Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 5, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1961
Page 2
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2-DEL RK> (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Monday, June 5, \9t>\ of Least 44 Lives Udall Urges Prompt Action b| Cwfrtts OH Pndrl Hit Nrk 'Lake, southwest of Henderson. pool near her home. A doctor said WASHINGTON (AP) — congressional action to establish a national seashore park on Padre Island was urged Sutklay by the 1 secretary of the interior, Stewart we' don't set it (Padre Is- aside as part of the national "parks system in lhe noxl few eiSlrS Cid0niS ki " ed a5/SCV 'i. Mih ™ W * b "' M ; f ! 1 S-^' ^apparently died of a broken { momhs „ ^ ^ y<?ar op SQ fie^ Aviated Press tabuHtion '"rf T^J 10 " 1 T^ ' - li'm afraM the price will become The Associated I rcss tam.iatiou ; .suffered Saturday in a car-truck; A Mount Vernon girl, visiting I „, h ; ph n wm K» Wi ,, i*ho nub 01-yiplrnlDeaths started at u p.™. : cr6sh - VKV , t of Victoria. ! on lhc far(n of friends, drowned | ^ ^ if Ull «5 Si o ,& 2* Harohl II: Mowsund. 46. was at the Chapel. Hill Community' vcloDrnent; it waou , tl ^ niort lim . louml dead m his home in'San ( west'of Mount Pleasant Saturday, j Two. related traffic accidents in j Ar'ttsnio Sunday. A verdict of sui- She was Nola Clibson, 17, Jaush-', Frfilav ah'd ended Sunday mid- aid th'a Texarkana,. Tex., .area killed : t-itie- \vas returned. BentonWardlaw.. Threes Del Rioans in Bpsj-f^ Far CKfittiah Science sjrrz'ssjs «.* M 1^" raSSS *•:_*. /•*>..—». ':« r?«*«,i H^itoTn » n ,t in manv narts scoverer and 1-oumier ot CpTJs Odessa, .won' the senior division: T"h« -show-',was fermed a' s^*c- cess by -rodeo' officials. Nearly"-aU! the fans^were pleased with lhe] performances. "Several commem-i e$ it-;w'»s. the best junior show | they Kad ever seen produced any-! Three Del'Rioans where. Events ran on lime and'for (lie annual meeting there was rarely any lag in get-,Mother Church, the First Church | in Great Britain and in many parts ;coyerer "V" -----;. ,' fe , p - ttng the performers into the arena.! of Christ Scientist. They are Mrs..'of the United States on apptoxi-, Science, into sey u a i languages Once in a while a stubborn am-*i s i a uiackwell. Mrs. Chas N. Ban- matety the date of publication. - -were announced. , OVC^'-TV very rare. Isla Blackwell, Mrs. Chas N. ttan- mal would refuse to come om of j e j aR{ | >{ rs Edward V. Jarrett. • ' such instances were 5 They wwe present (o hear th? • special message today when the 'directors'"called for renewed vigi- on the part of all who cher- Results truth. der—1, Libby Schults; 2. Bob Biggs, T- Pole^ bending, birls, 13-15 —i.. „ Ada Cee-Riggs; 2. Shefri Mitchell: " c ? u " rch was Mrs " A l a F- v L - ce Gou ° h president of The Mother ' lor of Mr. and Mrs. George Gil> i He appeared as a guest of Sen. , 3. Linda Rose; 4. Johanna Youi:°.; Science teacher ; Ralph •Yarborough, D-Te\., on the | p o le bending, girls. 16-19 — j" i and practitioner of Boston. Shfc Washington. 15,'senator's weekly radio pro?ram ; Gerry Mayfield; 2. Connie Mitch" * =ucct '< > ' ls Arthur W. Eckman, gon- S.tturday while i which was pre-recorded in Wash-jell; 3. Prissy Linthicum. ' cral •"""""'"el of The Mother tlirye persons and injured 18. (7,,-orjJe Delbort Hobbins. 