The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 18, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1897
Page 3
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THE 0AILV CtiftONlCMi: A'UGirSf 118, 1891 Hard Coal. Jackson Bill Soft Coal. If you want a Good Hard Goal buy the Lehigh. It will bear inspection. Some on track nowv Come and look/at it. Price right; T , iv44i=0flU$E * I*. S Tin- Hi-IM IMare to liny Bnilifttg Material. sce THE. FRUITS , HOME and Berries THIS X_AT— WASHMTW MftBKET lit HPl?Sfi PINE APPLES for 2i* <'t». THB DAILY CinU)NICLKN it the MafKhtll, Mi< ti., •fo«tofllfH H>r Iranppottfttiolk Hir(>irt;li th<» jniiils at 1:1.1!-?. -TttltJSi Wheat fell off two cents yesterday. Oeorge M. IVrn tt is in New York city. - • B. J. Hutchins aiul family, .arc camp-- ing at Lyon . lake. Miasra. Beatrice and Bertha Manning are visiting in Hiltedalo. Mrs. J'. C. Merrill and Mlt^s Anna Pm- nei nre visiting 411 Chicago. Ijouin Mock,-of Mabel, Mhin., is visiting Mrs. H. H. Behj.imin. Bart A. Kelleher expects to start for New York city Friday' afternoon. Mrs. We.otf«Ul .yid.faniilj are occupying the Peck'Cottago at Ly.on Lake. Mrs. p. J. MrTioraine and .son, of Ohi- 'cagO, arc visiting the Minsi'S Corrigaii. Mips Maliel Jacobs,- of 'Cjiicitgo, id yif-- iting her gfaridpiin-nta, i^Ir. and Mr>-. Peter Blue. ' ' " : 'Bugene ' Bigi-low, returned •'•. from a vinit, with liiK pnrotiW and friends in 'New. York -state. K'alamazoo expects to havp twojnore bicjele race nuvlw thin jear' L • mid October 1 and - r >. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. 'Wright and J. W. Biislf and Hlfltert*, M;iry and •Emma.. ar( in enltip at L\un hike. W , Jackson Tatnot- The Mitres Wliiti 1 l(iin of Miirshitit .in- guenti nf Mrs M. ('. Mrttrlilehard Butler has'returned: from Kankakeo, 111. ai-coinianied .by 'her nvphowi Joseph Welch, Rev. arid Mrs. Smith entertained thi Biiptwt Young I'. •|iU<s Koui-ty at their home on West Si.»in street l<int i-tcning. Monday nenm^' the Conk tins ww allowed to plead guilty tt< uhsuijjt ar*tl battery and were ui\\u ;>» Uajs in juilby Justice ^KeJley, t s "•> . James R. lioi-kw-Il f ,\f ' charged, with sending M dunning card, was, Tuesday hc»|i} to Untu-d S grand jury. UegitVc bad, Tli» B.-T, A M. it>. *iti «un a special train to Battle Creek unnui row morning the round trip onl> }o c.-nts. Mra. D. P. Sheridan, h^r guest, Mr>ie° Fernald of Dotroit, and MIBH Bather Wataon are \jhifmg friends in Homer, Albion and UiUsdato this weefe Frfed Psw-keir, 0f Cole} water, fe under Arrest on the charge ik selling liquor near the PenmiisuLir , F. Robert cx&y. hns a n?w wfceel. ffff* k trip to &elle*tte ted oMi&fj Lenu Brawn^ of friends here. C. JffowletjL of Albion, is vi sting Mm Atona fealoofnb. •' Mrs. HasftelJ'B bible class bad their icJvt Ijyon lake todiiy. ' N. The. regular meeting of the W. R. C., . 21, will be postponed until Sept. 4. Marrf«tgo license issiKjd: St.' Walter MaGUl and Ida D. Evans, ftsfh of Battle reek. x BCliool patrons^ will vote &Ug«ftt $& da thfr qtfflstkffi Of prohibit!ftft toe holding of chapel exerciffcs at the ipeninjj; 6t ttio schools. Moich: interest p'mftBifestod and a lar^e vote will doubt- VssbepoJlod. _' " . Ths^ Barnurb ft JBailey circns is in JBfattle Cf£ok tojnarrow, and it ie proba-{ >!