The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 29, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1962
Page 4
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f. til V if . vit it lYl 1 rtr V\ Hi I hf tat io< lei »!* ir Ihi le: i flr •i Milt etoiMitr M M411 THI IRAZOSPORT PACTS 6RAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. SUNDAY, JULY Jo, NL All-Stars Out To Even Up Big Series U Optimists Are Set For Modelers Contest ' LAKE JACKSON (Sp) - The lourth annual Lake Jackson Opti- The I^ke Jackson Optimist were rccopnized nationally for last year's Modelers contest. mist Clnh Modelers Airplnne Championships will lie held Saturday and Sunday at the Mcxlolers flying field on Oyster Crerk Drive here and the CAP Airport. Application blanks are nmv available at Sportville here and The; _ • — _ Hohhy Shop In Freeport or fromi/%HC|©IS O"l J#rry Sidock, contest director. Tlierp will be 53 trophies, valued i at more than $900, Riven in Tigers Los Anaeles _. , , „ . ,'butting crown. 10 events. First, second and third ^.^ , ~ (np _ „ place trophies will he awarded' ot | ln . tape mef and individual liigh point cham-;as pionship and spot landing radio |Lo control trophies will also be' DETROIT (API—Norm Cash, only .237 in defense of his. DJJ^f,' -- -••-ngthened his b.^,™";..';; , i- . j 111 "la-Kansas City shot Salurdav Major r>amie Standing* By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American I^ngtie W. L. Pet.O.B. 60 38 56 44 56 45 50 48 51 50 51 48 45 v York ^08 Angeles Minnesota . Cleveland . lhe Detroit Angeles 6-1. The three - run t™ blast. Cash's "'Washington 44 57 38 60 .612 .560 .554 .510 .505 .495 .490 .450 .436 .388 Swimmers Place In AAU Meet LAKE .TACKSON (Spl — Two Lake Jackson youngsters placed n the midget division of the AAU Swim Meet In Houston Tuesday. Carol Jean Weyrlch and Charles Murray, Jr., who qualified to — | participate in the meet earlier •*> | in an event at Rosenberg, were •">'<» [ the winners. 10 i Carol Jean placed second in the 104! 50-ynrri backstroke and won a ll'.j 'silver medal. She also swam with a girls' medley relay team from PROBABLE PITCHERS By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS American awarded. :29th, landed atop the right field National League 12 16 I the Coastal Cities Athletic Associa- 17!-a!tion, with which the Riverside 22 ! Country Club team of Lake Jackson Is affiliated, in a 100 yardj Chicago (Pi7.arro 9-9 and Joyce 0-1 or Zannl 5-4) at New York (Terry 13-9 and Sheldon 6-5) (2). Minnesota (Stigman 5-2 and Krallek 6-8 at Cleveland Donovan 13-4 and Ramos 4-7 or Gomez 1-1) (2V. Los Angeles (Bowsfield 6-4 and Lee 8-7> at Detroit (BunninR 10-6 and Mossi 8-10 (2). Kansas City (Fischer 1-2) at Baltimore (Estrada 5-11. Boston (Wilson 7-3) at Washington (Cheney 3-5). National League San Francisco (O'Dell 12-8) at Los Angeles (Drysdale 18-4). Milwaukee (Burdette 9-5 and! By .(OR RKH'HI.Ktt Aworlfttitl PrCM Sport* Wrller CHICAGO (APl-Thn National League, beaten only once in the last seven summer meetings, will be out to even the over-all series with lhe American 1-eague In the season's second major league All- Slar game at Wrlgley Field Monday. A 3-1 winner In the first game, at Washington earlier this month, the National I-oagiie squad rules a 6 to 5 favorite to sweep this year's two-game set, extend its winning streak to five and square Mantle Hits 21st Homer, Helps Yankees NEW YORK (API - Johnny ilanchard's three-run pinch homer and Mickey Mantle's 21st home run, both in the seventh Inning. „,.„,.„!] „„_•,. ., ,,. , .' . i helped Hip Nr\v York Yankees eel^ over-nil series at 16 | „„,.£„ ffl( , T|mm( . dRy Sn|u|l|! , y _,'.,. . 'with a 4-.1 vicloiT over Chicago. The National League has! *,*,,,.'