51, was.; s on. The three died in a truck which found shot to death in ins home • Willie Jean Washington collided with, a car west of Tf-xar- In &?.n Antonio Sunday. A verdict ! Houston, drowned kana Sunday night. An ambulance of ?uu-ide wr.s returned. 'hunting crabs with relatives in a i ingion for broadcast over Texas j Pole Bending, boys. 12 and rushing„the four injured in lhat Joann .Lynn Farley. 16-monlh-oJd bayou 1C miles north of Galveston. ; stations. crash was in' collision with two daughter of -Mrs. Robert Butler of One California hitchhiker was' . . ,. oht>r cars as it.m-arocl Tcxnr- Od^sa choked to deaih Sunday' killed and another was seriously ;. R«P«y«»2 <«> « question >"•>' Yar,' : """ a rustic bottle cap. 1 injured Salurdfiv when thev were j bor ? l '2 h ' ^ d »" Siud lhal lf the .-killed In.'the truck wvre Tony Sides, ^ of Fort Worth, 'struck by a s-jniill foreign car.near"i f , - L \, bul ": ,? n , flr. .nnd' *Mr.s.,Wyat^T. Carter of >va R shot U. death Sunday night' A mar "Ho". Killed «.vas "Henry Lee-. nd > lh £ * atlonal •k., and Mrs. Evelyn toixuie « Fort Worth. ! Rurleson. IS. of El Monte, Calif 7,000 Reservists train at Ft. Hood \ In Ghana, West Afrigff, Uruguay, " land many other areas outside the '.United Slates, new. branches of iThe Mother Church were estab- jlished during the year.,"^pw Chris- jtian Science college organizations (in South Africa ami South Amer- FORT HOOD. Tex. (AP)—About' ic'a were also reported. 1,000 reservists of the 90th Man-1 : • try Division today began rugged ' , . t ••; field training in the hills and val- | OflHltO PrK6 leys of this big Central Texas military field. The U.S. Army reservists began' i i i «'»iMll Scheduled at McAllen . Church. A native of Texas, Mrs. Nay, two Weeks of summer training un- j Larson; 3. Roy Lee Ilutio: 4, Sieve received her education at Ward^er which Maj. Gen. Earl Rud- ? i \ A. Bt'iiavidez. 20. Van Horn. Aims ki Sidney 'Novels, 67. Schulenburg. system DmUl of Grand 'Prairie, ' Tex. .Oiht'r violent- deaths ' inclmk'-d: Aims kil'l^jj farly Sunday when his | xvas fatally stabbed at his home'; V ess . caus •• ..KrueiU .Mitchell, identified by car •••vcrlurm-d s-outh of Van Horn/ Saturday "night. Charges \ver<? i ' s!ancj and papt-rs ;is being from Ravuixxi, ;n _Wost Texas. - " ! filed against his son. Robert Sid- ^^ in Liberty Counly, was killed in "\~avy'. Criidr. Allan M. Ham- ney N'evels, about 30. a rwp-car accident norttnvost of ;mer>-k i y suf/ered fatal injuries; Arnold McAdals. 33, Beaumont.^,' 11 S:l.T.lStpn^.Siv)day. throe " persons .-"""atisrday night in a four-car drowned Saturdiy when his boat ' us ". al tj 1111 ?" 5 ^ \v^r? injured. . •• sm'ashup noar Grapevine, north- U-apsized irt Villege Creek near • natlonal park. Jlsrk" S'vatek". 18. Frederick^- c-n?t of' Fnrt Worth. ; Kountze. north of" Beaumom. bur?/' and a student at St. Kd- A K;. Hood -?(ildier. Gail G. La- ; Antonio "Rodriguez. 19, San An- xvard's U n i. v e.r s i t y. in •Austin, tlsr.m,. 20 -.vas •'kilk-d Saturday : tonio. who was recently dis- drowned..Sunday in the Llano Kiv- r.j^ht whc-n hi? >i-?r left a farm'charged from the Marines, was er 1_0 milqi, south of Mason. ro;,o an,! overturnc-d south of Kil- j killed bv a h'.iltet fired from a ..GeorEp-Roberi Scott; 74. Austin, Seen - '.