<*that a large delegation from this city will attend, A circus has. nfttfsttal drawing powoirs and all classes of people .ake them, it}' So matter how scarce money is, roost,people can generally raan&ifo tii raise the'price $nd have a jttle for pink lemonade, 'or-some o^her n Hard coal retails from $fl per (\Urtdn. In tffis city the price f torn fO,2t> to SW5.7T>. SPhe building iri Eagle blbrk occupied by'James Fjnley haa been very nicely rained by Langstalf. We teach any lady tho art of caring lor her wardrobe. Call and got tbrmft. building. torare for your own wardrobe few lesson a, ut the DfcPS Tailoring sehoolVWatHott building, Justice Merml would like to have the [>preon thatBentHifn a• letter in regard to Mr. Morton* call a They arc all going tdliw excursion t6 St. Joseph nnd Ben ton Flarwjr Thursday, Aug. 2(itb via M. C. K. R. nncKKahima- ZOO, Mr. Chas. Cook; of St. Louis, IB been \isitingrelatueB here for iiast week, leaves this tnoning for his aom/e. The bicycle path is progressing finely. It is uow graded the mfwt of the way to the hill near Bear ouvk and part of it is rolled ready for use. Albion Mirr-or: . Mrp°.'$. L. Hoi Ion who has -boon visiting' ; in MarBhall, retiirii'e'd ycHtcrday brin^in^ 'her little, jirand; daujifhtor homo with her. Uwrge'Hoyt will move his c%iir fat- torv t(> tho'store in .Ea'jjh? blotsk-formorly occupied by Wilkee JinvelJ.'."He will also opsn » billiard and jjool room .in the lint;, building. .TTi-achers' '..cxnnmmtiori at tho~liij.'bi chiK)l building ThurHday anil 1 Friday. Gaudidati'B for adinisHi.on to tho Agricultural collet «t.LtxpfutiK will bo oxauiined ut tho same tinit*. - S(^m^ of our wVather propju*t9 clatiu that the present eold "weather forebodes an o?rly Winter, while others feiy that tho -coming of cold whpathur iiow wjll Ki\(, 1 >us warm and pleasant weather late in the fall. : Prof. -Harry Miner' who poses a3 the Kre'at Brooklyn bridge diver, made a loaf from the roof-of tho.White Mill at Albiou into .the mill racu Tuusday afterouoo which will undoubtf>dly bo 1 his last, as he was seriously and perhaps fatally in jured.' Mr-. Miner i» without.friends and^fuuds,, being unahta to pay his hotel bilUjofore taking hia usual collection. Harper's Weekly ofMay 1, 1800,' contained an illustration entitled, "Tlie velocipede mani^* -what it may come to.' The picture allows all olaafies and age-s of people ridipg vdocipedeH and tricy- clee^the httter being used by the ladieu, The artist evidently diid 'not forests air |Jae ,f iiture. as failed to provide »ny ladies' wheels or" tandems, quite pr<tbablo that'll tlxnt date th^r^ wits hardly a, of the "Craze" even going as f$ r as was depicted by the artist, but, &i»e has carried it far beyond anything iiaagined that t-iiue. Might iwtnt have, been. selected froc> A- frflsJn On Tuesday August Mih the M. C. rurl' an excursion^to and Truverse City for tf* roand trip, ' TitS:et9)goo3 gcififig^on train leaving Marshall 8^23 ». jni., connecting at Jackson with" thoapfcial train. . by any togufftt'tiaiBt e limited ttnMS^t. 2nfl 0- E. OlPJFCTOT). Jourjuah It is reported - that »uch.ptronK prcftaute i6^b<ttng-brottgh^t» bear that the old'train No. 19, the fast tforth -Shore limited, which wa» filched .way front the Michigan Central and u> tho Vanderbilt pet, tiro Luke proven a frost on that line,' and willsgpon be jfestored to tho Michigan Central. Merchants who wont to York cfeqld finish t their business there, have a wnjjle day there and get" way again, bifftm^er the new ^regime" this has not been possible. i arid Mrs, Edward McGoc iselobrat- ed the fiOth anniversary of their marriage lit their homo on Kalamazoo Jive. Monday of this \veek. Only tho mein- rs of the family were present, but the occasion was 11 very pleasant one, and was greatly enjoyed by the worthy couple. Mr, and Mrs. MpGeo caruo to thie city, in'1855 and have resided here ever since, and enjoy the confidence and respect of a large