The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 15, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1893
Page 1
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MARSHALL, MICH., SATTODM, JJJLY 15, 1893 PRICE Msolutdy Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Hiarhestnf all in leavening strength Leftist U. 5> Government Food Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, N, Y . , r H I 1 IUI P H P E Y S ' •** BWB *^ '••-• "^ •*"" * ••'**•-•- Professor John B! Stephehsba Leaves His Family. . MISS ADA OULVEE ALSO DEPAETB, Dr. Henri O. W. Weyei-wm Make a Fight Against Going to Now York on a Requi- sition—TPilson Identified by the Murdered Girl's Brother. JACKSOH, July 15.—Professor John B. Stephenson, for five yeats principal . practice an with entire At cur* for the core without /years by tho Every ilngle Specific named. InRorredaclnK the Sovereign utrorrmiHcir»i. »o». - l-Fever«t Congestion*, Inflammations.. .35 U—Worm* Worm Ferer, Worm Colic.... .25 3-TeetktnKI Collo.Crylntf.'Wakefnlnew .25 4-.Di*rrheat «t Children or Adultt.J.... .25 7—CouEDBt Coktet Bronchitis;....:. ..„,. .25 8-Neura)ffl*» Toothache, Faccache...... .25 9-Headache», Sick Headache, Vertigo- .25 IV—Dr*pep«la, Biliousness, Constipation. .25 U-Soppremed or Painfnl Period*.. >25 A2-Whlte«, Too Profuse Periods.. ........ .25 13-Croap, liaryngrltU. Hoamenew...... .25 14-Salt Rheum, Erytlpelas. Eruptions,. .25 15-KhemnatUra, Rheumatic Pains .25 16-eialarU, Chffli. Fever and Ague...... .25 lO-Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In the Head. .25 90-Whooping Congh •". - •'** 27-Ktdney Pleea»ea •»» 98-Nerroa* l*ebtlitr. —LOO 30-Crlnary Weakness, Wetting Bod. .25 HUMPHREYS* WITCH UAZKli OIL* "The Pll« CMntment."-Trlal 61ze.g5Cta. Sold by DmitgUii, or un* poitpald on receipt of prlco. DB. BraraUT*' M*NUA<: (144 PUSM.I HAILED rsic. SPECIFICS Of tho'schools at Brooklyn, has left his position and family and gone, nobody in that village knows wheite. The day previous to his departure Ada Culver, a pretty girl aged 22, left, saying she was going to Coldwater to visit. The disappearance o£ the tWo people and the fact that they had .been quite friendly fo,r a long time -caused' Miss Culver's friends to think ail was not and found.- that 'Miss 1 Culver had left with Professor Stephenaon the day before forChicago. '-The facts were, it is said, comnium- , cated to the professor's son, and he at 1 once declared they were all true. He said his father had given the family the farm and he had collected what money he could get, had bid his wife and boy goodby, saying he should not come back, and they could have all the property. It was well understood for some time that Stephenson and 'Miss Culver were infatuated witlicach other, but no one thought they would run away. Professor Stephensbn is about 55 years old, has quite a family of children, one Of his daughters being the wife of Dr. Mclntlre of Mosheiville. The professor was born near Brooklyn and has resided there all his life. Miss Culver had $100 in the embarrassed King bank. She sold her claim for ?50, and also collected what money was due her for teaching before she left. ' WILL FIGHT THE REQUISITION. Dr. I Friday at noon, aiid a few hours later George Marshall, brother of Miss Mary i Marshall of Lambton county. Out., for ' whose liwrder Albert E; Wilson, alias Harry Bradley, is held here, appeared Rt~police headquarters to identify the prisoner. When the two men confronted each other in Chief Kains' private of-, flee WilsoTrtmng his head and sunk in a nerveless condition into a bhair. "This is the man Wilson -that killed my sister," said Marshall to the chief in a whisper. Marshall -then asked Wilson if he knew him, and he said, "No," without looking at him. ''Where were you raised T' "In Perth." Marshall says that the prisoner's parents still live at the homestead, a few miles from where the murder took place four years,ago. Wilson has three brothers; all at home. None were ever In Saginaw. He J 'iurther said: "I have known Wilson since he was a child. We are the same age, and were brought up together. I went to