The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 29, 1962 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1962
Page 7
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PAGE 12 tdltorlol—Adv—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2*11 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS IRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUNDAY, JULY «, You'll Have A Picnic Counting Cash From Want Ad Results-Ph. BE 3-2611 BRAZOSPORT FACTS WANT AD INFORMATION To Place Your Ad CALL BE 3-2411 — BE 3-3511 RATES One or Two Consecutive Days 2*c per oqate line per floy . .. Monday ttirouqh Friday Three to Five Consecutive Days '— 19c per agate line per day Six or More Consecutive Days —17c per aqate fine eer day WANT AD HOURS: 8 AM to S P.M. - • • • Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. All charqei are based on a 3 . tint minimum. Cancellation deadline Is ? A.M. " of Publishinq day. NOTICE of typographical or ether errors must be given before the second insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be recoajiized. Therefore, we must be notified of error before 9 A.M. of . ... ., . , O-.I:T.H jmrr .i.uu 1-.»|. > mvru. nr will niTO] ...second publishing day. i . ..:. _ ! CBM eMra An^Vui! After an ad Is ordered it can- u\itv WISHKS EMPLOYMENT as house, j ' Hot b'e cancelled or changed be-j *?*£"• ""* " r ranl(1 '<"• _hojci. motel, JTIUYKL TRAILER.-! fore publication. '._ C J ™'.! sc !'__." n _^" l ! r LA f L i '! _ pickups for rent or -Insertion deadline for reader adsiHousr: WORK-<m Tuesday ami wodncs- _ EI 'l"^l ( " i ' -Jt 9 A.M. of publishinq day. All! -lay, ran »rnr 6. MO 3-44IT. ' -Display and box ads must be in by | ""^^ mm^^^^^m O,' A.M. of previous publishing day.i 31. SERVICES OFFERED ~""* The Brazosport Facts reserves the [ ^mmamHmmmmHmmmmmmmummmtmmmmi "right to edit or reject any ad thoti Ar.MK TEST CONTROL "~lf deems objectional and toi 1 *™ 1 "".," 1 "' ytfMur. ™ ch " ?::?! r " FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Closo C«nsorship is nxareiied ov«r all Classified advertisements accepted for publication The Srazosport Facts never knowingly publishes Classified advertisements that are untruthful er fraudulent, that miqht be injurious to the health or morals of our readers, that are indecent, vulgar, or suggestive: or, that tend to be intentionally misleading. Any advertisement which we Itnow fails to comply with these standards is restricted from our advertising column. Readers are urged to check Business Opportunity advertising with the Better Business Bureau in the town where the business is operating before making investments The Brazosport Facts 55. SPORTING GOODS AD UBS by Larry Hurb in' nlim-ilmim flnt hom>m, ' it wh.rrl, AN Sot- KTK RIO like no\v. 1PM) F.\ m- .T- !i|i nii.tor. Kt'molc ronlrut. IK' ith >TtMi>)i>. trailer, nil ni l rp.s*oi ir$ i'V 7-1721. siiiiii. MUST SKI.I. IS' n-KlA^ Rod Kislii Ht Hnvtlrlt Mntor 'Jl FOOT HOUSEBOAT—tj .111 flMc. fiber Kl;i*-s bottom. Km- details c-flll Tl !>• nr Tl 9-6(V>3 Anclcton nftrr 7 p.m. 56. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS i 29. EMPLOYMENT WANTED 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE rAMlI.Y MOVING —Hnvc lo pirk up Itrmilifnl sninll pinno in this vlrmity. Will trnn^fcr pn> ments to reliable party. Tako trnd'» in pinno if nrcrfsnry. Write i'1-ctlit >tnnnRpr. rnilor Mu.iic Conipuny, 1^(11 l^clnmt, HmiMon 1'. Texas. UmiCHT PIANO in RCIK! ronrtitinn. Rra- so'inhlc. <.'nli \\'r?t rolitmbin. IM r-i-^Mh'. 