Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 23, 1963 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1963
Page 4
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Page 5 <»nr<li>ti riiv Friday, August 23, 1963 Reminder Given for Flowers \ reminder to flower exhibitors and arrangers who plan to enter the Kinney County Fair was issued today by (he Harden City Garden Club. Although the weather hasn't b«pn favorable for flowers this year — with wind, drouth hot and cold taking their toll - dub members still encourage all that have flowers, houseplants or who can make an arrangement to do ;;o. Good grooming and condition- ins; are stressed as most important for the exhibits. Growers ar* atlvisH to clean their hortir.d- Uie of tlii 1 . spay, buxs, .ind damaged lea* fs. but still Icav'-j ing some foliage i f possible. | While there avr several wavs to condition flowers and woody 1 plants — such as adding differ- ! ent chemicals l.o the water — a method practical for most plaiiisj is to place them in fairly-warm! water after cutting in the early morning or even 1 ".? They should ' be left in the container overnight. Woody stems should be crushed or split. For dahlias, the ends should b(. seared and placed in cold or iced water. A schedule and rules appear in the Finncy County Fair book, and it was pointed out that there is a class in arrangements for men. The Garden City Garden Club is hoping for good support of this year's show — in both adult and youth divisions. Shower Honors Linda Garton A shower lo* Miss Linda Garton was conducted at the home of Mrs. Hubert Pilancl, 917 Center, Aug. 10. Assisting were Mrs. J. E. Dale and her daughter, Mary, and Mrs. Hubert Piland and her daughter, Mrs. B r y c e Baker. Miss Garton is the bride- elect of Bill Lewallen of Haysville. They will be married Saturday. At the shower, the bride's theme of "Ring, Umbrella, and Flowers" was carried out in dec orations. Pouring punch at the pink colored punch table were Mrs. J. E. Dale and Mrs. Hubert Piland. A pink umbrella with pink caron- tion streamers flowing from it centered the table. The 'gift table was centsrcd with an arrangement of larg»; wedding rings and a vase of flowers. Mrs. J. R. Dale made a pin;< heartshapecl bow pillow which was also placed on the gift talVe. Your Problems bv Ann Landers — DEAR son i s 11 dancing learning Iran Youths Don't Date in Early Life "Teenaper? in Iran do not Ret to dMe early in life," siiid Mo- hammat Moshiri of Teheran, Iran. He was a guest «t the Sunflower HDU meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Faye Gordonier, Kminence Ht. Hp is in this country to study Knglish. He nlso told of his religion nnd the industries of Iran, j Another guest attending the meeting was Mrs. Jake Ins, Kmi- nence Ht. Fourteen members answered roll call with "An Ideal , ....... ... .. 0 .-,, .- i Spot for n Vacation." little pirls. It was not a date af- ,,.„, C0o]o() am) u ,., t WP 1)fU | i ost | Af|r ,. d t , VO (| ons hy M ,. s 1^0 fair. Kach child was brought by , in(( , 1TS , in rac h ol | u ,,.. There ' Prinkmeyer the topic nnd text a parent and wn s to b 0 picked • wm> no hai . sh W()| . (ls __ you were "visitors View Animals of up by midnight. Our son told us this morning tliat be had a terrible time he- Or Hell." The boy tnkes the girl who is "if into a closet and for seven minutes he can either kiss her (Heaven) o r hit her (Hell). Our son said he didn't want to hit a girl and he didn't want to kiss one either. Accord- the ANN LANDERS: Ou:-! entry if -she invade,) your apart years old. H e goes to; ments just to snoop around, school where he is j •*•*•* poise and ballroom j * * dancing. Most of the boys and i DEAR ANN LANDERS: girls in his class are 10, 11 and vvollt s ( ca dy with 12 years old. 1?ol | ip f 0) . most six months. Several weeks ....... . ............................. - - -Last night the class had a par- . a( , ( , wp sa , (lown „„,, ha( | a long ty at the home of one of thc' ^^ agl . TOl (hr romance : say tho romance just died natural causes. Yesterdnv when I hoard Rol Bible in .lenusalem Zoo. Mrs. Ed Thiessen presided at the; meeting. A report was given by Mrs. Herbert lireeh.'isen on "Fun Night" held at the Co-op Condnr. and low and can't find the pin j It was decided during the busi mine I decided to give him fraternity pin back. 1 looked high anywhere. Do you feel I have an obligation to replace it? Or shall 1 wait until he asks and then tell "Too bad, Friend, 1 lost thr ing to him the girls liked game but the bo'ys didn't My husband is boiling' mad nnniivtit nn over this and h c wants to take! your help. - DOORNAIL KO- our son out of th c school. 