The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 14, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1893
Page 1
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V 274 MARSHALL, HIGH., FRlDtYf JULY : J4flS93 """V<p Dr. H6nry C. W. Meyer to Be Taken to New York PSOMIHENT OITl&N PASSES Atf At p'alrin' |eayf>rif njj , strength , Latost U. S* Government food Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO -•'"*• 106 Wall Street, N. Y HUM nrcldri are sclentlflcMJy find ____ femedles, used for years 1ft private practice and tor over tblrtj; years Jtiy tha people with entire «uoocm. Every single Spoclflo aipeclal onre for the disease named - liter cvu» without the « Rcmedlc* we in fac the World* the SoVorel«u iMtar runciMii KO*. «uiuw. ' , . rucim. 1— Ferer** Corigestlons,'InflairiTnatlong.. .25 a— Worms Wornf Fever, Worm Collo. *. . .25 3— Teetblnvi Collo, CUTteg.WakefaJrttei ,25 4— Diarrhea, of Children or Adults. ..... ,.25 7-Co&Cbftt Colds, Bronchitis. v.*.t ...... '.25 8-NenralfflaV Toothache, JPaceache...... .35 0-Headaehcs, Sick Headache, Vertigo.. .25 10— Dyipepflla. BlUcnuneas. Constipation. .25 11— Suppressed or Painful Fcrioda... .25 lit- White'* Too Profuse Periodg. . . . ..... » >25 t3-Cronp,l>BrTHKltta, Boaraenegg....^ .25 14-Balt Uhemn, Erysipelas. Eruption*., .95 15— Rheumatism, Bheumatlo Pains. ...^ .95 16— Malaria* ChlUs, Fever and Agne...... .25 Ift-Catarrh, InfluMiza, Cold In tho Head. .25 20-Whooptnff Cough...'. ................ .. .25 37-KIdney PUeane« .............. > ...... AS OS-Nerrons l,eblllty ..... ....... ... ...... l.OO 30-ErlnarTWeakneM, Wetting Bod.. .25 HUMJPHBEY8* WITCH HA«KIi OIL, "The Pile Olntment."-Trlal Blze. gff CU. Hold tr DrncriX*, or Mint poitpuld on rewlp^ of price. !>•. HUHPBBXT* 1 MlXUkL (144 PMtM,) KAILKD VSXfi ., lll*11»WUll«m6«.,KtWTORir. SPECIFICS CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILIS. \V1111ntn Bepke Found Guilty Of Murder Inthe First Degree—Judg« generous Hands Down ah Important lleitfaton—^taming'* Population Estimated at 2O.OOO. DETROIT, July 14.—Carl Schaffer, aa he gives his name, otherwise Dr. Henry <V W. Meyer, who was arrested Wednesday night, charged with murder, will bo turned over to tha New York police as soon as officers arrive from there with the necessary papers. Superintendent Starkweather received a telegram from Inspector McLaughlin; of New York yesterday morning, stating that officers had .bean started for Detroit/ with requisition papers for the prisoner. The latter intends to fight the requisition, and yes te'rday demanded to see a lawyer. One will be accprded him .as soon aa the papers arrive,, .'•" Yesterday,* Chief? of Police Raitzyof •Toledo came,to Detfdit with warrante for the prisoner and his wife, 'Only to find that the Neyr York'police had the first call on the prisoners. Raitz Is hot in a very good humor; over losing the accused prisoners, for whom he has some time been searching and through whose efforts, so he claims, the parties were located. 'The Toledo chief claims that he has virtually been confldencec out of the two prisoners by Detective H. J. Julian of New York. It came out yesterday, according to the statements of Chief Raitz, and in contradiction to the narration of De tective Julian, that a,man named Mil ler, who knew the many aliased doctor and who is now the husband of Mar; Neiss, the girl who so narrowly escapee the doctor's net at Indianapolis, was paid $500 to locate and identify the fugitive. He completed his contrac Wednesday night when the doctor am his wife were located. Miller had been connected with the E risonemand the latter had received 3ttentf§bough him. judge charged tne jury ana sent to their rpom.,. The courtroom was hardly cleared before they announced $at they were ready and on being' >rought back after an absence.of but 15 minuted they, pronounced their" verdict >f ''guilty" of murder in the first degree. Repke Was, taken back to jail and \vill iwait the trial of Stephen, Reiger be!pre being sentenced. Reiger's case •will be taken up on Monday. WITHOUT FOOD Jenjamtn Ward- Wander* In the Wabila for Over a "Week. ISHPEMiijO, July, 14. — Benjamin Ward, aged about 30, was found in the woods near the. St. Lawrence min<j, 'our miles west of Ishpeining. He was suffering from temporary insanity, and was almost dead from want of food and axposure. He had a wound three inches long on the side of his head. While it was being dressed it took four men to bold him, as he thought the physicians were going to kill him. After he had eaten and rested fer a while* he was able to talk. He said that about two ) weeks ago he. and another man left »>' During the summer Miss Evelyn .VVkt prepared to give instrp6tion in thB ; iffhguageft and mathematics, or in any 014 tip common branches. 