The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 23, 1959 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1959
Page 10
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I H f THE BRAZOS?OUT THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 DAILY CLASSIFIED lOTrcBMATIOM T e plie* TOU» Ad BE 1-1811 er BE 3-3811 »nd ail- tot Claiitf a RATES 81. SERVICES OFFERED •e. tt Inierllon 1 w«*kdsr S <Ur* S d»r§ tconsee) Ptt Lin* JBC lie * RADIATOR*, mimui, tswa roowm end smell engines, parts and servlea BRAZOSPORT rUDIATOR WORK* Mil rtwy na Pnemrt 8» MJ71 V W»J» IWWtlBVWI Ini.rlloni muiJ be eeniecullt* Claidfl-d Houn Monday through FridsT S A.M. to S P.M. •tOO XM. 12 P.M. C«a**llatlon dtidlln* li S A.M. of publishing day faHiiion desdlln* for reader ' ads Is » A.M. of publishing day. All dliplay and box ad* mui! to la fcT 11 A.M. e! previous publlihlngi day. After an ad U etdered it can- net W cancelled or changed baled publication. Th» Bratoipoii Faeti ttnrt*i Ik* tljht ie «dit et ra|aet my •4 "ill U d**ra* ebjtcilonabl* »nd to ehano* th* claiilflcaOon erdar to conform Jo th* policy ef th* pap*r. An chug** ar* bat«d en » I !tn» minimum. NOTICE ei typographical OT. ethat *irer« muit b* fll»*n b*- for* th* iMond lni*rtlan or claim* for xatund or axttnilon will net b* moonlitd. Th*r«- for*, w* muil b* netlfltd of •rror b*f«r* I A.M. ei itcond publlihlna day. _ EXPERT TV REPAIR — National Radio Institute graduate. Dey or night service. BUI Ror Electronic!, BE 3-4611 nto YOURSELF or nAuor.b RECEPTION i IAI tma oebtrt mat your til lo perform we new. I ygara dependable service OG J.1S45. DESK WANTED - Oood used desk wanted. BS Mtll. WE BarTuLi. OR TRADE for u»e<i furniture. You bring end we bur. TRADE BARN, BRAZORtA. PH. 2590 or 3M«. DID TOD KNOW that eallng natural food will make you feel bittart Ehaw's Natural Foods, Hwy. 2N at Trading Post, BE 1-143J. 3. LOST • FOUND BATS LOST — 1 reddish, yellow and wMte> eels, wesrtns collars. Reward. BB MHO. fcOO LOIT-leagle female, year Brewn. wMta and black. BE 3-1 at. i-tm. FOOND — Wttir aktls. Owner may ««n CT T4111 fer Information. . MALE HELP WANTED ATTBtTtlON — ««tlreel men, thin wcrsers or women, a you have 11 te II fcourg osr week, you can earn *in In MM extra per month. Apply 1SU Avenue O. Hr. ». W. Egger. Xotenberl, HIM. Slore open • to 10 a.m.. Uoatay threugh Friday. Ph. No. s-JTtt. io? w«b motor geooier or light ear for war route «a surtslde Beach. C>n Tei la in* morntagg. IB 34911. TATtOH .tlmdUlt. Unit bl d. Avplr la »non. No fibou etlli. Mo« k>Ti local rifir- mtw. CbrliUu-t Rnmbli airTlei autiim. tHW» BOT-poRAl«lJ la iv to rrraebi'i Birb«r MOD la L«kt •>««**•• _____ 95. MALE • FEMALE HELP *< v oldlr eouple la ih Urn hmu tret tri. «llh tldirlr Mr. T HUM from rratpart out Hlih- Va W. CtU BE l-»64. BE 3-4JM or BE t-«m. 4lAN OR WOMAN with light eir for motor route. Freeport. Br«iorl«-Swet- n; And Wild P««cb communttles. • Cbtnee for htni vorkcr to make •ood nune? for • few bouri etcb dir? cSl BE Mill, uk (w Mr. •TAB TAXI driTtri »tnt»d. P»rt tl«« of' tuS time. AcPlT 1U I. Ptrk. at. FEMALE HELP WANTED •XPEBBNCED PODNTAIN HELP — Apply In person only U Oarretls No, I to take Jaokeoe. 58. FARM EQUIPMENT + + ORNAMETAI. IRON +» Columns and Rallmgj V. II. Brrcm V MM paptr nniint. Bnlrtilnt. stalni and natural rulibaa A. R. OlOtir. BB M4M. tMITR WELDIMO b RADIATOR WORKS AT YODR SERVICE BE 3-2101 TYPEWRITER!) AOHIKO MaehlnraT salex or rent. Call Sam Qant, Bra> toiport Ondfrwood Aieney. 