1 have j MANC.F, mixed emotions. Wouldn't it be ! . a shame if he lacked poise and ! Dei »- Doornail: Since Rollie didn't know how to dance when ' '"isn't mentioned t h e pin dancina i, so important to pop-j he probably docsn t attach much ularitv these dnvs? - BEVER-, importance to it. Say nothing. If LY HILL MOTHER ' 1e sbould ask for the pin later. you hnve an obligation to re- ness discussion to erect a Fair Booth. Hostess prize was won by Mrs. Jake Ins. Mrs. Henry Wlcbe, Mrs. James Shaner Mrs Leona bloomin' thing." Thanks for i Henderson and Mrs. Cecil Dud- 1 ley received p,:fts. The lesson for next meeting at 8 a.m. Sept. 18 at the home of Mrs. Clayton Ladwig, 1502 W. Kansas, will be the pnint lesson. The meeting will be a breakfast. DERMET1CS cleaner and lotion —the non allergic skin treatment. Dermetics. Sun Spoils, best in the west to prevent sun burn. Inez-Accessories. —23 A MIGHTY EPIC OF THE STRONG MEN CO-HIT- NOW SHOWING Evening Shows Start 7:15 Matinee Daily 2:00 IF YOU'D LIKE TO PEPPER YOUR FUNNY BONE . . . with the funniest thing you've ever enjoyed in the world of comedy . . . JUST COME ON DOWN AND SEE THIS ONE ARLENE FRANCIS -AUiuvmalRtiette STARTS SUNDAY Dear Beverly: Who gave your place it — if he wishes you to. husband poise lessons? Mine, too , - and they survived somehow, D °« »'™« everyone have a didn't thcv? I 8° 0(i timc but y° u? If so - scll(1 Take that kid of yours out of for Ann Landers' booklet, "How that silly dancing school and put him in a YMCA swimming class. An 11-year-old boy should be playing baseball, climbing trees and wrestling with other boys .He should not be "kissing o r hitting" girls in closets. Parents who push 10- 11- and 12-year-olds into adult situations force them to play-act. The best these poor kids can do is imitate what they imagine is adult behavior. Youngster s such as yours, who are cheated of precious childhood years, become burned out has-beens at 17. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: is it Ml ri"ht for the landlady to -•T> in f'-poiv through our apart•v— <i opting and smoking and her nose what? into heaven [ -m one of six girls \vlio lives i fiji; verv convenient building. iin imjts we rent are not sumo"--s but to us this i s home. We own anything of value but To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Lander* will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to he r in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Coffee Honors Bride-to-Be A coffee honoring Miss Alice Raynesford w»? Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Lester Guyer, 1205 Mrs. Tommy Graves and Mrs. Joe Vander- wcidc assisted. Mrs. Vanderweide sang lyrics written by herself to the tune of "Alice Blue Gown." She also accompanied herself on the pian'i. The bride-to-be was given an engraved bride's ) r n fe from the group. Coffee and coffee cake '-e idea that someone can corns! served from a table decorated in i and snoop around is madden-! blue and white which are the n-i bride's colors. The centerpiece The landlady will not permit | was of white petunias in a blue "s to change the locks on our vase. attending ''coys because she sa'ys she must 'iave access to our apartments in case of an emergency. Is ''•ere something w e can do? None of us wants to move. — THE CLIFF DWELLERS Dear Dwellers: The landlady may indeed have the keys to your apartments but she has no right to use those keys except in a real emergency (fire, escaping gas. etc.). Marry leases say so. If yours does not, perhaps it should. In some states the landlady could be prosecuted for