-.-..• j passing "car Saturday night as he • ' 1CC " wou!d havo Bn unobtrusive t — ----- - . . .. , . beach facilities, boatdocks^ fish- i Barrel Racing, girls. 16-19 —1. as president for one year. j. The First Battle Qroup. 3?Sth unfair trade practices in the mor- docks - visitor centers and : Prissy Linthicmn: 2. Btth Walsh: s In her keynote address, Mrs. , Infantry of the San Antonio area. • ketine; of tomatoes. J' ou frnd in • • . Continued from P«ft* 1 '3, Connie Mitchell: 4. Gerry May-, Nay said release from the frus- j~strung out on a road to the biv-; ! field. * " -traJions and inequalities of mater-;ouac area for a 24-hour alert' Barrel racing, boys. 12 and tin- iality can come to all through" problem. i der—l.John Larson; 2. Jay Tay- ; spiritual awakening. j The 5th Medium Tank Batlal- (lor; 3. Lew Rust; 4. Steve TeiryJ "--Basically*: •'mankind • needs a- fan ' 3Tth Armor, bf the Corpus i Senior calf roping —' i. Barry ] wakening from the nightmare of ;Christi-Laredo-Uvalde areas "faced j Burk^ 2. Steve Rysinger: s. Btn-•• helief in living matter and intel-i a tactical road march and biv- Tnere were reports' of heavy j ton. Wardlaw;. A. Jimmy Power?, .ijgent evil, from its confidence •' ouac. ,,-os-kiJled Sunday in a two-car Raynvind Frank WhiUock, 20, i walked with two friends" along a j damage to young cotton -and >. Junior calf roping — i. Charles ihai matter can give satisfaction, j th_e_ units'will alternate between cfa^'a* an" intersection north ^f-UvaUU'. died Saturday nishi When • street. " 'maize crops and to ' ripe wheat j Stewart J.; 2. John Merck Jr.. 3. ijhai it holds the solution for all combat training in the-field and Roundroek in the Austin ar?a_ hi? cir hit a utility pole south of;" A Go-Kart sped out of control ; vvhich had not" been harvested. 1 Butch Overtuff: 4. Jimmy .R«da-.jthe diseases, iniquities, arid ine- routine daily camp activities. "y^-Tr r|Her -persons were "injured. Sablnp.i. in South Texas. 'at El Paso's Ascarete Park Sat- Some ( arm roads, in the section ' sill. 'qualities of the human family," There will be special warfare lac- f Jblfn Buford; 24, was found shot A trsirr killed Paul Deleon, 35, urday and 5^ : tics.- maneuvers, range firing of fo death in.lhls, fipart meht in Dr.l- "of 3an Aniunto early Sundav at * car " killin" Curtis Milan '-5 El fo ' r a tilnc - " |Rosf:;_2. Buich Ovenuff: 3- Jim- Emphasizing thai there" is an various wearwns and specialized los Sundav. Justice of ihe Pence San Antonio. Investigators said he J Paso ihe'"tlriver ~ Heavv hail, broke rain gauges ! m -I. R'chardson: 4. Allen Asfcsns. ! ^^ answer to hatred,, disease, poverty,; individual' training. • -i ,1 . • . _* -, - * .-, - - •" ,»**»j^,»i«i^v»»«»x.i. .. . "r tJ lWr«r*»riT-T-t"KXvAn mmm J-r t D -* ^, .-^»». I ^ J» J*j *_^_ -»«.. Glf'on,,Bvrd ruled suicide. upparenUy laiJed to see a \varn-, Five persons died • and fours ' Waym* Ellison.- 22, and Msurkz ins hg!n and walked in front of fcred serious injuries in a two Sr.deiinwl.^23. both of Austin, xvi-rt- th--- trail!. j collision seven miles west of billed -.Sunday-.afternoon • when a Mrs. Esther • Tfigo. 24, a Hous-ibany oh U.S. 180 Friday nisht crashed !0 miles t-as! ton mother of five children, suf- j The crnsh killed James Robert [niated 2 to. 3 inches, fell Sunday, j in. -• fenni faiai injuries Sat'.irday night {Bdrd. C2: •• his daughter Mr^ iSpm'e farint'TS .said . the pecan, f Waggoner,, 36.