Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 4, 1961 · Page 9
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 9

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1961
Page 9
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kor Abby . . BACKTRACK, BOY! -4 A By Abigail Van Buren DEL RtO a disservice \>y keeping quiet. She is either sick (kleptomania) and needs treatment, or she. is a lionimon thief. In any case you should have told her you saw her take the item and helped her to right the .wrong: DEAR ABBY:-How does a respectable, miedJe-aged, childless couple .make friends? We are ixH social climbers, but we would like' io -have a nice circle of friencis to socialize with. My husband anc I are educated people, dress well, have a lovely- home and are modern in every way. But we cnn't seem lo make friends. We have entertained people, but they never seem to invite us Have vou any suggestions? OUT OF IT - DEAR OUT: Instead of trying to cultivate "friends"—try doin& something rewarding and constructive, and friends will appear. Get active In church work, politics, a civic project, or a volunteer group. The most attractive people : arc always found doing somethinff for' the less fortunate. ''.'.-'.*.** ® * • CONFIDENTIAL- TO BOOK WORM: "Knowledge may give weight, but accom- I Scored up I saw her take something oif pllshments give lustre, and many more pco- DEAR ABBY: I. asked a girl ..(she ' is 17) to marry n^c, and she s-ascl yes. I am 22. She 5s a very good girl and I never made one wrong move townrd her. We 'plan to gel marri-ed this summer when I get my iwo weeks' vacation. We decided to take a drive Through the Canadian Rockies. She asked me yesterday if I minded if her mosher came along to help drive. I .never heard of a mother going on n honeymoon but, -knowing' this, .girl- 'is very close to her mother (she is a widow), I said 1 thought it would be okey, Now I reriize st is way cut -of line, and 1. Wonder if maybe I shouldn't telS her 1 -changed-. my. mind? How do I get out of this situation, please? SPOKE TOO FAST DEAK SPOKE: Your "bride" appears to be very young- indeed. In fact, I think she is too young to leave her mother. You'd be wise to get to kno\v her better before signing 3 lifclon? contract. . ' . t ^ * * C <5. ' DEAR ABBY: I have known this friend of mine for years. I. got ;he shock of my Hie when she arid I went shopping together. G she shied away frsjm me, and \vhen NEWS^HMAID, Sunday, June 4 ~- ^ ™ "T Specials •V^^VXVV^V'^V^VVVV'X.V^VW^ ClOSE OUT ON | STRAW BAGS I Assortment of designs a?\d Colors Tax tncl. VVVV/VVVVV>VV^VVVVVVVVVVVV^^^^ Ben;iuda Shorts AND the counter and qlickly s!ip_ it into a S she was ''carrying.'- I was so f lightened I eot her out of ifoat store as fast as I could. Later.. when I got the chance, I :looked in her sack and; there ii v.'as. ; . : .-". 'Am I as guilty as she tor not reporting her? 'What'- should I have done? Now?: I am. afrsid to ^6 anywhere wiith her or even !et her in ^ny house unless I cnn watch her everv minute. Piecse advise me'. WORRIED STIFF . TX'EAR' \VOHRIED: YOU aid your friend ple see than weigh." I Lord "Chesterfield) '" Yes. Abby will answer your letter personally if you write to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hil!s, Calif.,• and enclose 1 a stamped! seU-sddressed .envelope. Getting married? For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 5">c to ABBY,' Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. ("Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) CAPRI SETS SHIRTS i PANTS Sizes 8 to 18 . MRS. RICHARD C. SPRING . . . former Miss Dolores P. Aldrete. • 'it. And Mrs. Spring To Reside In New York Bible School In Baptist Church •! Starts Monday ! ' " - ~ " ' " " ' ' \ Bible School will start in the 1 First Baptist Church Monday i morning at S:30 with classes cou- ; tinning io 11:30. } Henr>- M.' Stanley found David f About 117 young people from UvingsJone on Nov. .10. 