• . * I Tlie Yanks American League BRAZOSPQRTS By GKORGK FERGUSON i u is sroirrs EDITOR Koolhall lime I' drawing closer;Sweeny will take, on such ,„ mil closer. H'lcl rivnlii nil Gnnndo, n,, ; . ; All high schcxl loimis in Tr.xns, i\Vhnrlon, West Columhi.,, oilier tlinn Cluss AAAA schools, nnd Palm-Ion, begin training on AIIR 20. AAAAj s, m , r , v ' s big RI1I11I , „, M schools sliirl :\ week Inter since ; Rr)n )s ^ on Nm . ]( . ^ these schools will maintain sprint;• rr( ,,,|,,|.|y scheduled gnnir grid training. |the Bulldogs meet the Dun, Rut Ihlngs are ."Imping up. . . . inns nl Sweeny. The coaches of Unuoriii County i Srhixillxiy football fans „ will move out in fc/rcr> during thcvounly should rememlier n. week of Aug. ti II to l.ul' jtlie nnnual Texas High (railed the AL ever since lhe, T lanKS TV „ , "Caches' Assi)1 .i..,iion ,- „ n c 1.1 n g ' " c |lead was stretched to five full .,.,,_, „„„ „, „,„ No| ., h Sl .,nh ! race. Tlie team placed fourth injtipnriiov 771 W l P«I /an. i ii e ii u i e y i-u • k. Pcl.w.B. | (hat event. at Cincinnati Entries ar« expected from alii roof at the 370-foot mark in right over Texas and several other j center. Id-Pittsburgh slates. i Cash, whose 1961 average of; Cincinnati . Contest hours are from 9:3n ; .^i was , ne highest in the majorl e .st. Louis a.m. to 5:45 p.m. each day. Salur- leagues, leads the American ; Milwaukee day's events will he at the Oyster j League home run race by (wold-Phila =ek Drive location and Sunday's I over ( ne Ang Creek activity will be reeled off at the,Wagner. CAP Airport. CUT and WRAPPED ARMOUR STAR HEAVY BEEF COR YOUR FREEZER GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET Mi W. I Frwpert Angels' slumping Leon Chicago Houston The Tiger slugger had eight e -New York homers in his last 12 hils. Cash's homer off Dan Osinski i during the Tigers' four-run flurry I — I Charles swam with the 100-yard 2 relay team that placed fifth. 7'? i And Thursday in the senior S'jj division of the meet. Bobby Tod 114; of Lake Jackson was on the CCAA 15 [leant that placed sixth in the med- 22',ijley relay event. 30' i • Coggie Pcarce ;il 'Neece. both of and Lake Jackson, e.-Los Angeles . 69 35 c-San Francisco 67 37 61 42 59 42 57 46 54 50 47 58 38 65 36 64 25 74 e— Night games : sion Thursday, but they did not place in any of the events. BAASTAD Sweden (AP)—Jan-! Th e Riverside team, open to in the sixth enabled Paul Foytack i El . jk LunA ^ and m Schm idtjany youngster in the area, is F^cTallo'w.d 5 ei'g g h«' h huf °a?d>' Sweden sp«. |o victory in the Whed by Bob Scantlin. the Angels scor«l their only njn'g^^ ^Sifi?! DOVER. England (AP) - Simon Lee Thomas single in the. , J™ „_ .... _.., .,.„ ......p a , crsoni 20-year-old English frog- .663 .644 .592 .584 .553 .519 .448 .369 .360 .253 (Purkey 16-3 and Jay 14-9) (2). New York (Craig 5-16 and R.L. , " --- --Miller 0-7 at St. Louis (Broglio opening game loss, at Chicago's Comiskey Park In 1933, and at one time was liehlnd 12 games to four. A crowri of between 35,000 and 40,000 is expecled for what may be the last of the two-game All- Star program, begun in 1959. The ! games as Ixw Angeles lost to De- Iroit. Hie crowd thrilled to the antics of the 1937 largos! Yankee Stadium i of the season, 52.03R, amlipi-ospecis nit 1 gouH (or School s enson and II will pny j,.,, •serve your seats early. school, site of Ihi' Norlh Suilh: K ,, ssrn |,,,, t | 1( , nr)( ,,, |)( All-Slur foolhiill panic on Aug. H-isepl. 