103 a. QUIT Bird. »• 3^9*1 34. TV SERVICE SI. ARTICLES WANTED 52. -OOD THINGS TO EAT CRABB for talt. Bee Uncle Jot at "Star lea Foodi." S3. MISCELLANEOUS AIR CONDITIONER-StnUUonal opportunity on 1939 Carrier IMi toa unit. Reatonabl* lerrai. AN WHO after I DON'T BS LOCKED OT7T or your cat or jour home. Oet aa titra key today at ffallea Auto «M», 19U OuK Bird. BE Mtta, LEARN TO Hit for MT.Oa-anlt Cout Arlatlon. CT 7-7011 or BE HIM. olel Red UAPLE baby bed and mattreia U tdod condition for tale, HI. CT 7-41M. REFRIQERATOR — 11 cu. (t. Oeeeral Eleelrto. rermi. cr T-uu. _ REDWOOD lablee ana isiil all eotn- le. Bra«»port> itrlilt ttock of dvood Lumber. Red»ooa for Mil ffeiUni Lumlw. Bg mil BOrjP'l ON, the rui that U. u cleu tbe spot with Blue Luitre. l^avei ao rinn. Darwood'i Purnlture Od. IPEED QDEEN WA3HIR3 let you breeie tbroufb your, laundry vllbout leaTlnf your air conduuxilni. Bee tbem today at Irbye oo Hvy. 1M In Clule. ITOVE — Chamberi Rente, kitchen table and four chalri for eale. 107 LakewMd Brlrt. Lake Barbara, AM STOVK HOODS— Wnoltuli and retail. raetory direct to you. All modele and colors. Installed and vented. Nothing down, H.oo monthly. Anileton TI SAVE snerwin Williams alarjH ratals WUKe gal. , - 94jj Black gal. ..«••- "-«cT«»r(i! Aluminum gal, *3 5: Thlnuer gal. C-D snPPLT 00. 123 Brasos Bird. aa •ODSUHVZS — Need eitra money but lack time for la I hour lob' Part time. ChotM your noun. Write: R. w. Xiier, 1119 Atenue Q. aosenberi, SB. WORK WANTED. MEN TTPEWRITER—Simth Corona portable lyMWrlter lor isle. CT 74132. USED T. T.'s 31" Motorola. Late model console with walnut cabinet. 1 Tr. picture tube warranty. 3D days parts and, service warranty 41H.M 21" \vestinghouse table model. In good condition 149.00 II" Motorola table model with stand, In good condition 153.00 LAKE T.V. 3SB Circle Way CT 7-3111 WALL FTJKNACES - 3 new Colemu 43,000 Duals—Close Out—JIM each. Also several used attic and clout furnaces—Nothing Down—13.00 monlbly. Call Angleton TI >-733i. WANTED - LAWNS TO MOW—Reae- able rtles. Call CY 7.7055. »0. WORK WANTED. WOMEN ATTENTION MOTHER!! Child eare at reaaonable rales, renced yard, TV. CY 7-T904. armNa In my borne or jours day ar nlghl. lire. Ruby Swain, AN Sir ar A» HIM. •HOD CAKE: zta per tow. Fsnoad Tar*. TV. alio nlgbjlanj Sunday. Mrs. rrather. AN MsTt BtONDIO — DOM tat my home at 407 South Avenue • In Velaseo, tlATtma, refined lady will live In hone aa aognpanlon, Please call Mrs. Ylen, BX HM«. NEW DAT NURSERY flonltafit supervision In a large shady tencaTyard with planroud eoulp- naat. tates by hour, day or wait firs. Denis, 417 Southern Oaka r Laka Jartson. AM I-,'"' >1. «EHVICC» OFFERED ABC rjpHOLaTERT-rree Estimates (Iren. Skilled uaholslerr by a train, id Craftsman. «U W. Sth, Friiport. ,. — Let U sett your an- wantaer housekald articles. We auction every tunday afternoon at 1 D.m. It »oa esa't use U someone elte can. Coj. Wallace, AucUoaeer. Bwy. ttt Bargain Center. M7 Bwy. tt*. Clule. iATT BtenLATION — Johne-Uanville OlasS Fibers with Aluminum Foil backing. Wholesale and retail, factory direct to you. fall t&lek applied over celling at loc par sojuare foot—blown rock wool- Nothing Down, 15.00 monthly, call Angleton TI »-7»3l. CASPO1M.~alumlnuai aaauni, and No money ton, OULF CO. AH work wanteO - Repair add onto home*, hug sheet- rock.'tape, float and texture palnthif. 54. HOME FURNISHING CARPETS are ae lotudalta M r beautiful rootn. Build your lovely roan with one tram Leonard's noer 0>. OH 7<sw for eitlmatoa. CODCR — Used grey living room couch In good condition. 123. CT 7-2(14. UVINO ROOM SUITE - six pieces, slightly used, ranch etyla for eale. Ph. 2113, aweenr. ' ' FO BOY FAEM EQUIPMENT 1— t-N Ford Overhauled * painted Good 101. BUBL OPPORTUNITIES Braiosport and Brazoda Couniy, T«M, HunHay, Xuprt »,!W IHE BRXZOSPORT ?AOTfl ANGtrON DIAL TI 9-3246 BXCLDStvB OM>u ehip ivaiubU in you •art time. Very quired. Wrtl». MM ford. 120 College, TB J-75W, TV SHOP — Complete stokk. u.W seu. i Paris, etc. 1140 Kyle RoiTd, Alt S-H23. frate d«ler- area. Full ar , ct f\M re». u »««. Texas. JACKSON •" fcrtefc' VorJro, J bedreorrn. fenced yard. $10H - $73 Uo. ROWLAND " 7*343. 1-8-N Forn Overhauled painted Good Rubber _ 2 Ferguson 20's Overhauled it Ouarttnteed 2 Ferguson 30'*. Over- $O AJK hauled * Ouaranteed OTr J 1 Farmall "B" Bedding plow & Cultivator ... 1 Farmall "A" Turning $ Plow & Cultivator ....... 