57. BUILDING MATERIALS experience and 3 years aiitoniollvp I parts, machine type bookkeepinn ex-1A perience. WillliiK li> learn other. RE SKIV1NO MACHINE anil C.-inipeis for sale. .IOTICS Cieek. 3-3101 a»y or HUM. 'r-Zshonge the classification order ro '•«""- c»» BE r..Tonform to the policy or the paper. I MR CONDITIONINO AND RKFRIOER- ~"l^^"»^^""M=M=*=^"™»«"«""p*B««i AT1ON installation and wpaln on com^"^ SPECIAL NOTICES mereial and central residential nnits. ; TWIST IS FUN Bill ™t «hen \nu are II.MIIC to find a cc-nifoilalilp pn^iticn -n a had chaii. See us fm ,1 chair thal's Just risht lor >mi. IRBV'S HOME Vl'K- NISHING. r.UiTE. 4 and Park MACH1XK? 1 : - TYPFAVIUTEI;;: AIMMN< BUILDERS—CONTRACTORS Here Are Simmon's Low Low Prices on Reinforcing Mesh. REINFORCING MESH tx&—6x4—5 foot 3 to 5 rolls S24.95 per roll S to 10 roll! $24.50 per roll 10 to 50 rolls S25.95 per roll Cash and Carry SIMMONS BLDG. SUPPLY CO. BE 3-3518 "The lifeguard's pay isn't much — but the last four girls have gotten bonuses — marriaire!" 86. FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT 102. HOUSES FOR SALE AN( 1 te I bii 102. HOUSES FOR SALE CHUN JTV ATMOSniKRK. (TIT «'ON- VKMKNCK W Rtwlmmn, tint*. l,nicr tunivc -I *.tn fli-TO*. > on ran ttrrp n hmir K. 1. SAUKR, HKALTOn. t'Y T-'.'US. rot 'N' TRY HOMKP 1 hnhixim Wi If V nmt ,1 lu'diooni filmic on 2 flrirs out of ninnivin Hnth MR.OOO. ARC, RE !Kv'.;tt. nifrliU t'V T-VM'-'fi. IiUri.KX 1U ftiid 11R Com* Vhif. 2 tird rooms Piu-lv Ivm down pnymrni. .TAMKS M. K1.BBRT nKAI.TOH. IT T-'-MW, KXVKPTIONAI. RHYS .(ONKS CRKKK I.ivp On* Otlvp, Brick. 10, ccnlrnl lirat, 102. HOUSES FOR SALI 102. HOUSES FOR SALE \.KKf. BAUnAl!A-n«il"il'i Pi. .1 room, rornri 1 lot, Vi hBth, iniul jo.oon RRAI.TY. cv 7- AN S-3552. \\KST 4th t--. Allo ith ifntnl hons* on ith •lir, \\KfT BROAP '.'-I. lAidf dm, npnrlmpnt rrntftls. 17:U WKST 10th :M ctprlilo kltrh cr-nlinl Jioal IMfl WKST lltli 3-1's. dr-n. rarpptl crnlm! hrnt llin WKST Uth MI-,, rrnlial hrnl, huri-lrnin 1 fcnrf 1 . rlonlil^ KfltHRC. .M.SO r.tinnipn-inl, MIIS. \V- U WAl.TKU RKA1. ESTATE ItllS W, tltoncl BK 3-JSI1 KxrKPTiON'.M.tA* NICT: 4 bedroom tiomc rrnlinl hrnl nnd rpnlrnl air, flccliic Mtfhrn. gmlinge II|S]IOSN:, 1 rM' gamut, fnniily room, srpfliMr livinK nnim. Total price IIB.675. Tmm Hvmlnblr. RITWI.ANH REAI.TV. Cf T-6W3 or AN FINANCING AVAlLABt.K— Frceoort. 4 bedroom*. 2 bnlh*. dm. double Enrage. Good locution. KOWI.AND REALTY, CY 7-6M3 or AN 5-2552. KOI'. J^AI.K OR TRADK-one 4 loom one 5 rortni liousr nnd • 7 loom Will i-nt.Milpi trailer hoinps. lots, t> or nn\tliinn of value for down il. ninl 11. P. TARI-TON, SW or niKlils SW S-7750. •it! 1» our old. Both 'hnvtlVRKRroRT-nH Wesl llth. New HI n<. '.! Vnr Kimicc'. ;l iK-il-j brick. 3 brrtroom, 'J bath, central heat- is family IIKMHS. (Inp lins 'J hntlis Ink'. r-lPctrlr kitchen. KHA financing 517.WK1.. I'liMiionls !M2T. monlh. available. SIMMONS OLDQ. SUPPLY bath, nn rand,lion, ilraprn, <-'O-. BK 3-3M8. ii' ./j-niirhiso to r-'atnlra >!odduv. U'lllj ,m.V clients picas? rail Mrs. Maddux. ] _ '.