The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 29, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1962
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SUNDAY 15 CENTS THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SUNDAY 15 CENTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON. WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA. SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON factt Clanlflt* II 3-2*11—AH OMior Offict«: IE 2-3111 VOL. 50 NO. 129 tiAi^r Of The Public 11 W VIX.I- ^Helped Boost Coast, F. W. Farley Reports To 'IV K-irlt: JH«I « lirirf line io Oi;mk you nnd \tiur MPU sp/ipi'i' /or the fine; puhiirify yon 7;ivr us on our re-; rent nwfco in Frfi-port. Kvcry- ] our n Hip<'i al of MIII* I in nil red poi* | d^'Mil, Y'Hir ('hnnlHT nf CUIIIIIKMTC, ! Pnriy rionts In*',, HIP I r irkwi< p k i CjtfHri i;i find nvuiy ntlii 1 ) s. i \\V h.'U'r rrrrivni quite a few' ILIUM'S from some of our Riicsls } tf'lliiii* MS \\hat it wonderful lininj they Intl. \Vn JUT rxlrrinfly hnppyj tn IIP n part in promoting bo;i1- ini; and fishing nlonn HIP 'IVxns ('i>; i S t. 1 niu, p'TsmnMy, a nirnihrr of ^Ihr Tnurism (Vimmiiirr* «( lh*> I Inn*;!<>n Chrinibf'r of ('oninn 1 rep nnd it i^ ahvnys n plc-asurn In piT.nm'p Hif* pfral fishins; \\P have alone HIP TPVIR const. I si HIP .'icain lhank you for Ihe publicity your pnprr RHVP UK recently. K. \V. Farley Prtsidrnl Southprn KngrjivinK Co. Associated Press Member SUNDA, JULY 29, 1962 Freepert, T«x«s SECOND CHANCE Polio Vaccine Makeup Today There'* « second chance Sun-1 be taken le Hio center! by oivici Hay for Bramria County people [groups, j lo protect thcmaelveji from Type | West Columbia residents will j WedHkry* » C«iH Sunday T> Cent! I polio, sl.imp onl the disease in the county, awl perhaps net a new be taken lo the Sweeny makejpi WASHINGTON — The Atomic Energy Commission «fllrt Snttir- liny a Thor rocket armed with a nuclear wan deliberately destroyed Wednesday night »l .Johnston Island because of a me- j chnnlcal failure. This marks thn third failure In four high altitude testing attempts. Baseball Train Wreck Kills 17 i center STEELTON, Pa. 'API—A Penn- ( damaged. There is a tremendous nnini/alioii. At six makonp irlinicn and a (furnish the ridev. IT, for a P !l Tlhe eluding Danbury, Rosharon a special dispensary, (he Brazoria jrounly Mpfliml Sodrty ami staffs of vnlunippr worknrs are prrpared lo dispense 1-1,000 additional doses -of S?ibin Typ* 1 I oral vflrrine. J2H8, by the Angleton Kiwanis Gub. Thp special renter is for shrimp- ers Horkinj? "1 "IP Krenport.wator- jfronl. Tliry will arrive at the bar- rv«i n i B M. <m ^T!!J t *^! AUS ™7 f , dThes .^rda AF1l ' hC ^i R - vlvania Ra ">' ma '^<. ; ial jammed I amount of wreckage."' said a Texas' horder)! l)e closed to Mexi-j track alongside the Susquehanna i—at the hamlel of Sleellon, about 'can nationals who commute to!River on Saturday night. !seven miles from the state capital piwirtedj work jn hopjpr ( .j| jps T n(! sug-j At least IT persons were killed,!at Harrisburg m oentral Perm- urea, '"• jg es |j on W as made hy the union According to area hospitals, andjsylvania. gnvup lo a House Migrant Study another 119 injured. The railroadi A railroad spokesman said .. „. . commumlie» north on H i g I, iway . in an flfme )o case said thPre w( , re otnpr M ; KK inmanv passengers were iappeoni P J - ' """'" Philadelphia Phillieg — Pittsburgh Pirates gams in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Helicopters from Olmsted Air Form Base, across