Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 5, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1961
Page 3
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MTiss White Honored at Miscellaneous Gift Shower Miss M'Liss White was com-1 P. A. Tnnkslcy, W. B. Staudl and Mae LaFrance. , pltmcmcd with a beautifully ap-JAlvis Belcher. The tea table was laid in white pointed miscellaneous gift showerj The guests were received by [damask with skirts of ruffled pink Saturday afternoon between the Miss White, her mother, Mrs. I net. Pink carnations in a footed hours of 4 and 6 o'clock in Pros-)Hamilton White; by Mrs, Jack ; cut glass- container formed the ser Hall at St. James' Episcopal j Hill and Mrs. Herbert Walker and center-piece. Alternating at the Church. 'Mrs. Scott Stiles, who alternated table, sen-ing and pouring the Miss White is to be married to] with Mrs. Robert Virgil Cautho'rn punch from a cut glass bowl, were Ucrald Hill. j and Mrs. Robert H. Rust. The,Mrs. Billie C. Lewis. Mrs. Roger Hostesses for the shower were I honorce wore a white shealth. [Thurmond, Miss Gail Hamilton Mesdames Robert Virgil Cau-i The bride's cnosun colors of land Mrs. T. E. LaFrance. thorn, H. -Lr--Molyncux. Herbert'pink and while were reflected in Assisting in serving were Miss Walker, E. J. MeBride, David W. | the decorations. ! Gail McBride and Miss Patricia Potter, S. B. Buchanan. Eddie] The bride's book was in charge'Potter. Young, Robert H. Rust.'\V."L. Me-i of Miss Marcelln White,' sisters Floor baskets of pink roses and Culler, A. F. Haby, Scott Stiles,! of the honoree, and Miss Connie!daisies decorated Die hall. Get Out The PitAer- It's IcedTV* Time Four Del Rioans lear Abby . . . OUR VANISHING MORALS! By Abigail Van Buren •"DEAR ABBY: Arc there not enough de- ceni people ir*V 111 _tnis to do something abou' The rash 'of fiH'.iy movies being pr->d % iced one i-fier the other? Look at the advc-.-iistng; "ihtre is nothing for clean- muifi.eci people to" see nny lyiore. A»d you don't dare te -reriri .your'children.'• •*.!ost of i(.o Academy awards went to movies -,vith r.duHery as the tlieme, and im- mora! -.vomeii ai-' the heroines. What a sad cojnmemary on the state of our culture. The Comraurtists do not have 10 worry about destroying us with nuclear weapons. The morals of our young people are being so thoroughly cc-rrupted by Hollywood, we u-j]l cecay fro.« the inside and destroy ourselves fifsi- What in ihe name of decency can'be done rbcm si? A DISTURBED CITIZEN DEAR CITIZEN: Hollywood has produced many fine, moral, wholesome movies. Bui 1 agree, today it is top-heavy .with trash. There is one way—and only one -way —to combat Humoral movies. DO NOT GO TO SEE THEM: - DEAR ABBY: 1 am only 17 and have been married five months. My husband says if I ever get fat he will divorce me. 1 think he fecis thai'way because mo_st of the women in his family are fat. I have no intention cf getting fat. but I just want to know" if he could divorce rne if 1 did. WONDERING DKAR WONDERING: He is only tcasius you. But don't spread H around. DEAR ABBY:. Our daughter is 22. She likes a your.? rr^r who is the ; 'catclV" of the '.own. He never c;-.Ils her for a date. He just "drops by" and says, ''Get dressed, Doris, . we're going out." And Doris gets dress'ed. Friday ~ night we- waited until after- 7 but this fellow didn't show up. So Doris went to a basketball gtrne -with her' father. .At 8 o'clock, along conies "Mr. Big Wheel" looking for Doris. I told iiim Doris went "out" (implying she had a. date). He said "Mind if I sit here and visit wiih you until . she comes home?"-What could 1 say? When Doris " csme ho:ne at 10 o'clock with her father you couici see how tickled the boy friend was. What advice can I give . mv daughter to bring this romance to a he'ad? Or do you think' 1 she is wasting her time? SMALL TOWN MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Tell Doris thai as long as this "catch" : can catch her whenever he wants her, she'll never catch him for keeps. She should cultivate the attentions of at-Icxst one other young- man. A girl always looks better to a man when he thinks he has competition. CONFIDENTIAL TO-IRVING: It's true, a dollar won't do as much' for you these days, which sort of evens things out, because people won't do as -much for a dollar either. & - « * t ts • • Having trouble with s. big decision? Write to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Don't forget 10 enclose a seii-a-idressed, stamped envelope for a personal reply. Who pays for what, and how dp you go about planning v lovely, inexpensive wedding. Send 50c for Abby's weeding pamphlet, in care of this paper. (Distributed by -McNaught -Syndic-ale, Inc.) , , DEL HIO (face*) r4fWS-H MALI),, Monday, Jwm 5, Iftl-J •• n*<*^f « ~^» v r «^- • «»»-»*-^»»^ f -, • v • •• * i •• • jf *^TTW **f " ••Wm^^^W ~5L, «- "* v" ^ : .. f , ^ \. ';.