The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 15, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1893
Page 2
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*..•*• "**• DAltt CHRONICLE <W SCBSCMPtfJUN, 7ft Oskll|r ( delivered* 1O c«nt» per Sobscriptlong .^celred at I he offlre nr pub mtlon 1B1 State stiset, J. SK- MOJSES» PtibliMir, At St. Ixmis—Sjt, Louis. B; At Plttsbayg— Pittsbuitf,! ton, 8.- ' »At Cbicagb—Chicago, 10; ore, a. THE WHITB CITY iN MOURNING. JPlaga at Hailf-Mixst in SUetit Memory at the Dead Flreni«ii. . , >; . CHICAGO. July iiw--*A spectacte whicli .ever dreamed of seeing in the White City presented itself to the visitors Friday morning wlifen they .passed through the gates. The eXp(,«ition was in mourning for the victims of thecftld- Btoiage caYattiity.' From every flag pole on all the buildings;, from the* Iowa building at the inorttr eitremity of the park to the forestry "BuTEting, on the lake shore) south, from the eastern side of manufactures' building to the 'Cottage Grove avenue gates of the Midway plaisanco, fluttered and drooped the dags of all nations. All were lowered to half-mast in silent memory or the heroic firemen and Others who suffered and died at.duty's call. The burial of all that remained of eight firemen was made the occasion of the exposition's tribute .to their memory by the lowering of the flags. INVESTIGATION BEING~ MADE. Suspicious Death* In an , Ohio Family. ., . Strong: Evidence of Poison. DAYTON, b., July 15.—The -wife of Emmanuel Trubbo, a prosperous farmer on the Xenia pike, four miles from this city, was taken suddenly ill about two . years 'ago and. died, leaving five il- dren. Her death was unexpected, >d the peculiar nature and suddennc . >f her illness created some comment'. Two weeks "ago one of thecr' ren died under exactly the same pnz ig circumstances as were developed in -e sickness of the mother. Since then I o others have -passed away, and the o surviving children are suffering w d the same symptoms exhibited In 3 preceding deaths. The physicians .1 attendance stated that they discovered strong evidence of corrosive poisoning. The affair is being investigated. A Plague In Wyoming. CASPER, Wy., July 15.—An army.of crickets has invaded the vicinity of Lost Cabin, Wy., and is stripping the country of all vegetation. The crickets coyer a strip of country about IS to 15 miles wide, and are traveling in a southeasterly direction at the rate of three miles a day. The crickets are jet , black and about one inch long. It is supposed that they were hatched in the Big Horn mountains. Two Fire Fight era Injured. OAKTOWN, Ind.. July 15.—This place was visited by fire Friday, and for a time it looked as if it would be wiped off the earth. Schultz & Bond's block, Smith's carriage factory, Rush Bon's warehouse and C. H. Haughton'a warehouse, with contents, were consumed. Total loss, about $10,000; fully insured. Charles Piper and Albert Mundin were seriously burned while fighting the fire. B.evlew of the Grain and Cattl* Market* If Or July 14. Detroit. No.>,3 red."66; August, 67&c;-Septembeiry 64^Tc; No. I whit*; 67)^0; 42c. OAts->No. £ whit6, " Chicago Fro»l«lpn v , August, Kc. OATS— July, 28%c; August, 25%c$ September, 85%c. , . ' • POUK— July, *9 70; September, RIDS— July, 19" TO; September, ^ ii '• • . "•'• Chicago Livestock. CAVrLE— Receipts, 7,000; weak, 10@lBc lower. Hoos-^llcceipta, 19,000; |5 85@C 15; mixed and- mediu e 10- Tight, $5 ao@o is. SiIREP— Receipts; 0,000; steady. Smith is making the new porcelain enamel photos. They just fill the"bill or a n'ice pietore. ' ' ' ~" '^ Having secured ihe agency ot the Detroit Evening Hews t nm prepared to furnish either" the* afti rnoon editidn for delivery "at 5 p. m. or the 6 o'clock edition for delivery in. morning for 25 cents per month. I aid entitled to pay- for the paper from July 3d. •' •-•' HERBERT • a,m, ChioagcvLr..... 