school with him, and I cannot be mistaken. His parents are heartbrOKen." • , Wilson is tlie man without question, taken to Sarnia today to itand trial for murder., He says he will go without extradition papers. Yesterday he paced his cell with clinched hands and was heard to exclaim: "My God, what will I do?" It looks as though a noose awaited him. Lewrack, the informer, will get the, 81,000 reward for his capture. During the slimmer Miss Evelyn Wat ion -is prepared to give instruction lla ; the languages and mathematics, or in any of the common branches. : MUs Graham, teacher of gbUaf, raftia dolm and ;banjo, will give instructions during Vacation on the different instru rnents. Those who are interested please consult with Mr. Louis f hompaon. Bring Your C»rp»ti». The carpet cleaning works on Ex changdetreol will be open on and after Monday, March 27th. Go to Boughton's for wall paper. New stock and new styles. Rebel t Schelly is prepared to 'do kinds of tin work, (bop opposite E, L Murphy's. - _*-— - , — , - ,_. ••If you uanttbo best refrigerator on earth for the le'ast money «o to BoBlej'a, . Buy the genuine Philadelphia lawn mower nl BoBlej's. v - ' .,,..'.:-'• ' ..,;,. SuffererB from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure ;«ill promptly and *'f" fccluully remove eVefy traced them. Auy ruggist Vr'll get it for'yoxi. •"",'' $100 for a case of Catarrh, Djsi>cppui,.Ntr' vousness nod SleeplcssneBs the* Vegetable Cure will not cure. • CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS; CURE S<*He»a*cbe»nd relieve*! 1 tbotronblaa lw* itnt *o abillou* atatoof the «j«tem cuoh j«ii»rk»blo»ucc6«ahf« Drowsltuna. OI«)«CIHI While their mart SICK Httdmohe, T«t Outer'a LitUe Lrrar Pffla UTer tsA regoUto the boweis. — ~ — " ~~ ~ tomach sis. lEve anlftoeyoaiy Acb»tb*7 v?ouldt«»lmostprioelei»to thOM who from thU 6 iatrcssiag cciaplfcint; bat £ ort)t booBC*trftixf a *;U find thaw lit atlelneo :o-.u) < a»>. • a>>tUsey will not be wit- |iag todu ni*- ittfw. But »ft« afltlck »«*4 it inner lives fhrnt bereifvber* e it while .%? Pills »re vtfj sauXl voA T.O or two pills makeVftoiM. »ot grip* Of Henri C. W. Meyer Does Nut Waiit to Ga to New York. DETBOJT, Jply I 5 -—Dr. Henri O. W. Meyer, the. filleged wholesale poisoner, eaw a lawyer in his cell at the central station yesterday. The attorney waa J. V. D. Willcox, and ho had a brief talk with the prisoner, with what result ia not known. Theprisoner"'•till' insists that ire is not Dr. Meyer, and declares himself wholly innocent of the charges, against) him. There is, however, not the slightest doubt about his identity, Meyer was "yesterday identified positively by D. Robertson,- assistant general superintendent of the* - Pinkerton detective agency. Robertson came over from Chicago purposely tC'^see whether any mistake had been made, and yesterday forenoon when he stepped URto Meyer's cell he at once recognized tnd prisoner. Robertson knew Meyer well, aa^ the latter lived only a few blocks from njjn in Chicago. Meyer then lived on Centre street. When Robertson spoke to thV prisoner, calling him by name, Meyer Claimed not to know his caller. "I never aaw you before,"'he said to the Pinkerton man. Another matter which, did wot come out until yesterday was the fact that the detectives, when they searched the house of Meyer on Clifford street, found a health certificate signed with Meyer's full name. In spite of everything, however, the prisoner persists that he is Carl Scbaffer and not Meyer. 4 When questioned by a reporter yea- light the requisition he answered in a .most decided way, that he would. ,Ha said afao that he was -not a doctor at all audthgt he never practiced medicine. Mrs. Meyer* who is the principal in' charge o{ murder preferred against ;„ .xTx™. •w-jj.'jjjjji wfco gaY6 Harper hospital ig well, as is also will not be Jaken to: Want* to Know Their Condition. LANSING, ouly 15.—Banking Commissioner Sherwood has issued an order calling upon all state banks to report their condition at the close of business on Wednesday, July 12. . A I'aMenger Train Ditched. ANN ARBOH, July 15.