Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 4, 1961 · Page 11
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 11

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1961
Page 11
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XIV'RINTAIS t, HOUSE J*OR RENT — -4707 FOR" RENT: One <fc two' bedroom furnished mobile homes Ask »ffl our rental purchase plan The ^v »•* to buy » mobile home. Dod•on Mobile Homes. 704 g. A. XVI SERVICES MORRIS Child Care nursery by hour or day. Phone PR 5-3347. xvt snmcB w &- 1 m AUTOMfiflit GLASS INSTALLED WHILE YOU. WAIT. DEL RIO GLASS, RUG & BUND SHOP - PITTSFIEU),, o-v , --\ PLSA KO« FATIKNCC BUFFALO, a suburban service/ statint<"Ri an , »iiioTn<*Ue£ E fcr shire JHills. Buf before service, "and: keep your ^ shirt on- while I §pt my trousers-on." " v "** hoon was over, .. 405 Ml 5-3*14 Th. News-Hrald " ' " \veek-old prison*?$ s riow f r,JOO' for 500 Iractors, has been given tfntil " ~ ~ WedrtcsQay "to make a ~ to SEPTIC Tanks and ^rense traps cleaned. Kelley Plumbing and Electrical. Phone PR 5-4455 IX3OK years younger by letting rne t aesign antl make yoitr clothes sum! tne Frontier look Atoutons also I Mrs. Reiu Webb, phone PK 5-25*58 TV. REPAIR Wa Hove o Com H Ie>e 1el«vi,i(,N 3aj.air Shop. Coll Us (or Prompt Service. DEL RIO ELFCTRIC CO. .M4 S. Mam PR 5.2787 CHECK YOUR COOLERS NOW HOT WEATHER IS HERE TO STAY • PADS • COOLER AND FIOAT VAWES • RECIRCUiATING PUMPS • PIASIIC & COPPER TUBING • tUBING FJTTtNGS • PLASTIC STEEL X MASTIC CEMENT • BUST PREVENTIVE PAINTS On*'W tfrree day*, minimum charge of $1.50 for 3 line* ot '/I . L , „ All Hne*~ over r 3, 50c per tin* additional minVnum charge. Four days 6ck"p*r tin* Rye doyi v .,.'.., 80c per tin* , , , (dedicated'toSecuring ttfe release (Sixth Day Free) jnf prisoners' taken in the repent _,.,,., ... .,. ., s abortive Cuban invasion, tabled Each Additlona Day After th«j thc C(lban premicr Friday ni j, nt Sixth, TOc per line per day. ^ i !n vjU n g action on hb May, 17 of-. A 1*. um:__ ,u_,~- ^..iii w^ ifer and sayimr it -was ready to fin American/. group willing "to provide the tractors.i*' ,/ ' ! - t ,. > -" Tractors fdr Freedom, 'a A 25c billing chorg* will b* ^ ™ s& y'™8 made for each billing; however, j < '°°P er ?' c - *£ ^y^ 11 not ** s? H c^^ ad !* paid before removed from « fumish Uu} tr ^ ctorsp At the P°P er - f time it said the free world would I Classified Ads are accepted mtprnrH a "failure ta respond " Worif*rs, and Deirok banker Jo-1 violen th« boat nght^off the jawn. sipfc^M. Dodge, committee ircas- <• f ^~ «*,+ 1,, - Western Mattress Co. ; Using o«V ths good cotton from you, T] m J2 frthh HfirflwftrO <a PP ear fhe old marirets we w.ll fao.ld for you a Mm D< *- ODD narQWUre j publication i classification. Display ads or change of copy j daily from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. affirmatively" as } a retraction by land between 8 and Noon Sa»- Castro of his qwn offer?- iurdays. ! Signing the cable were -Eleanor ' *Koose\eU, , honorary ''chairman of Ads received by 9 a.m. will Ih3 committee"; Dr. Milton »;en appear under proper classifica- i,r,^ cr . president of Johns Hop- tion that day. ui ns University; President Waiter The' committee told Castro it could 'not proceed further now! "without his confirmation. j The total \vould include 450] general-purpose farm tractors i with discs, plows and hamw •> | and 30 heavy-duty farm tractor? With taak-type tracks and weigh \ ing team 4Vi to fl tons, ' The commiOce said n 'iiuier-1 Stood that for every 1(X> inctors I delivered Castro \voulrt release. 100 prisoners The group did not s-ay what us next'step would bt? if r^tro fan's \ to meet what ap»ar"n(!y i^ its deadline. ' Caslro was asked to prcn i(!e f» i list of the names of I!H I pri-.orvr-> , he is prepared to release s Uds received after 9 a.m. wilt P. Tteulher of, the United J Auto mattresi Ihot gives lolling comfort. Coll S t S TRADING CO.