9 00 'Kalamazoo ....... e 08 Battle Creek. Marshall* Dp.. New fork. WHEAT— July Septem met, steady. 'o. 8, firmer : Toledo. WHEAT— Cash, C«c; August, OTKcj tember, 60^0 CQBN— Cas to VS. CLOVKRSEK . Notlco Helatl*e to COWH. The ordinance relative to pasturing cows" in the. street will be strictly en forced. No cattle 'Will be allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are lied or not, and alt cattle found at large in the street, whether tied ot otherwise, wltr bo taken care of. No exii ception will be made to this rule for anyone. PETER HOWE, City Marshal. Kilburn's restaurant will be open day and night. The best of meals and lunch served. t 48 813 Jackson......... 4 30 Detroit ,.*.,'... »46 ' " • p. m: Buffalo.! .I'., « 65 76 740 8 17 888 »4f 1801 p.m. 745 11 3 12 1 128 1368 825 5 ; 80 a.rri. 600 p.m. 8 10 706 740 800 815 847 1045 S.W. 885 a.m. 705 1285 ISO ;i*tt a or a 10 e on *« B4E 819 8 «' 4 10 715 am. Detroit, trS' Jackson...11 40 Albion .... 12 20 Marshall ..12 43 Battle Cr'k 1 20 iCaUmaEOO 8 08 Chtc»|?o,Ar 7 86 p.m. Ohtc a m. moo 7 15 888 1003 10 S3 10 45 It 20 a4 1 p.m w»sr. Kal,|Chio Er;t|Sp'l» a. sic 630 p.'ta. 1 8 10 888 3 55 4 15 447 9 10 p.m. p.m. 6W 73J 8 15 8 88 P(W »50 8 15 5 10 547 605 685 700 11 15 «.tn. p.m .. J 10 , .,,.19 00 10 48 >, 13 8» 1121 1 08111 4» tilt ...,- 1 10 766 680 ___ __ (Saturday* eioepted" »t»aily +8undayn exempted O. «r. RDOOLB8, TSen. taae. ft Ticket 5 gt. Bio. A JeHxsoKT. Freight Agent, ' • C. B. OmoRN. TlrkH Agent If you are lingering from fevers, lung, iagrippe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache* paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for his vegetable cure. FROM THE WIRE, the Items of Interest Condensed Hurried Header. Dr. Guzman, special commissioner from Nicaragua, Is on his way to Chicago with two letters written by Christopher Columbus. Twenty-five witnesses have identified the maa who tried to obtain a pension as Willlam NeWby, in Springfield, Ills., as the notorious outlaw, Daniel Beaton. Commissioner Loohren has issued an order that the full medical -and military history of applicants for pensions shall be furnished by the war or navy departments. County Treasurer Armstrong of Tiptpn, O., is short between $35,000 and $40,000. He is said to have placed too much confidence in his son, who was deputy treasurer. The Citizens' Democracy has been permanently organized in New York with the avowed pur pose of fighting Tammany hill. A mass meeting will be 'held in September to nominate a temporary, committee $f 100, The national committee of the world's fair have resolved to establish a cofpaof men on., the world's fair grounds to be known as a lifesaving crew, equipped .with *U modern appliances for saving life, and •tenoned at souxe.eentral pointin Jackson park. A. B. Montgpmery, a professional rain* maker, claimed to nave-caused a cloudburst in Lyon county, Kan, ' The storm cawifted the destruction, of James Butter's wheat crop, ami Wutler proposes '», Montgomery for damages. ; • 'P&tfacriy^fr fj^fitmrjjs. &tx iostuifi BJifiCB Carl Schurz, was found wauderinft ' - 1 —*- -"*"-"- $h>W been i ^-^bjreJIftl Another Professor Resigns. ANN AUBOK, July 15.