- Carii^Ie. m in a fall from a pap.el truck. Of-j Charles Antlefson. S3;"and her ia- iwhyat and fruit 'ctbps were a| ftnsk Cmmty, d r.b W n e d Sunday fic-'-r^ sait! :• 'door flew open while ' f ant son; H5?> all of'"Fort \Vorth; Icomplete loss. Young cotton was | U'hen a Ijoa! overturned on f)vc-r- in>r !I>.I*IIH.R«"|; Peiv Martinez Tt-igo, 'and Mrs. Doris Graves FJmore. I washed om and farmers Will have j WANt PAINT? Seettie YELLOW PAGES 2. John Merck Jr,; 3. j ing faith and clear understanding.' vertuff: 4. Jimmy Rich-; Healings through prayer of al- bull an ."Lgke. k . 100,000 Braceros Expected this Year —- 1. Ronnte = goiter. •'ardsawr: 3-i-5; conditions w-ere reported j tie between Jackie Mauidin. Eppiuhe vear bv. those who became in- repiant. - j Epperson and Dan Cauihorn: C. iieresied In Christian Science Winds of GO m.p.h. uprooied , Steve Rysinger. : through radio and television pro( Two California soldiers sta-" trees and "knocked but power and i Steer Wrestling — I. Harry grams in the series -'How Chris, [lionet! at .Ft.-Sam llcruston in San : telephone lirifes at- Abilene but ! Gdiideau; 2. B. B. Ingram III';-3..; tian Science Heals," Will" B. Dai Antonio died Friday- night -when -only .7(1 of an inch of rain fell. Benton Ward I aw; 4. Jiw Erf. Cum- ; vis. Manager of Committees on ! 45. and Paiiia Elmore. 12. both "Lubbqefe. KENS-TV ItaniMi 6 CBS 6:00 P. M. 2—Whirlybinis Monday Night WOA1-TV I their car overturned 18 miles east; Sweetwaier also was hit by'; mings. j of the far West Texas -town of L heavy" rains, han and .Winds of 40 }.! Balmorhea. They _w-ere Ralph m.p.h. It s;ot .75 of an inch of rain. • jRiblert Murguia, 35. • Watsonville. f. Oiher ra;nfal i j n the area in-j jCahf.. arid Ronald Lee Dempsey. r cludcd: cl v do 5.75 inc he Si Tiiscola {ii?t 122, -Gardena, Calif, " r ' Town... Continued from Page 1 MEXICO CITY (AP) — Official"*: rather -slowly during the first i "^, -^araena, uaiit, _ - ;, ?ri) Ru j e ~ 2 .10 Ansbn" 2,' Iflam'lih I ANYONE INTERESTED sources estimated today the total, months' . of I96i. it sradually in- i A hlt and run driver killed a' 19 snrf Colorado City 1.78". number of bracer'os hired by U-S! : creased from April and now j s ; mother and her teen-age daughter ! farmers this year will reach !*«).- : slmost - s-im'Iar io lhat of past j e f. r l- v Sa * llraa ^' COO before Jnnc 30. ; . - yt ; ars r v'ihe <ame source sdded, ( ; Although . the ictnal .-..'hiring- of; A Wm 5t? . temc nt ov 'the United"' Mexican migratory workers start-: Sl . ij( ., SJ}d M ex ; co - fe expected \ v:j{hiin the- next fe-v days, stating | if tht? present bracero agreement' IS i Publication, told the large gath- 1 • ering. . , | I The new delivery system estab- •! ; lished. by the printing of The; ; Christian Science "Monitor in Loh- [ • don and Los Angeles, as well as j in Cpslon, has been very _ well! received, John H. Hoagland. Man- ! irfoved southeastward at j Wild Brawl Ends Night Bench Party r • C. Redman Jr. . -_ killed Fridav nil [between the two countries is to be, truck co m s i on 4 • extended after its expiration on : p ecos OI1 us 2 ; Jun<» Z>0." or. if a new agreement : is to be signed. - "-• • SANTA MObfiGA.