1 Farmall "Cub" with Rotary Shredder 1 Farmall "Cub" With tXAK Cycle Mowtr . WTF «* 1 Mftwy Harris "Pony" Fully Equipped with all Farming Tools. Real nice ft $4 Guaranteed — 1 V.A.C. Case with hydraulic controlled seven Ft. Mower. A hay maker* dream. Overhauled' and fully *COCi guaranteed fll:F* 1 Allls Chalmers "B" Vegetable Tractor with Cultlva- * C O C I tor & Planter ..... e*TFS •• Headquarters for Coralclna Mowers, Bosh Softs Barrow* & Blades. Hsv* several need Mew- crg, 11 te U month* to pay. CURRY MOTOR CO. H2. HOOSES FOB *ALE ABC SPECIAL -. Only t!W down bnjs cosy cottega M concrete tub near a cool jchool. «S2 month including takes end Insurance. ABC Realty Co. BB 3-3211. LAICK JACKSON — 1*4 lUdwood. J bedroom air conditioned home, ramflj room with serving Mt. 11 i u n,tng room. Fenced. CT 7-3660. ;AK» JACKJOB-4M "emter Way \rtrn- er) S bMrMms, tet» tar*n, funny' room. P.H.A. eoatty. MI ^ ments SI23. B. U SA CT 7-7761. »»MP TRtJClt—IMS Won (Inmt) true* ready t« work, lltt Kyl» Read, AN 1*4* FORD HT-ON PICKDP' i- - Tert tleaa, Meeel to tell. BE MOM. DON'T rmt) WEA1 TOO at n» cuMU>tao4 *» •MTIM ro» n. te 00*1 ts SalAU, AND TBB MMULW AU MO. JB6T PHONE "MISS CtAS*l- \LL BRlCic 3 bedroom home Den, 1H bsthj, tmtrally heated, all eltclrX kitchen. Double «»r«ge. Litge lot te) Hsvrnwood Addition. Concrile drive. - Easy long term loan. Colernan Lumbvr Co. AN S-I423 or AN 3-2111. A REAL BARGAIN In Jones Creek. Win j consider M er ather properly as dotn > LAKE JACKSON ~ Desirable * kedroom home. Owner working out tf area. •' Immediate Muesslon. ABC Realty.) CIED." B» >MU BE 34272. . . •. consider M er ather properl payment. ABC lUallr. BE ANOLETON — 2 tafeoon kenie, m wiring, wall to wall earpetlncj through. out. OX equity, will taka side nota. CARTER ft CO., CT 7-3477, lirag*.' Ideal SWe Scnoel. ANOLETON—3 rooma. |i neighborhood, near aXMIh TI M7U. AUSTIN STOKI home on 2.J scree. Four bedrooitte. Oek trees. TOO' »en S. D. Clapton, JUelter, D] J-es5L BARGAIN — 134 Berbara Drlte. 9 bedrooms, 1 bathe. AN S-J875. BRAZORIA — Garden Acres home. All new 3 bedroom frame on 71 x 1M lot. Lonr term loan. Coleman Lumber Co. AN am or AN 5-J9U. JRAZORIA - sale at tmeloeed Broe- ertr. 22J Re* Tort 81. W.5M. Ap- pmilmatelr H.OM batew tslue. Fla. ancInK arranted. Braaospori Sarloge and Loaa Aeeoelatlon. 8RAZOB1A — XXCEPTIONAL BOT — 414 cltj lots uuUe oil; limits with a 3 bedroom, rural)? room none, uo wlrlni. Closed .i> batk norcD. Tsler- ani. only $1SC total to move la. CARTER A CO. CT 74*7. 514 W. 2nd. St. Phona BE I-1M1 Fmtwrt 5*. LET'S SWAP 8DILDINO: veleseo Heltnu-On Are. Q. M x M building te be moTSd or wrecked. 1 plate alaas wlndowe. will trade for pickup truck or anything of evial talus. CT 7-Ul». RAH'RADIO latnPMINT for hsale or trade. NC-M r.telrsr a Uultlplrer, 4] Watt CW Vlklnt transmitter Antenna. Bt J-13M. (1. LIVESTOCK . SUPPLIES IIILK COWS — For eale. Two 4 rear old Querasefs. On* freab with heifer calf, outer to treehen In Hotembir. Bom mllklnt. AN MITT. 31. BEDROOMS FOR REN7 FRXEPORT — Larae nlrate 14s 14' bedroom, Unens, Me. Vunlshed. 731 W 7th. Private ana seml-prlTtle. BE 85. aNFUrWSrtEir-AP'TM'HT. FOR RENT FRSEPORl Hardwood boarta H. i oeanom spsrtmsots. rs, ttle bathe awl drain FHEEPOBT — Lam clean duplex. 302 *. Broad. BE HXU or after « n.m. am M143. FURNISHED AP'TM'NT. FOR RENT CLDTB — 3 rooms, private batb. bOla paid, lood neUnborbood. Inquire UK 3-2241. ODPLCX— 1 (our rooms and balh, 1 two rooma and batb. Large, clean an* comfortable. Reasonable. Utilities nald, ' _ FREBPORT — Furnished xersio apartment, 3 rooms and tath, 215lfc Xesl 2nd. AN 1-2*31. FURNISuiiD APARTMENT near Parker Uotel Hlibwai 2U. S6S Montb. 80WLANO REALTY. CT I4HJ. rBAILBlU for real lurnlabed. Pibat* batba. Bvunnitn Beol. Barefoos TraD- er Park. Bwi 2SS. Freesort VILASCO — 3 bedrooms. All bills paid except lights. G14 South "C." BE 3-33SS. 55. SPORTING GOODS RIO - 1957 Morphe* U' cabin, tt b.p. Johnson electric etartlni controls, trailer. »M9. AN S-U1S. BOA'l — 14' Qlassfllte. U h.p. electric Uereurr motor, steel tralllr. All : «w. full; equipped and luaranteed. All for (1.250. sse UM West llth or call BX 17. