The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 17, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 17, 1897
Page 4
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\ »A1W , 188f. , SOUTH ftAKOTA. What A Man Tan lh> With • A« p»n ^tty 1<*V a«rpR of gfiod land for Jl.Olto. Pnj' $400 downi burtfmw in rhr«6 tmjrnPht* duein li, 4, and Bjemftft 1 ' 7 per i>«it , He t?an also buy 10!) efioice ow«» fof w« for f300 Tfio milk itf b<itt,e* ftofn the ftll paftJ pny nil farm increase of shwp before; tt IftSVe year* lie *ifl THWe * f8ri» strtfkwJ, Vat deserip -K. .f Ag&nf for South f)«ko Does a Waiter on the Rehabilitation of Silv«r In the ton* dolt Tinws* II THOSE WO&DS, !S9t> and k>| l»afA«atj<i cool, Prr» Paferia, a lOc cigat for 3e; d 4*1*0 IPiAti^ A ami lasting flitwktf, Oeo. .i nttinttfa*tt!te«w, Detroit, I'rttpwrty Insured. '^ I am pritynw! ^ inewe fftrra property rtl ono {*r r<*ivt frtr tKFce feiSfti k» ft goott •first ('lass company doing business un- jtVr lirfnso from, thaAt ate insurance com- mlsKHoner. ' This is bettor than tho Mu hi a) \ ANKLIIH '1339* Cor- Bates and Lamed Sts,, Ot»ty » Klook Jefferson Arcs. V«v*y t'«;ntr»l, Ncilr All Car H.H. JAMES, Prop. ^ Bttt CitttU the Silver Comito»fl*ton Onr «^ThtI« ~)*iid IteJd vlM>« .Iohi» Unit to HJstp- JtMU, It It Oiwitthe India Mints the VVhlt* >iuid IlBfune to fe- 16ENTS TED For tlie most valuable contribution to the;ilt- .erature of the 'world since -the production of the Hiblc. The firoAt Work of the"*CTtoeat' Thinkf^, Famous utj/tors. Renowned SHiPl.irvi.'Wf'jc 1 Writ« rs an3 IN"VE8TFI- «»ATOIt^* of the 10th Century. In, nil tn,e runge of literature there is , not apotliur. book like IHEPEOPLFS felBLEfflSTORY 'In atone can be found th« tnfor- uiution .spHRhf. by tVory Ulble rentier, whPiher old/or vminy, scholarly or tin:i Indeed, a Krcat work. - hdte brought tli>- world of <raliijf turn tnfucA wiUi the wen who , l;..cii>t4fr«'overi<»<ln «<(<«!, ami wrat«Marl»K the jf«rly rovonul-l,.? Hibluml HVtorinnii. Th«*a K^ hnvn of thw y-n n^nin*tt it by op*a H^PI> in(olltKBntf thv mnttnr flutHrnfMi in i^ in of vital . d in tJiPTtriwrnphant viii- rjinme frqin tb» chariwi ' »au«l cauliui lut book 6u««rtli." Mi in uua other * Write -'for. de'serlptltfe and IllnstratPU pamphlet circular,^ THE HENRY 0. SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Mariroe St. MACKINAC PETQSKEV © CHICAGO.. tendon, Au#. 17.— The * r two-eotmfin Special vte^lftg *hft,eff?Ms of totals the rrMnts 'fn coheetlon with the visit otthe' Amipricaa himetsilte eommi^slob. Ijt says: "Thf closing saved 'the Inatah governftient front Ibssea tntldprrt to ft heavy fall in exchange &M rfiim'equeiit- Jy from a disausitrfnis incrfaae li) the tttu-don of Its gold obltgntibnal It is Undoubtedly tirue tBiit It AJfi(> hrffrcfl to keep Oow n the^irld valueof silver btitHen; btit way ttol th^ aueatlrtti" be faised xvltethpr the low price of silver IB nee-, estarlly disastrous to that tfSdia whlffJi ttutchases It so largely? Since. 