-PR 5-6545 for op- pomlmcnK Box 5788 San Angela doy of under the proper 82? S. Main PR 5-52S5 Del Rio News r Herald LEGALS each afterntxm accept j must be tn the day before pub- Saturday, also Sunday momfngs, oy ' t- -it,,™ D p J R'o Newspaper, Inc.. and en, ncation. fp , od second-eTasiTnlatter~at the TV REPAIR & SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Our Work Guaranteed Also Radio Repair & Service BERKLEY'S TV SERVICE 829 S. Main PR 5-S83J TAYLOR DU Electncol Contracting Supplies - Service 312 S. Main-Dial PR 5-3634 ' Don R rf Howard dab The Uel Riot . u u /-i i*- Eroatic-a-tsrig Co <so!e owneu n- News-Herald ClaMlflcaou,,. cctuee of Radio Sta>:on KDLK. i I Automotive II . Announcements III Empteyment IV Financial V Horticulture VI Koines for S»1« VII Insurance VIII Lost-Found IX Miscellaneotu X Mobile Koiwe» XI Pets XII Ranch Snpplie* X1H Real Estate XIV Kenlals XVI Services XVII Wanted: Buy — Kent Business Directory ns second-e!ass~iriatter"'at the r~o*t office in "Del Rio. Texas, under th» act of March 3. 1879. Del Rio. Tev:as ojjeratirsR on a' itrqjencv of 1230 kc herebj gives! notice that an., application for as-1 sigmment' of lice:ise has been .filed with the Federa! Comuiunications ion on May 29, 1901, ie-' r aujhontv for as^ignmont i o f iHe sTSrioi: hcense to Queen j City Broaocssting Company, a crr]x>rat;on 01 me State of Tex- ! fr>o:j. President, Jack R Crosby, ] '\ id-President and Jal'iis Sr.dow-] '>>r',. Jr. ^t-^'t'Srir-.-Tjea.siucr i Negro Rapist Dies In Electric Chair — Charles Elbert Williams. IS a Xogro rapist, died In the electric chair car ly Saturday with a pra>er rtn iir lips. i He was very calm asr he en i tpred the death cliamlwr at 12 01 ' a.m , jind remained oa-sive while' guards strapped liisn inMhj- 5i?ilia! seat. "I want to than'-t evt v riu»ie rnre for hemg =o nice to mi",' he ^au! "May God bless >ou aii i<> my BEN WpODSON " Publisher DAN BUS Editor Chas T. Plngenot, Bus Mfr. prayer. Ima Jo Fleetwood. AFSO. Editor j The__fi^t shock \vas app!i»d nt ' |12'0'4 am. and he V.BT de^d four minutes, later. rnaracter, standing or reputation Relatives will claim the bo<!\ of any person, firni or corporation will gladly be corrected when such occurs In the columns of this'news- paper and are brought to the attention of the management. SAN ANTONIO [ DEL RIO 1 DIAL PR 5-3565' NEWS-HERALD WANTED! CLASSIFIED ADS i The publisher -is not respaasflMe for copy ommlssions, typographical errors, or any unintentional errors hpst things In life can ts« , errors, or any nnni , best thmgs In lire can M t occur Qther ihan tfl i purchased through a Hews-Heraid | correct i O ns after being brought to ! Classified. 1 attention. Advertising accepted, on ; this basis only. - v ^ _, , „ .. ,,,-,, , T M j Read News-Herald Classifieds Inside infonnahon" buys. for burial at thf Xcirro's ho>iv tovm-of CenterviHe. 50 riiito.s norfh j of here. Williams was shaken \\hf-n m- • formed \ebtcrday <h.U (ire S\i j prcmc Court had der-x-d hi* plt*a • for a review. The Pardons Hoard at Austin shortly refused ;i «iay of execution J - Williams was doomed for raping , a white woman in 19f4J in Houston , ,." ,„;, '„-. SUBSCRIPTION RATES—By car-^County. His lawyer jsscrted tha< ' on todays 0,, RUl ,125 a monm: by. confpssjon w obtained bv u-e , mall, t\25 per mouth. • t , . - , , ,. 1 of violence and brutality. For Easy and More Complete f Banking, Use the . Del Rio THE BEST iN BANKING NATIONAL United States Depository Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Core. BANK S73 TIMES TO PEBXACTi HERE AND RELAX\VA~> CROM T^-H. CARES OF .THE HAVE T EVER \ TOuO YOU I ABOUT THE SHIPVVRcCKTED 0,'v A P'FSERT 5£#£fc/ou . ,<O tUAT 7M£ JESD CM'NE TEOORJ THE PEIS'CKS AND THC iTTKSE j EN'S-—AMP A ' "l » r l! I T! ">•;' 15 KO SHTTEE. } /16 lUFO&SlBlE IN CUEA riEtDHX IN T^? H fJOW. WANV OF i T 'THINK 1 . «0« AUT(-CA&TRO rKI£ND& ARE TK\HG& ATHCWE?J ARE IW JAIL. MEET CftP- SUE55 WHO H£ '.VOKK FOR?, TAKIW (40 CHAKCE CALUW-TH' I GOTM GET DRE&51 K=>A TKREE- C.ME- TAOr. TKJ«=AHE Or A NV--IS. ES'EN SCHOOt- KID HE SU BUTNE REAM WP YOU CF^THE VAST PULL RANK, ANP STOP THE KILLERS A«e GLAD TOS>V£ -rt,£'P^ e^ HElPfMG THE MAN TH£V KriOV 1 / AS "MP SMITH " 7-fJf JSHOCK OF MS, (./re, VA931J.y FROM STRONG AM> HE&W 1 SAW THAT' Tft/tffi? YOU K/LL£D M£. yuf* PAY FOG. hJATCHERC/ THE5K1RA56,S!R' THE IS/ THeY'f IS FLASH G GUNPOINT THE LAST OFTHE LJVER.V.'UP'.ST//'- tOOKMKEL ES RATTER!! HAVEN'T AMV HE AtAf?M I'tt'flAVE-THE. WHOLE HCXOlNS FLASH GORDC3N TRADE SOME TOAT HOCC7LUM5 THERE'S A RESTAURAN is}

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