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT PRK1PORT — 711 Vest lOlh, 1 bedrooms, fenced yard. Option la pur- these. Jot Talbot, Realtor, CV 7-4411. FOR' RENT with option to bur—312 Cypress St. 3 bedrooms, fenced. Joe Talbot Real!;, CY 7-4411. CABIN CRUISBB for sale—is it. with two U h.p. Electrio start motors, trailer, loll of other eitras. sei Ones. Orsr, tio Wast Mb, Freeport. LAKE BARBARA—4 rooms and larage. i month. AN 5-53J1. OOLF CLUBS — Ladles' Wilson autographed. 3 woods, g Inns, putter, bsg and cart. CT 7-U37. USED BOATS tor sale. I lake row boats and 1 river boat. CT 7-2400. 13' YELLOW JACKET BOAT, motor, trailer, sills, Jsckets, etc. 1140 Kyle Road, AN 3-2t23. LAKE JACKSON — 2 bedrooms, den, window fan. well furnace, lota of eloe- els, CY 7-7413. LAKE JACKSON 3 bedroom bome7sw per month. ROWLAND lEALTY. CT WE BAYS 13 DIED BIOS Of GOOD SHAPE AT OFF SEASON PRICES PALMER'S SPORTWa GOODS 117 L. J. Road. Clute AN 5-2(15 LAKE JACKSON — 2 bedroiKn ".ome near Junior high, tit per Uo. ROWLAND REALTY, CY 7-6343. OLD ANOLETON-CLUTE Hw>. 3 miles out of Ancleton. Nice c'ean 2 bedr'.cm home on 2 acres. /.N '-2(17 56. MUSICAL INSTiuMEwlS T — used student's oana m* strument In extrs, tood condition. BE OOOD USED clarinet, sell chtst,. CT 7-1&34. WORK, palntlnc and not- Int. fSXS estimates. BE l-i»U. • HEAT CuVEil, . 'door liners. Expert workmanship. . Uuiolstan <1( BAVIKTOET DPBOLSTERY: Call BE! 3.1272. Free estimates iiadly atv^n TjOCatefl on ftlauahtar fioad WJSCTtlCAL SERVICE - 81gn\ .n.sTl! aoollalees, waaher service, ttts'.dcn- 1 tal asd commercial wiring. BoaJed' and Utensed. Dans Electric Co. AN PRE-SCHOOL PIANO SALE All new end used pianos drattlcallr reduced. Ihveu.isU our student rental plan. a i H jjDsic COMPANY 1004 OuK Blvd. BE 3-3121 CORNET band Instrument--Bolton. In lood condition. Original finish. BE 3-J1JO iV -i.jj-.mNG Mrt12HIALS AICHWOOD on Cypress St.—3 bedroom house for sale or rent. D. E. Killer. BE 3-246H. CLUTE— 2 bedroom nome with 10x11 breesewa; and IB x 11 shop attached. 11M Kile Road. AN FRESPORT — Comer home. 153l West Itb. Low down payment, PHA. ABC Realty. BX 3-3121. FREKPOBT— 1323 West «th~«t. Lorely air conditioned homo. Carpetint In living and dining room, draperies. 1490 square feet. Feneed back yard with bar.fe-o.ue pit. Low oeimty. For eppolntment BE MT33. FREEPORi—930 west (til. 3 bedroom corner lot redecorated Inslda and oat. Total I* arn la KU*. South Texas Ream Ci. BE V34U. FRECPOKT—4 nedrooma. > baths, rasat- ly room, alwtrle kltchan. 1 car gansa, assnmptlon. $127. month. Ure. W Walter, n J-2J41. PREEPOKl-^-ra •«. Broad—bownton locatlotu. 1 bedrooms, lira. W. u Walter, Real Batata. BS 34341. FREEPORT—3 bedroom borne. Bring and dlalng rovn combined. 1 batt. kitchen; central heating, wan to wall carpeting, chambers ruga, areniaed garage, comer lot M i 140. Priced for eralek eale. SELLMS RBALTT CO, BJi MS9* FREEPORT - 2 tearoom BAEOADt- room for another Male oa tills lot. Only KM*. Owner will finance. lira. W. U waiter, Heal Estate, ns 1-2341. HW1. IS*-one Acre-s Bedroom brick home. $19,000. Ure. W L. Walter Real Estate. BE 1-2541. HIGHWAY at — Real nice 1 bedroom borne on 2 acres. Wooded, fenced, well. Veterene lust more U. 171 Mo* first come, first served. CAatTn ei CO. CT 7-2477. JOWES CREEK — 3 bedrooms, screen- ed-ln front porch. Out buildings. Close to church. BE 3-2374. LAKE JACKSON _ 132 "null.che. Bu> thla 1171 so. ft.. 3 bedroom horns. On contract for 1130 cath, Uo. for mly 17 years orua taxes and Insurance. Estimated to be 111.3* Mo. or total $71 Uo. TEXAS BETTER BOMBS. CY 7-7761. LAKE JACKSON — S350 down moves you Into a beautiful 1 etorr, 4 bedroom 111.000 home, 114 Arcade. FREEPOST — lite West <ui st. t bedroom borne. TOWN li COUNTRY HEAL ESTATE. CY 7-7777 LAKE JACKSON - 3 ledrMnu. largo paneled den. central heal, air conditioned, fenced yard. Cloia to school ana churches. CT 7-6787. LAKE JACKSON — Remodeled Duples. Only JIM total cost let Veterans. Carter * Co.. CT 74477. JONES CREEK — Over 2300 square feet of living area. 4 bedrooms, half acre. Bargain at IIJ.SOO. Consider a trade. BE 3-3053. 4?£ ^!"2."u!.. b ^.»L"?.'i>l:H». U8B6 CAM FOB «ALE SaW C... •&'% V »"""'• '-*• DEL RA* etliVROLST «Uh «_.. . _ : has. win trade equity for Mas or NO DOWN PAYMENT, only 179 total •"•' ""M clr ' AN WW. 