- >~ , ; d - i" • „ »,-?«-"!-< i'?,V|| : •,/•*./• : -^MffiKWi--'- *& i- rf *" *- m~ ei • Langtry Hobby C/uB Meets on Long ley Ranch Tokyo Convention TOKYO, Japan (Special). Four Del Rio ladies are in Tokjo for .he 52nd annual convention of Rotary International, world-wide f service organization. 1 The Langtry Hobby Club" met [at the Cam Longley Ranch near They are Mrs. Paul J. Poz&\pmnp V ai e for the regular session Mrs. John Ingram, Mrs. Tom Mil- < j UDe i a t 6 p.m. icr and Mrs. Radney Foster. | A large group of neighbors, The convention began May 2S rrionds and thcir families were and is the largest in Rotary his- 1 present for tlie barbecue supper lory, with an attendance of more | an( j music during the evening, than 22.QUO Rotanans and mem-; 5Irs Charles il. Schnauber, who hers of Iheir families from 63j has been eje^pj lo ser ve as pres- countries. j idem to m tne uncxp j rcti tcrm , The ladies were Rotary guesU (Of Mrs . Sidney Smith, opened tha, of Del Rlt> was al **>mc °* ** at the opening night enlenam-1 meeting with a prayer. Members present iae!u4e4 Me*~ dames Joe GurJey. Robert lica, Jim Powers, PeBuuB ford, Newman Billings, Bee Hf*- clcrson, C. R. Scbuauberi, Carl Davenport, J. il. Cork? a»d the hostesses, Mrs. Dewey Word, Mrs. "-.^ ^ i » " -V f % "^ ^-i i Tail, tinkling gloties of amber-cafofW i<»«t turn «nd individual taladt make fine summertime openuii ment feature and saa sorae of; After a short business session, Japan's greatest performers, in-.; t h e meeting adjourned. eluding scenes from ihc-Kabuki __ , _ , .. theatre, Shinto dancers and thes _ , .. ,_ A , . _..-..,.»..•. Tok>o Philharmonic chorus. CHURCH CALENDAR On the morning of May 29 they > were present- at the official open-; TUESDAY The Christian Woman's Fellowship will install officers and dedicate projects at * meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the parsonage, 1209 North M»m Street. Mrs. John W. Reaves end Mrs. W. E. Posey will be the hostesses. Harve Eastman and Mrs. Andy White. .Mrs. Carol I Ann SWtew v «" r 3 " d Mrs - C * ra ., ranch for the Cool Salad for Those Who Count Arc you, a calorie-counter? AnJffor- do vou remember to count alljmii calories? are, you'll enjoy BACKWARD GLANCE 25 Years A go! Monday, June 1, 1936 The first shot ' in the United States government's war upon Oic blow fly. chief enemy of the Southwestern- ranchman. was fircci u>day when" the first of three educational experiments j the night a teen-age san in TCXES was Set up at the Baiifih ranch aboui 15 miies from Ejdorado. _ I If you I shine Salad as a summer refresher wiih sparkle and a low cslorie count: SUNSHINE SALAD (Makes 4 or 5 servings) 1 regular size package (3 ounces) orange pineapple flcyor gelatin 1 cup boiling water 1 cup cold water 2 tablespoons vinegar 1 teaspoon salt | Dash of pepper .'| i 2-3 teaspoons grated onion \ I 1V4 cups very small pieces \ ! raw cauliflower I i Vs. cup diced pimento - . f ! Dissolve gelatin id boiling vrater.-: ;Add cold water. Chill until slight-; I ly thickened. Meanwhile, mix vin-; i egar, salt, and pepper together in. | a small bowi: add onion, eauli-I if lower, and pimento. Let stsnd tos i blend. When gelatin is slightly* i thickened, fold in seasoned vege-= [tables. Pour into individual molds.: ! Chill until firm. Unmotd on crisp? ; greens. Serve with mayonnaise or : . • " . j French dressing, if desired, 'i NEW YORK (.T—"I've managed day v.hen I was serving a paper) xi,i s goes vveli with iced tea,! lo stay in trouble pretty good," on him. I broke my hand on that j. which has few calories. - \ grins Bruce ' Yarnell, the tallest: assignment." - I Many find it pleasant lo make; singer on Broadway. - 1 Later he signed on with a small • up a big pitchcrful of iced tea • "When vou're a S-foot-5 every- travelling show, as baritone vocal-i j n (he morning and keep if handy'; bodv wants to be a giant killer:": «i and emcee. While in the back-; — — — • -There was the time a rcdcycd «oods ot British Columbia, an; redskin threatened to scalp, him in Indian, dissatisfied with the en- the wilds of northern Canada . . .Jtfertaimncnf. vowed to get him. j w . enl - "Fortunately the mounted