the rivar from Hie scene, were pressed into service (o ferry the injured to Harrisburg hospitals. lo The number to call is Tl 9-5744. In Bra/osporl, the service in provided hy Ihe I.ake Jackson Ki- rhe fir ' |OU car " o{ iHir from their flay's fishing too^wanis Club, which can be reached; late Sunday lo visit Ihe regularjal the I^ke Drug Co., CY 7-2411. clinics. ; Kreeport Kiwanis Club member! fir. Oscar Jnlinson, I'hairman jof the Medical Society's vaccine proEram, will administer Ihe dose« sharp at the Party at 7 p.m. Boat* Inc. will transport a group of di.*flhledi persons to the centers. ; This week th« DeMolay groups, i which transported the var.oin* last j ares at th» Mucho-| Sunday, will be in charge of all IT. .4. 7.. HAI.KKK MM«I,V I.MVI.VK fOK OAI,VKST(I.V Children Hold Viking, taplnnd Hold ,<tvnl From .Norway will last until all the fishermen on handjnisn refreshments to Ihe volun- ilhen are able lo take the dos«.| tepr workers, as they did during ^million 5ho < ln lh(> arm !rom ^- s It will nol be open for « sper.i-jt h e six-hour primary clinics ;and international Hid sourc ified period of time. iJuly 22. J All other clinic* will b« open! Medical officials expect the from 12 noon lo 3 p.m. j shorlened makeup clinics this employment problems in Texas the wreckage — possibly five orithe cars standing in Ihe water.|j^'p i farming areas. isix. j Divers oquipped for underwater ! The last five cars of the nine- 1 work and carrying acelylenei . MOSCOW—The RiiiHlnn ne.«s car train jumped Ihe track. There • torches worked to free them. ,, sla y ed °" tne lrack and ' frm '- wrvice, Ta«, has reported (hat of them tumbled down a 40-foot There «HS no immediate explan- ^counts, no one in thefe cat (he M>\enlh unmanned Soviet embankment into Ihe river, whirh ation for the Herailmenl. *** ' Sputnik In the laired •pare prnh- fortunately was nol much over The wrrrk lore up th« Penn-: ^' al> V children wars on II-Int series was laimrhed Saturday three feet deep at (his point be- sylvanis's main Hn» track for lra ' n t 'he railroad said. and l« In nrhlt about the earth cause of the extended drought l.-'iflO feel. This was tho second PRR sp' at altitude* inning from IJfl to conditions in lhe sf»le. The other Smoke and fire could bo sepn.^ai train carrying snorts fans ' •on mile*. cars remained upright. ; for miles. ibe wrecked within Ig months. Sir: j "There are three oars in the wa- The baseball special left Harris-i persons were killed and 50 seri- Argen-'ter and two of them ar« badly'burg at 5 p.m. en route for the! n "s'y injured in 1961 when an :i- train from Philadelphia In WASH,N( ; -rON- Shaky Hne '" la "''" "* to !Stalp NOW GETS TAME POST CG Officer Left Polar Resident-A Sn ow Man such program. The records show only one that is higher — the municipal program in Cleveland. U, A. K. Walker Jr., a Free-: North polar region which Walker During the (rip the crew got to Ohio, had 9H per cent participation, port residnnt and graduate of.said 'made the whole year worth- see the midnight sun. described The <t»nrniinity percentages var- Bra/.osporl High School has spentjwhile." by Walker as "a beautiful sight." led considerably lust Sunday night a Rf»nt deal o! lime during his' Walker, who had never seen hut he adds "I found lh<" con-!afier the 19 clinics in the primary' various Coast Guard assignments;snow at all until he was 19 years slant daylight dis.imccrling. With-.program closed, around the world, corresponding!old, must have golten his fill of out a natch ii nas nr.