—The minor that Professor Jajues G. Wood of the Homeopathic college has handed in his resignation to accept the chair of gynecology in the Cleveland medical college has been confirmed. STATE ITEMS. The Ferry Lumber company's big warehouse at Montague was destroyed by fire. Irving Franks, an Allegan clerk, was held up the other night and relieved of $3. John J. McCarthy, Oscoda . county's prosecuting attorney, will remove to Lansing. The &-year-old daughter of William Tell- ings was drowned in a trough at Gaine's station. •Superintendent King of the Ludington schools has gone to the world's fair withT all his teachers. Mrs. Frank Mentor of Paw Paw was seriously burned by the explosion of a gasoline stove. John Wagner, a deaf man, was struck by an electric car at Kalamazoo. He was dangerously injured. Gust Makki, a Finnish miner, fell down a shaft' at the Cleveland, mine, near Ishpeming, a distance of 43 feet. He will die. John F. pa vis was run over by a load of hay at Battle Creek. His bead was terribly cut and he was badly bruised about the shoulders. Benjamin Graff, his wife, son and daughter, all of Benton Harbor; were taken seriously ill after eating pressed beef. They may recover. Charles Van Kise was arrested at Cedar Springs several days ago. Officers think he Is A first-class horsethief, and such a charge was made against him. Some time ago a number of English pheasants were taken to Muakegonwith the intention of stocking' the county with them.' They are now dying off. Mrs. John Kilwortb, for many years a well known resident of Wixom, died at the Pontiac asylum. She had been taken to the institution for treatment. A Paw Paw church-has" found it necessary to hire a watchman. Many "acts of vandalisni have been committed in the building during the past few weeks. An son Sickels and wife of Newberg, Cass county, were thrown out of a wagon while returning from the funeral of a relative, poth were dangerously injured. Someone tried to burn Standish this week. A good sized blaze was discovered in the bussiuess section of the town. Near the fire old rubbish soaked in kerosene was found. Order Revoked. , WASHINGTON, Jnjy 15,-rTb.e order is- Bned at the war department in February last directing Major- E. W. Hal- fordJliaymaster, to report for duty to the commanding general of the department of Dakota, for service at St. Paul, has been revoked and he is ordered to duty in the .departittent of the Platte witLheidquartera &$ Omaha. ., H - Alwoat lleady for Service, For the Acnommodation of people liv ing in the west end A.. Watson fill sell Keuchle's bread and cakes, fresh, at 10 o'clock every morning. DrnnkenneM and the lifqnor Habit, Positively Cured~by AdnhilDUtarlng Dr. Haloes' Golden Specific. It U manufactured u a powder, which can be given in a glow of beer, a cap ot coffee or tea, or In food, without the knowledga ef the patient. U la absolutely harmless, afnd will effect a permanent and epeedy cure, whether the patient u moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It nas been given In thoueanda of cases, and In every Instance a perfect cure has followed. It never fails. The system once impregnated with the Specific. It becomes an utter ImpoMl- bitlty for the liquor appetite to cilst. Cares guaranteed. iS page book of pwticulars free. Address, GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO.,. 185- Rnc« 8r., O ' . Cincinnati, Jactson & Maciinai Tim* table taking effect Jane 26 18SS. Trains pass Marahall M follows : • TBAIXB oonia »AST. No. 28, Toledo Express ................. .7 00 a « V a, Cincinnati Kipresa ........ '. ....... Htian " «, Mall and Express..... ........ ... 601 pa « a7.tooalFrelglit,............,......,»50pm TRAUW «OIN« W«ST. S O.SB,Mall and Kxpresa... .......... ,,.,19X8 am « 9, Cincinnati A BTc. Expreas...,...6 81 p m « 94. Kxpreaa.. .................... ..