-jffl 3-1^10. tor piounn setviro. (CHILDKKN - by mFP ttia or call CY f all cared for in my! ay or week. CY' 'tfUtn ' (»t corner of H-.vy Road IliC. lo s»<vnv. from 2:0(1 till 7:PO P.M. nnd Farm I BSKD CUTTHINO THIP-N-DALE CHILD CARE CENTRA 6',i days, Rny hour. Licensed 106 W. Pecan Lane. Clute Cull Mrs. Cora Pralher \\fldtna ntnrhitie »siiti I(«i ft. It mounted on fattory Irailrr. condition. ?4nO. Call Tl P-MSR P.M. ' WHAT after s' W^STKRN I.UMBKR COMPANY lim) South Ave A BK 3-3JR day. lind lii clpnnJnR my vaipols v Parwood Furniture. . Good used clothing ro- tne Commttnirj- < Service ccntcr-fc'alvstion Aim? Unit. ELKCTROLUX —Anyone having thinps to donaie take ^l" «»« j /*., »hem by 303 Avenue A. South, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. nnd 1 p.m. and i .-3-p.m. on Tbursdai-s BE 3-310L ! 7-4456. Cleaners and Waxeis. ice^. Henry C. J?chut;e e l.i play. at:er SPECIAL nEUUCEl) I'KICF. ilh Bl\ie Liisue." Rubber bass paint $2.95 loutslde paint KM _ . ,9x12 Linoleum nigs S5.99 4S' M-s>Meni Texan. 2 bethi-oni house Sniplap lypl lOcj trailer. Will take small hoat ni;. low r nHAZOSPORT LOIBER CO. j priiTd ear or other articles in trade AN 3-5322 ClutB [jjoKTH KREKPOKT--3 l-oorn furnished ilo\vn pa\menl. See a! 17« W. 7th. '-- : I apailmonl. Apply 4 Gull BHil.. mil | For fast dependable serv'ct WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING | We hove moved into our new of-, w . , Vd"wa"r'd7, M"a'it«7 > Plumber ftee and warehouse no. 2 at 1802 gg 3-4308 Brazosport Blvd. on Hwy 288 Free-! port. Call or come by for esfi- IRONING DONE _in my home, r.eason- mate on your next move Bl *'" 1riot "" rf "'^ c *'"—""•• •"FLETCHERS MOVING AND STORAGE YOUR LOCAL MAYFiOWER AGENT BE 3-4491 able. 1K2 West . Frceport. NO HOME IS COMPLETE without fhain link fencing. Kite rr.atrs. Call Cnpitoi Ffr.ce Co., DI j- \Vest Columbia. 2. LOST FOUND TREE SEKIVCE—Top. trim, remove. Insurance. Free estimates HENRY'S TP.EE SERVICE CT T-6C69 WHY SWELTER? GET ONE OF OUR AIR CONDITIONERS FOR YOUR SHELTER. Prices Begin of SI39.95 PRESCOTT'S TV 24 B Circle Way CY 7-4334 QUALITY AT DISCOUNT PRICES MBF 4 No. 2 S45 ••••••••aiimKMBBBaMM^PwnMaH^MHB TRF.F. CAKE '' KlU.Nn-small brown i-rrter s-.ialncl In Turn. Top and Remove, spra.ins and vicinity i.f Villase nrm-eiy on Planta- y r , e Estimates. Insured aod Bonded. tioti Dii\e In Lake .lack-.on Ou-ner ma^have h> I'allinc CT 7-744I. ' SAVINGS STAMPS •^•m*i^B^BM«MHBiMBBiwMa>a T. I- HA.NCOi'K Tl ^-^109 or CT 7-4.w9: 1 1 x 8 S-L No. 2 1 x 8 No. 2 105 Siding jl x 8 105 Siding D i 2x4—2x6—2x8 No. 2 ... I 'V 4' x 8' Fir Plywood i good 1 side 4x8 Pre finished Mhgy J^" Paneling S4.80;oYsT No. I Roofing Felt $1.90 rollj mm Outside House Paint S3.95 golJ ITrl Tl 9-8114 ; J^ Come and serve yourself ' oo BRAZORIA COUNTY LBR. CENTER; 88 ' Follow the Railroad Track from I FOR RENT Anglcton, Clute or Lake Jackson'' .lKRKV.Pf.iRT- nice clean caiaee apnil-1 BK \uTirULl.Y NnW KMTP •'•I mem ivith cniase. lllilities. Couple; ,,.. ha , hs . 3 i,odt,«.ni-. ktti-hen. "family 1 O.HI}. No pels. Apply 1-J.l West 4th. . ![H , m „,[(, | );u \- r ter,ins onh S'lO. to LlONF.s CR?:KK— iT.iiniie npnrtmeol. 3i _ nl .'_' xt ' "jl.,. 11 ^ % L'—''-l^-L' _l'.r '_ ! hrilraoms. both, tar.ine. Utilities paid. URAKDI-JA Sl.itcly slo:-y and half home NORTH FRKF.PORT—R.M Ave B. 3 looms! .''.'vil rv\\ TY'"\'\ 'v''Vv' 01 CY T*(Sl'i" »nd bath. Call BK 3-L':i?o or BK 3-!'2«'. _.'._.!_ i-' ' '."'.' -' ;Er.lCK—3 hednxim home. 2 bains, pntio. Hurricane fence, near M'hool. K\ccllenl drainnpe. Assume Gl loan and pay o-Atiers e(,u;ty. tli'w Meadow Ijne, |.1 ROOMS ANIi BATH — Kninislied.! Anslclon. $78! Couple^unly. Applv SOS Ave B. Velasco. i _.;_.._„, „;_;.;.