1S9S India has been the only 'real ^'hfilewtle^cus- torner for ^Hvef, Uttier juptntm r,<t afff t»f the retettl order, ^he deltcat^ adjupt- m*>nt tif-th<> relative Jifleos of Hie rupe* 1 and silver formerly existing ttas r«xi«>ly 5hattpr«>d by rpeenl flvents IS96 the rupee has riapft and silver h&9 fallen. _ Forcm Are T66 . Trompnclonn. "The t&ct i», thc v j«rces now acting upon th« pficp of silver hftve become tog be.domltmted by puohdel- as proceeded,, the defeat of ,^ryan's silver party and Japan's aXoptlon of the prold standard. These evx'iit'? have jjro^ed causes too potent to be. withstood," The article in concluding pays. "Th*' eloping of thtj mints was justified, and ftll that ,ia now ntHled to bring a great- experiment to a miccess- ful ending is a little co-urap;e and patience, as well' as resources on the part of the financier!* of the Indian empire. At the -same time plain and straightforward language -is advisable vipon one point. The Indian statesmen tampered with bimetalllsim. The ttirta- which seems so innocent and In- noctioiis. has already cost them dear. But for that the government would have assfentcd to thfe closing of the mlnta long bpfore 1893." Comment* on Our Bold Ulploinucy .The artlvtecommontson the "character- Istlc crudenesa and boldness of American diplomacy in st-ndins a blmetaims^com- mis.5l(in to ask for the reopening of the. Indian mints, while -at Hie name dealing the worst possible Wow at British oonmt«iroe by paswinK the l>!nglt>y tariff. ..It is clearly ImpxissfliU:," says the writer, "to treat periously a' com mi,ssi(»n which argil es that unltss we do. something, for silver the next '-election' in the United Siiites will return Mr. ftryan to the AVhitt- MouRe to. the. kiRtlng- injury r>f Rrltiph Interest?. It 1« hot' .certain- -that Mr. Bryan wilt he ek-cU'd. It : 'ls nrlr f'vcn certain that, if he were i-lt-ctul we would ntftt-r mon- than we should frcm a now Mc-KIntoy with another AJcKitjlty act. Qppogptl to II«'ti> for Silver. "Moreover, British investors in American. securities have time .before thw-next pies'idemlul election and before the crash to sat rid of them. Ono tiling is certain, we .would be very ?foolii«h to do- any thins for '"Silver 1 : Even" should the T.Tnltr'd States arid France'- agree to adopt blttH ralll«.rn and" Kiiffloitd to 'reopen the li\"lf\n mint", U would only bolster up silver for a'brief . sp'hcc, to fall atjaln to its jita;per market prices: .'bo, that Indian flnanois \Vnuld be in a poukion as. tad as btforf>,\lf not \\oriv than befure." 'HOG^CHOLERA CAN BE CURED. In Whlrh Vttty- to a r <»ut of #>t*ty-rw« Sl<-k I'iK* «'<'in Itjlad'f W< II. AUR. 17.-^The fact that GRANITE DISH PAR Any timo you want a «rnnitft A\$h rmn th«*y Will be th<* sittfla price as n tin one TerRonB Pfintling in a flre alarm aw r«»- ^ste>tl to 6taj near ttio alafm MX -unMJ the department arrives w> as to give in- fertnati^n ftS ^f/tfer iwarHwSftww-tjf- M*e- jffre. - R- JlAteriN, Chief. ft is alway^gratifying to t«oeivetesti- iAl«f0r Ch^njfcefclalfi'a Colic, Cholera nnd Diarrhoea rompdy, and whfn the from n Tphyaieian it !fr«s- 90. "There is tto eatisfaotory or remedy thsn: CharfioBTifiitt's Colic r Cholftta and Diarrhoea remedy," ., t>t Olnoy. Jfa; anid aa he has the rerapdy in his "ftwft family and Sold it in MB drbtf store Cor six yesirs, ho shwnld certttinly kti^ow.