\.W»3ik» •• «, Local Freight,.. ..... ......... ....b»;a* , All trains dally except Sunday. . : — . Direct conneotloM are made at Toledo and ' Clnoinati with all roads diverging. , .. Trains 81 and 99 make go od oonneatlon at lion : tolth with the G R. * 1., and at Allegan without C, A W. M for Grand Rapids, Xaikegon and all point* north. > V. B. DRAKK. Oen, MVr. T. C. M. 8CU1NDLRB. Gen. Paaa. Agt. 0. B. MIZE, Agt., Marshall. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin. • Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Files. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had f<rledu %5 cents per box. WANTS; FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceedlng five lines. No charge less than tw«»ty cents. KKNT—About July 10th, a new house on West Banorer street. For particulars en* quire of Charles 21. Noaeman. F OR SALE—A new Will be sold at a bargain, lioeltzel at eUine barn. Singer sewing machine. Enquire of U. A. H OUSE TO RENT-On West Mansion street. For particular!) enquire of V. U. Seaman. i»!W to'ltave hicn Tie woman . cruder Detroit, % tow, has lelt ;the CtoJuBtbian irou works for Norfolk yard; where she will receive her When Baby was nick, we gave her Caitprla. When she was a^CJWld, sue cried tor Caatoria, When oho became Miss, she clung to Cutoria. Whea she had Children, she gave them Cartoria. GOOD SUMMER WOOD, ,75 W (t •\17ANTKD— Situation wanted by a competent V V lady aa vegetable cook or dish w.asher in a hotel or restaurant. Please enquire at No. $00 State street. 'PO BENT—A very fine and flrat clasa hall on JL btate or Main street for society or lodge purposes, cheap. For reference please calj at the southwest corner of btate and Madiaon ata. CHK. FHED VOOKL, General Agent. L ADIES wishing to make $2& weekly by doing writing- at their home* addreaa, enclosing stamp, Miss Louiea Fairfleia, South llena, lud. W ANTED-Two ladies to rewreaent Chicago Novelty Co ip Marshall. *1U a week. Tall at lira. O. B. howley'n, tireen Btreet. from 8 to 10 a.m. and « U>« p, m. LIZZIE BHISK. ^Olt SALE - All my real estate situated on the 'best part .of Btate or Main atreete, "and known as very Hue and valuable property, by Uhria. Fred Vog«l, eouthweut corner titate ana Madiaon ste., Ho:, ISO- F OB SALE CHEAP— New top buggy. F OUND—A lady's gold watch. Owner can ob- tlaa same by | rovinji property aiid paving charges. Call at Cathcarf B jewelry store. MIXED 11. J. COLEMAN. When Baby was sick, we gave her Caatort*. When she waa a CWUld, •> - cried for Castoria. Wbaa she became Miaa, ki^ clone to Caatoritk L OST—Friday at the swimming hole, a gold band ring. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning the eame to C, D. Brewer a i Brewer's store. TJH)R SALE CHEAP—Two dceirable buUdlng • J? lota. West Uauevor etreet. For term* apply to Qeo. H. White, HU8. A. J. TALMADOE. A YOUNQ MAN wants work. Wilting or any light work. Salary no object. Address, djt» P. C> box 1UK), Marshall, ii icb. Li* OK SALE—House and two lota on east Uiewi J? street, inquire of Mrs. OtJaney. L O8T—jingle bridle, between ManhaU and Battle "Creek.. Htw^rd of 60 ccnu. Finder please leave at bJlUard hallotj. Wuul* uud re- WINE6AK. good, anian, boy, 10 or IT yean Apply tft <ieo. BT. girl tor general housework Apply W Mis. A. A. Holme*, cerner.M»» sion and V»r*nd ttUeets. • ' SALB- About BO.OO) aacottd' hand " OBT— Tuesday, lUy , a ot w pooko book c rewwd wttl toe . Among thoee on boar-S |g H. lister of .. . ^aWiffiiJ

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