'closing cost. to Veterans. 2 bedroom; *»'^^»«™ .». — ... • ' _home, concrete slab, screened back sSHrMOUTH — 19S7 V-* hardtotv wll perch, large akaa* tot, parkway, win! "*• •*«* «« »« !'•«• m. AH ' remodel. CARTER A CO., CT T-I477. MEAR ANOLETON-U acres. 4 bedroom nome, den 3 baths, t ear carat*.- u bearing grafted pecan tnas. VMutt- AN 5-54*4 aflat 4!30 pje. 109 FOREST OAK*—Large 1 bedroom, «!i per cent OI Moltr, rmmtliJr par* ments tTsMX . „ «. L. sAtnm REAUCH '' " CT I-77B1, *•'[,• SOUTHERN OAXS — 1 bedroom" aoml Tiled bath, air conditioned, central healing, hurricane fence, o* trtek tot AN 5-273S. • WEST COLUMBIA — 710 S. BtonttiTs bedroom home on larw lot. Dl sjlM after 9:31 «.m. 200- HWY. Ml Corner PrenUi* by JTV deep with ) bedroom houn. Onlr 112.500. E. L. Sauer, KHlter, cr M7IU : 4 Bedrjoom Homes V lo bf bulli at:/ 201 Narcissus IM Center way 502 Sycsraora (Corner) Veterans! Only 1300 down pty&ent tlua clositic cost. Uontlity eavmente ns) 16 1141. TEXAS BETTER HOMES. GT 7-7781. a. j. OATH Phone ex 1003 w loth -t 1322 W. 7lh— me) down. 1110 w. llth-3 btdroon* 419 East 2nd now. ^RRY'B LANDINO— i sera, t bedroom Muae. ULUTB-Lane tots. Lowborn fay. menta. LAS« JACKSOlr- 110 Laurel, t bedremn «4 tea. OWNER SAID SELL Two-bedroom Avenue B. home. Repainted and clean as a pin. separate rate. JRINd TOUR FRIENU AND LOOK A* TWO ef the nicer homes on West loth In Freeport. Right acroes Irom eaeti ota* er. one has * built in kitchen. Other a bath and half and doable tan** and family room. LETS TALK SHOP 1273 Down .moves rou into newly redecorate* 3 bedroom home la Freeport one block from school, LAKE JACKSON 3 bedroom. 431 Center Wa;. Jut re* painted. Baa aulo Ian and 2M wiring. convenient to school and church. not down. MAT COOLKY HWY. M* , BX 14331 23« CALADroH-1 bedrooms, big kitchen, den. W-W carpet, central heat, and fence.- Low OI equity. JAUES M. ELBERT REALTOR, CJ 7-24S1 NEW - HOMES Electric kitchens, Insulated. double garages. 101 A>h Lane (Comer bt> 1*1 Ash Lan. 507 Srcamora 123 Pin Oak St. Corner W* SAVE APPROVED PLANS FUR 3 and 4 BEDROOM FBA'.or VA HOMES TEXAS UTTCR dOMSI CT I-T7M V ST PA J B »**r *>««' In your future. We now have a wide selection of homes priced from 13.730 to MS,- n?t. fc , e ?*i* 3 be<| r««i> nomee now: 113 Chestnut*-! car sarage. Ill Chejitnul—/enced yard. «1 Magnolla-U'i21' family room. 214 Laurel—fenced yard. U> Loop Road—2 car garage, elea 13* caladium—den and fence, at Csltdmm—den tad fence. No. 33 Lake Road-On 5J» acrae. JAMES M. ELBERT. REALTOR CY 7-24U . Be* Ml 103. LOTS FOR SAtE LAKE JACKSON—54 Byblscua Court, 1 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, double garage. FHA U12, U4 month. Or buy $3700 equity and pay 13: month. CT 7-7373. LAKE JACKSON — 117 PalnTunV~3! oedrooms, 1U baths, aantral air ten- ditlnnlDf, a car garage. Insulated, fenced. EdUlly M.7M, Me Uo. BOW. LAND REALTY, CT 7-134). LAKE JACKSON - Brasos Oaks. I bedrooms, 3 car garage, central heat, comer lot, acuity uloo, 171 M O , „ new^loan. BOWLAND REALTT OT LAKE JACKSON—lot Primrose, lovely 2 bedroom home. 120 volt outlets. Only (ISO down on contract then WO monthly. Tens Better Homes, E. li. seuer. Realtor, CT 7-7711. RICHWOOD VILLAGE oa Cypress SI.- 2 bedroom home with attached gs; age alter Sept. 1. D. E. Miller. BE 3-14U. UNFDBNISHEb 1 bedroom lome near Clute School. Apply JOS Shanks. II. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT FOB BENT — 2 bedroom furnished bouse. US per Mo. ULtllltles pall. Oo Hwy. IS. Phone Sweeny 4M3. FURNISHED efficiency voltages for couple or bachelor. Bills paid. BE LAKE JACKSON - ;i bedroom brick home. Air conditioned, automatic washer. 3123 per Uo. ROWLAND REALTY, CY 7-6543. BEDTEL SCHOOL AREA' In Lake Jack. son. Will sell s lew «l our: eho(oe home sites for caab or terms. E. L. Sauer. Texas Better Homes, «r» 7-77iL ..ERNARD RIVER -' M"!*' rtnTirwi SK assrs. **""•' EQUITY In large WATER FRONT lot In Havanwood. BE 3-4371 or AN S-J6M. ENJOY fishing, water »Wn« am boat- Ing oa Bastrop Baygej. IS* a nt shady homealtes. 11230. .tatgoa. • Rawland Realty. PS 7«tt, ; ODLF TBBBACK KSTATXS .'