The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 29, 1962 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1962
Page 6
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Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2611 IHE BRA20SPOK PACT!. aiss/e MAILBAG BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNT*. itAAS, SUNDAY. JULY 29, lUt Early Freedom Saves Regret Later On By BESSIE LITTLE Dear Bessie: I am 16 years old and have been going slpady wilh a boy for over n year. He is in the service and when he gets n leave IIP comes to our home and slays \vilh Us. My parents like him very much and ho likes ihem. I will enter my senior year in high school this Fall anrt I would like just sitting around. What can do? Need Help. Elkton, Maryland Dear Nerd Ilrlp: T h o i" e cerlainly is not h ing wrong with your enjoying the activities of your senior year in high school. The imporlant thing is hat you talk your plans over horouehly with your boyfriend beforehand. At your age, having to have a better time this year'pone steady since you than I had last year. There are iyou should gel to know other hoys many activities in the senior year I before you settle down lo mar- nnd I would like to go to them, ried life. Should your love survive My boyfriend wants to marry me after I graduate and I would like such experiences, you will make a holler wife. You must reali/e future and he the making of a good marriage. Dear Bessie: A boy 1 like gets me mixed up. When he comes over to see me he acts very nice (that is, when I nm alone with him). When I Hive a girlfriend over and he is vith my brother, he hardly says inylhing except "Hi," and "C.ood- >ye." Will he ever change? He s going to be 17 years old this \ugust. Is it because he is bash- Don't Know, Wilmington, Del. Dear Don't Know: Boys of your friend's age are to Tnarry him. I would still like'lhat he should also be free to very often reluctant to let others to date others this year. l'm;dale others. This freedom at an I know that they like a girl. Some- sure that while he's away he isn't'early age can save regrets in the limes, it is they are bashful and at others it is out 01 a false sense of shame. As long as he is pleasant to yon whet you are alone nnd polite when there are others around, there is little reason for yon to be worried about his behavior. The time ivlll come when he will be a hit more open alrout liking you. Dear Bessie: I like a boy very much who Is wo years older than I am. He comes from a wonderful family. Wy only trouble with him is that le likes to "make out." If I tell lim I don't want to, I'm afraid he will get mnd at me. I don't •are much for this sort of affection, as yet. It seems many of my girlfriends "make out," but 1 just don't have the desire to. How can I tell him without making him mad? B. K., Chicago Dear B.K. and to Confused, who wrote on the same subject: The desire for premarital rela- iions is an ever present danger 'o young couples. It invariably iresents a major problem to the girl because the responsibility of naking a decision that may affect her for the rest of her life is placed firmly in her hands. The successful way to handle such a problem is lo get the oy to share he responsibility for making a decision. A boy who truly loves a desires. If the couple gives In, (he loss of respect, the sense of ciiilt and tho fears that develop, destroy the very love they mis- [akenly intended to show. Tlie hoy should understand that 'making out" is by no means a proof of love. He should also mdoi-stand that saying "No" is hyj no means a rejection of him — it merely indicates a mature approach to Ihe problem lacing both of them. If he can understand your de- ' GARDEN NOTES Quernsey Lilies Making Change Underground n.v nouoTiiv SMITH "I met a lillle Klf-man, once, Down where the lilies blow. I him whv he was so sire lo maintain his respect for you and your own self-respect, his small And be didn't grow. love shows maturity and under- , ," p sli * h "- v fmwnrd - nnfl "''"' standing. If he cannot, he is miss- bis eye Ihem each spring as Iho follagei Discontinue snipping y nw r ^ r y f dies down. jsanthcmum plants, as hurt* nrti They like a light, humus soil, about to begin