** 1^ swl^ at 011. LOUIS S. JOY Will Sfivf in ftd'Jition to general practice, special attention to lUseaaAs of eye stid ?ar> Vittiftg Of glftSaes a specialty. (Special diploma on eyo, car, nose and hroat f torn Olwft&o Polyclmifi.) SLOMAN'S DIAMOND WE DOING S.A.SLOMAN I CO Oordette. E, f en? It Mt-Fram, $L3fl Don't pay fl.OO for a freezer when W6 will sell you a 4 qt Arctic for $KW any day In the wock or nny wook in the yc(»r. TO COREMttSPEPSIA, T«IP» PI* Toledo, Detroi THfi '' SOO," MAUQyETTfc SVCRV EVENING BETWEEN Deiroit and Cleveland To Oftltt Fl«*h, T* 8le*p Wfillj To Kfto* A-ppetltfc nnd Ooixi Dlgentlott Tablets, ^ Kxprrienoe of no Indfrtnapw II* Gentleman. No.trouble is more cptri,«non or more.mis- understood than nervbufl dyspepsia.- Pgo- tile having tt think that their -nerves are to blame nnd are surprised thut ttrtfy are nor cured by nerve medicine andlsprincr remedies; the real seat joHne taiRchief is loss Bight of; the stotfiftHh »» the organ to be looked aftt r. Nervous dyspeptics of ten'do not have any pain whatever in the stomach, nor perhapiit any of the Usim! symptoms of stomach •weakness; Jf<jrVoii8 dyspepsia shows itself not iu the- utomach so tuuch as in iiearly every other organ; in some cikqes the heart palpitates and is irregular; iti. othern the Kidneys are affected; in. others the bowels arc constipated, with headaches; still others an* troubled with loss Of-flesh and npp«tite, with neoujiiiulation of SK», Hour rituugn and heart burn". ~~ • ,™"TT*~~ . \ Mr. A, \V. Sharper of No Cl Prospect St., Indianapolis, Ind., writes «w follows "A motive 1 of pure gratitude prompts ine to writ? )he«e few linea. regarding the new and valuable medicine, Stnart'a Dyspjaumn Tab: lets. I have fyeen R suffering from nervous (lyHpcp«iafi r tho las|t four years; have uaed 'various'patent medicines and other •r«-uje- cdies without Hnjr'f»vorftblo result,. They sometimes-ijavii temporary *ol.ief. until, tho effect* of tire'incdieinrs wore off. I «ttnb~ utod thin to my podeuttiry habit«, being a boodkoeper with little physical exercise; but I ati) glfl'd in utiile that the tablets have ovorcome all thesn* obstacles for 1 gained ui 8e»h; «le*p h* tier, and am bettor .in every way. 1 ho above m -written not for notorie.y, but i« bawd on actual fact.'.' U. hog 1 rholt'ia has de.munirtaratpd.wn -the. farm A. VV. HHAHl'ER. ^11 l^roapect St. , IudianapoVi\tuid. it is «tf o to »»y that Stu'itrtV Dyflpep«ia Tttolet-* w»H curfrkny sioniacii weaknMn or dinca a cxct pt cancer of Htouiwh. Tin y curt) sot r Htumaciii xa#, Ions of tlefth and iippt'ttte, M«-cple|i»iiB*», pa)pit.ntij>i), heart> t.urn, (tunBtipalion and headachw 1 . • Scad for valuable little ^(Mite oti stomach di ••aaea by adcireHMng Htuart Co., Mmslwtll, $100.00 reward will be paid lot the anest ami conviction'*of any one det^ctocl, refilling our] Fb> HaJcs by \V. T. ]>HAKK nurt A. U. HYDK. ittles. . L. Blankenhorn THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, * Will sell strictly pure Wright & Lawther Oil. raw, 30c, boiled, 3^c. per gal, Lead at $5,50 per hundred. Varnishes, Hard Oil, Calsoin Black Board Slating, , Paint Removing 1 , etc. a We abstain from, using inferior qualities ol mixed paints, being able to mix our own colors from pure lead and other substances. SHOP 15 AST 8TA1J6 STKEET. Soientifio American Agency for . CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS, I