po-; ing of the convention by the Em-1 pcror of Japan at the Tokyo In-", tcrnational Trade Center. Many Roiarians from outside Japan will have the pleasure of being entertained in typical Jap-? ancse fashion by Roiarians 'of the'; Tokyo-Yokohama area. For many! months, Japanese Rolariaiis haver been "studying English to enable } them to become better acquaint- J ed with their guests from abroad | and to assist them in finding; their way around the world's !arg- •! est city. . . ; j On Tokyo's Ginza, famous for' its neon brilliance and . depart-j . the family who mcn f stores;:;in. museums, hotel; something tall and !, and restaurants; is laad-j - jscaped gardens and at world-re-; easy saucepan method of "owned.shrines and temples, Ro-5 g tea insures freshness and Brians from communities in ail for several hours, if Iccot P & rts of the world are expenenc- j the refrigerator. i m § an adventure in mternation-: 10 to 12 servings''bring a• a! friendship and understanding f of water."to a "full rolling \ that; is traditional at Rotary con-| : boil in a saucepan. Remove from j ventions. . : . .• ttfae heat and immediately add aj Rotary in Del RH> is linked lo, 1 third of a cup of loose tea oriU-.OpQ other .Rotary clubs with- ones anyone in The Executive Board of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. W. P. Wallace .Jr., 512 Johnson Street. The Woman's ^Society of Christian Service of Hie First Methodist Church will meet at 3:30 p.m. in the House of Friendship of the church for m HOSPITAL NOTES Mrs. Roberto Pena and BQ1 Dunn underwent surgery *» U>* Del Rio Hospital and patieats i* that hospital for medical treatment today include Dor* liada Varela and Leticia Varela. daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Gumerciado Varela, Mrs. Pearl Ward, J.-Lv Autry, Veto Ortiz, Maria Medrario, Alfonso Psredes and Victor H. Garcia Sr.,'_\vho will undergo sar- gery Tuesday. Patients in Val Verde Memorial Hospital Tuesday included Mrs, Frances Fawcett and L, F. Lea. Liberia's position as an African nation is unique in that it is the only country in Africa's 12 million square mifes that has never been dominated, by a European colonial power. Irma Harris, Ben Bonnet and Mary E. Day, with Miss Clyde Holroan. The executive board of the Women of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the church. The education committee of hSe First Presbyterian Church with! hands before beginning to paint. L will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the I Paint spills will wash right off.! church. j5 teabags. j 505,000 Rotarians in 122 countries, j i Brew for five minutes, then stir! — i - = — • • 'and strain into a pitcher holding ! JELLIED FINGERS » \ I an additional quart of cold water, j Rub petroleum jelly on yourj iServe in ice-filled glasses ' ' " " " hemoB and sugar to taste. NOTICE! "Swimming Days A tfeubl«-fr»«, ifc»rl, with Hal, Cut & i* {S.ts a« It^tStn, $U* ky LILLY ESTRADA ADELE'S BEAUTY SALON 405 E. »r»«dway— ffc. tit !New Singer, Tallest on Broadway at ISix Feet Five Attracts Giant Killers v i SOCIAL CALENDAR MONDAY Miss Jean < Madison, bride- j Square i hand in line of duty. Georjzc Netts. son of Mr. and .Mrs. Jas C. Nolls and a student ci ih? United StaSes Naval Academy aJ Annapolis, will sail June 5 aboard the battleship" Oklahoma for a cruise in foreign waters. • • • • Swimming lesions at Moore Park pool hav-j been started ii;cii-awt g.aiti^ *i^n*. - ; Rafter him ^ihc ^tS" ^ 'Sto^e.^hetnger^l ««•".., Me«,d L. Bi ng e. w ,,, calls. - . ! En route to a busy first season: Eventually Yarneli worked his Jon- Broadway. Bruce crammed «'ay to New Xork His first job.. a lot of varietv into his 25 vcars. throwing out uninvited guests at 1 ' a New \ears Eve party given by Lee Strasberg. mentor of the re- Actors Studio. i A Varied Career • ; I Among his chores: bartender,; ; commercial tuna fisherman, noun-: ; ccr, investigator and ditch digger! I —for a movie studio in home- i town Los Angeles. . - \ '• "1 kept hoping some producer I would discover nic, but none ever be complimented at a miscellaneous gift shower betvreen the hours of 6 and 3 p.m. in the First Baptist Church with a group of friends as hostesses. under Uie direction of. Ralph j looked my way," he says. Uiiss, custodian -ji the pool. Red i Varnell's first brush with ad-; cd. Escorting several chorus girls j home one night. Yarneli found j himself embroiled with a teen-age j pack thai gave up when the cops j arrived. - ; Quit First Role ; Early this season Yarneli OLD