- Calif. (AP>— Talks 3>etween M^exican and his car smashed -into a freight A .'-wild brawl ended a Saturday •:.American . representatives were . train"2 miles; south of Tomball. night beach party; planned for a he!d in - Mpx ^> 5 a '"^ month on the j Robert R. Cole, 21, was killed ir-w thousand rock 'n' roll fans, ai ^"b.'i-'tt, bul no official cf"nmuni- early Saturday when a trurk he which more lhan 25.0W showed que '•'•" as issued pending the for-i was driving crashed into a parked up . mal approval of both governments r truck at the automotive proving: "* : —~— **~ whatever final decisions may i grounds 22 miles southeast of Pe- f TrBlfiC DctltnS RlSC "about 20 m.p.h., i R. C. AND MARY COURNEY ' Skies were cJoudy over'most of l are haying themselves a lime K||L|ff| if hniehrhhu ; - ----••••-- '—•"-MS of fishing in the wasatch;i«iiviia'ivnrubntnev before going on to Hebgen.! in a car^ - Central and East .Texas early t "^ cnnth n f Moihdsv bm generally clear to the-; iwest of the" storm " area. Early \ Mbntaha. They sent . greetings MOT »••> TI ir n ri!'friends at home on a card bear- : $11001160 - . Talks With JFK ^ " n - d " ! fast car so you can beat the oiSr **- areao - One girl was raped, another v.-as beaten to the sand and stomped .' by ridters. and a third suffered ^a serious eye injury when a" firecracker w r as thrown in her face. - .Fiftv. sheriff's officers and hish- have been reached at the nego- » cos. '*%2- I hunters to the best spots. Tbst' V1EXNA (AP)-Nikita Klirush- i killed before you get out in the : a far different man from the-one ! woods'" and save some other hunt-'who blew up last year's summit • ter some ammo and the mess in Paris .and made a shambles of i of shooting you." a U.X. General Assembly session tiatior.s. H!tS TUUA. Tex (AP)_Fire .of un- j":"" . » . . - : in N T CW York. T. C. Tunnell of San Angelo.; AUSTIN (AP)—the number. of; SEVEN HUNDRED ATTEND-; The man who talked face to I •stdent Kennedy over I for the most j :ubdued. ] Probably there .were "good rea- \ !near the bodv. Chester Barnett 62 of Andrew3 _ ( - KttllIlc i>-ear r s 779, tha -Department of i hall .and reports on She picnic : < -*• -v hrayed a barrage Determined origin s^ept through | wa£ . shot to dea{h Sundav ni h( .-of rocfe,. beer, bottles and cans the- .wry room of the Swisher j Po]icc sough , the allackei : ; * . to break utf The mob. T ourteen . Count v courthouse Fridav meht : : d sajd ' will be made. youths were" arrested. night causing S10 r Of.H3 to S15.000 damage. Ads Brine Thru Tuesday JERRY'S BIGGEST, BROADEST, FUNNIEST EVER! ni-EilM.". "HOFF "HOJ DAY "2^^PAT STANLEY. Thru Tuesday FOBB'trCOMMOR FOR ~ EiSHKN COLO**? n?-^. !»J-'V**r**?* -^ - -v - FUMINGO - Tonight CONTRACT .BRIDGE By B . • J a y Bee k e r •(Top Record-Holdtr in Masfcro' Individual Championihlp Play) South dealer. Both aides vulnerable. NORTH 4 K 9 2 WEST 4 A J 8 5 3 4 109 A753 V A J 10 9 8 4QS 4.KJ109S2 The bidding-: South West North East . 