to form. Just fe-M and do best for you if planted mrm S | n |(p wn( , n „,,,,.,....._ . in partial shade. They like lo be y " n<1 fed as Iliey eomplele blooming, and prefer to be planted no deep- 'er than two inches. If you bavn krop n <l|o ' m for ins Ihe whole point of beauty in love and you should let him go his way. (Got a problem? Write "Dear signs of aphid*. There are mnny sprny solutions on the market for control of Mils nosl, the common *l ;irl is able to understand thatiBessie," Under 20 Mailbag, care "ie only course is to resist such|of The Brazosport Fact: late sum-;tnhlo by keeping them happy, gardeners;They want food until the hudu !».. ASSEMBLY of GOD Brockman Read Gluts Edward Mills. Paster 131 West 4th Freepert I. C. Allen, Paster 436 Asalea Lake Jaeksen Robert Peehl, Paster Jones Cmk — Steven Barrett, Paster ™. 412 North Ave. D :. Freepert *•: O. H. Deckray, Pailer | BAPTIST rv Calvary (SBC) " Slaughter Read : Herald Rltehey, Paster -: First Baptist (SBC) :- Hi Allen Rd., Oyster Creek '" R. W. Campbell, Pastor ':*• North Side Baptist »W Blk. N. D. Freeport Noble Hunt. Pastor Temple Baprlst (SBC) 40* E. Main, Clute - A. C. Maxwell Velasce Heights(SBC) 1817 North Ave. 9, Freeport Homer Newell, Pasror West End Baptlsf ISBC) 1400 West 12th, Freeport Norman Fry, Pastor Willow Drive Baptist (SBC) 200 Willow Drive, Lake Jaeksni J. E. Jones, Pastor Shady Oaks Baptist (SBC) Garland Drive, Lake Jaelaon David Surton, Pastor North Side Baptist (SBC) 1143 Third St., Clute O. Marlon Vance, Pastor First Baptist 220 Shanks, Clute O. T. Van Meter, Pastor SP First Baptist (SBC) 124 West 4th, Freeport Phillip R. Brown, Pastor East Side Baptist Mission 230 East 5th, Freeport Abe R. Smith, Pastor :: Flrsr Baptist (SBC) 401 Yaupon, Lake Jackson John H. Beard, Pastor Velasco First Baptist (SBC) - 20 North B, Freeporr A. Gordon Johnson. Pastor Friendship Baptist (ABA) '_ 541 East Main, Clute : Carl S. Stephens, Pastor ; Jones Creek Baptist (SBC) - Hwy. 34, Freeport ' L. D. Mahanay.Jr., Pastor Unity Missionary Baptist (ABA) : Rlchwaod Villaqe ; Dan Griffith, Pastor Immamiel Baptist (SBC) 314 Aycock, Cluro ; Cecil Unel, Pastor CATHOLIC it. Mary: Star at the Sea 1019 West 4th, Freeport Fr. George Beck St. Henry's (Latin-American) 318 East 5th, Freeport Fr. Gerald Orsinl St. Michael's Corner Oak Drive and Plantation Dr. Lake Jackson Fr. George Beck CHRISTIAN First Christian 224 West 4th. Freeport Paul S. Russell, Pastor First Christian 450 Oyster Creek Dr. Lake Jarkson Glenn F. Moore, Pastor CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 303 East Broad Freeport THE 01 .ID AGE An old adage, indeed, that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." _ The "kids" on the farm are models of youthful effi- Cle "cy- But they go a-fishin' whenever they can. The business men, the housewives, the schoolchildren — they need their fishin' too ! the A 11 , and no PRAYING leaves man a dull soul! • The God who created us never intended us to be able to get along without Him. Our hands may sow seed, but they can't make it grow. Our minds may work out problems, but thev can't solve the world's chaos. All of our efficiency 'hasn't brought us lasting happiness or firm hope. But when we turn to our Christian faith, and seek its power through regular worship in our Churches — then we find the things we need and want most! Tk. Cl.rtk k It, |ra> lnl f.clor n ••nk for ik. fcWIi., .1 .knitter «»d (WNJ cititcwltip. It •k>rJ,o«« ,1 ipmiul ttUn. WiA. •«! > Uraif d.refc. xiiW J,. • »" drUiulim <.. „,. »iw. TWf* «r« fwir MiiBd rc.iwti I Corinthiuj 10:ZW3 Jeftmuh 18:1-12 Pulni (4:1-11 Pulmi 31:12.22 I Connthiuii 10:11.13 Join 19:20-2< Graejis 1:29-11 Stmiburjr, Va. a.rcK. 7)»7 .rtt (I) For U •v. »l.. (2) Fn fcr. d,iMr«'. HU. (3) F.r tfc. ui. .f ki, „„. .r < ku port. PU« to t, I. luV «J n>d r**r BM< Mr. THIS ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE MADE POSSIBLE BY THESE BUSINESS FIRMS HARBOR FISH CO. 100 W. Braioi BE 3-4101 Freoport GULF LUMBER COMPANY 167 South Main. Clut« AN 5-2569 FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK 103 Cherry, Freeport IE 3-5261 THE CAMERA MART 522 North Gulf Blvd., Frxport IE 3-2461 MURRELL'S TEXACO STATION 626 W. 4th, Ftteport, Ttial