DE9IOM PATENTS, COPVHICHT8, «to-' »'S .ft l-u.. »c]l full flizad jvaekajies at GO «f r all points Kal-t Houih un'l __ jiouHivrfcat, __ lVitu JUM, Ju'r. Ausuu »B(TS«cUmF»70nij just Hceu Built for our tipper l,ake Du- t»uo,ue i I^rult an^opiotlucf 4 company near PJeight AStWcJemens. of the SlllwaukeeVnd St. Paul r^il- oad, tlfty-fojir out 4ft sixty-two hoga weiv tr^at^d ana, HjtvuJ. ' a<:t-rnH to 1»- no doubt that the hog* a lifimim- utuuk yt t'holt')^ at 11)*' . JjatX. yi. ar H t tlou,MW hugn il\d In Iowa roaxi hugs .for over a -year and fa^ve sue'- in feavfas fwHy 95 pe treated alpn« the Hnfc ' Belated t»y> Keeper of the Will »««I«.K »>v tbe law wept luto op*?rat)o« Tr^frTsrw To i * Bay View Via is^now i >t daj tfain No, 7 kav«is Kala- ttewa the t)i»_8Sft<lor here tiun 06 a . nt« twit" eouniflftB on tariff coiiL-easloiis utn.der $onfenv£ fey s?^ctj*on act It has Anally tbu funuula- tha foa«l» ot rtajSpwai the authority th* pew tart^ ttoLSe£-- "ih* F^scb. tetai-jf" How ell audj the In a near f utur$, be reached. of %e DJnffl ^ -J. -.,-—•*•—-.—i. Assfslkilt treswiury -ti (aij>b8-*sudor shall Join oi) thti tubjet-t in thf d it ta fully expect^l that is the reciprocity' City Bay View Bpriug.s «:25 p. from other for folders and further tio» to C. L. F. & T. Gruud Kukls Mich, WAHTED-AW Polnte d*Jre, Aug. 17.— Yesterday's in- ternatloinal yaeht ( r»ce fior t&^S^awap.- haka cup wa^bv^r tht triapgulajr course. ' Ugh't wind- Gyen^airn rrose^d the ftntsh Hue wljjner. Th,e ftjrat Jrace 'was aalh*£ Saturday and the Monjo, tfat? Aoit-rioaii won. ^ l>ru<nuier» to ««t Tb«i« Ticket*. Aug 17,--CoTOuoercUU trav- in the ter'itwv »'«»* at Ctacako jure Uk.ely. to soon Secure a long--fought- for cwucesaiou from western roaila In the fof«D of l,WO-in)lt interchai tickets, good over twenty-eitfht dnt railroad syste-nm Killed by » FlywIuwL ius., AUS- • ' of the, electric U«ht if at n,i^ht was caught in th« fly- whe^J and iiistanily kliled. Ht; was -tpv:pje«s^sr~t!iv*ry.'toeiie' i)? kip te«*fc«fe . .'•'-'-• • " ' ", -. - if'. ' AH eeutx. For vSah- or R<»nt Tht» .Montgomery houiest .«ad on Marshall avenue;. .ulso some Choice lota 'on Marahtill avfriwio and Liberty street, Moiitgoiiierj'8 uUditiou. Inquire of OKU. that I - {From, the Jack*.* Mr. A, E Whig naN« «»i «W N, Jack- B StfT^sett Jwik^ort, ificli* Jit- k ^ kwtptr in th« Mk-higaa fitutt; I'rlwm, ;i man of *ter- iRtegrity, ami n'lK«>e y*)rd ia' Ixsyowl 4le tells tlM^falk>w|o| sU>ryef a i^-, <ta4 tlm- fnfluJt»»tfr'<^m^ the <l;fUL>er<>iis pogitiou Uj VTJW p}»eett Hi' tstys, some a.ttenU«» w^is an yfr'n*. whieit Hitch an ft s4|tr<-ur} iV w» )HMI{ m/ waist so baiiV t!ut I i'tiiitii wot pull ruy pturts, ov«f my te^'twd 1 1»a«r to i^jkjimy fully two iuvluti Itefou: i"i»uld gt-' ttoru.<i». Evv« wy face up; and my whi^esyfe I ^tcould Wdly dr^jf imlock my mw. I « tli« city, \\K i.n<J dm n'atiiieul ttitli trng wocbit. | friend to' try THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. : BEN-HUR" CIGARS that A cool sweet satisfying smoke grateful rememberance. Sold by all dealers lOc Ktraiglit and 3 for&ic. Manufucturfi«l Uy _J{EO. BUOEBS &*CI^, Detroit a "BECOME A REAL WOMAN" Study tb» tonn»Uoa <if oorr«t babiw, U«vt;IoB Jtru» wtMnuboad. Tbi* 1* tbe lUm of xr^Jl^ ...AKELEY