1'9 Paai 2 4" Pass Pa,s3 5 Pass FAMOUS HANDS he cashed the kinjr, ran six club tricks. . discarding three diamonds from dummy, ^-d thus made seven. What's so wonderful about tliis. you ask ? Others have also been known to finesse for the queen '.vilh nine trumps, even "though the finesse is slightly against the odds. Well, there's one little fillip we haven't-mentioned yet- On the ace of diamonds Silo- dor dropped the queen! . Silodor rtidri't know where the queen of hearts was located, but his play was designed to make the contract whether it turned out that East or Weat had the queen. Suppose, after he dropped the. queen of diamonds and-played the trumps as he did, East had shown up .with the.heart queen. Then he would hive lost a, 4 A J4 3 EAST 4 Q 10 7 6 4 V * 4K7652 AQ6 SOUTH Opening lead—ten of diamond*. '.'••.. For good technique, It's hard to beat thi* hand played by Sidney Silodor. well-known PhiU.- -delphia. expert, H*. got to six hearts and 'West led the ten of diamonds': * It •eemed probable that West had not led from the king; ana th&t Ea*t therefore h«d it, so the problem wu largely » matter of avoiding the lor*, of a trump trick In ad*JJ Uon to the diamond kwer. SUodor solved the "problem In neat style. He won the ace of diamond*, led a heart to the ace.~ returned the jack, anil ' Wboi the jack held, • sons. 'KhnishChe«t.?came to Vienna ! ' for n specific .purpose. . \ '•, j ; Diplomatic sources .say his main i purpose in seeking a meeting with • i the President of the United States; •ivfi:= 10 have an opportunity to j ;size HP the -young mail who" has r Investigation of forserie;. byr- :wke " ;tiver Jhe 'leadership of the glaries and simitar offenses start- * wor ", °PP° SIt ' on *« Communist ed this morning when the .crand ' a ™° ltlons ' - ., , " „ So- Jury Starts Work Here Today ., , Th " c sourccs add tliat ™ m * r ^ s ''f* to . feel that he accomplished that mission. He No report was expected 'lodav ilkcd wiUl the President, .and | jurv was impaneled bv Judfe Roger Thurmond in 63rd District by court allaches. u „ I frOIT1 . lhe < alks « ot 3 « lea Those on the grand jury are trump trick, it is true, but what would Kast have returned? ' East 'would liave been afraid to lead the Icing of diamonds. He would, have thought h'U partner had led a diamond origr- inally from the 10-9-8 and Uiat declarer's queen was therefore a singleton. So East would probably have returned a spade to liU part- ner'a hoped-for ace — unless he himself had the ace. in which ca»e he would very likely have tried to caah It Had Sjtodor flnewed the' diamond lead., "be mifht or, mifttt not have gueMcd the heart situation later, but the Way he played the of he waj fairly cur* th* alaaa. just how dangerous iulure i II vat U14 VJ »v ^i «**v* jvji»i» & t *^ - _ v "..--• . W. E. Blackmon. Marvin Charlton i Com " mimist 'xpansion. by direct Jr., Edward Moorefield. R. \\, I pressure may be. Hodee, Dorothy N-ation.. .EnwM 5 ' ^™shchcv also demonstrated Cardwell. George F. Adams j r , ^'"h startling clarity that he is Billie C. Lewis, Malinda Bushager. f. rnan who ISU fun >' m control of D. A. Hc'rringlon Jr.. Valcrisna J !l)m self- By his sober perform- Cadena and Gladvs Basse. ; ancc in Vlenna he prov.ded ample 1 • -' - -evidence that he knew just what ._• | _i j ^.i : he was doing when he took off rlQSn rlOOQ Ln(IS6S ibis shoe .and banged it on his table at the U.N. session last fall, ; and when he stormed and raged Un Paris a year ago. STTLLWATER, Okla. (AP)—A ) flash flood caused by more ihan'» , j 1 I* 6 inches of rain in 2 days forced irOUnQCf Of LlOIIS evacuation Sunday of alxwit 12 to ] 15 families here after muddy wa j lnt0rnfltlAhnl HlOC ter reached 4 feet deep in some iiniCI IIUllUIIQI 1/165 parts of town. j . But most families returne<i ! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS home..'hows' later when water re-i CHICAGO (AP)—Melvin Jones, ceded rapidly- i 82 - ^""^r and secretary-general Water swirled four feet deep in ; of the International Association of low-lying southern sections of the • Lions Clubs, died Thursday after city, 70 miles northeast of Okla- ' a long illness. Jones, after found- horn a City. ;ing ihe organization in 1917, gukl- "Elk City in northwest Oklahoma Jed its development into the world's also reported 5.32 inches of rain' largest service club group with and many other points in the state j 15.615 clubs in 111 nations. He was had more than an inch of rainfall, born in Fort Thomas, Ariz. Say It Wrth ADAMS- FLOWERS Dr. C L. Binkett OPTOMETRIST MS-S7«2 5—News 6:15 4—Comment 6—Douglas Edwards 6:25 4—Aimanac Netrsreel 8:30 2—Cheyenne 4—The Americans G—To Tell Th^ Trath -^- 7:00 P. M. &^-Pete and Gladys 7:30 2—Surfssde Six 4—Tales of Wells Fargo 7:30 6—Bringing.Up Buddy 8:00 P. M, •i-^^T-ii^ering Smith" 5-*-I>anhy "Hionrsas • 8:30 2—Ad-.-enttire in Paradise 4-^Con cent ration (C) 6—Ancrv Griffith 4 NBC Channel 2 ABC 9:00 e. M. ——— '6—Henn'esey 4—Barbara Stan-srvck 9:30 2— Oimn 4—President's .Trip ' G—June AJlysr,n 10:00 P. M. - 10:15 10^25 10:30 News 6 — Newsreel 4 — Weather 2 — Weather G— Weather 10:20 6 — Byline 2— 20th Century Thentre "Cased'" 4— Sport5 4 — Court of Lnlst" Resort G — Bold Journey - 11:00 P. M. 6 — Bengal Lancers 4 — JacS Paar Shr>* 12:00 4— Midnight News (C) Denotes Color Program Your Favorite Stars in your home on your TV screen - CALL TODAY - , Hookup; n^hs^ PERMANENT RENTAL Del Rio Television Catie Corp. 312 Pecan PR 5-3563 Tuesday Daytime 7:00 A, M. 2 — Animal Kingdom 7:10 6— News 7:15 2 — G — Bums and Allen 7:30 2 — News 7:45 6 — Little Rascals — — 8:00 A. M. - 2 — Trouble With Father 8:15 6 — Captain Kangaroo ' 8:30 2 — Our Miss Brfio'iS — - 9:00 A, M. C — I Love Lucy 2— Early ^5hoT -The Whirlpool" 4— Say When 6:30 4— Play your Hunch 6 — Video Village — - - - 10:00 A.-M. — -— >*4-r The Price Is Right (CJ 6 — Double Exposure 10:30 4— Concentration " 6 — Surprise Package' - - 11:00 A. M. - 2 — Gale Storm 4 — Truth' or Conseq. • — Love of Life 11:30 4— It Could Be You (C ) Fbr Tomorrow 2 — Love That Bob 11:45 fr— Guiding Light 11:55 4— News - 12:00 Noon 4— Mortetbne "Three For The Show" . 2 — Camouflage 6— Ainos N .Andy U:IO *— A* Trie Wor-fl Turn* 2—Number Please 1:00 P, I\1. t 2—About Faces I ' " 4—Jan Murray Show: G—Pace the Pacts 1:30 4—Loretta Young Theater - • • . 6—House Party . 2—Man From Cochlse 2:00 P. IM. 2—Day In Court 4— Young Dr. Molon'e G—Millionaire 2:30 2—Seven Keys 6—Verdict -.Is Yours 4—From These Root! - 3:00 P. M. 2—Queen for a Day 4---Make Room For Daddy 6—Brighter .Day 3:15 Q—Secret atorm 3:30 6—Edge of Night 4—Here's Hollywood 2—Who Do You Trust 4:00 P. M. 2—American Bandstand C—Dick Tracy • & Cartoons , • 4—Family. Movietim« Cannibal Attack" 4:30 &—Popeye the Sailor 2—Best.ol: Hollywood "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", — 5:00 P. H£ "B—Qiuick Draw~McGraw 4—Highway ;*patrol 5:30 4—Mr. Ma goo" Cartoon* 5:45 4—Huntley-jBrlnklej Report > ', Svfaf*et t« Ctwnff*

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