„ , tM!Xrr , trick . 5851 *~'™~~'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ' home. 2 batlis. larce lol. ton« terms. <o? i ^^^^""^^™"*^^^™^^^^^^^*^^ — j Colomnn Hardware and L(iinbcr 5)32'j/. UNFURNISHED MOUSES cmte AMi Mr.-J S93I FOR RENT blind*, feiu-ed back . wl> rrdpfointrd. S2500 equity only WOO. Phone 4S62 Sweeny. BK ICLUTK—nm HarfipU— ?• bcdioom brirk: < home, InnH-ins. central heat. 1'-. bath. KKKKPOirr West 8th. '2 bcdriwrn. rt*n, tcnoril. I,ifXl. ilrnvn. Rootl ronritlion. ABC< ^UKNWOOD RAYOU—YcKir chcnpcst and Plr'ie. No Ic.w-bnll hyilrt «n your lol Jcals. \\e sell hou^f, mt. ilnvc. watfi. sr-wni—ni! with O»P low down payment. No tinvplnic—no rxtra charitei. Check (inr lower intciesl rntp (snvrs yo» :::8ny ln:n-iicas »[ >loltats>. No city taxes. Ku-m ^ S l i «| (t. up inclutlina noli- Itnt-k. niMiltftiiccs. mMilatlon, central heat. ]i,niinc«..ont coilmjis and many nth.oM. Just west of Richwood Vlllace. We «i!l not IK- undersold. Come out and .-,ee. LAKK .IACKSON A'lTItArTIVK rnS- TRMrOnARY IlKPION rt* HiThllrct, TVJR OMk Drive. \ brill wnn. '.' l)»1h«. Hmihlf KnrHR', In^HIr Rl*" dooi « npi-n to rnrlosril pnltn, rftittnlly nir nm- ilillonrd, limit-In flpptlnncp*. I«IR<- lut oti n>Btn Crrek. rlmilflr rtih.pwn^. ppmn' ti-ft-n. fuwlttj- m«tom rp^imr*. T'llrc iPrtkicffd <ul)Ktnntinll\. C»lt \V. If. Hlnnc> wprkontl^, CY 7-'- l '"1. I.AKR JACKSON V ttHnwm fuint*)i^(1 hmiHP. rflir«it "OCW; Hni'lrx fitW. I" r i down, no rinsing nut*, t.. K, Molilcr, I jiurPnt. Inivn. WU .1AKMINK-1 hflitvini, fMi.-ctl. s .i r rfin.lition untlti. (reoi, |.VXJ ilmtn P.T . niriit MOP.tUPON ANft BAIIF'R r\ T.'IIH. SM OAK nni\'K-rreek ^i-oiitanc, .T bed. looini, 'J hnthi. lurjie family nwnn «,H| flreplare, rlefttrlc 1 hltrhftti nit- ronfliimn one of Ijthe .t(irk<ton'» fine*! honifi. ;'in POINfiFvrriA- 'J bediixm". I hmi, lioine. ''nn n* pui'c'hateil on Fr(A IMMI 131 I'lUNAnKRHY -tt hfdlOOtn". 1 hnn. Mrue family i^nm. fenced v«id, PI, (( .,( in \\> havf other l'«tin(j», niiTs ru:Ai CV 7-7701 UMIK .1AOKPON-101 I Jim 1 *t «y— 3 Iwdroom, 'J hath, family room, crnltat air, rniprtinff, drapfsr. Oy «p- pointmcnl oni>. rv 7-'.!Hfi. I0t CAMK1.MA--FM.V or ni .„ I'.'fW rilKSTNlIT :i-l'i, rt-mble u." , ( n n rlllNAPKRUV' ^ liedioonm, fYrKKPH- Mrn*- Hen. rmrr KM JACKSON-One yenr old. tow cain ly. ,1 brdionni, a bath, nftneletl den, 11 UT ynnl «mt tire*. Owner brma tiannreirrrt, mint sell IrUK wfk L l ?fl Pine. KnnwhviXKt Artiiitinn. «'Y 7-477(. I.AKR .IACKSON-Bia;.ov OaVs h'mif. I hedrv^om. many closri^, ffnccil > nnl. txiw dn«n pn\mmt. ccniltv on tentu. PiOWMNH RR.M.'IT. AN S-'J.'iS. 1 or CV ".fiM3. room home pear m'litwil and iiwpptnK c-fiiter. call rv 7--JK47, .AKR JACKSON ~-'l\'2 Rerlivooil. Kn'nt) S1650. raymrnts I7f monlhh. Veiy Kfxxt ronditinn. ROWKXNH ItKAI.TY. CY 7-bM,1, AN S-'iwL', t'Y T-'.MfiH. LUXURY UV1NO on '_> at'res, .1 bedicwm, ntral bent, cameled, tlreo «e)l. Sft.- ). ARC. BK :.-:»;i:u nifitin CY T-TIKM. j NKW 2 bedroom bouse In Oanbiny iratlyj to move Into on Inrjtc lol. J'l.lki. only j Xw.Tt pfv nwnUi, no i!i«sn ^BJ n\fR\ nRAXOSl'OUT I,U>rREIl CO AN ri-5:i2a Chile nofi .IASMINR- Iflrgc io*mn. »Rfi nv)»u, IV* I.AUIIKI* Ft IA or (II M7 MAON'rtlJA *I-iiw pqnity, f«V pr, I month 152.1 \V1STKIEIA :t-1'.i. ItW. P«r nvmiii .117 -\/,Al.HA-- '.' t)atli<!, s»«l>»liatf din,^- lo-.m. Iflise kilclirn, UO.iJOO, H05 i'KSTRR WAY 4-'.'