11 and Sept. 21 and «.., But fmlbnll is already being ^ny opponent, including n talked locally. JAAAA team, he snys. R. T 1 ". Kiiii'kncy, Jr.. prcsiilenl j The now sports IMISS at V., National and American Leaguejof the Anglelon CJuanerlwck Cliih,||umhla prefei-s a gan All-Stars in the 25th anniversary! has called a mii'ling for Monday j home since he aliTaiiy !,, 2-2 game preceding tlm regularly!night at the Angleton Junior High '. home games scheduled a?»l Ri(-hardi 5 . ]2 or 6-4 and Washburn 8-5 (2). Pittsburgh (McBean 10-6) Philadelphia (Bennett 3-3 or McLish -21. Houston (Bruce 6-5 and Johnson | , . . F.""" ['.llvlm^ I.HT .'P.. ...... .'IIUKIII HI Ull- J»IIK"l f'"*'"' favn '' Us continuance, hut | scheduled contest. Joe Uimag8io!s ( .| 100 | auditorium. I the American League went on!|,it a two-run homer for the Amor- at record last year as favoring a re-| i( , ans Rnd Dim , r>ean, hurl in ing to sign a two-year i 41',i [ also participated in the senior divi- , . ' ' (Koonce s . 3 and cartwell 4-11 (2). 000 001 000—1 6 0 Los Angeles Detroit Belinsky, Botz (3), Osinski (5),i on n'>n oni nnv_e e n : P air °' Nicola Pietrangeli and;under water Saturday and shat- U/l' UU'l WX 0 o U;_ , , „. . C1 oc CQ ... . , 4 . « rt ,,^,.j „„* *,..„ ,.. An bp Orlando Sirola 6-1, 3-6, 6-8, 6-4, tered the record set two weeks Fowler (7) and Rodgers; Foytack and Brown. W—Foytack (8-4. L—! Belinsky (7-6. j Home run—Detroit, Cash (29). i ;9-7. .. It was the first Davis Cup dou-iFla. Reds Pounce On Braves For 9-3 Win CINCINNATI (AP) - Cincinnati Reds hitters had a fine day Sat- ag'o"hy'f'r«i"Baidasa're'of'Miam'i'i!; irtia - v ; P™ncing on five Milwau- Saturday to upset the favored Italian!man, swam the English Channel Faickney says the dub will or-j KIISSPII, acting as nthlett.- , gani?e for the cmiiiiiK football sea-|| ori | )as |,oon busy the past , ' Zi d^on hT Sed to *?; 'T injl ' rpd T'V;' 1 "" 1 ^ »"• """inl mm " M ^ '""' "'"" w^ta «„« p"h „ ^1 "L '1 "'!: n °' cxm , ted to suffered a sprained ankle. i,|,nir «nmml membership drive. i nl | m |ni.i ra iinn fnr ,i,. be made here since no Innen.ol ,,. "->"•"""• „",'."-•.. i ineir annum meinin'i-Miip u> "<• ' nimnis ration fo meeZs h v be n sch^nw" 116 ,_?.'™^op,*rt_ «. » ^ *^| Jack Sampson, president of the iyrni .. Om , , hnt ,„ thr and held a 3-0 lend going to the last of the seventh with Ed Kisher alowing only two hils. Mantle's homer, a blast into ^-, R S( , ||nols upper deck in light field, mined'. ' „„„„, ., meetings have been scheduled. Tlie game, starling at 1 p.m., EST, will be telecast and broadcast nationally by NBC. Because of the uncertainty of availability due to the heavy weekend schedule, the managers Fisher's shutout. Singles h\ —Ralph Houk of the American j (or Lope;: and Clele Boyei set the and Fred Hutchinson of the Na-' sln R p for Blanchard's blow with tional — have decided to hold up|' wo ""'• " was n ' R lllh home nm the nomination of the opening of 'he season, pitchers until Sunday night wheni Lllis Aparicio's triple they will also announce the bat-!'he fifth-inning uprising. Joe Cun- (| in a fish fry planned for nlxiut mid- )„, ,. t ,, u | y for ( rn | n | nK | at( , j n August for club members. Hay ust. (layle, business manner of the ** 1 " 1 says he ex-, tl sholl i (I tw B Rr(v ,, ^.^ son lu-kels for Kx-: n j K |, S( .| K , O | football In Rr- aines to RO on sale to op-:c,,,i n ty. ers ahull Aug. 1. ] Sweeny and Anglelon aie 7olumhia's Columhiii High ( ,,j lo w | n || m [ r rt| strict 1 , hn]i , ins a new head (oothiill s hi ns . Sweeny is in 25 AA ting oi'dei's. kee pitchers for 15 hits and a 9-3! It could well l>e a renewal of' Ininglmm's sacrifice fly scored I working about 'Luis. Floyd Robinson doubled andiP'""-" ln I110VP started Icoa (i n and nlhleiic director. Tex : ,i,,|, n Kosler Dulles of Kasscn is already there -- beeirfjly. Holing, Needvillo ami two weeks his family bles defeat for the Italians in 321 Paterson swam from Calais to straight matches and Sweden now j Dover in 13 hours 50 minutes, i leads in the current competition Baldasare, 38-year-old Florida,.™ 11 . 