The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 18, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1897
Page 2
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THE I»A«,Y GBR01ttC£B: J, J89t. W J^m LHU* ,\*lr , LHMI %H^** iMMliBHf SATURDAY, ' ------ TO 4 t tl* old for threfe country, Wot r SATURDAY, AUG. 21 .=_ ^ .... . . _. • „•--., . , We calt this a "VahjcjSale because the ^ood« that wct>ifer for yottf inspection and' ar^ ttot$hdf>-tvohi, umtejuratite and out of date^bt^t bright, attractive O ahd of rece«t;{mrcjia:se^ arid wheti compared with the fetfy low pfiees that' we have placed on are of ^rea.tcf value thaft £tr<* befo'rc shown m C?tlh#tm County," • • ,_ ttas aitd ^erges^ Black and Colors -B.lack and Go&red iPaikies. All N<?velt} Patterns, ^rerythin^ in Dr^ss'Goods to go, nothing iiX ~ J *"-'"**' ALKS Btiilt by Jolm John Kin tschler i6 prepared to take Contracts for building cement yr&lbs, He is afso ag£nt for the central, *hich is the bfestin the world. Mr. Rerrtschler biad seven years expeHenw in ceniwnt " Van chairs and tabJpft »o for parties. Mifts Bofiley will tak<^ ptmffs in voice enltttre during the eummorinonths, Mtohlffan Mfftfng School. A high grade, state technical sohool. Practical work. filectivpsyeteTo. Burti- . . tnet courst>B. Oiv-es dwrees of 8. B. f '' 1 ' eac family /who will eettd ft pujril to th t>resi Tailoring school, jti thfe Wafeo Mflding, _ t ..... ' -„, Oltt fire ftnft Cyclone Irisaranro. We a&Siiii ftfi»dft^ctf that DRESS TRinMINQSt4=Jets, Braids and Silks Bf COTTONS Lonsdale The best 5c grade 24 yards, The beat 6c grade unbleached,\21 yards, THe best 7c gr§de unbleacned^^S yards, 5J1 our White Bed Spreads, $1 ^5 grad. 250 doz. Harbour's Best Linen Thread ( 700 3rds.ottonf Challies, ^ - $100 89c all white v /, lie BALAribE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL LINE OF atl One IHalf ?' Price. Muslin Underwear Onrtcntire linc'of Muslin LTn- tlervveiir \va.s purchased new this summer, hctic.e we' have only the late>->t styles to show you and at greatly mfocccl prices from, our former sale. " ° , V* 100 DOZ. UVtflES JERSEY VESTS ~3 VESTS FOR 1OC. BE SURE AND SEE THEM, LACE CURTAINS - / insTiTtEIirsal^aTfready"reduc.etl'prices.* tt i/i. WIU P^y You to Inspect Thiim. (Special Low Price on Carpets* We have receivetl three lati trf Winter Capes ^ Jackt?te, Those wishing to pur- cliaae now <sa» buy ;tt-a Je&s pritite than4a.ter jn. tJwH^aabti, j/ . J • REMEMBER OUR SHOE SALE SALE.Q . s. . 21, 1897, CASH SALE V ^ ^^^^^^n ^^^^ ^^^^p^^ •^i^p. ^pv WVMRVvillRV' ^IpB J"^B)B!r , \ , a m ft n t S i~ n i* A JLM. 17 JU. li.., . Is? If Ml. I? • A. KELLEHER, MANAGER, none of the doubtful class of cdpjpanieef. We represent six ot" th leading compahiea of th£ Wtirld, haviiig aetfefe of thirty six million dollnfs fo ppotectioti o< policy .holders, t^p ok ^fetna having eleven million, The 1*8 Is none too good; th« best is the cheap est, Special favors granted. All promptly paid by D. Cunniaghajy, agent •We have all the latest, things' in th of job-type. . . , ' "~~~~' Se Now is the time to get a piano. adV Cordette. 