circle of friends and. ae- aintances/ May they live to celebrate anniversaries i$ the wish of their many Yriends. Two decides were received bj -County Clerk AusliuN^fiday frotn Judge Smith. In the' cose (>f\Louiso Campbell and Euitun, liiltlor vs. Mnry B. Nelson, a" decree is granted the complainant, with •costs to be taxed. Suit xas broitght to set aside a deed given by i ; lather of the complainan&vio Mary B. Nelson. The. court held thalttKt original cle'wl giving Mrs. NelHOTi'TtiwK. a life iiitefeat in the, ; propepty 'was and the other one void. -In the case of J. E. Masi'inand'J. F. Culp va. W. W. ICitchell, et al. a decree is entered dis- > bill of the complainants. • • ~ Do you want a good, •cetflent Call OB OeorRo Ale>% t *i ; a good walk. • da!8^ Cordettehas comu to stay. . . Stew Kettles. 10- qt. granita or iron Htew fcettled for Warranted/ ,. onrrrARY. r It is Haul thul "death loves -v We are porry to record the Bud- and very unexpected depaiturn of Mm'. Kva Rial who-wae l>orn Feb. 7, '07, only 30^'yoaro of age, her ijun went down while it was }'et day. It is a sorrowful event to her huttbaad and little «'luldren^ mourners go about the streets." was a hopeful, earnest, and faithfnl young woman, and seeiut-d to be much needed in the homo* Hut for a Christian to dri> is gain. The messenger camo ftrf her Friday evening, Aug. 13, and the funeral services occurred at the family residence three miles east of" MardjalJ Tuesday, Aug. 17. Her body rests in Qakridge cemetery and hefr spirit is with (Jod. When eleven years of age Mr»» Kin), united with the Methddint church, Sh«- lived tho life of a c^tueiatent ehristinu, d*>ing gopd to all and making many "friends. Her husband and children and' many relatives juoum her untimely departure. But they sorrow not'us- Uwtja-wiUtovit b^pe-,-—Tfatt -wea»- ory of the just is blessed, and the pure i« heart shall tee God, '• DR. LOUIS 3. JOY Will stive in hd'Jilion^o general practice, special attention to diseases of eye and ear." Fitting of glass*! H a specialty. (S'pecial diploiniv on eye, ear, nose and tdroat from Chicauo Poiyolioic.) " Four Qt. Arctic Freezers, $Utt Don't pay $1.50 for a freezer when we will sell you a 4 qt, Arctic for $1.:$0 any day in the wqek or any week in the year. BOSLKY'S. Pro Patria, a lOc cigar for 5c; none ine unless*fetamped Pro Pntria. A t tmd lasting smoke. Geo. Moebs (S\Co.» manufacturers, Detroit. ZINC POISONING Never can ttccilr whore Granite or Porceljkettles are uaetl for stewing. Call get the gen nine for IHC at O'LKlwtv Buck ' Cordetto. S. E. CHOSIN., . ]VpW and Worthy^ Thftinfltitfrtion knownte-.»?fee Michigan Snrtoifal art school with the parent j school at, Jaxoa, where^att tin* voty latest raodea. of dress iajlorhig,nrf» tawgh t K has arr*nRed to optsi a branch io ^ach-*¥»»n~ ty in tho state, Mr. F. 1^ Jtunt, th"e su- porintendttrtt of aoKdolais .here for."the purpose of openJhg a schcsrt fof Cattotin county. Mrs. BelJ|L ^ttnder, nn fti'ntirt teacher has the. management of the emirlfey and 1 will remain herd fo comdtict the business. Xiadt^ar* taught'td c«t and make any garment fof any member of the family? ladies' and girls' $ressea r boys' 'and ntens' garments, shifts, ^te. Ten lessons constitute th$ catting course aDd.JihoagL-S6Biring_tu-'tBkft the course are entitled to bring any suJt or dress and make it under instructions, of es^Jady tailors. A,, call will con- all of the genuineness of the tfagrife of the institution. Mothers and fathers send your daughters; wives save your husbands from $10 to $50 per year by learning to care for your own wardrobe, • Solicitors- will ertll