2-1 with two singles encounters victory over the Braves. After Eddie Malhews' 21sl home Milwaukee a short-lived I the opening game duel between! right-handers Don Drysdale of> Los Angeles and Jim Running ofj [Mike Hershberger walked with| B "' v ' lllp "hwlly — and the Ke. Rut the Bulldogs men Columbia in n non-conl, g.'inie on Sept. 'M in a home two out. Jim Landis, hitless in his last 35 times at bat, broke out cheduled for Sunday. fZp^ucer became the H^i^ 1" the first.^ the Bra^V we^ Detroit/Each Srirt th« "^ «* «* S "»"P with *J™* ^ mm pronucer. oecame uie "rsi ^ .__. ; _ ^ __ _ |o lplt , 1( , ntpr _ Robinson and i man ever to conquer the channel' narai.v in tlie By TOM MURRAY Southwest Conference stars will. passer, Ronnie Ply, is also on the have little chance to excel in Fri-1 squad. So.xton and Alworth at jless innings in that first game. Jerry Lynch led off the Reds'! l n compliance with the rules. half of the second with his eighth season homer, and then the Rhine- landers started hitting away. They players, three more than in the got at least one safety in every inning but the fifth and eighth. Gordon Coleman and Johnny Edwards got three hits apiece- good for four runs. Lynch drove in two more with his fourth-inning double and Vada Pinson got two singles and a run batted in. Don each manager added enough players to increase his squad to 28 to lelt center. Robinson Hershlwrger scored easily WC mentor is looking for an np-j Anglelr.n. « learn that n.i- ponent for his AAA Roughnecks. : j|, 0 ^AA stale playoffs IHM'., Kasson found an open date on ; j s p icl ir( i i,, W | n ij^, I **"• < (&t and jibe West. Columbia schedule when bvit i be took over the reins from K. S. j Landis was cut down at the plate ifiolson, who moved to Kounco [iver such teams as Port I.a :»r (,'onsolidated of Rnsen> Cantpo. Bay City, \\'e.«t c,, . on Tom Tresh's relay of Mantle's I head football coach and alhletic' hi;i and Whun'on. throw when he tried to stretch (director. first game. Houk added two day's All-Star football game at | halves with Bull at fullback would Chicago. ;be just SOME dynamite! | On the college side, that is.! However, you can be sure that|MJi wau k ee Green Bay, the All-Stars' awesome: Ohio State's Bob Ferguson, Syra- j Cincinnati 022 203 OOx—9 15 01 adversary, prominently displays'cuse's Ernie Davis, N. C. Stale's; Shaw, Willey (3), Fischer (5),! and Pete Runnels of Boston: andi Iwo pitchers—Ken McBride of Los i Angeles and southpaw Jim Kaat! of Minnesota. At the same time, he dropped right-hander Bill Monhouquette of , ., „ , ... i Boston and retained Milt Pappas, and the Reds picked up one nm; ;vho had re p. acKl Hov , \ V ilhe!m on a throwing error. ; wnel , hjs ^Uimore teammate i sustained a minor injury. Hutchinson added three Blasingame also hit safely twce JBoston and 100 000 200-3 7 11, to win. All-America Quarterback. Sandy jCrandall; O'Toole. Nuxhall But, on the surface, the College Stephens, will get the headlines, j and Edwards. W—O'Toole (10-11). All-Star game is a farce. Otto Gra-, Simply, this is a certainty be-|L—Shaw (11-8). cause they will get the action. I Home runs — Milwaukee, Math long ball hitters — Cincinnati's Frank Robinson, Both Anglelon and Swoom into an inside-lhe-park bonier.] picked in the Texas Football N;. icago 000 030 000—3 8 0| We have no late word from Ex- ^,,0 « s No. 5 in the state in •> 000 000 40x—4 7 0 porter coach Harden Cooper since .respective classifications. | he has been at the World's Fair Anglelon meets Brazospoi I « i In Seattle during the month of porters also in 1962. This July. could vpry P [, si |y rf| . nw (|]ll ' But we doubt if Coach Cooper RrS | crowd to ever aiini ••< has changed his mind, lie has said j schoolboy football game ir that he expects lo field lhe best j county. 