8, JE. JSttt if you want the beet, flout, grnhntn entire wheat flour, crack eorn^ holtot corn, moal a specialty, or-mUl feed gtr fo C. A. Chesher'fl mill. GiranlteDish Pans. ,' Any time you want a grntiito dish pan hoy will be the stuae prioo as a tin Ofto Boa.T,Ef's. Talk about style, talk about it! But have you seen the stylish wadding hivi Ladies calling at HO N. Madison strop liathWis, party cards, individual cardsiFS witrUBd something to benefit aa well as are putting' out? "They're pure stylfe interest thorn. Don't you noed a trifle of .printing in thi above lines just about now t We h&ve the newest and latest script type. If the Baby is Catting Teeth Be sure and use that oldAttd well trie< remedy, Mrs. Winslow*8 Soothing Syriip for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the go ins, j allays all pain cores wind colic and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty>five cents a bot tie.-' .•• '• •• . ••• ' • • • . Call at the home of R. S. McNamog 22 W<jBt State street and he will repsii: yotir shoes".at once. All work loft a Watw^i'egrocery .store-will' receive at tontion^daily. ' • •'•'•• An elegant lino of belts,. latest and lowtsst prices, at Hulett ct Son's. • Orocerles, Always fresh and new; strictly higl Krfrde at lowest prices; prompt tdclive'rv Give us a call and be convinced at thV INsrrinviHe store. A. WORTHY PALMKU, Prop. / ' For Salo. Proparatoryto- »K<)ing west Sept. 1, ] wish to sell all our household goodd at private sale. Those wishing to buy plpaw call e^irly as posaiblo tafore that date. •M KH. .H jASIJROUCK, First door west of Presby teriaa church I VM completely ooverwl with Every'muscle m my.body ached. Had been *iek for |J»<? Jtur*. Dootor« oyrfld di> im no RixtU. Mi«t of ny tttne,*'HS i«t>cot ii bed; w«» a cotaplme wjcck. BiKili'Ck Blood Bitters hiivu completely cured me in tbree Months." Mr*. Annin (JrookBtdwii, Mice. No neo4 to Hijtfef with rticuuiatisrH, bago, neuralgia, cramps or cola-. Dr. Thomas' ^cloctrio Oil curou all sUch troub- i. and 4oe» it quiol(ly. If your dealer telN -you Uutt olae » *'ju»t SS'good" as DoaaV Ointrnen' tot fai»««, pin worifli, itchmi; piles or hiuww o( tbe *Mu, tell hin« yu« want the origin*!. Ik U B^fe; aev« faihng, , -Gifford's i'Tobaoaa ft guaranteed to Cure is tea daja. No no pay. • A,. PL Hype. Hav* you tried' Uo&v? Pro Patla cigars* Warih^Oe; «>}4 f<*r 5e ed ProPatria, A eool, sweat, satisfying ttmoke. ©edl Moeba &, • C!o., taanuf^ctur- ers, Detroit. Sold by W, A. Madame Gerard, the OrieataJ com? exioa stHjcwUet, will give (uent At her rooms, 103 Madison St. outdoor north of ?$tat« street for one she wiJlbepieae«d tomeatalj^that are uitereBted itt tKe treatmaafpf the skin. ikJii blemishes the Bo* *"Jbe l^r Her specialty. Koyal" has cigar. Hhiue. A fine shoe dret^aing for tai and black sfawsa. For sale by id tea K, E. BiUiugs. Sola ageut. P»Ua Burgeae, Time good oppprtujuitjr to euqwre tbout , i* limde in gaulfe Dalfotft. o»ly one days ride from Chioago, Bouutiiul crops ot wheat, cona, barlejr and flu rewind Uie ilter ol the noil. As a Mock and dairy country South Dakota l«ad»«Ii the world. Hn «U*« fawn land* with nearby Hw.rket» «an noyp be bought *w iron |10, J13, JIW, aad upw^fdg, per acre, and this is the tiitae 1 W foit ftirttier particulars write Jto Chicago, Milwiu*lw<dP fit, faui Railway, Old Colony Building, Chicago, Ili, Granite Fruit Kettles, W&s»41 you the btsat .".i MTfffi'3' PJtr; , tivilT,' etc., Well equipped. For