INSTITUTE;.. ***? Grand U(v»bp. WieJi, T«n t*kB Mkilli«i«.I TUnw ballillnK*.. AH MuU«nt taipruvi*. ttQil I cofuuicactjt Mm. 9ut L ^eeiucd lo li .was strooglv urRed.yJU'" a " I continued After thj^iirst, week to si* a change eud fv.jt This was eo«wumgwg, *i« tl»cir uau. Itook five tii%i I was compfetely 1 lia,vfcrliever heard of awy ujeditiut- had/BUi.h a pronounced and radkiil effect, yet not aftect the tj leave it io auch a eooii better Daw tLau I evet did. the effect was ot.ce eatabJiaiitKl tbe swelling gradually disapj traced iu>i.ii i^-wai. caurcly goae. I wgaivi Doaa's Kidney PiUs afl 4 most wonderful agent in the curing of an; form til Sidney diaorder Far saJfe l>y all deatere— price. 6S,iceiiU er ho*. Malted by, Fo«*er-Milbimi Co. . uffalo, N. Y.. «olo ageuta for ttte XT. 8. MM) xoi&uo and w»tl> *JI Bon. T«wi 9 rtt" ayoiogb bet*eflB Alisptn Mkd V«B Wart,OWo. *, a. TIME TA8UE. JULY 4, 1897. T**iWI WWW. So. 15 K. Ho. e»F«*tK*p»«i'.. ............... ». n. . Ho. 7 UigJit EH-OMIB*. ................. li:15*. m, IfiH. Su. Io, „ _Ift GtWii «*pWto Bxpre**. no); cm *ign»l . lm run oa mlnutw flower ttaa O. W. titiwat* faw. «TtoJiat*Kt. : 4g*ail. Krv Atmws / JW*. .V ^ ;'W«di!,uf{#n It > ^i»(>t/Mii, Mi/, t ittf-ijit, IK : M u Uiuu»a««li <t wiihin (ti lo iii-.iiilll», be JbUturte ruu tj> of a, Ui tin? < » SOW, to* fwliiisu, gr#Ud »«enery, tMWl WK . Kv(ir>boi)y 'ui»t,#. Oue ar««k With moftlM »liCl *9rrli Jit1\ Prow jiSarfiH 815 Vor folders «e «cU* r, Out, of ittdoey* forji. Or- --, , --.. -_. Vilae. a pleos^nt to the taste liquid mediirme U 6uW at tl.W per bottw upon (he guarantee ot •j"' '•"'• wu» awacs hack if nut Care*' Kidney jjti^ase. Khcumiti>m, if. drusf stores or wilrbe ic«t tv „ ..,-, ptepaid ypr*n icct-ipt.o'jurice- Saail. ahtpftgij p.tmphk'l "A btoefittd. Com-ti DUXfi fW«>«* IATUES'S KtlMtKV Cu., itoyce Wd'a. Chkigo, IU. POWEU, Droggfits, MAE8HALL, MICH .. t *iii pM»V)ttn(^ Hi, ;m].in' l>> a li M'i! BICHOWAY, NEW YoilK. r wfcui-lri'^ pi!it*'fitft In AttifrrJOl*. nttutlii u I** brimcjht Ij^fftro frvo of tlutrgt) iu ttia i ri __ t Ft fiwnlni Inn <\t tittv M li>nllllo<r In th<» l > -(>i, iiiliijic filn-iirat •.tmul 1 <io \. liliout It. •^I'iiiiiximiiilli^ A.Mr i»iiih.uH.-:Uil iir>ttiilwu>, Ml dlrortiy trt of thONO dli I Of the, . B# n» of diet. Corn guaranteed lu 1 to & Mmnll pliUn pack, by mall, 91.00 Hold only by A. O. HYDE. LADIES EfM DR. FELIX LJEBRUN'S Steel | Pennyroyal Treatmen in the attfo and reliable core on t.ha mar. k«t. I'riw, 11.00; »»nt lay mwt Uinoine sold only b*' A. O. HYDE. RexTablets arc sold uiuidc a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee. CUKES all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality m old at young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects oi self- abuse ftr exce^es, Stops dangerous drains. ^emune nery&4o«ic< Shows i ate ijnprowe^nt. The grandest pf moetern limes, Dcaft bay imi Get K€iX TABUiTS. prft^jV cents, or six packages (a f«l| trcaftnen*} % fa»$cv by mail, in plain package, on t«ceip^6f pnce. Circularise- ^ '?"• c - . a. 0«. E. C, WEST'S NEHVE ftND BRAIN TREifMEWT , THE OWeiHAt, *U 3IHERS HUTATUNIS, H, B. \«; «x fur . with wr«M)t» or refund Lab«i Spocial Extra Strenth

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