Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 5, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
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Monday, June 5, 1961
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I w J ad ? s st*$«$ MiOForce;- an- nouhced. today in. WaJshing- tpiv the "4030th Strategic Wing 'at Laughlin Air Force Bs se' will bs „ transferred _ to Davis Mopthiri Air Force Ba,se*'on or about June 1, bsuswreferrwjl to by, Pr«»i T dent* Kennedy oil March M selected for closure or redyic : I ^ ^ ' -> , "^ ^''x ,The move Will increase tJpe base strength, at Davis jrice .employes. *„• The; 40afoth is equipped with 25 LoeJOieed U-2'air- >sraft. "The increase in base strength at Davis Monthan by,-1,1 BO^militaryr^nd/nine civil v "service'«. employ esf does; not xneariithat all this hunv feet is to 5 b^* transferred from Laughlin^ Colonel William Byerts, the base commander here, explained.- ~ The exact number - to be JaU-r when planning '"agree^ ments haye been^completed. r ' Several meetings of representatives \>f various /oases and commands will be held soon for' package planning, in keeping with-the original w.^- j* t f. -i-. ' -jr. IT *" ji •*•£ r - * . .— *.=^ T announcement that tw| i Ing orLAFIMr6fcld:&! pit-ted ta3-im.'$& " '' *\As ''soon ,«$>-t«f*. completed for 1 the'tnms^erTvS they* wiH r >'be^annibnnc«d,^^ probably this hclsls said. & > - i»u, i mue oi-vr^-:jsgp EL Rio NEWS-HERALD " i-.-sj-'wa T -*-~?^ 13rd YEAR DEL RIO, TEXAS, MONDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 5, 1961 NUMBER 67 CHAMPION ALL-AROUND" COWBOY at the "second annual Val Veride County 4-H Junior Rodeo this* weekend was Benton Wardlaw. He received a hand-tooled saddle for winning the all-aiound title. Wardlaw won the iibbon roping, \vas second in the bull riding, third m the steer wrestling "and third in the tie-down calf roping. His win-; nings are expected to move him high in the championship standing for the" American Junior Rodeo Association all-around title. The • all-around title at the local show last year was won by Benton's brother, Hadley Wardlaw. (News-Herald Photo) Benton Wardlaw Best Ail-Around Cowboy in Rodeo Benton Wardlaw walked away, Jonn Fisher, Utopia, won the with the Ail-Around Championship!barrel racing for 12 and under. at the second annual Val Verde j John Larson of Del Rio won the County 4-H Junior ' Rodeo ".this ""barrell racing for boys 12 and under. Pris&y Lmthicum, Eldora Around Town By IMA JO FLEETWOOO „ MRS. EDITH PYLAND OF! Mouiton, Texas, spent the week- 1 end visiting in Del Rio with her brother-in-law and sister. Walter and Violet Hodge. She made the trip with Mrs. dorms Vanham, also of Mouiton, who visited President to Give People Report on Trip Tomorrow n the home of Mike and Katharine [ Kubenka. < o a <i » , MRS. W. E. CAMPBELL HAS returned home from Arizona, j where she spent several weeks vis- itmg her sister, Mrs H. V. Watson. ACCUSED CHIEF ASSASSIN POLICE SGT. J. R. KOOG AND his wife, Cherry, have returned from a fishing trip with her parents, I . S. and lona Vasbinder, and Bunny. They visited ai Kema, which is on the cojst between Houston and Galveslon, and ml ClUDAD TRUJ1LLO, Dommi- Troops Gun Diaz In Street Battle DEL RIO WEATHER ] DEL RIO ANT) VICINITY:Cloudy to partly cloudy this after-1 noon, tonight and Tuesday with [ some possibility of an isolated j thundershower. Little change in; (temperature Maximum tempera-; MeetingJ'oddy With Macmillan BY ARTHUR L, GAVSHON By E. L. ALMEN Beaumont. J. R. Koog came home can Republic (AP)—Soldiers and \M(h a nice sunburn. police shot down retired Gen. the accused police shot down Juan Tomas Diaz. ° f d ' ct >r Police held back crowds of onlookers during the intensive neighborhood search. A Puerto Rican correspondent and a Berlin photographer were momenta i rilj detained by police. turo yesterday, 93; minimum 75. j LONDON" (AP)—president Ken- I Maximum temperature a vear nedy today told British Prime ago, 99; minimum 73. Minimum 1 Minister Harold Macmiilan of the temperature this morning. 7G. 1 Vienna, Austria, summit talks. Time of sunrise, 5:44 am.: time]He arranged to give the Ameri- of sunset, 7:41 p.m Time of sun- C an people a radio-television re- rise tomorrow, 5;44 a.m. SOUTHWEST TEXAS. East of [port Tuesday night. and Miss Mohair visited here Saturday, getting ready for the quarterly Sheep and Goat Raisers' As- the Pecos River: Partly cloudy! The President's talks with . . ; and warm this afternoon, tonight ! Soviet Premier Khrust-Jiev at lo, in a gun battle bunday j Earlier the government had re-land Tuesdaj with a few isolated j Vienna, ending Sundav night tntti<xnekmr*iJ'*fTi i iic«*tr\* A i-» T * » _/-.