illegal Others were Mrs. the coffee the bride-elects mother, J D. .Rayr.e.'ford: IK >' Mrs. Berry Installed by Jaycee Jaynes The Jaycee Jaynes met Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. William Hedges, 505 Summit, with seven members present. Installation of officers 'by the outgoing president, Mrs. Don Coulter, highlighted the night's activities. New officers are: Mrs. Dale Iieiry,; Mrs. M e 1 v i n Johnston vice-president; Mrs. Wilbur Gough secretary-treasurer and Mrs. Coulter, reporter. A report was given to the group concerning the lunch served at the .T-ive.rfc Golf Tournament. The Jaynrs plan to sell in flated balloons »t the Fall Festi val. Sept. 11. On Saturday Sept. 28, the Jaynes will senr as hostesses for the wive of the Jaycees who a-"- tttending the Jaycee district quarterly meeting here It's to be at the Continenal Inn No regular meeting is planned for September, ar, the organiza lion will be participating in the Fall Festival on the meeting nrghl. The October meeting is to b at the home of Mrs. Wilbur (iough, 1709 N. 3rd, Oct. 9 at !i p.m. grandmother, Woertendyke; Mrs. Caila Howard Hooper. Mrs. Edwin Hooper, Mrs. Francis Carroll, Mrs. Sam Alsop and Mrs. Neil Reitzel. Those who contributed to'V-ird purchasing the bride's ,'?nite but were not pr" 1 - eht at the Cu r fee w D r e Mrs. F-ed Bruin'gton, M>\s. 1 if yd MofMt and Mrs. Xervieth /imbelman. RUMMAGE SALE at Dickenson Bldg. Saturday Soroptimist Club. morning by —23 HERE'S A WAGON LOAD OF B»rov**ms!«ai»ws»«m«WMi«si^^ swaKwwMMwwwwwniwB" CORN 'N COUNTRY MUSIC! GRAB YOUR COUNTRY COUSIN OR SWING YOUR CITY NEIGHBOR! HAVE THE FUNNIEST TIME YOU EVER HAD WITH TOE-TAPPIN 1 TUNES 'N KNEE-SLAPPIN' WISE-CRACKS! STARTS 7:50 P.M. SATURDAY ONLY IT'S A MARATHON OF CORN! SEE THESE FOUR BIG HITS . . . NO. 1 "MA AND PA KETTLE AT HOME" with Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride NO. 2 "FRANCIS JOINS THE WACS" NO. 3 "CHARTROOSE CABOOSE" with Molly Bee YOU'LL NEVER SEE THE SAME MOVIE TWICE NO. 4 "COUNTRY MUSIC HOLIDAY" with toe-tapping all- star cast... . OUR GIANT HQDT-NANNY HOE-DOWN! — COME EARLY E STAY ALL NIGHT ENDS TONIGHT METRO GOUpWYN MAYER if * * * *»JM PiSMHM PSOOUCTO * * * * d mreocouii CO-HIT ... A love story from the legend of the ages . . . TODS CURTIS p HllER . N HAROLD HECHT EASTMMCOIM Plus Color Cartoon STARTS SUNDAY! It's frisky . . . It's cool Boston . . . It's loaded with fun and laughs . . . Mr*. Crawford Rlnke, 618 N. 2ml, attended n hair cure lonmi mill hulfel supper Thursdiiy at the new Wichita Rnmiulii Inn. Mr and Kn>. their Midi with I, II formerly den Cilv «nd Mn. L. L. Alhcrl children, Dick nud 'IVrrn led early this mornim: for home in Frnnkenmuth, .. after spendlni: the week his pnrenls, Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert, lil 1 ! \. 1Mb. lie was employed nl Hie Cm- post office nnd is now inspector with headt|uart ers nt Snginnw, Mich. postal Mr. «nd Mrs. Don Coullei •. Kip. Keeli and Kauiela visited in Oklahoma over the pnst week end with their p»rents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Glonn Coulter nnd Devon nn, F.nid rtnd formerly of Gardt v n City; nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Dale Slormont, Wnkitn. Okln. They plan to return to lleletui, Okln., Sept. 7. for the wedding of Devonnn Coulter to l.nrry Snider. MRS. LABIN HILVAN MEYERS (Letha Joan Kemp! Wron I'iinto Kemp-Meyers Rites At Southern Baptist Lctha Jean Kemp became the bride of Labin Hilvun Meyers Thursday morning at the First Soutfhem Baptist Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Kemp, BUO W. Olive, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvan Meyers, Kendall. The Rev. Jon Lurtj: of the First Southern Baptist Church officiated ed at the single ring ceremony. Dianno Lurtz was the organist for the wedding. Tho bride wore a drfiss of white a r n e l trincitatc with white Calendar of Social Events Carlo Ashburn Honored At Pre-N'uptial Shower I Miss Carla Ashburn, bride- j elect of Larry Shelton, was the honoree of a shower given AUH. 16 by Mrs. Max Parri.ih, Mrs. ! 