-t possible lo Some of the centers lhat were to with hi* wif« and Iheir three chil-|it on that Irip. Much of Ihe time, eniim.-iie the I ) in e of day. Kvon scn-e a relatively heavy rural dfen. But on his new assignment, 'in sailing near he Norn Pole, i with a walch there was often Ihe population surrounding the com- Ihe announced Friday. Pail of the money is lo come from an international monetary So far. Ihe doses have been j \ypek | 0 % o smoothly. They were funri given to 70,700 persons in Brazoria i ,0 | a « t ww |( except for Alvin, : County. If the 19»fl census figure i wne re the pledged New Hope Bap- of 76,204 persons is used (and all| t j st church had scheduled a con- other county programs in Ihe na-jfij t .|i nK revival, lion are using the 19fi() figure) j ji, e resourceful Dr. W. M. Ix-e Brazoria County has immunized;improvised a clinic in a hurried- tr.'.rt per cent of its people. j v «. t up t en t. Jaycees working As far as the Medical Society ;tncre ^^ j t wa , ,^ e mO st corn- can determine, this is the highest i f or1 able clinic, in the county, percentage of immunity in any AIX3IER8—The wa|K«rt of Phi- llpnevllle and a rich segment of eastern Algeria fell quietly into Weiner's Opens LJ Store Aug. 6 Weiner's Department Store will*'ft., an automatic dry cleaning vil- Bowii Race Track derailed near the southern Maryland track. The (Interstate Commerce Commission I blamed that wreck on excessive | speed. I Both HarrisTnirg Polydinic Hospital and the Harrisburg Hospital reported their facilities were taxed with injured. Polyclinic said there were Hi i bodies there and Harrisburg Hos- h« won't havt with Mm. Th« n«w assignment Dallas County Joining Fight Polio to, he's taking; in sailing near (lie North illiB 112 tool seal hunting — Gal- chartered for Ihe Irip was vsston — may not be an roman- tia Bounding as sniHt of the South Pole, .ominous feeling Hint >ou were munity i$'T> C,.i m J.b'ir- Vcrioi." ) '.ofdrtii'; of tii^ other sIsliLi Ilio.West lurned up with low per- ( At Sv "eny. Anjlnlon "nd ColunilKa. the numlter of By ROBERT E. FORD DALLAS (API—Texas takes an- lo jam it> way through Ihe ice* crew saw were the northern lights, 'doses greatly exceeded the popu-i,other Riant stride Sunday in a floes by running full ahead inlo.;<ln>ost dangdoii.sU close clnvc-ups lation of the communities them-;drive to wipe out polid vaccinating : Islands like Ulithi, Guam and; 11 "*™ and Ihen backing off and of glaciers Urn! would send huge selves, but were far short of the \ possibly 4.5 Saipan, wher« Walkur was sla- j making another nin. But Ih? ship, masses of ice hunling down into <xjnibined estimated rural and.stimmer. tionsd pitviously, and may notj" B randal" was built for sudrlhe spa. and the spai-sely scliUxl urban population. ; Immunization with the relative- Mam am adventrous as llw Nohh! w °fl<. accoixiing lo Walker's lxx>k- -towns that thrive on tisliinH and Mixtic-al officials were particul-:ly new Sabin oral vaccine will I Po)« «xpediUon he made recent-i'"*! beinK built from "sti-ong wood-'coal mining within ;i few hundred arly hopeful that the makeupibesin in the populous Fort Worth \y, but H hai th» advantage of:«'n tlnibr-rs to withstand voyages miles of the North Pole, being familiar terrain, with no:' n Hie Ice fields." (Continued on I'lij-e 13) the hands of leftist deputy pre- be ready lo do business in its lage of 3.200 sq. ft. mler Ahmed Ben Bella Friday new Lake Jackson store Mon-1 Negotiating for space are a; pital said there was one bod\ night, when regulars xlationed In day, Aug. 6. according to an an- men's store and a ladies ready-lthere. Tunisia marrhiHi in and took nouncement Saturday by Miles F? 