'Ilie non-dislrirl till ';-. Exporter nggrcgaticn in 1962 Hint for Hopper Field on DC! .i he has had since coaching here. Alvin and Danbury hotli"a-. Cooper will he in his fourth sea- pectecl to field good'football '. son as head man at -IA Bra/osporl.! this season. Alvin is in 1 'Hie Exporters have been pick-i and Danhury is in District :: Jones Wins Golf Award Saturday ATLANTA (AP - Robert T. (Bobby) Jones Jr.. who won a' p(1 in oar '. v pre-season polls lo fin- BuUa , o M _ sleiT Ra ham, not-withstanding. The game, televised coast-to- coast, is a Midwest production. ; g^^ was (nc first . hal: running Make no mistake, the Big Ten j scnsation But s , he ns took care *~™ M » "» "« " ' ews (21). Cincinnati, Lynch (8). " luT^nd SoL's^MaU:>!f ^™** «' »-'--' ' iS '™« j " ^^ "* ews-and replaced pitcher Bob! ?" d ''f ,, r , cd . rom . . , Shaw of Milwaukee with right-i! 10n1alJSaflC , rW " lnmRfour „, ,,,,.,,. , bander Art MahaHev of Philadel-i J ° r ^"^ me J^, m ° nc yc "' ™* fl ' i, ^ Al ™ 1 ! molll - v named the 1962 winner of the " l d the Little Southwest Twins Beat Jnnicins 5-2 In Ninth CLEVELAND (AP) - Ix>nny frt ,,,,._ -^ ,.^^. .-.« - -.-- -- v-.L.c*v£.LJ\i>u IAI-*) — ix'nny 1951 and was quickly chances their heroes might excel. ; Green de , iverwj „ sacrijice R in the Lonshorns' Half-; First, Bull is headed lor Chicago s|, he nin(h inninR (Q br(;ak fl , 2 iwson in 1953 and End Bears and George Halas is ajt i e and the Minnesota T\vins went i - "'"" Pasn ' 1< " m lakini! the nod '"' "'*' lhln « ™ (AP> ' ' Despite the fact Texas' All- '. "must have forgofen I was alive America Guard Bud McFadin was : in that second half. 1 named the game's most valuable Southwest fans have a few slim [player in 1951 ; followed by ! back Gib Dav . jCarltonMassey. in'54. SWC stand- powerful man in Chicago. Papa |0n to ^g, the CTev outs are conspicuous by absence. George may see that Ronnie gets!^ 2 s atul1 j a y Those in the know at Chicago'a chance to help sell Bear season; Jjn) Kaat (109| wpn( know the promoters want a Notre tickets. Dame grad in the forefront, if hu- Another possibility is that a Te> manly poss'ble. Chicago is vio- an might take His small opportun- lently pro-Irish in its football. ity and do something so specta Olio Graham, the peerless Cleve- lar Otto would be forced to leave land quarterback who must send him in-like a patented Saxton or '.^g mout h. He struck out eight. ne sota: Dick Donovan Cleveland- lhe All-Stars into the Green Bay Bull breakaway. : Minnesota now has won 10 ofirj avc stenouse Washington- Bun- meat-grinder, will have ample op- Then, theie is the possibility the j ts i asl 12 games, while the In-i n j nSi Pappas,'McBride and left- portunity to break the prejudice,promoters might realize that tele-;dians have dropped 12 of theirlhand'ers Hank ' Aguirre Detroit against players from the South- • vision holds the future of lhe All-Ji as t 14. j and Kaa( west. Star game — not local attendance.] Vic Power drove in Minnesota's! Tlie National League starters Three of this sections .ill-time If they become convinced of that,ifi rs t two runs in the fifth inning! arp Orlando Cepeda, Giants, first great ball - carriers — Texas', pressure from sponsors will nc-'with a double. :base; Bill Mazeroski', Pirates, sec- James Saxton, Baylor's Ronnie cessitate giving the best player. The Indians scored one run in ond base; Ken Boyer. Cards, third HAVKRFOHD, I'n. >ret Smith hap-!trali«, won the Kli-rl Penns-, lah-!I»iwn Tennis Championsh:i Con-:defeating Wimbledon title ] ..... . . , , . Walter Hage Award Saturday. ference." ,Mrs. Karen Hanbo Susman A hand injury to Los Angeles The awar(i , f olmc )ed in 1981 by The Ships begin season play on'la Vista Calif K-4 10 S in •' Sandy Koufax, a member of the D r. S. Leonard Simpson of Lon-i Friday. Sept. 14, when they mceblianl final round 'match a" first game squad, leaves tlie Na-! doil| commemorates Walter^Port Neches. They meet South 'Merlon Cricket Club tional with only one southpaw, the; Ha gen as one of golf's first great Park of Beaumont on Sept. 21.' Miss Smith, holder of •' veteran Warren Spahn. Spahnj inte ,. nationa |j,, (s Hagen ~ himself was an 11 "- ' '•-•'' game replaceme i^lvf'T' S P" h "i intel ' nation alists. Hagen was Both these games will be at Hop-!tional championships of Au>: !