0. C. Smith and Mrs. Hazel Gardiner at Mrs. Gardiner's home, 1007 N. 4th. Prizes were won by Mrs. Charles Olomon and Mrs. Frank Gillenwater. Refreshments were, served from a table centered with a miniature church and bride, groom and brides maid candles coming from the church on a flower-strown path. ODD FBI,LOW AND RIDRKKAII FAMILY PICNIC — ut S In Fln- inii) Park. TUKNDAY KKIUr.ICAlI MBKTING — S p.m. at 1OOF Hull. OJ,D TIMERS CLUB — from 1 until 1 p.m. nt tlin Civic Ontctr. WKDNESDAY NKWOOMERS WOMKN'S IIR1DGK - 7:80 p.m. at Civic Center. Fellowship Guild Meets At Christian Church Fellowship Guild met Monday evening at the Chrislian Church with Mable Adams and Thelma Baker servinx as hostesses. Presiding at the meeting was Mn- blo Adams, president. Devotions were jjivon by Leva Smlthe. During t h e short business meeting, th e new lessons for the coming year were discussed. Money was voted for the CWF general running expenses. Next. miiutiiiK will be at 8 p.m. Sept. l<i ut th c home of Minnie York 1308 N. Main. Kloves, white shoes and a white carnation. Her white crown veil was highlighted with rhlne,stones and pearls on tho crown. Tho bride's father gave her in marring*. Nora Meyers of Kendall was maid of honor, nnd At- vln Meyers served as best man. A reception followed at the church with music provided by Dianno Lurt/.. The two-tier cnke Was lopped with » small bride and groom. Assisting at the re- caption were the bride's moth cr and Mrs. Lurtz, who served tho cnke. Nora Meyers presided al the guest 'book. Tho bride attended school al Wichita Kails, Tex., and Oar- den City Hijfh School. The groom is a farmer at Deerfiold. Thc couple will be at their homo in Deerfleld. They plan a wedding trip to Ixe taken later. Postal Clerks Federation Picnics at Finnup Park A picnic for members of the United Federation of Postal Clerks wag held in Finnup Park Sunday evening. I'ru.sent were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Couch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bruington District- Department Store Soles Increoso KANSAS CITY (AP) — Uepurl- mcnt store sales in the 10th Federal Reserve District so far this year are up 5 per cent, compared to last year, and 4 per cent for thc week and the fmir-weok period ending Aug. 17, Nationally sales arc up 4 per cent for the year, 7 for the week and 5 for thc four j week period Percentage changes for tho week, four weeks and year Ineluded: Topeka down (i, 5, ">\ Wichita up I, down 1, no change; Joplin down 5, up 1, up 2; Oroat''r KanshS City up 8, 5, 7; downtown Kansas City down 3, 5, 5; St. Joseph down 10, 4, 2. ReUHvoi from out of town who attended the funeral MOM- day of John L. Tineber were Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tincher nnd children, Tnmnrn, Toiu'ttn nnd Tom, Mnple Hill, Kan.; Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Shirley; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mcl'herson, nn ( | Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Tincher, nil of Wichita; Mr nnd Mrs. Warren Spra'y, Arkansas City; Herbert Colemnn nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. V. (!. Colemnn, all of Slimon, Kan.: Mrs. Ruth Rlcluird n n d Ted Colemnn, bolli of [tntchinsoii; Mr. nnd Mrs. f!uy Thome, Norwich, L. F. Cushen- liery, Oberllti; Mr. nnd Mrs, 7,eek Powell, Amnrlllo, Tex.; Mr, nnd Mrs. Karl Downing and Mr. nnd Mrs. ICrrol Ncnl. nil 'if Medicine Lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Corrl- Ran 17(W "A" assisted by lh"lr two sons, Michael nnd David, en- tertnlned Tuesday evening wllh n covered dish barm-qno supper. Guests of hono r were Sgl, nnd Mrs. Wilbur II, Lnndgrnf of Ft. Mende. Md., nnd Dr. nnd Mrs S. V Hands. Holli s Ann nnd Victor of Amnrlllo Tex, Other guests were Mrs. C. L. Marmon, Carrie Wnrnkee, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Lnndgrnf nnd Larry Mr. and Mrs Roger Lnmkrrnf ami Kendall, Mr. nnd Mrs. Nor- mnn Lnndgrnf. Sloven nnd Dennis, nnd June) Quint, nil of (Jarden City. Dr. and Mr». T. P. Wndley, 1002 Snfford, arrived home Tuesday from Amnrillo, Tex., where Dr. Wndley had received treatment for 10 days. The Wndley have ns their guests this wee Ilielr daughter, Mrs. Geraldllit drove and son Ted, Snn Diego Calif., and groat, grnnddnniglitcr Linda Steele, from Denver, Ou»iti at the V. O. Wnrc home, Town House Apts,, las week were their grandson am grnnddnughter, Paul and Ixiule sn Mnrlcle, children of Mr. nm Mrs.. Hob Marlcle of Goodlnnd They were h«re« for about a week. Kountry Kuzlnt HDU hnd their unmml family picnic Stindny nt tho 4-11 Hnilldlng. Mrs. Dale /ill .Veil ,iud H:ilc Mr. and Mrs Keith ...HI Mrs Cli irK-s ll lene nnd .lii.