'to-wear. j A railroad spokesman said the Tunisia nmrrhed In and took Wortham. Wortham said that his firm j train carried a crew of five, hut * n '*' r - ft will be me nrsf re, open of planned in the near future to con- <m exact count of the passengers Ihe 11 stores who have signed struct a professional building with ! aboard was nol available. NKW ORLKANS—Neei oes went leases in the huge nrw Brazos- rental space for medical, legal and j It was a gay group that set out to the polls and vr.«ed lor the first port Shopping Center at the inter- business offices. This builrlins will I from Harrisburg at 5 p.m. They time since P.econ5truction in some section of the Lake .Jackson Road : be located next lo Weiner's anHjcame from Harrisburg and cpn- Louisiana parishes Saturday as^and Ixxip Road, between Lake Woolworth's. !| ra l Pennsylvania cities around Democrats picked congressional Jackson and Chile. nf . [inal tou ,. lws will lx , pllt there. re - Wortham is a member of the to the 700-car parking area this, Steelton was to be lhe first stop. (inn of Miles F. Wortham and As- coming week. Wortham said. Wed-'and the train pulled in there at sociates of Houston, developers of nesday the lights and signs will 5:07 p.m. lo pick up additional WASMINOTO.N' — The t : n!tcd • (he shopping center. be turned on throughout the shop-[passengers for the 90-mile run to The 1S.OOO square foot store that:ping center. >Philadelphia. Werner's will open to the public; Wortham has lived in Brazos- A 27-man naval drill team re- s port previously. He was until 19-19 turning to Bainbrirl^. Md . naval saw the wreck from a highway as their bus Rood intention*, ampliation will Freeport. he'n'ow-''neadV"«'hieh' 1 '"had'a S ''Vts l Passed by. Other stores in the center are „ providing Ispherr countries before further rapidly nearing completion, Wor- d^™ anc ) ,j el . |candi(laie=. No violence was ported. Slnte* hnu announced that eron- omlr preAMire^ against the mili. t«ry Junta In Peril will be main-; Aug. S will be 'he seitmd of tallied In <plte o""-^ by the chain in the area. The first store: an engineer ' wiln Telep5Pn Petro .;Station. J '^T. IT „ , . W ^.^ IOCaled ° n SC " C ° nd Str< "' t in Chem. In 19.-,1 he forme<l the firm! nearby million persoas this be held wilh other Western Hem- an engineering! longuage barrier whatsoever. t Walker, whose parents Mr. ami Mrs. A. Z. Walker Sr. also live hi Freeport, returned from a one- year assignment as liaison offi- eer to a Coast Ruard operation in Norway last month and lieyan proparalioiu to inuve his wife an', three children to Calvcstou with him. where lit has IXHMI stationed by the Coast Citianl. Since hi* was unal>U> lo take his .family along on his foreign lours. On Ledge Saved f amy a Avalker sa>s, he tried to them as real to them as |io : He scut hack from Norway dressed in sc.iKkiu und brightly c<jloicd triiniiuims (the costum? of lhe IwipkuiiliM'.s) (01- his Iwo daughters. Pnscilhi, j, and Diane, .'