3S71, un-Uh'e United States and 125 foreign der a mango tree ai.Ujsji on the; youths will take part .in the 19G1 Ashore of Lake Tsnganvika in thellniernationai Farm Youth. Ex-: : African stale of Tanganyika. ; change pt.ogram. , » SET / i :; Lieutenant and Mrs. Richard C. ; to hold her waist length veil of Spring will he at home at 2 Ma-'bridal illusion. She carried an or-. comb Street, -Phittsbitrgh.. _ N r c-,v:chid encircled with slephanoiis. I York, June. 5 aflor their wedding j Mi ss wilma Fiaueroa, niece nfl trip to Corpus • Crristi, • Iowa and ;, He bride, was her maid'of hoa-^ Chicago. i or; Miss Roberta Spring of Kirks-1 Before their \\eduing May. 21 .sl'ville. Missouri, sister of the groom; 4 p.m. in the chapel at Randolph - and Miss Jan Liesman of San \ Air' Force IJase in San Antonio,! Antonio were the bridesmaids. \ Mrs. Spring was I>liss Dolores r. j Diana L.- Courvier and Cecilia: Aldrete. daughter of Mrs. Felipe; Aldrete, nieces of the bride and! Aldrete of Del ftio. i both of Del Rio. were the flower; The bridegroom' is the son of \ girls. The ring bearer was Michael i Mr and Mrs. Howard D. Spring, < Gonzales ofSan Antonio, a nephew* of 521 Kingman Boulevard of: of the bride. \ Madrid. Iowa. - : David Spring of Madrid. Iowa. 1 . Chaplain To\ n.s^nd performed '• : w »s his brother's bes! man and- ilie ceremony. ' ;the ushers were Albert G. Gon-1 The bride was civcn in marriage : zales of San Antonio and Oscar; by her brother. Cristobal P. Al-'Zertuche of San Marcos, nephews j •jrcle of Del Rio. Mie wore a frock <« l«e bride. i of silk orgnnzn with sliort sleeves,' Groomsmen wore Lt Stephen; trimmed al tiie i>ectdinc xvith Chan- Sottesz. of Lan^hfin Air Force; !:l!y la ft 1 . rhint'Fiones, sequins antr Base in uc! Rio and Charles A.* jvarls. The full sksr!. accented Liesman of New Braunfcls. i •Ailh p. . front pr:r,f! 'of Chant illy • A reception \vas hc!d in Ran-; Ince antl a back panel of lace dolph Officers Ciuri after the wc-d-[ ffirminc; the t-hapOi train. Cell from ding. i ;j fitlc-d bodice. Sv.e wore a ijuecn's ; ~ ; ' crown of ploaU-;! silk organza. i.hinesl«'!)«.'S. pearl.-: anc! sequins • Next Frldsy evening commence- meni for the Bible School will b*> held at 7 o'clock. j Children from -3 'through ,14 are I welcome to attend. ; PAPER IN GOVERNMENT OLYMPIA. W^sh. ,{AP}_'— A lot of paper goes ifto running a leg- islaiare- More than si;; tons vvcre used - : n printing the firsi siji bills iu- roduced at Washington's 1561 ses- State Printer John C. says about 3» Kits will be needed for about l.50fs bills expected to be imrexluccd Curing the 60-day DR. ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS OfBc» Hovn —MOB. fhru Frt. Can! set L«n> F"rtt«d ' PS 5-i353 — 103 W«» Gr..nwood YOUR BEST BUY... SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS IS THE PAINT ON YOUR HOUSE BLISTERING »«PEEUNGT Be sure fo sec our) ^r willpve you the + _. I right arfvice on how to HOUSE PAINT Vget the best house paint THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Co. Phone PR 5-2883 BEST IN PAINTS • BEST IN COLORS • BEST IN SERVICE V •Wl MEN'S WASH AND WEAR SPORT SHIRTS 100% COHON $150 SUES S-M-L tittle or No Ironing M\* WAIKING SHORTS MEN'S 10O% COTTON CORD ?S^ m? t^ \1 Gold Olive Green Sanforized SIZE 30 to 40 DACKV/ARU GLANCE — Years