«.. -_t* i .... _ * - - . . . . . * * * . ( — —"*• » -w- •..*..•*...» ...uvi. • *~ i tjjiu i Mv,5Ud,j WiLJi it 1CVV liUtilUzU " *\. • •*.!«., ^.m-ut*^ tjuiiud > night in tne heart of this city. An ported one of the eight members j late afternoon or nighttime thun- • brcuaht an agreement t ^alrpcrcin apnrsmnlino \t»ac eloir, \i»?*K * «r »i.~ AT i i i--ti j, i . . . -*^ . ... . ... him. accomplice was slain Winning money in four events, do, won the senior division of the including first place in the ribbon j girls,' barrel racing. roping, . Wardfaw far outdistanced i Bill Rose of Del Rio \son first Steve Rysinger of Carrizo Springs \vho "was the* nearest challenger for the -hand-tooled saddle which in the junior ribbon roping. Pole bending for girls 12 and under was won by Libby Schulto I sociation mr-pUntj h?re later in! the month Jean "Williams is Misst Dlaz ' 52< was r 'PP ed by ma- Wool, Sunda Callan 1S Miss Mo-! chmegun fire and diud on the hair They stood patiently and' strceL Hls companion, Antonio de good naturcdly in the hot sun Sat-1 la Maza ' dled soon after in - a mil ~ urday on the palio at the Roswelll itary h ° 3 P itaL while publicity shots were taken of them in woolens* including western wear and sports togs Xeither the heaf nor the tedium of posing phases the young ladies, who i upon the'raT remained in good humor throughout the session. . j V tt 4 * SIS SCH1LLICK AND jOi tlie assassination band killed j dershovv ers. while resisting arrest, three cus_iodv and four at large. main- was given to th'c all-around cow- of Andrews The senior division boy. Last .year the .all-around title -Sonora. by Gerry . Mayficld: of was won by Hadley Wardlaw; Ben-1 Harry Goudeau, Alvtn, won the ton's brother. Hadley was on hand steer wresting Saturday night to accept the trophy j Butch Edu ards of Odessa won for BenUm who went to -Clifton' the junior division of tnc bull that day to compete in a junior!riding Ronnie Evan, also from rodeo. j See BENTON WARDLAW Page 2 In addition (o his first place in 1 —the ribbon roping, Wardlaw' took! B second in the senior bovs' dhi- i|\_\/klfiai siion of the bulr nding, 'third' in J U% * «*U¥lCI the steer wrestling and third in the tie-down calf roping., ;" : ''Approximately 800 were on hand Saturday night for the final per formance of the three-day rodeo. This brought Uie total attendance for the show Jo near 2,000. Rodeo officials were able to make only an estimate on the number m jtam East-West contacts but limit. i ed resulis otherw ise. ; i And today, Communist dele- The two had been trymg to find 1 refuge in the neighborhood when [ a house-to-house search squad of j 100 men. acting on a tip, came j Authorities said DC la Maza was j carrying a gun that Generalissi- PENNYjmo Trujillo had witli him during Hottest Thing in Rockets *• ^ v » -* "* Tops Anything Reds Have . An army communique and De la Maza sai'd Shivcly took off this morning forjhis fatal ambush last Tuesday Alpine and Mitre Peak Girl Scout i night on a road outside tbe cap Camp. Sis will be the water front ital. director and Pennj. an assistant; unit leader on nature. The camp j _ will be in session until July 29. i Sis will come home and Pcnnv! from their car and began shoot- will go on lo the Wilderness Trek mg aftcr securll - v agents had for Girl Scouts in Oregon. Whilel chasc<i thcm to lhe cd S e of In- Sis is gone, counselling for Boy! dependence Park and Bolivar Av- Scouts and Girl Scouts she us-' enue Police casualties were not By RENNIE TAYLOR Associated Press Science Writer SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP)— U. S. scientists have opened a new era in rocketry with a built- up mibsile apparently having far more power capability than any- was rated as developing nearly 1 the Soviet Union's lead in putting 500,000 pounds of thrust. The Atlas and Titan, 50 to 90 feel high, developed respectively 360,000 and 430,000 pounds. With the segmented technique, say the developers, a rocket 200 thing the Soviets have shown to | f oc t tall or even taller can be date. Two days ago the Americans successfully test-fired T a " captive rocket only 30 feet long :and 8 fef!t Debate Scheduled On Press Freedom NEW YOUK (AP) — Tea ins headed by White House press see- on the • number : o'f rctary Pierre Salinger and Soviet persons attending since no check Premier Khrushchev's son-in-law was made. . : .will argue freedom of the press Ada Lee Riggs of Sanderson was ir > a nationally televised debate on the only double winner at the ro- June deo. She was first in the 13-15-ycar-i The National Broadcasting Co. old division of the girls' barrel i announced the debate will be race and the. sarnc "division' of the taped nt 2 ;p.m. 