Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 10, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 5
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EVENING, JANUARY 10, 1935 "I"!"— "—"' ^^'^^ ^, 1935 _ THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texas PAGE FIVE LONG SAYS FDR IS HOPELESS AND HAS SURRENDERED TO RICH PRESIDENT REFUSED TO TAX BIG FORTUNES, KINGFISH SAYS WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (/P) — Huey P. Long turned his face toward 1936 today with a cry that the Roosevelt policies are beyond hope and a rail to the country to follow the Kingfish, wipe out all fortunes above three or four mll- „ lion dollars and make "every man a king." Unfurling what looked, to many observers, like a presidential banner of his own, the Louisiana clic- ' tator, told a radio audience last night: "We are in our third year of the Roosevelt depression with the con- By VICTOR BRIDGES SYNOPSIS: Nicholas Trench just has rescued Molly O'Brien from the hide-out of an unscrupulous gang which believes she can tell where a valuable formula belonging to her is hidden. But Molly does not know, for the formula has been stolen. Nick, with Jerry Mordaunt, plans to help her find It. Molly has been taken to Jerry's flat, where she, Nick, and Jimmy Fox, a page boy protege of Nick's, are to await the return of Jerry himself. ditlons growing worse." The senator's language for his unseen audience was more tempered than the recent senate speech In which he spoke of "Imps of hell" , end sought to link dispensers of federal patronage In Louisiana with a red light district, but he was strong In his denunciation of the administration. "I can hope for nothing further from the Roosevelt policies," he said. "And I call back to mind that •whatever we have been able to do to try to hold the situation together during the past three years lias been forced down the throat of the national administration." "All the time," he said, "we have pointed to the rising cloud of debt, the increase in unemployment, the gradual slipping away of what money the middle man and the « poor man has, into the hands of the big masters, all the time we have prayed and shouted, begged and pleaded and now we hear the message once again from Roose* velt that he cannot touch the big fortunes." This was another reference to a newspaper article in which, Long said, the administration was represented as "determined to prevent any considerable increase in taxes on the very rich" so confidence would not be disturbed. Chapter 31 INTOXICATING MOMENT I stumbled down the hall, anr deposited my burden on the bee in Jerry's room. Then I sat dowi and wiped my forehead. "I'm sorry I'm so heavy, Nick,' Molly smiled up at me faintly. "I must be all the good food I've had lately." "You He quite still," I said. "I you feel well enough you can un dress later, after you've had some tea." I looked down into her upturned face which was almost as white ns the pillow. "How did you get that cut on your cheek?" I asked. Charge Mother Killed Son and ' Daughter-in-law WACO, Jan. 10 (yr)—Accused of . slaying her son and his bride, whoso deaths once were recorded as a murder and suicide, Mrs. Ethel Johnson, 45, of Dallas, today staunchly denied the charges as friends sought her release on bond. The bodies of Joe Dean Blankenship, 22; and his bride of less than ff year, Mrs. Bernice Davenport Blankship, 19, were found side by side on a farm near Gatesville, Texas, Aug. 10. Nearby lay a pistol. A justice of the peace termed it murder and suicide. Maury Hughes of Dallas, retained as defense counsel, said William E. Davenport of San -Angelo, father of the deceased bride, filed charges against Mrs. Johnson. Davenport, at the time of the double killing, was strong in his assertion it was „ not murder and suicide, associates said. Mrs. Johnson, wife of a federal l"a'dio commission inspeofcor, said she was arrested at her home last • Friday, taken to Fort Worth and questioned and then removed to the McLennan county jail. Charges were filed Monday but her husband did not find her until last night, ending a 4-day search. Mrs. Johnson said her son had taken out two insurance policies, totaling $3,000, and had made them payable to her. She retained Hughes, she said, and had made suit against the insurance firm when payment was refused after her son's death. •«*FLASHES OF LIFE (By The Associated Press.) PSYCHOLOGICAL HEN WEST LXJBEC, Ma., (fP)— William Barton is convinced he's got a remarkable hen. When, recently, the hen laid an < egg ringed about like the planet Saturn, Barton tacked a picture of the Dionne quintuplets on the hen house wall, wondering if the fowl would respond suggestion." to the "power of He was gratified today when the picture-gazing hen presented him with aai oversize egg containing three perfectly formed yolks. STICKY SHOES CHICAGO, (ff)—''Rudy .and I," said Peter Dreglc, "were walking along when all of a sudden he accidentally pushed me through the window." When Peter pulled himself out he found two pairs of shoes and spats sticking to his hands. Judge Lambert Hayes listened patiently and then sentenced Peter to six months in Jail. Rudy Krivacek was placed under the court's supervision. 