catalogues ad B . WadBWofth, Ph. »., Erector . AM $8r* twraltrtu 0t filAims of its* Bitnt* *ttl prewat «h«m for psym< 3 nt, iwlWe tbst d«t« Ajl bHKi due mOnol pAM before Sepi. J. '97, w)U be-Jelt ftrf coHeUioo. orrs-<j. 3. B. ais Buy your stationery at the Chronicle oHJoe* f SHorlhrin4, No ehtftUng. No pOBition. YiiU cn« earn it in T\ dnys. It costs, with Inxik, Jftquire atithifl office, B* 5ARRINTOS, Teacher. hotel dufifag business hour notice, for the taxes whit'h are now dne. Save\th& extra <^llet:t56n fee by paying now. M, a DK < - City W<l«t<>ilTftt Once, A limited amount of cobble stonn o*« liveml near Electric Wght plant, Pri«-o 45 cents per yard. Enquire of ' C. NOSBMAS, Chairman Street Committee, Marshall, Mich. John CwKZlashas received through M. It. Day ,& Son a ear of the "Her^uiea" brand of German Portland dement, and is prepared to put down the best walks attd #a#t&tA&slt to stand wftfiany other " Fire, Llarhtnliif ritnt tyclojie Insnrart«i, ' Wd now artuotifecTy to thn iilSuirt^ lie that our NHw'nt business trfp c8g& teHiitted in paSrfeetin^ ^rrang With^wpftterh managers ^f n*ftt>y of th« leading FJi-6 Insura]&ceCo,'s6f thJs country j ^lao-Btitisih oompajni^n, for the trans- Hre and'evdoftir ittsttfAflce *m principlee and more fiwotabfo, than hitherto granted, any resident agent in this, looftlity. With 25 years experience in tblp line of 'business, afitl note aidMby nearly $52,006,000 of for the protection of poficy hold- we are prepared to tf«nsaot business Watson atilt soils the fatiujus Ozatna coffet\dr Mo.nntoin Java," it is the Ones' flavored coffee known. Cordetfce. S. fe. Tap Your Own Shoes. FulUint? of half soles, lent her, cement tackn, etc. for nion'din'({ your own shoes Half soles, 10c per .pair. .'pali>at Barnos'for Diana's Chiip(?. Porcelain Kettles. You mu'st havo a ke£tlo of eorne kind for canning fruit. This is tno on«; any* eize. UOSLET'S. Is yonr tiru^jvorth fipo ;i day? Then that- disabling ; lussuliutlio it? expensive. "Blue Streak" will cure it for ;i 'quarter. Mrs. Delia Burdens is prepared to dt >i)<; and shampooinif for_the la- d^ps at their homes. I'rico for inaiucur- hig'3f». cents,' for shainixMiitiK .<">(). xea Orders may bo l<-ft at MIBS Ifc "E, Bil- IRS' or at roflidjjijjj'o, wfth Mrs. -Mary Dickey, opposite Presbyterian church. Notfce. ' I am prepared to do. ladies 1 and cliil- drpn's. «hampooing < at .thoir- hoim Leave orderu at Clark's barber shop, or at;jf) east C»ree»> street. , Mus. W-. \V, CKAUU. M. J. Gillett annountiJH a sale of piauos at Bankrupt prices, Boe his advertisement. Chairs and tables to rent for parties , J. W. hlCBTCR CASTORIA . For Infants and Children. none but' tl'e BEST MEATS To be Bc4. Gootls delivered to all parts of the city bat no pestling d&ae. ^^neatand «sS r HOUSE PAINTING, PAPER HANGING, FRESCO, - i BRAINING, GIIPIN6, SI6N WRITING SHOW CARDS PICTURE FRAMtNG Ifl all tba Latest alyles. Por- traita i n Grayou, Water or Oil to Or*ler. OLD F8AME.S RE GILDED, AC. O14 Furuimre U titjle, j*t iANCSTAff'S, ^ •^ ' - on* lai'^ 6tlali39 ^than eyef. promptly petCfpd and paid by resident agent, at D. Cunrtinghaw's Ineut»nC6 Bureau, 84,Stnte street. • • . Flour. At Watson's you can get'the Albiofl Homer flour by tiic 100 lb., in your • ownfoags,no lifjht weight of W> or 9£lba; ajflo