. renlial ilr, eln tllr kitchen FLOKTKH * ARSWC. I'Y 7-"*77 CY 7-770S CV 7-fi(Vl1 CY 7Wfft CY 7-MSJ , ilen ill')) ^AHliri. ilixpo^Kl. 2 mr fn-t illllnnei ii'i'lv Kquily 11WO. nsiuin. Innn. CV 7-WlW. ;iw t'v:N'i'J:i: WAT < bertfiyjm. fer.r*vi ulr rnnilltlimril. equity. B. U BAIJF.H IIKAI.TUK. CY 7.-JII8. I 1 -, sror.v HOMR. in ionm«. 2 [ plefe t),itn«. t iiHMit npartment w;Hi iliiuhlr saline HI ieni. Mil W, I.. WAI. TKR RKA1. KSTATK. HR 3-2.MI. T nKMRDOM, I'< hath, fenrert >(tnt. A^ II \nc UK :;..v,;'.t 01 nights MK. lira- Ion BK J-J11I. |(i:M H\\'Y aw-;in\l00 Inl. HOIUP iutiahir ' for office Pheller! pat king aica. |!i't'>(J. j K 1.. PAUKR KHA1/IX1R. CY 7-'JHS. NORTH KRBKPOHT -a \eai» old. Nirrj- - —: .1 i.edm.m. Corner lol. black lop *tir*l. U»W. MOVKS you into lhl< nice Vin.rr JUl'OO. lUlWl«\Nh UKALTV, CY 7*M1. I I'ni-k 'i lirdiwm \m\nr at fill W. K'l*-. AN 5'2.VW. CY 7-Ctfirt. i wndle 1 K«iaRe. blitfr livlng-dininft i(K)!H, . .- . j .in* family lotmi Call A-MKItK'\ l , OWNKH THANPFKimKll. MUST SKLK! j KKALTY. AN :>-'-'.v:R. (or BPiwintmnu. Jackson ^ bedrotim. Ints* 1 caiprt- • rd tlvinjt room, family i .Mird. Paymrnl >fi7. month, IIOWI.ANI) RBA1.TY. CY 7-fi.vM. AN S^M'J. CY 7-^lrtfi. RtJKAl*- -Rings Oak.t. ^ hedimm fullv InMtlnlnl inrluding the flwn<. lOOvL'OO lol. j:>00. cnsti pliM ringing rnsl«. K. !>. SAUKH. REALTOR. CY 7-LM18. JtOO I'OWN. .I'.'. 1 , per month. 3 heihi«nm. rentinl heat. «;ffe lor. e\< ellf-nl lo< « Him K. 1. SAUKI! RK.U.TOK. I'V 7.2111. >lmt lioWN ^ beilHjonn. fenrril. trees Pi Ice SR.hrrfV loiv Illonlll^ pnv- raciitj. AHi' BK 1-5AH or nl«hU rT ••Tff.'n. WH.I, CONS1DF.R - ArriWfe-Ailtnmnbllr. smnll houite, lot. trailer, or ttlckup on equity ot large Frrepoit house. 1 bedroom, 2 bath, large den. 21'0 wnlnn, large ffnrntcr and \voik shop; or S'.'.'iO ____ down if refinnncPd. Total jinre 511.-'-in; Nmitiierii Oaks Dr. 2-1 Creek l«t. SOO. Call Hnm W. Stovall, AN 3ol49 j' fcnrfrt J car Rarasc. after 4:30 PM. 1(W MKAltOWHUOOK--;5-'J New Hi irk I.VKi: JAMISON PINK -.1-'^. panel ilen, ei|inly fllOO. in .insmlne .1-1';. Air n«il feliceil i^.t) Houlhem Oilka III. 4-7, Klerl SACRIFICE— 110 Chrstmit. lj(ke .lackson 52,000 Kqulty for nothing, Take up back payments. Call Houston, HO ;Vfi,Tjh. HOUSES 55. SPORTING GOODS 152. PETS-SUPPLIES I-TJl'.NISHKD COTTAGK lor small lamily or bachelor. Utilities pnij. Call BK 3-43S6. 4. CARD OF THANKS 32. INTERIOR DECORATING! CLUTE JAYCEKS AND JAY' P KK-K1TFP \ mmmmm .wish t-> thank Iy?im- nf l^rny's Net li- " Y ° l nnd Supply Shop for h: 1 - pint iri ilnnat- ; a p Inc the background atmnsphcre o sea t no tin. 1 for our bamjuel. ARK PLANNING :o redecorHle or furnish an entire house, vicit ' MALL GALLERIES. You'll find us in- i formative and hclpfui. CV T-T411. i IPS! -~j hp Klem motor er. all in fx>'l cor.ditir BF: s.r.v.i. llltlf > :P piipivcs for j. •fks old. 2 males ie. i\*KL-\i-('0-l brdioi 5j Ave. C. AN XVIDiv 81. BEDROOMS FOR RENT ! 90. BUSINESS RENTALS . rv WK THK FAMILY OF friends and ntl*lihor> (if Avca for thtlr sinceie sjmpathy in our licrjr Sincerely thanks. THK TO.MM1B PKK BOATS AM' •WHITE HOUSE-! r LKDROOM—and t:ar ( »-<'. Coitar: nd ! 15. BEAUTY SHOPS SHir.LEY'S BEAUTV SHOP $10 W) rermar.csits for $7.50 |7,r»t) Pprmnncnts for ?" l'n) 720 Koi!h B KH n-HLT'l . MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ••^•••^^•••"^^^•••••••••i , includes Rcrwralfir '-it. MR CONDITIONER? used 0m- ton :iO-j wind-h:cM. rnrjninc ; and HO voit.v S75.00 each. 151 Hollv ' IQ H furl tank, and Lakp Jackson. Texas. " Complete ri- -— YKLLOW JAOKKT I'KL'I.