—The engine of passenger train No. 2, going south on the Toledo, Ann Arbor »*»d Northern /fid ijjan railroad, was ditched in tlie yards here, caused by the end of a split switch being slightly , bent. Ralp Edwards, a 15-year-old boy stealing a ride on the front of the baggagecar, nad hia leg broken. No serious harm was done otherwise. . Stephen Uelger on Trial. ALPENA, July 15.—Some difficulty, it is anticipated, will be had in convicting Stepnen Reiger for the murder of Molitor. The regular panel was exhausted yesterday and the extra p anel drawn for today will not be enough. Reiger was in Rogers City, but two days before the murder was committed, and from the testimony given in the other trials, he did not take a very active part in it. On account of the sympathy excited it will be hard to find a jury. Attorney General Ellis had been obliged to leave on account of other business. Banks, Mende and some others still re- to be tried.. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaOrippe end its after effects Tremulous.Weakness of the Nervt-g, Er elas und Cout tipation. 12 oz. $1.00. DR. SHAEPSTJEEM. Lawn ptiirttl nt ^ha^peut > d uud re- your tin w ar« nii-Dilfti at Schelly V tin sliop. 90f f"ji.> b-.- Tin- DUII. Wbeu !.Dithit>tj you want to buy, Ju&t cull ut Cbec.ber'8 oiill aud try, His cash prices will rur'ely suit ypu, W.ben any fi-»'d jou »io w»m ground, Call ut Uheaber'H mill, be is always around, *^ And bo will try to plewse jou. We buy for cash uud sell for cash, And that's what keeps ua in our bash. Get your wall pap«r and Gcu bouglHou's utw stoic. paiula a STOCKIAKTHTOPiSTUBI ""Termslcheap. deeper address, A. B. JUNG, Marshall, Mich Train Struck a Handcar. . WEST BAY, CITY, July 15.—A passenger train on the Midland division of the Michigan Central struck a handcar, on which were four men, near Fisherville. injuring three of them. Thad Thinklepough had one leg broken, two riba fractured, his head bruised and received an ugly wound in his left side. John Oleson had an arm broken, was a dense fog at the time and did not see the approaching until it was. almost upon them. A'^Now "Warden Appointed IONIA, July 15,—Otis Fuller of St. Johns, Clinton., county, has been appointed wardenNof the state house of correction here ta succeed Warden Parseli on Sept. 1. Mr. Fuller is a well built and fine looking "gentleman, and' Was formerly editor of >he St. Johns Republican. He was theNmaniiuous Clinton county. Drowning at Went Bay City/ WEST BAT CtrY, July 15,—Frederick, the 5-year-old son of Julius Kaiser, N foreman of the WestrBay City brewery, was miasied at the dinner table, and a search. xesuJtedin finding his hat on the " " ' ' ff»^a,^ \lj&wr U&lxAyTifm of the river with a ppce pole,. Cbufcj ou babies, sore nipples and in llanituation of the breast instantly relieved with Lavcndar Ointment The Eureka baken's wagou makes daily trips to .all partb of the cjly.cairv- injr » full line ot breajl, c»ke«s,' pies and cookies All orders will receive prompt attuntion. JAS. McKELLAR. Just aa sure aa hot weather coines there will be inure or less bowel complaint ia this vipipity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at hand for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50 ceut bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ja just what ypij ought to have and all that you would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases. It ra the beet, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and ispleasant to take. For sale at Greene's drug store. * _ Pyramid Pile Cure is 4 «*w discovery for the jproinpt, permanent cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist baa xt, Good summer wootj »t *1.75 per coord 4 new remedy ' • '•!••-. •'^^"''•^^' - has ereat^l A e*n«aUon by its every Jor«a oi j'X-«, or aentby Nt. CO., New York OBAPH8 of the • <w earth; ccwyng Fell JFour Ulundred ," July 15.— tp start quiai- age4 ®7«ar*, tras working i^ an mtiol%^ l^e'Saperiormin«ft Into "fltof t, droping 4$ eefc bat nothing rfr' notes the 4i.5efwe so quickly, eaf«ly end. . » ?.. , •! «_i !i%._,-i'.i J^ y j jj ttt "

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