„( for MTw a ,fcp S pl| :h ° SCn IirSt Winner °' the awa "' P 01 ' Kiold - Fram ' e ' Tlal >'' illld Swit/er:^ 11 ' or ' M1 ! wauKee :last year. Other non-c „„„. w u . . . . i— y ear ' Other non-conference games for : won the final point of the m-' the eve of ^ y fit a , r ° n ' '"'"A "" ! """ G ° U Write " ^™«™ « »» Exportm include tilts wllh'wlth a .sc,vice ace. he eu- of the first game Aaron .America selects winners of the'South Houston. Angleton IAAA) i « back on the team for the sec-1 award . Informal presentation of and Carroll High of Corpus Chris.i ' ond game and Spahn remains. | lhe award wiu ^ ma(le |0 j - - ' Whitey Ford of the Van- Tl-e seven man National I eatnm ! "'^, """'," " '""" c '" •""""" Tllp '°" p R ilnM>s (o1 ' the Export-:was the first left-handed pitch< » "«nswcnii pU ; h " C ^",™ nnc ,u dac ^ follow in this order: Galena i American League history to ,-eland Indians » «^, "*'„ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^' **< B °', ^'T™', **"«'* " '" "'" """>*• IDick Farrell, Houston; Bob ^^v^XTnU^ C«i«!r* »«odi «all CAMERA games hile' Bull and Arkansas' Lance Alworthihis shot, regardless of his home-!their half of the fifth. Bubba Phil- are at Graham's command. school origin. ilips was hit by a pitch and rac.ixl Otto could start an All-SNVC It will be interesting to see how to third on Tito Francona's sin- backfield, for Baylor's precision they play it. gle. When Green and Bob Allison base; Dick Groat, Pirates, short- rtop; Tommy Davis, Dodgers, left field; Willie Mays, Giants, center field; Roberto Clemcnte, Pintles, It's a big 105-ib. freezer plus a large refrigerator you never need to defrost! • Family-size 12.1 cu. ft. capacity. • Automatic defrosting refrigerator section. • Full-width crisper. • Super-storage door. • Butter compat tment. • Built-in styling. PAY ONLY 228 with acceptable trade Ull ol l(0<l.».orii if. ond el (C* WHIRLPOOL opp o-. «C» b/ Wki.lpoul Coiporolion, monulociu'.f .. ounoriitd bv ladia Coipoiaiion ol Amt 221 PARKING WAY, LAKE JACKSON 515 WEST 2nd. ST.. FREEPORT LOANS $60 to $2,000 j allowed Jerry Kindall's pop "y right field; Del Crandall, Braves, j to drop between them, Phillips catcher. ] scored. ; Tlie American League starters AUTO TO PAY BILLS FURNITURE PERSONAL Doctor, dentist, clothes, household expense, auto repair*, etc. TO BUY THE THINGS YOU NEED . . . Household appliances, furniture, automobile, etc. TO CONSOLIDATE YOUR BILLS . . . Combine all your bills Into one account — pay them off In small, sensible Monthly Installments EVERY DAY LOANS TO EVERYDAY PEOPLE FOR EVERYDAY NEEDS PUBLIC FINANCE CORPORATION 106 East Second St. Tarpon Inn Village Phone JOE JOYCE at BE 3-5341 Freeport Cleveland tied the score in the sixth on a single by John Roma| no, an error by Bernie Allen and i Francona's single. are Jim Gentile, Orioles, first base; Billy Moran, Angels, second base; Rich Rollins, Twins, third Mmesola j Cleveland 000 020 WO—5 10 1 000 Oil 000— 2 5 1 Kaat and Bat ley; Latman, Dailey (6), Bell (81 and Romano. W— Kaat (10-9). L—Bell (7-8J. base; Luis Aparicio, White Sox, shortstop; Leon Wagner, Angels, left field; Mickey Mantle, Yankees, center field; Roger Maria, Yankees, right field; Earl Bailey, Twins, catcher. 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