. his son, Alex III, 7, In- sent u c,ir\iil mitdi'l of a Vikini; IUK wife. Shirlev. he sent ISurfside c-enier. and at others at hold clinics for their resident' 'heavy traffic points. In all. 35 of Texas' 254 counties Makeup centers will be located j have vaccinated residents or plan at Ihe Berla Barclay Elementary''to do so. Scliool in Sweeny, 1-egion Hall in Evidence indicates that previ- Bra/oria. Community Hospital in ous use of Sabin this year has Brazosport. Anslclon High School, 1 hailed a booming polio epidemic PINK SPRINGS (API \ 1\vo;Bo>d and George McDonald, went; Alv '. n Jum f r l: ° lle R« an<1 Pear - -? rpatp " outbreak since Salk bigh school youths, trapped IMjup with a parly 01 Park Kanvcnf hours on a hiitf-mile high inwn-ilo atlemp! a night • time resei.e. ere brought to safely They ucre unable 10 help. by rescuers and -„„, spo , H , 1( , |r , hp >ou , hs „,,,.,, trappi-d is alwul 7.000 feel ahme sea level, IXX) feet lielou the peak BRL'SSELS. Belgium— Britain's : be held earlv in September. r vn jfh clinics would reach a higher per-^Dallas area. Houston holds make- bid to enter the Common Market At this time. 11 firms have centage of these rural areas. up clinics for those not vaccinated hit a snag Saturday when Britain sicned leases for store quarters in ,- , lliey feel, however, that a por- last week. insisted that commonwealth aeri- the Brazosport Shopping Center. surrounding cultural products be given "rea- Four others have signed letters : access" to the Common of intent or made verbal ajrec- jm . , u d es rivate apart ments. a shopping center and of™ a an , . :Todav ! High 12: 16 p.m. Low 9;19 * m . and 7.53 p . m . :iion oi these accounted for lhe Several counties Unusually high percentage at the,these population renters also will M ar ke t nations. ments with other firms the developer. Two are negotiating for • CAN HELP makd """ 1<ld K*Saturday night doiis «'''•'• reported wat*, sealskin ^;lo\i's and purse |, n i .ami long <le*;ei ipti\ e lettei;- that *wotiU1 in.ike a iv*id si.'ed h*v)k if they were all IxHiml together. ()ne of them, lit* actually did hind together HI a IxHik. entitling it, "Vmanc l'> I-atiluile SI Ili'urecs ! S oi North." Its ^1 lyix'il pngrs des cnU 1 H fivo week e\|»*-<liiion to ih» rescuers "goi«l eondi- tn." Ihe state jtoliee said. Hi".-cure* brought Ihe two Ixiys ihey had climbed and « half mile Ibe ranrh of J. (' llunlei, a almve the lluntri ranch Fon-e helicopter was with a park ranger specialist alxtanl. Frederick R. p«iir weiv (A'hllwi h of Ihe Carlstvid. N M.. 'mil mile below the piec.'irinis, An n.mmv mountain led^e al S: ISp.m. bmucht anil l» K'STi Saturday night. JH'WIIT suit,. Police said l!i, land school. vaccine was introduced. Ti\p clinics are open to anyone. Vaccinations in Texas now total Temporary' resident and visitors about 1.700,000—some given in crash programs to stop local outbreaks. Not curred taken for it may lake the 4 oses here. In at least ihrre of the area. those without transportation will •it'll from Iheir penh hy aiCiiverns national park staff. Two rope lia>kel for »,e\eral hundroti'Air Force rescue specialists, ('apt fet-i and then were earned part R. C. Setyer «nil Li, Hill\ J. Jnhn- of the way to Ihe nuich. ; imn. also were HUwiii. One of the 17->earc,ld y.Hiths. Bm the Ratlieriiu; storm and „ t-niu: storn John (Ruddy M>era Milfercd a incrcasiii); w inrls (.'based the lieli- in their (all of ,-onter 0111. Krida\ afteriuxin tfrom the FlYilll lo be Links Estes With 8 Congressmen single iwlio case has oc among Texan* Rccine earl: SAN DIEGO. Tex—Jack Cox, space. Republican nominee for governor, i Those now under lease are: said Saturday that he predicts < \Veingarten's. 1,5.000 square feet: Duvnl founty will have a part : Woolworth's. l'-'.r*0 square feet; in the downfall of Cice President Wool worth Garden Sales area, 6.- l-yndnn Jnhnson. just a« it play. 2SO sc !- " '• Weiner's. IS.000; Tom fd • part In Johnson's enriv tlarreu Pharmacy. 