— Beautl- f ""HP "Sil Ntoe-UBttia acre. Car. ter » Ce.. CT 74477. KAVINWOOD LOT — Carttr. 111x130. wooded. Cleared of underbrush. IUM. CT 7-8341 ne later thq •.y™_*J*~ HOUJStTM across *nth*n Oaks Drive not on creek. Cash or finance. CT f-TTM. TRY FACTS CLASSIFIEDS1 ICt. HOMES FOft.SALE ~ NOT LUXURY . . BUT SECURITY Makes ^ood Living And here In 141-143 Windln Way we are offering you a horn and income la on* package, bedroom* on 1 sld« and i on th other for renting. A 2 car car port and a screened porch make this on* of the safest renta buys In Lake Jackson. .... PRICED TO SELL and wit: FHA's easy term financing. Onl (US. down'and just 168, month CALL AT ONCE. JOB TALBOT, REALTOR OY 7-*411 21. SALESMAN WANTED LOCAL ADVERTISING POSITION NOW OPEN TO YOUNG MAN INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN THE ADVERTISING FIELD. EXPERIENCE HELPFUL BUT NOT NECESSARY. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY, BENEFITS, AND GOOD SALARY. •mi Hut* Of gall And CampMa Ream** t* Box 1855 H aTNeport, Texas 102. HOUSES FOR SALE OYSTER CREEK — Nice- building lots. Pavea road, mill route and school bus route. B* 1-3001. WATER FRONTAGE bomesltes ' on Oyster Creek adjonlni southern Oaks Sub-Dlrlslon. Caab or finance. Call CT 7-7721. 104. BUH1NES* PROPERTY APARTMCNI BDILDmO FOR 8ALE- Freepert*-? ualt building furnished. Alt eoctUlloood. CT 7-6302 or M Camellia Court. Lake Jackson. Texas. CAFE FO* RINT-Nlce Sn»ck Cafe on Hwy U*. BE 3-U82, PAINT SPECIAL - Ruooer "«„• and outside white O.H'j gal. TP tclnlan Be Jilting I7JS. V-'estarn S-S7M. tLSffltOD MOTOR JERV1CB. Walei WmM, ¥• thru Su up, rewtoa and repair, rtplacement parts. 13M N 15GTBE 3-1454, Fiaesort. SEAL TA:; SHJNOJ..~S BRICK - PLYWOOD OHLP LOJ*EiH CO. 167 S. Main, clute Phone AN 3-2UI 89. WANTED TO RENT WANT TO RENT or lease large unfurnished Uouse with a minimum of 3 bedrooms. BE 3-5H2 until 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. . uuccraic SBRVIO*. far Mmpetent scnrtee on your at — Oaivanwd Iron— Installed. 60c Mr foot. Nothing down. 13.00 nontuF. Csll Anglatoo. TI t-7U«. 5j>._ FARM EQUIPMENT 101. BUSI. OPPORTUNlTtES I faoTO XNOBAVaro— fa : «.• .u '- 2%6to EngravlnK. ZJao tial^UHies, CUie ttu cuts. One day service with cork guarantee*. Call now. Red Johnson. tie Braxosport wait Enrravln; ne- QARDEN TRACTOR ~ Master Hirrts Rldemuter for S7S. CY 7-2400. TRY FACTS CLASS/FIEDS.' 1AY CITY'S leading cafeteria and res. taurant on the square. Long record of good profit. Priced to sell. 4UN-SIOTZL CODBIS on 2i acres of Und with producing minerals. On D. I. Hwr- 33. one of the busiest | highways In Texas. Low down pay ment and tow monthly payments ' Financed by owner. ' THE ONLY CAFE-GROCERY at Ear- Ktott Tfixu Aim tUllQi ttatloo mid r Ice s'.ation. 4* U. Deluxe trailer taols. On K-acre of land.'NOW jolni KW6 moclhly. Owner sailing due so Jl] health. S. L. TARK1NGTON, KEALTOB Call Circle S-2CS7 day or night collect or write to P. 0. Bon UI i BAT COY. XZXA* 3 bedroom hqmea Family rooms BathB-l-iy a -2 All brick 2 oar garage* FHA - at • TRADES ENTRANCE lAtfON At PLANTATION DE. see LEO ANDERSON Or CALL CT 7-70W SWEENY — THIRTY ACRES, small bouse. SIM per acre. Will finance. Owner. CT 7-USt er OT 7-IM5. - LAKE JACKSON — 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE Seal Estata. t>« I-1I4L YOU"LL LOVE THI8 WAY OF LIFE AT 15Z5 West Broad. For >sle and Sacrifice on* of (he nicest homes in Freeport. HUM sell within 10 dan price Jll.MO. In- elud**, catpetint, drapes, 1 air conditioners, built in electric dishwasher and G, E. disposal.'Easy terms ut available. Shown by appointment. CaU BE 3- U6I W BE I-kMl. A HAPPY LOT HULL, England (UPI) — Whttt fcehiiibuliry duly was 16 'b* done, policeman Joiaph Ward'* lot tppitent- 1* was Very hippy Ihdud Wsrd 1 wsrlt*cl in ih* Hull po> He* leg 1 ! aVnd found dipart- mcnls taking ear* oi cash tad »»lu*bl*g. Rtecnllr, h* wa* **ni»BC«d ie itx month* in ]*U lot suiting 170 and a w*ieh irem ih* d»patlm*nt. CAtLtNOtON, En«land (UPI) — Truck drlTtr William Hill picked up an un»x- e*ei*d