'ft, ' , , . Gfahfttn, teacher of guitar, .radii dohu and*banjo, will give instructions vaeatiori*qn the ilifierpnt men to. Those WHO are' ihtefoBt|d please consult with Mr. Louis rh<>m : plon.* „ Itrtng Y»nr The curpet cleaning wprkc on> \Ex,, change "stri-ct Will be .open oil »nd afl<p,r Monday, .March 3?th.^ , ,*> • f-. —* —— '-. Uo to liouijUton's for will! •New.stock and new styles. ' Uvbi rt Schelly is prepare**! kiuila of tin work, shop opposite Jt Murfhj's. , - PhilmU'tphlti lawn* CURE BUk EeadMbe and rellev* all tba tronblM to<* Scot to a bilioo* state of tha lystam iaoh tf KaOaMH, Haiuea, DrQWVuuM.'pUtrw* after e>Ung. Fain in the Side, &c. Wliils their aaott 3emvkftbl« »uoc«M Iiaa bet>n alunr,n insuring SICK S«a3»che. yet Carter's Uttle UTBT tfOU «r« •QtiaUJT valuable ia eonBtip*tion. curing wjd pn> Tenting ibiaannoyica ootaplalnt,white they als« correct alViUorders of thestomach^tlmulita tha JlTer and regulate the bo weJfl. Bven •JyokAtbeir would be»li»ofitprtcele»ato tho*e wbc •otter bom thU diutvuiiaijig complaint; bat f ortu- ' Who once try Uicnj will fin ablalnao jn.ny vvnydtbut they will not be wll- HE imy lives th«t heraU wber* OUT pills eareit while , ruis are very small a^d ' QuooriwopillcseakeadcMii, j vt ,;eUble and dOJOa* grip* OJf 1 gontlaat-tion phtwe al^ WOO ttveforll. INENT CITIZEN GONE. Enra Gardner lioildard Dies of Cancer of the Stomach. SAQINAW, July 14.—Ezra Gardner (joddard, a lumberman well known throughout the state and who made his mark in years gone by as possessed of railroad engineering ability of - a high order, died at .the family residence in this city of cancer of the stomach. • The deceased was born at Worcester, Mass., in 1823, and early evinced a preference for : mathematical and mechanical engineering pursuits, in which he speedily attained, a wide celebrity, as evidenced by the fact that at 29 years of age he was chief engineer of the Cleveland, Ohio aud Indiana, Cleveland and St. Louis and Terre Haute railroads. He made the first survey for the Flint and Per e M&rquette jraiijoad and leaves a proud .record,' f ofa work of this kijp4 performed for ionie of tlfe leading riap- roadf of" the country. He removed to Saginaw with his fanlijy in 1883 and) embarked eiteneively ink the lum^bering and pine laad, business, :being &l the time of his death president of the E. Q. Goddard Lumber company of Logtown, Miss., where he had:extensive business interests. Of genial disposition, a brilliant conversationalist, his personality will long be fragrant in the memory §f numerous friends throughout the state'. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. M. T.'Bailey, Jr., and sen, V, A- Goddard, bis wife having preceded him to the ye by scmae six yearly' ,' - ~ $, «?r ««»<*- jyfeuaf JtturdftJr Cake. *Jffly 14.—William Repke, the self-confessed' musdere,? of Alberl %ff*W.^J.^Jjt *4— ^ ;1j ^_* T J_t_ J" ^ S-lj..— CL>\ 0*11^ mill at'Mavquottef went to town and drunk. The nef t mornijjg he : ourid himself at Ishpeming, but* does not kn,fl(w how he got there ftfpwhat since then. Over a week ago sported to the police that a man trying to commit suicide by strlififiB himself on the head with a stone. IThiffi'ficcounts for the wound and establishes the fact that Ward was without 'food for at least a week. IMPORTANT DECISION. TUe Report of Special Master In CUancery White Confirmed. MARQUETTE, July 14.