Ago! \ Sunday/May 31, 1936 j Forty thousand pounds of 12- ! month wool belonging to Thorn- , son Brothers and La whom of '. Eldorado sold 'Friday night for : the 'highest- price paid for wool | in the Southwest since 1329, Wright Brothers purchasing the accumulation for a price of 33 : to 3-1 cents, with the average ; price-slightly above 33Ms cents, j' iiu- prevuHis high for the year. .ludye Brian .VSoiUngiie deliv- j f-rcil a Memorial -Day address I in • Kaiile Pass Saturday morn- ; in;: at .10 <i'cfock*7rr a memorial ; service for the .war dead con- ; ducted by the Kngle Pass post of the American Legion. Graves of the war ck-rid were decorated, in "" \Vesllawn Cemc- ;• lery Saturday morning with flowers and with flags as Del Kio's only observance of Memorial Day. . : . .' • 4 » « S .. - • i Alluding io the glorious his- ; tory of Texas. 'Dr. W. D. Wig- • jjins prcsiticn Inf the School of Mines al El Paso and former j president of Simmons Univer- i sily. in his commencement ad- ; dress lo members of the grad- , ualins class of Del Rio High School Friday warned students i to look lo l!i«'future' witli work as one of life greatest quests j for living. j .Mr.'ami Mrs. Kirk Perry hotir \ ored their daughlnr. Jean, vvith ! a bunco parly Friday evening. .' Tlie climate .couldn't be better for buying a new JET-SMOOTH CHEVROLET (and Unit's Ihc car more people arc biti/iiif/!.) Take ii;osc June ?kies anti breezes. Add a spankin' nc"A" Jet-cmpoih Chevy. Pre~io, you've got all the ihakmirs of a roamin" holicay. That low-loading' (iecp-well trunk .swallows up most .evcrytliiny y«»u"d want to. pack aionir. The cai'efully craUcil f>xiy by Ficlier has you liviiv in luxury <and in comfort-Ijigrh seai^ where the ^iiriu-soein" comes ea^yj. That Jei- siuuolh Chevy ride, with a sinewy Full Coil spring at each'wheel, jrentie's you past all the wrinkles and ruts in the roads (there's even a team.ui" over 7ui> bt-hind-the-sceries "shock ab r =;.>rbers" iu hush up road surface mumblings anc" trn«mb!in;r=i. All in ail,Chevy's light-steerin',casy- ir«.»!n" ways jvi~t don't leave much for you ~~ io d'j but feel trood. And that's exactly the .....,.».. \vay yi>ur C5ic*vnolei dealer wants you to fee muni — a;: y*-' :J Can Jjliiinly sec in those beautii'u. June buys he's got bustin' out all over. Air canditeflinr — as «rtn-cost oplwn Ihit £?.»)•!« [tiiertip tsaipjfztuje wntio!. Try it NEW SHIPMENT - ACME COWBOY CHILDREN'S BOOTS StZE '95 SIZE 12 to 3 SIZE 3'A to 6 METAL VENETIAN BLINDS 26" to 36" widths-64 7 ' length Miss JJuth Humane, daughter of Mr, am) Mrs., Joseph Ramage, entertained members of tlie Junior School's- eighth grade v.itli a /parly " Friday" evening. in her home. ; ' - -• Coxtcriibk—jiitt as tatirg at joa pleeoe and imde opt* for fun. . The American Automobile As socialrori after reviewing current j costs, estimates the, daily budget' for two persons traveling by car .cm • vacation al _?29. See the new Cheuroletsat your local authorized Gimol^dj^r'jsjOn^ JOHNSON-CAU MOTOR COMPANY 117 WfST MAKTM DO. UO. TDUS WAI PI 9-2407 CLEARANCE! Regular 98c Fabrics! One Big Group! AH 36 and -45 Inches -Wide! Choose Ponaco Prints, Rohest Prints, No-Iron ^Batiste Prints, Pampered Cottons, Cooial For- esl fork. Clip Cottons and Cup«co Pastels! Many Summer Patterns: ' ">-. ^ *f 66 N=W SHIPMENT 54" NEW SHIPMENT UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL Assorted Color* and designs to choose from 98 1 98 to 2 per $q: yd. p»r '»q. yd, Expert upholstery by johnny DuPree at' aWe prices and all guaranteed. SLEEVELESS. COTTON MATERNITY DRESSES

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