-KlTK-I'i 1 1.^7 model, r.ri hp .Iniir.-un clei-ir.f start »•• :h • -•-- — Rene.rator. Galvanszed boat Irailcr. Hi- FREKPORT—Lafge < man $40 ^^^^^^^^ GULF BLVh. BUILDING— will sell hkf ^^^^^^^^^^ | rent to rfipr.n<ible party. Mrst Market th private pn-; fixtures available. Mis. Hnn\. BK 3- new paint. FllA down jm>mc Virj Yaii|)on. TKXA? KK1TKII CY 7-.MIS*. tree*,' KNOLI.WOOh Addition in I.ake Jackson. t J^.TJ. i New home?; ready to occupy. Others OMF~«' • under construction. Office !/X)i> Road '! and Pine. OPKN DAILY. CY 7-ilfil. TUB 1JLT1MATK 1X)CATION For An Kstnblishrd Family The Looiins Hume—It) iJike Koad on Kflmons Ijike Jackson J large, bedrooms, fireplace 3'.!2' Lnkft Frontage—spacious wooded grounds. S47,000.0fi K. L, SAUKR REALTOR. CY 7-24111 (TRADE EQUITY for lot or *m«u home. "ttOO sq. ft., m bath. S rooms, double car garage. ABC. BK 3-53r,4. 1400' OF ROOM 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE Pine. OPKN DAILY^ c j[ J^ 1 ^ j i bedrooms, i baths. 'J window ACU, — — _ - vented heat, family room, j.'. i rccnp<l poich. KHA down payment. |S2ri. "M Winding Way. E. L. HAUKIt REALTOR ^e clean rwm« with i:se of ', n. 135 Ka>l Man-t>. AN D-5T*'.! 2^ 3 x -..;, jioDhll'.N STOUK biitjil rca i |-| u ,.r p M<1 orlii'" ITS.SO. E. SAL'KIl. REALTOR. C'V 7-:U8. ;AJR CONDITIONER—Two ton GK >liaht-. , ly u>cd. HOO. value (or 1:250. BE 3-31SO. i Tool Ql'lfT br,'m, " uwk.r. .o'flcc .f ,1- BE 3-1UC ariiT 1 ; ; IOI. BUSINESS > OPPORTUNITIES AITO AIR CO.VDITIOXING Install S?30.00-Term5 BE 3-r.SL* .lays. CY 7-21W mphtjr AlAK'S BEAL'TV SHOP K\iM; 7lh ]..'!Ti!H;-.ent Fl'.hiE 22. MALE KELP WANTED BOAT .abl,rl .[•. furn.: arri \\> [•lean jWI.VTER^-lt;' 1IU ;, ! Min motor. Bi^ \\!!* ;MVANK KHAI-T- ir - •• - —— - - - — -- ''mribination crochet bprfspreBd^ and p ., vr uy -nni i:>c. iTfM'hei and emhro'd- ir wi^t if IM-.I asher. dryer, deepfreeze, i ] >-• cah!«! and chair* and ;R n\T iri- an f.K,.,.Vi ie. BE 3-42S7 alter MS BOAT ~ lb al! ribc 'Xl l . raomhi>. BE =-?ITS 65. UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR REN1 (•alt:- op> . .In ft!OH LAKK JACKSON 1 —H? Coral Vine. fumt-hM. ?-((.'. month CY 7-*»MT 'BOAT I'. COMPLLTK HOUKK FULL or furnitu inrlhd.r-4 refrigerator, ga^ range. 7 ; p:f*t'p ISVSRJ rixmi ^ronp. ;» piece dinette' act. i ompii-te b"droom group \iiUi mat-! t!••'•.-=. HTT! h.j-i j,i)nngs. AI! for JCW.Sri. ! unl-- Xi».p-, rtown, S:,f) per monlh. j niXGi.H H:P..\*ITI:P.K co ;,i5 \v "nd : _^™^ r ' ! -- 1 p »^r. e way. u. il02 HOUSES FOR SALE w.lh hl.ix.-k ;i i. >T,' P-77S3. I_\KK JACKSON'- '.' beiiir fthf;^!a-.s. :.". hp. i.mni ar^itri'-nu for i:.- start, ,-.tfi-r.r.if. aricr -ir'^O ;m. JMII !«'!•*. ,-JKSS MKK J.V.'K.-'OK- 'J t«.*ijru •. Guaranteed A-l, :<•': sue.-nto:- ;iirr!-.j:(?(i. *' CY 7-liJin. U men $50 j CLUTE—Three houses: Two '_' bedroom houses. O-ip 1 bedroom housp. All furnished, xtitti' new (urmtur". All «(«:)d c :iti(J:t!(tn. Total price S7!GO Will 11O\VK\NI> TIKALTY »'Y 7-«5«, AN :>-:'v.j. I*Y T-'.MIW. SWEET PKA.~- -UrT7' Hwy 'JWi fiontage. ONLY J'jy.OOO. K. L. SAUKK. RKAl/- TOIL CY 7-2418. 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 1 bod-, aerator' SPACIOUS NEW PLAN FOUR BEDROOMS. 