5 and 10 Acre Tracts Close in L. J. Starkey Room 13 Duncan Bldg. "It was Orloff's ring," she whispered. "I was stupid enough to try and struggle when they were tying me down." There was a sound outside, and looking through the doorway, I saw Dawson setting down a tray on the hall table. "It's quite ready, sir," he announced. "I have brought the whisky as well, in case you would prefer one yourself." I got up, and making my way to where he was standing, poured oul a cup, with which I returned to the bedroom. Molly, who was lying in the same position, opened her eyes as I approached. "You've got to drink this like a good girl," I said, "and then I'm going to leave you. What you want is a long sleep. It's no use trying to talk things over now; you can tell mo all about It tomorrow morning.' "Just as yo u like, Nick." I helped her up Into a sitting position, and supported her with my arm while she sipped slowly at the tea. When she had finished it she sank back again with a contented sigh. "That was lovely; I feel much better now." "You'll be as right as rain in the morning," I said encouragingly. "Jerry will probably be back by the time you're awake, and then we'll have a regular board meeting and decide what's best to be done." I bent down over her. "Good night, Molly dear." With a sleepy movement she slid her arm around my neck. "Good night, Nick. I haven't half thanked you, but—but I will tomorrow." Her soft lips met mine, and for an Intoxicating moment nothing else in the world seemed to be of the slightest importance. Then somehow or other I managed to regain my sanity. "Go to sleep at once," I said, a little unsteadily. "If you don't you shan't have any breakfast." And with that I left her. I woke with a start to find Jerry standing by my bedside. He had apparently drawn up the blind, for the sun was streamng in through the open window, and from outside came the hooting of cars and the shrill whistle of a tug. "Hello," I said stupidly, "back already?" I sat up and blinked at him. "What's the time?" "Just gone ten. Dawson said he looked in about an hour ago and you were well down to it. Thought he'd better let you sleep it out." I stretched myself, and then glanced at the knuckles of my right hand. They were swollen and painful. "Dawson's a treasure," I said. "He was splendid last night. I suppose he's told you all about it?" Jerry shook his head. "I wouldn't go as far as that. He's given me your note and he's Informed me that Molly's in my bed and that that pet page-boy of yours is sleeping in the study. Looks to me as if I'd missed something." By this time I was properly awake. "Sit down and listen, Jerry," I said. "It's a nice little story and I think you'll be thoroughly interested." He lit a cigaret and perched himself on the end of the bed. "Make it brisk," he suggested. "I haven't had anything to eat yet." Moved by his plea, I plunged into a hasty recital of our adventure. One incident, which was quite obviously irrelevant, I omitted altogether but, for the rest, I gave him a brief and faithful report of everything that had happened, so far at least as I was able to call it to mind. When I had finished he sat gazing at me in a kind of rueful silence. "Blast it!" he observed. "The fun always starts directly I go away." He got up and, pacing the room, tossed the stump of his cigaret into the fireplace. "Was Molly hurt at all?" he demanded. "Nothing really serious. She'd got a foul headache last night, of course, and there's a nasty cut Just below her eye, which she told me Orloff did with his ring." Jerry swore softly. "The dirty OOURT: QEGQQD Criminal Appeals AUSTIN, Jan. 10. (AP) — Proceedings in the court of criminal appeals included: Affirmed: W. E. Claybrook, Wil- bargcr; J. B. Windell, Gregg; Jack Long and Clarence Rlordan, McCulloch. Reversed and remanded: G. W. Shofitt, Donley. Appeal dismissed at request of appellant: Calvin Henry Smith, rayson; C. E. Williams, Wise. Submitted on brief and oral argument: J. E. Miller et al, Jefferson; Roy Gunn, Collln. Submitted on brief for both partlcs: Tony Lopez, McLennan. Submitted on brief for state: Mrs. Lena Hunter, Montague, Submitted on state's motion to dismiss appeal: Ex parte Edgar Hays, Gregg; ex parte Saul Goldman, Gregg. Submitted on affidavit to withdraw appeal — Chris La Barba, Parker (4 Claude Privitt, ! lay; Tom Gardner, Garza; Jack • Burden, Potter. NASAL JRRITATIONJ duetocolcU, I Relieve iho dryncss andl Irritation ly applying Montholatum night and morning. Gives-.. 'COM FOR.T '-• Dull DR. G. C. BRUCE SPECIALIST Practice limited to the treatment of Genito-Urlnary, Blood and Skin Diseases. Formerly of Hot Springs Arkansas and Araarillo, Texas. (19 years experience) Room No. J First National Bank Bldg. Pampa Texas Reliable service »n« eoorteotu treatment. M-day (narante* on all parts. HAWKINS RADIO LAB. M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short and Long Terms REFINANCING Small and Large 604 Combs-Worley Bldg Phone 336 DANCE FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 9 P. M. —Featuring— Lloyd Snyder and His Orchestra PLA-MOR Admission $1.10 Couple Reserved Tables $1.00 at Pla-Mor Sponsored by Junior Chamber of Commerce HILL'S Be Wise in ^35—Get More For YCTOT Money at Hill's! hound! When I get my hands on him I'll break his neck." "I'd arranged to do that." I said. ! "We shall have to toss for it." "Fancy their having the nerve to stage a ramp like that!" he muttered. "This confounded invention must be worth a pot of money, or they'd never have taken he risk." He paused. "I wonder what the exact Idea was." "Pretty obvious," I returned. "They meant to keep her as a hostage until we agreed to let them have the formula. Wo should probably have got a telephone massage today threatening to cut her throat. That sort of thins would be right up Dimltri's street." "Has Molly told you what they actually said?" "I didn't try to question her; she was all in. I thought the soundest' plan was to get her straight to bed and wait till she'd had a good night's rest." He nodded. "Quite intelligent for you, Nick. In fact . . ." There was a tap at the door, and Dawson appeared on the threshold, "Beg pardon, sir, but Miss O'Brien has just rung her bell. I told ! her you were back and that you and ' Mr. Trench would be having break- j fast in a few minutes. She says she | is feeling better, sir, and will Join ' you in the dining-room." "That's Tine," said Jerry. He turned to me. "While you're shaving and dressing, I'll push along and have a chat with Jimmy." Copyright, 1934, Penn Publishing Co. Molly's Story, Tclmorrow, Puts a different Light on Matters. THREE GREAT SPECIALS THAT SHOUT HILL SUPREMACY AND EXCITING BARGAINS FOR YOU! 1,000 YARDS Printed Ruff Crepe Plain Pure Silks Taffetas Fancy Novelties Faille Silks « A Complete and Thrilling Selection! 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