5.000 sq. ft.: »urc«ii Fuller's Toys and Hobby. l.'JOO sq. ft. I^?e's Credit Jewelers, l.SfX) NFAV VORK-Publishei-s Simon Sheene's Beauty Shop. 9X1 sq. Fl. ami Schuster have (sled a J7 5 Bcst B-irbers. «IO sq. ft Kettle Restaurant. .'..VW Draft Routine Easy To Youth • ,ms «- mi |!ion suit aeainsi Iwo drug corn- who have claiming that thev infring- "' enOUS ™ on lhe The campaigns begun afler an '"Calories Don't Count" and traded upturn in cases. As of a wevk on iis Mtle to sell Siifflo\ver oil and Fa - v ' s F a s l"«" s and Fahn.*. ^ *«• «• IH l.'iO feel anil wan u. IH- tnkcn riiileh tn Carlslkid, N.M. ('.uisbiiil. the youth was flown tonight lo Ins IKIIIII-IHWII of Abilene [or a physical cbeck-up. 'Hie oilier Ui>, stiile police siiid. is "all rivjJit Hiui in ver\' hi^h spiiils." 1'hcy milled ihut M>CIK "<ip|H>i<riil all rinlii i'\ie|i\ for the sprained ankle " 'liie pair were jiintint; :i!l Abilene hi::h .school studeiils and :i or 4 HAI.I'II JACKSON .lit. of FP. le.n in^' by plane tnr (1de.-.s.i for H visii wiiii Hi.' JOHN I-I-:NNKYS. funnel ly .V H 1 . . . > MI!S. C. M IIAI'.lilvSTV nnd 1 •l,iu^hii>r, .UJhV. >>|H'iuling Ih .summer with MKS IIAHIlKSTY s p.neiils. Ihe C I!. HI.AKKS of Fl' while MA.IOH IIAItUKSTY is tl.lllolii'cl OVI' . . ii.luhs \\(m were guests n( Carohil I''"' 1 . n '' s "• The li-dge on which lhe two Ixiys spi-iit aluul '.'4 hours Injure IIKKIII- lain climbers reru-hed them priAr-nttnl them from taking mure limn luu sleps in either dirivlion. a newsnmn HI the serne said. 'Hie accident s<fne WHS atiout • 100 miles of HI 1'aso. Te\., HIK! some :ifi miles si»ith of Curls- tail. N. M, Thompson's father is ;i pri'les- sor «l Mi-.Murry College in Ahi- [isnii. Me>ers' I .sliidfiil on ' ;t ranch the mishap ^ ln Hunter, it |IIL;|I \\ho.< O.-l'UI (I'll A ^illierin^ .storm thai a|i|i,n eull> continued In hamper rescue oiieniiuins prevented a helicoplrr (nun Celling close enough to (hi- IrnplHHl >cnilh.s lo effect rescue. The iM'ii l).iys Mnn-li <«H Friila> afli'iniKiii (m one n( tin- ln«h KIINII-' XIKSCIIANii, .spi'iiilniM |.caks of the S,(K«Mool high ran.i;e. a I;IK»| pail of Ins v.icatiiui p.iinl I'onuiii; dimu. llu'.v chose a short >>e ing his hniiMt m I.I. . . ml d> (he ,1 C. Hunter liinrli win laiiiil>, which placed in their path several riirk lucciiiicvs, Ml or more leel slraie.hl down Tliiiiuiisoii slipped just alxne one of the cliffs, injuring his ankle. As M\ers .illeinpicd lo lulp his lalling coiniuiiuivi. he al- sli|i|«'d ria'y lamled on llu- nariiiH Icilnc. just iiu hen from almost I'l'i'lain licalh. I'lie two |MI>J> slhiuttxl for help KeevTd «uiil anil «eic hcaul In nlliei iiicin the Iwo lra|i nl ihe |i,,n\ in ally half 11 willuiiii lisul a\va.\. Two rlasMiialcs, Hill il.u. MO'eiit. is a huirher | ]ulls ,1 stare ami his mother ,jj s , |, a boauly salon Purenls - ntf r o n I r o v e r s i a I lesti of lM)tb boys Icrft for Ihe s,-.'iic.; nlunj a lKiut the i'i«ht uifiiilHM-s « The inountmn clinilicrs fust to : Coni;rfv> was Kiven tackle lhe t»sk were I rum Ihe im- ni(\1iatr Miva. Oilier cliniltt'is fiom the StHith- wciicrn Mniiiitj»«•,'(» Club of Kl Paso li-lt that city under police'm I'siort fur the niounluin.s. It would Ih |ajo. the state health department ca p su i, • reported 12S cases, compared with X'i at Hie same time « year a-^o. , DiK'toi-s say Sabin not only pro- R" lects the pel-son takini? the vac- i x i-iiv txit prevents that person. y v (mm transmitting the vims lo ' WASHINGTON lAPt — T h e others. Salk