'June 2-! and .girls' pole bending. ! broadcast over the . NBC-TV net- Charles Stewart Jr.. of Eagle! work that night fronr 9:30 to 10:30 Pass, won the junior Division of p.m;, Eastern Daylight Time. • the "tie-down calf roping. Barry i . Harrison Salisbury, writer on Burk. Waggoner. Oklu.. won the Soviet affairs for the New York senior division -in tie-down calf j Times, .'will he on the American roping. - i team with Salinger. ' : ually handles will be takca over mentioned. by Jim Meyers of the Border Patrol, a water, safety instructor. » inches m diameter°that devel- '"I, b!ocks - assembled, and it 'can be fattened enormously by clustering segments around each other and then piling up the clusters like build- big payloads into space. The term is difficult to define, {but 21 million pounds of thrust, the goal of experimenters here, or' even the 2 million pounds they talk about as being available soon seemingly outclasses anything the Soviets have. c c e , e RONALD FORTH, SON OF MR. and Mrs Chester Forth, serving "-««••««;*-» with the U. S. Army in Germany^ Uvo . *«Srtixes was recently promoted to thc land W-crC refused cntry rank of private first class. joped more push than the giant! Th , e > are talking now about as™ .. - ,. ., , _. i Atlas and Titan missiles fired I scmb ing rockets right away with The po ice got a tip that D,a Z | Irom c Canaveral and Van- z , m '»« on P° un ,f s of "»"?*• and and_De la Maza had been ***n d b A - F fi about eventually producing as- a downtown street The gunl * ! semblies v\ith a total thrust of 21 on battle began 30 minutes after the at a house by the ! owner. The" modest-sized test rocket! million pounds. was made up of segmenis slacked ; Thrust is the rocketeers term three high to make " the- total i for power, and it is mainly :what I height about 30 feet The rocket' this country needs to overcome COSME HINOJOSA, AN ARMY, private who is the son of Mr. and! Mrs. Paul V. Hinojosa of Com-: stock, arrived recently .in ; Korea i and is a member of the 45lh En-'{ gihcer Group, U. S. Army Engineer Depot at Inchon. He's a clerk in the group's 245th Engineer Detachment; Headquarters Company. He entered the Army inj August, I960, and completed hisj basic training at Fort Hood, Texas. He's 19, and " attended Cornstock High School. ' S«« AROUND TOWN >••• 1 Cloudbursts Strike to North; Del Rioans Hopefully Eye Sky Some possibility of an isolated thundershower for. Del Rio is foreseen by H. L. Motyneux at thu Weather Bureau today. Partly cloudy skies that hung over the city this morning are expected to continue this night. afternoon and cetvcd .slightly ; more than that amount. . : Th~e month was as hot was dry, Molyncux said,With the die Plains;', and extending: into half | four separate forecasts-for torna- I does for areas in the" .northeast-. as : ill crn part ofUhe stale; the Panhan- If .the :expt;cted isolated thundershower \ develops, it , will line vulh such storms be \. in Sunday dark clouds built up late in the afternoon but failed to yield any moisture to the aren with -a deficiency of 2.78 indies' since the first of the year j Molyncux said that May had only .4D of an inch of rain, 1,98 inches below normal of 2.47 inches. The month had three thunderstorms, with rain of '.07 of an incVi on May 7, a total of .24 of an inch May 14; on the 23rd rainfall mea sured .17 and on the 25th, the to tal was ,07 of an inch, Since the I»rst of the year, Del RJO has received precipitation to | There also were a t few;Visoiaied tailing 3.97 inches. Normal for the thundershowers ( in ; the northwest fint five months of «i« year Is'ern' P«nhandle^ : /S ir ft^'r'' -: ; • 6,75 inchec, and 1*1 llto Ms re-1 -The U.S.-.Weather Bureau average daily temperature of 79.5 ! Oklahoma: degrees 2.\- above normal. The j •':-,;;;>• .+:• :-•'+. '~-: : , : , = : /y- - ; v: , '••.'•;' high of 98 vvas recorded May < 21 •[ .The West 'Texas: central part of and, 22; the low.