NAME BACK reached his goal of stage per- ; AL TUS, Okla. &*—' TUESDAY The Del Rio Duplicate Bridge League will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Roswell Hotel. Members said this is an open game and anyone interested is welcome. ft * S ~ ~~, — Lovrl': I .""'keep7ng < "an'"e>-e""on fprmance with a part in the mu- [ Moon "2?! won court approval "to ; slas Norton assumed the j some suspected Communists. : sical "Can-idol." \Vith a long run; changc his name to Billy Loyri I du:i«~ at county attorney for j -The apartment house where ^ as i ur _ ea -_ ^ . quit '", 1a ^ or °^, a , Dongiovanni; Cie family, name , ,„_ „,...,„„ . ^^ Now... Val Verde County M o n d_ a y succeeding \V. P. Wallace Jr.. who resigned from the olfice last month. _ f he quit m favor ol a rj on gj CiV anni; Cm family mv mother and I were living 'larger ro!e m another mi.sicaU ! changed by hjj . father turned out to' be a regular nest."; "™ c Happiest G.rl in the World. , son - s birth " In it he enacts a general of _^__ --- s -- ; ncient Greece who must rally ^oops to haUle in thc^ face of determined distaff effort to end for ^ aura<.ion. Such fictional amorous he says. tjtfi Recruitment of the family by • • • • ! the FBI came about because Yar- Mrs Francis R. Godolphin of | nell's father was a police officer. New York left .Monday-for her j The parents svcre divorced, how- i war by boycotting romance home afu r spcncing six" weeks ! ever, so the neighbors were un- viiiiing in Del Rio as the guest i aware of clan dedication to law uf her mother. -Mrs. B. A. Bor- and order—three other relations ; ma . roam. arc also policemen. ' - - * Began Singing Early Mrs. Alice. Mi--Math has ar- i In school—he went to the same rived in Del Rio from Hope, [academy as the four Crosby boys Arkansas to make her home wi'iii hcc son. Sani Mc.Math. IMrs. Di'clah Csrr and Mar- j^nc Carr ucrc in Del Rio from Uvaide Sa.urday for Mary Hose Jones" recital. i initial discovery of romance in I real life. j > "By the time I was 12—that's -. Kifls—I" was j INDIAN GIFT KESHEN'A. Wis. 5,5%—Tlic MCIM»- mince Indian tnoe, which recent. ]y went oa. it* own after moro than 100 years cl government supervision, presented an Indian rug to Gov. Gaylord Nelson at ceremonies marking the tribe's free- riom. The rug »s genuine Indian all right—made by the Navajos. —Rrucc developed his vocal ta- j Icnls. From Gregorian chants, he moved on to a choir. Then at IS he set up - a private detective. agency. His mother still runs it. j _ "Most of the work was servic- \ ing attorneys," Bruce says. \ "Some joker got a bit messy onef -The girls i r t xvant anything to do with i That was a terrible exper- DR. OSCAR VALDIS DIMTIST CftNiMI ACUNA. MfXKO PRINTING! Quality Materials and Workmanship at Reasonable Prices Office Supplies A balanced stock to serve the terirtory at established retail prices. Tht Herald II* W. SICK ROOM SUPPLIES OUR SPECIALTY Prescriptions First-Aid Items Drug* , YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS £ CtM Hi 5-5415 DEI RIO PHARMACY FOSTIR KDO. TROUBLES? The expert _T.V. Technician saves you money In the long run. He can lengthen the life of your set. He has the proper training, the right equipment and the latest know- how. You risk serious damage to your T.V. when you let an "amateur" tinker with it. One misplaced tube could ruin your set. For expert repairs, get the expert repairman! For expert repairs, call one of the expert repairmen listed below. • Home Appliance Co. • Sam's Radio t T.V. Center • San Felipe Radio A T.V. S«r. •• Qu«*n City T.V. Service '• ••rktoy T.V. Service • City Radio A T.V. Clink • Del Rio Electric Co. How in tlie world did we ever get along before the days of . bountiful, always-ready electric food freezers? And now, the modem refrigerator-freezers are more convenient than ever before because no frost ever forms. They are designed to take less space outside and give you more space inside. And generous storage bins for ice cubes keep ice handy by tha cube or for a party. New refrigerator-freezers can be installed as recessed appliances and set flush against the wall. They have salad centers which keep greens really crisp and fresh. Even the doors move more easily, quietly, and firmly. Whether you chooso the combination or a separate freezer, you're sure to welcome tlie new convenience and efficiency of ah electric food freezer. See your dealer now. • CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY i&?

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