2 FULL BATHS (ONE STORY) ALL BRICK Master Bedroom No. 2 Bedroom No. 3 Bedroom No. 4 Bedroom Dininq Room LIvinq Room Family Room Breakfast Room Kitchen Attic Fan * '*' 14 * 14 12 * ' 3 ' 12 * 12| 11 x H' - 12 x 17' 14 * 18' 10 x 10' ..... 11 * 11' 42" 30 Gallon qlon lined hot water heater All of this for $12.115.00 Two cor garage (frame, detached) add S950. Approved lot mokes down payment Plan shown by appointment only ROWLAND REALTY 103 Plantation Driv» or 777 Hwy 288 Clute, Tcxai ANOLKTON— "J 1 bed loom Imnion-Blf J102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR preleccd. j -- Wfule CPPCC mcreasei reaoertiilo 102. HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE ?,! TV >Kr.lK,\'<*KIJ TCKK TOi'PKll. L. H;u:n.,',c. Tl I'.Mi"'. INVESTIGATOR CAREER OPPORTUNITY Salaried position •"""-^fftCB of Natio V~"inq Invesiiqalion fc^ insur^ncu and - personnel, pursues inroreiiing out. iide contdct work No sellinq. col- leclinq, or irave!. College prefer- vide t i r m :r insuri»ncs inToreiiing red. Car and moderate typing abli- 1 -'^_ W ' Br0hfl ity necesidry. Age 22-26. Excel- r;r~rn r 7™.; lent employment benpfits. promo- '"'' *!'.«' Ken from with.n. Write PO Box 712 Passadena, Texrts, o. call GR 25503 Mr. Paul Heltield. n harwood Kui-itiirc. mak _. GK PAKTS jt'iiu'iio GK icnewal it.ids loi wash. divcis. fir. s?r VQ.II tjK Draler. CLIFTON'S APPKUXCK KI.KCTKIC L; 1: n»». I'Hll rv •I2H *,'.'»1 <: :.irr (,ATH-u.-..crt <: HTKn'cuuiv'; HK'^VAV* I'KI.ITV K-'I'IPMKNT A.M-KM H.M..J n-watt HI-FI in An;|if> s •Kiiidon Jj-lilLT. or..- aixi f:r*r 'V T-L'^. KKKP COOL AUTO STOliK 2*. F EM V 'A N T ED GK1U, "tic' -\n at 'i';,.: lit OI'K.VJNf; JSIl. cija-j table tiff. TRACTOR MUIVKIUJ (or pas- k Nt w local astncy in vile* -p.Ttion. ri.MITH WELDING Ave. A. Bt: 3-^101. L-e. No expc !».-t-ttmc uu •...I IJ I'M 100 1U. rffc-'k |3.E)0 'i'jhhV HOL'.-'E. 1(J1 V,'. Broad [ONE ...i ..TAKt: BODY With hydraulic ! I'ft • ,-j - i.i.d.t.on .. JIJ/.'.OO 1 BUSH.:. , [;J:KV. H V ... -^ ^ A \t. C THE MOST POPULAR HOMES IN HOUSTON BETTER HOMES BUILT ON YOUR LOT« LESS r* *»**»»> **>*******> ATTENTION!! AT NO EXTRA COST FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS— 100% NYLON CARPETING! + * * * I { K.TCHEN" JU.LT..H, ^ ^. Imraediote frt« cttimol* on your plant or chooi* ^ ^. from our 100 plans. Wi build within 100 miles or Hauiron. The AM-Bnck Bedroom "MAYFAIR 6500 *,U.A, $ 48.50 A Month Tha All-Brick 3- Bodroom "TRAVIS" Tha All-Brick 3-Bcd l';-BQlh "HOUSTON' As Low As 1)9. jO A Month "'8995 A.Lo.A^ejJO^MoMh [Lf-.!r;;r^ i- All-Brick "IMPERIAL" 3- $| "1 fadrm. with Hollywood bath I *-> WRITE FOR . FRE5 BROCHUftt ?Q 1 As Low At V I . YOUR NEW QUALITY HOME WILL INCLUDE: • 10-year warranty 30-gol, glass-lined water heater • 15-year bonded roof. Your choice of colors. • Choice of typ* and color of brick. • Floor materials: Choice of No. I oak or plush carper- ing • Utility connections for washer, dryer and 90* refrigerator • The garages completely shcctrocked • All Quality Homes are completely finished Other Quality Homes features; • Built-in Dressing Tablet • Glois Sliding Patio Door* • Tiled or Formica KitchcA and Boths • Brick divider wall with indirect lighting! • Terrazzo Entrance Foyer with Brick Planter • Walk-in Closets • Choice of Birch, Ash or Philippine Mahogany Paneling UALITY HOMES CO ' Of HOUSTON / 4606 GULP FREEWAY AT DUMBLE T v WA 3-2734 - SALE Duplex Apartments LIVE IN ONE—RENT THE OTHER $9,250.00 TERMS S AS LOW AS_$ TERMS $78.00 Per Month Including taxes and insurance Only $462.50 Cash Including All loan costs l OLEANDKR— 3 bedrooms, bni'k. Hi bath. 12 car H3JO. KHA 3';e RKALTOR. CY loan. E. I. SAUEIt :'S Wf:sT llth—Completely rebuill Inside. 