FREEPORT LUMBER COMPANY 623 W. Broad Frnpoit, Teiai YOUNG'S PRESCRIPTION HOUSE 231 W. Broad Frteport, T«ia« McMULLEN DRUGS 20 Iraiotport Savlnfi Ctnttr FrMDort, Ttioi FREEPORT ICE COMPANY 32< E. 2nd Frteport, Ttiai WOOD TEXACO SERVICE STATION 724 Hwy 2B8 Clute, T«ai LAKE TELEVISION CENTER 36-B Circle Way, Lake Jockion, Teiai CY 7-2»U GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 222 West 2nd Freeport, Tua> CHURCH of CHRIST Center Way at Yaupon Lake Jackson Stanley Shipp, Minister Brazorla Church Calvin E. Reed, Minister CHURCH of GOD 75? Vine Clute J. E. Coleman, Pastor CHURCH of The NAZARENE 802 West 5th Freeport R. Earl Cotton, Pastor EPISCOPAL St. Paul's 1307 West 5th. Freeport William E. Sterling. Pastor St. Timothy's Circle Way & Oyster Creek Dr. Lake Jackson George L. Carlisle, Jr., Pastor LATTER DAY SAINTS 441 Aialea Lake Jackson C. A. Bailey, Pastor LUTHERAN Christ Lutheran (Auqustanal Plantation Dr. & Amaryllis Lake Jackson Leslie A. F. Carlson. Pastor St. Paul's American °23 West 5th. Freeport Charles D. Sherman. Pastor Grace (Missouri) 1302 Weit Broad Freeport, Teiai E. J. Srelllng. Pastor St. Mark (Missouri) 501 Willow Dr., Lake Jackson John P. Sehuli. Pastor METHODIST First Methodist 151 S. Shanks, Clute L. R. Condrey, Pastor First Methodist 1400 West Broad, Freeport Archie W. Fleming, Pastor First Methodist 404 Aialea, Lake Jackson Carlos Davis, Pastor First Methodist, Velasco (also Oyster Creek Methodist) 320 North Ave. A, Freeport Alvls M. Coleman. Pastor St. Thomas Methodist Jones Creek, Route 1, Freeport Ferd Dawson, Pastor Congregational Methodist trackman Road, Clute Harold E. Pitts, Pastor Chapelwood Methodist (Temporarily In Junior High) Lake Jackson Faulk Landrum Pastor PENTECOSTAL United P«a« Lane at S. Main, Clute I. U Stevens, Pastor PRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterian 1402 West Brood, Freeport C. Knox Poole, Pastor Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Peach Point, Rt. i, Freepart Kenneth L. look, Pastor First Presbyterian 102 Yaupon, Lake Jackson John E. Topplns, Pastor SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Hwy. 288 Richwood Villaqe lob Jinks. Local Elder UNITARIAN Srausport Unitarian Fellowship Now Meeting At ... Old lethal Presbyterian Church Strarton Ridge Road He looked me through nnd I had trouble in gelling your bulbs through. | to bloom for you, chances are violator of the mum family. 'I'm quite as big for me.' lie they need to be lifted and divided, j Rut lake care to nee that you said, Have you continued lo remove jhnve mums for your ThAnksglvlug 'As you are big for you." seed ptxls from your lale ••--•-'- •-- • — John Hendrick Bangs, inier annuals? Most all ga The guernsey lily probably: become liuy in this respect, and!gin (o show color, then dlscnn says something similiar to I by doing so rob Ihe garden of j limit? dietary supplements, or (he .what the little Klf-man pointed out • blossoms during Iho last of the j blossoms will lie weakened. 'to the lilies. Tho guernsey con- annual season. 1 Imvo seen soj Other things that need lo he i tends that be is not as odd for i many zinnia beds lately with j attended to this week Include pel him, as perhaps the Elf-man is : faded blossoms turning inlo seed ling pol* filled with a 1-1-1 nii\ himself. ithat my thumb and forefinger lure (peat, snnd nnd humusi for You see, there is really some- have simply itched to removoj those phnls you will want to l,ik Ihing quite remarkable going on in Ihe lily lied right now! The barren plot, with no sign of foliage in sight, is gelling nil prepared to give the gardener a surprise all over again this year. All winter long their narrow blnded leaves gave a nice foliage effect to your garden. Then suddenly they ri i s a ppeared from sight. But they did not leave this world for the next. . .merely stepped underground to change costume. Just n few weeks from now you, will awaken one morning to find the most gorgeous, delicate ruby- red blossoms any plant ever produced growing from tall, slender and foliageless slcms. Some gardeners call them spider lilies, others rain lilies. But >y whatever name you call them, hey suddenly burst into eye-catch- ng bloom just about the time all lower material is practically n the garden. Ihem. 