. th s v-- United King- deer had (lie orchestra pit at the ; S« !?7«--r!sr»d. Bonchix cotm- • Park of the Red Rocks all to <land A-.r?tri2 foJkjw in i thai ;?p|f for ihrci 1 A park no- ;!:ceman said the deer, may have ; ........'... i pimped inio th^ pit while hcirij;: ! chased by dogs. ,1! stayed there: i until some one conic with a key j ilo unlock the door. • SHIRTS and WASH PANTS Laundered }o Perfection For Pitt-up Pbasf PK 5-2535 WALTON BROS. INSURED — BONDED Orej:. ,.„ 73 ,57 0: Phoenix _.. : -07 62 0} Sun Angcio S7 71 Oi San Ans«jnt'> __. 53 75 0' St. Louis S2 61 .01; Washington 77 60 Oi Maximum ar.d M in imam tempera-;. 'iures and amount o' precipitation ] for 24 hours ending at 6:30 .aVn.; CST. On chart. T~ siands for a i Irace of ra : r~. . I Classified Ads Bring Kesults HANDBALL is th» datkly of all ball gamei. It originated In'Ireland dur-"*? ing the IQUi century aria some- * time in the" 1880s one of the best Irish players, Phil Casey, migrated to Brooklyn. He introduced the game at police and fire stations .around Flatbush, ' and from there its popularity *- * jjpread. like a fire. z It was played theit, as now, " by simply slapping: the ball Against a wall with eitlier hand rrnoija't.vjfjoi pfiddle/np racquet. ' HANDBALL Today mi estimated five mU- itoh Ann'ejicdns irolic on courts 34 fcy 20 feet with a :wail^ J6 fec-fc high. : Virtually • every YMCA, athletic club and college in the land have gyrnVmarked of f for handball. Informal variations at it are played' in recreation-rooms at home or outdoors against the garage. .'".'.*. '•*' * • •/• O-STLY EQUIPMENT required fs a .rubber, ball. The • official! bail is two indies jrt diameter, j weighs 23-ounces, costs Si. .. . j Tiie server bounces the ball i nnd slaps -it against the wall | to bring: it back, across, a prescribed line; the receiver may slap it on the fly or first bounce, hack Lo "the wall, and players.alternate thus until one fails to make a legal return. Game is 21 points. _ • --' It niay be a leisurely game 3r one demanding- great speed and stamina'. Experts are able. to return the ball stdcarm, overhand or underhand from Inconceivable positions." Soft glov^»s may be worn,-but without webbed fingers or any foreign substances on hand or glove. * • * * , CHAMPIONSHIP handball is Distributed by King '*&• f. ' •?, NEWS BRIEFS FROM M|Xp fRIBDOJ* OF PRJSSS P*Y \ ' MEXICO-CITY (Al')-President Adolfo Lopez Mateos will be guest of »ujiM»r at the annual "Freedom t at the • Pre?s" day luncheon i annually. Wednesday. j accidental "deaths of San -, }of'5.87»5 'workers^ a j«ar > (Mexican economy SB <>: 'million pesos 'i ***# * .Game of skill and speed played on a slightly largcc court with, four walls; strvt.i and returns still nausi hit Ihe front wall first but then may be played off Ihe other walls and even off the celling. For years the experts performed in virtual privacy.. Xow "glass . cages" permit large crowds' to-see title snatches. Appropriately, a. . Brooklyn .fireman, "V^Is Hersbkcm-itz, i* the peer'of all handball players. At 42, r he has~\von-2-i national crowns. And a. Sari Francisco policeman, Bob Brady, is among the iop-ranl:ingr stars. Art. Lirikletter is perhaps the best'known, expert at this gknie. A. regriilar - at the : Hollywood "Y," he was annouseer of the 1953-59 XT. S. Handball Association, championships -ea Icievi- sion. . Tealures Sysdiczta • * * » FOREST FIRES STRIKE MEXICO CITY <AP) - The army was called out to fight forest" fires in the western state of Slnaloa. Officials said Saturday the 3<tlh Battalion hud put.out the flames and cut down damage. Fires broke out near Surutato ami Ce'rro Prieto. «'»•»* PERSISTANT RUMORS . MEXICO CITY (AIM —The 'newspaper . Ultimas. Notifies **"'«* j Friday there are persistent ru- ! rnors thai Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Ro:i and Cuban Ambassador Jose Antonio PoriumuJo clashed during F<oa i s recent vi>it. and Jhal Porltiondo may \>v f- called to. Havana. Reasons v.cro not given. * *• s- » PAY PHONES SUCCESSFUL MEXICO CITY (API-Fay teh-- phfjiic booths have been no successful in .Mexicn City that oUu-r \ cities i\rt\ asking for thosn. The ;.Tclefonos de •''. Mexico said Saiur- ' day il is cons'idi-rrnsi such msiut- , lations. • * » » WON'T WANT TO GO MEXICO CITY .