Wfeh hiker. H* wai driving alenf e Ian*, calm at you pl**i», when a «"»jumped ev*t a h*dge> and landed amack 6a th* hood ei hit truck. The h*r-dlddl»-dlddU caw ted* along ealmir (or a •h»r« dlttente, th»n did eft end iretl** away, neae th* w«r«* far the trip. •"IW PLASTIC LIFEBOAT A new plastic lifeboat has been developed in Germany that will right Itself automatically from any position, reports International: Management Dl;est, McGraw-Hill publication. The lifeboat is completely enclosed and its four hatchways can be hermetically sealed so that the lifeboat in watertight. Plastic bubble* sections on th* top ef th* lifeboat offer com. plete visibility. W.VD IN HOMES: Outspoken Sex Sells Realtors by HENRY J. BECHTOLD United NEW YORK (UPQ - Th» ho- ut«-wlfej U fut becoming »n Tbo»e of ttw are more than «M to dltclote what they warn mott fa a hame and builder* an eve» happier to take their advice. Bernard rhrtunt, »lce chair- iron of the Womw'* Houalnc Congreti, IK., «ays thatvato- able product tatomatlen hat been picked * in ctnferencet with worrnn. Now, head*, "we are bavJev- nJfig to tee • whotepMloHpl. and sociological picture /rate up in the anawere ln«ievlv«t have given u* in tke »uc." Hanung note* that .builder* have become aware that people are getting off **eeSa and back into the home. "Social life and recreation are now built at tbe home level," he ««id. "Pet-hap* TV can be given *eme credit. Pec- hap* it is thejrcnd to attach. ftatU* *n(T meenlr« to home ownen&ip* and home management." EarUer meeting* with wonMn, the homebulldera' Jeb M* la to give the contumer a harne aat- isfyinl hi* aeitlMric a* weU as hit basic meda. The wom«n'*haiuiegcaigre*s I* trying *oniedUag unlqiwdHr- Ing national Inroe week e«Kt month. It i* «Xag t* natch *e viewpoints- of twabeadi and* 1 ' teen-agenen MNe ^i*ftH»»e oi the wiinMn* • The congree* I* partieelutr intereateti in onepcyekotolM'* coneluifon that the Mnettne* r*hrif)orunt»»a*ar»*wniM th the *r« of tecri trif other grtsop. Meanwhile, tbe ttnue to haye their «*y. Are- cart wom«n'a canfertMee M a rrr**|ng *f the New YaritSoM Horn* Builder* AawcUtkn ed- arged that contwnermagMlMi featuring ho«*e rj«*l0i aede«i> atructlon "are perfermhg e diccervice to home-ieekm . Frarn the practlttl standpott of mott-wajn*d feature* tte can be lupplled ia.maet priae ranges, the women at the I ference agreed than -Maximum el«*et and space mutt be prevUed. -Kitchen* thMld beptemett for greater stte-sartigand made large a* poatible aoaatofa- clude an informal eating tree. -Picture windows theuld b* eliminated at the f rant rfthe haute becaute of lack of privacy, and u*ed in the rear only if there is a worthwhile view. -Double-link lavatories In be- tbroom* relieve eee*Mtiaa. -A. family reem er reehMtev area it a "mutt." , -anterior welt •*«• iteeU to large and mtaneted M kUaw , flexible ntntker* *rra««laa*at. a --biclowwr-prlcdi (m«i»M*i- ?»Jort'khouW be madefaT Sie- micalexpanaioas. . . HOMES ARE LIKE SHOES — Better If They Pitll NEW BRICK HOMES Angleton-3 bedroom home Ideal (or teachers. Located in Richie Sub Division convenient to Southald* School. Brazorla-New 3 bedroom home. Tiled batk and half. Oartf*. 100' frontage. Redwood, fencing, No down payment. 907 2nd 81. BUSINESS LOT Larg* Warehouse with lot on Lak* Jacluon - Olute Road next to Palmer'i Bportlns Shop. $2600, ROMK arrs Beautiful 'Southern Oaks, H x 176 a. L. MCKAT AN 5-5322 102. HOUSE! FOR BALI lla. AUTO uiaoRAMCe «. H «u cafe in Ui. MOBILE HOMES CAMP TRAUJCR — 1C' air condtlonsd home like new and all modern. U!etpi 4 people. Refrigerator. Electric brakes. Etc 101 Hulsache. CT 7-2291. QUICK CASH fOR I'ODR Aouse trailer, ' any make, model, . or condition. New and used trailers' for sale or trid*. McDonald's Trailer (ales. West Columbia. 81 8*4JL .. HEY THERE YOU WITH YOUR RENT CHECK IN YOUR HANDS IT'S cheaper to buy one of these homes than it is to rent. 116 POIN8ETTA - 3 bedrooms, IVi tons air conditioning (or summer, central heat (or winter. EQUITY Monthly Payment $79.00 229 OALADIUM - 3 bedrooms family room, electric kitchen tile bath, fenced, additional Insulation. EQUITY Monthly Payment 181.00 246 LAUREL - 3 bedroom borne in lovely neighborhood. LOW EQUITY JOE TALBOT EEALTY OY 7-4411 10). HOUUI FOR SALE 12E. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES CUBBY uofofci tour AUOHnaea rord OeaJer dirt Wmjllta earrlti on Uotor. Bod}. Cttauls. kone but the best Uechulu work en >our car at Gurrr'a. Ul i-a«4l. TRY FAUT8 OLASSI7IED As Modern Ai Tomorrow And Tinged With Yesterday's Charm : The large living room with sp»cious dining area — tbe 8 bedrooms will insure gracious living — whtl* th* kitchen is enhanced with all the modern tUn» Uving conveniences. A home lor the family minded m*n who delight* In giving his family only the best. Eee the brMttway for rummer tun and' friends. Insulation makes the otiktral heating extra efficient in winter. OPEN TODAY 161 PALM LANS LAKE JACKSON ROWLAND REALTY & INSURANCE OY 7-6U3 1' 101 Plantation Dr. JOB W. ROWLAND. Realtor + K5 SOUTH V A5J 4K6 The Wddtngs Sou* West Worth Beast 1 ^ Pass 14 Pas* 14 Paw 2V Pun 2 NT ftm 3+ Paaej 8NT Op«Btaer IsMdr—six ot Ipade*., From a t*ane ot four match eomesi this hand which contains some rood plajr. Went (Richard Kabgs) led a spade evea thotifb South had bid th* sutt. Bast (Ed(ar Kap- last) mad* th* key play of the hang! when b* put on the tt* and not the aee. Declarer waa atraM the Me waa' with We>t aa* WOB th* ofttning; trick wtth theklnf. Sooth «*otd*d to go after tbe dlunooel MH. He led fee king and another diamond, loalng- the fliMM* to th* queen. Kaplan then ptoy*4 Use) aoej and another . i«*, Mid declarer we«t down oa*—10» points — losing four spade* Mel a diamond. 0* OBBMt, declarer coMU km« «0 1»M. sTJnil Ve«t< ited Kaplan taken th* ace oa *h*. opening: lead, Sou'h wouM have stayed off the spa;? ntura, and would inevitably have made) taw contract by force. ML the) other tab]* the «am« contract waei reached with thei North-South mnta bgr Kahio Kaplait'a tMramat**. The ep«to Ina; Ia*d wa* tin MM of Matt* and South (Nonets* lUy) Met* •he notrump! • feajr ptayW e tMr tMwt *•§ dumray uti woe wMh th* M, H* M-th« MM* •< etatiei M4 took Wmt's \ing wt«h th* a«b The jack of diamonds was. thw led and tmcceMfulIy flntssed. A diamond t* th* king- WM followed by three ro'.int'ts .tt ckib* and thr** more c -nond* Dummy vraa by now reductd tfe tb« d«ue* tt If*** ted K . «f spades and Q-W at hearts. Kay ple>y«d a spade from .dummy •*• fut h«t to wte with th* aw and tretuM A hwrt MU tuft tt-J. for 890 .DlBte to Mfc • UM dMl oa* fl» peWa . painoaUsteaadldth**! to produce ft weD-MnMt MtttSi ra. Br****. lac.) Simple Measures That Aid Bedridden Patient Iff OUR conoera ov«r timt- ( » Pevtlmt'c primary WMM, «• •om»U«t*ei forget tkowt • f«w •tap)* UMMire* wWch wttl hd» taak* a stay ta b*d a Wt more) tNatartabic. rnhahif auct iifula»«il Iky th* rHMMMttnr an UM patltnt'* mouth ••4 taatte. To* kMw fcMr *MT * h te yotirniMikk to iiegetti dry during a rite* tt riitan*. Chew- \ng air wrallowtaf Mttie rttghtly pun»*nt •tthcUiw* probaMy will A tvtr wMJtowf or l*«tonad» of Micklnc on a plMej at «n«|A iwwUjr will b* erf Mfc Mrt WIT «•» •»** fruit* wM UN «MU(h at OH momtnt th*r MM cdiiiimed, they •!•» ItttMUi normal month MtttUmw, thw jweveat- Ing- th* mttoou* ^tmtorane from beoomiiif dry tad «to*ratk«. A drink at (tow «l* or MermMftt wwr Win b* ot some half, too. »Uhou0li they won't stimulate the oonttnulnf action caused bjr fruit luteo*. Chewing mint gum or *. pep- perm*nt loxenge al«o wttl often h*»p get ritt tt that annoying dry feeling. It is important, too, ta keep tbe patient'* teeth clean. If be If aU* to dwsr, M MB 4hMr~i, pi*o* «a* dry to**' ''let saa4p« *lMR th* tM*. M F, tt start* t*» Ho* at «a! •« AMMOIM md Mantlmrj a k* tt MOM tMtiMIt C I i.h* t«a*Ue to MM MJjXM' tes<]MM U* VMM* to do Uw Job for Mi, |il w or WHIM c4*anssvit MhsttM, M tastifHM «* do a tetttr )t»j,, Hot Hfn^ t^ fniit* snip tami wttst «Mr to «MS fcfltion. lit* ft MM. a M.I ttM Mrvk CUM* An***ri AlthMUh •MsilMl tt th* wrrUt do tat Me«MMtiy trttted wb*o«v*r taad, to avoid

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