'indoors with you this autumn. The seed llmt have popped from'Colons will still have time to n».| bnsalni seed |x>ds well and make sturdy, branched ing up In the garden, and will plants if cullings are placed grow rapidly to produce yet an-[the pols and kept moist outdoor* olhcr crop of plains which almost;for n few weeks. Uft any of ihr always get to bloom for you hp* {plants you feel will be « "niusr fore frost. Their blossoms reseni'jin Ihe living or breakfast room miniature camellias closely and give them lime lo condition when used in floating arrange' menls. themselves under the shady hough of a tree. Vacation Church School Slated At FP Methodist Vacation Church school will l>c- in at S:M a.m. Monday and continue through Friday ill Ihe First Methodist Church of Freeport. Sessions each dav will Ix 1 from o us from Japan and China. All ummer long they have laid dormant, preferring not to be disturbed. school, with Mrs. Gallott helping. Workers in the Junior Department include Mrs. If. A. Carruthers Mrs. Phil Frazier, Mrs. George Davis, Mrs. Siddall, Mrs. Emnm 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. All children Martin, Ann McCary, Elaine nursery III through Ihc s i x t hjKoach, Linda Stevens, and Sue grade are Invited lo participate.;Taylor. Hie theme is "The Bible." The! Primary Department workers sindcrKarten will foe studying "We iare Mrs. June Pcnnington, Bon- ! nie Carter, Margaret Dixon, Bonnie Hancock, Slrphaie Penning- These remarkable bulbs coma j|lave a Bible;" Primaries, "Our Bible;" and the Juniors will study "Men Who Dared in Bible Times." Mrs. Don Murray is superintendent of the school and •• jtllllL Ul UHJ ,-l\ llvr They demand to be admired I assisted by Mrs. school only. Mrs. Woodul Calvert wil charge of refreshments for rom mid-August until September s they bloom from their slender, •are stems. Even with competition, they would easily be tho tar of the show with their deli- ale, exotic blossoms. Alter bloom, the plant simply isappears again for u short imc, and then Ihe decorative oliage begins to grow for wilier, and the process begins all ver again. Preferring privacy or not, those .lies, like iris, need to be lifted and divided about once every three jears. Otherwise the bulbs, ! will become crowded and the j bloom inferior. Lift and divide l ynl|r roasl bcc[ , n 1|)p , Ion, and Marsha Mr-Bee. Mrs, H. C. Richards, Carol Help, be j instill, and Darlyn Hancock will Archie Firm-j he working in the second grade. ing and Mrs. C. I.. Siddall. Mrs.(First grade workers include Miss John Kesslcr will supervise the!Susan Murray, Mrs. Mary lj\r- nursery which will be available genl, and Miss Martha Meek, for workers of vacation church In the Kindergarten Department Weeders Guide You don't marvel anymore at Ihe gadget that permits you to put Brigance Road Baptists Slate Bible School for an afternoon of, bridge or movies, and return to find the meat roasted and the oven shut off automatically. You can tend your lawn sprinkling in much the same fashion. I will he Mrs. Jewel Muggins, Mrs. be inJBillie Harrison and Mrs. Elva the;David. Nursery III, Mrs. Jane IKIslander, Mrs. Fioramaye Davis, 'Marilyn Calvert, and Kay Scruggs. Registrar: Mrs. Valerie Jordan and Greg Fleming. Medical work in Latin America has been selected as the project. The school will conclude Friday with an open house at 7 p.m. in the church sanctuary. Everyone is invited to view projects and activities in which the children will have been engaged throughout the school. Refreshments will be served , cave There are lawn sprinklers on ;the market with spray controls! ., .. „.., _ , , .... Ithat dial light to heavy watering; \lr\ir-n Varnhon Bible School will be- a( ^ Aiii[um ^ riRh J m . le ,|:j VOIC6 side coverage, and shut off at i specific times. (One is called 112- I Off Water Timer, by Mclnor). 