2 beiiruorm, low V}L\ down paymcnL SOUTH TEXAS REALTY. BE 3-3110. 342 Kyle Koad—.1 acres on creek. 3 bedroom. JM.950. E. L. SAUEK. REALTOR CY 7-2418. 110 OLKNWOOD-M' Blli-k V- CYPRE.-s~:t-l Kamlly room 215 CAI-AIUUM— .1-1 Family I Ad' Kqully J2800. I'mt« iHi. Mo. K> IAUHKI^-n-1 2 AUU MM) CMI Jl.i .-.01 OAK DR.— 3-2 Kamll.v Dinlnj 2H KLM-:t-l IMIce reduced 414 WlNIIINf. WAV— L'-l 1'en 174 B« mo VI!' MAGNOLIA— V-l »fi,000 116 GARDCNIA— '.'-I, Ijirge I.Mi Are.. 107 ASH I.ANB-3-V Kab. Ali-nn evcel- lent buy 'J1D ACACIA— 3-1 Price tteduceil .1^1) CYPKl-^S— 3-1 Drapes innulatfrl ren trat heal 109 JASMINE— 'M 122"). »o»n (LttK. 413 COBB ST.— 3-1'i. Uj ilorv. Kxti3s TiOfi BILUNOTON— :t-t central heat 221 KAKT BERNARD— 13730. 432 f'OBB ST.— .1-2.- family. S750 equity 21S L.VKK JACKSON Rd. -Commercial V13 KAST PKCAN— V-T. Utility room 304 WE.TT JlAltION-2-1 and apaitmenl 202 NORTIi MAHAN— o-t IBOOO •210 BUP.KKTT— 2-1 J75.00 323 KAST BERNARD— 2-1 carpel* and nil 234 BURKETT-3-1 Brick, central htat LOTS 1 wooded Creek Lot Southern Oak« 97 X 23.V 13500. LKASE Jonn Creek— 4-3, on .1 acn-t IVK IL\VE MOIU: wn.i. snow ANYIIMK AIJ.EN J. VKItDI.VK. nE.\I.TOH« CV --56M 128. USED CARS FOR SALE 128. USED CARS FOR SALE BEST LOCATION WEST END FREEPORT CLASS A RESIDENTIAL Convenient To SCHOOLS — CHURCHES COMMUNITY CENTER EACH Apartment Has 2 Full Bedrooms, Tile Kirchen.Tilo Bath, Vented Wall Heat. Washer Drains. 220 Service To Building OVER 1600' LIVING AREA Lots Average 75' Frontage EXCELLENT DRAINAGE CONCRETE STREET CURB—GUTTER—SIDEWALK CONCRETE ACCESS ALLEY Double Garage--Concrete Floor Refinished—A-l—Condition LOCAL and FHA Financing available WHILE THEY LAST We Also Have Several 3 Bedroom Duplexes BRAZOS BUILDERS 621 W. Broad BE 3-3651 HARRY TWOMBLY,— WAYNE POWELL 1941 BUICK piei«l -I door, V-l, automatic, radio, h«atar—SlicV wal J209S Now Only 1941 STUDEBAKER Lark 4 door, o cylinder, llandard low miltao.*, wal flo95 Now Only 1960 FORD Falcon 4 door standard, trim, radio, htattr, Daluna, wal $1295 Now Only 1961 FORD Fairlana 4 door V-8, ttandard, radio, haatar, factory air, wat $2195 Now Only - . I960 FORD 4 door Vi, itandard, radio, h.alar, Ona own.r, wai JU9S Now Only . 1959 FORD Fairlan* 4 door V-8, automatic, radio, haatar, powar itaarin.q i brakai wai SI495 Only 1957 MERCURY Montti.y 4 door. o«ardriva, radio, h.alar, laauty, wai (I9S Mow Only 1955 FORD Fairlan. 4 door V-l, radio, haatar, A ttial, wat S595 Now Only 1956 CHEVROLET ludor 6 cyllndar, haavar. Rum raal good, wai (695 Now Only 1956 CHEVROLET 4 door VI, radio, and haatar. Racanlly ovarhaulad. Wal >695 Now Only 1956 PONTIAC 4 door, VI radio, haalar, automatic, good, wai 1775 Now Only '1995 '1495 '1195 '1995 '1795 '1395 '695 '395 '595 '595 '695 TRUCKS I960 FALCON Rancharo, itandard, kaatar, air eonditionad, wai $M95 Now Only 1956 CHEVROLET '/i ton pickup. V.f. llandard, wai 5695 Now Only 1966 FORD '/> ton 6 cylindar, haatar, naw paint. wai $69S Now Only 1953 FORD Vi ton pickup—work hona wai $^95 Now Only 1955 DODGE I ion. Rum good wai $595 Now Only •1295 '595 '595 '295 '450 Ovtr 30 clean Und Con to cheat* from FRED CLAIBORNE FORD INC. BE 3-2661 514 W 2nd

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