—In the United States circuit court Judge Severens confirmed the report of Special Master in «Chancerv Peter White in the c«lftbrRt^ case of. Thomas F. Mason and others against the Pewabic Mining company and others. Among the claims disallowed by the special master, which dis- allowment was affirmed by the court, were claims for legal services amounting to nearly §200,000. The largest claim was that of Don M. Dickinson and Alfred Russell of Detroit, solicitors for the complainants, or §71.000. This case has been in the courts since 1884 and resulted in a compete victory for the minority stock- iolders against the majority. The property was sold in January, 1881. b; Special Master White for $710,000 an >assed into the hands of the Quincy ilining company. The various counsel wanted their claims allowed out of. this lund, but Judge Severens held that Ihey must look to their clients for compensation.' ' Punished a Bicycler, JACKSON, July. 14.—A man residing jn Greenwood avenue is taking the law into his own hands to punish bicycle riders who run on the walk. The man is particularly incensed because his laughter was struck by one of the care- Less riders a shorr time ago. Now he watches for them and turns the hose on any who ride on the walk near .his premises, A few nights ago the very fellow who ran against the belligerent man's daughter came along. The. old gentleman nearly drowned him. Then the young fellow was ready tof a fight and dared the elder man out. The latter peeled for the fray and scon taught the youngster how clocks were cleaned 30 or 40 year sago. Not content with giving the fellow a severe drubbing, ne mopped up all the water near by in the street with the dandy's store clothes. • Population Estimated at 20,000. LANSCSG r July 14.—The school census of the Fourth ward just completed by Enumerator Fowler shows a total of 1,032 children of school age against 816 jaat yearaad 71»in 1891. -fwtpeight new houses'are in .procees of construction in Me ward. The ritimhejMrf chjl- dipa of*school "age in thg'foar wards thus far enumerated;is. 8,84^ a gain; of 68® o?eir..Jast yeajr'a figures,' t»p*wi Eowler% also taking * complete eensna of. the Ety, and says the ar"~"^*"°*" emulation of these four war 1890 the two reinaining - '- of 6,000. " 3b& -If you v\ ant the best refrigerator ou earth for. the least niouej KO to • ,Buy'.. the tpowiM* s t Sufffcrorn from 1'iJcB flioulil fcBtiw'tlrat'th'- Pyramid Pile Cure ;vill pcouttit)} <&D«i 'f* : -' fectuully remove etery" trace ••* I theni. Ali^i rugyist w'U got it for you*;* '-"•'. /''' $100 for a case of Catarrh, 33j Hpe vouBiiegs and SleeplcBBBesa tha* Vegetable ; Cure will not cure. • " J ' Vegetable Cure wil) break up Colde and ? and Coughs, LaOrippe end it» aflcr tffcct« Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysip» ^ elaa and Cent tipation. 12 oz,'$l,00, • . i *. DR. SHABPSTEEN. uud"rc- paired ul IU>!>hiy'd. iiet your tin wmv nu-rnk'il at ScliellyV tin shop. TlM> BlIllX •• , Whuii aujthing jou wmit n^huv, Just t::ilt uf Cliualivr's 111,111 autktry, His'cush pric-eH will f.urely suit ytju, When any fct-d Jim i'o wmii grpuuxl, Call ui Climber's mill, he i« always in oo nd, . ^ Ami in- will try to pleaee-jou. We bu) for cash and sell for uash, Antl mat's what keeps us in our bash. paints .a your wall paper and Gee bough tun's new storo. STOCK!AUTID TO PASTURE Termg'cheap. fcee'.qr' addjfes*, ..-., „. A. B, KING, Marshall, MlcE Chafes ou bttbiua, sorsi nipples* anrrf in daniiuaiiou. of the breast instantly, re' hevud with Lavcndar Oiutmeut 1 ' Notice. The Eureka bftkerv's wagou makes daily tripa to all paits of the city, CUJFV- ing a full line of bread, cakts, pie^aod cookies. All orders will receive prompt attention. JA3. MCKEIJtlAji. Just assure as hot weather cornea there will be roiJve or less bowel complaint .in this vicinity. Every person, and especially fans- ' Uiet<, ought to have goiue reliaule at hand for inuitaQt. ijae in A 26 or. 50 cent bottle of. Chamberlain'* Colic, (Uholeraana pi^rrhoea Sen^eflyjS.JUBt,;"; what you etagUt to^bave an^d all that you.' would aeed, even for the most severe aud : dangerous cases. It ia the beet, the moat reliable and moat successful Areetment "knywn and isleasant tp, take. Fotsateat f ijr-the prompt, : peii«aneni euie of Piles, ifl EJery muggist nas'it, by in speediiy curinjf -at &ry au4 JtawJ* to Hft- ^S^MHtt^la ft surely r '4»"4ivtg6 wilist" jt tor youv

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