(AP)— Several Mexican acli>rs who had .-dijned to appear in Ciudad Trui)!lo nfxi month nsketl. the Xationai. Actor.-; Association Friday to .-Hither; re them to break Ihe contrac".-. i ASK INTCKVEMTUM4 [MEXICO CITY CAP,-;, ; lerameriean Regtooa! La j ganization called "Friday 5 organization of American •= intervene in the Domini. ; public to preheat a blows 1 : 'BRUTAL REPRESSION' s MEXICO CITY JAPK. ; can exiled, sources said F • campaign of "bruial re;i is no* ?>eing condwcied Dominican Rep^ibhe by Ar^ pV>!ice forces agatnsi t : Uon. Al M.c rei bron RFD EM ROUTE TO M EXK O CITY <AI»>. prt-niU-r ui Czecbesfcva Ssrethaj. >pent >even K:' Sitrwtay between plsr<-t. ' rortinuing his irip to •.\borc- be will or^-n z !. his c«>ii.«tr'y. OME-MINUTE TERM NO S FOLK.. V^. ;j»- •.tsiruife scntt-nfe here sf:e* in; cuiHy Its ha v- jit 3 irk: M dri'.ini? ie>? fos him. '.Marshal. 4<An il-t-rs urt 'OntfKVi' «'fff -«>n a Slop -at-r,: ^:riJii et-H in ;»KV jnarAi''; LOCKS TOO GOOD RA'HYSA.'-N.Y, •? — T iSc**r S<?ek*- at "pOiice he ACCIDENT COSTLY MEXICO CITY (AD—The tional Chamber of Commerce Ns- c Siaif to chtsc! f--ff sa\.s ira'.'ic viosater tf**5!*d * KUP-ELEC, INC. INDUSTRIAt • COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL CONTRACTING PR 5-4457 — 207 '.W. DignowUy DIAMONDS OuaHfy, Priced Lov^er THcn Cte'&t Sfofes Artificial l>gh» Forced Sportie Tfath TEXAS RELJABLE JEWELERS 1O2 V/. LOSOYA BRUCE RADIO & T.V. REPAIR Ucanitd by JF.C.C; ^Wor Radio for Foster Service, 10Q9 Av«. S, Day or Nighf, Phon* PR 5-4733 FURNITURE REPAIRS Refinishing — Upholstery PR 5-4000 After 5 p.m. RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY, INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE • TITLE INSURANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone PR 5-2003 •i; 'P . O SHj ABERNATHy* LOCfi HOW SAD THAT &i RP LGO LOOK T-4EV SEfVT M£ -CARD P"OR THE A-CARD CREDI f4^J8^, C ^J§! K^-N m' ^^ a i* r^^ff -J ^^4^:^:^mK*'**^. i-C^y'^-Xif^',-- • : • ' - ' .- ^~"''t j^SX?*^" -" ' JANK5 —BUI .V.*t= XO COM.'.^UT- \ T BLAME ,V\V-* 'r I AM / r \VSH you { SA5J "CHSW£P OU^'SARSS. V T(4AT A\AP5 MB BEETLE, I'M SOING 70 CHEW YOU OUT LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN CHEWEP OUT BEFOPE/ ^?se- 4f fvJ^ 7 ^?^^1 --' TM^ HAD TO IT PONTSE&M \ 'HAFFEM THE SAJ-iE HERE i SOONER CR SltvJCE OOP ' LATER, I LHFT US! x-^V GUESS.' ..BUT T>iEKE JUST A NSYER SHOJL0A i DOESNT SEEM TO TAKEN HIM OJT HA-i-E BEEN ANV / CF THAT CCAi. \VW-TOVE aor J SSVAWP <*.• -SHE OF HIM.' f^-^ )/• -^?:rfl ^'^:»t\ THAT: $05 '^ U'.'H MEfiS THAT ?1SV =>:CR'.:PAFA VS2K TrEX5.Al.i3 THAT [& C»;£ R=A-$OW I HERE! IKMEW>!M WELL, CW VOU TAKE M£ 70 5E= ./ V.?. J ''> /I PDf/T WAIJT VASSILY TO.. TO PAY CCXJRT TO we j rX\ ot PE TH/»>J HE l£ FOR ONE THING... THE LONE RAN&ER. SEMOVES nlS OlSGi-'ISE- LATEFl, IN OAKS' OFFICE - - SHIPS CiCSl'iG ;?:.' T7| CALL THEM OFF —FAST.' fr:S ' ill IS A PEACB MZSiOn •;'.•€•?£ '• i~ FEW/fK&TO EARIV.' THEY'RE HEADED FOR 7WAT LITTLE TOWN DOGPATCH //-HADsfT BETTER WARM THEM? •//•£ MISTOOK X3U A spy.' WH/VT ll .V.'A17'FDR. FLY" AH V7ARWT SECH A DOES UQOK LIKE RHINOCEROSES,BUT THEV'S FATTER.'/ THEV'S FATOCEROSESL'

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