-initn Broker. I «.• \i'! Mrs :l.>'i \\ crc mii'sls. Slx-ye»r-olcl S li ;i r o n T daughter of Mi ;md Mi- Tnlli- 1 ) l!)0."i Chr-iliM'I'irlil «<\s Ilii- honoree :il ;i tiirl Piirly Wi-iliii'siliiy. Alter n ,s\viiu- miin; pnrty ill the city pool, those iittiMiiliny Hie pnrly rrtunu'd to tin' Talli'.N linnin lor ice ri'c;iiu mid enke in the hnekynrd. The cnke was decorated with a "To\ land" Iheme, Pnrly members were Stacy linker, Debbie Need, llnrbnra Tennessen, (!wen Jones, Rhondn I 1 ' u I I e r and Sharon's brother Jim Tnllev. Garden Club Set for Fair In preparation for the Kimic.v County Fair. Mrs. M. L. Iftisseil explained horticulture nnd arrangement classes lo members of the (inrden City (iarden Club at a brunch last Monday morning. It was held In the summer louse at the home of Mrs. John toyd, Imperial Id. Mrs. Joe Vonlmnn was assistant hostess. • Mrs. J. 0. Carler and Mrs. Voolman reviewed the ,s c o r e heels on horllcidlure. (irooming lorllculture. for exhibition was m I'd a very important phase u determining a bl'.ie ribbon, .Irs. lloyd told (In 1 group. Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Dick Kohlii- sun, and Mrs. I'ete Brown were ippoinlod hy the president, Mrs. Waller Nicholson, lo comprise a lominatlng committee. The next neetinv; will he at the home of Mrs. II. M. llorlhwlck willi Mrs. ,e.Mllc Worf as co-hostess. Mrs. Rees Wins At Elks Bridge Mrs. Charles Rees won first In the KlkH Ladies bridge play Tuesday .afternoon. Mrs. (lordon Lee was second. Four tables played, will) Mrs. John Archibald and Mrs. Merle Irick as hostesses. For couples bridge Tuesday nii;ht, Henry Heiilrup won men's high, with Veru Holmes second. Mrs. Collins Moore and Mrs. Alan LnShler were liu;h in women's play. Hosts were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dihhen.s and Mr. and Mrs. Collins Moore. Next meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 3. I'AX, crab-grass control. Lawn grasses, clover, fertili/er. Sow, Fall, when Naluro planls. Fin- mip Seeds. HUM MAC 10 SALI3 Bldg. Saturday Soroptlmisl Club. at Dickeiisnn morning by Fiver add a dnsh of curry to Fiench dresHiiiK? Interesting fla- voil family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Johnson and family, and Mr, and Mrs. Neul Austin and family. The September meeting will be at the (Hrl Scout Little House. Jerre Nolte Honored On Fifth Birthday ' A party to celebrate the Mb ; birthday of Jerre Nolle WBH held in the yard of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nolte, 2013 N. 3rd, Wednesday morning. Guests were Michael Mnarlors, Kevin arul Debbie Roberts, An! «ie Collins, Brad and I/ora Wade, and the honoree's niste.t, Beth. CARD OF THANKS We wish lo extend our tude to Or. Fonlon, to th tors and staff of St. Cal Hosplta', and to all the friends who expressed their sympathy with cards, /lowers nnd food dur- and I ing the Illness nnd death of our Husband ami Father. Mrs. L. Tincher and Family. John matter what your . . 'ic I \ecc\ we're as close as your mailbox! Fail Woolens Just Arrived! Write for samples and prices! ...fashions s fabrics 320 N. Main Gordon City, Kv Boxoffic* Open* 7:00 Show Starrs 7:50 AIR CONTROL CO. HEATING AIR-CONDITIONING SALES, INSTALLATION AND SERVICE 112 S. Main BR 6-8072 Wt Strviet AH Mafcttl Mobil* Shut Metal Shop LIBERAL SCHOOL OF HAIR DRESSING 22 E. Fifth St. MAin 4-3271 Liberal, Kansas THE MODERN SCHOOL WITH THE MODERN METHODS All Work-Book Facial Kits Student Kits Manicure Kin Included In Cost of Tuition PAY BY THE MONTH WRITE OR CALL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION!

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