on each family ia the city, Our,, termia arc so low that any one may avail then * selves of "this opportunity. Mr. Hunt will remain in the city a week and would like to meet those wbo~ would Ijke to act As nflinager of county schools. The schools hours will be from 8:30 to 10:30 a. m'..and from 2 to 4:30-p. m. beginning Tuesday a. m., Aug. 17. No lady is so rich that she should .neglect this all important ^duty. We will give private .lessons to those who do not earo to attend tho regular 'Sessions. " , For Sttlo. Four stoves arid other household fur mture. Must be sold within five days. Mitt). ROHKBT WARD, 88 Mansion street. Anyone Ever You One Offered I Uavw u fine Ubsiirttiieiit of oauary siuger^ fof sale. Cull and see thetn. ' f Mi89j3tfcSN Ftoo?>, ' ill B. Mxmrofi street. Has f>f either walkinjj. or cycling suits in ci cheviot or^nerges, that was inade,to order by a first class tailor «qd W«u stylisli, -ti| ; to-date and handsome,^wer.pvjce than we.-will make ycrti./u;perfect .fitting auit for? If so let us kixnr rt,'andwe ,wi^diHcti8H the reason after yoU HIRO our suits at the price We make the,m for/\. J T T\"H* QXT A "W li 1 • »J « JL/XU OX3.Jfa.JLil Sit, MBROHANT TAU.OF. MUCH ALIVE. the STATrFAIR The as deatl. This ia not true. It is fully ft interests of Michigan, nnfl wjll hold Fairs* «t , b«on rfipbrtecl to the industrial . its Old OrancI Rapid**, September 4HU to : > N^' ICvhiblts. Fiiu' Attraytioiiii. Oood Aeifmuiio<lsxth this date for your oatiug. Pr«yuiam li^ts mailbtl on appHcatioi i. WiUiunHiall, l»r«». Announcement, We feave wcwred ! tike ag^nuy |dr sevwaFti^; GEORGE INCERSOLL, ^_ GfcNERAt * j(J«fft wflf rw»>«« Cotttt*. Par tied iiavitig IxiRinesa fit ptolxtfe court* awy ftnd tt in tfait tofe^cst to ttwutiK hlft>. , ~ WILLS, Deeds, Mortgages and -7 Other Legal ? Papers Carefully !>rawn. to Heal I£M Will attpndto lite piucfofli-Pt ivntf *»V oil i*»J ' estate, payment of taxo«, ctr. l/wns on real estate noRotlnterl, Ag»nt for » eood line of Mfe and Lite Inmif wee companies. / OFF I CIS nfc HE8IDI3N l!E. Comer Mansion and Ownd?-!.. Marslmll, Mloli. Mangled and Torn lacij curtitina would eickeh the heart tt any conscientious housekeeper,, Fortu- riatcly such a state of affairs is not necessary,- We undertake to thoroughly wash '.. and iron ;iny lace curtain, no platter how delicate,^entrusted to our fjare and to ro- turn if as whole and sound aa when Brought Anybody^an 'launder a sock or a handkerchief-.-rit fcikes art to 'do up" a.(ace curtain in the Way the are done at the Stetuu Lnitudr^ FORCE SALE. W. T. Drake's stock of Wall Papers, n,01)() rolls, all grades of j>urwrs, 'will be •sold rttgardlesa of cost. This strx-k must Iw closed out at onco. These prices will move it: All whites blanks,OL* papers..,Tcper j-oll. Border to match. ,,', . 1<» per yd All flc papers .' ^, . 4c per roll AH7c '; , ,_,5c " ". AlHOc " . . .t . . (te " " AI1I2<» " . ., 7«j •« '•' All 15c, " 9e~" "• .1 band l»order., , _ 'I and 4c per yd Buy your pape> while the sUSck laata. Nazareth Academy. A'Boarding &mnol for Young r Terrn*, 91OO per Year. For pftrtiomars apply fo " .^ OF 8T. K A I, AM ot Educate -A'J?-^- Ber-t Thoui^soir Hdrn>e4 Jaukeou ytwjterdiij. Jle; . -AHiiotf awd«a«rth» IIHUI jutup from mill into tb4? race, an .wwuut of wha-ftis tat .» Michigan O.