vac-cine protects Washington Past said Saturday ihose who rei-eive the vaccine but niirht n House sulxMHimittee has tiioy can earn 1 the disease to . l*vn sitting for a month on whnt other*. v it said is rejiorted to tw Ihe hot- '11ms it theoretically wmiki In 1 test political lestiinonv yet in the possible lo destroy all polio if all Rillir'- Sol F.sles rase. persoivs recei\'(xl Sabin vaccine. Pie testimony involves eiijht Atlanta. l!a., which slaKed a mass Sahin ptt^ram last year as an epidemic began, repuned decisive results in stopping lhe upsurge. Sahin viuvint 1 is given on sugar •UN'S which are eaten. They pro-. vide a permanent, mild live virus in Ihuse vaccinated and doctors' virus may provide im- for life—a point Kill to goods siore to omipy 5,000 sq. Sol Kstt-s lestimony memlx'i-s of CVingress—tine sen- alor and seven ivpri'senlatives— who had dealings with F.stes. the Mnry s.iid Se\on 'ire IViiiiK-rals, the Past said, with Sen. Ralph W. Y;«rlx>r- ough. IVr.'X.. ami Iti-p II. Andersen. R-Minn. Carl: whose rela- Kstes were pievinusly «a\ uichulixl in Ihe list. niun ilV was Kiven t<> lidveriiiiienl Opi-ralions sillxonv c.iillee on June ; k J and M by William K Morns, tin- l^wl said. James R. Natifihloii, «-oiui»illiv i-Diinsel, atked for oiiirmiem on s tatioas. Pallas will secret testimony, said Iheiv vuwte IXX'.OiX) at 90 The I.I-A'I I.HATIIKKS KelliiiK setlli^l in their new home in I ..I. The hiiusi'. on ll\sli r deck A))MVC. was foi'tnei'l\ ot'i'iipleii l)> lhe I.1ITIIKK I'A'ANS f,iuiil>, now I'csirlenls "f t'lilurodi). . . HP Chamber Manager SAM QI'AY. allenilin^ Ilic In-linilr loi IllUillll/alluii .\I.iii,uyim-nl, lielil Hits u eek on tin.' l'iuvel>ll.v o( PHII.1.IC mill I>.V\A I.AMH'.Y. Ob^-u illj; blltli'li.Nk Loila) lui'hi.iir trip l,j lhe >|.ot was iwthuiB politii ally osplivsue the Ihns were tiapiixl. m ih«> Morris testimony but de- McinlK'i-s o[ the elub, lainiliar dined lo say what was in n. uiih the area, said llu \ !h<«ii;ht NaiiKbton iltil .<«> no owisii'ss- a hclioiptei would be almost us>*-: nii'ii are nimuil as havint; rc- Icss I.M'I iiuse ol air lurlniletict' m'ceiviil lavors from Kstes or any- 'he aira ilut? u» heat iipilulists. Mbins of that nalurc John Kecve.s. p.>lire ilispali lici •'• Morris was Jiivd by the Acri- HI Peros, al»ml UXI miles sunlit :.-iilUm' IVpaliment afler lie recast of llu< Mcne. said he rririvrdilusi'd U» make himself availwble wiml Ihal the Me,\t'rs Ixiy injured'lor quest lomns; atxiul bis own uiic-itay affair, an ankh', ratlin- than his leu (dealings wilh b'sles Moi-ns was, i' l xiuty Mtdieal sik-iclus aii. hc uuilt'i slixvl thai j an assistant In assistant Sivre- s|xuisoriiig and finaiu'iny tiie \ i >il \uulh-, had Ixvn-lai-y of AurU-ultuie James T. citiulioiis. Tlukse able to pay air nr \v.iti'i sini e til Italpli who also was tlivti irom asked lo toimihuie "J'i tents i>er iihe rU'tuii luu'iil. 'tto.vt 1 . Salk vaivine, gix-eii with a liMkv House Jennie needle, is mai'e of dead viruses Tarrant Coiiiu> (Fun Worth) will attempt lo vaccinate WW.tXXl [persons tonutrmw at nearly 100 seek In vai'- linu's Houston hopes In mmiuilue -HV.OilO in its siH-onil clinic loinonxiw afler :i:i".S74 were iiimiunir.ed 1-isl Sun,la\. Dallas and For! Worlli will hulil stH\Mui rounils of vaccinations a wtvk later for those win) miss lomorriAv's pixigram ^losl coun lies wilh scalier (xipul.itH'its are st'ckiiiK lo make the campaign a Ky MAKIE RKTH JONES .enter the offic-e, the clerk shows Most young men are pretty.them a blank registration card