- of 58 oh "May 9j the state ; appeared to ''_ bear_-the and ^1.0. Eighteen days ^,6t the ! b . run t^s the; turbulent days ^,6 month had temperature of 90: r or ' "'' """"" tinned over central West Texas early today following a' wild.' night of high winds, damaging/hail and rains which included an 11-incli cloudburst. ^'.^•••^•••^'••'•^^'••^•.•( The tlninderstormsVvyerc. : .Qcciir-, ring in an areajj extending'; froni Abilene and. Mineral Wells southward to Junction ;«ind Lamp»sas; moved southeastward weather Sii;nd a y I Crops , in : places were damaged heaviiy... ,•.'''''. !;'."/';".:' . • < 0.; .,-'/:';...•, .- •:-... ;•• '. The.;vdoudbjrst ; ...which ^dropped I i jrichcs of rain occurred during a ; three-hour period; on a rural area along iCottonwpod ; Creek;; 10 miles north; of JShyddr, trie^Weather '-'" ; aiid I/; "3^ bit Stamfort,T,46mile« north of SMCi.ouMiHtmf.ttt Into the Atlmntic loaded with Two GOP Senators Challenge LBJ To Visit South . NEW YORK (AP)—Vice Presi- denf 'Lyndon B. Johnson-has been challenged by two Republican senators to visit the South in an --- [effort iu-aid integration. I Sens. Barry. Gold water, of Ari- izona and Jacob K. Javits of New • York said that Johnson's prestige j in ihe South could effectively be S used to help calm racial tensions. The senators indicated such a [trip might also serve as a public ' examination _of." the Texan's racial gates to the Geneva-- conference on Laos continued to brush aside talks about cease-fire violations despite the announcement that Kennedy ar-d Khrushchev recognized the importance of an effective truce in the Southeast Asian- kingdom. Khrushchev rushed home to welcome President Sukarno of Indonesia, a neutralist Asian leader whose government has contracted for more than 5300 million .worth of Soviet military- aid. Khrushchev told the Viennese in a farewell statement lie hoped ' his talks with Kennedy would lead I to peace, understanding and cooperation between the United States and tbe ^Soviet At * Vienna,* 4 the stuck to the hard lines of his anti- Western policy. But U.S. officials hope that, as a result of tne Vienna conference, he may yet modify his course- Kennedy - is reported _to -• have told Khrushchev^ „ emphatically that if he forces a showdown over West Berlin,- the .Western powers will defend the city."' Xhrushchev was warned against -miscalculating Western intentions. Broadly, the U.S. President sought to get across the idea ifc*t, despite setbacks * in Laos and Cuba, the United Slates intends to fulfill its defense commitments to other nations around the world. Today in London, - President Kennedy-.and Macmillan -spent nearly three hours mapping Western strategy in the East-West cold war. They dispensed wilh all advisers and officials for most of their session- It took place in an austere study in Admiralty House. Outside, American and ^British security men and Londoln policemen kept a watch on a^croud which at.ooe time numbered nearly 5,000. The nub of Lhe President's report to Macmillan. diplomats said, amounted to this- "The Vi- "1 was down South," Goldvvater 'said. 4i l don*t think he (Jolinspn) i was supporting civil "rights." "Let's put it to the test," said enna exchanges produced better understanding of the rival positions—but no firm agreements beyondti.a ;.-decision to keep on , V ;television networks and the - Mutual : ,Broadcasting System radio-are'scheduled \o carry Pres- i Javits. _;• J ident Kennedyis report to the j The senators . appeared on f American people Tuesday night. I ABC's ''Issues and Answers," in- {He will speak from 6 to 6.30 p.m., terview program on television i (Eastern Standard Time, from the i and radio. •'.".• i \\1iite House, n - i^i%ra |^« , ians Die ' PARIS (AP) —; Police .';• threw a dragnet over three boroughs of Paris today; in an effort to trace Algerians'.'.i'"who:: took'; part :in ;a slxwUng : affray M'hich',: claimed at ieast_'U''lives "<His~'"m6rning;''" ';• • Police said A: 11 • -Algerians, had been killed, ;: fpur?.of.;ihein?so}diers serving ; with';; the ;anny. ; ' Eigh ty ; •• ;. fAl jgeri a hs-^ 'were ;^- special detention center- s*t up- at attack came soon after midnight when/ Algefiai comrainf dais ,in t»x> light: tr«e*» shot up: a police • car in : th* 13th ArroodiM- wer« •;. An 'hour; later "a police car w«» attacked t'at' the, corner-of' the boulevards 2 M agenta aad, 4 bourg" and. tvva policemea"" at the fell dead after a chase, among aong ; th« boulevard. The- ^police " sfeot

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