AT^ion patent; tfce best flour made try ifc. Cranrte Fruit Kettles. P eel! you tfte best 'granite kettle, 40c. \ ' Bos LEY'S. Get your job work done at the Chroni- clo office. Nice, largo, home grown potatoes received daily at - WATBOS'S: SEW OOjDDSi At 3. C. Deucl A Co'e. C?all on them before you buy -a rocker,- thoy -have all kinds, and prices to suit thfif time at the now Hatch block, Como in. WANTS FUUKI) ETC. Twenty cent* a weok for each notice sot »•* oewlluc live lluoa. NophaaKB le«8 thfcn twenty cents.. • . • ' • •.,"':• • • ••' '. ~.-, L O-rr—Onsntfrab Bntohot 8omewlinr» : bntwolm thn M»H>y estatw Hunttuvcat of. Marshall iiud Clutea cornets. It fmind leave at C'hiuulrle office. j, , ... . ll^ANTKD-lOOglrlHto wori on l_dk'n' muslin »» (iiulurwear. .btuady work, ' • ' 8TAJ.DAUD MPO. CO. Jaokst.ii, Mlcb. • f i" , - ,.,,, ', ANTED— tciiniit for houfc iorinerly ocfn- pliid liy .Minn Inez Scott. Inquire of JI. 1' 1IKNNEB. W L'OH HAUB— ,S)i «c»vliieiii«chlni'», tw» Wht-nl- F or & W(lfou, one hlujft-r, one Pomeotlc. ono Wcwl, »ii« HOWBJ. -F. CiANUNfl, v t 41 W'BKblnpton Mreot, Marsphnll I AUV AOKNl's WANa'KD-Kor Mar«U»ll uiill Jj vicinity. <•»!! wt corner of Ore«u ctrcet'aod Mari>li»ll(iVGniiA. . MHS^ L. Jh JBHOWN. I OdT— »>n 8iat« struot Tuesday evaui t ehlMV (,-ulil Ititr pin. Will (Inilor i>lua«o al (,'broululu iifflcc. . — DfllwouH Perrln'a will ami t'ttj Steam I.eintiilry, a ••null kid ]>(>ckut bor>k contnin two ell vm dollar*. Finder pluiwu leavu al | OST-A p|uk fau with lace odisf, In-twuun ibo \t i"ourt bonus and SMei]io<tiat cbureh, t jroi-n si, aundfty uroriifMB l>ff»r& ciiurcb. t-letmfc iuavq at. t',lirni)icl»iiaiuts^ A raward tifferod, L/'OH HA1.K -Kfctanraut dolui; good /^ F<H (jariioulai" fii(|iiir<i()f JT) n l W A N i fcU— A toDr, Iwy tv do I'bdrou. Abtily * l» »» 7<,lrt'fc:D— A girl far general homework. , to. S. SI'KWAKT CUje IHaiim Lamtdry, Hatcli Klotk W AN 1 KU—A liilghf, eilrivctic mun to act ait «lH't.-fft) t)a«ul tthMareiiaU and vicinity tor tbo Old. wUODKiMW trfad tuaue Ufa icvuroucu , wJ »««» i"xffk> v 'flit yinaitiou cm -t»» )r«WV*f»nilwni Wswailii it-rnmient. Ai woo bail Oe«ii count or bijjh cta«» Ho eipeneueti uece»t»ary a» we'wUl lend a Muperiiitenilent to Kive comptetQ (E.»trnctU)B e^otli 4a tlhi) theory -,ol the 6u»iue»iv. aiid iho eoifwc-t u ellwl of wilhijtatiua. wblcb bttve (jfuuicht •mcoe«*jto u«(. A Jdr«:B» vrith rvt- KUHKV*- W. t,. Aikhte.-lietaKli A4«nt,-*&ouU>- Weiitcru Mtcbigau abd isorthtru Indiana, office ruuma 1, tt and 5. ,JJ»i«H| azoe," . , W »N» *lUle, e»i*uiwD<-i} nunoa in . lob uui) e»ucD|.e«. JPoMitluu Domitiioo CuWi.auy, llcptrli. Chicago, »jr afturuoow *t tlwi tell! j »ck ttb(?oii fob wuj> «>ia ,, . , luiivu with M*»r(i^i J»« dour suutii of 0r. KiM'iej'V *uU ro- OH SALE—rbobouw *nd lot kuowa iu> W ASTKO-A «Ituatiou us ith ,cUW o* ««i*«a y«an» at bou*«ka«!Utiir. Object, U tw w>r i*ke up «iiU attof UtfJ Mt»,i auto »truut- Ajjly to VaiiZ»ut, the ex . Mill HttU ftdd lot «t«UU|)ftll OUYOHJ Cubwi p»irM>ts. lit • fc/ Muat*. Sw«f' falT tJ-BO. Bii; »»ooJt, bi«coniaiiit»lwf. Bvwry- ody »Wila,th6 oulj enaar^d. roiltifelt;. bo«4c. >i*ai*fre», c«^?Bbi9«?:^«htiMW- »w 11 InuOi wra umiuliB). * UMWWt wlOi W« u> JUUQS iL !«UK %<MH»i», ' • r'" '-^-^

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