Dut'-li nrrvous vvhen they sign up for and warns them that they will sq. ft. soleclivf service. In fact some of receive it later, in the mail, and thorn so scared they can hard- must carry it with them at all ly sign their names. Many hold times. These four have made tentume ,| le j r "writing hand" steady with The registrants are also shown agreements: A family-type shoe lhe 0 , ner nan( j to s j gn tne rpg j s . t^p blank form which will he store, a ladies' sh<x> store, a hard- , pr Q,,,, even as (;ed the clerk 'o mailed lo them for completion. sien for him he was so shaky This has saved a great deal of he couldn't hold the pen. trouble. In past years, the clerk- When William Shell resjister- did not go over this form with ed recently on his 18th birthday, the registrant, with the result he was not quite so nervous, how- Ihal a great main- of the blanks pver. remained unfilled. The woman who faced him Now, lhe mosi cc-mmon omis- across the desk, asking the usual ision is the final signature. "They ques'ions and going through ihe fill out all the blanks on the regular procedure for registra- whole, complicatcxt form, then lion, was far from a stranger. ;forgin to sign their names," Mrs. She was his mother, Mrs. Elmer Shell said. Karle Shell, who serves as assist- This form includes such qucs- anl clerk in the Selective Semt-e lions as complete name and ad- nifice in Angleton. dress, date of birth, when 1 born, This is lhe first time in a mini-'and Ihe name and address of some her of years in ibis area, that person \vhci will always know such an instance of nmther sign- where they are. In almost all cases mi; up son for selective service tin- person listed is a parent. has CKvuned. "'" aP 1 >(1 l> *' " 1C1SO blanks nV- WillKim ci)iiM afford to lie a scribing the legistram whicli caus- iidle flippant atwut the whole proves Hie most trouble. Praciically all reiiurc. llHuigh even under lhe.of them know wliai color hair ,-ircuir.slaiH-cs he admitied a fuw lliey have, hill very few know ibe qualms aixiiit registering, l.ikeiiolor of their >->es. "Unless they're most ulber voiing men, he'd prob- : a definite brown or baby blue, lliey ably have preferred nol to be ilon'i know- what to say ahull the bothered with such a trip -- or color of Iheir ll's (he lia/.el, with am worries about fuiuie Kra>, ijreen type eyes lim ei\e draft ealls us trouble." He had another bi« advanlajji 1 In this day of weight consi-ious- ox-er oUier registranls. He could i ness, most of Hie hoys knon how sa>. You lill it on,. Don't ask'much ihe-y weigh — bin many me a buiuh « silly questions." don't know how tall they are. And under the I'lmims'aiuvs. When they air Mrs. Shell could do just lliat, i>v --.scars, latliws or i-epl fur signatures f\ing marks." the Ofti'ii liie lejiMrams bruu Hicir sure. o|H'ii mouilu birlli i eililn .lies wilb tlieill. This s j vi . || k , same is a hi-, 1 help to ihe clerks, sim-e-ihmk so ," ihe otherwise iiie> an 1 quite likely n>.|\i||\. reuistcr Ihe \i'-uni men unde nirkiKiilies "Theil Hie inoiliei iells us «f\,- done Ml^. Slu'l! e\jil.ilns \vilii a k'rin AUnit tiO K c a /. o ria (."ounlv I ans\ SM\ , asked about n> other idonti- iveisuants just I. Mosi of them "I don 1 ! hit doubt- ils us aiu it .'ill w i nils. •li'rk n the aie t-ai-h The blank which is id , of the i-fijis jcenla^e oi t! ivsjisirani si i'ks chi- ilie [orm tor signature .1111. <\ s*)>-lly per- time, lunu'icr, ih« s in tlu- spoi lo- bark spoi ll' ed d.i 1'age

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