1 While we were investigating in the activity hall following a "visiting time" to all the chi' dren's rooms. gin at Brigance Road Baptist Church in Brazoria Monday and continue through Friday, from S:30 lo 11:30 a.m. Mrs. Ola Bell Rutledge be the principal. Department ages ihose ""'"Cations, we turned up a and superintendents include: Xur-i" ew loU " Rud .. srmklcr lhal Slated Tonigh' Bv Unitarians sery, one to three years, Mrs. D. •travels in any direction r . The Braaosport Unitarian Fel- A. Marsha,,, assisted by Mrs. Kdnal'-ns (and hiHsi, completely j^iu tSs^mng ^h ^ Losack; Beginners, lour and five-;'™' 1 * WBl « I'^f"^ ""JiThonms as soloist. Musical selee- year-olds, Mrs. Ruth Ellinburg; \^\" v _ m " :rcw ',' ,"P ln M fcct |llons Primary, six through eight, Mrs. 'of hose as it climbs and ,.. „. from Mozart to lurns 'spirituals. Ivory Thomas, an Angle ton Agnes Harris; Juniors nine - lLV l '<"'" ors Mrs. Will* Miller; and Intcrme-! This gadget rascimitra us. io u ;., (|js( . „ hns ^ m diates. 13-16, Mrs. Margie Alns- '•'>' oul Ille Widen hose in almost Bolois( im , h( , ( . hnir .,, TMas worth. any pattern. Water pressure pow- South( , rn Univers | tv , or thrpr The school curriculum will in- crs Ihe device b;,ck along thi.s! vrars Currently doing graduate work there, she will receivr her degree in music in August. Ihe device b;ick along this elude Bible study, mission l'«th without snarling- study, character stories, worship Then there is the (ino-liand con- period, and art handwork. Mrs. trnl, pistol-type h'wc nozzle dc-j she has been selected to per. Karen Burke will he the pianist signed especially fur hedges that](„,.„, j n „ summer production of and Mrs. J. P. Williams is re- are not easily accessible, andjMozart's 'Cosi fan Tulti" In Kan- Ireshment chairiiiim . insecticide spraying. A flick of•.„,., City immediately following Committment will be Friday the thumb varies the flow from |her graduation. She will then teach morning, brought by the pastor,'mist to jet spray. jmusic at Marshall High School the Rev. J. P Hulledge, nnd com- There is no nei-d to throw j in Angleton. rnenceinent service- will be at 7:.';o aw;iy plastic: liusc that springs a! No other program is scli.-du|pd p.m. Friday. All yming people leak. Non-c.tirnxlini; couplings that:for tonight. The Bethel Pri-nby- will lit and mend virtually miyjmn Church (Ihe "Brock church"! si/e plastic hose arc available.) on Slrattcm Ridge Rond nnd FM All you have lo do is cut the hose, jfWU is the concert site, nntJ thr pub- insert u coupling ami twist, lie is inviled. ihrough 16 are invited lo attend. Miss Way To Speak To United Church Women Who lends America's lawns?: •One survey turned up f>l per cent! T ! female lawn keepers. The survey | J Miss Frances Way, direi-tnr oficovered about -I.U million acres Christian eduealinn at Ihe Fiist! o f |,i, m e limns, whii-h would j)iit Church in .I<ick-|w,imcn in charge of -I,!:): 1 , squiiic son. will he the spe.-.ker for the* |nuU-s — a hit inure than twice-the )razosport Council nl Unite<l liurch Women at 10 a.m. Tuesday. The meeting will be held iKii n( Delaware. IJon't Iliinli lor ;i miiiul.: t the First Christian Clmrcl 'reeport. Miss Way, uhu leceivi-d her nasler's degree in Oiristian tn ntion from the Perkins School f Theology at Southern Metbo- iist L'niversily, will speak lo the Mission the in unu liiclureis giiideir (Cimlliitieil Krurn I'm* S) iliHir mvl outside to play — complete with green teeth, bended neck ninl also Ignoring liny references In nrtislir ability. ' Once in n while, when one nl • missing chick, the whole breol equipment don't know alxjut this. j""' ln l!l aw; '. v (or lh « '!«>'.'I tell lliey make lii'ht-ttt-igbi, eiisy io- ; '".vsi'll Unit uj»m the return of "•''' J0])erale deviirs willi Ibis in niiiiil.j"'" mi >">'»K ''lil'-k, the '"- This, t.f course, gives hiisUinds i»'"«''l along belter. \Vlml iicluiilly hiippeiu It lh;r Ihe child who wa« goni- com Iliouc left at home I'l £" («it In tin he.ud uhout in- elerllir lillaiy- :'iinmej- jiowt'ied by haiti'iie^. Ami it molt.* lime hi play golf or in the biuishinc. The male gu <ilso from l.'iliur Ne\v ones we'Vr clllde il ciiltlleMS iK.ncnl >'"'"" '"•'•""'•B ,i..,,...... Ul '"' alleiweet re to sluxil Iheir BB gun* the ones at home feel tlK 1 : Ihe ' . H|1( ,|,i . h , u| ,.„.„ hdlf » , ,, ; m e M ,r,,n« themselve. Ihe Ix/M nuliiciil lur lawiis : ,,iiie. was a (ew dixipi of sweat applied | j Ml. the shoiiromingn of the olln - i- He; enough on Owl " "

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