«traj h,'is erected signs at al«Aft^ eviry e warning bicyule riders f4»r» Wt-yele pa'tb, «Tt % tfulsi*ful ijaid. strictly "forbid the John ^iltou ba*. returned frt»o> ^0 bruttgbt ttitli him apuit«»of sheep ever steu j^ this Ptjnaops wtwj enjoy $eeuig u ot > _atock «hould visit M?. MiJtoil's jjjuic-e on MaoslialJ *'W. atwl ^f these shou^. A' Sagiaa* JUAU *ho bu* U*n out oi work for souitt tiuie, byt who' haa kf»ft from Btarviju^througli the kindnegu r.j who trusted fajm until he Und euipioj uiejat, luADagcd to vu to » ui^US whk-h struck the towq last week, with lii» wife, raising the uioijt-y by aelling a il.ii r > sack of tluur which hud boeo suppliod by the u<.'voaiiatHia,tiug grocer. _ _ -^ ^ • — A wan that will 1049 some ua good real security. Address, ' , Jft/B. V,, tihroofefe. to r»|)JBe5eu.t that club ib, th« "ntttiooai chanipvjnfihii^ of th*> -A- A. U, at York Auguat> 2§. A^IJOB^ the Asa Townfepftd, ^o fprwprl^ raa the iiojors of the.M. A,, A", of Detroit Ue won ttie^aoft Var4 ru» for &f$ -to, A A- in the world's fair b&ndiua and alwj ran ^txxinci to-A'lien iff for th« (jnarter mite uatioual ship. He iuid Eusli of th.e C. A. A- both «Io alk)«t 50 seconds m tiw 440-yar< rut* and wiB pushCbaaij»ion' Burke hart wt Bfew York. to do home o/ her taother, Mrs. , 6J Hanovtsr street. • ,> th,« race j, the purpose of i^»irodttietion limited number of boj^tee of Gi Tol*atx^ e«f* wil| ' J>e giv«n away as Hyde'^ drug ,4fore, to reliable parties who ho»«»tly wish, to rid . sjslvta of the 4af ire for tobaccu in any form. (Jail at once and investigate. Tbe Klondike (iold Fleld« ' ' "* f Are «»»W att»*.cifo>j the attwjtipn' oi the Whole worjd; a»d the waujfij'ol and quarts UMIMQK are fwUy e^jual to the iggett,!} in the mfly California and estraordiaary induefeuaeAB are offered to prosiMfttors, prat"ti,rdl inioera and investors, By next spring the gold fever will have taken possession of thousandB of people, and this wecteru roada will have all they can do to transport the fortune hunterc. The'Chiyago, Milwaukee & St. railway, and lie connecting, lines, oifer the beat facilities for reachiBi the partmenf W«t stail^a by clothing for the clothing merchants. But few make it a success becaiiw of the necessity oi «>rreat Typewrtiug, ' For further information, aildxesa Harry M*rc*r, Michigaa Pass. Agt., Detroit, Mich, • i ' 9f f ' " •«?«y~ V~ TJ ^ ^ I ' '• If 'I' " '• urement- Unscrupulous mm go$ into it afid sought to do busines rby giving Wg in4uoem^iit0 to make It a special business, so between the manufacturer's profit and a big profit to a special salesman the qu»jo»w gets popr valua OI4l«id reliable houses will do tfcts. If Vou wiab to get a good fit in this line at a little advance on ready made clothing prices see pur lines; of Mime oUildren iu tb« suipawr, Dr J$xt. of WiijJ StouwtMarry is au an tiuliug MUNI, U i» oatuie's «petaftc of sum mer c,«ifli>i»iut in all its We invite ail to cajfo^i us at the Wut- ttoa building and nxauiiue our method 6f l)reea Tiulorijig. We v^ili cut auy patteru for auy lady who will take the pains to call and oxuiuiuo ou ( r , Our school will be open to the public cigar toruc. Beware of iuutatiutia.' See' Saturday aud Mouday, Aug. U and that your cigar w tttawped P«j P»tri«. j wfcer* orders wili beiwejved for patte Geo Mo^bs 4f Co. mauiaftteiurew, IX-J cut free for auy lady who will fcOwtbe ttoit. Sold by W. A. ttarues. • 'pftjna tooaU aod o^uuiae our Start right and remember aiiy busines^ of any kind dope with us must re satisfactory, as we guarantee satisfaction or no sale. country. X'ttll on of >t»bli»h»<t 1842, ' oibaw tbeir lout ««d;iowl wiU Mcolor Uijeir jouUiiiU vijtut by U <»im;kly , Jmpoteuc*. M wblcb «BBt*fju»^or«(iudy. |4itk clow to iHnl« «or Uig tb* flrw of ;outb. It w»rdu otr J T, •eUi*c. U c«n bu »l4»p«fp»o>W«.c.rsU tat Wfi-00, With » . . _ KEflpB Cfi., Kl faka^4Ja..£W^ ^., fef A. O. HYDE \

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